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T h e P o e t ic Wo n de r o f I sa ac Wa tt s

Let us now look more closely at the stages of Watts life during which he wrote his hymns. As we do so, we will attempt to discover the circumstances and inspiration behind the wonder evident in the finest of his poetic works.

W at t s : A M o d e l

for the

Ag e s

As the church casts about, trying to find out how we should do church, how we should worship, and particularly how we should sing in our worship, Watts can provide us with a theological and poetic anchor. “The Father of English Hymnody” gives us the perfect combination that everyone in the church ought to be striving to reach: passion and feeling grounded on solid theological foundations. Like few others through the ages, Watts gives us both the head and the heart of sung worship; he helps us both think and feel in our singing. For cerebral Christians who want the head but ignore the heart, Watts lays bare the heart of worship. For those who want the heart but ignore the head, Watts winsomely adorns the beauty of doctrinal purity; he reveals the theological foundations of the gospel in rich ways that renew our minds and awaken heartfelt gratitude and love for the Savior. My hope and prayer is that this study of Watts’ life will be known and felt to be intensely relevant to what and how we are to sing in worship today and throughout the ages. 26

The Poetic Wonder of Isaac Watts  
The Poetic Wonder of Isaac Watts  

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