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Annual Report


Annual Report

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It is our pleasure to present you with this year’s annual report. It has been a very exciting year for Leeds Irish Health and Homes and we’re delighted to have the opportunity to share some of our memories with you. All of these photos remind us of the wonderful year we’ve had as the Lord Mayor’s Charity. Thank you to everyone who got involved; you’ve made 2010 – 2011 a truly memorable year. LIHH staff and Board of Management.

Report from: Chairperson of the Board of Management, Mel Nally and the Chief Executive, Ant Hanlon It has been a very eventful year for Leeds Irish Health and Homes. All of these great photos remind us of the wonderful time we’ve had as the Lord Mayor’s Charity in Leeds. It was an extraordinary privilege to be supported by the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress. Councillors Jim and Andrea Mc Kenna truly embraced our organisation during their term of office. We are very grateful for the large cheque they presented to us. Their contribution to LIHH went far beyond raising funds. They gave us so much of their personal time and made the effort to get to know the people we work with. They attended many of our events and it meant a lot to our clients to have a Lord Mayor who was genuinely interested in what they had to say and who spoke to them as an equal. It was a year that was not just about LIHH; it was about the entire Irish community in Leeds and we are very proud to have played a part in that. We have been delivering services to the community in Leeds for many years. Being chosen as the Lord Mayor’s Charity was an acknowledgement of the positive contribution we’ve made to the city. The work of the Board, staff and volunteers of LIHH was recognised at the highest level and this was a great boost to moral during these difficult times. We know there are challenging times ahead. The Board of Management continues to be forward thinking and to make decisions that will ensure the long term sustainability of the organisation. We have a dedicated team of staff and volunteers who genuinely care about the people they work with. We are determined not to let the changes that have taken place in funding or legislation impact on our service delivery to clients. We would like to thank our staff for their commitment and for understanding that any difficult decisions made were necessary to ensure Leeds Irish Health and Homes has a strong and stable future. In preparation for the economic downturn we knew we would need a higher profile in order to attract funders and benefactors. We invested in a new post within the organisation and recruited a Communications and Marketing Manager, ensuring we made the most of every opportunity we had to raise our profile. Even though the funding has finished for the Volunteer Project we have continued to invest money in that because we know that volunteers will play a crucial role in how we deliver our services in the future. The investment in our volunteers is the foundation for the future development of services for LIHH and an acknowledgement of the important

Accounts 2011/2010 role we play in The Big Society. This continues to be an integral part of our service provision, with volunteers working alongside the excellent existing staff. We have also been investing our time in examining the changes in the delivery of social services and the move towards Personalisation. We continue to look at how Personalisation will work within our organisation. We have invested in a full time Dementia Support Worker. In the coming years we realise that an increasing number of Irish people will need this kind of support. Our pilot Dementia Project will play an important role in quantifying the need for culturally specific support for the Irish Community. We want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to the clients of LIHH who have made great efforts to be involved with the organisation this year by attending our events and also being involved in more formal consultations. Our clients are our greatest Ambassadors. They have been very vocal in telling people about the work we do and the positive impact our services have had on their lives. Our priorities for the future remain consistent. Our strength lies in providing services to people that they want. We respond to their needs and we care about them as individuals. We will continue to make plans to ensure the long term financial sustainability of the organisation. Most importantly, we will continue to care about the people we work with. We put the individual and their needs at the very centre of what we do and hold strong to our ethos of Care, Culture and Community.


Turnover Less operating costs Operating Surplus Interest receivable and similar income Surplus on ordinary activities for the year Transfer (to)/from restricted reserve Transfer to designated reserves Surplus for year to general reserve General reserve brought forward General reserve carried forward

2011 1,153,632 (1,105,515) 48,117 3,831 51,948 (51,000) 948 226,432 227,380

2010 1,171,715 (1,053,707) 118,008 3,767 121,775 (5,000) (106,000) 10,775 215,657 226,432

Continuing operations

The turnover and surplus for the current and previous years relate wholly to continuing activities. All recognised gains and losses are included in the Income and Expenditure Account.


Fixed assets Tangible assets Current assets Debtors Cash at bank and in hand Net current assets Total assets less current liabilities Capital and reserves Share capital Reserves Restricted reserves Designated reserves General reserve

2011 12,200

2010 23,586

29,776 761,893

28,999 865,704

791,669 600,928 613,128 10

894,703 658,700 682,286 9

19,559 366,179 227,380

19,559 436,286 226,432

613,118 613,128

682,277 682,286

The financial statements were approved by the Board of Management on 29/09/2011 and signed on its behalf by: M Nally, Chairperson, A Hanlon, Secretary, B Maguire, Treasurer.

LIHH do a very worthwhile job in ensuring that the most vulnerable members of our r society do not Lady Mayoress with Jackie Dwye get overlooked or lost in the community. Recently I was involved with the placement of a gentleman into their care and I found their help and expertise invaluable. With the help of L.I.H.H. many of our elderly Irish people, who would literally have been on their own, now find themselves housed in a comfortable, secure environment. Jackie Dwyer Chairman Leeds St Patrick’s Day Committee

Lady Mayoress, L to R Ant Hanlon, Lennon – Irish ck tri Pa r, Lord Mayo llon, IPN Times, Mary Kate Fa

The Irish Times was pleased to support LIHH and host the Lord Mayor’s first reception for representatives of the Irish community in Leeds. The event in City Hall proved to be a special and memorable occasion. Patrick Lennon, The Irish Times





Councillor Jim Mc Kenna was a very capable Lord Mayor and a credit to the Irish community in Leeds. He attended all sorts of functions. Both himself and his wife are a credit to Leeds City. Peter Newman, KPH Plant Hire



A cheque of this amount will make a significant contribution in helping us to deliver ongoing services to the Irish Community in Leeds. We’re very grateful to Councillors Jim and Andrea Mc Kenna for all their support. Anna Franks, Vice Chairperson, LIHH Board of Management




LIHH client Holiday to Co. Mayo

Lord Mayor meeting Fr. Mc Gillicuddy

Jim and Andrea helped to revive the spirit of Irish hospitality in Leeds. They helped people to meet and talk and share memories of the past and make plans for the future. Fr. Mc Gillicuddy, St. Nicholas Parish, Leeds

e Client m enjoying th Bridget and Ji reland holiday to I

Ant Hanlon, Chief Executive of LIHH attends reception in the presence of HRH The Prince of Wales and HRH The Duchess of Cornwall at the Embassy of Ireland

We were delighted that the Leeds Christmas Charity Lunch could make a contribution to the Lord Mayor’s Charity and support Leeds Irish Health and Homes. We know that the funds raised will make a big difference to the lives of many people in Leeds. The Leeds Christmas Charity Lunch

Trip to Ballina to celebrate offi cial friendship link between Leeds and Ballina.

I am so happy that I was given the opportunity to help form the official Friendship Link between Ballina and Leeds during my year as Mayor. The official visit to Leeds was wonderful, We formed many great links that we hope to further in the near future. Councillor Frances Mc Andrew, Ballina, Co. Mayor (Mayor of Ballina 2010 – 2011)




Presentation of tha nk you gift to Martin, Jessie and Chris, Service Men of the Ark Royal who did a sponsored cycle fro m Portsmouth to Lee raised funds for LIds and HH.


I was very proud seeing our float win First Prize in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. I really enjoyed the last year, particularly the great parties we had at Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day. It was lovely to see the Lord Mayor at those.

Interview with Lord Mayor on his last day of tenure




Day Party St. Patrick’s llowing people fo e to th

Special Thanks ing efforts: g our fundrais aff of the for supportin ugh and the St es, Nigel Stephen Mc H at O b Ro , ce Offi uire and ag Lord Mayor’s M y nn Da , hnston man and w O’Flaherty Jo Ne r te s Rugby, Pe staff at Leed KPH Plant Hire



We have loved every minute of our term of office. We met some fantastic people. We choose LIHH as our charity because they understand the issues facing the Irish community very well and deal with it appropriately. There have been so many wonderful occasions with Leeds Irish Health and Homes over the past year; we were warmly received by everyone. Raising so much money through the Lord Mayor’s Charity was a great achievement and we’re proud of that. During our tenure we wanted to make a positive impact on the community and I think we’ve achieved that. This year we rediscovered our Irish culture. Not only has it been good for us, it was good for the Irish community in Leeds. In the years ahead I’d like LIHH to continue to be supported by the Irish Community in Leeds. It’s important to remember the people who are less fortunate than ourselves. We’ve shared some special times with LIHH and I’m sure we have more to look forward to in the future. Councillor Jim Mc Kenna, Lord Mayor of Leeds 2010 -11



I was delighted to choose the Leeds Irish Health and Homes float as the winning float on St. Patrick’s Day 2011. It was a wonderfully imaginative creation, based on the rich Irish heritage, and highlighting its inherent theatricality. The time and care taken in preparing the float and the costumes was evident. Since its foundation in 1992, LIHH has grown from a small organisation to one which now supports hundreds of vulnerable clients each year with full, part time and volunteer workers providing a wide range of services. It provides vital support and advocacy on behalf of the Irish community in Leeds. The Irish Government is pleased to support the important work of LIHH through the Emigrant Support Programme. Elizabeth Mc Cullough, Head of Press Office, Embassy of Ireland

I love volunteering because I get a great feeling of community and belonging to a group. It’s like being a spoke in the big wheel, you’re part of it and making a difference. Brian, Volunteer

The best bit of 2010-2011 for me was being recognised as a worthwhile charity for us to be selected by the Lord Major, being identified for all the hard work and commitment that we all provide as a whole’ Emma, Housing Support Worker

Without the commitment and dedication of the staff team at LIHH we wouldn’t be able to make a difference to people’s lives. Many thanks for their hard work throughout the year. Geraldine Ryan, Director of Operations

ng Lord Mayor’s What I liked about LIHH beiit gave me to play Charity was the opportunity more. Jim and an active role and get involved of LIHH and Andrea helped raise the profile services they tell people about the important provide, Frank part of all the I felt it was wonderful to be t year because las events with the Lord Mayor me personally, LIHH have done so much for Catherine

Leeds Irish Health and Homes 2011 Annual Report  

LIHH Annual Report for 2010 - 2011

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