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Liike Issue No.5

Spring/Summer 2018

Issue No.5 Spring/Summer 2018

Beauty Trends Spring/Summer 2018


Kevin Voller Graphics


Goldie Rox Article


Caren Detje The Sun is mine


Jessica De Lotz Interview


Natasha Killeen Down by the river


Max v. Koenig Article


Shushu/Tong Article & Interview


Les 100 Ciels Article


Violet & Wren Article & Interview


Fredrik Wannerstedt Denim Clad


Luca Skro Mesembryanthemum


Kat Tchernavskikh Angelina


Ester Keate The Lady of the Abbey


Tyler Nevitt New Classics


Andrea Benedetti Plastic Dreams


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Andrea Benedetti Caren Detje Ester Keate Natasha Killeen Tyler Nevitt Luca Skro Kat Tchernavskikh Kevin Voller Fredrik Wannerstedt Stylists

Anna Brown Charlotte Beardow Gianluca Cersosimo Allegra Ghiloni Jessica Guzman Gorjan Lauseger Julia May-Yen Wu Magda Zurkova Designers

Jessica De Lotz Max V. Koenig Les 100 Ciels Goldie Rox Shushu/Tong Violet & Wren -

On the cover Photography Caren Detje

Model Eileen H @ PMA Models Styling Julia May-Yen Wu

Make Up & Hair Christian Olivier @Ballsaal Earring Anne Manns

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Editor’s Letter


pring is finally here and it is reassuring to know that the


long cold nights are soon to be behind us. In this issue

we’re happy to present some incredibly talented designers and the work of artists who we truly admire. In this edition



we’re happy to show you the new S/S collections by Max V. Koenig, Shushu/Tong, Les 100 Ciels and Violet & Wren. As well as these designers we look into two London based

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jewellery designers Goldie Rox and Jessica de Lotz who both have unique and beautifully crafted pieces to showcase.


Kevin Voller The editorials that make up the issue come from artists based all over the world and as always we would like to extend our thanks to everyone who is a part of this issue as without the talented creatives involved we wouldn’t be able

Creative Direction

Kevin Voller Rob Fuller

to produce Liike. Design

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Fashion & Photography


Words Evie Smith

BEAUTY TRENDS Spring/Summer 2018


t’s almost Spring, which actually means nothing if you live in England. The sun is currently beaming through my window which would lead me to believe that

Spring is on its way, but yesterday, I was getting battered by horizontal rain. Taking care of your skin when the conditions vary so much is quite a challenge, especially as we get older. Here are some of my favourite tips for protecting your skin all year round.

Protect yourself from the sun The sun (that’s the yellow thing in the sky that we see

Apply your moisturiser and other parts of your skin regime

every now and again) is nearly always there. Even on

straight after your morning shower and last thing at night. This

cloudy days. Even on the days when I am getting soaked

will help to lock in moisture. I recommend using a serum and

to the bone and getting knocked around by hail stones.

applying this before your moisturiser and after any eye creams.

Its there. So it is important to always wear a moisturiser

My favourite at the moment is The Ordinary ‘buffet’. its great

with an SPF in it. SPF30 if you can, higher if you are more

if you are on a budget and really does a great job. Another

prone to burning. There are so many to choose from on

favourite of mine is The Body Shop ‘Drops of Youth’. It really

the market nowadays. My current favourite is The Body

settles well on the skin, as does the whole range of theirs.

Shop Vitamin C Glow Protect. This is a good day to day moisturiser, however if you are heading to, or living in

Be wary of some foundations that have an SPF in it but have

sunnier climates then I would suggest their moisturiser

a matte finish (Im looking at you Estée Lauder Double Wear).

with an SPF50 - Skin Defence Multi Protection. Remember

These are full coverage and great if you want a heavy foundation

your lips also. Applying a lip balm with an SPF will help,

but they don’t react well to camera flashes. The titanium in the

not just in summer months, but in winter too!

SPF mixed with the matte foundation can cause a flash back and make your face look a little ashy. To counteract this, pop a little bronzer over the top, to soften the effects of the flash.

Get Scrubbing

Antioxidants & Hydration

One of the things I recommend the most is to invest in a

All of the skincare in the world will never be a match for

good face scrub. Our skin is constantly encountering dirt

looking after yourself properly. Remember to drink enough

and build up from daily pollutions, not to mention that our

water goes without saying, but eating the right foods will

skin rejuvenates itself ALOT so we need to get rid of the

help your skin too.

dead skin. I love Lush ‘Angels on Bare Skin’. It is soft enough for daily use and also great for your body too.

A little list below will help you along the way to eating for your skin:

Follow this with a moisturising mask, at least once a week. I am in love with Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Multi Miracle Glow’. It can be left on the skin as a face mask, or used daily as a cleaner. I love it, even if it is on the pricier side.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) Fresh fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin E (tocopherols, tocotrienols)

Eyes Occasionally, the sun does come out, which is wonderful, but does mean a lot more squinting, which means more wrinkles, not to mention the damage to our actual eyes. Its so important to remember to pop on a pair of sunglasses to prevent any damage from the suns UV rays. Adding an eye cream in the your regime is great. Along with drinking plenty of water, a good eye cream will keep the eye area hydrated and supple. If you have some cash to splash, I recommend Chanel’s ‘Le Lift’ eye cream.

Vegetable oils, nuts, mangoes, broccoli.

Vitamin A Carrots, sweet potato, broccoli, apricots.

Polyphenolic antioxidants (resveratrol, flavonoids) Tea, coffee, fruit, olive oil, chocolate, cinnamon, red wine.

Carotenoids (lycopene, carotenes, lutein) Fresh fruit and vegetables.and supple. If you have some cash to splash,

I recommend Chanel’s ‘Le Lift’ eye cream.




Photography Kevin Voller

Model Johanna @ Wilhelmina Make Up & Hair Anja Joy Bont

Photography Assistant Darren Eyles





Goldie Rox The Mangiare Collection T


he inspiration for Mangiare reaches into the timeless

Golden strands of spaghetti run through the entire collection.

glamour of Italy. From the classical wonders of ancient

Like many of our favourite Italian dishes, they provide the

Roman monuments, to the equally chiselled Italian movie

framework to support all of those beloved flavours. The

stars of the 1960s. Rich and uninhibited, Italian cooking wants

signature Spaghetti and Olive Oil earrings are built along a

to delight. Ingredients of the highest quality are matched

square spaghetti frame, with golden chain olive oil drizzling

in this collection with the nest materials: diamonds, rough

down from it. The chains catch the light, capturing the

black diamonds, coloured diamonds and 9ct gold. With their

ultimate excitement and delight of unbeatable Italian olive

simple yet beautiful designs that are exalted by the passion

oil as it is drizzled over a dish. The final tantalising step

with which they are created, these pieces celebrate that

before it is served.

enduring Italian finesse.

Classic ingredients from the Italian kitchen are represented in

Mangiare marks Goldie Rox’s first collection to reconnect with

individual brooches, strung across a single band of spaghetti.

Rox’s true foundation in fine jewellery. This special collection

Coarse cut salt, the crystalline gems of the kitchen, appear in

has been built from some of her most cherished memories,

fitting diamond form. Basil, the signature fragrance of Italy,

whether it’s the plates of spaghetti made for her as child

comes through with bursts of green diamonds. The infamous

by her best friend’s nonno or the joy of summers in Sicily.

truffle, sophisticated yet essentially unrefined, in an earthy

These moments encapsulate the very same love, warmth and

rough black diamond.

craftsmanship that goes into these pieces of jewellery.

This collection bursts with the richness and artistry of Italy’s food.





The Sun is mine

Photography Caren Detje

Model Eileen H @ PMA Models Styling Julia May-Yen Wu

Make Up & Hair Christian Olivier @ Ballsaal

(using Balmain Hair & Mac Cosmetics) Eileen wears

earring Xenia Bous



earrings Anne Manns



rings Xenia Bous



Xenia Bous

earring Anne Manns


rings Xenia Bous



earring Anne Manns


Anne Manns

earring Xenia Bous




JessicA de Lotz Photo & Words Kevin Voller

KV - When did you start

KV - What inspired you to start your own

designing jewellery?

jewellery line?

in 2005 and specialised in jewellery

a mix of people - some of which then

C - I did my foundation at St Martins

C - My degree show seemed to interest

design very quickly so ended up doing

became ‘ambassadors’ to my brand

my degree there also. I knew it was

and really helped steer it to a good

about yourself?

the course for me! I loved the process


JDL - I am a narrative based jeweller,

of making something so small and

Blackburn, my 1st exhibition was at

handcrafting pieces with sentiment and

intricate but with so much meaning

Sotheby’s and 1st collaboration was

beholding a big heart.

and in my case, stories.

(Continued. on page 32)

KV - In a few words, tell us a little bit

Thanks to art curator Janice


with Smythson. Along this journey, I met other individuals who purchased my more collectable pieces and with this encouragement & little bit of financial backing now behind me, I really believed in my brand. I didn’t overly think about my business model or where i wanted to be in the next year or 5 years, I just ploughed on and worked very hard. KV - What are your favourite materials to work with?

C - 18ct gold and also when I had a

lathe, I really enjoying turning mock ivory. Polished up, it looks so like the real thing when all it is a resin. I use a type of liquid resin for my Red Relished Apples but this is messy and toxic so I avoid it. Especially now i’m pregnant! KV - What message do you want to give through your collections?

C - There is usually a link to heritage

(my use of wax seals are a playful nod

to that), romance and also sentiment as mentioned above. I like to add personal engravings to the pieces, birth stones and small additional details that have meaning to their wearer. I want my items to be forever investments and items that will be passed down through family generations. Heirlooms of the future.

KV - Do you look to anyone in particular for inspiration?

C - Not really but now I have the shop

and I can meet my customers face

to face and as they customise their pieces to suit them, i’ve become more aware of what it is that is important to someone who wants to love and wear something forever. In turn, my customers inspire me.



KV - How does living in London inspire your collections?

C - The back bone of the inspiration

behind my collections have been

largely fuelled by curios (- letters, photographs, objects etc) that I have collected in car boots or most regularly Spitalfields Antique Market however, if i wasn’t based in London I would hunt these out elsewhere and no doubt i’d still be inspired.

KV - What has been the highlight of your career so far?

C - I was most proud when I open my

shop in 2016. All my hard work had

paid off and I was also able to use my savings to set it up. The shop is so much a part of my life now and I can’t imagine being without it.

KV - What is next for you?

C - I have just finished a short brand film

with director, Darren Statman of which

we are just about to launch and then, I’m due to give birth to a wee boy in 2 weeks so he’ll be melting my heart for the foreseeable future but fortunately the shop will still be open as usual.


Down by the river

Photography Natasha Killeen

Model Beth @ Priscillas Models Styling Jessica Guzman

Make Up & Hair Kat Margarita

Beth wears

top Samantha Diorio

dress Marie Catherine



dress & tops Samantha Diorio


top Samantha Diorio

dress Marie Catherine

dress Samantha Diorio

coat Sean Holt


look Samantha Diorio earrings Jessica Guzman


dress Samantha Diorio

Max V.Koenig Artistic Direction Maximilian Koenig & Dima Hohlov Photographer Dima Hohlov

Set Design Trisha Stephenson

Makeup Ariel Yeh Hair Nicholas Hardwick

Female Model Tessa Kuragi Male Model Ross Producer Saint Luke Artist



Inspiration of the Campaign shoot “The theme for the Spring Summer Campaign was visually inspired by the work of Martin Parr, more precisely his critical eye and funny twist on tourists abroad. But I also found inspiration in the colour palette of Wes Anderson and the capturing of social environments of American photographer Slim Aarons.  Having set my focus on the French Riviera and its vibrant tones found in the landscapes and scenery I wanted to reflect the fun and joyfulness of the beach as a social scene without forgetting a sense of humour”.


in. During my studies I interned with

communicating the brand message.

small independent design studios

I am very much indebted to my

that work on bespoke collections for

first prototype of Orion. With this

high end fashion brands in Europe. It

bag, I wanted to achieve the nearly-

was great to see the internal

impossible: digging into new shapes it

Max V. Koenig has been launched in

mechanisms of big fashion brands,

should be functional and of generous

early 2017. Originally I have studied

but it also made me create a strong

volume, without appearing bulky,

industrial design in Paris followed by

will to do my own thing. I am still at

made to last without interfering with

a jewellery degree in London, I quickly

the beginning of my journey with the

the softness of the leather. The colours

moved into the fashion business. It

brand and I find it very exciting. As a

should be bold, without compromising

was a very natural transition, I

young designer I am fully involved

the possibility to be worn on any

have always had a keen interest

in the whole process ranging from

occasion. That was the task motivating

in fashion, but it was especially

designing and editing the collections

the beginnings of my brand and these

accessories that I found an attraction

to working very closely with people on

are still guiding principles of my brand.

What inspired the formation of the brand & how has your journey thus far been?


What sources of inspiration do you look for when starting a new collection? I am a very visual person, I observe people, what they wear, how they interact. I would say this is my basis for my source of inspiration. In all my collections colours play a big role too. For me colours are always strongly associated with memories. For this year’s Spring Summer collection my source of inspiration were the colours that surrounded me during my summer holidays spent with friends and family in the South of France. I have a strong sense of connection to that place, my family is from there, I spent summer after summer, surrounded by manifold tones of blue of the sea, the pale greys of the pebbles on the beach, the subtle coral reds of the house fronts in the Old Town, or even the crisp mint green evoking my obsession with mint ice lollies.





interview by Kevin Voller

The SHUSHU/TONG woman becomes more womanly this Spring/Summer SS18 season. I

nspired by erotic film Les Fruits de la

mood that Les Fruits de la Passion reflects.

Passion, jointly shot by French and

Last but not least, the already- fetish

Japanese producers in the 1980s, which

leather material is tailored into decorative

created such a sumptuous sensual world

accessories like bandages and gloves in

and explored the adversarial relations

order to wrap around the body, adding

between obedience and resistance.

more flavours and playfulness to the overall outfit.

SHUSHU/TONG’s 2018 Spring/Summer collection explores and expands the

Following SHUSHU/TONG’s usual

brand’s image with a new audacity, while

fondness towards floral elements, the

the product ranges have advanced

design duo also tries montages with

further by new tailoring techniques.

floral-shaped materials to tailor to the “damsel” in the brand’s blood. As for the

Cotton fabric with red printed pattern,

palette, dark colours such as dull red and

derived from the traditional Japanese

dark green are juxtaposed with bright

kimono, becomes the new feature this

hues like azure and virginal white to hint

season and is used as a key element

at the heroine’s mixed disposition of

throughout the entire new collection

innocence and decadence in the original

and styling. Additionally, the dimly visible

film. The new collection continues to offer

black lace suggests both concealing and

customers more options to choose from,

revealing at the same time, just like the

both wardrobe-wise and fantasy wise.


KV - What inspired you to start your own clothing line?

S/T - It is a very spontaneous decision. After

being friends with each other for over 6 years, we decided to do something together. KV - What are your favourite materials to work with?

S/T - Anything with gingham patterns. KV - What message do you want to give through your collections?

S/T - We believe in the power of girlhood,

this particular period of women fascinates us very much.

KV - In a few words, tell us a little bit about yourself. Shushu - Probably the best chef in

Shanghai, amongst the Chinese designers! Tongtong - Video game master! KV - When did you start getting into fashion? S/T - When we got our first job as styling

assistants in Shanghai.

KV - What is “Fashion� to you?

S/T - The work of a lifetime, and we never

get bored with it.


KV - Do you look to anyone in particular for inspiration?

S/T - We get inspirations from our daily

life, people walking on the street, our cool friends, some random pictures online etc. KV - What has been the highlight of your career so far?

S/T - The 1st time got the order

confirmation from Dover Street Market. It’s a dream for every designer I guess. KV - What is next for you?

S/T - Working on our AW18 collection.


HUSHU/TONG is a Shanghai based brand focusing on feminine style

with a twist. Established by Liushu Lei and Yutong Jiang in 2015, SHUSHU/ TONG features modern women who dares to express themselves by wearing unabashedly feminine details — ruffles, bowknots; but deflated of primness with relaxed and cool attitude. Expect unique silhouette and time-honored tailoring techniques developed in- house. SHUSHU/TONG’s collection gained Lane Crawford since their first season, and the stock list currently has grown into worldwide including Dover Street Market, Opening Ceremony, 10 Corso Como, H.Lorenzo, amongst others. And still growing each season.


Les 100 Ciels





he Spring Summer’18 collection is inspired by the ocean and its

continuous transformation through time. It is an exploration of the interconnectedness of (all things through) water meeting land meeting sky. Evoking the beauty of the past, present and future, this season the focus is on creating an inclusive collection where the concept of age, season, gender and identity have been reconsidered and redefined. The starting point for the collection sees the arrival of round silhouettes and drop shoulders, contrasted with the elegance of column dresses, which gently shape the line.

Our cashmere, linen and silk qualities are amplified by a colour palette defined by tones from the water and the sky reflecting on the sea; like the pale lilac of dawn and the rich warmth of sunset. As the day moves forward, new forms and textures are revealed and the collection embraces lighter materials such as cotton, silks and linen blends. Shifting from oceans to coastlines, silhouettes become more structured with the introduction of A-line tunics and coordinated separates. With the






reflected through the depths of colours in cotton blends and higher twists for a dry touch.



S18 explodes in a cascade of hyper-

celebration of colour, form and

feminine, English garden flowers

unapologetically showy florals are

where the scandalous Vita Sackville-

celebrated and embraced.

West’s, renowned garden at Sissinghurst Castle meets a 1930’s masculine

From elegant, velvety white spring

aesthetic in a celebration of the very

tulips set against a background of rich

best of British Horticulture.

sun-drenched yellow, to luxurious, over scale Iris flowers in sapphire and

Lady Vita Sackville- West, a

cerulean tones, the Vita collection

controversial character never far from

is bursting with mouth-watering

scandal and intrigue, defined herself

colour and photo real blooms in an

as a divided personality;

exploration of earthly delights.

interview by Kevin Voller

Violet & Wren VITA S/S 2018

“Half of me is feminine, soft, submissive

Opulent, feminine flowers are offset

and attracted to men while the other

by strict, regular stripes in narrow and

one Is masculine, hard, aggressive and attracted to women.”

super wide settings, alongside lush, jewelled tone solids of Opaline green and Fuchsia pink.

This dichotomy and her anarchic spirit defines the SS18 collection

1930’s design details, referencing

with a marrying of the feminine and

the decade in which Vita moved into

masculine, the hard and soft, modern

Sissinghurst, pepper the signature

and historical, and lends to a complex

silhouettes to bring a masculine sensibility

and intriguing season where maximalist

to juxtapose the overt feminism. Fresh silhouette introductions to the collection see modern, square cuts in a midi sleepshirt and slouchy tee layer with sporty shorts or classic pyjama pants to bring a modern and youthful approach to Loungewear dressing. In purposeful contrast, soft silk georgette prints are



translated into an ethereal, deep plunge Grecian Maxi dress, floor skimming, sensuous maxi robe and flirty, lace trimmed frill lingerie. Contrast piping and bindings accentuate the vibrant, mouth-watering colour and a scalloped French lace trim updates the signature cami and slip and features on an elegant yet relaxed backless jumpsuit. Violet & Wren is proud to be represented though a host of premium UK and international stockists including Fenwick of Bond Street, Journelle NYC, Fred Segal and Estnation Japan.

progression. I seem to remember in the early 90’s as a teenager I wore KV - When did you start getting into fashion?

a pair of cream jeans with a hyper

Louise - I always had a strong

colour t shirt and a purple waistcoat

creative side growing up and was

and thinking i looked amazing

about yourselves.

forever making “projects” around the

! I may even have also had

house! I loved textiles and art at school

a perm…. “Fashion” just wasn’t as

Creative, multi-tasker… not always in order!

and fashion seemed a natural

accessible to everyone then, especially

KV - In a few words, tell us a little bit Louise - pretty much- Mother,

not growing up in a rural area so when I started to discover the world of designers and fabrics , prints and fashion shoots it was a revelation! Helen - like Louise, I was always creative

as a kid - but I was more into painting and drawing and making things out of wood! Fashion wasn’t an obvious route for me to be honest - I grew up in the Lake District with my very

outdoorsy family, and didn’t even really discover my love for clothes until I was well into my teens. I studied art and design foundation after school, and loved textiles and fell into fashion that way - creating 3D pieces from a flat sketch has always been something I loved doing (albeit from wood!), and fashion was an exciting and wearable development of that. KV - What is “Fashion” to you?

Louise - nowadays its so personal which

i think is a great thing and with

the Vetements movement, a humble ikea bag is now seen as “fashion” which is more i guess about branding and the cult item effect.  Yes, you have the “Trends” which tend to set the direction for the high street but I think if something is beautiful to you and you love to wear it,  that should

be the quality with most value. I

newness, now I’m older, I feel style is

think craftsmanship and artistry and still

a more important part of fashion, and

so important which goes hand in hand

finding those pieces that you will wear

with the buy less, buy better mantra

again and again.

that is gaining momentum. Helen - To me, Fashion is what you

make of it - almost the art of wearing and presenting yourself in whatever way that may be. When I was younger,

KV - What inspired you to start your own clothing line?

Louise - Helen and I have been friends

for a really long time, since meeting

fashion to me meant keeping up with

at university so after building

the latest trends and constantly having

our careers in the industry we

collaborated on a commissioned project  together. After this  we took the plunge and combined our skills into our own brand ! It was far more “lets give this a go and see what happens” rather than having a grand plan and a set of goals from the off-set but we have found that natural growth has suited us so fart and has allowed the brand to develop and us to learn at a gentle-ish pace! Helen - I have always made bespoke

pieces - mostly bridal - and had always wanted to have my own line. Louise designed a print for a wedding dress I was making, and we decided to go from there! KV - What are your favourite materials to work with?

Louise - I don’t really have

a favourite material as such. The Violet and Wren collections have always been anchored in silks which is course is a beautifully tactile and lustrous cloth to work and give such a wonderful depth of colour to the prints but we woful love to explore more into the silk blends for coming seasons. I would love to be abel to work with some stiffer, structural qualities  for  a more architectural,  RTW approach- this will be in the future plans I think!


Helen - My background is mostly

bridal and tailoring - and I also spent a long time working with leather, so it is really hard for me to be specific as each has its own appeal! I love the malleability of leather (and the smell), the softness and drape of silk, and its depth of colour, and the structural, architectural qualities of stiffer tailoring fabrics.  I love the way fabrics can be manipulated around the body to create different effects and enhancements. KV - What message do you want to give through your collections?

Both - As a british brand we try and get

across a very Artisan, British feel within the prints and the collection that i think resonates with our customers  but other than that it is no more complicated than we just want our customers to feel like they are buying items they love and will keep forever. We love every piece we create and try to bring that feeling to the people that wear our collections.


KV - Do you look to anyone in particular for inspiration?

Louise - everything you see tends to act

as an inspiration... As i said, I’m quite

a magpie so am always finding new inspirations or people doing things I love. Generally, I love the romance of designers like No 21, Simona Rocha and Chloe and the palettes and vibe of Miu Miu,  Vivetta, Roksanda are always so fresh and inspiring, that modern edge and clever twists that make their collections so beautiful and challenging. There is so much great newness out there but we do generally follow our own path. Our prints are always based upon botanicals so when i start  designing, they tend to evolve organically really from a basic concept or theme, often with a historical hinge, maybe a person or an event that we add a modern ,aesthetic to to make our own. Or sometimes , just a really beautiful flower or leaf… KV - What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Both - Starting our own business has

been a big achievement and to be

stocked with such amazing stockists such as Le Bon Marche, Fenwick, Journelle, is quite humbling. We tend not to think on what we’ve achieved to be honest as there is always some new challenge to tackle.

KV - What is next for you?

Both - We would love to continue to

such a great market for us, so to be

develop the Violet and Wren brand

able to work with a department store

with new fabrications, techniques and

over there would be great. We still love

product categories and continue to

what we do which hopefully shows in

grow our family of stockists. The US is

the collections we create.


Denim clad

Photography Fredrik Wannerstedt

Model Vera K @ Mikas Stockholm Styling Gorjan Lauseger

Make up & hair Martin Sundqvist

Vera wears

trench coat Weekday top Wood Wood jeans M.I.H Jeans sunglasses Prada



long shirt dress Jonas Hedstrรถm/Borรฅs Textilhรถgskola

shoes Ganni

denim jacket Levis top Weekday trousers Tommy Hilfiger shoes Rizzo earrings Ebon Li


shirt & Other Stories

earrings Rebecca Bonaparte


trench coat Filippa K vest Mucker

belt Hope shoes Ganni

earrings Rebecca Bonaparte

denim jacket Tommy Jeans jeans Frame shoes ATP Atelier

denim jacket Tommy Jeans earrings Weekday


top Wood Wood jacket Wesc

jeans (around waist) Admin earrings Rebecca Bonaparte


shirt Monki jeans Louise Linderoth/Borรฅs Textilhรถgskola shoes ATP Atelier


Photography Luca Skro Model Fabiana Farina

Styling Gianluca Cersosimo

Fabiana wears jumper Amen

skirt Fanfreluches



blouse Wandering gilet Solotre trousers Katia Giannini


jacket Avant Toi

shirt Annie P.

trousers Moqette

jacket Solotre jersey Ca’ Vagan skirt Angelo Marani

blouse French Connection dress Ca’ Vagan socks Bresciani


top Moqette jeans Lee (vintage)


jacket Ernesto

dress French Connection


Photography Kat Tchernavskikh

Model Angelina @ Premier London Styling Magda Zurkova

Hair & Make up Emily Collins

Angelina wears

top Alistair James earrings Brigitta



top & trousers Jamie Wei Huang


shirt Shur Ruitz

skirt Jamie Wei Huang

earrings Brigitta arm band Ekria

coat Jamie Wei Huang

dress Christina Seewald shoes Havva

coat Jamie Wei Huang dress Berta Cebestany earrings & rings Ekria


dress Berta Cebestany rings Ekria


coat Jamie Wei Huang

top Christina Steewald

dress Christina Seewald shoes Havva

coat Broggas

trousers Jamie Wei Huang

top Christina Steewald

coat Jamie Wei Huang top Christina Steewald dress Christina Seewald


top Zexi Yu jacket Alvin Lam earrings Brigitta


top & skirt Alistair James earrings Brigitta bracelets Ekria

The lady of the Abbey

Photography Ester Keate

Model Anna H @ Wild London Styling Charlotte Beardow Hair Hirokazu Endo

Make Up Simmone Aziz Photo Assistant Iso Attrill

Location Scouting Freya Wentworth-Stanley

Anna wears

jumper Rokit Vintage dress Zakee Shariff



dress YMC shirt Cecilie


full look Scotch & Soda

jumper Weekday

skirt & hat Rokit Vintage shoes Redwing

top Cecilie dress SET Womenswear


dress Scotch & Soda


scarf Emma Shipley coat Rokit Vintage

shirt Set Womenswear

dress Cats Brothers shoes Redwing

poncho Rokit Vintage


New Classics

Photography Tyler Nevitt

Model Jessica S @ New York Models

Styling Anna Brown @ The Brooks Agency NYC Make up Claudia Lake @ Contact NYC

using C.Lake Organics

Hair YasutakĂŠ @ The Brooks Agency NYC

using Kerastase

Digital Capture This

Jessica wears

top Demarson



turtleneck & jumper

Gudrun Gudrun

jacket Alice&Olivia bra La Perla trousers Vintage

boots Stewart Weitzman (Vintage)




top Stylist’s Own

trousers Theory shoes Vince

top Demarson


Plastic dreams

Photography Andrea Benedetti

Model Greta @ The Lab Models Styling Allegra Ghiloni

Make up Markus Theisen @ Bookin’ Styling Assistant Nathalie Wachter

Greta wears

top & skirt Sfizio bag Tous



dress, top & shoes Anteprima Ring Marni

dress Vivetta shoes Ssheena bag Benedetta Bruzziches


coat Albino Teodoro


dress Albino Teodoro

shoes Anteprima necklace Tous

top & skirt Albino Teodoro

earrings Stylist’s Own

coat & dress Albino Teodoro necklace Avril 8790 bag Roberto Di Stafano shoes Anteprima


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