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Liike Issue No.4

Autumn/Winter 2017/18

Issue No.4 Autumn/Winter 2017/18

Beauty Trends Autumn/Winter 2017/18


Ramon Marquès Unrealistic mess


Charl Marais Karina


Carmen Rose Flower


Anna Mårtensson Lovefool


Teatum Jones Article & Interview


Chupi Interview


Noémi Ottilia Szabo The wind cries mary


Andrew Hiles The last wrap


Leah Band Domestic colour


Helen McArdle Rouge


Charl Marais Before the storm


Sophie Ellen Maya


John Samson Got soul


Medici Robles London calling


Contributors Photographers

Leah Band

Sophie Ellen Andrew Hiles Charl Marais Ramon Marquès Anna Mårtensson Helen McArdle Noémi Ottilia Szabo Medici Robles Carmen Rose John Samson Stylists

Emma Chandler David James Cochrane Janina Cüpper Andrea Durán Debora Giugno David Hawkins Jenny Holmes Ellie Lines Jess Stebbings Designers

Teatum Jones Chupi -

On the cover Photography Noémi Ottilia Szabo

Model Teodora at The Lab Models Styling Debora Giugno

Hair Lilith Amrad using Kevin Murphy Make up Sophia Singh

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Editor’s Letter


t’s hard to believe we’re coming towards the final part of

the year! Every year time seems to pass by quicker than

the last. It doesn’t seem like all that long ago our 3rd issue was coming out and now we’re excited to be sharing our


4th with you. With every edition we feel like we’re producing stronger and more beautiful issues that are showcasing some of the best talents in the world of fashion.

Social Media


This issue is made up of talented artists, some old and some new, who have created some beautiful stories that we feel


Kevin Voller

fits in perfectly with Liike and its aesthetic. We’re constantly looking for new creatives to be involved in the magazine so when we receive work from people who are producing amazing results it’s a great feeling. The issue features

Creative Direction

Kevin Voller Rob Fuller

some stunning beauty shoots as well as fashion stories and features with designers, and we’ve loved putting it all together.


Rob Fuller

We would like to thank everyone for their contributions as it was a joy to look over the work produced. We hope you

Liike Magazine is produced biannually by

enjoy the issue and look forward to starting to plan our 5th

a dedicated team in London, UK.

issue that will be out in early 2018. Copyright © 2017, Liike Magazine Kevin Voller

Editor in Chief & Creative Director

All Rights Reserved. No part of this publciation may be reproduced, transmitted or distributed in any format without the prior written consent of the publisher. The views and opinions expressed throughout are the responsibility of the individual contributors. ISSN 2514-4898

Fashion & Photography


Words Evie Smith

BEAUTY TRENDS Autumn/Winter 2017/18


hat is the difference between cruelty free and vegan?

Thankfully, nowadays, people are becoming more and more concerned with what they are putting on their skin, and how the product was created, what it was created with and how humanely (if there is such a thing) products can be developed.

Sometimes, the easiest way to know whether a product is totally cruelty free, is to go direct to the source and ask. You

But it is still so hard to tell what is cruelty free, vegan or just

can contact their PR company via twitter, drop them an email

straight up pro animal testing without looking things up on

or phone. If they answer with a strong yes, then obviously

the internet. Even then, its a minefield to know what sites are

great. If they answer in any other way, then it is best to stay

telling the truth and if it is accurate for your country.

clear, if cruelty free is truly what you are after.

What is cruelty free?

What is vegan?

Firstly, it is important to note that not all cruelty free

A vegan product means that the product does not use any

products mean cruelty free. The company may not test on

animal product whatsoever. This include shark oils, squirrel

animals, but some of the ingredient can include animal

hair, whale poop (yes, you heard me, its found in perfumes!)

products, which is very far from cruelty free. Meaning that an

parasitic beetle (to colour lipsticks) shark oil, honey, beeswax

ingredient was made by the death of an animal.

and lanolin - which by the way, if you didnt know, is the greasy build up on sheeps wool that is then bottled and put

If a product is cruelty free, it means that there has been

in to makeup removers and moisturisers‌..delicious!

no animal testing by any means in the production line for that specific product. However you should be made aware

It is also worth noting that just because a product does not

that this does not mean that third parties do not test their

contain animal ingredients, it shouldn’t be assumed that it is

ingredients on animals before passing it on to be made in

not tested on animals. These are not mutually exclusive and

to a cruelty free product. For example, in China, it is required

companies are not legally required to note any of the above

by law to test a product on animals before being sold

on their packaging.

to humans. This has caused a huge debate in the media recently as Nars have decided to sell their products in China.

There are many websites with fairly accurate lists of what

Nars, who have always been cruelty free, and plan to stick

products are cruelty free and which ones are vegan. Some

by it, have made the decision to expand their market, which

are listed below:

in turn, means that their products must now be tested on animals. Far from cruelty free I think you’ll agree.


Unrealistic mess

Photography Ramon Marquès

Model Luna Christensen at Blare Management Styling Andrea Durán

Make Up & Hair Rocío Mendoza Luna wears Dress Rita Row

Jewellery Lynne Maclachlan



jewellery Lynne Maclachlan


blazer Sandro

jewellery Lynne Maclachlan

jumper Aldomartins

jewellery Lynne Maclachlan

jacket Maje jewellery Lynne Maclachlan


blazer Sandro jewellery Lynne Maclachlansini



Topshop jewellery

Lynne Maclachlan


Photography Charl Marais at Kayte Ellis Agency Model Karina at Premier Models Hair Ernesto Montenovo using

Bumble and Bumble

Make Up Kristina Vidic at Stella Creative Artists

Kristina using Nars, Dermalogica and Inika Organic







Photography Carmen Rose Model Paris at Viviens Hair Barney Gleeson

Make up Bernice Mansfield

Paris wears top Once Was



top Once Was

leather top Machage Sierra



top Handmade

top Cos



shirt Cos

top Once Was

Dress 2nd Day

Earrings Mumbai Stockholm



Photography Anna MĂĽrtensson Model Lelu at Select Models Hair Rebekah Calo

Make up Yuko Fredriksson using Mac Retouching Emma Gripenrot



Trousers Greta Gram Orange Top Maska

Shirt Ida Klamborn



Fashion & Photography


A fashion label driven by a love of human stories

Teatum jones Interview Kevin Voller


or FW17 Teatum Jones have looked at the story of their

Teatum Jones have explored their key signature shapes

relationship with the human body. Looking at the work

such as their statement oversized coats and column

of Hans Bellmer, they stepped inside his ‘doll project’, which

dresses, taking the seams apart and reconstructing them

he created to oppose the fascism of the Nazi Party. Bellmer

using contrasting sheer layers, eyeleted seams and

defiantly stood against the ideals of the new German state

strapped waistlines with extra long tapes. The results

by composing mutated doll forms and unconventional

are bell sleeves that mask the wearers’ hands, oversized

poses that were a direct rejection of the cult of the

collars that exaggerate the neckline and optional

seemingly perfect body, then prominent in Germany.

hemlines that almost want to escape from within a garment. Many of the garments appear to simultaneously

Teatum Jones’ objective is to explore and breakdown the

have two layers of skin.

idea of “us and them, them and us”... They have looked at


the body objectively and deconstructed it without prejudice.

They have explored the idea of optional tension,

They have championed the idea that something you

restriction and length, using gros-grain straps and

traditionally and socially accept as ‘whole’ and seemingly

industrial sized eyelets to allow the wearer to discover

‘perfect’ can be deconstructed in unconventional ways and

different volumes, tensions and lengths to work on their

considered just as beautiful.

individual body shape. (Continued. on page 44)


KV - In a few words, tell us a little about yourselves? TJ - Bold, Honest and Socio-Political.

We take those human stories and evolve them into bold and exquisite fabrics that tell those narratives in a way that intrigues and engages the wearer. We marry these bold

KV - When did you start getting into fashion?

TJ - Both of us from an early age loved to create.

vibrant fabrics with cool and refined shapes to appeal to a super smart and creative individual. This accumulates into an aesthetic that is modern, polished and bold.

KV - What inspired you to start your own clothing line?

TJ - We both wanted Teatum Jones to be a start of a journey

that unearths, excites and inspires.

KV - What message do you want to give through your collections?

TJ - The message we want to give with our collections is a message

of confidence. To wear bold colour and be who you are.

KV - What motivates you? TJ - People

KV - What has been the highlight of your career so far?

TJ - Being the first UK brand to win the International Woolmark

Prize last year in New York in front of legendary judges such as Andrea Leon Talley, Tim Blanks and Anita Barr.

KV - Where do you find inspiration?

TJ - Catherine and I are driven by a love of human stories so

we are always soaking up peoples stories in our every day

lives. That may be a book we read about fictional characters,

KV - What is next for Teatum Jones?

TJ - Collaborations! 3 key ones coming up soon.

newspaper articles about real life stories or just conversations we have with the many different people we encounter.


Their patterns, textures and fabrics are inspired by

Cable jumpers and oversized cardigans that become

imperfect geometry. Rejecting the soft curves and round

dresses with off the shoulder carmen necklines.

sockets of Bellmer’s doll silhouettes, Teatum Jones have moved instead towards awkward and imperfect squares.

Their colour palette was inspired from their SS17 collection,

Imperfect and youthful marks are hand painted onto silk

sharing their palettes into three groups: The first a dark,

satin crepes and British heritage wools by British Artist

somber group of wet, shiny midnight navy, innocent ivory

Tom Leamon. They have encased woven wool checks

and finishing’s in chrome silver and black tapes.

behind a clear wall of PVC coating to protect the delicacy of fluffy mohair, adding a layer of waterproof skin and

The second colour group is an homage to memories of

honest visibility.

a traditionally rich and warming autumn with hues of ripe burgundy, opulent mustard, indulgent salmon pink and


Partnering with Hawick courtesy of SR:D in Scotland, they

soft cornflower blues. Teatum Jones end their story on a

have evolved key knitwear shapes to offer a unisex wardrobe

powerfully stark colour palette of black and white, with

of luxurious cashmere shapes with signature long sleeves.

accents of post box red, smokey pvc and grey melange.

Teatum Jones have continued their collaboration with British

Zealand Merino Wool, taking inspiration from archival fabrics

Artist Tom Leamon using tonal coloured paint and energetic

manufactured in their Yorkshire mill since 1910.

marks on a smaller scale from SS17, continuing to evolve the

Together with ‘Laxtons,’ Britain’s specialist manufacturer of

concept of wearable art.

bespoke yarns they have created their chunky roving hand knitting yarn, expertly spun in England.

For FW17 they have partnered with luxury British woollen mill ‘John Foster’ who have sponsored our wool suitings and

For FW17 shoes Teatum Jones have partnered with

coatings, taking inspiration from their archives in Black Dyke

Christian Louboutin and spectacles they have partnered with

Mills in the heart of West Yorkshire. John Foster is an award

Cutler and Gross.

winning company built on innovation. Jewellery and hardware trims have been designed in They have also partnered with luxury British woollen mill

collaboration with London based Brazilian Jewellery artist

‘J.H.Clissold’ who have sponsored our mens and womens

Nina De Marco.

wool suitings made from the finest Australian and New


Chupi Interview Kevin Voller

Chupi is a multi-award winning jewellery brand founded by former Topshop designer Chupi Sweetman. Irresistibly drawn to “wild and natural things” Chupi’s aesthetic is influenced by the imperfect natural beauty of feathers, twigs




by the sparkliest of gemstones. Our signature piece is the I Can Fly Swan Feather Ring cast in solid sterling silver and plated in 18k gold from a delicate swan feather found along the banks of Dublin’s Royal Canal. We create a delicate jewellery collection made for your inner magpie, with fans around the world from London to Tokyo. Each piece is designed, manufactured and finished in Ireland.



KV - In a few words, tell us a little bit

KV - Where do you find inspiration?

about yourself?

C - I love wild things, I was brought up

beautiful sparkling things. I was scouted

of Ireland. I’m inspired by all of the

by Topshop when I was 21 and designed

beautiful forms of nature.

C - My name is Chupi and I make

in Wicklow which is called the Garden

a womenswear label for them for 6 years before falling in love with sparkle. I’m now Creative Director of a precious jewellery brand called of course Chupi, we have

KV - What motivates you?

C - I love what I do, waking up to a

notification on instagram of a gorgeous

a team of 20 based in Ireland and are

picture of someone who has just gotten

sold all over the world. I get to play with

engaged is incredible, I get to work in a

diamonds, make magic and tell stories.

job that only brings happiness.

KV - When did you start getting interested in jewellery? C - My

boyfriend proposed and

suddenly I owned this beautiful grey diamond ring, a future heirloom that hopefully my great grandaughter will wear one day! Around the same time my grandmother left me a necklace and I realised that jewellery marks moments like nothing else. KV - What are you favourite materials to work with?

C - I adore grey diamonds, each one is a

galaxy unto itself filled with magic. KV - What is next for Chupi?

C - We have just launched into our first

stockist in Tokyo and the response has

been amazing, Japan adores delicate jewellery so I think a visit is on the cards! KV -What inspired you to start your own brand?

C - I adored working for Topshop but I

knew I wanted to create something with

meaning, I get a thrill out of making people happy so I love making things. KV -What message do you want to give

left Gold Ring Drop in the Wild Citrine

through your collections?

top Hawthorn Twig Infinity Earrings in

disposable, I love that with what I make

centre The Sweetest Thing Tiny

C - Everything

in our lives is so

we are creating something that lasts a lifetime. Hopefully if you have one of my rings in a few hundred years it will still be part of your family’s story.

Rose Gold

Raspberry Leaf Necklace in Gold bottom Solid Gold One In A Trillion

Ring Emerald & Prasiolite Ring

right Believe In Magic Earrings in Silver



The wind cries mary

Photography NoĂŠmi Ottilia Szabo

Model Teodora at The Lab Models Styling Debora Giugno

Hair Lilith Amrad using Kevin Murphy Make up Sophia Singh

Photography Assistant Livia Faden



jumper & shorts Wuethrichfuerst


jacket & trousers Nina Yuun skirt Iasbel Marant Étoile bra & boots Zara brooches Sherylin Birth

hoody Acne Studios

dress & boots Zara stockings Stylist’s Own


transparent top Stylist’s Own

leather top & skirt Luca Xavier Tanner boots Zara


coat Sherylin Birth



jumper Sherylin Birth gloves Ann-Sofie Back Archive body & boots Zara stockings WOVO

top Sherylin Birth dress & trousers Wuethrichfuerst earring Stylist’s Own


shirt Self-Portrait

jumper & skirt Sherylin Birth boots Zara

The last wrap

Photography Andrew Hiles

Model Chanel Caldwell at Select Models Styling David James Cochrane

Hair Hair by Hamilton using Philip B Haircare Make up Natasha Lakic using Mac

Photography Assistant Saffron Foronda

Chanel wears

gilet Rocky Star

rollneck Les 1000 Ciels scarf All Saints ring Mayu



rollneck Les 100 Ciels jacket Rocky Star coat Little Sunny Bite earrings Mayu shoes & tights Stylist’s Own


rollneck Les 100 Ciels

jacket Hallie Sara skirt Jiri Kalfar earrings Dinny Hall Signature

bracelet & ring Mayu

dress & cardigan Les 100 Ciels scarf Xioli

leggings Dans La Vie boots Rue St earrings Dior


dress & leggings Dans La Vie

bangles & earrings Dinny Hall Signature rings Mayu


top, jacket & trousers Steven Tai

earrings & bangles Dinny Hall SignatureÂ

fringe top (worn as collar) Mark Fast

ruffle cut top Xioli  


knit & scarf (worn around waist) Xioli trousers Jiri Kalfar earrings Dinny Hall Signature boots Topshop


shirt Naya Rae skirt Mark Fast

scarf Xioli

dress Mark Fast

scarf Xioli mink Hallie Sara ring Mayu


Domestic colour

Model Lary

Photography Leah Band

Muller at The Hive Management

Styling Ellie Lines at Frank Agency

Hair & Make up Jo Gillingwater at One Represents using

Fudge Professional and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Photography Assistants Michel Bewley & Sandra Seaton Styling Assistant Rosie Hayward

Lary wears

dress Barras earring Soru



jumpsuit Zeynep Kartal

body Ashley Isham ring Annoushka earring Soru


trousers Barras rings Annoushka


dress Alistair James

shoes Rupert Sanderson

earring & rings Annoushka


jacket & shorts Raquel Allegra earring Soru

Top Topshop Blue Top Paul & Joe

Trousers Topshop Shoes Solsana

Rose Gold Bangles Dinny Hall Trimmings Kleins

Cream Top Topshop Dress Warehouse Shoes Solsana

dress Zeynep Kartal skirt Michaela Frankova earring Soru



Photography Helen McArdle at Kayte Ellis Agency Model Augustina at Premier

Styling Emma Chandler at Untitled Artists Ldn

Make up Jaimee Thomas at Untitled Artists Ldn Hair Luke Benson at Carol Hayes

Photography Assistant Owen Porter

Augustina wears dress Dagmar



top Alexa Chung skirt 2NDDAY

jacket, knit & trousers King & Tuckfield shoes Kurt Geiger


dress Edeline Lee boots Kurt Geiger


dress 2NDDAY shoes Kurt Geiger


suit jacket & trousers 2NDDAY top MO&CO


jacket 2NDDAY

hat Vintage

Before the storm

Photography Charl Marais at Kayte Ellis Agency Model Kat Grube at Premier

Styling David Hawkins at Frank Agency

Hair & Make up Enzo Volpe at Mandy Coakley using Buxom and

Diva Hair Care

Production Assistant Elena Floriani

Photography Assistant Charlotte Brewer-Gmoser

Kat wears

jacket ONAR ONAR



dress Issey Miyake


dress Weekday

dress Mimi Tran

dress Di Liborio

jacket Boo Pala leggings Minnan Hui


top & trousers Simione


Photography Sophie Ellen

Model Maya Gunn at Next

Styling Jess Stebbings at Frank Agency Make up Dina at Frank Agency

Hair Stefan Bertin at Frank Agency Styling Assistant Rachel Williams

Maya wears

top and trousers Alistair James



knitted dress & corset top Teatum Jones boots Robert Wun

dress Naya Rea top Jayne Pearson gloves Agnelle


dress Jamie Wei Huang top Xu Zhi knitted skirt Allude


top & trousers Alistair James boots Robert Wun


top Rira Sugawara

Shirt Lareida Jacket Zara Jeans Frame


dress Paula Knorr boots Robert Wun bangles Mirabelle


dress & jumper Minnan Hui skirt Robert Wun boots Semelle


jumper Minnan Hui dress & skirt Teatum Jones boots Semelle ring Shaun Leane


Got soul

Photography John Samson

Model Karen at PRM Agency Styling Jenny Holmes Hair Chris Crimley

Make up Petr Simon Fridrich



top, coat & trousers Stine Goya shoes Clae earrings Mango


jumper Steventai skirt (as top) Flippa K


top Charli Cohen blazer & trousers Norse Projects watch Nixon shoes Asics earrings Stylist’s Own

top Charli Cohen coat & trousers Steventai

shoes Clae earrings Stylist’s Own gloves Vintage



Shirt Mariu De Sica Trousers Wolford

top & trousers Stine Goya gloves Toga Pulla shoes Clae earrings Mango

London calling

Photography Medici Robles Model Gigi Thoennes

Styling Janina CĂźpper at Optix Agency Make up Poppy France using Mac

Hair Alexander Szabo at Carol Hayes using

BumbleandBumble Gigi wears

blouse Rich & Royal

necklace KONPLOTT / Miranda Konstantinidou



skirt & shirt Shirtaporter jacket Rich & Royal shoes Chie Mihara bra Eres jewellery KONPLOTT / Miranda Konstantinidou


dress & jacket Rich & Royal harness Vintage

hair ribbon Manguun

dress Paul & Joe coat IKKS shoes Chie Mahara

jewellery KONPLOTT / Miranda Konstantinidou


jacket, blouse & skirt

Rich & Royal

leg warmers Pitch London handbag Furla

shoes Chie Mihara

jewellery KONPLOTT

/ Miranda Konstantinidou

blazer Rich & Royal bra Eres pants Shirtaporter


slip, body & bra Eres

jewellery KONPLOTT / Miranda Konstantinidou


skirt Traffic People

jumper Rich & Royal

Jewellery KONPLOTT

/ Miranda Konstantinidou shoes Chie Mihara

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