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your anachronistic education cannot save you, my therapist collapsed into oblivion as I recited the formula for her, the equation for nano-genetic-conflation. The seeds are all in Patent Process animal DNA is following fast, precise catalogues of life Ledgers of Creation owned by the few. Bank vaults bulge with vulgar obscenity as plastic wads of worthless cash inflate, traded on the Stock Exchanges of insanity where piranhic feeding-frenzy riots daily, the blood wrested from the Everyman ‘till only a dry and empty bag of skin remains. Shylock reigns supreme in this deep secret with raw blood slopping down his chin as he devours his every “pound of flesh”. © Rob Harle 2013

Short Fiction|Susmita Bhattacharya The Luxury Of Quiet Contemplation


t is just a matter of wrong judgement, which foot should follow the other, that has her flat on the floor. Before she knows it, her perspective has changed and now she is looking at her kitchen from an ant’s point of view. At first, she doesn’t feel anything. Perhaps she can slowly ease herself up and continue towards her destination, which is the light switch on the opposite wall. But movement evades her. Her mind orders, but limbs refuse. Her cheek is pressed firmly to the floor and she feels its cool touch on her skin.   Moments of panic. Her eyes dart from here to there. The telephone, beyond her reach. The window, too high up. Her glasses, under the kitchen cabinet. Once the panic subsides, pain sets in. Her foot hurts where she has twisted it. Her face stings where she has made contact with the floor. She squeezes her eyes shut, and tears trickle out. Is this going to be her end? Alone in her flat, on the kitchen floor with life leaking out of her?    Her body sags as she let go. The coolness of the tiles comforts her. It is going to be a long night. If only she could have switched the


LIJLA Vol.1, No.2 August 2013

LIJLA Vol. 1 No. 2 August 2013  

A journal that features creative work by internationally acclaimed and emerging writers/artists like Peter Daniels, Vanessa Gebbie, John Mac...