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A passion to see God's people trained in His Word

Dear Ministry Supporter, AT LIGONIER MINISTRIES we have a passion to see God’s people

trained in His Word. Thus, our central focus has always been Christian education. God looks on our hearts (1 Sam. 16:7), but our hearts cannot beat with true love for Him unless they are informed by minds saturated with biblical truth. In 2012, Ligonier continued helping Christians know what they believe and why as well as how to defend and share the Christian faith. God blessed our forty-first year of coming alongside the church to teach the body of Christ, and I want to share some of the highlights. We were not unaffected by worldwide economic instability. However, the Lord met Ligonier’s needs through generous friends like you. Thus, we sustained and increased our outreach. Tabletalk magazine perseveres in delivering daily Bible studies to thousands of subscribers, including free subscriptions to numerous military chaplains and prisoners worldwide. Renewing Your Mind helped new and existing listeners grow in Christ every day. Our teaching fellows and I recorded new teaching series, and Reformation Trust published sound Reformed literature. New initiatives included translation of several books into Chinese for distribution in China. We also initiated and continued translation work in Spanish and Portuguese to further Christian education in those languages. The first full academic year of Reformation Bible College was an incredible success, and we have doubled our student body this fall. Exciting digital outreach developments included the growth of Ligonier Connect, our online learning center, to help believers learn from one another no matter where they live. We also launched RefNet (Reformation Network) which provides twentyfour-hour Christian internet radio featuring broadcasts from Ligonier’s vast digital archive along with other trustworthy preachers and teachers. We give thanks to God for this outreach. And we know that we could not provide this ministry without partners and friends who fund and pray for our work. Thank you for your support, and I look forward to what we will do together for His kingdom in 2013. In Christ,

R.C. Sproul

Expanded to offer 40+ courses with

More than 23,000 Ministry Partners

additional courses being added

enabled Ligonier Ministries to provide

monthly. Introduced option for

sound biblical teaching to thousands

unlimited access to all courses for only

across the world as we seek to bring

$9 a month. Achieved 10,000+ class

about a new Reformation.


Added 17 stations covering northern Ohio and northern New York as well as Ontario and Alberta, Canada, increasing our potential listening audience by 3 million people.

Installed Dr. Sproul as RBC’s first president. Completed our inaugural year. Prospective student inquiries increased tenfold.  Announced a new

Launched our newest

degree in sacred music.

ministry outreach — RefNet (Reformation Network), providing free 24-hour Christian internet radio featuring biblical preaching and teaching from well-known Bible teachers such as Alistair Begg, John MacArthur, John Piper, R.C. Sproul,

Commitments totaling two-thirds of our

and many more.

$15.6 million goal have been received

Programming also

from 3,000 ministry stakeholders

includes Scripture

nationwide. Generous support from our

readings, news

friends have made the vision for a new

briefs, audiobooks,

campus home for Ligonier Academy, its

music, and more.

Reformation Bible College, and Ligonier’s

Listen online at

ministry headquarters a reality.

 NATIONAL CONFERENCE Orlando, FL, March 2012

More than 70,000 individual issues delivered to 57 countries each month.

The Christian Mind

Published seven titles by three authors:  The Donkey Who Carried a King by R.C. Sproul  The Gospel Focus of Charles Spurgeon by Steven J. Lawson  God in Our Midst: The Tabernacle and Our Relationship with God by Daniel R. Hyde  REGIONAL CONFERENCE Houston, TX, May 2012 One Passion

 Are We Together? A Protestant Analyzes Roman Catholicism by R.C. Sproul


From Seattle to Alaska, June 2012 The Providence of God 


Seattle, WA, June 2012 Standing Firm 


 Crucial Questions booklets


by R.C. Sproul

Sanford, FL,

Can I Have Joy in My Life?                           

September 2012

Who Is the Holy Spirit?                                 

Surprised by God

Does God Control Everything?


and theological content and educational materials from a Reformed perspective.


Expand its use by churches, small groups,


homeschool families, and international

Teach in-depth biblical and theological

missions organizations. Increase the

truth from respected Reformed pastors

number of courses and suggested

and teachers.

learning paths for students to pursue  NATIONAL CONFERENCE Orlando, FL, February 2013 No Compromise: Standing for the Truth of God’s Word  STUDY CRUISE Caribbean, February 2013 LIGONIER ACADEMY OF BIBLICAL

Developing Christian Character


Graduate its first classes from both the


D.Min. program and Reformation Bible

United Kingdom, August 2013

College. Continue piloting online learning

British Reformation Tour


Thoughtfully address biblical and theological themes as we grow our subscriber base and increase

Advance Here We Stand:

readership. Continue to offer

The Campaign for Ligonier

churches affordable bulk

Ministries through further

subscription rates. Continue

internet promotion, donor events, mail-

aggressive complimentary distribution

ings, and other avenues. The campaign

to prison ministries and military

will provide for the needs of Ligonier

chaplains. Go forward with plans to

Academy and Reformation Bible College

make the publication available digitally.

— a student union with a library and café,

Our goal is to encourage as many people

classrooms, offices, and dormitories —

as possible to study God’s Word.

and help us become debt free. Additional endowments and scholarships will help


secure the future of these institutions for

Release seven new titles, including

generations to come.

three Crucial Questions booklets by Dr. Sproul; two from repeat authors Steven J.

RENEWING YOUR MIND                    

Increase radio listenership and support                                        for a wider dissemination of biblical

Lawson and Douglas Bond; and two from new RT authors Stephen Nichols and Anthony Carter.

1994 Renewing Your Mind goes on the air, reaching a classroom of millions with daily biblical and theological instruction.

1971 Ligonier Valley Study Center opens in Ligonier, Pennsylvania as a place to train growing Christians interested in deep biblical and theological study.

1988 Annual Ligonier Conferences begin, bringing believers together for equipping, fellowship, and worship.

1975 First Teaching Series The Holiness of God, taped and distributed, taking solid Reformed teaching across the country.

1998 is launched, sending Ligonier broadcasts, articles, and resources to anyone with an internet connection.

2000 Ligonier School of Theology, Ligonier Ministries’ first distance education certificate program for laypeople begins.

2005 New Campus Location is acquired in Sanford, Florida to set the stage for the ministry’s long-term educational plans.

2009 Ligonier Academy of Biblical and Theological Studies Ligonier Academy’s D.Min. Program commences providing pastors with additional training in theology and ministry practice.

is established to train young adults, laypeople, pastors, and leaders in the truth of the historic Christian faith.

2011 Reformation Bible College, the undergraduate outreach of Ligonier Academy, welcomes its first freshman class of future reformers.

Ligonier Connect This innovative online, collaborative classroom replaces the Ligonier School of Theology as Ligonier’s distance learning program.

2012 RefNet, Ligonier’s 24-hour online Christian radio, begins broadcasting solid teaching from Dr. Sproul and other faithful teachers around the world.

2014 Reformation Bible College Online, for-credit courses in select curriculum areas will be offered to the public, Lord willing.

2012 Ministry Update  

Here is Ligonier Ministries' 2012 Ministry Update, which includes a letter from Dr. Sproul, a 2012 outreach report, as well as a timeline pr...

2012 Ministry Update  

Here is Ligonier Ministries' 2012 Ministry Update, which includes a letter from Dr. Sproul, a 2012 outreach report, as well as a timeline pr...