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Liike Issue No.3

Spring/Summer 2017

Issue No.3 Spring/Summer 2017

Beauty Trends Spring/Summer 2017


Micaela Mandorff Her Name Was Sky


Contributors Photographers

ENLIST Article


Anna Martensson Orange Crush


Elena Karavasili Interview


Tomila Katsman Alisa


Seb Winter Valeriya


Mara Alonso Sam


Daniel Igbinyemi All Tied Up



Theresa Sutter Charlotte


Aisha Jimoh

Tyler Nevitt Lady Midnight


Anastasia Asty Follow The Light


Fabrizio Martinelli Deconstructed Details


Mara Alonso

Anastasia Asty Daniel Igbinyemi Tomila Katsman Micaela Mandorff Anna Martensson Fabrizio Martinelli Tyler Nevitt Theresa Sutter Seb Winter -

Allegra Ghiloni Irene Matteucci Rachel Pincus David Rivas Hercules Terres Beatrice Trodden Natalie Wilkins Designers


Elena Karavasili -

On the cover Photography Daniel Igbinyemi

Model Giane A at Hive Models Styling Natalie Wilkins

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Editor’s Letter


ith this edition we can really see how far we’ve come

from the beginning. Liike was set up in France as a

digital publication with the hopes of one day taking it to print. Now we’re back to London and things are moving in

Submissions & Advertising

an exciting direction with this edition being our first issue that we’ve taken to print properly. As time passes we see that the magazine is starting to take on a strong identity with the

Social Media


work of artists that we collaborate with.


In this issue you’ll find beautiful and romantic images from


photographers all over the world as well as articles featuring

Kevin Voller

designers who have recently been a part of London Fashion week. We’ve loved seeing the latest collections being showcased at LFW and it has stirred up some fresh ideas and inspiration for us as we continue to pursue a publication

Creative Direction

Kevin Voller Rob Fuller

that showcases beautiful and creative artists. Among many lessons since starting Liike one that really stands out is that truly anything is possible and if you have the drive


Rob Fuller

and commitment there really are no limits to what can be achieved. As always a huge thank you to everyone who makes Liike

Liike Magazine is produced biannually by

possible as without your contributions we wouldn’t be in the

a dedicated team in London, UK.

position we are now. Enjoy the issue and have a wonderful spring and summer and we’ll see you again when the trees

Copyright © 2017, Liike Magazine

start to turn.

All Rights Reserved. No part of this publciation may be reproduced, transmitted or distributed in any format without

Best Regards

the prior written consent of the publisher.

Kevin Voller

The views and opinions expressed throughout are the

Editor in Chief & Creative Director

responsibility of the individual contributors.

Fashion & Photography


Words Evie Smith Images Kevin Voller

BEAUTY TRENDS Spring / Summer 2017


inally, the nights are getting lighter and the sun is peeking through the grey clouds. Fingers crossed, it will

soon be time to leave our wintery clothes behind us and opt for a lighter jacket and perhaps even shorts or a dress?! Runways have been full of beautiful ideas for spring and

crease and lower lash line. I would keep the skin fairly clear

summer hair and make-up trends. There are so many to

of products and just apply concealer and foundation where

choose from so pick your favourites. There is something for

needed. Finishing off with a neutral lip shade and perhaps a

every skin tone and hair colour with, for once, lots of them

little gloss will look incredible.

being transferrable to our day to day lives.

If you aren’t perhaps feeling brave enough to try out an

As a massive lover off all things Parisian, I am so pleased

orange eyeshadow, another option is to focus on either coral

that red lipstick is still a staple on the runways and in life in

lips or a peachy blush, or in fact, both! Peach blush can look

general. It will forever be my all time favourite look, its classic

great on warmer skin tones. If you are unsure of whether you

and timeless and suits every single person, providing you

have a cool or warm skintone, you can check this by having a

have the right shade. What I really love about this look is

look at the veins in your wrist. If the veins have a blue tint to

how effortless it can be. Start by properly cleansing your skin

them, then you are more than likely to have a cool skin tone.

with a micellar water such as Bioderma Sensibo and apply

If they have a green tint, then you will probably have a warm

plenty of moisturiser to your face and neck. Apply a little

skin tone. For lipsticks, if you have a warm skin tone, look for

concealer to problem areas such as chin, under eyes and

corals that are more on the orange spectrum. If you have a

blemishes, set with a little powder and add a few coats of

cool undertone, you could try cool pink tones. These will look

mascara. Applying a red lipstick as a stain is so flattering on everyone. Simply take a little of the product on to your finger and press the colour on to your lips. Take a clean cotton bud and dip in to the micellar water and tidy up the edges. If you prefer making up your eyes rather than your lips then fear not, there are plenty of trends out there for you. My current favourite is using burnt oranges and tangerine colours as eyeshadows. This trend obviously isn’t for the faint of heart. Orange eyeshadow can really make blue eyes pop and will look great on all eye colours. Mix the colours to add depth with perhaps browns, greys, blues or deep reds, followed with black eyeliner on both the top and bottom lashes. You could try and pale shimmer shade across the entire eyelid and then add a little burnt orange to the

summery and very flattering on you. Another (almost) effortless trend that will be making an appearance this Spring/Summer will be elongated eyeliner. Luckily, for those of us who cannot seem to get a straight line perfectly even, this seasons trend is smudged eyeliner. YES!! Simply draw on your eyeliner with a kohl pencil and slightly wing it out, then grab a cotton bud and blend and smudge it so it is much softer. Another tip is to warm the pencil up on the back of your hand first. This will make the pencil go on easier and will be more gentle on your eyes. I love dewy, fresh looking skin so I am so happy that this is still a trend. Instead of laying your face with matte foundatins and powder, a fresher approach has been happening recently. Apply a thin layer of tinted moisturiser or a light foundation such as Chanel Vitalumière and only add powder where you may get shiny, such as the nose, chin and under eyes. Add a little cream highlighter to the cupids bow and just below your brow bone to give a subtle glow.



Her Name Was Sky

Photography Micaela Mandorff

Model Ruairi Luke at The MGMT Styling Irene Matteucci Hair Nicole Kae

Make up Linda Lubrin

Photography Assistant Anna Ashley Necklace H&M Top Glassons Dress Zara Earrings Lovisa



T-Shirt Zara Ring H&M Top Lynette Yahya


Jacket Lynette Yahya Bra H&M

Pants Victoria & Woods Earrings Lovisa

Long Sleeve H&M Dungaree Dress,Shoes & Shirt

Natalie Vladimioff

Necklace Stylists Own Earrings Lovisa

Knit Dress Nancy Wu Earrings Lovisa


Dress Stacey Heaney Jacket Abbey Walker Ring H&Msini


Dress Zara Top Natalie Vladimiroff Bracelet Stylists Own Earrings Zara

T-Shirt Zara Top Lynette Yahya Skirt Maurice & Eve Shoes Natalie Vladimiroff Ring H&M Earring Lovisa

Dress H&M Top Nancy Wu Rings H&M


T-Shirt Zara Top Lynette Yahya Skirt Maurice & Eve Shoes Natalie Vladimiroff Rings H&M Earrings Lovisa


Knit Dress Nancy Wu Skirt Lynette Yahya Bracelet Lovisa Earrings Lovisa

ENLIST Contemporary Design. Affordable Luxury. Exceptional Quality.


ENLIST, a women’s and men’s wear brand combining

ENLIST designs each collection in their London studio,

luxury principles, contemporary design and exceptional

inspired by the capital’s global status and its ever evolving

quality creating collections that are coherent season to

subcultures. The focus is effortless silhouettes and paired

season, balancing creativity and wearability. A strong

down detail - what the ENLIST customer wants to wear,

core of luxury essentials and high fashion pieces come

rather than what they think they should wear. ENLIST’s

together, sharing the philosophy of freedom, self-

distinctive and strong product story taps into a desire to

expression and creativity.

look good wherever you find yourself.


“Freedom, Self-Expression & Creativity� SPRING/SUMMER 2017 WOMAN Taking inspiration from vintage cosmetics, forgotten vanity

fabrics in silk, Italian rayon knits, liquid lame, cupro satin,

cases and travels along tropical rainforests, ENLIST Spring/

bamboo jersey and sand washed satin have bring a luxury

Summer 2017 brings together a palette of neutral tones, soft

level to the collection.

pinks through to deep mulberry mixed back with deep black, silver grey and foliage greens.

Cocoon silhouettes in the kimono glazes duster coat, slouch trousers give an effortless chic feel to the story. Sequin

Building on the essence of a capsule wardrobe, with the

crocodile tee, pleat front silk shirt, military jacket and slim

addition of new colour hues and texture. Sumptuous

trousers in stretch linen update the Spring/Summer wardrobe.



Orange Crush

Photography Anna Martensson Model Tyra at Le Management Styling Beatrice Trodden

Hair & Make up Janina Granroth at


Dress Greta Gram Shoes Whyred


Skirt & Shirt Lala Berlin Shoes Whyred Earrings Dyrberg Kern


Skirt ArethĂŠ

Top Day Birger et Mikkelsen Earring Sara Robertsson

Dress 2nd Day

Earrings Mumbai Stockholm

Top & Trousers Greta Gram Shoes Clarks Earrings Paula Hagerskans


Top Lala Berlin Jeans Ida Klamborn Rings Ebon Li Bracelet Liga Design Earring Mumbai Stockholm

Top Acne Studios Trousers Wood Wood


Jacket Acne Studios Choker Ebon Li

Trousers Greta Gram Orange Top Maska

Shirt Ida Klamborn

Blazer Wood Wood Skirt Greta Gram


Interview Kevin Voller Images Eeva Rinne





stablished in 2015, ELENA KARAVASILI a luxury

“In my designs I combine elements from ancient Greece,

handbag brand conceptualized and designed in

specifically the Classicism era, and modern forms of

London. The brand’s philosophy is the unification of

architecture inspired by cities I have lived in; New York,

two fundamental cultural movements: Minimalism and

London and Athens. The feature that defines my brand

Classicism. Geometric abstraction is referenced in simplicity

is the quilted pattern leather detail, which resembles the

of form and subdued color palettes, exem- plifying

Doric columns from the ancient Greek temples. Although

the quality materials and craftsmanship of the pieces.

it is a very time – consuming and demanding technique

Architectural classicism is evoked with el- egance, symmetry

– I feel it is essential to my designs as it represents

and a systematic order of proportions. ELENA KARAVASILI

craftsmanship and exclusivity”.

blends unparalleled luxury with distinctive architecture, bringing a modernized old world sensibility to its designs.

KV - When did you start getting into fashion?

The brand envisions a handbag that preserves the

EK - I have always been interested in many fields of

designer’s Greek roots while transforming traditional

design. Deciding to focus on fashion happened when

leather goods into an intelligent, progressive design

I moved to New York. Fashion is such a predominant

enhanced with a functional aspect that is based on the

industry that the whole city is affected by it. This made my

needs of the modern woman.

fall in love with fashion.

Fashion & Photography


KV - What inspired you to start your own brand? EK - I showed my final collection at college there was a lot

of interest in Greece. So I decided to make a small pilot

collection to see if there was enough interest from buyers.

Left Hera Clutch

I also wanted to create a brand that looks at products as

in Caramel

functional design objects and not as fashion commodities. I think this is why minimalism is always such a big influence.

Below Mini Mono


in Caramel

KV - What are your favorite materials to work with? EK - I love working with marble due to the historical

Bottom Hera

connotations it has and its luxurious presence in numerous

Clutch in Militaire

design fields. Transforming such a rigid material into a product is really challenging and exciting. I also am fascinated by leather, its many forms and the endless possibilities it allows the designed to have. KV - Do you look to anyone in particular for inspiration? EK - Using basic geometries and the most elemental of materials,

the Belgian designer Michael Verheyden creates objects of sublime beauty and remarkable spiritual power.” Michael

Verheyden’s designs focus on simplicity and the material qualities to create something beautiful. He works with leather, marble and metal. I am really interested on the sensual aspect of materials and elemental forms to showcase the richness of the product, which is something I see in Verheyden’s work. KV - How does living in London inspire your collections? EK - The city’s size, its diverse cultures and a sense of chaos,

have placed London in the center of the fashion industry.

What I am mostly drawn too is the architecture, the balance between traditional and modern and how this I can create a product that fits in this system. KV - What has been the highlight of your career so far? EK - A significant highlight in my career has been designing

a clutch bag with marble and leather for the Museum of

Cycladic Art in Athens. I love it when history, art and fashion all come together to create a meaningful product. KV - What is next for Elena Karavasili? EK - I want to focus on growing the brand in the UK

and create a loyal brand following. After that I would love to expand my range of accessories and keep on experimenting with unconventional materials.



Fashion & Photography



Photography Tomila Katsman

Model Alisa F at Milk Management Styling Aisha Jimoh

Hair & Make up Inna Kirioglo




Dress Yulia Kondranina Shoes Scotch & Soda


Top Samsoe & Samsoe

Waistcost Pinghe Trousers Samsoe & Samsoe



Top & Mini Skirt

Samsoe & Samsoe


Dress Samsoe & Samsoe Skirt Pinghe


Pink Bra Pinghe


Photography Seb Winter at Lila Management Styling Hercules Terres

Model Valeriya M at Iconic Management Hair & Make up Thorsten Weiss

at Bigoudi Agency

Photography Assistant Thomas MĂźller Blazer Ivyrevel



Dress Turnover

Shirt Luxaa Pants Kiomi Shoes Lacoste Sport


Blazer Siyah Shirt Stein Rohner

Pants Valentine Gauthier Shoes Puma


Blazer Kiomi

Pants Berlina Pflanze

Vest Deepmello Pants Jil Sander

Kimono Stine Goya Shoes Birkenstock


Dress Vest Isabell De Hillerin Pants Kiomi


Shirt Stine Goya

Pants Stein Rohner Shoes Dr Martens


Photography & Art Direction Mara Alonso Model Sam R at IMG Styling David Rivas

Hair & Make up Olga Holovanova Hat Rita Von Jewellery Pretty Rumour Shirt Jara Maldonado Pants Cos Shoes Jara Maldonado



Shirts Doux De Paix & Purifcacion Garcia Earrings Pretty Rumour Skirt Juan Carlos Pajares Shoes Jonndo


Hat Rita Von

Earrings Pretty Rumour Shirt Doux De Paix

Pants Juan Carlos Pajares


Jewellery Pretty Rumour

Coat Jara Maldonado Shoes Jonndo




Hat Rita Von

Jewellery Pretty Rumour Shirt Jara Maldonado

Jewellery Pretty Rumour Coat Jara Maldonado


All Tied Up

Photography Daniel Igbinyemi

Model Giane A at Hive Models Styling Natalie Wilkins Hair Miti Kondo

Nails & Make up Natasha Buchanan Photography Assistant Nina Tschorn

Lighting Assistant Raeesha Nubheebucus Playsuit Topshop Shoes Solsana



Top Topshop Blue Top Paul & Joe

Trousers Topshop Shoes Solsana

Rose Gold Bangles Dinny Hall Trimmings Kleins

Cream Top Topshop Dress Warehouse Shoes Solsana


Shirt Warehouse Bra Top Misguided

Trousers Les Ciel 1000 Shoes Topshop


Bra Top Milo Maria Top Eileen Fischer Trousers Cos

Shoes Solsana Bangles Dinny Hall Trimmings Kleins


Jumper Eric Bompard Trousers Topshop Boutique Boots Topshop



Photography Theresa Sutter

Model Charlotte K at Core Artist Management Styling Hercules Terres

Hair & Make up Tina Fischbach at Basics Berlin Jacket Lena Voutta




Jacket Thomas Hanisch Dress NL


Jacket Thomas Hanisch Pants Ulice En Reve Shoes Mai Piu Senza Watch Casio


Shirt Le Temps Des Cerises

Skirt Valentine Gauthier

Coat Stine Goya T-Shirt Calvin Klein

Jeans Mint & Berry



Lady Midnight Photography Tyler Nevitt

Model Chloe B at Supreme Styling Rachel Pincus Hair Kelsey Morgan

Make up Azra Red at Honey Artists Nails Leanne Woodley Producer Ryan Morris

Photo Assistant Sydney Penksy Dress Mugler



Dress Akris

Shoes Gucci

Socks Wolford

Dress Jason Wu Earrings Eddie Borgo


Sweater Missoni From SHE Vintage Pants Stylists Own

Shoes Alexander Mcqueen Necklace Eddie Borgo Ring Stylists Own


Dress Calvin Klein Scarf Stylists Own Shoes Alexander Mcqueen


Top Stylists Own

Follow The Light

Photography & Styling Anastasia Asty Model Alisa T at Ra-Fashion Agency Hair & Make up Marina Vafina Turtleneck Jumper BLK DNM Jeans Frame



Shirt Lareida Jacket Zara Jeans Frame


Skirt M.i.h Jeans

T-Shirt Zara

Shirt Lareida



Deconstructed Details

Photography Fabrizio Martinelli

Model Anna O at The Lab Models Styling Allegra Ghiloni Make up Vessy Vess Top Wolford



A-Symmetric Top & Trousers Wolford

Ring Stylists Own Shoes Voile Blanche

Sweater Dress 20.52 Bracelet Marni


Jumpsuit Flavia La Rocca Bracelet Avril Shoes Viole Blanche


Shirt Mariu De Sica Trousers Wolford

Top Calcaterra

Cropped Trousers Mariu De Sica Shoes Nike

Blouse 120% Lino Ring Stylists Own


Dress Calcaterra Shoes Viole Blanche

Dress CO.TE Necklace Avril


Liike Fashion & Photography Magazine Issue No.3 Spring/Summer 2017 Submissions & Advertising Social Media


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Liike Magazine Issue #3  
Liike Magazine Issue #3  

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