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Fibre7 change and improve sustainable plantation timber to make lignia™ a solidwood without equal. Having created a new and beautiful source of premium hardwood Fibre7 challenged a team of designers to create pieces to showcase the extraordinary beauty and versatility of lignia™.

Bask bath ‐ Lignia morocco 

Bask bath ‐ Lignia morocco 

Mode 4, Batch Transformer, Bed and Screen ‐ Lignia bavarian and caribbean Mode 4

Batch transformer

Bed and screen

Bed ‐ Lignia bavarian and morocco 

Concord table and Chimera lights ‐ Lignia bavarian

Concord table

Chimera lights

Eco chair and sliding storage table ‐ Lignia morocco

Sliding storage table Sliding storage table

Eco chair

Bird over Rangitoto ‐ Lignia caribbean

Growth contour and Lights – Lignia bavarian

Growth contour


Evolution ‐ Lignia morocco

Shift shelving and Planar table ‐ Lignia bavarian and caribbean

Planar table Planar table

Shift shelving

Capacity ‐ Lignia caribbean

Hi rolla skateboard and case – Lignia morocco, tuscany, bavarian

Low recliner ‐ Lignia morocco

Nordic rhythm, bench seat ‐ Lignia morocco

Nordic rhythm Nordic rhythm

Nordic rhythm

Bench seat

Now I see room divider ‐ Lignia morocco

Spring stool, Stem of a thousand years ‐ Lignia tuscany

Spring chair

Stem of a thousand years

Urban graze table ‐ Lignia tuscany

Bouy chair ‐ Lignia tuscany

Fan table ‐ Lignia tuscany

Lignia a study in design  
Lignia a study in design