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Business English Effective Telephoning (Summary)

Effective Telephoning (Summary) 1. The structure of a phone call Beginning  Introduce yourself  Ask for connection  Check name of person you are calling  (Small talk)  Introduce subject of call  Listen actively to responses Middle  Ask questions  Get/Give information  Confirm information End  Signal end  Thanks other person  Small talk  Refer to next contact  Close call  Check that there is nothing else to say 2. Language Focus: Explaining the purpose of your call I’m phoning about… The reason I’m calling is… I need some information about… It’s in connection with… I’d like to… I’m ringing to…. 3. Sample Phone Dialogue 1 : Formal Receptionist: Howard Engineering. How can I help you? Caller: This is James Harvey. Could I speak to Joshua Reynolds? Receptionist: I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name. Caller: James Harvey. Receptionist: Could you tell me what it’s about? Caller: It’s in connection with a new order. Receptionist: Just a moment, I’ll put you through.

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Effective telephonings  

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