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NO. 165 AUGUST 2010 We are over here working up a sweat. Sure, the office can get a bit warm at times, but when you’re looking at a constant cast of cooze like we are, it’s defiintely hot! Monika starts this issue up nicely (page 7) with her solo act of debauchery. Any time you get a girl this cute doing the dirty things she does, you’re always in for a good time. Speaking of a good time, our boy Dante definitely had his hands full with the gorgeous Madelyn Marie (page 50). This newly-signed contract star for Bluebird left us with blue balls watching her doing what she does best. The same can be said for Alexis Texas, who’s this month’s centerfold and covergirl. When we were shooting this amazing layout with the gorgeous gal we knew this would be a pictorial for the ages. Little did we know how incredible it would look once we layed it all out. Alexis continues to amaze us, and that’s a fact! Club also took a visit to the set of Teen Idol 7 as a group of rookie cookies made themselves look like seasoned sluts. Any fan of the genre will love this gonzo gash bash. This brings us to our next feature in this month’s Club, and that’s our look at the best at what they do. We like to call them “specialists,” but you have come to know and lust them as the girls who suck, fuck, etc., etc., better than their carnal counterparts. So let the debates begin on who the hottest Latinas are, who sucks cock better than the rest, or who the best, um, actress is in porn. We made our picks, so check them out starting on page 123. Have fun! —The Editor

Victoria, Nick and James gave us one filthy show. Luckily we caught all of the action in living color, and now it’s your turn to watch it all starting on page 22.

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Her bodacious booty isn’t her only amazing asset!

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6 Communication: Letters and confessions from people like you.

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106 Jo and Kyla definitely are a pair of pussy lovin’ gal pals. 93 Private Parts lets you into their bedrooms.

123 XXX Specialists: Pic king the best in the biz.

50 Madelyn & Dante: Peek in on their perversions.

152 Jordan

& Renato get extreme.

iews 38 In The Slot: XXX Rev

62 On The Set: You will

idolize these teens.

137 Amia Miley tells all.



Had a hot experience? So turn us on!

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continued on page 92 

CO-STAR COOZE Just the idea of Bree Olson and Teagan Presley together is a total turn-on for me, so to see your coverage and hot pics in the June issue was a dream come true! Having Bree and Teagan co-star in a movie means that every single scene will be a winner since they’re both gorgeous, horny and love to fuck on film. I’m a professional chef who appreciates good porn in general, and I think of the individual performers as spicy seasonings that add an extra kick to the batch. Bree is the sweet girl and Teagan is the spicier one. Put them both together and I’ve got an explosion in my pants (and I did, thank you very much!). But, regardless of the flavor, they’re both ridiculously hot, obscenely dirty girls and two of my absolute favorite performers. This movie’s definitely a keeper for me! “Poon Tang Lover” — California I went to the Exxxotica Expo in Miami and had the good fortune to meet both Teagan Presley and Bree Olson. I have to say that not only are they both more beautiful in person—which was an unexpected pleasure to see—but, they were also gracious and charming. Of course, they were also incredibly sexy, and it was really exciting to actually see them up close and personal. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to see them in the flesh since neither of them has ever danced in my area. At the show, I bought DVDs that they signed, and I was able to have my picture taken with each of them. I admit it was nice to meet them, but it’s even nicer to see them naked and watch them fucking and sucking, which they do so well. It’s about time someone thought to throw these two award-winning sex stars at each other. How could that combo miss? “Perfect Pair” — South Carolina


My boyfriend and I spent some vacation time at a ski chalet we shared with three other couples who were all good friends. One day my man was hitting an advanced slope with the other guys, and one of the girls and I planned to stick to easier runs with Amy and Brenda. That was the plan, but Amy didn’t want to get out of bed, though Brenda and I tried to persuade her. Then, Brenda grabbed the covers and pulled them off the bed, exposing a naked Amy. She didn’t bother to cover up—she just lay there showing off a very sexy body as if daring us to make the next move. “Fuck skiing!” Brenda said, before undressing and getting into the bed. I shed my clothes and joined them and we drank a few shots. Then, Amy and Brenda started kissing and pawing at each other. I caressed Amy’s ass and dipped my fingers in Amy’s hole, fucking them in and out like a skinny cock. Brenda “She fucked took Amy’s nipple into her mouth, so I leaned the hell out over her body to suck the other. Amy was yelpof me and a ing with pleasure, so Brenda put a couple of stream of wet digits in her mouth to suck on. cum juices Amy was grinding against us, but then she spit ran down my out the fingers and asked me to eat her out. throat...” We shifted so Amy was on top of Brenda in a sixty-nine—her butt tilted upward—ready for me. I started out with her twat, while Brenda fingered her clit from below. She tasted delicious, but I got the idea to grab the vodka and pour a thin stream of it over her ass, having it run down her crack and over her slit. I jabbed my tongue in and out of her pussy then moved upward, licking her asshole as I dripped on a little more vodka. I got my dildo and vibrator from my room and let Brenda get her lips around the latex. I switched on the vibe and began to use it on my clit until Amy asked for it. She laid me down and began to work it all over my cunt. A few hard, plunging thrusts seemed to prime my clit for more action. Brenda handed the dildo to Amy, then got over my face. Amy thrust the dildo into me, then it all went dark as Brenda dropped her juicy, musky pussy onto my mouth. She was frigging her clit hard—so turned on by our girlfriend fucking the hell out of me, that a stream of sticky cum juices ran down my throat. Then Brenda kneaded my tits, pinching my nipples and it all seemed to hit at once—my body convulsed and I screamed into her slit as I came the hardest I ever have in my life. Later, when my boyfriend returned, too tired and sore to fuck me, I wasn’t too upset because I was still recuperating from my day with the girls! “Afternoon Delight” — Nevada

MONIKA When Monika spots her roommate’s sexy lingerie on her bed, her nasty mind races— dirtying it up with her moist nectar.


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Now that Monika’s roommate was in her morning class, the sexy brunette could hardly cram in any studying with her friend’s see-through negligee draping off her bed…


ince freshman year, the two girls have shared everything from clothes, books and most recently—each other—so, when Monika slipped the lacy nightie on her shower-fresh skin, she knew her roomie wouldn’t budge. With the smell of her friend still wafting from the fabric, Monika’s pussy began soaking her cotton panties as her hand grazed slowly to her swollen lips. Her fingers encircled her clit as she waited patiently for the right moment to place pressure on her pulsating nub. Finally, with her thighs dewy from her liquid lust—and her body antsy for her own touch—she moved her swampy panties to the side as a roaring orgasm ripped through her belly with the slightest graze against her button, drenching the sexy lingerie. Now that Monika’s mind was at ease, she left for class, but not without leaving the borrowed piece on her roommate’s pillow—fresh with her sweet juices. Closing the dorm room door behind her, she knew this was the start of yet another steamy semester. ♣




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XFANZ Brings Porn To The Great Outdoors

Wicked XXX Star, Alektra Blue

Adult industry trade magazine, XBIZ, will be holding their grand debut of the world’s first-ever outdoor adult consumer event, XFANZ Summer Expo. The show is set for June 10-11 poolside at the world famous Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. “ has been taking fans of adult entertainment behind the scenes of the newest productions, keeping them informed of the latest happenings and connecting them with their favorite stars,” XBIZ President and Publisher, Alec Helmy, said. “The XFANZ Summer Expo is the natural next step forward in breaking down

jessica drake & Alektra Blue Go Gaga 25203

Wicked Superstars Appear In Lady Gaga Video…


barriers between today’s top stars and their fans, but with a landmark twist, outdoors at the world’s sexiest resort!” The XFANZ Summer Expo gives fans face to face time with the top stars of adult entertainment. With one-day and two-day VIP passes available online and at the door, attendees also will be

independent film, with funky 1970s “Grindhouse” inspired credits introducing the high-profile cast, which is headlined by Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Tyrese Gibson. The mini-movie’s opening sequence finds Lady Gaga portraying a garishly dressed prison


Chart-topping 2010 Grammy winner, Lady Gaga, knows what’s hot, and that’s why she cast two of porn’s hottest in her newest video, “ Te l e p h o n e .” Wicked Pictures contract superstars, jessica drake and Alektra Blue made potent, attention-grabbing guest appearances in the “Prison For Bitches” segment that was directed by acclaimed feature filmmaker, Jonas Ackerlund (Spun), and played more like a short


Summer Fan Expo Hits Sin City At The Hard Rock…

inmate who’s taunted by punkedout prisoners, jessica and Alektra, as she’s led through a grimy cell-

able to participate in the voting for their first-ever Miss Summer 2010 bikini pageant among many other to be announced contests, activities and special events. “There has never been anything like it before,” XBIZ Executive Editor, Bob Johnson said. “The online world of comes to life in the most exciting city in the world. Only in Las Vegas—the world’s sexiest playground—could such a show be held where fans can experience what the world of adult entertainment is really all about.”

block. The tense prelude’s climax sees Ms. drake literally licking the bars of her cell as Alektra gazes menacingly into the camera. Interesting is just the word to describe the Wicked ladies’ experience on the mammoth production. “When I auditioned for the video I was nervous, but really excited,” jessica reveals. “As I got the callback, my excitement grew. While on the set, the entire experience was just so surreal to me. Being around Lady Gaga all day and watching her rehearse, sing, dance and create her own special kind of monster magic was one of the greatest things I’ve ever done. I’m delighted I made the final cut, and the only thing better than that is the fact that I got to share the experience with Alektra.” Alektra echoes her contract sister’s happiness with the project, enthusing, “This really was a groundbreaking project, and it was great to be a part of its history.”

Celebrity SeXXX Mindy McCready Latest To Get Caught In The Act...


Country music singer and VH1 reality series star, Mindy McCready, shows off her sexual talents in a sizzling video being released by Vivid Entertainment through its Vivid-Celeb imprint. Mindy McCready, Baseball Mistress. The 34-year-old McCready gets it on with a boyfriend named Peter in the action packed video that lasts nearly an hour. Between her enthusiastic fuck scenes, she talks at length about her past sexual conquests with former lovers Red Sox and Yankees pitching great Roger Clemens, actor, Dean Cain (Superman / Clark Kent), country singer, Alan Jackson and others.” The singer/actress also says that she became friendly with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and thought she “could have had sex with him,” but declined the opportunity. In addition, she reveals that country singer Alan Jackson often brought her to his tour bus, but she declined to say what transpired during these visits. McCready was one of nine cast members in the latest season of VH1’s “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.” She discusses some of her relationship with Clemens on the show and she performed the title single from her recently released album, Mindy McCready I’m Still Here, on the last episode. The album is her first in eight years and she has placed 12 singles on the Billboard country music charts. As a bonus feature Vivid has included a second sex video, Tom Sizemore Sex Scandal, an explicit sex tape featuring the troubled actor, who is McCready’s co-star on the Celebrity Rehab program. The Sizemore video was first released by Vivid in 2005. ♣


Ask Anna: “For

Peak Erection Quality and Enhanced


Ask Anna: vol 32 Better Sex


his month I received a letter from a regular contributor of mine. She tells of her “dirty little secret” that has changed her love life and led to life-changing, mind-blowing sex.

Dear Anna, I have enjoyed your articles for quite some time now and I’m happy to finally see them in print, in the states, on a regular basis. I spent several years in Northern Europe while my husband was working in Copenhagen. I always recall my time there very fondly because it is where my husband, Ken, really took his lovemaking to the next level. We had a wonderful sex life before we were married and then “we” got transferred overseas. I had heard rumors from some of the other company wives about a certain natural “randiness” that permeated the male population in that region of Europe. I vividly remember the first time Ken came home early one mid-Spring afternoon with a grin on his face, a twinkle in his eye… and the most enormous hard on I’d ever seen. He just felt so firm and thick in my hand that I began to feel moist… and I just have to have him inside me, immediately!

He explained that his co-worker had pulled out a bottle one night of a supplement called Rhyno BFS and told him that he had to try it, that he would never have sex again without it. Sincerely, Steffani, Stowe, Ohio

Stef, It just so happens that I have heard of it. A previous partner of mine had it and we, too, had the most intensely satisfying sex of our lives. Unfortunately, our entire relationship was based on our incredible sex and there wasn’t much substance otherwise. That was quite a two month run we had in the bedroom, though! Most women that have commented on this product have said that just one tablet each day gives their partner the firm thickness that you described. The place to get Rhyno BFS is or by calling 866-794-0022. I did a little research and Rhyno BFS is an all-natural supplement that increases blood flow into the erectile chambers and that causes a fuller, stronger feeling erection. But I need to warn you, Rhyno BFS is a very strong blood flow stimulator and “vasodilator” (which refers to the widening of the blood vessels) allowing more blood flow into the erectile tissue. If you have a heart condition or blood pressure issues, please consult with your physician. From my experience with my previous lover I know that every woman out there should talk to her partner about experiencing sex with Rhyno BFS. That’s the scoop, ladies. Get your man on Rhyno BFS. It will change your sex-life! Thank you so much for writing Stef, and reminding me to bring this amazing solution to the attention of my readers! And as far as changing your sex life ladies, check out, for information on FEMOS (Female-Extended-MultiAnna is a contributing Orgasmic-State): A Man’s Guide to the Female 60 writer covering the Second Orgasm. topics of fashion, fetish & sexuality. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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These lustful law students take their late-night study groups to hardcore heights worthy of the Dean’s List…


“If I think anymore, my brain is going to explode,” Victoria said slamming her law books down on the table…


eah, well, if I stare at your tits anymore, my cock is going to explode.” Nick said, half-jokingly. “I second that.” Followed James. The sexual tension between the three law students was evident, but with the state’s bar exam in a few weeks, the pressure was even harder than normal—and they had just the way to relieve their stress. Well, at least Victoria knew how. She moved to the leather couch in the empty study hall, motioning for them to follow her. While sitting down, Nick moved to her backside and removed her tight shirt, which was “Exhibit A” of the distraction in the first place. The two quivered in unison at the fleshy, unexpected touch. Just then, James moved to her heated snatch as he licked the honey that puddled in her panties. Knowing full well that the men were ready to bust their nuts, she positioned herself to where she would get her fill—James in her mouth and Nick in her pink. This was the hottest way to help stave off her stress, and it was even hotter when she felt both her mouth and cunt engorge simultaneously. With the way James was moaning louder and louder, she knew his pearly protein would soon surge down her throat—and did it ever—as she lapped up every delicious drop. While still lying down, she arched her back as Nick’s prick drew further in her, splashing his goo gash into her tight, wet hole. “I think it would be wise to keep up with these study groups.” Victoria said breathlessly. ♣

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Everyone likes something different in the XXX fare. We get letters asking to see big black dicks going into tight white holes. There’s email from boobaholics asking for more big tits. And of course we get lotsa guys wanting to see just good old fashioned fucking. Guess what? It’s all right here!

1 on 1 #4


Starring: Kagney Linn Karter, Phoenix Marie, Aurora Snow, Mason Moore, Ashli Orion, John Strong, Mark Wood, David Perry, Jenner Directed By: Gregg Alan Available From: Diabolic

Although there is something quite erotic about engaging in group sex, there are also those who feel the essence of a great sexual encounter can only be achieved when it’s one on one. Director, Gregg Alan, seems to agree with the latter when he hand selects some of the most gorgeous women in porn and turns them loose on studs who understand how to get the best out of their leading ladies. The result is a worthwhile watch, suitable for rain coaters looking to bust a nut and for couples in the mood. Ashli Orion begins the show by stripping and talking dirty to the camera. After spreading open to give us glimpse inside her pink palace, John Strong gets her open even more with his tongue and later his fat cock. She looses herself in several real orgasms, but does her best work down below when steeping his teabag with her tongue. After the cum shower, Aurora Snow pulls her butt flaps open with her fingers before allowing Jenner an all 38

access pass inside her anal cavity. With great oral given throughout, it’s the elasticity of her expert bung that makes her scene hot! Tight upshots into Kagney Linn Karter’s tasty pussy and ass frame the following scene. Hard at first sight, Mark Wood tears into Kagney with little restraint, going straight to her store bought tits like any good American boy would do. Later he is treated to a decent blowjob that transcends into a pussy-soaked cowgirl surprise that is perfectly lit and captured. As is usually the case, Phoenix Marie follows up the previous performance by commanding complete ownership of David Perry’s cock. Her dominance over his dick is short-lived as soon as he takes control and rams her ass like a sledgehammer in overdrive. Mason Moore ends the show on a high note by letting her big titties bounce, while John Strong makes damn sure she leaves the set remembering his name! Rating: ♣♣♣♣

Addicted to Big Black Dick 2 Starring: Hillary Scott, Kelly Wells, Faith Leon, Paris Gables, Nikki Nievez, Nathan Threat, Tee Reel, Tyler Knight, Julius Ceazher Directed by: Michael Raw Available From: Dirty Laundry Pictures


Another decent choice for fans of interracial sex—this movie forgoes high production value in lieu of no frills, bare bones fucking. With four scenes repre-

sented, starring some heavily awarded anal heavyweights—the outcome is solid sex that has more of a homespun feel than other high budget productions in this same genre. Tee Reel begins by getting Faith Leon stripped down naked to massage warm oil onto her ass. Eager to please her new friend, Faith progresses their rendezvous by crawling over to connect with his cock. She expertly works him up in her mouth and looks beautiful when salivating over his balls. She later takes it good in reverse cowgirl position, although the constant roving of the camera may leave you more dizzy than turned on. Her unexpected creampie finish has enough merit to make things right again.

Next, covergirl Hillary Scott makes it known that she has come to suck and fuck some black cock! She forgoes the formal introductions and instead falls to her knees to blow Tyler Knight in the best presented scene. With loads of shit talking, Hillary later buckles over and takes an anal hammering when Tyler decides to do double duty up her white booty. She loves the play and ends the scene by sucking up his hefty cream finish. Paris Gables proves to be another whore whose mouth was made to suck cock. She does it with such naughty finesse, that her scene could have been excellent with just her blowjob skills alone. Thankfully, she’s got ass on her mind! She eagerly gives up lots of butt to Julius Ceazher, who in turn takes full advantage of her juicy crack. However, he never neglects her pussy hole and crams both spots at will. Finally, Kelly “Fucking” Wells, the dirtiest bitch of the bunch, makes fucking look so dirty when she goes wild plugging her asshole up with Nathan Threat’s stick. What can we say? Some girls were just made for gaping! Rating: ♣♣♣

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Bus Stops 2 Starring: Prinzzess, Jane, India Summer, Amber Chase, Naomi Doll, KC Kelly, Elise Graves, Tammy Directed By: Dan O’Connell Available From: Girlfriends Films Follow along as eight gorgeous lesbians set off on an sexual-filled road trip that is full of thrills and spills. For what is the second installment to this recurring series, the story continues on to reveal the next phase of the experience. As can be expected, realistic lesbian erotica awaits, demonstrated through four good scenes.

Kelly and Elise Graves. Although momentarily shocking, the older/younger action is quite hot. What ensues is plenty of pussy sucking and grinding at the hands of Prinzzess who’s gone off the deep end. In the end, Prinzzess eventually has her way with Naomi Doll and Tammy across the bed, while the rest of the girls high tail it out of there. This trio proves to be worth the wait, as they deliver the hottest scene of the movie. Rating: ♣♣♣


This time, after hitchhiking, Prinzzess finds herself in an uncomfortable situation when her pal, Jane, insists on staying at the new home that they’ve encountered to screw Amber Chase. After watching them kiss for a while, Prinzzess leaves the girls to their own devices. When alone, both women suck and rub their nipples together before getting face stuck in each other’s snatches. The action really heats up once fingers are introduced to the mix. The result is an shining example of the type of sex that real girls have behind closed doors.

When finished there, India Summer and Naomi Doll continue the show with India riding out the contours of Naomi’s lips as she grinds her pussy into her face. Later India treats her girl to some premiere cunt sucking action by resting her feet on her shoulders to go wild with fingers and tongue. Naomi—who may not be as experienced as India—then takes the lead and practices what she’s just learned. Smart girl! Slightly out of character for Girlfriends Films is a kinky scene, with Prinzzess, KC

Boobaholics Anonymous 6 Starring: Sierra Skye, Baby Cakes, Sara Stone, Jessica Moore, Angelica Raven, Kitty Bella, Steven French. Steve Holmes, Mr. Pete, Erik Everhard, T. Von Swine Directed By: Mike John Available From: Mike John Productions

chest buns. Later, he urges her to suck on her black nipples while he takes her for a spin in spoon. The results are good, although there is better!


Director, Mike John, pays homage to big, natural tits in the sixth installment to his boobylicious series. Here, six hot scenes—plus a bonus boink starring Rachel Love—span the length of two discs. The inclusion of ample behind the scenes coverage, a great photo gallery spread, and a cumshot recap option—are all excellent side dishes that warm us up for the main course that is served up piping hot. Angelica Raven, who has been recently featured in several big bust movies, shines here when paired with Steven French. After he’s christened with a great blowjob and ample booby play, Steven is allowed entry into all three of her holes. Even though the coverage of Angelica at every angle is delectable, her bung is clearly the sweetest spot. Beautiful Baby Cakes also causes quit a stir when she shoves her supersizes sacks into Mr. Pete’s face. Having to deal with much more than a handful, Mr. Pete has his work cut out for him. Up for the challenge, he begins by sandwiching his frank between her

Euro slut, Jessica Moore, fairs off even stronger than her predecessor does when she proves that she’s down for anything. In fact, after permitting Steve Holmes to pummel her pussy to a pulp, she spins things around and takes him nine inches up the ass. The gooey good cum toss in the end helps seal the deal in style. The party rages on in the best scene when debutant dream girl, Kitty Bella, gets spliced in two by Erik Everhard. Smacking her titties and sucking on her nips is how he begins their encounter. She, in turn, rewards him with a thorough ball polish and more asshole than any one man should be allowed. Without a doubt, this is a booby lover’s delight! Rating: ♣♣♣♣

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The Doll House 6 Starring: Alexis Texas, Kagney Linn Karter, Monique Alexander, Aletta Ocean, Bridgette B, Aliz, James Deen, Mick Blue, Pat Myne, Scott Nails Directed By: Mick Blue Available From: Zero Tolerance In the sixth installment of The Doll House, director, Mick Blue, does porno proud by lining up a virtual laundry list of who’s who in the adult industry. From Kagney Linn Karter and Alexis Texas splashed across the boxcover—to Euro goddess, Aletta Ocean—Mick has got all the bases covered. Without hesitation, Monique Alexander starts things off by stripping in an overly lit room. The effects are dreamlike and make for the perfect segue into watching James Deen eat her out on a bathroom counter. Once wet, she continues her ride in reverse cowgirl on the edge of the tub until the cum goes flying. Before a moment is wasted, visions of Aletta Ocean dancing fill up the screen. With a bobbing ass that is begging to be stuffed, Aletta allows Mick Blue to go dig-

ging for buried treasure up her rump. The effect is so damn hot, that we are right to take notice. Latina bombshell, Bridgette B, is the next babe who lays it on the line. Like the girls that came before, she arranges herself on all fours before turning her attention to Pat Myne. After a horny plea, Pat lets her go crazy on his cock. She later proves that her pussy is just as lethal as her mouth when Pat hammers her hole until she screams. What could arguably be the best pairing in adult history is up next, and stars Alexis Texas and Kagney Linn Karter. Together they grind and play atop a grand staircase before sharing Scott Nails. Alexis takes the plunge first by bouncing her big ass up and down in cowgirl, followed closely by Kagney, who turns things around to gives us an unobstructed view of her tits as she goes for broke in reverse cowgirl. Hot! Aliz ends the show by taking on two cocks at once, for what becomes the most spirited scene reviewed this year! Rating: ♣♣♣♣ 27008


Mandingo Goes Deep Starring: Katja Kassin, Julia Bond, Holly Wellin, Christie Lee, Nautica Thorn, Luci Thai, Mary Jane, Lauren Kain, Mandingo Directed By: Jules Jordan Available From: Jules Jordan Video The stereotypical viewpoint that black men are hung like horses has never been more apropos then in this release being presented by Jules Jordan. In it, porn legend Mandingo collects a legion of eight, A-List porn hussies and sets them loose on his jumbo cock. With gagging mouths and a prick that is virtually the length of a female torso, Mandingo Goes Deep delivers award-worthy sex that is amply covered and well lit. Clearly, this is a stellar production that interracial fans shouldn’t pass up.


Just as Katja’s ass was the star of her encounter, Holly Wellin’s mouth takes home top prize in her respective scene. With slobbery lips that leave her saturat-

ed, Holly unhinges the corners of her mouth to take Mandingo all the way to the back of her throat. She repeats the task, each time ingesting a bit more meat until his balls smack against her chin. This is closely followed up by a thorough pussy stretching session that has Holly spiking her heels into a leather stool while screaming her delights all the while. Julia Bond also proves to be a standout slut, whose hole is up for the challenge. Although incredible to watch, it’s Nautica Thorn’s flexibility and pretty face that help make this show a winner! Rating: ♣♣♣♣♣

Although each of the ladies does a fine job of taming the one eyed monster, there are a few choice chicks that really seem to go above and beyond the call of booty by delivering expert sex and enviable cock riding skills. Katja Kassin is one such babe. As soon as Mandingo enters the frame, Katja is already wet with anticipation. Later, she really comes to life once he begins to smack his boner against her tongue. With a pussy that accepts his girth with ease, her asshole also rises to the challenge. Ultimately, she is left a gaping mess, decorated with scads of anal broth and mocha froth to finish her off. Nice! Print subscriptions at



Slowly teasing her stud, Dante, Bluebird contract star Madelyn Marie models the last of her lingerie, watching as his patience runs thin‌


Dante’s bulge was getting larger and larger with every moment that passed while Madelyn modeled another teddy for him. Every silhouette he saw of his sexy girlfriend’s curvy tit or firm asscheek, made him press down on his throbbing shaft harder, until his moans were loud enough for her to hear…


’ll be right out, honey,” Madelyn softly yelled from the bathroom, just as she pulled up her sheer nylons. As she walked out, she twirled and posed in front of him as he checked out the silky structure of the piece. Just as she did her final twirl and cupped her tits in his face, he pulled the corset down and nibbled at her perky nipple. As she got lost in her own erotic paradise, she noticed Dante’s cock rise through the sheets as it begged for attention. “Mmm…this is my favorite piece of all,” she moaned, as she teased him by licking his cock through the thin sheets. The look of his red head molded on the soaked fabric made his pre-cum flow heartily at that point. And just when Madelyn knew he was losing control, she tore off the sheet and swallowed his pulsating prick while she cupped his full balls. As she moved to her back, Madelyn yearned for his bulbous dick inside her humid tunnel. After a few minutes of playful banter, he banged her with a few deep thrusts as her body quivered from the rapid sensation. As his groans got deeper, so did his rhythm before he creamed her pretty corset with his frothy splooge. “Oh, baby, do you think you can make naughty stains like this on my other ones?” ♣




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Teen Idol 7

e Adams, Starring: Brooke Lelington, El a Lily Lebeau, Ev nie Rios, Gracie Glam, Mela Vericose, Victoria White, Vin ris Strokes, Michael Vargas, ChLong Joey Brass, Ralph wers Directed by: Jim Po ash Pictures Available From: Sm wards. Article by Emma EdSmash of sy te ur co Photos Pictures.

! N R A E L O T R EAGE the set of n o t h ig s t rs fi t a It’s lust ese Teen Idol 7 as th se... loo young tarts let

>> T

he image of fresh, youthful, legal coeds has long been a favorite fantasy of horny men everywhere. The thought of fresh, young tits jutting through college sweaters or sports jerseys has enough visual impact to keep your volcano exploding and your pencil sharp. This fantasy becomes exponentially more explosive once five relatively new porn hopefuls are placed in a bustling production studio to actualize their jizz-induced dreams of superstardom. Giggling in every corner,

these porn stars-in-training are very happy to spread wide open in their quest of rising to the top. Thankfully, director, Jim Powers, has assembled a legion of capable porn studs to help turn their amateur dreams into adult realities with his latest movie for Smash Pictures perfectly called Teen Idol 7. With the girls backstage in various stages of dress and undress, the chicks can’t resist warming each other up with soft touches and playful tickles while they wait. With this vignette-style offering,

Powers has chosen to do away with a plotdriven picture in lieu of hot couple’s sex— which proves to be a brilliant choice. “These girls are incredibly sexy and eager. We’ll let their sexual styles do all the talking,” he says, while adjusting his camera in complete anticipation for the first scene of the day to unfold. Our conversation is soon interrupted when Victoria White—dressed in a sexy soccer uniform—walks onto set. Our lust for her is obvious as the entire room

Brooke Lee Adams, Lily Lebeau & Chris Strokes

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watches her every move. “This is going to be so much fun,” she smirks, while kicking the soccer ball around and flipping up the edges of her shirt to show-off her perfect tits before switching her attention to Vin Vericose—her cock du jour. As she lies on her back to spread her pussy lips open for the camera, Vin walks over to her sprawled out body and inspects her curves. Emphatically, he rushes to Victoria and lands smack down in the middle of her pussy. With delicious sucking sounds, it becomes quite evident that both Vin and Victoria like each other very much. “Stick that tongue inside my hole!” Victoria begs, as she begins to coat his mouth with her delicious cream sauce.

Eva Ellington and Joey Brass hold their desk job.


After ample amounts of oral are given to her—as evidenced by her saturated thighs and a heavy puddle of honey on the bench—Vin experiences the hidden talents that lie inside Victoria’s mouth. She lowers down to her knees; arches her neck back, and then begins to power suck his cock and balls like a steam cleaner. With an interesting technique that is unique to her, Vin has no choice but to hold on and resist from popping too early. Instead, he sinks his hands into her blonde ponytail and watches as the inside of her cheeks connect in the middle. “Fuck…easy girl,” he comments, as her skills seem to be getting the best of him. From here, the two transition into a reverse cowgirl spread that has one of her legs braced up against the bench while the other leg retains proper balance on the floor. The two go at it like animals in heat, creating an impactful

visual that even shakes a pro like Powers off his center. After an extensive set and lighting change, Melanie Rios, who is easily one of the cutest new girls on the block, enters her classroom set wearing a pleated skirt that scarcely houses her adorable bubble butt. She tinkers around the desk, chews on the corners of an apple while the entire cast and crew continue falling in love with her. It’s lust at first sight when Michael Vargas gets his first look. With his cock practically tearing through the zipper in anticipation for a full frontal attack, Michael jokes, “Fuck, I love my job!” Melanie ensures that he loves it even more, when—without a single nod of introduction or any oral build up to speak of— Melanie spreads out across a desk, yanks her red panties to the side and pulls Michael into position. Rock solid and ready, Michael yanks out his cock and throws it inside Melanie’s tight hole before

Eva goes wild while Joey hammers his nail into her vaginal wall…”

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Gracie Glam knows why he’s called Ralph Long.

she has the opportunity to change her mind. Happily, she sinks her slender fingers into his hips and pulls him in tighter so their crotches are smacked together. “I love it. Keep it there,” she urges, spiraling her pussy around his shaft. After a solid ten minutes, Melanie begins to snap, crackle, and pop with her first orgasmic release. With comically squealing appeal, Melanie oozes her spunk across their connected crotches. Quick to get a lick, Michael disconnects his cock from her hole with an audible peeling sound and buries his face between her thighs. “Stick your tongue up my pussy hole,” Melanie begs, as the dawning of yet another cum blast is approaching. Their scene ends in a reverse cowgirl sequence that has her bouncing wildly on his cock, to ensure she leaves his class with a perfect impression. With a voluminous sperm-filled finish to the face, Melanie need not worry. This girl is an A+ student all the way! Still reeling from the positive effects of the previous scene, the crew has a new burst of energy to help prepare them for the three-way bout that has Brooke Lee Adams and Lily Lebeau teaming up to take down Chris Strokes. Powers calls 66

the trio onto the set, only to find that they have already been getting well acquainted with one another in the makeup room. “Save it for the camera,” he jokes, as the girls continue on where they left off moments before. With Chris already naked and smeared across the bed like butter—Brooke recommits her lips to his cock—while Lily is more than happy to juggle his nuts in her mouth. The girls lick and suck like true seasoned players, despite their young age, and have Chris squealing like a piggy in no time. “First position,” Powers calls from behind his lens. Without a moment of hesitation, Brooke jumps on in cowgirl position, slipping onto his cock with minimal effort. After a few passes, Chris and Brooke find their perfect rhythm and begin churning out one hell of a ride. Not to be outdone or left out, Lily nestles along side the fuckers and begins to tongue-fuck Brooke’s crinkly asshole. “This feels so amazing,” Brooke screams as the sensation of Chris’s hard cock and the warm wetness of Lily’s tongue has her seeing stars. After a swift cum explosion from Brooke— that has Lily’s tongue working in over-

ON SET drive—the girls switch places. Lily jumps on his stick in reverse cowgirl, holding up the edges of her pink skirt while she buckles down and gets to business. Like a good friend, Brooke helps Lily ride the pony by pulling her hips up and pushing them back down. “Come on girl! Get it!” Brooke cheerleads, as Lily’s bee-stung nips begin to pop. With a few more choice positions

The sensation of Ralph’s hard cock has Gracie seeing stars… doled out to each girl, Chris lines his girls up and uses their teeth for target practice. Their naughty cum swap finale finishes the scene off right! Once the cast and crew have had plenty of time to relax, Eva Ellington—dressed as a sassy cheerleader, springs everybody back to life. With a flawless body and a bubbly

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Melanie Rios gets a hard lesson from Michael.

personality that is incredibly infectious, the well-oiled machine is back in action. For this set up, Eva begins by going through several cute cheerleader poses for the camera. At one point, she swoops her leg behind her back until her toe actually touches her head! Joey Brass gets one look at her display of nubile flexibility and charges after her like a raging bull. Little does he know that despite her cutesy exterior, he’s actually the one who needs to watch his back. This girl is a wolf in sheep’s clothing! Taking the lead from the start, Eva tugs his pants down around his knees and begins power chugging his cock inside her little mouth. She maintains piercing eye contact throughout, and does a fine job of keeping him turned on with loads of dirty talk. “Smack that cock against my tongue,” she spits, rounding her cheek out with the head of his cock.

“How would you like me first?” she continues, eventually hiking her left leg onto the desk to coax him inside her puss. She waves her ass back and forth to entice him, yelping loudly once he enters. Making her earn his cock, Joey blasts into Eva’s clam until the edges drip with juice. She loves his aggressive play and makes it a point to sink the tips of her nails into the wooden desk to keep her body in perfect position. “Transition,” Powers whispers, signaling it’s time to continue in a new position. Joey slams Eva on her back and plugs into her pussy, first with his tongue and later with his cock. Again, the girl goes wild, pulling on her puffy-capped nipples while Joey hammers his nail into her vaginal wall. From here, Eva is rolled over onto her side in spoon and then hops on top to ride out her bronco in reverse cowgirl—her best position. When the time comes to

With a spermfilled finish to the face, Melanie is an A+ student all the way…”

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ON SET seal the deal, Joey pulls out and showers the debutant with scads of warm milk. Eva laps up every last drop after working up quite a heavy sweat. As she continues to play in the slop and collect her well-deserved accolades, I leave the set a wet mess. With lust in the air and sexy college coeds blowing in from every direction, the forecast for

Vin gets to experience the hidden talents of Victoria’s mouth… Victoria White works out in the locker room.

Teen Idol 7 has dropped. It promises to be extra hot with a definite chance of cum showers! Check it out and see what all the fuss is about. ♣ For more information about this or other Smash Pictures productions, please visit

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With her beautiful bubble butt, it’s always fun for this sultry minx to find panties that showcase her infamous ass, but when she does, she can barely keep them on‌



After an exhausting day of shopping, Alexis is tickled pink about finding some sexy lingerie to fit her bulbous booty just right…


ooking in her full-length mirror, she can’t help but admire the skimpy fabric around her full curves. Her pussy begins to bellow with every glance she gives over her shoulder, praising her round rump. Pretty soon, her juices start flowing with the steamy thoughts of her man slowly taking off the sheer fabric and licking her honey from the panties. So, not to ruin the new pair, Alexis strips the material down to her knees where the smell of her carnal craving is close to her nose. She can’t help but get even more heated as her fingers slip into her drenched pink. With a few gentle kneads on her screaming clit while massaging her taut ass, she instantly cums, shaking the couch with her fierce finger-fuck. She can’t wait to buy more sexy pieces in more colors to show-off her lovely asset. ♣


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866-49-HORNY $1.69 p/m 4 6 7 6 9



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877-289-WETT 9 3 88

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$1.49 p/m

So who have you been doing this month? Write and tell us! 

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Sure, I’m a guy and I admit that I’ll pretty much look at titties in every size, shape and form. There’s no such thing as bad boobs (as opposed to bad boob jobs!). Getting to feast my eyes, or get my hands on any set of knockers is never a bad thing. Some breasts are obviously better than others, and natural is always better than fake. I’d never kick a babe with porn star plastic titties out of bed, but I’d rather push my face between a set of heaven-made hooters any day. Every one of the ladies you feature not only has a great, natural rack, but they’re also hot as hell sex machines who fuck on film so I can watch those jiggling jugs. It doesn’t matter to me if they’re big or small, D-cup blessed or just a handful, with nipples hard as erasers—I love ’em all! “Real Deal” — Missouri


On my girl, Jo’s, birthday, I was cooking dinner when I was distracted by the sight of her lounging on the couch in a skimpy outfit as she ran her fingers up and down her legs. It gave me such a hard-on that I left everything to simmer and went to join her, noticing her glance at my boner as she grabbed my belt loops and tugged me toward her. “I guess I should give it a little kiss to thank you for making dinner,” she said, then licked her lips, took down my pants and slid them slowly over my cockhead. Jo inched my hard meat into her mouth, working her tongue around the flesh, clamping the shaft just tightly enough for me to detect the light graze of her teeth. It was like I’d been plugged into a generator— the more of me she swallowed, the more electricity surged through my body. I watched Jo adoring“I dipped my ly, fascinated by the fingers into swell of her mouth Jo’s sodden and cheeks as pussy, twist- she took me ing them deeper into her deeper throat, all the inside...” while fixing me with a sultry stare. As she worked her oral magic, her slender butt wiggled, pushing up her skirt and exposing her naked cooze. I dipped my fingers into Jo’s sodden pussy, twisting them deeper inside, then reached up to anoint her breasts with the sweet honey. Jo looked and felt so delicious that it took all my willpower not to lose my load. When the final inches of my dick disappeared and Jo’s lipsticked kiss met my balls, my eyes snapped shut and I started to groan. My thighs started to shake as Jo began drawing her mouth up, down and over my penis—from base to tip and back again. As Jo alternated between slow and fast, her firm hand now joining her lips, I was drowning in pleasure and I let her know by increasing the tempo of my snatch-groping. Suddenly, she poked my oozing cock-slit with the top of her tongue and then—with my boner in both of her hands—milked me furiously while lapping away like a thirsty cat. Unable to hold out any longer, I let go a torrent of cum down her throat, just as the timer went off and announced that dinner was done. “Appetizing Blowjob” — Kentucky

I’m a tit man, and always have been, and seeing your “Natural Wonders” feature in the Club June issue is just a wonderful reminder to me of everything’s that great about breasts. I love that one breast is usually more perfect than the other. I love the little bit of weight at the bottom while the nipple reaches for the sky. I love the way they feel when I’m squeezing and pulling at them. I love the perfect way they hang down when a woman’s on her hands and knees—preferably sucking my cock! You’ve also got most of my favorites of the natural persuasion: Belladonna, Jenna Haze, Gianna, Bree, Alexis and Monique. But, for me, you’ve got a glaring omission by not including Faye Reagan and her perfectly natural, perfectly shaped, perfectly draped boobs. Kirsten, Amy, Rebeca, Sasha and Tori—all lovely ladies with luscious titties, but where was the fabulous Faye? “Tits Ahoy” — Oregon

This section contains letters of a highly explicit sexual nature, supplied by readers of Club magazine. All names and locations have been changed to protect the innocent, and the notso-innocent. Pictures show our nastiest, hottest girls acting your letters out. The more you write, the further they go...


Welcome Wagon

Wife’s Wild Tease

Tit-Fuck First

On The Prowl

Nothing says hello to a new neighbor like warm pussy pie...

It was time for her to put some muscle between those tits...

Lesbo Intro

She took the lead and turned her gal pal out...

“I wanted to make him beg for it, but I had some fun first...”

“When I get the urge, there’s nothing I won’t do for sex...”


WELCOME WAGON Brian and I started talking in the lobby when we were both getting our mail. We had to wait together while the doorman retrieved some UPS packages for us, and that meant more face time with each other. We got to chat awhile more as we waited for the elevator—which we had to ourselves headed all the way up to the same floor. Were the fates throwing us together? The next thing I knew, I was inviting him into my apartment for a drink. After all, I just learned that he’d recently moved in. Didn’t he need to be officially welcomed into the building? As we sat on my couch enjoying merlot, I could only think about how handsome Brian was. He had a relaxed, friendly, yet strongly masculine way about him. I guess once you break a rule you’ve always followed, the dam overflows. When I heard myself accepting Brian’s unpretentious invitation to come over to his apartment right now

Brian’s cock felt great in doggie style. He got me on my knees and crammed himself into my pussy, and I was in heaven…

I live in a nice apartment building and there are a lot of cute guys there. I’ve always thought it’s best not to get involved with men so close by, so I just date attractive guys from other parts of the city. I’ve


been compulsive about following this rule, and my therapist says it’s related to my fear of commitment after two bad marriages. Still, as I recently learned, when heavy chemistry happens, it’s hard to resist.

for some of his “Trademark killer leftover spaghetti,” I knew I was going to be one busy welcoming committee— and the fact that we lived on the same floor be damned!

PRIVATE PARTS Then, he began to fuck me. I reached over and rubbed his strong chest while he moved back and forth in my wetness. I realized with every inch that we were a good fit. I suddenly smiled inside my own mind, thinking that maybe more neighbors should start doing this for each other. Brian’s cock felt wonderful in doggie style. He got me on my knees on the couch and crammed himself into my pussy, and I was in heaven. His hands felt strong and rough against my cheeks. My pussy was so wet as his inches moved deep inside me, his balls scrunching up against my mound and then moving back; and finally scrunching up again. I wondered if other men in my building fucked this well, or whether Brian was the first of a new and hotter crop moving in. Would I start to become the onewoman vaginal welcoming committee of the building? The way I was feeling, it was entirely possible. Or at least it was a good, raunchy fantasy—something to stroke off to in the future. Brian slammed me faster and faster while I rubbed my squishy, hot clit in time with his every thrust. Finally, the two of us couldn’t take it anymore. When Brian pulled out and began shooting on my butt, I exploded on my finger. What an orgasm! I had the feeling Brian and I would be seeing a lot more of each other, and that my harsh, no-neighbor policy was now a thing of the past. “Embracing Change” — Illinois


TIT-FUCK FIRST Don’t think life is a bowl of cherries if you’ve got really big tits. Guys are always staring at your chest, making comments, whistling at you on the street—not to mention the way they go straight to your boobs with their horny hands if you’re actually hanging out with them. Don’t even get me started on the chore of buying well-fitting bras. But, I take all those things in stride. I guess guys my 21-years of age have just seen too many porn movies (I know I have), but, so many think it’s their godgiven right to fuck a girl’s boobs if she’s


Brian slammed me faster and faster while I rubbed my hot clit in time with his every thrust. Finally, the two of us couldn’t take it anymore…

Since Brian had liked the merlot, I brought that along. My mind was in a haze both from the alcohol and Brian’s rugged charisma that I could barely concentrate on the spaghetti. Who knew leftover pasta could be so delicious? Meanwhile, all I could think of was that I was going to fuck my new neighbor. It was a miracle I could even pretend to be coherent. After dinner, while we were enjoying some amaretto, Brian kissed me. I surrendered myself to his touch. He kissed me softly, but then more roughly—just the way I imagined he would. He seemed to be a mix of the gentleman and the roughneck that I find irresistible. And he certainly knew when to be both. Once he got me going, my own dual nature came out, too. I’m pretty much a lady until my juices get stirred. Brian looked a little surprised at how quickly I stripped off his clothes. I kissed him hard and stroked his cock. His hands were all over my tits and it was almost like a competition between us to see who could take the lead. He licked my pussy until I told him to swing around and let me suck his cock in a sixty-nine. “What happens if this gets serious?” I thought, while I took his balls in my mouth. “What happens if he falls for me and wants to see me all the time? What will I do? He lives just down the hall, you idiot!” The things that went through my mind were all the doubts I’d ever had about getting involved with a neighbor. But, Brian’s cock was so thick and juicy, so veiny and big—maybe he was a neighbor I’d want to keep seeing?

got big ones. Well, I could never get into it. I wouldn’t even go there. Sure, they could suck, feel and kiss them—but the Print subscriptions at



idea of one of their cocks sliding back and forth between them was an idea I could not wrap my mind around no matter how hard I tried. That is, until I met Jeremy. He’s a gentle guy—no pressure, low-key, funny, knows all sorts of interesting stuff and is very fun to hang with. When we started sleeping together, he didn’t go crazy on my tits. Sure, he paid attention to them, and his mouth felt good because he had this firm, yet relaxed way of sucking my nipples—but I was happy that he could enjoy them and still be courteous around my pair, by treating them like a true gentleman. Maybe that’s why I started to think that I could give tit-fucking a try with Jeremy. I started to imagine what it would be like if he slid himself between my boobs while I held them tightly together—even moving the tip all the way up to my mouth so I could suck it. What I also like about Jeremy is that even though he’s very cool, when we get going in sex he can get wild, and it’s fun to see him transform like that from gentleman to…well…a stud! So, finally, one day we were on the bed kissing and Jeremy was squeezing my nipples the way he knows I like, and I got down on my knees and began to suck his cock. He was so hard, and I was feeling so warm towards him, that suddenly I took his dick and pressed it between my boobs and squeezed myself around it. “Oh Lily,” he said, “That feels so great!” His smile alone was worth it. I clenched my boobs firmly and moved up and down on his meat. When his cock popped out at the top, I gave it a long, slow suck. My nipples were really crinkly and stiff and brushed against Jeremy’s inner thighs. “That tickles,” he said, and we laughed while I continued to hump his cock steadily. He was oozing into my cleavage and I bent my face down so

There was his beautiful cream—a white lake between two hills. Then, all I had to do was touch my clit once and I exploded!

that I could lick off the pre-cum. Then, I had to take a break from all this. I got back on the bed and lay down. “Put it inside my pussy, Jeremy,” I whispered, and he climbed on top and we began fucking. I could see his cock vanishing into my pussy and then sliding out again, over and over. Then, suddenly, I knew where I wanted him to finish. “Straddle me! Put it in my cleavage,” I moaned. “Fuck my titties now!” Jeremy climbed up and slid his cock across my nipples and over my boobs until he finally sunk it slowly between the flesh. With both hands, I clamped my tits around his tool and made my chest like a tight vagina. “Do it hard and cum all over me,” I whispered, “I want you to spurt all your beautiful cream on my breasts!” Back and forth he rammed, and even though I couldn’t touch my pussy, I was so wet and hot that it felt like I was being fucked and licked down there, too. With the right guy, tit-fucking was great! I just needed a gentleman. Of course, Jeremy looked nothing like a gentleman as he moved faster and faster between my cleavage, until finally he squeezed his eyes tightly and bit his lip and cried out, “I can’t hold it anymore!” That’s when I told him to give me all of his lovely cum. It shot out hot and thick. I couldn’t see it at first because my tits were wrapped around his cock, but when I finally let go of my boobs, there was his beautiful cream—a white lake between two hills. Then, all I had to do was touch my clit once and I exploded! “Enjoying Her Own Assets” — Georgia



LESBO INTRO I was moping around the apartment after my boring date the night before with a guy I’d been seeing for a month. I’d finally decided to cut it off with him even though he was very good to look at. Millie, my long-time roommate, picked up on my sour mood. “So, he just wasn’t making the grade, huh, Steffie? You know you can always switch to my team.”

“Oh, don’t start that again, Millie,” I said, putting out my post-breakfast cigarette. But I didn’t move away from her on the couch. It was like a standing joke between us. Millie

was gay, I was straight, but she was convinced I wanted to try her lifestyle. No matter how many times I explained I had moved in with her because of the great

Millie tasted so good that I knew I’d have to have her again. I ate her pussy until I heard her cry out…


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let her lips linger and moved them toward my mouth. What was going on with me? Wasn’t I supposed to be out the door by this point? “If it really scares you,” she said, “Just keep repeating to yourself, ‘I’m only bicurious, I’m only bi-curious.’ ” Then, I did a funny thing. I put my hand on the back of her head hard and gave her a full-on kiss. So now I was the aggressor. My hands started to roam over her body and the fact that it was the morning and we were still in our lingerie before getting dressed, made everything so easy. Now, I was squeezing the breasts I had seen a thousand times, taking them out of their bra cups and rubbing the nipples. “Oh, you brute,” she said. “I feel like I just opened Pandora’s box.” She kissed me back hard and we lay back on the couch. “You moved in with me for a reason,” She said, unsnapping my bra. When she was licking my cleavage, she looked up and said, “You could have found a comparable apartment, but no, no, Steffie, you wanted to move in with ‘The Millie Girl.’ I think you’ve wondered from Day One what it would be like with me.” “Cut it out,” I said, but instead of pushing her away, I moved her to my pussy. She grabbed my panty waistband in her teeth and tugged it down my thighs. I opened my legs and then she kissed me on the mound. It was wonderful feeling, having her face there, her tongue probing and her fingers slipping in. “You little phony,” she whispered, “I bet you’ve had a thousand wet dreams about my doing this.”

Again, I told her to cut it out. The words, that is. I kept her lips on my pussy. Her tongue moved better than any guy’s tongue I’d ever found. Or maybe that was what I wanted to believe at that moment? All I heard was the sound of her lapping tongue mixed with my moans and breathing. Suddenly I began to cum— loud and hard. Millie’s mouth was soaked with my juices. “Feel better, Miss Pandora’s Box?” She said, kissing me as I tasted myself. I laughed nervously. I was still worked up. I kissed my way down Millie’s throat, to her boobs then to her tummy, finally to her own pussy. There it was in front of me. I never realized a pussy could be so humid-looking. Just the way it was so wet and pink in front of my eyes. Millie took my head and guided me into it. “I’m just following your example, you bossy bitch,” she teased. She kept me down there a long time. Millie tasted so good that I knew I’d have to have her again. And again. I ate her pussy until I heard her cry out that she couldn’t take anymore and that it was all going to pour out. “You’re a fast learner, Steffie! You graduate introductory lesbianism with honors!” She clenched her thighs around my head as she twisted on my mouth and exploded loud and long. Well, I didn’t just have a plain old roommate anymore! “Beyond BiCurious” — Washington

space and the great rent, she was convinced I had another motive. “How many guys is it going to take, Steffie? Am I so bad to look at?” Of course she wasn’t. Millie turned the heads of girls and guys. But, she preferred women, and as long as I’d known her, she hadn’t even had a cock in her hand. I lit another cigarette and Millie knew that was a sign of stress. She brushed the hair off my eyes where it had carelessly fallen. “It’s not like it’ll be written in stone, Steffie. That’s why they invented the term ‘bi-curious.’ It’s like a visitor’s visa to another country.” I laughed. She had a cute way with words. And I wasn’t doing my usual running away, either. Millie kissed me on the cheek, then moved back and smiled. “That didn’t kill you, did it?” She kissed me on the cheek again, but this time she




WIFE’S WILD TEASE Every once in a while, my husband, Eddie, and I play an edgy game. We’ll be sitting around, and suddenly I tell him I’m going out to fuck the guy at the drugstore. “I warned you, didn’t I, Eddie? If you don’t fuck me more, I’m going to get something on the side.” “The hell you are,” Eddie replies. “You’re my wife and nobody else is going to touch you.” “Oh yeah?” I say, standing up. I’m always dressed in sexy attire when we play this game, too. “He’s been flirting with me for weeks, and he says he can tell I’m not getting enough at home.” “That prick bastard! I’ll show him!” “I like how cocky he is,” I say. “He’ll walk around behind the counter in those tight jeans and I can see the outline of his package. Believe me, baby, he puts you to shame.” “Fuckin’ counter jockey! I’m going to the drugstore now to teach that creep a lesson!” But then, I come close and rub against Eddie and grab his package. “Oh, I hate violence, dear. There’s a much better way to come out on top.”

“And what’s that?” “By getting on top of me, my dear husband, and fucking the goddamn daylights out of me.” Eddie kisses me hard. He gets a little rough, and I like it. He licks me all over while he’s pulling off my clothes. And then when I’m stripped, he pulls off his. “Isn’t this better than wasting a lot of energy getting mad at someone?” I say, stroking Eddie’s cock and sucking his dick while I’m saying this. He’s so stiff, it’s obscene. He gets me back on the couch and crams his cock inside my pussy. I hold his ass tight as he fucks me hard. “You have no morals, do you, Kelly?” He asks, banging me faster and faster. “You’d fuck anybody. You want other cocks. You need other cocks. It’s not my fault no one man could be enough.” “You’re right. I love all cocks,” I respond, and then Eddie takes his cock out and flips me over on my stomach. He pulls me closer by my ass and bends my back down so that my face is against the cushions. He lubes up my asshole and slowly stuffs himself in there. “You’ll do anything to prove I belong to you, right, baby? Yeah, take my ass! You like to fuck ass! I think you like to fuck ass more than pussy. I’ve always wondered about that. Does it make you feel good to fuck an ass?”

I love the taste of myself while my whole body rocks with Eddie slamming my ass…


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Eddie’s fingers are tight on my cheeks as his cock bangs my ass. I cup my pussy and it’s so wet and heated that it’s like a swamp. My asshole feels blazing, but I think I would cry out for Eddie to put it back in if he took it out. I like the feeling of being crammed, and Eddie always crams me best when I tease him this way. I take my pussy-wet fingers and put them in my mouth. I love the taste of myself while my whole body rocks with Eddie slamming my ass. “Let that drugstore punk give you this! Yeah, let him! Invite him over! I’ll watch! Let’s see how big a stud he is! Let’s see how fast he makes you cum!” By this time I’m shaking. I can’t hide it. I put my hand back down on my pussy. My clit feels pointy and thick. “You’re right, Eddie, I was wrong. You’re the only one for me. I love it that you fuck

He bends my back down so that my face is against the cushions. He lubes up my asshole and slowly stuffs himself in there…

my ass so much. I think I like it in my ass better than my pussy, too. Eddie, you’re the best. You’re the only one. You’re the one who really truly absolutely makes me cum!” And I scream it out, as I feel Eddie pump his stuff into my butt one big shot after another. “Still want to go to the drugstore?” Eddie says later as we enjoy a cigarette. “Are you kidding?” “Edgy Role-Players” — Pennsylvania



ON THE PROWL pussy. Tony pushed his way inside my behind and it felt like I was one rubber glove being worn by two people. I crammed my tits in Jack’s mouth. I didn’t move for a long moment and just let my body adjust to the invasion. I could feel Tony’s strong fingers on my hair and back, and Jack’s hungry lips on my nipples. Then I started to move slowly, angling myself so that I could stroke both their cocks with my insides. Jack looked up at me with big eyes. Suddenly, he had


A schoolteacher needs to let her hair down once in awhile. It’s a very stressful job. Every few weeks I can get on a bus or train and go to a nearby city and have fun while pretending to be a totally different person—a slut. I call that slut, “Valerie.” I like to fuck unknown men. That is, men who are unknown to me until I fuck them. I went to Atlantic City recently and there I found a couple of guys in a bar, complaining about how bad their luck was. I decided to change it. I got them to buy me drinks and then take me up to their room. In teaching, I’m patient and deliberate. In sex, I am just the opposite. I think the guys were surprised I didn’t ask them for any money since the tables had taken so much of it, why not me? I was just interested in my own sensations. These guys were named Tony and Jack. I started off sucking Tony because he was the more dominant of the two and I knew it would get Jack more hot and bothered. Jack felt up my tits and kissed my neck and back while I moved my mouth on his friend’s dick. “Aw, Valerie, me too,” he said in a whiny voice, and I knew I had him going, so I switched over to throat Jack’s dick while I kept pumping Tony’s. I knew Tony could take all this in stride. He was the kind of guy who got plenty of girls. Tony licked my pussy while I blew Jack. His tongue should have won a prize since it was tough to concentrate on Jack’s prick at the same time. Jack was jealous of every minute of the blowjob, and when I slowed down, he told me to keep my mind on my work! It was all I could do to not start laughing. Instead, I tried to concentrate on sucking him while Tony’s tongue moved me faster to an explosion. Lucky for me, Jack suddenly came much faster than he’d expected, judging by his

disappointed groan. Well, that’s what he deserved for lecturing me. Tony fucked me on my back. He had a strong body and I liked to look at him as he moved. Jack looked forlorn from having cum so quickly that I held his dick and stroked it. He watched his friend bang me as he moaned, “Come on Valerie. Suck me more while Tony fucks you. I want fuck you, too. You’ll see me get real hard again.” So, I let Jack put his cock back in my mouth while Tony plowed me. I wanted to cum, but it seemed like a shame not to take full advantage of the situation. When Jack was hard again, I took Tony out of my pussy and told him to stand. I directed Jack onto the couch and I knew I sounded like a schoolteacher, but I tried to tone it down. I sat myself on Jack’s cock and told Tony to put himself in my ass. A nice little double penetration is good for a teacher— clears the mind and soothes the soul. Jack’s cock felt good all the way up my

a panicky expression and I knew he was going to shoot off too fast again. I told him it was okay, that I took it as a compliment when men couldn’t hold back. “You’re so hot,” He moaned, “I want to wait but—but—” “Just pull out of me first!” I lifted myself off just as his prick began to squirt between us. Yet, Tony wasn’t finished with my ass. I let him control the stroking now. He moved faster, and I told Jack to rub my pussy. He was delighted to keep participating. Jack’s hand picked up the rhythm of Tony’s fucking, and soon it was all over for me. I began to whimper as my pussy exploded on Jack’s fingers with Tony slamming my ass. And the moment I began to cum, it was all over for Tony, too. I didn’t mind if he shot off in my butt—I love the way jizz dribbles out of my asshole! “Soothed by Double Penetration” — New Jersey µ





When her romance novel goes missing, Kyla uses her own imagination, using her dirty girlfriend, Jo, as her main character‌

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“Jo, baby, I think I’ve misplaced my favorite romance novel,” Kyla whimpered to her sexy girlfriend while walking into their study. “I underlined all my favorite parts, too!” She moaned again…


s Jo started to get off the couch to help her partner, Kyla gently pushed her back down and honed in on Jo’s erect nipples that peeked underneath her dress. “Maybe I’ll just have to use my imagination instead.” Kyla whispered, lifting Jo’s dress up and revealing her sweet honeypot. “Mmm…a good story always begins with a strong intro,” Kyla bellowed while sticking her pointy tongue further into Jo’s pink. As her girlfriend’s moans got louder and her vibrating pussy thrusted against her tongue, Kyla left Jo with a carnal cliffhanger. “Please, baby, I’m going to burst…” Jo begged. “Come on, sugar, you know you can’t have an ending without a climax.” And as one finger delved deeply into her girlfriend’s canal and Kyla softly kissed her throbbing nub, Jo shook uncontrollably as she stroked her lover’s body. At last, when she caught her breath, Jo muttered; “Now that’s what I call a happy ending.” ♣







$.99 p/m


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No industry loves a good label more than the porn business. It works for the producers and fans alike—allowing everyone to get exactly what they want. Since it’s awards season, we thought we might jump into the ring and pick some of the most popular sex acts and genres—giving you a simple guide on the next big bang. Maybe oral is your thing? Or you love watching chicks getting their asses fucked? Or you’re into MILFs or teens? Either way,


we’ve got you covered. In the upcoming pages, we’ll let you know who is the best at what. We couldn’t make it any easier—and there’s nothing wrong with easy sex.

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Orgasmic Oralists In porn, just as in real life, the fun often starts with a blowjob. The difference is, in the real world, girls usually suck at it—and not in the good way. They need to only watch the professionals and take notes. The jizz biz has its share of great oralists: Belladonna, jessica drake, Kagney Linn Karter, Kimberly Kane, Misty Stone, Nikki Rhodes and Jada Fire are some of the finest we’ve ever seen, but it’s Jenna Haze who comes out ahead of the pack. Maybe it’s just the attitude. “I love the taste, and I love the feeling of a guy cumming in the back of my throat,” she says. “It’s just so hot!”


Jenna Haze




Asstacular Analists Even in the hardcore porn game, girls can be uptight about getting their asses reamed, but there are still a ton of girls who do it—and do it incredibly well. If you haven’t done so already, you owe it to yourself to check out these beauties and their backdoor escapades: Bobbi Starr, Eva Angelina, Hillary Scott, Jada Fire, Jenna Haze, Kristina Rose and Tory Lane. Even among this assload of talent, there is no one who can hold a candle (or any other phallic-shaped object that is handy) to queen of anal sex—Belladonna. Not only does she have one of the finest asses in the business, but she knows how to use it, too!




Belladonna 26597


DP Divas

(Double Penetration for those playing at home)

Taking two cocks in both holes at the same time is not something just any girl can do. It is physically challenging, not only to get into position (and look good doing it), but also to take a huge cock in both the pussy and the ass at the same time. It can be one of the greatest struggles of sex—on or off camera. You wouldn’t know it by watching the likes of Audrey Hollander, Bobbi Starr, Jenna Haze, Joanna Angel, Phoenix Marie or Rebeca Linares. However, the cream of the crop goes to Eva Angelina—whose ability to handle porn studs in both her snatch and ass is unmatched.



Eva Angelina 26225


MILFs & Cougars Where Older is Better For many, the MILF craze was written off as a fad that would come and go like so many other sub-genres through the years. Yet, thankfully they stayed, with producers finally realizing that fans had interests beyond Just-18 babes in schoolgirl outfits. Not just any woman can make it as a MILF, but those who have aged most gracefully get the opportunity to prove that with those years comes valuable experience. Among today’s hottest MILFs and Cougars are: Carolyn Reese, Diamond Foxxx, Francesca Lé, Julia Ann, Kylie Ireland and RayVeness. But there is one who stands above the competition and that’s the Sarah Palin playin,’ Lisa Ann. Like a fine wine, this hardbodied hottie keeps getting better as the years go by, and for that reason alone we crown her our Cougar champ.




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Torrid Teens Young girls are always in favor for their fresh faces, tight bodies and that new snatch smell. The current crop of newbies is the best in years, with such delicious dolls as: Alyssa Hall, Amia Miley, Faye Reagan, Isis Taylor, Natalia Rossi, Kiara Diane, and Tanner Mayes. Who do we think outdoes them all? If you guessed Lexi Belle, you’re right! She encompasses everything we love in a teen cream queen—a great attitude, a terrific body and the desire to test the limits of her fine, barely legal flesh. There is only one Lexi and—not being the greedy types—we’re perfectly happy with what we have.




Lexi Belle


Feature Film Femme Fatales

And The Winner Is…

So much fun has been made of porn acting over the years that it’s sometimes hard to talk about acting with a straight face. On the other hand, there are plenty who pull it off exceptionally well. Just look at such copulating thespians like: Jesse Jane, Kayden Kross, Kimberly Kane, Kirsten Price, Misty Stone, Savanna Samson and Stormy Daniels—each of whom has acting skills that rival their fucking abilities. Since we have to choose one winner, we’re going with jessica drake, who over the past few years has dazzled the critics in Wicked’s award-winning features— taking home a boatload of trophies along the way. It’s clear that she loves what she does, and so do her legions of fans.


jessica drake





Muy Caliente!

Lusty Latinas One genre in porno that never goes out of style are those lovely Latinas. They come in all shapes and sizes, some with accents, some without—but they always have that spicy exoticness that gets us all fired up. Among the hottest dishes cooking up scenes for us these days are: Ann Marie Rios, Ice La Fox, Daisy Marie, Francesca Lé, Lela Star, Lorena Sanchez, Lupe Fuentes, Mikayla Mendez, Paola Ray and Ruby Knox. Which fiery babe tops our list? None other than that 100% Spanish delicacy, Rebeca Linares! She’s gorgeous, sports a terrific accent and man, can she fuck! While she left the business very briefly late last year, she soon returned and has been sharing her imported finery with a renewed passion.




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Ebony Goddesses One of the biggest travesties in adult is that girls of color don’t get the props they deserve. They fuck great, suck great, look great—you get the picture—and like our pal, Sean Michaels, says, “No color lines.” But sadly, there is. Over the years we’ve seen some legendary stars such as: Vanessa Blue, Heather Hunter and Jada Fire. And while some continue to do what they do on camera, there’s a whole new crop of black beauties gracing the blue screen. One has to look no further than Marie Luv, Misty Stone, Sinnamon Love, Nyomi Banxxx, Codi Bryant and Giana Taylor, but we have a personal fave and that’s Misty Stone. She’s all that and a bag of chips. Check out any of her movies and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Misty Stone





Amazing Asians Those of Asian persuasion have long been a fave among fans of filth. Tera Patrick, Asia Carrera and Kobe Tai were household names, and there’s been a ton of hotties in the genre over the years such as Gianna Lynn, Nautica Thorn, Michelle Maylene, Mika Tan and many more. While there are many in the biz these days still kicking ass, some names that stick out are: Katsuni, Sasha Hollander, Avena Lee, Kaiya Lynn, Kianna Dior, Lucy Thai, Michelle Maylene, Mya Luanna, and Nyomi Marcela, but the one we want to screw until the sun rises is the one and only Asa Akira. Two words: Holy and Fuck!




Asa Akira


Imports America is still seen as the land of opportunity, so porn stars from around the globe are always fighting to get to the top of the industry by infiltrating the Porn Valley scene. Many have succeeded greatly and today’s lot is filled with high-end imported models: Cherry Jul, Cindy Hope, Katsuni, Nikki Jayne, Madison Parker, Melissa Lauren, Paola Ray, Rebeca Linares, Tanya Tate and Simony are some of the best. But, there is one girl who is just so beautiful, so filthy, so fun to watch, that we had to put her at the top of our list. That girl is Aletta Ocean—Hungary’s finest export since…ever! ♣




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Pick up that pen…Give us the full fuckin’ filth! 

continued from page 92

I’ve got a website that I use to post blogs about the stuff I’m thinking about—which is frequently kinky fantasies involving Steve, the hot guy living in the apartment above me. Last weekend I couldn’t believe my luck when Steve came down for an impromptu visit. Over coffee, he took a sheet of paper from his pocket, then grinned and said,“This is a printout of your web page. It’s a list of your top four sexual fantasies about me.” I was really surprised as he continued; “I log onto your site all the time and read everything! You should have just come up to my place and asked me to fuck you.” He tossed the printout on the table.“Do you have time now to go through the list?” I responded by settling back on the couch, opening my legs and letting him see up my short skirt. My first fantasy on the list was to be fingered by him while still wearing my panties. Steve looked thrilled as he kneeled between my thighs and slowly started stroking my twat through the silky fabric. Using two fingers, he pushed it up my cunt, making me gasp. After “I had to massaging me for a while, he moved the suck my own soaked material aside and went to work on pussy juice my wet snatch with three of his fingers. By off Steve’s the time we’d finished “Fantasy Number cock while I One,” he’d gotten my cunt so juicy he’d did myself…” managed to insert four fingers up me. Now for “Fantasy Number Two,‘To be fucked naked against the wall by Steve while he keeps his clothes on.’” It was a real thrill to be pressed against the cool kitchen wallpaper as he lifted me up by my asscheeks. I took out his stiff dick and guided it up my pussy then he boned me until I came really hard. Again. We went into the bedroom for the third fantasy: I had to suck my own pussy juice off Steve’s cock while I did myself with a vibrator. I got onto all fours and Steve— still dressed—stood at the side of the bed as I began to lick his prick. With my right hand, I stretched back and pushed a buzzing vibrator into my cunt. “Do you like how you taste?” Steve murmured, looking down at my lips stretched tightly around his cock shaft. I nodded and sucked harder. Now we were ready for Fantasy Number Four, which required Steve to fuck my ass as I lay on my back and played with my tits and clit. He placed me on the dining room table and slowly inserted his cock up my butthole. It was an awesome feeling, made even better when I began stroking my pulsating clit with one hand and pinching my nips with the other. Steve picked up speed, pumping his prick up my ass, and I thought he was going to cum. He drove his cock faster and faster until he pulled out as he squired his full load of jizz across my ass, then used his fingers on my clit to make me cum again. Right after I posted my next blog. “Fantasy Fuck” — New York ♣



THE JOY OF JENNA There are not many girls in the world that could pull off some of these poses and look glamorous and slutty at the same time, but Jenna Presley pulls it off easily. I have no idea how she does it, but I think with her fabulous boobs and gorgeous body, Jenna has got to be one of the hottest stars in the world of porn right now. She’s certainly my favorite. Jenna’s past being a newbie and puts her experience to good use—enthusiastically, too, knowing what we want to see her doing in her movies. It’s a joy to watch her bury her face in a pussy, licking and sucking, almost purring with pleasure. Or to see her take a cock down her throat, gagging on it and sucking it hard before stuffing it up her snatch and fucking like crazy. Thanks Club, for bringing Jenna back! “Prefers Presley” — Oklahoma I’ve got to thank you guys for putting Jenna Presley on the June issue of Club for so many reasons: That big smile and those big boobs were a huge draw, but your magazine really scored highly for me when I brought it to a club where she was dancing. Her performance was terrific! She does a great, sexy tease and really got the audience going—even before she took off any clothes! When she did, she pranced and danced around that stage to make sure everyone got a look at everything she has to offer, and there’s a lot.! After the show, I had the chance to meet Ms. Presley and ask for her autograph. However, the topper of the evening came when I handed her my copy of Club and she was so excited and happy to see it that I got a big hug—and felt those fabulous tits hit my chest. I also got my autograph, of course! “Club Hug” — Pennsylvania ♣

There’s a constant new flock of up and cumming fuck stars in XXX, but very few have created the buzz that Amia Miley has in her short time in the biz. This legal teen has taken the hardcore world by storm, and she’s just gettin’ started... Interview by Emma Edwards.


Amia Miley


EE: It’s 10:30 am. When was the last time you had sex? AM: Yesterday. It was off camera and it was great. It was a special person that I like to spend time with. We’ll keep his name a secret. EE: What made you decide to become a porn actress? AM: I did a lot of modeling when I was 18, and knew many people who were active in the adult industry. Porn has always been around me. Honestly, there wasn’t much forethought into my decision to turn this into a career—it just kind of happened. I made the decision and went for it. I’ve been going strong for a year now. My first scene was for Vivid’s Brand New Faces. EE: What are your goals for your career in porn? AM: Just the small task of taking over the world! For the past three or four months, I’ve thought about possibly directing. I’ve been teaching myself programming techniques, editing and Photoshop. I’d love to continue being in films, but would also like the opportunity to try my skills out behind the camera as well. As of now, I’d say my editing techniques are fair. I’m also eager to get my site up and running. I’ve shot lots of content and am waiting for the perfect time to launch. Magazine work also interests me, as does feature dancing. There are so many opportunities for women in porn that I’d like to try them all out. I don’t want to rely on just performing in scenes. I need to have a backup.


EE: Were you very sexually active before entering into the adult industry? AM: Not at all! I was the biggest prude. I had only slept with three people and really had no idea what I was doing. You can say I’m kind of learning things on the fly. During my very first sexual experience, it was literally my first time for everything. It was the first time ever being fingered, eaten out or giving a blowjob. Honestly, it was my first time ever seeing a cock in person. I think I’m rather seasoned now. EE: Tell us about that first blowjob you ever gave. AM: Oh my, it was horrible. I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t know how to do anything. I just thought, ‘Oh, so this is what they look like.’ He tried to coach and teach me how to suck and stroke him properly. As I recall, the best the guy got was me licking up and down the sides of his dick. Horrible. EE: How has your technique changed now? AM: Now, I’m excellent at giving blowjobs! I like things very sloppy, wet and dirty. I love face-fucking and gagging a little. I’m able to deep throat most pricks with ease. I love to use my hands and my mouth to drive a man wild. My secret? I love balls! EE: Are you bi-sexual? AM: Yes and no. I do love women, although I am very picky. The girls that I am attracted to have to be somewhat intelligent and take excellent care of

I want a guy to make me want them by playing hard to get‌�

themselves. There is nothing worse than having to work with a girl who shows up on set looking like she’s been out partying all night. I know she’s not going to be fresh down there. I hate smelly pussies. Sadly, in my career, I’ve encountered a few, but thankfully, they were in group scenes. If the smelly pussy situation occurs in girl-on-girl scenes, I’ll just not put my mouth on her pussy and instead use my fingers.

her small waist and her big ass. As far as men go, I can’t think of anybody in particular since I’ve already worked with so many. I just worked with Mick Blue for the first time a few days ago. That was fun. Fuck, that guy is hot. EE: Which male performer fucks you the best and why?

EE: Tell me about your first lesbian experience. AM: Well, before porn, I used to love kissing girls. I’ve kissed so many girls. I adore the feel of soft lips. I’ve also showered with several of my friends, which is always hot. My first actual lesbo scene was in porn. Sadly, I don’t remember the girl. All I can remember is that my first taste of pussy was a good one.

I love facefucking. I’m able to deep throat most pricks with ease…”

EE: Who, in porn, are you anxious to work with? AM: There are so many people. The first girl I can think of is Teagan Presley. We did a photo shoot together, but have never fucked each other on camera. She’s amazing and I’m excited for the opportunity. Although I’m not really into fake tits, Teagan’s look [is] so damn good. I love

AM: Since I am a very petite girl, I try to stay away from the guys with the huge cocks because they make me sore afterwards. But for some crazy reason, the best scenes I ever did were with Erik Everhard and Scott Nails. As we all know, those guys are freakin’ huge! They were so

damn sexy and I was so into them that I think my pussy just loosened up. My pussy wanted to eat up both those cocks and she did! EE: Which female starlet embodies the perfect woman for you? AM: Hands down, Jenna Haze! Everything about her is perfection. Not only is so beautiful, but she fucks so damn good that finding her equal seems impossible. I can completely understand why she is one of the biggest adult superstars around. The energy that she exudes on camera is matched by her natural energy off camera as well. What you see really is what you get. And her pussy? Delicious! EE: When you are alone, how do you masturbate and what do you use? AM: I have this little black bullet that I loved to use. I used to bring it with me everywhere until I lost it. That pissed me off. I Guess I know what I’m doing after I end this interview. (Laughs) Although I try to think of sexy things, what I really think about are things that I’m pissed off about. I think about my bad day.

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EE: Describe the type of panties you are wearing right now. AM: They are green ruffly panties with pink and brown stripes and a pink bow. Although they are not thong panties, they don’t cover my entire butt. My cheeks are hanging out; [but] they are really sexy, though. I think men would approve. EE: How do you prefer to keep your pussy: Bald and beautiful, or fun and fuzzy? AM: I keep my pussy shaved for the most part. I’ve never performed in a scene with hair on my pussy. For my scenes, I’m clean shaven and bald. If I’m not working, I’ll let it grow out a little so it’s soft and fuzzy. I’ve never had a bush. I’m really not into bush! EE: What is the best way to get you off? AM: A vibrator or a nice dick is all I need to get me off. Luckily, I can get of in most positions. It really just depends on the cock. Certain cocks hit me in certain ways and send me through the roof. My pussy responds well to dick.


Nov 23, 1991

Home State: Arizona Weight:

97 lbs.

Height: 5’3” EE: What gets you in the mood? AM: So many things make me horny. Most of all, I love to play the cat and mouse game. I like the chase and love the catch. I want a guy to make me want them by playing hard to get. If he is too flattering and too available, it turns me off. EE: Do you enjoy anal sex? AM: I’ve never done it. I haven’t really even practiced at home. I once had




Cum Spoiled Brats (Jennaration X Studios) Jailbait 7 (Erik Everhard Entertainment) The Naughty Cheerleaders Club 3 (New Sensations) Not Monday Night Football XXX (LFP Video) Teenage Pink POV 4 (Lethal Hardcore)


a boyfriend who tried it out and he didn’t even come close. I just think that my butthole is very small and perhaps anal sex is not for me. My ass is off limits for now. EE: Are you into group sex? What is your ideal number of sexual partners at once? AM: Yes, group sex is fun, although I haven’t had much experience in that department. The most I have done is a room of girls and a guy. The best equation for me would be a three-way with another guy and girl. Having the best of both worlds is the key to a good time. In that situation, I have tits to suck, a pussy to lick and a cock to fuck my hole. It’s amazing. Why settle for one when you can have two? EE: Do you enjoy the taste of cum? AM: Actually, cum kind of scares me. It reminds me of boogers. Cum grosses me out a little bit. I don’t dodge it in my scenes, though. I open my mouth, but don’t really enjoy when it goes inside. I like cum to be placed on my face or my body because it feels cool, but I’d prefer it stayed out of my mouth. EE: Are you into tossing guys’ salads? AM: (After explaining). Ewww! Gross! No. EE: What about you? Do you enjoy when people lick your butthole? AM: Yes, I do enjoy when people lick my ass because I am very ticklish down there. It feels good. I don’t like it every time, but sometimes it’s cool. EE: Are you into one-night stands? AM: Not really. I fuck so much for a living

that I really don’t have any need to seek more cock elsewhere. My thing is kissing. I’m a total kissing whore. EE: Have you ever fucked a person in public? AM: Yes I have, actually. I once fucked at the top of an office building and another time in the park. Despite popular belief, the thought of getting caught wasn’t exciting for me. I was so scared of being caught the entire time. I thought for sure the Park Ranger was going to come out and bust us! Come to think of it, I’m scared of a lot of things. EE: Do you have a signature move that people comment on? AM: Yes, men say that they love the way I suck dick. I have a tight mouth that is able to wrap around cocks so perfectly. My mouth also gets really wet, which feels so good for the guy when he slides his meat in and out. I’m still perfecting all my other moves. Let’s just say that I haven’t had any complaints. EE: Have you ever done an interracial scene? AM: No, I haven’t done most things on camera. I’ve never done interracial, anal, bondage or creampies. I’ve mostly just done regular, straight up porn. I’m pacing myself. Eventually, I’ll have the opportunity to add lots more ‘firsts’ to my resumé. It’s only a matter of time—and I can’t wait! ♣ To learn more about or contact Amia, please visit, and Print subscriptions at




Jordan is not only a top-rated real estate agent in the area, but a slutty one to boot. So, when Renato showed up at her office interested in a small bachelor pad, her love juices surged the second they walked in the empty house…


his room has a amazing light in the morning,” she beckoned, walking into the cozy den. Every time she pointed to crown moldings on a high ceiling, her short, silky dress rode up, and with every minor leap, she hoped that his eyes would glance at her thighs that were starting to glisten with her goo gash. And, as luck would have it, his cock grew harder once he sashayed against her taut ass when looking at a light fixture. Not wasting one more minute, he pressed up against her perfect globes and grabbed her hips so she could feel his hardness against him. As he lifted her dress, his strong fingers encircled her tight asshole as her moans got deeper and deeper. Moving his digits from her moistened taint back up to her puckered hole, he plunged his finger deep inside as she writhed against him. With her butthole dripping wet, she fell to her knees, took out his raging hard-on and softly licked the pre-cum that gushed from the tip. With the sensation almost too much to bear, he moved her to the sole couch in the house and teased her tunnel with his dewy helmet. “Please, fuck me in my ass now!” Jordan begged, spreading her ass apart. Inch-by-inch he drove further into her luscious bottom, and as her tightness became overwhelming on his cock, he shot his thick, milky wad into her ass cave. His cock stood still as he watched his jizz flow out of her crevice, as he relished at the sexy sight. Once she cleaned up his mess with her fingers and tongue, Jordan joked; “Well, I can certainly see you in here.” ♣

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