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January - February 2012


Founders Diamonds

Ganeshkumar & G Kalaivani


Khushrow & Mahrukh Patel

Kaushik & Subha Datta

R Joseph Wilson & J Little Wilson

Jayesh & Smita Varma

Preeti & Girish Sambyal

ENGAGING GEN Y We value the partnership Amway enjoys with our distributors and we’re always thinking about ways that we can help you grow your business and improve your experience. For some time, we have been watching the Gen Y consumer segment and we recognize that this new group will have a significant impact on your business. When we talk about Gen Y, we’re focusing on people born between 1980 and 2000. Also known as the Millennials, members of this group tend to be confident, individualistic and savvy about technology. They are also very aware of social values, so Amway’s vision of helping people live better lives is a good fit for them. Most importantly, they are eager to embrace entrepreneurial opportunities. Gen Y now accounts for 25 percent of the world’s population and many of them are just starting to plan their careers. Now is the time for to learn more about them and think about ways we can attract them as consumers and even potential distributors. We are currently working on ways to help you connect to the Gen Y segment. In the coming months, you’ll be hearing more from us about this important initiative so you can continue to build a strong business that will last for many years to come.

Steve Van Andel Chairman

AMAGRAM • January - February 2012

Doug DeVos President


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Founders Crown Ambassador*

Double Diamond

Founders Sapphire

Crown Ambassador

Founders Executive Diamond*


Executive Diamond

Founders Ruby

A Founders Crown Ambassador is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 20 legs, each of which was at the 21% performance bonus level for all 12 months of the performance year or is a Diamond Bonus Recipient who has achieved 30 FAA Points.

A Crown Ambassador is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 20 legs, each of which was at the 21% performance bonus level for at least 6 months of the performance year or is a Diamond Bonus Recipient who has achieved 27 FAA Points.

Founders Crown*

A Founders crown is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 18 legs, each of which was at the 21% performance bonus level for all 12 months of the performance year or is a Diamond bonus Recipient who has achieved 25 FAA Points.


A Crown is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 18 legs, each of which was at the 21% performance bonus level for at least 6 months of the performance year or is a Diamond bonus Recipient who has achieved 22 FAA Points.

Founders Triple Diamond*

A Founders Triple Diamond is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 15 legs, each of which was at the 21% performance bonus level for all 12 months of the performance year or is a Diamond bonus Recipient who has achieved 20 FAA Points.

Triple Diamond

A Triple Diamond is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 15 legs, each of which was at the 21% Performance bonus level for at least 6 months of the performance year or is a Diamond bonus Recipient who has achieved 18 FAA Points.

Founders Double Diamond*

A Founders Double Diamond is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 12 legs, each of which was at the 21% Performance Bonus level for all 12 months of the performance year or is a Diamond Bonus Recipient who has achieved 16 FAA Points.

A Double Diamond is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 12 legs, each of which was at the 21% Performance Bonus level for at least 6 months of the performance year or is a Diamond Bonus Recipient who has achieved 14 FAA Points.

A Founders Executive Diamond is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 9 legs, each of which was at the 21% Performance Bonus level for all 12 months of the performance year or is a Diamond Bonus Recipient who has achieved 12 FAA Points.

An Executive Diamond is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 9 legs, each of which was at the 21% Performance bonus level for at least 6 months of the performance year or is a Diamond Bonus Recipient who has achieved 10 FAA Points.

Founders Diamond*

A Founders Diamond is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 6 legs, each of which was at the 21% Performance bonus level for all 12 months of the performance year or is a Diamond bonus Recipient who has achieved 8 FAA Points.


A Founders Sapphire is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 2 domestic 21% legs in the same month, for all 12 months in a performance year, whilst maintaining 4000 personal Group PV or has a third 21% leg in the absence of 4000 GPV in any month.

A Sapphire is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 2 domestic 21% legs in the same month, for 6 months in a performance year, whilst maintaining 4000 personal Group PV or has a third 21% leg in the absence of 4000 GPV in any month.

A Founders Ruby is a qualified Platinum who has maintained 20,000 Personal Group PV for all 12 months in a performance year in market.

Founders Platinum*

A Founders Platinum has attained 12 qualifying months at the Silver Producer Level as defined in the Amway Business manual for all 12 months in a performance year in market.


A Ruby is a qualified Platinum who has attained at least 20,000 Personal Group PV in any one month during the performance year in market.

A Diamond is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 6 legs, each of which was at the 21% Performance Bonus level for at least 6 months of the performance year.


A Founders Emerald is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 3 legs, each of which was at the 21% performance bonus level for all 12 months of the performance year.

Gold Producer

Founders Emerald* Emerald

02 22 37

An Emerald is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 3 legs, each of which was at the 21% performance bonus level for at least 6 months of the performance year.

A Platinum has attained 6 qualifying months at that Silver Producer Level as defined in the Amway Business manual, at least 3 of which are consecutive.

A Gold Producer has attained three qualifying months at the Silver Producer Level as defined in the Amway Business Manual.

Silver Producer

A Silver Producer has attained a qualifying month at 21% as defined in the Amway Business Manual.

* Volume equivalency is also applicable to these Founders levels.

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Founders Diamond * RECOGNITION

A Founders Diamond is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 6 legs, each of which was at the 21% Performance bonus level for all 12 months of the performance year or is a Diamond bonus Recipient who has achieved 8 FAA Points.

Ganeshkumar & G Kalaivani

(Authorised Representative of A SSS NETWORK)

Businessman (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 23/08/1998 | ERODE

I am Ganeshkumar my better half is Ms.G.Kalaivani is a housewife. we are blessed with the two daughters Mahema, Manisha and a son Viknan. Kalaivani says, when we first attended an Amway meeting in August 1998, we did not understand the concept and philosophy of the business. Through, we were earning comfortably from our profession, what promoted us to try Amway business was the desire to earn a good secure leadership commission and other long term benefits in this business. We were also eager to travel overseas every year. After we had counselling with our up line. We understand the potential of this business and found it a better opportunity other than business, within fifteen days from then we committed our fulltime to build this business. Many of our close friends and relatives thought that we were taking a huge risk to leave the conventional business for concept little known with no proven track record then, in this country. But we did what others hesitant to do and we reaped the rewards they couldn't enjoy. Whenever we feel low, we say to ourselves, "Happy are those people who dream and are ready to pay the price for it". Together, we promoted the Amway products, and shared the business opportunity with the people who wanted


more out of their lives. After having invested a lot of energy, time and hard work, we are now enjoying the fruits of our labour. We love this business. The sense of fulfilment that comes with attaining a goal and the joy of seeing distributors succeed and improving their lives is something that money can't buy. Our success is hugely attributed to my wife who devoted her time; we were qualified to first south Indian diamond in 2001. We have gained so much from our Amway business, good friends all over the world and a venue for learning, sharing and developing the best of all financial freedom. We would like to tell the people who are pursuing this opportunity that, "if you have plenty of ambitions but limited capital, Amway is a good opportunity for you to build your own business and make your dreams a reality". The distributors should always remember 'Positives thinking helps change your life'. Modesty helps you grow continuously and persistence helps you succeed. We are grateful to our up lines and down lines for their guidance and co-operation and the Amway management for their support. u Modesty helps yo sly ou nu grow conti and persistence helps you succeed



A Diamond is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 6 legs, each of which was at the 21% Performance Bonus level for at least 6 months of the performance year.

Khushrow & Mahrukh Patel Engineer (H) & Banker (W) DOJ: 05/03/1998 | MUMBAI

They believe that it is choice, not chance, that determines your success in life and tomorrow's options are born out of today’s decisions and actions. Khushrow graduated as an Engineer from IIT Kanpur, a premiere engineering institute in India, and felt life was 'made.' He worked extensively in India and Thailand before he realized that he was making someone else's dreams come true. Mickey (Mahrukh) was a Banker and the prospect for working 40 hours a week for 40 years was not exciting at all, especially having to leave her little son with a baby sitter. They have always been ambitious, and so migrated to Australia looking for greener pastures and to make their dreams come true. Khushrow started his own practice in finance consultancy. Growing to two offices in Sydney and working 15 to 17 hours per day, he found that he could make very good money but had no time for his wife and son, & definitely did not have the lifestyle he wanted. That's when he was approached for this business by a cold contact at a banking seminar. The potential of big money and the time for family got him hooked, & Mickey wanted to be free, travel the world and leave a legacy for their son Arzan, now 24 . At a major seminar they saw the achievers were no different from them and realized “we can do it too”. They had a dream. They held on to it and were willing to “do whatever it takes” to achieve it!

AMAGRAM • January - February 2011

AMAGRAM • January - February 2011

When the Indian market opened, they decided to move lock, stock and barrel to build a large network and help their friends have more time, more money, more choice and more freedom. They say: “We have no boss telling us what to do. There is no financial stress in our life. We are happy. We can design our life”. They believe that anyone starting the business today and willing to make a serious commitment to build now can achieve their heart’s desire. Khushrow, a staid engineer, has metamorphosed due to this business and Mickey, already energetic and vivacious, has assumed tremendous leadership skills. They have found an environment where the value system is in line with theirs – God first, family next and then business. “The money and time we got from this business is unbelievable , but more important is the type of people we have become. You just have to experience it”, says Mickey. She adds, “As we got the time, money and travel we were looking for, we thought we’d feel “great” – instead, the feeling is gratitude - for our sponsors and all the leaders who have shown us how to get free – and for our very loyal and passionate team”. Now as Diamonds, their goal is to help others rise above their challenges and become winners. t excited abou “We are very e th ve lie be d the future an erything.” Dream is Ev




A Diamond is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 6 legs, each of which was at the 21% Performance Bonus level for at least 6 months of the performance year.

Kaushik & Subha Datta Authorised Representatives of Bishwayan Marketing Pvt. Ltd

Executive (Both) DOJ: 23/05/1998 | KOLKATA

I was born in a very small town of West Bengal, Panskura, which is 80 km away from Kolkata. My father is a retired teacher of a college and my mother is housewife. I am the only son of my parents. I came to Kolkata for my Graduation in Anthropology and Subha met there, as my classmate. Subha was born in Kolkata. Her father was an engineer and was an entrepreneur. Her mother is a housewife. She has two younger brothers and one sister. She secured first position in B.Sc & M.Sc examination of the University of Calcutta. We became friends and decided to marry after our Post Graduation in Anthropology. I got a job in a reputed NGO. Subha was selected in the West Bengal Civil Services examination for a Govt. job. We were happy and enjoying our married life. We had lots of dreams, but we found no way to fulfill those through our job. We found no way to change this situation, and were prepared to lead an average life. I changed my job in 1996, for a better future but things did not change much. One of my colleagues there along with her husband showed us the Amway business plan in May, 1998. Initially I was not interested much, but Subha was quite excited and we decided to start the business. Within a few days her excitement vanished due to her colleague’s persuasion as they had no idea about the potential of this business. At that point of time I decided to build the business seriously. It was a challenge for me to prove our decision right. Subha was always happy & excited about the quality of the products of Amway. She never objected me to build the business. My positive changes and commitment to the business inspired her to join hands with me for building the business after eight months. She became an excited and hardworking business lady within a very short period. Consequently, our business grew with a bang and we became


Silver in July, 1999 and Platinum in December, 1999. Then we achieved Emerald pin in 2001.We have experienced lot of challenges; ups and downs during our journey of success but we have never given up. Finally in August, 2011 we have achieved the coveted Diamond pin. Now we are feeling that this is not the end but this is the beginning. Life after joining Amway business is totally different & is full of recognition, joy, positive energy, satisfaction and peace of mind. Now we are free from job and we are independent. We are in the process of fulfilling our dreams one by one. We love travelling and have travelled several countries with Amway as we have qualified for all the Leadership Seminar trips in last 11 years. Beside material successes we also have the satisfaction of helping others to become successful in this business which is priceless. We are grateful to our sponsor and all our uplines for giving us this fantastic business opportunity as well as to all our downlines for their continuous support and change our life. We are really overwhelmed with the sincere support & services of Amway officials throughout our journey of success. Above all, we want to convey our gratitude to Rich & Jay for creating this wonderful business opportunity which has changed the life of an ordinary couple like us. We promise to work throughout our life for their mission to change millions of lives through this business opportunity. eling “We are fe not the is that this this is end but ing.” n the begin

AMAGRAM • January - February 2012


A Diamond is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 6 legs, each of which was at the 21% Performance Bonus level for at least 6 months of the performance year.

R Joseph Wilson & J Little Wilson Businessman (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 8/04/2005 | CHENNAI

We belong to a humble background. I was the only son to my parents. A beautiful young lady entered into my life to spread fragrance as her name is Little Flower. We are blessed with a charming son, Ransom. Life went on smoothly as both of my parents were employed. Our parent’s retirement entered as “Tsunami” in our life. We could not even fulfill our family’s basic needs through my single income. I refused all abroad chances for work as I always want to live with my family especially my parents. Even though, being an EB contractor, our debts were increasing day by day. I started doing AMWAY business after one year of joining, after attending a major function in March 2006. Our great uplines, played major role in our business.

Result-- with God’s Blessing we went Silver in Dec 2007, Platinum in July 2008, Founders Platinum in June 2009, and Emerald in July 2010. Our business is within the local areas that made our business to grow faster. Now, we have leaders in and all around. In Success Seminar function 2010, we took the goal of going Diamond by 2011. The magical mantra “Believe in God, Do your work, Believe in miracles”. Started working in our life. We are connected with our mentor’s ambition to build “an old age home”. By the grace of god, love and guidance of our great mentors, our parent’s prayers and blessing today we, the ordinary couple with humble background completed the Diamondship in Aug 2011. “THE HORSE IS PREPARED FOR THE DAY OF BATTLE, BUT DELIVERANCE IS OF THE GOD”.

When we were at 12% level, we went to get counseling from our mentor. We discussed about our debts with him. The one word which changed my life was “SPEED YOUR BUSINESS”. We increased home meetings. Amway gave us a great support by conducting product training, one day workshops etc to our team.

AMAGRAM • January - February 2012

od, “Believe in G k, or w ur Do yo les”. ac ir m in ve Belie




A Diamond is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 6 legs, each of which was at the 21% Performance Bonus level for at least 6 months of the performance year.

Jayesh & Smita Varma Engineer (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 30/03/2000 | SURAT

I am a mechanical engineer and my wife Smita has done her masters in mathematics, we are blessed with two wonderful children, daughter Anokhi (23) and son Hrudhyam (19).

was no looking back. Together with dreams in our eyes, decision in our mind, determination in our heart and discipline in our action started the journey of our FREEDOM.

After completing my engineering I worked with automobile major TATA for 3 years. Today I own a multinational agency business running successfully (from past 28 years). But as I was climbing the ladder of success I was moving away from my family. I was totally sold to my business and its pressure. I could not enjoy the growing up phase of my children. I could not fulfill commitments made to my family. I promised myself daily that I will make a change but HOW?

The journey was not a cake-walk at all. The start- up challenges really put us to test, but we focused on our goals and marched ahead. In fact each challenge made us stronger and more resolved in our drive towards success. We knew that the thrill of success is much greater than the moments of hardships. In fact it has been the most joyous experience of our life in reaching to this level. We met wonderful people along the way who are now part of our extended family.

I first heard about Amway Business from my uncle. Though he was not pursuing it he briefed me about it. Friends, nobody approached us for this business, infact I invited somebody to enroll me. Initially it was like one more feather to my agency business. But as I studied the business model I realized the potential of the business. Amway sales & marketing plan is 100% predictable & inflation proof. What I like more about it was that the business can be build in flexible hours, no geographical boundaries no bar of cast, creed & religion. People of any strata can build it. I was also impressed by the Founders Fundamentals, “Helping others live better lives” and recognized the foundation on which this company was based on. I took a decision to build this business seriously. Earlier Smita was reluctant to build this business as she feared it will take her away from our children. But due to my commitment and belief a hope sparked in her that this opportunity may bring a U-turn in our lives. After that there


This was all possible because of the blessings of God and our parent’s, inspiration from our children, support from Amway Corporation, and unity of our team along with guidance of our uplines. Today life is different. I am successful in Amway business as well as in my traditional business and still have time for my family; it’s just amazing! Friends its fun going out together as a FAMILY sharing this wonderful opportunity with people and giving them HOPE for FREEDOM OF CHOICE & JOYS OF REWARDS. IT’S BEAUTIFUL BUSSINESS LETS SPREAD THE GOOD WORD AROUND. h s is muc f succes nts “Thrill o an the mome th greater hardships” of

AMAGRAM • January - February 2012


A Diamond is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 6 legs, each of which was at the 21% Performance Bonus level for at least 6 months of the performance year.

Girish & Preeti Sambyal Businessman Exporter (H) & IT Professional (W) DOJ: 29/03/1998 | PUNE

I have always been an entrepreneur even before I married Preeti in 1987. Ever since I passed out of college in 1983, I have been on my own doing all kinds of small & big businesses, and failed in most of them, but still kept on fighting and never ever applied for a job, even though I had a degree in management. My father was a Major in the Indian Army and retired from active services in 1979. We were surviving on the little pension from Indian Army. I remember my mother had to take up a job to support the family . Those days were really difficult but as they say "Tough times never last, but tough people do", and we survived .We are a very supportive and close knit family, but the idea of a job and retirement never impressed me, when I was young. I started my business career with a meager capital and depended much on borrowed money and financial institutions; and usually landed up in huge amount of debt. Being an exporter I had travelled extensively abroad, to European and Gulf countries, even before Amway came into our lives. I was always a big dreamer, much before the famous book "Secret" was written. I always wanted to be my own boss and own multiple businesses even before Robert Kiyosaki wrote his world famous best seller "Rich Dad Poor Dad". The only problem was I didn't how to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Full marks to my wife Preeti who supported me in all my ventures, even when I was broke and down with 40 lakhs in debt. Today, Preeti, my Mother Sulabha Sambyal and my two sons Shikhar (22) and Nadish (12) are enjoying a life-style which most middle class families can't even dream of, thanks to Amway business. We joined Amway India in 1998 and were declared silver producers from May 1998 itself and till today we never came down from 21% commission slab. This business was simple for

AMAGRAM • January - February 2012

us as we had lost lots of money in earlier businesses. The start up investment was never a problem(as it was a very small amount), working hard and late night was my second nature. Time management, self motivation, delayed gratification and importance of a mentor was all that I used to practice even earlier. When we jumped into Amway, it was very easy and automatic. Amway was too good to be true, and both Preeti and myself wanted it to work for us; hence we were willing to go to any length and become successful. Products were always great quality, and the size of the bottles were never a concern for us. We used to do a large personal volume from day one, even when there were only 6 products in the Indian market and continue to do the same. We have a lot to thank our mentors and the Amway Corporation. When we started out in 1998, with a debt of 40 lakhs, today we are absolutely financially free. Prior to the Amway business we had a small accommodation and today we live in a huge palatial independent bungalow in a very posh locality of Pune city. Before 1998 we had a Maruti 800 but today we have 4 cars lined up outside our bungalow, Exotic international holidays every year, Ornaments for Preeti, Liquid cash in the Bank and everything we dreamt off is coming true for us......This has been possible only with our hardwork and lots of efforts through this great opportunity.

was “Amway be true” o t too good




K Revathy & M Kamalakannan

Sunil & Rohini Inglay

Mahendra & Meena Talesra

Ravi & Janaki Sujeer

Homemaker (W) & Bussinessman (H)

Businessman (H) & Businesswoman (W)

Executive (H) & Beautician (W)

Ex Employee (H) & Executive (W)

DOJ: 06/01/2000 | CHENNAI

DOJ: 26/10/1999 | PUNE

DOJ: 22/10/2002 | UDAIPUR

DOJ: 28/04/1998 | BANGALORE

I was born in a small agricultural family 80 kilometres south from Chennai. We are blessed with two children, K. Gopalakrishnan and K. Rich Devos who are studying in 11th & 7th standard respectively. They give us the great inspiration to achieve the highest pins in Amway. We thank our uplines and downlines and our parents. Besides working hard, our unconditional submission to our mentor led us to achieve Emerald level.

My wife is a graduate and I am an Engineering Graduate. We are blessed with the lovely son Rohan,. Amway Business helps us to come out of stressful life. This business is career building opportunity; this is an ocean, pick up what you want. Without the help of our team it would not have been possible to reach this level in business. This association always keep us in right culture; we say that this is character building business

I am a Beautician and my husband is an Executive. We are blessed with three daughters, Deepshikha, Latika, Himanshi and a son, Parth. We are thankful to God and our parents for bestowing upon us right attitude, work ethics, value and wisdom to see a huge business opportunity in Amway. We are also thankful to our visionary for the support, guidance and supporting downlines; without their support it was not possible to achieve this level.

Prior to joining Amway business, I was working as an Executive. We are blessed with a lovely son, Nithin and a beautiful daughter, Rakshita. Our parents gave us a right direction to be honest and ethical in life and since the Amway principle was the same this business was an instant hit for us. We never doubted our uplines and that is why today, we have come to this level.

“Success is achieved by the one who works hard with determination, dedication and confidence!”

“Ambition, Vision, Belief and Patience makes you Successful!”

“Dream, faith and consistency are the key of success!”

“Unlimited enthusiasm, refusal to accept defeat and efficiency are the true virtues which lead to successinanyventure!”

A Sekar & S Pounidavady

Ashwini Swadhin & Swadhin Niranjan Gandhi

S Vijaya & G Shanmugam

T Sathianandan & S Vanitha

Ex A/C Technician (H) & Homemaker (W)

Pharmacist (H) & Homemaker (W)

Homemaker (W) & Ex Employee (H)

ABO (H) & Homemaker (W)

DOJ: 15/10/2001 | PONDICHERRY

DOJ: 27/09/1998 | SOLAPUR


DOJ: 30/08/1998 | ERODE

I am an Ex. A/C Technician and my wife is a homemaker. We are blessed with two lovely sons, Mahesh and Vignesh. Amway business not only provides us financial freedom but also peace of mind and happiness. We are proud of our enthusiastic and most dynamic team. We believe in our dreams and are confident that with the team support, we shall be on the top. I give the credit of our success to my wife, my uplines and teammates.

I am a pharmacist and my wife is a homemaker and helps me with the business. I have a furniture showroom but from four years I am doing full time Amway business because of which I could spend more time with my family. We are thankful to God, our parents, family, our great uplines, downlines and our three year old son,Swarajya. We could achieve success in this business because we are committed and willing to do whatever it takes to fulfil our dream.

I am a homemaker my husband was a private employee and now full time Amway Business Owner. We are blessed with a daughter,Naveena and a son, Tharun. We are thankful to God for blessing us with this wonderful Amway opportunity which brought miraculous changes in our lives. We are very much grateful to our guiding upline and united team without whose support success was not possible.

Amway opportunity came as a turning point in our life. I understood to develop this business with consistency and hardwork.This business not only provides financial security in life but also helps in finding true friends, good relationships, real happiness and recognition. We are now enjoying absolute freedom, financial security, a quality lifestyle and more time to spend with family and our beloved son Harrish.We are grateful to our uplines and our downlines for their supports and cooperation.

“We believe that man makes dreams and dreams make man!”

“The secret of success in this business is to believe in our mentors and keep following their footsteps!”

“Consistent and persistent efforts bring success in Amway Business!”

“While we face rejections and challenges, we build Amway business with desire to succeed and today we are successful.”


An Emerald is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 3 legs, each of which was at the 21% Performance Bonus level for at least 6 months of the performance year.

AMAGRAM • January - February 2012



An Emerald is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 3 legs, each of which was at the 21% Performance Bonus level for at least 6 months of the performance year.

Ravi Kant Rai

G Mahendra Babu & Janaki G

Maanthini Ramu & Padmavathi

Sunita Nair


Engineer (H) & Homemaker (W)

Homemaker (W) & Ex Medical Representative (H)

Ex Insurance Employee

DOJ: 20/01/2000 | GORAKHPUR

DOJ: 09/06/2003 | NELLORE

DOJ: 26/04/2002 | TIRUPATI

DOJ: 11/03/2000 | AHMEDABAD

I was a student when my brother sponsored me into this business. Later I chose to pursue Amway Opportunity as my career and now I am very happy with my decision. Amway gave me the opportunity to lead a life of choice. Today I do what I like to do and not what I should do. Amway not only provides such a life but also a life of significance as you help others to make significant change in their life.

I started the business when I was a student. I got started and with the help of my uplines, formed a team of youngsters and went Platinum very fast. After marriage, with the support of my wife, we are building a strong business. Thanks to Amway opportunity because of which we are realizing our dreams at a very young age. I am blessed to have great leaders in my organization. We are sure to create a 'young Diamond studded' organization under the leadership of our awesome Mentors.

Amway business has come as a blessing in our life.We thank God for gifting us with this wonderful opportunity andthe wisdom to understand this unique business.We are blessed with two lovely children Priyatham andSathwik, who are our inspiration to build this business. Though we faced many challenges initially while building Amway business, we overcame them with the help of our awesome up lines. We are also thankful to our committed hard working teammates.

Amway business gave me an opportunity to pursue my dreams. With the aid of world class products I could generate additional income alongwith my job. While working, I had to leave my lovely daughters Ushma and Shreya at home which was painful at that time. I build Amway business with passion for few years which gave me freedom from job, happy family, opportunity to fulfil my dreams and rewards like international trips.

“I am still bachelor but I feel very proud to have secured my forthcoming generation’s future!”

“I strongly recommend every dreamer to build this business.”

“Life is full of challenges. Grab one when it comes your way!”

“Thank God for giving me the association of the best team and mentors!”

K Geetharani & K M Ravichandran

Satish & Shamali Amritkar

Ansuya Kirit & Kirit Bhimjibhai Dobariya

S Queen Rose Vijila & A Sebastine

Teacher (W) & Civil Engineer (H)

Mechaical Engineer (H) & Homemaker (W)

Homemaker (W) & Diamond Merchant (H)

Homemaker (W) & Busniessman (H)

DOJ: 20/01/2001 | NEYVELI

DOJ: 21/04/1998 | PUNE

DOJ: 02/04/1998 | SURAT

DOJ: 22/03/2006 | CHENNAI

Authorised Representative of “Sasha Enterprises”

I am a School Teacher and my husband is a Civil Engineer. We are blessed with two daughters,PriyadharshiniandKiruthikka. At platinum level my husband met with an accident and the right hand permanently paralyzed and could not go to the job. At this stage, our Platinum income looked after our family.With the wonderful Nutrilite supplements and positive thought, the medical miracle happened. We are thankful to our uplines who guided all the way and proud of our entire team.

Prior to Amway business, I was a typical employee and my spouse was a homemaker. We had big dreams and desire to succeed. Our life is totally transformed by this opportunity. We are visualizing our extremely bright future ahead and fulfill all our dreams. We thank God for wonderful Amway business opportunity which was introduced to us by my sister.We are blessed with two daughters,Shruti and Sanjyot.

Prior to joining Amway business, I was a diamond merchant and my wife was a homemaker. We are blessed with two lovely children, Ashish andNisha. Amway business came as a God’s blessing and our life totally changed. Today we believe that this master plan definitely offers more to our family than any master’s degree. We are very much thankful to God, our great upline and united downlines who supported us in reaching this level.

I was a businessman and my wife is a homemaker. We are blessed with two lovely daughters, Eunice and Erine. I was doing well in my own business when Amway business was introduced to me by my close friend.I immediately grasp this opportunity with passion and succeeded to this level by God’s blessings. We thank Amway India, our uplines, mentors and downlines and all those who have supported all through our successful journey.

“Everybody can achieve everything through this opportunity!”

We achieved success because of consistent and persistent efforts, support of our parents, uplinesand team.”

“You can get everything in life you want, if you just help enough people get what they want!”

“Believe in God, do your work and don’t compromise!”

Also qualified as Sapphire

Also qualified as Sapphire

Also qualified as Sapphire

AMAGRAM • January - February 2012




A Sapphire is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 2 domestic 21% legs in the same month, for 6 months in a performance year, whilst maintaining 4000 Personal Group PV or has a third 21% leg in the absence of 4000 GPV in any month.

Ram Singh & Maina Nag

Ghanshyam C & Hetal G Patel

M Vijaya Rani & P Samin

Joy & Baby Oinam

Executive (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 23/03/2000 | DANTEWADA

Businessman (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 17/01/2002 | AHMEDABAD

Homemaker (W) & Dept Marketing Manger (H) DOJ: 12/09/2002 | CHENNAI

Business (Both) DOJ: 29/04/2004 | IMPHAL

I am a homemaker and my husband is an executive officer. We are blessed with five children, Nirdhi, Amridhi, Anshu, Bhartesh and Parul. Amway business has approved to be a God sent opportunity for us which has helped us dream big and to accomplish our goals.We are thankful to almighty God, our parents, all our great up lines and mentors and dedicated teammates for their tremendous support to fulfil their dreams.

I am a homemaker and my husband is a businessman. We are blessed with a son,Keny and a daughter,Hemali. We are thankful to our great uplines, dedicated downlines and our family for their continuous support.

We are thankful to God for showering his blessings upon us in the contour of Amway business. It is a wonderful opportunity that has transformed our lives for better. We have a better lifestyle today and we work on ethics and values. Our uplines and downlines have been are biggest strength in building this business and achieving dreams. Their mentorship and corporation has brought us to this level today.

Amway is one of the greatest opportunities of the world which God showered upon us as a blessing. It has brought a meaning to our life. Today we are building a honet and full of values business with the help of our uplines and team. We are really thankful to God, our parents, children Joldy, Dummy andJonbill and our entire team to stand with us throughout our journey and hope that they too will reach great heights in this business with God’s grace.

“Have Strong Determination and Stay with It. “Dreams come true....”

“If you help others, God will help you!”

“By joining Amway opportunity, one can bring entire world into his home!”

“Happiness is with Amway!”

Meghanath Singh & Victoria Devi Thingujam

Hemlata Bhist & Jameshwari Thakur

Abhijit & Asha A Potdar

Deepak & Neelam Raghav

Business (Both) DOJ: 21/11/2005 | IMPHAL

Ex-Teacher DOJ: 18/07/1998 | NAVI MUMBAI

Businessman (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 14/09/1999 | KARVE

Ex Banker (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 31/03/2002 | AGRA

Both of us were in teaching profession and we had tried some conventional business also. But all we could achieve was frustration and stressful life. By the grace of God, Amway opportunity came to us through one of my maternal uncles. Now with our two children, Nganba andLeishembi, we are building Amway business with strong values. With our strong and dedicated uplineanddownline team, we are heading forward a wonderful future with peace of mind and tension free lifestyle.

I was a teacher and left my job ten years back. Today, I am a full time mother and my mother and daughter Yashika (Muskan) support me in building Amway business.

We are fortunate to be a part of Amway, the greatest business opportunity in the world. I was working as a geologist on oil rigs. I build this business part time and today I am free from my job.

Amway business has given me the confidence to move ahead in life. We are thankful to our great upline and our dynamic team for our success.

With the love, help and support of our family, we are building this business. We are grateful to our upline team. We are blessed with a daughter Samira who is our inspiration.

I am a homemaker and my husband was a banker presently working as a freelance trainer for personal growth and corporate development. We are blessed with two children, Karan and Somya. We understood the huge potential of Amway business by God’s blessings. This business has given us opportunity to redesign our lives. We are grateful to our uplinesand proud of our enthusiastic team. Our parents and children are our inspiration.

“Amway is God’s gift!”

“No challenge can stop you to succeed if you have a fire within you!”

“This is the right time to build this business because it is on the verge of explosion.”


We are thankful to God for introducing Amway Business in our life. Life was good there was shortage of time. Today, with this opportunity, we are enjoying family life without tension and with a good source of income.


“Dreams bring Success!”

A Ruby is a qualified Platinum who has attained at least 20,000 personal group PV in any one month during the performance year in-market.

J Joseph Prince & R Nijithra

P Biju & M Bindu

Dr. Balasaheb Baban & Padma Mawale

Baskar D & Jackulinmary B

R Santhi & S Radhakrishnan

Electrical Engineer (W) & Executive (H)

Music Director (H) & Singer (W)

Doctor (Both)

Businessman (H) & Teacher (W)

Homemaker (W) & Businessman (H)

DOJ: 16/07/1999 | CHENNAI

DOJ: 22/10/2002 | CHENNAI

DOJ: 30/11/2006 | NARAYANGAON

DOJ: 23/01/2006 | KARUR

DOJ: 18/08/2001 | VELLORE


AMAGRAM • January - February 2012



A Platinum has attained 6 qualifying months at Silver Producer level as defined in the Amway Business Manual, at least 3 of which are consecutive.

K Priya Vimal & R Krishna Rao

Randhir & Seema Rana

S Maheswari

Dr P Chockalingam & G Jayalakshmi

S Nagarajan & K Muthulakshmi

Homemaker (W) & Software Designer (H) DOJ: 09/10/2003 | PONDICHERRY

Businessman (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 13/04/2000 | YAMUNA NAGAR

Homemaker DOJ: 27/11/2001 | NEYVELI

Doctors (Both) DOJ: 11/06/2007 | NAGAPATTINAM

Business (Both) DOJ: 28/03/2000 | TIRUNELVELI

Ramthulla & Noor Jahan Naguru

Sudha & Lokesh Sharma

Shyam Sunder Reddy & V Sujatha

Khalil & Mumtaz Gilani

Vijay Kumar & Rita V Contractor

Teacher (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 15/02/2006 | KADAPA

Beautician (M) & Student (S) DOJ: 18/11/2006 | HYDERABAD

Ex Sr Marketing Manager (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 16/07/2002 | HYDERABAD

Businessman (H) & Teacher (W) DOJ: 18/04/2006 | HYDERABAD

Pharma Sales Person (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 15/04/2006 | INDORE

Varinder Kumar & Archana Joshi

Manoj Kumar & Poonam Devi Dass

A Kannan Vanaraj & K Venkadeswari

S Vaideghi & Subramanian

J Saraswathy & R Jayaraman

Dental Technician (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 04/01/2002 | MANIMAJRA

Businessman (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 15/03/2000 | BATHINDA

ABO (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 19/03/2001 | CHENNAI

Homemaker (W) & Civil Work (H) DOJ: 08/04/2008 | CHENNAI

Homemaker (W) & Teacher (H) DOJ: 26/04/2007 | CHENNAI

Prasant Sarma & Hema Rashmi Bhardwaj

Gayatri Borkotoky & Aswinee Saikia

Madhumita & Romeo Kumar Bora

Rajinder Singh Bhamrah & Amarjit Kaur

Mukul Borgohain

Businessman (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 03/12/2004 | GUWAHATI

Teacher (W) & Corporate Employee (H) DOJ: 18/06/2001 | GUWAHATI

Teacher (W) & Civil Engineer (H) DOJ: 30/11/2000 | GUWAHATI

Employee (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 13/09/2000 | JORHAT

Businessman DOJ: 22/09/2001 | MORANHAT

Rajesh Kumar

Mohan Kumar & Sushma Kumari Verma

Akhtar Abid Ali & Nasrin Bano

Jeetendra Kumar Roy

Mukesh Kumar & Poonam Devi

Amway Business Owner (H) DOJ: 28/10/2004 | BHR SHARIF

Financial Investment Planner (H) & FashionDesigner (W) DOJ: 03/03/2009 | PATNA

Professor (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 11/04/2000 | SITAMARHI

Student DOJ: 24/05/2000 | HAZARIBAGH

Ex Sales Manager (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 28/03/2001 | RANCHI

Suranjoy Singh & Shilani Devi Laishram

Devraj Luwang Maisnam & Surma Khaidem

Susanta Kumar & Jharna Rani Manna

Biswabhusan & B Kalyani Mohanty

Sachidananda & Prabhasini Lenka

Businessman (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 10/07/2009 | IMPHAL

ABO (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 29/12/2001 | IMPHAL

Doctor (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 31/08/2002 | BALASORE

Executive (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 31/01/2004 | NABARANGPUR

Businessman (H) & Teacher (W) DOJ: 31/12/2000 | B.C.PUR

S Hemalata & Santosh Kumar Send

K Sharma & Samjhana Niroula

Kamal Kumar & Chhaya Roy

Soma & Bikash Kumar Dey

L Santosh & S Latha Santosh

Business (Both) DOJ: 31/08/2004 | ROURKELA

Civil Engineer (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 12/12/2000 | GANGTOK

Insurance Agent (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 26/07/2000 | ASANSOL

Homemaker (W) & Health Consultant (H) DOJ: 21/05/2002 | MIDNAPORE

Executive (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 17/03/2000 | BANGALORE

AMAGRAM • January - February 2012




A Platinum has attained 6 qualifying months at Silver Producer level as defined in the Amway Business Manual, at least 3 of which are consecutive.

Pradeep & Chhaya Dhele

Kiran D Kharde & Pallavi Kiran

Amit & Anita Salunkhe

A Ramachandran & V Shanthi

K Vallarmathik & P Elangovan

Gynecologist (H) & Pathologist (W) DOJ: 31/01/2002 | LATUR

Farmer (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 13/11/1999 | KOLHAR

Accountant (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 05/08/2000 | KOLHAPUR

Businessman (H) & Tailoring (W) DOJ: 13/11/2004 | RAJAPALAYAM

Ex Teacher (W) & Businessman (H) DOJ: 26/09/2008 | DHARAPURAM

B Vinoth & A Ajaytha

V Jeya Sudha & G Venkatesan

S Ambikadevi & S R Sarvajit

V Manohar & S K Mamatha

Pravendra Singh & Sanyogita Tomar

Ex Mechanical Engineer (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 30/04/2007 | TUTICORIN

Beautician (W) & Businessman (H) DOJ: 24/12/2008 | SRIVILLIPUTHUR

Homemaker (W) & Busniessman (H) DOJ: 29/03/2001 | SRIVILLIPUTHUR

Ex ITI Lecturer (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 09/06/2004 | KOLAR

Ex Army Service (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 06/11/2007 | DELHI

Amit Bajaj

S Santhi & K Selvakumar

A Kaspar Raj & P Jospin Daicy Rani

C Sarala & R R Cadiressane

P Ramakrishnan & S Sathya

Student DOJ: 04/04/2007 | DELHI

Homemaker (W) & Businessman (H) DOJ: 08/12/2008 | CHENNAI

Employee (W) & Teacher (W) DOJ: 17/04/2006 | CHENNAI

Homemaker (W) & CO.OP.Society Employee (H) DOJ: 26/07/2007 | PONDICHERRY

Software Engineer (Both) DOJ: 29/08/2002 | CHENNAI

R Santhi & K Ravichendran

S Anandhavel & A Devy

Sumeet & Anita Chopra

Jitender & Minakshi Sharma

Jyoti Shrivastava

Homemaker (W) & Professor (H) DOJ: 13/05/2010 | CHENNAI

Cable TV Operator (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 11/07/2003 | PONDICHERRY

Doctor (Both) DOJ: 29/06/2009 | LUDHIANA

Executive (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 20/12/2005 | LUDHIANA

Homemaker DOJ: 19/09/1999 | BHOPAL

R Senthilkumar

Jhansi Rani S & Shanmugam P

R Jayanthi & P S Rajendran

Karthikeyan & K Shantha

B Kothai Nayaki & V Balachandar

Amway Business Owner DOJ: 31/10/2001 | KARUR

Homemaker (W) & Businessman (H) DOJ: 22/07/1999 | KOMARAPALAYAM

Homemaker (W) & Ex Service (H) DOJ: 06/05/2004 | SATHYAMANGALAM

Dentist (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 16/04/1998 | CHENNAI

Homemaker (W) & Executive (H) DOJ: 01/09/2007 | WALAJABAD

Authorised Representative Karshan Worldwide

Kantha & T L Balasubramani

G Malathi & S Gunasekaran

K Sasikumar & S Madhumathi

Sonabai Pandharinath & Sujata Barve

Atul B & Bhavna Gajera

Cost Accountant (W) & Rtd. Analyst (H) DOJ: 28/02/1998 | CHENNAI

Homemaker (W) & Electrician (H) DOJ: 24/12/1998 | COIMBATORE

Ex General Manager (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 12/03/2009 | COIMBATORE

Homemaker (M) & Businesswoman (D) DOJ: 10/04/1999 | MUMBAI

Engineer (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 04/04/2003 | UPLETA

Pradeepkumar R & Beenaben P Gupta

Pratibha Ramshre Prasad

Mamta Kumar

PK & Padma Janardhan

Lloyd B & Herald D'souza

Businessman (H) & Businesswomen (W) DOJ: 19/04/2002 | PALANPUR

Businesswoman DOJ: 30/09/2006 | NAGPUR

Homemaker DOJ: 13/07/2006 | NAGPUR

Businessman (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 09/12/1998 | THANE

Fitness & Health Expert (S) & Rtd. Driver (F) DOJ: 07/03/2000 | MUMBAI

Authorised Representative Bala International


AMAGRAM • January - February 2012



A Platinum has attained 6 qualifying months at Silver Producer level as defined in the Amway Business Manual, at least 3 of which are consecutive.

S Kavitha

Rajni Soni & Brij Mohan

Chitra & Mohan Menariya

E Jeswinmathina & I Edwardlaurant

R Hemalatha & M Rajasekar

Homemaker DOJ: 07/11/2007 | PALLADAM

Homemaker (W) & Engineer (H) DOJ: 26/12/2005 | CHANDIGARH

Teacher (H) & Teacher & Beautician (W) DOJ: 20/04/2006 | UDAIPUR

Homemaker (W) & Clinical Psychologist (H) DOJ: 13/04/2006 | TANJORE

Homemaker (W) & Businessman (H) DOJ: 19/08/2009 | MANNARGUDI

Daniel & Sunitha Gummadi

Venkata Ramana Kumar & Padma Latha Vangala

Narasimharao Nandru

Ganga Bhavani Pottipireddy & Santhi Swaroop Chalumuri

Ashok Kumar & Mamta Sharma

Church Paster (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 07/03/2007 | KALWAKURTHY

Banker (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 21/09/2005 | HYDERABAD

Amway Business Owner (H) DOJ: 18/02/2009 | NUNNA

Executive (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 06/09/2009 | MADDILAPALEM

Businessman (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 10/09/2008 | SECUNDERABAD

V Ellammal & P Velusamy

C Manickavel & Kanahambara Pushpam

M Edward & P Siluvai Mary Thrace

M Muthu Selvi & S Mohan

S Sivakumar & Stella Mary

Homemaker (W) & Employee (H) DOJ: 21/07/2009 | KOVILPATTI

Mechanic (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 15/10/2001 | PATTUKOTTAI

Insurance Agent (W) & Teacher (W) DOJ: 27/10/2003 | VIRAPANDIANPATTINAM

Homemaker (W) & Typist (H) DOJ: 06/08/2000 | TIRUNELVELI

Farmer (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 08/09/2008 | NALLUR

L Padmavathi Devi & M Seenivasan

V Kathiresan & K Thenmozhi

T Padmavathi & M Thangam

S J Vani Rajakumar

Sunil Ramaling I & Vijaya Todkar

Teacher (W) & Executive (H) DOJ: 03/10/2008 | KOVILPATTI

Co-operative Sector (W) & Excecutive (H) DOJ: 24/12/1999 | KARAIKUDI

Homemaker (W) & Rtd Employee (H) DOJ: 14/07/2003 | CHENNAI

Homemaker DOJ: 19/09/2007 | COIMBATORE

Asst Manager (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 13/11/1999 | BARAMATI

Parveen Akhter & Mohd Riasat Khan

Sandeep Sobti

Parveen Akhtar

Meenakshi Verma

Hari Krishan & Palivi Sharma

Homemaker (W) & AEE (H) DOJ: 19/01/2008 | JAMMU

Amway Business Owner DOJ: 30/08/2007 | DEHRADUN

Homemaker DOJ: 16/10/2000 | RAMBAN

Homemaker DOJ: 06/04/2009 | JAMMU

Businessman (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 15/02/2006 | JAMMU

Firdosa Javid & Javid Ahmad Bhat

Avinash Kumar & Kamlesh Vohra

Krishna Murari & Manju Srvastava

Sanjeev & Mithlesh Sharma

Mahendra Jeet Chawla & Jaspreet Kaur

Homemaker (W) & Executive (H) DOJ: 25/01/2006 | TRAL

Advocate (S) & Rtd HOD (M) DOJ: 12/09/2008 | DEHRADUN

Manager (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 29/11/2000 | FAIZABAD

ABO (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 31/03/2002 | BARI

Businessman (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 30/12/2001 | RAEBARELI

N M Palanisam & P Kavitha

Manik Somnath & Shanteshwari Manik Bhagoji

Lakshmi Raghavan & R Raghavan

M Balaguru & Navarasi

R Madhvan

Ex Service (H) & Homemaker (H) DOJ: 19/03/2007 | PONDICHERRY

Agriculture Business (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 05/07/2007 | SOLAPUR

Employee (W) & Rtd BSNL Employee (H) DOJ: 31/05/2002 | MADURAI

Amway Business Owner (Both) DOJ: 11/12/2007 | CHENNAI

Businessman DOJ: 27/01/2005 | COIMBATORE

AMAGRAM • January - February 2012



GOLD PRODUCER A Gold Producer has attained three qualifying months at the Silver Producer level as defined in the Amway Business Manual.

Anoop Singh, Neelam & Singh, Anoop Aruna, Jammi & Jammi, Ravi Kumar B, Amalin Clara Mary & S, Baskar Raj Babu C H, Suresh & K, Renuka Bhagat, Harish & Surekha Bhandari, Rakesh Kumar & Gagan Bhande, Suhasini Rajesh Kumar & Rajesh Kumar Bhaskar, Akhilesh & Rajesh Bhattacharjee, Esita & Arup Bhorwani, Bhavesh Kotaishwar & Bhavisha Bhowmick, Madhab & Rinku Bisht, Prem Singh & Meera C Vijayalakshmi & G Chandirasehar Chauhan, Geeta & Sandeep Chinnadurai, A & Amutha, C Chintalapudi, Surendra Babu & Ratnam Ravi Kumar, A Dagur, Alka Das, Dr Jyotirmoy & Dr Lakshmi Das, Kakali & Prasenjit Dash, Satyapriya & Devendra Deepak Khare & Arti Sepaha Desai, Pinakin P & Shilpa Devi, Ganeshi & Ram, Bahdur Devi, Ram Kishori Diwan, Om & Preeti E, Neelamegan & K, Deepa Fernandes, Peter Julius & Juliet G Hatwar, Kamala & Hatwar, Ganesh G, Anand & K, Prathibadevi G., Asha & Prabhakar Gade, Sreedhar Gadi, Amravathi Gadi, Sitalakshmi & Vadrevu, Srinagesh Ganai, Mohd Iqbal Gangalapuram, Dhanunjaya Gatate, Shweta & Rajashekhar Goswami, Govindpuri & Usha Gubbi, Ravishankar G & H S, Sudha Hanmul, Sunita Premdas & Premdas N Hathlania, Reena & Surinder Jain, Mugdha Jaiswal, Deepak & Urmila Jena, Puspa & Binaya Kumar Jha, Mamta Kumari Joshi, Mankuvar Maheshkumar & Maheshkumar K, Kuppusamy & Citra K, Sivakumar & S, Sumathi K, Veena & Sullia, Dr Kishan Kant, Sushma Rani Kar, Anil Kumar & Baijayanti Khatri, Renuka & Girish Khot, Shakuntala & Pandit S Koladiya, Neela R & Ramesh S Kombde, Maya Subhash & Subhash Koolwal, Santosh & Gupta, Ganesh Narain Kumar, Akash & Kumari, Dolly Kumar, Sumit Kumar, Vinod Kunder, Eknath & Rajni Lahoti, Shyam Satyanarayan & Komal S Lodaya, Rajesh Hirachand & Monty Lohar, Pyarelal Chhandalal & Nisha M Rajeswari & P Matheswaran M S, Rajeev M Sakkarai & S P Vennila


Badlapur Raipur Chennai Kannur Dhule Yamuna Nagar Aurangabad Delhi Palta Navsari Nahata Manimajra Komarapalayam Jakhauli Port Blair Kandukur Bhopal Guwahati Kolkata Balangir Jabalpur Mumbai Dehradun Bhagalpur Bhopal Neyveli Curchorem Udupi Chennai Meduru Bangalore Kolar Secunderabad Shopian Rayadurgam Bangalore Jaipur Jayanagar Washim Kurukshetra Bangalore Allahabad Bolangir Dhanbad Dihor Salem Namakkal Mangalore Jammu Jharsugda Bhopal Sankeshwar Mumbai Kolhapur Jaipur Nawada Patna Baghapurana Coimbatore Nanded Dombivli Pune Sathyamangalam Muvattupuzha Villupuram

M, Gnaneshwar & G, Arunthathy Madhavan, Usha Mandwale, Shailendra D & Shivani S Mayanglambam, Jual Meetei & Ranjeeta Devi Mishra, Krishna & Ram Dulare Mittal, Vishu Mohanty, Trupti Mukherjee, Anita & Debasis Nag, Abhijit & Sumana Nayak, Kalpana & Roy, Rajendra Kumar Nemade, Poonam Vaibhav & Vaibhav P. Parekh, Jagruti R & Ravindra G Patel, Anju Nayankumar & Nayan I Pathak, Sonalika & Swapan Kumar Patil, Ajay Sambhajirao Patil, Dr Smita Sandesh & Dr. Sandesh Patil, Yogesh Janardan & Jyoti Philip, K O & Oommen Philip, Reji R Arunchakradhar & R Audhilakshmi R Balasubramanian & B Jothi R Doureradjane & D, Valli R, Geethanjali & S, Ramasubramanian R, Vellammal & E S, Samundeeswari Rahman, Shakil Ur & Naresha Rajkumari, Premlata Devi Ray, Jyoti Prabha & Das, Dipranjan S P, Charles Durai & A, Kavitha S, Prabha & A, Senthilkumar S, Srividhya & T M, Varatharaj S, Yashaswini & Shettigar, Avinash S Sahai, Kirti Sahni, Monima & Sunil Salim, K M & Merly Sarkar, Shila & Ratan Savaliya, Sonal Pradeep & Pradeep R Sawant, Ajit & Shobha Saxena, Lalit Mohan & Ruchi Shah, Namrata Sandip & Sandip Shah, Nikeeta Manish & Manish Shaik, Ahamad Bhasha & Mobeena Sharma, Manju & Tarun Kumar Sharma, Rama & Vishwa Nath Sharma, Sangeeta & Vijay Shiekakbar, Anwar Shrivastava, Abhilasha Shukla, Renu & Sushil Singh, Prabha & Rajesh Kumar Singh, Prithvi Paul & Kaur, Raminder Singh, Santosh Kumar & Devi, Sindhu Sinha, Sanjeev Kumar & Amrita Soti, Vidur Kumar & Kanchan Soubam, Gunamani Singh & Amita Devi Sulakhe, Pratima Takhenchangbam, Tombisana Sharma & Pramodini Devi Tandekar, Nandlal & Neeta Thind, Rupinder Kaur & Tajinder Pal Si V Vasantha & P K Venkatesan V, Kamatchi & S, Vasudevan Venkatesh Murthy, B N Gayathri & Samba Vibhute, Shivanand Mahadeo & Rashmi Wani, Shiraz Ahmad & Gul, Rubina Yadav, Nagendra Kumar & Devi, Kavita Yamung, Roto & Doging, Tamar

Chennai Coimbatore Karad Imphal Basti Ludhiana Bhubaneswar Haripal Kolkata Bhubaneswar Dombivli Madhi Ahmedabad Jalpaiguri Kolhapur Pune Pune Kottarakara Dargamitta Rajapalayam Pondicherry Rajapalayam Erode Jorhat Imphal Kokrajhar Chennai Tiruchengode Erode Mangalore Bhopal Roorkee Muvattupuzha Kolkata Surat Bhikavade Rewari Surat Mumbai Nellore Bharatpur Bilaspur Chennai Venkatagiri Bhopal Lucknow Lucknow Saharanpur Patna Sitamarhi Bhopal Imphal Rajnandgaon Imphal Nagpur Majitha Neyveli Chennai Bangalore Kolhapur Shopian Kotputli Itanagar

SILVER PRODUCER A Silver Producer has attained a qualifying month at 21% as defined in the Amway Business Manual

A, Anjalai & P, Matheswaran A, Balaraman A, Chandralakshmi & T, Muthuvel A, Rangasamy & R, Thagamani A, Ranjith Kumar & V, Stella Backiaselvi A, Shibulu & P B, Nisha Abhyankar, Anjali Vivek & Vivek Abraham, Biju & Biju, Salja Adimulam, Venkata Prasad & Peddanna Admuthe, Abhinandan Annasaheb & Aparna Agarwal, Smriti & Anand Agrawal, Priyanka Ahuja, Mayank & Preety Ajith Kumar M & Reeja Rani C Angamuthu Antony, P V & Deena Aravindakshan M & Sherly T M Aretty, Vijayasri & Satyanarayan Aswal, Sarojini & Sushil Aswin, M J Atediya, Goverdhan Lal & Shyamu B, Chandrasekaran & C, Sivagamasundari B, Dhanalakshmi & S P, Baskaran B, Geetha & S, Baskaran B, Manimegalai & S, Balamurugan Bagad, Sunil Nimba & Pallavi Sunil Bagga, Trilochan Natharam Bakare, Vijaya Atul & Atul Bandi, Nagarjunaroyal Bangal, Mintu Pada & Tanushree Barua, Pallab Kumar & Bobita Barua, Seema Basra, Sukhjinder Singh & Davinder Pal Kaur Batth, Baljinder Bawaskar, Pankaj Tulshiram & Suman Tulshiram Begum, Nasrin & Mohammad, Sakil Bhalala, Jasmina Sandeep & Sandeep Ghanshyam Bharati, Mrityunjay Kumar Bharolia, Sangita M & Mukesh Bharti, Archana & Kumar, Manish Bhasin, Sandeep & Meenu Bhat, Mohammad Ayub & Muneera Ayub Bhatt, Lekha & Harish Chandra Bhatt, Mohan Chandra & Meena


Tanjore Kanchipuram Gandamanayakanur Coimbatore Tuticorin Kollam Mumbai Tripunithura Kanigiri Sangli Kolkata Jaipur Shahabad Markanda Calicut Hyderabad North Parvoor Kozhikode Nizamabad New Delhi Pacode Ratlam Kanchipuram Erode Dindigul Kanchipuram Satana Gondia Nasik Road Nandalur Maheshtala Jorhat Howrah Nadala New Delhi Nandura Gwalior Surat Port Blair Surat Katihar Yamuna Nagar Pulwama Haldwani Haldwani

Bhojane, Ravi & Chhya Bhushan, Sunita Ravikumar & Kumar, Ravi Bhushan Bibi, Shabina & Safiq, Abdul Bisht, Narender Singh & Manorma Biswas, Tanima & Sagarnil Bora, Santana & Deka, Sadananda Bora, Sheetal Santosh & Santosh M C B, Ajimon C F, Antony & Flyme C, Devadasan & M, Sukanya C, Subash Chandrabose & S, Senthamilselvi Chakrabarty, Tirthankar Chakraborty, Manas Pratim & Moumita Chandel, Kanta & Kehar Singh Chandra Shekar, P R & Manjula, C Chatterjee, Rammohan & Baisakhi Chatterjee, Soma & Chattopadhyay, Ranj Chaudhari, Kalyani & Kumar, Ashok Chaudhari, Prakashbhai G & Urvashi Chemmani, Joe & Cherian, Priya Mary Chheda, Rupal P & Piyush Choudhary, Dhanpal Singh & Sahab Singh Chouhan, Girja & Om Prakash Chouhan, Sandhya Chowannoor, Ajeesh Chowdhury, Nibedita & Dibyendu C P, Haris & Kadeeja D A, Saifudeen & L, Sheeba D, Kumar & K, Deepalakshmi D, Pushpa & P, Devan Dagade, Mangesh Ramesh & Shweta Dalakoti, Harish & Manju Dalmia, Rajani & Rajesh Dalwadi, Jatin & Swati Dandu, Venkata Nageswari & Veerasankara Babu Daphal, Arjun Namdev Dash, Pranati & Subash Chandra Dash, Sukadev Davidson, Anup Sunil & Shobha Sunil Devi, Dayawati & Rana, Vinita Devi, Jayanti Devi, Rani & Singh, Kamaljit Devi, Ranjita Devi, Rukamani & Parshad, Harihar

Jabalpur Mumbai Port Blair Dehradun Jamshedpur Mangaldai Rawet Kattapana Ernakulam Kalpetta Chengalpattu Tamluk Howrah Mandi Garacharma Howrah Naihati Varanasi Valod Bangalore Mumbai Saharanpur Korba Jabalpur Trichur South 24 Pgns Kuttipuram Thiruvananthapuram Chennai Hosur Panvel New Delhi Howrah Surat Chinchwad Dhamari Dhenkanal Cuttack Akola Dehradun Dumka Sonepat Hazaribagh Saharanpur

AMAGRAM • January - February 2012


SILVER PRODUCER A Silver Producer has attained a qualifying month at 21% as defined in the Amway Business Manual

Devi, Shanti & Gautam, G P Dewangan, Ekta & Narmada Dhan, Bimal & Mary Marget Dhandapani, N & D, Sugandhi Dhar, Dr Vishwajeet & Reena Dhos, Neelesh Diwan, Nalin & Kriti Dogra, Ravi & M L Dogra, Usha Kumari Dolui, Kakali & Sombhunath Donkala, Alla Baksh & Shaik, Parwin Dr, E Zafarullah D'souza, Vincent & Geeta Dudhat, Ila Arvind & Arvind Bavchand Dutta, Nandita & Satyendra Nath Dwivedi, Khushboo E, Alagianambi & A, Krishnaveni E, Ravichandran & R, Dhanalakshmi Fatima, Aaisha & Ahmad, Md Ejaz Fernando, Shaheeda Parvin & Bhavna Feroz, Linda & Farid, Feroz Shah G Jaisri & R Kesavan G Kamalaselvi & K K Dineshkumar G, Buvaneswari & B, Jai Sankar G, Gobinath & R, Kodeeswari G, Kaveri & Ganapathy G, Kiran Kumar & P Jose, Shyni G, Lakshimi & R S, Gurunathan G, Ravi & Ravi, Malathy G, Senthamil Selvan & S, Mohana Priya G, Shanmugapriya & M, Gnanasekar G, Vijayarani & S, Gnanasekaran Gaikwad, Dr Satyashila P Gandhi, Monica Lal Garg, Anil Gaud, Dharmendra Kumar & Laxmi Gayathri Venkatraman George, Jomon M George, Michael George, Prince & P C Ghantellu, Rajkumar Ramanjalu & Nandani R Ghosh, Kousik & Jayati Ghosh, Sraboni & Bijoli Gogna, Baljit Singh Golder, Ashim & Smriti Gopal, Rashmi & Keragodi, Vinay Manjun Gora, Sapna Davi & Dayanand Gosai, Charulata Rajnikant & Rajnikant Gosavi, Dr Sandeep Suresh & Radika S Govindaiah, V & Bhagya, S Gupta, Anil & Uma Gupta, Ekta Gupta, Pooja & Pradeep Gupta, Rajnesh & Puja Gupta, Shobha & Prakash Gurram, Ramohannaidu & Vijayalakshmi Gurunadham, Sreenu & Ramanamma Hamamato, Tomoko & Hamamoto, Yosuke Haridasan, M & E T, Bindu Hattangadi, Shweta Sudhir & Sudhir Hazarika, Edna Sharma & Ajanto Hembrom, Sona Ram & Soren, Mary Angeli Hota, Sujata & Santosh Kumar Huidrom, Shyamo Singh & Khomdonbi Devi Idalgave, Manmath Vishwanath & Aarti Ingle, Jyoti Prashant & Engle, Prashant J S, Nisha J, Manikandavasakan & M, Rajakumari J, Murali J, Selwyn Jude Amirtara & Ruby Jadhav, Sandeep Ashokrao & Prathibha Jadhav, Vinod & Sapna Jaikaria, Madhu & Vijay Singh Jain, Anil & Sandhya Jain, Himanshu Jain, Jyoti & Manish Kumar Jakul, Satish R & Radha R Jangid, Shankar Lal & Santosh Jaswal, Vinay Kumar & Pyare Lal Jat, Girraj Prasad & Indira Devi Jayabalan, C R & Usha Jayabal, V V Jha, Niranjan Kumar & Nirmal Kumar Jiwtode, Sheela Sanjay Johnson, Andrews & Sebastian, Mary Jose, Pathrose & Ancelin Joshi, Kalpna & Umesh Joshi, Lalit Mohan & Mohan Ch K D, Binojmon K G, Sridhara K J, Joseph & Jose, Jessy K K, Mohamed Kutty & Cheladathil, Jaseela K M, Shiva Kumar & A S, Bhuvana Sriee K P, Dakshayani K S Karthi Keyan & V Bhuvaneswari K S, Joseph & Joseph, Rosamma K Sam, Saji & Jose, Sheelu K Senthil Kumar & S Nagavalli K Sreelal, Dr & Jayasree P S, Dr K, Aravindan & V, Geetha K, Balu & B, Sujatha K, Christella & V, Kumaraswamy K, Kalaisalvi & E R, Velmurugan K, Karuppannan & Gomathi K, Muthukavitha & N, Thirupathi K, Samundeswary & S, Kumar K, Santhanalakshmi & S, Kannan K, Suresh Babu & M V, Rajitha Suresh B K, Vimala & D, Thiiruvon Kabi, Mahendra & Latanjali Kadam, Vaishali Bhimrao & Bhimrao Shivaji Kajjer, Anand Moody Kali, Sutapa Kalkonde, Shrikant & Jayashri Kanta, Swarn Kanwar, Shailesh Kapadia, Nafisa & Juzer Kapse, Rohini Ajay & Dr Ajay Vijay Karmakar, Radhashyam & Mitu Kashyap, Bimlesh & Sahendra Katta, Gangulamma AMAGRAM • January - February 2012

Jhansi Raipur Dhanbad Kodakara Bilpank Khargone Bangalore New Delhi Katra Tarakeswar Mydukur Salem Delhi Surat Burdwan Satna Madurai Pondicherry New Delhi Mumbai Aluva Sivakasi Erode Chennai Erode Chennai Thiruvananthapuram Kanchipuram Chennai Sriperumpudur Chennai Sendurai Mumbai Chicalim Kothi Indore Chennai Indore Kasargod Idukki Aurangabad Boinehi Kolkata Sangrur Raipur Rani Bangalore Narnaul Surat Narayangaon Kolar Durg Noida Gurgaon Solan Indore Madanapalle Podili Gurgaon Edappal Mumbai Jorhat Bokaro Nabarangpur Imphal Sangli Itarsi Chennai Sirkali Chennai Pondicherry Hadgaon Gautampura Dharamshala Udaipur Khargone Delhi Nandura Jodhpur Allahabad Laxmangarh Trichur Katihar Nagpur Kottayam Chalakudy Dehradun Ranikhet Kattapana Bangalore Kattapana Manjeri Erode Kannur Chennai Idukki Thiruvananthapuram Tiruchengode Kanjaveli Pudukkottai Chengalpattu Chennai Dharmapuri Salem Tuticorin Chennai Chennai Thalassery Chennai Rajgangpur Dindori Bangalore Kolkata Nagpur Moga Jaipur Pune Nasik Burdwan Saharanpur Thungapalli

Kaur, Gaganpreet Kaur, Gurpreet & Singh, Gurbachan Kaur, Kulvinder & Singh, Sukhvir Kaur, Sarbjeet & Singh, Sarabjit Kaushik, Parveen & Kavita Kaviwala, Vanita Kenjale, Kailas Mugutrao & Vidhya Khant, Jashodaben Manubhai Kharadi, Naresh Sukhabhai & Sharmishtha N Khullar, Rajesh & Jyoti Khumukcham, Bidyarani Devi & Chingakham, Bishworji Kizhuvetath, Ali Konsam, Sunil Singh & Asharani Devi Krishnan, Subhadra Kujur, Neetu R Kumar, A Krishna & Ambily, V Kumar, Ajit & Kavita Kumar, Ashok & Show, Dashani Kumar, Jyoti Sanjay & Sanjay Kumar, Krishan & Balla, Madhu Kumar, Makesh Kumar, Narendra Kumar, Parveen Kumar, Ram & Kumari, Kiran Kumar, Sumesh & Bhardwaj, Arti Kumar, Vinod & Devi, Babita Kumari, Aarti & Anand, Prakash Kumari, Manju & Kumar, Dhananjay Kumari, Rita Kumari, Sheetal Kundu, Jayanta & Subrata Kuppili, Dhanalakshmi & Venkata Ramana Kura, Jangaiah & Balamani Kurapati, Hari & Ramya Kushwah, Suneeta & S K L Edayathulla & E Dhaslim Arif Lahauria, Sonia & Singh, Jasvinder Laishram, Brojen Singh & Soroja Devi Lal, Roshan & Kumar, Raj Lal, Susan & V K, Lalappan Lata, Dr Suman & Srivastava, Surendra Lata, Suman & Pal, Naresh Lei, Yu Ming & Yeh, Kuei Hua Leishangthem, Inaocha Singh & Sobita Devi Longjam, Nanao Leima & Tomba Meitei M Alamelumangai & S Manivannan M K, Ummer Farook & Ummer Farook, Same M Nazeema Banu & Sintha Shaik Mathar M S, Ramadas & Cherumadathil, Deepa K M Sathishkumar M Sivarajan & S Adilakshmi M, Ameerali M, Jayakumar M, Kandasamy & K, Padmavathy M, Kannan M, Primus & V, Hilda M, Thirumaniselvi & P, Murugasapandian Mahajan, Munish & Kamal Kanta Mahalakshmi, R Mahapatra, Sangeeta & Sushanta Kumar Mahapatra, Sushree Suprabha & Datta, S Maheshwari, Shweta & Atul Maity, Jagan Nath & Anjali Maji, Sujit & Kalpana Maletia, Pushpa Mali, Bal Krishan & Kailashi Bai Mann, Virender & Suneta Masih, John & Kalyan, Meena Mathew, Alice & Nikhil Mathew, Babichen & Baby, Tessy Mathews, Eldo & Eldo, Alyamma Mayanglambam, Catar Singh Mayengbam, Suni Devi & Jadumani Singh Mazumder, Bipul & Ganesh Mc, Vaidhianathan & V, Mouttoulatchoumy Mekala, Satheesh Kumar & Lavanya Meruva, Usha Rani & Venkata Rathnam Mhatre, Mangal & Manohar Millo, Yuttung & Taka Mishra, Arvind Kumar & Pramila Mishra, Balesh & Rekha Mishra, Kamayani & Naresh Kumar Mishra, Mritunjay Kumar & Sushma Mishra, Nisha Mishra, Smruti Ranjan Mishra, Sunil & Sarita Mitra, Rona & Anirvan Mittal, Madhu & Varjinder Mittal, Vandana Mocherla, Geetha Rani & Vijayalakshmi Modi, Monica & Jignesh Modi, Sangeeta & Pawan Kumar Mohan, Dharmendra & Gwadi, Pooja Mohanta, Anjana & Nohanta, Kamal Krishna Mohanta, Reena Mohapatra, Harihara & Ratha, Neela Mohapatra, Sasmita & Jajati Keshari Molgy George More, Bipin Ramesh & Punam Mudhale, Sarita Uday & Uday Mukherjee, Sharmila & Tapas Murtaza & Baharinwala, Hamida Mushahary, Mun Mun Brahma & Manik Kumar N Manikandan & D, Meenatchi Sundari N S, Parameshbabu & G R, Munirathnamma N Thamilarasu & P Reeta N, Avadeswari & T R, Nagalingam N, Deepak & Ramath, Remya N, Velkumar & V, Sornambigai Nag, Chandrani & Goutam Nagata, Akihiko Nain, Deepika Narayan, Sri & Bind, Madhu Lata Narayanan, Radhika Nath, Ramesh Kumar Nautiyal, Amrita & Giriraj Nayak, Pradesh Kumar P Nehra, Rekha & Omprakash Ningthoujam, Sanatombi O V, Akhilesh & C R, Neethu

Moga Gurdaspur Jagraon Gurdaspur Sonipat Surat Satara Santrampur Idar Jammu Imphal Malappuram Yairipok Trivandrum Jamshedpur Kollam Vaishali Ramgarh Navi Mumbai Alwar Alappuzha Bhagwanpur Narnaund Agra Ludhiana Rishikesh Patna New Delhi Dhanbad Dehri On Sone Kolkata Visakhapatnam Hyderabad Bangalore Karera Chennai Shillong Imphal Nawanshahr Karunagappally Agra Bangalore Gurgaon Imphal Tamenglong Karaikudi Tirur Nagercoil Bulandshahr Krishnagri Villupuram Karunagappally Chennai Srivilliputhur Chennai Nagercoil Chennai Gurdaspur Tirupur Jeypore Balangir Gurgaon Delhi Ghatal Ludhiana Karauli Gannaur Moga Kattapana Chenganacherry Perumbavoor Imphal Lilong Golaghat Pondicherry Bangalore Tirupati Panvel Itanagar Nallasopara Satna H O New Delhi Vaishali Rishikesh Bangalore Gorakhpur Kolkata Bathinda Vikasnagar Karimnagar Surat Gondia Raiwala Keonjhar Jaipur New Delhi Hyderabad Thiruvalla Kolhapur Kolhapur Kolkata Chhoti Sadri Green Avenue Pollachi Kolar Paramakudi Chennai Perumbavoor Sivakasi Kolkata Gurgaon Sonepat Mirzapur Irinjalakuda Remuna Roorkee Aurangabad Alwar Imphal Kodungallur



SILVER PRODUCER A Silver Producer has attained a qualifying month at 21% as defined in the Amway Business Manual

Okram Cha, Manimohon & Khumanthem, Sushila Devi Ouseppachan, Lijo & Lijo, Gisa P G, Davis P S, Deepesh P S, Mini P Selvam & S, Selvi P V, Anandan & Anandan, Sujatha P V, Raveendran & M, Sunitha P V, Rosa & P P, Emmanuel P, Karuppiah & K, Rathnavathi P, Latha & Babu, Sangeet P, Manjula & Parthepan P, Ponnusamy & Sarojadevi P, Praveena Rai & M, Prashanth Rai P, Ramachandra Reddy & Sukanya Padda, Ranjit Singh & Davinder Kaur Padma Wati, Ch & Raman Rao, G Padmanabha Pillai, R & Saradamma, L Pai, Sandeep & Swathi Pakhal, Devendra Kumar G & Hemavathi D Pakhal, Shivkumar G & Nirmala Palla, Srinivasa Rao Panda, Suresh Kumar & Mamata Pandey, Asha & Kumar, Arun Panja, Asima & Kartik Chandra Panwar, Bheru Singh & Rekha Bai Parida, Dilip Kumar & Dandpat, Nihar N Patel, Ashokbhai Hirabhai & Heenaben Ashokbhai Patel, Chetana & Mitesh Patel, Hradayakant D & Manjulaben H Patel, Narayan J Patel, Rakhi Sandeep & Sundeep S Patel, Shilpa Mahesh & Mahesh C Pateliya, Chetanbhai Jerambhai & Ila Pathak, Madhu & Arun Kumar Pathare, Nirmala Kailas & Kailas Patidar, Dinesh & Maya Patil, Bhagyashree Ananda & Ananda Patil, Geetanjali & Keshav Patil, Mohan Tryambak Patil, Priyanka & Pramod Patil, Shankarrao Laxman & Vanita S Patil, Sucheta & Deelip Patil, Suresh Jagannath Patwari, Bita & Lalit Paul, Rabindra Nath Pharwana, Manpreet Kaur & Arshdeep Singh Polu, Manoj Kumar & Vara Lakshmi Pradeep Gorre & Sivakumari Gorre Pradhan, Dr Bijay Kumar & Sahu, Pranati Prasad, Jitendra & Devi, Soni Prasad, Priyanka & Daya Shankar Prasad, Shivnath & Devi, Ratna Priyadarshini, J Miriam Angeline & Jayakumar, Ravi Priyadrashan, Sangram & Debnath, Rita Puri, Dolly Puri, Vijay & Renu Puttapaga, Nagaraju & Laxmi R G, Mahesh Kumar & Kumar, Sushma R Pacrieswamy & P Amutha R Shanthi & J Ramamurthy R Sundararaj & Manjuladevi S R V Sudhakaran & S Parimala R, Dhamodharan & A, Sasikala R, Haridas & A K, Sreelatha R, Jeyaprabha & N, Ravichandran R, Muniraja & M, Kalamani R, Radhakrishnan Pillai & K, Sethulakshmi R, Rajeev & Rajeev, Sreevidya R, Rameshkumar & Suganthi Radhakrishnan Nair, R & Deepa, Radhakr Raghavan, Boban Raghuram, Anila & C S Rajagopal, Bhavani Rajalakshmi & M, Suresh Rajput, Lovely & Balraj Rajya, Ram & Rani, Bimla Rana, Narender Rani, Radha & Kumar, Sanjay Rani, Sunita & Singh, Parminder Rathi, Shwetha Amit & Amit Raul, Runu Mahan Rawat, Dipti & Dinesh Kumar Reddy, P Seetaya Renuka & Singh, Mahesh Kumar Revankar, Uday Dhananjay & Divya Uday Rubavathy, B Sheela Prasanna & R, Rame S A, Neelakanth & Bhangur, Rohini S Arulchandran & R Parameshwari S E, Prabakaran & P, Karthika S K, Selvi & V, Sampath S Prema & G Valluvan S Rajkumar S Velayutham & G, Anandhi S, Anitha & G, Sudalaimani S, Ezhilarasi & U, Selvaraj S, Geetha & A, Sivalingam S, Jeyasree & V A R, Srivatson S, Karuppannan S, Manivannan & M, Jeyasudha S, Murugeswari & A, Selva S, Padmavathi & K, Venkatachalam S, Parasuraman & P, Uma S, Prasannakumari S, Rajarathinam & Seenivasaragavan S, Shanthi & K, Srikanthan S, Sinduja & R, Prabhu S, Subramani & Priyadarisini, P Vandan S, Sumathi & Sivaji S, Umasrinivasan & V, Srinivasan Sabu, Jeeja & P C, Sabu Sachdeva, Nitin & Natasha Sachdeva, Usha & Pallavi Sadanshiv, Vikas Namdeorao & Smrutee V Sagolsem, Radhapiyari Devi & Lukhoi Singh Saha, Ashis Baran & Madhumita Saha, Namita & Subrata Sahoo, Utkalika Sahu, Archana Sahu, Archana & Mahendra Kumar Sahu, Vijay Kumar Saini, Sunandit Kaur Sakthivel, Murugadoss & P, Amsaveni


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Salam, Rajen Singh & Salam (O), Bhartisana Devi Salim, Mohamd & Bano, Vannt Samantray, Smita & Rajib Sangai, Prakash & Laxmibai Sanjeevkumar Pushpak & Pushpa Srivas Sanka, Lakshmi Narasimharao & Rajyalakshmi Sankaranarayanan, P K & Ritha Sankeshwari, Anjali Suresh & Suresh N Santhosh Vidyadharan Satasiya, Suresh Bhagvanbhai & Urvashi Sathya Rani K G & Kamaraj G Satpute, Dr Sanjay Babanrao & Vaishali Saxena, Lalit Mohan & Ruchi Seal, Pranab & Sunita Senthilmurugan, P & Kalaiselvi, S Seth, Prem Lata Shah, Anita & Philips Shah, Tejal Dharmeshkumar & Dharmesh Kumar V Shaji, Shobha & Thomas, Shaji Shanker, Ganesh & Painuly, Bhavna Sharma, Anand R & Raksha A Sharma, Anita & Surendra Kumar Sharma, Kripa Shankar & Usha Sharma, Mamta & Deepak Sharma, Maneesha & Rajendra Sharma, Manish & Shashi Sharma Sharma, Neetu Sharma, Rishi Ram & Devi, Neelam Sharma, Sampa & Ppabhakar Rai Sharma, Sanjana & Sidharath Sharma, Shivshankar Vibhuti & Madhuri Shashidhar, Mangala & G N, Shashidhar Shet, Meera Shete, Kedarnath Mhatarba & Manisha Kedarnath Shinde, Dr Archana Jeevan & Jeevan Shukla, Jyoti Siddiqui, Ajmal Nihal & Zaiba Singh M, Krishnamohon & Mayanglambam, Roshni Devi Singh, Abhishek Kumar & Vidyotma Singh, Ajay & Kiran Singh, Bikramjeet & Kulwant Singh, Dipak Kumar & Arjun Prasad Singh, Gurmeet & Chalga, Kiran Singh, Jasvir Singh, Kiran & Bhoopesh Singh, Krishna Kumar & Nisha Singh, Meenu & Jeetendra Singh, Mina Singh, Poonam & Manoj Kumar Singh, Pushpa Singh, Rakesh Kumar Singh, Ranjay Kumar Singh, Rekha & Mahipal Singh, Renu & Ranjeet Vikram Singh, Saroj & Sudhir Kumar Singh, Sudharan & Sunena Devi Singh, Sukhminder & Kaur, Amarjit Singh, Sunil Kumar Singh, Vinod Kumar & Pinki Singhani, Swati Singla, Deepika & Naveen Sinha, Birendra Kumar & Purnima Sinha, Shobha & Kaushalesh Kumar Sinsinwar, Omprakash & Devi, Gaytri Sonkar, Preeti & Jitendra Bahadur Sreedhar, S & Sowmya Sreekanth K R & Radhamani P S Srivastava, Anjani Kumar & Reena Srivastava, Bipin Kumar & Manju Srivastava, Rekha & Srivastav, Vinay Srivastava, Vandana & Srivastva, R B Lal Srivastava, Vibha Srivastwa, Meenakshi Srividhya, V & Krishnamoorthy, C Subramaniyam, P Sudagoni, Jyothi & Sampath Kumar Supriti Suresh, Vijayalakshmi & C K, Suresh Sutar, Smita Anil & Anil T Tarakaram & K Sailaja T, Jaya Priya & N, Vignesh Takhtani, Koushal Tamang, Jita Tembhurkar, Sneha Anant & Anant Thakre, Manoj & Leena Thanvi, Rajendra Tejmal & Mamta Thomas, Joseph Tirunagari, Lalithadevi & Vijayaphanib Togiti, Shyamkumar & Anantham Toppo, Sanjan & Indwar, Susheela Tyagi, Ritu & Pramod Upadhyay, Himanshi T & Tarak V Aruna & S Venkatachalam V C, Murugesan & M, Janaki V K, Shafeeq & K, Sufeera V S, Jyothy Lekshmi & Rajendran, A V Selamuthu & S Selvi V, Anandane & A, Amudha V, Gayathri & S, Venkateshwaran V, Indiragandhi & R, Vinayagam V, Lakshmi & Arun Kumar V, Pramod & Pramod, Reji V, Sakthivel & S, Thamilarasi V, Shaguruvanbi & Umar V, Venkatasamy & Maheswari Vaish, J N Varghese, Ligy & Varghses, P J Verma, Richa & Himanshu Vijayam, K K & Mohandas, V M Vinitha Madhu & Madhu P Subramanian Vinod, Tasneem & Yadav, Vinod Vipra, Uday Dattatraya & Aradhana Vispute, Sagar Vradi, Bharathi & Lalaiah Wankhede, Avinash Sambharao & Sangita Avinash Wankhede, Ranjit Shyamrao & Pushpa Ran Wazarkar, Deepak & Deepa Yadav, Geeta & Singh, Parmal Yadav, Kamlawati & Laxman Yadav, Murari Lal & Saroj Yatagiri, Annmary Zheng, Weiliang & Luo, Bin

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AMAGRAM • January - February 2012

Opportunity to

empower yourself

At the time of joining get a Business Starter Guide FREE!!

There is no cost of joining the Amway Business. A high potential business opportunity empowers you to build successful business... NOW COMES WITH NO STARTING COST. To join this unique business opportunity: •

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d Heart


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Bajaj Induction Cooker worth Rs. 2700/ For more information please contact your Upline or nearest Amway Office.

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for New Joinees Buy products worth 100 PV* in a single invoice within 30 days of joining & Get Nutrilite Protein 200g just for Re. 1/-

iling ABOs ava 1st Offer le for are eligib r 2nd Offe

Buy products worth 100 PV* in a single invoice within 60 days of joining & Get Discount of Rs.1000/- on the order value.

* Offer 1 is valid within 30 days of joining. Offer 2 is valid within 60 days of joining. * Only one offer will be allowed with one invoice. To avail Offer 2, ABO must avail Offer 1 first.

For further information contact your nearest Amway office or visit at


possibilities are endless,

keep exploring... Melbourne is a creative, exciting, ever-changing city with extraordinary surprises to be discovered in every basement, rooftop and laneway. The city produces some of the best art, music, cuisine and fashion ideas in the world. At the street level, Melbourne’s labyrinth of connecting laneways and arcades provide an ‘other world’ experience of intimate spaces and is the home to many of Melbourne’s dining and shopping ‘secrets’. SKU NO.: 249574ID

LIST OF VENUES FOR PRODUCT TRAINING SESSIONS for the month of January - February 2012





New Launches / APSA

Home Care

Personal Care

Nutrilite Life-Style

Nutrilite Foundation

Nutrilite Essentials*







Feb 9 - 3:00PM

Feb 10 - 3:00PM

Jan 20 ;Feb 10 - 11:00AM


Jan 20 - 3:00PM

Feb 11 - 4:00PM


Feb 21 - 6:00PM

Feb 13 - 6:00PM

Feb 3 - 6:00PM

Jan 20 - 6:00PM

Jan 19 ;Feb 9 11:00AM Jan 7 - 4:00PM

Jan 19 - 3:00PM

Guwahati PUC Rukmini Gaon Dispur Zip-781022 Pensioners Bhawan Kushal Nagar Road, Dhalarsatra Near Jail Road Club Zip-785001 Rajib Gandhi Open Institute Silchar Amalapatty Road Zip-788001

Jan 4 - 6:00PM


Jan 7 - 3:00PM


Jan 25 - 11:00AM

Jan 4 ;Feb 8 - 11:00AM


Jan 8 - 4:00PM


Jan 15 - 3:00PM


Jan 28 ;Feb 18 12:30PM

Jan 7 - 1:00PM Jan 25 - 10:00AM

Jan 11 ;Feb 15 - 10:00AM

Jan 4 ;Feb 8 - 10:00AM

Jan 7 - 2:00PM Jan 18 ;Feb 22 - 10:00AM Jan 11 ;Feb 15 11:00AM

Jan 8 - 4:00PM Jan 15 - 1:00PM

Contact ATP Swami Vivekanand Road, Adampur Zip-812001 Jan 18 ;Feb 22 11:00AM

Jan 5, 12, 19, 26 ;Feb 9, 16, 23 - 4:00PM

Gaya ATP Amway India Enterprises, Kamla Vihar , A P Colony

Jan 8 - 3:00PM

Hotel Satkar Katihar

Jan 15 - 2:00PM

Contact ATP Muzaffarpur Shanti Complex , Zila School Road , Mithanpura

Jan 7 ;Feb 4 - 12:30PM

Jan 9 ;Feb 6 - 12:30PM

Jan 21 ;Feb 11 11:00AM

Jan 7 ;Feb 4, 25 - 11:00AM

Jan 16 ;Feb 13 11:00AM

Jan 21 ;Feb 11, 25 - Jan 23 ;Feb 20 12:30PM 11:00AM

Jan 4, 11, 18, 25 ;Feb 8, Amway India Enterprises Sheetal Sadan, East 15, 22 - 4:30PM Jan 3, Boring Canal Road, Zip-800001 10, 17, 24 ;Feb 7, 14, 21 11:00AM


Jan 18 - 1:00PM

Feb 15 - 1:00PM

Jan 25 ;Feb 22 - 12:00PM

Jan 11 ;Feb 8 - 12:00PM

Jan 18 ;Feb 15 - 12:00PM Jan 11 ;Feb 8 1:00PM

Jan 25 ;Feb 22 1:00PM


Jan 23 ;Feb 20 - 5:00PM

Jan 23 ;Feb 20 - 6:00PM

Jan 23 ;Feb 20 - 4:00PM

Jan 9 ;Feb 6 - 4:00PM

Jan 9 ;Feb 6 - 5:00PM

Jan 9 ;Feb 6 - 6:00PM


Jan 10, 24 ;Feb 7 - 12:00PM Jan 17 ;Feb 18 - 12:00PM

Jan 24 ;Feb 14, 21 11:00AM

Jan 7, 17 ;Feb 7, 18 - 11:00AM Jan 10, 21 ;Feb 11 11:00AM

Jan 7, 21 ;Feb 11 12:00PM

Feb 14, 21 - 12:00PM Jan 6, 13, 20, 27 ;Feb 3, 10, 17, 24 - 4:30PM

Amway India Enterprises 215, Shri Ram Plaza, Bank More, Zip-826001 Amway India Enterprises Amway India Enterprises Pvt Ltd. Opp Gopal Maidan, Bistupur

Jan 21 ;Feb 18 - 11:00AM

Jan 25 ;Feb 22 - 12:30PM

Jan 25 ;Feb 22 - 11:00AM

Jan 7 ;Feb 4 - 11:00AM

Jan 11 ;Feb 8 12:30PM

Jan 7 ;Feb 4 12:30PM

Amway India Enterprises Commerce House Sharda Babu Street

Feb 2 - 11:00AM

Jan 3 - 11:00AM

Feb 3 - 2:00PM

Jan 2 - 11:00AM

Feb 7 - 1:30PM



Jan 21 ;Feb 18 12:30PM

Jan 11 ;Feb 8 - 11:00AM

Jan 3, 10, 17, 24 ;Feb 7, 14, 21 - 11:00AM

Jan 5, 12, 19 ;Feb 9, 16, 23 - 11:00AM

Amway India Enterprises Jb-12, Sector 4


Jan 2 - 2:00PM Feb 3 - 11:00AM

Imphal PUC M.G Avenue Road Zip-795001


Jan 10 - 11:00AM


Feb 7 - 12:00PM

Feb 21 - 12:00PM

Jan 20 ;Feb 17 - 4:00PM

Jan 27 ;Feb 24 - 4:00PM


Jan 27 - 5:30PM

Jan 10 - 1:00PM

Feb 14 - 1:00PM

Jan 3 - 1:30PM

Jan 17 - 1:30PM

Jan 3 - 12:00PM

Jan 13 ;Feb 10 - 5:30PM

Jan 6 ;Feb 3 - 4:00PM Jan 13 ;Feb 10 4:00PM Jan 10 - 4:00PM

Amway India Ent. Pvt. Ltd. Capital Plaza 323, Dist. Centre Chandrasekharpur Zip-751007 ATP Jyepore Arabindo Nagar Parabeda

Jan 20 - 5:30PM

Jan 6 - 4:00PM

Jan 20 - 4:00PM

Hotel Deepti Ring Road Near Konark Cinema Zip769001

Jan 4 ;Feb 8 - 4:00PM Feb 8 - 3:00PM

Asansol Asansol PUC, Rambandhutalaw Near PC Chatterjee Market Zip-713301 Kolkata ADC 25 A Shakespeare Sarani Zip-700017

Jan 20 ;Feb 17 - 5:30PM

Jan 6 ;Feb 3 - 5:30PM

Feb 14 - 5:30PM

Jan 10 - 5:30PM

Feb 10 - 5:30PM

Jan 6 - 5:30PM

Feb 14 - 11:30AM

Amway Enterprises Vivekananda Marg 1st Floor, Opp. Convent School Hotel Radha Opposite Old Bus Stand Zip-760001

Jan 17 - 12:00PM


Feb 14 - 4:00PM


Feb 10 - 4:00PM

Feb 24 - 4:00PM


Jan 4 ;Feb 8 - 11:00AM

Jan 4 ;Feb 8 - 12:00PM

Jan 4 ;Feb 8 - 2:00PM


Jan 4 ;Feb 8 - 11:00AM

Jan 4 ;Feb 8 - 12:00PM

Jan 4 - 2:00PM

Feb 8 - 2:00PM

Jan 4 - 3:00PM

Jan 4 ;Feb 8 - 10:00AM

Jan 4 ;Feb 8 - 11:00AM

Jan 4 ;Feb 8 - 12:00PM

Jan 4 ;Feb 8 - 2:00PM

Jan 4 ;Feb 8 - 3:00PM

Jan 4 ;Feb 8 - 4:00PM Jan 4 ;Feb 8 - 5:30PM

Jan 13 ;Feb 10 - 11:00AM

Jan 13 ;Feb 10 - 1:00PM

Jan 11 ;Feb 8 - 1:00PM

Jan 11 ;Feb 8 - 11:00AM

Jan 11 ;Feb 8 - 2:00PM

Jan 12 ;Feb 9 11:00AM

Jan 12 ;Feb 9 1:00PM

Jan 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26 ;Feb 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23 - 5:30PM

Imperial Marketing Services S.C.O. 31, Sec 26 Chandigarh Zip-160019


Jan 23 ;Feb 27 - 10:30AM

Jan 23 ;Feb 27 - 12:30PM

Jan 9 ;Feb 6 - 12:30PM

Jan 9 ;Feb 6 - 10:30AM

Jan 9 ;Feb 6 - 12:30PM


Jan 19 ;Feb 23 - 10:30AM

Jan 19 ;Feb 23 - 12:00PM

Jan 5 ;Feb 9 - 12:00PM

Jan 5 ;Feb 9 - 10:30AM

Jan 5 ;Feb 9 - 12:30PM

Jan 16 ;Feb 13 10:30AM Jan 12 ;Feb 16 11:00AM

Jan 16 ;Feb 13 12:30PM Jan 12 ;Feb 16 1:00PM

Jan 4, 11, 18, 25 ;Feb 8, 15, 22 - 10:30AM Jan 6, 13, 20, 27 ;Feb 3, 10, 17, 24 - 10:30AM

ADC-Delhi Ground Floor, Elegance Tower, Plot No.8, Jasola, Zip-110025 Rohini PUC F 101-102, Ring Road Mall, Mangalam Place, Rohini Sec 3, Zip-110085




Siliguri Hotel Empees, Bidhan Road Opposite Old Dooars Bus Stand Zip-734001



Nutrilite Foundation explains the importance of nutrients, concept, feature benefits & usage of Nutrilite foundation products. Nutrilite Lifestyle & Speciality Products explains the concept, feature benefits & usage of Nutrilite Lifestyle products and Nutrilite Essentials explains the importance of Nutrilite Antioxidants & Nutrilite Essentials & their concepts. Call us for more details : 080-39416600

LIST OF VENUES FOR PRODUCT TRAINING SESSIONS for the month of January - February 2012


New Launches / APSA

Home Care

Personal Care

Nutrilite Life-Style

Nutrilite Foundation

Nutrilite Essentials*






Jan 24 ;Feb 22 - 11:00AM

Jan 24 ;Feb 22 - 1:00PM

Jan 6 ;Feb 3 - 12:30PM

Jan 6 ;Feb 3 - 11:00AM

Jan 6 ;Feb 3 - 1:30PM

Jan 10 ;Feb 21 11:00AM

Jan 10 ;Feb 21 1:00PM

Jan 2, 9, 23 ;Feb 6, 27 11:00AM

Gurgaon ADC MGF Megacity Mall MG Road

Jan 11 ;Feb 8 - 11:00AM

Jan 11 ;Feb 8 - 1:00PM

Jan 10 ;Feb 7 - 1:00PM

Jan 10 ;Feb 7 - 11:00AM

Jan 10 ;Feb 7 - 2:00PM

Jan 9 ;Feb 6 11:00AM

Jan 9 ;Feb 6 - 1:00PM Jan 4, 11, 18, 25 ;Feb 8, 15, 22 - 5:30PM

Jan 21 ;Feb 18 - 2:00PM

Jan 21 ;Feb 18 - 4:00PM

Jan 14 ;Feb 11 - 4:00PM

Jan 14 ;Feb 11 - 2:00PM

Jan 14 ;Feb 11 - 5:00PM

Jan 7 ;Feb 4 - 2:00PM Jan 7 ;Feb 4 - 4:00PM Jan 7, 14, 21 ;Feb 4, 11, 18 - 6:00PM

Welcare Agency C/O Amway India A-7 Mezzanine Floor, KC Plaza Residency Road

Jan 5 ;Feb 9 - 11:00AM

Jan 5 ;Feb 9 - 1:00PM

Jan 12 ;Feb 16 - 1:00PM

Jan 12 ;Feb 16 - 11:00AM

Jan 12 ;Feb 16 - 2:00PM

Jan 19 ;Feb 23 11:00AM

Jan 19 ;Feb 23 1:00PM

Amway PUC SCO 55, Ranjit Avenue, B Block District Shopping Complex Zip-143001

Jan 11 ;Feb 8 - 1:30PM

Jan 11 ;Feb 8 - 11:30AM


Jan 6 ;Feb 3 - 11:00AM

Jan 6 ;Feb 3 - 1:00PM

Jan 13 ;Feb 10 - 1:00PM

Jan 13 ;Feb 10 - 11:00AM

Jan 11 - 1:30PM Feb 8 - 2:30PM Jan 13 ;Feb 10 - 2:00PM


Jan 3 ;Feb 7 - 11:00AM

Jan 3 ;Feb 7 - 1:00PM

Jan 10 ;Feb 14 - 1:00PM

Jan 10 ;Feb 14 - 11:00AM

Jan 10 ;Feb 14 - 2:00PM

Jan 20 ;Feb 17 11:00AM Jan 17 ;Feb 21 11:00AM

Jan 20 ;Feb 17 1:00PM Jan 17 ;Feb 21 1:00PM

Jan 5, 12, 19 ;Feb 9, 16, 23 - 2:30PM Jan 9, 16, 23 ;Feb 6, 13, 20 - 5:00PM Jan 6, 13, 20 ;Feb 3, 10, 17 - 2:30PM Jan 3, 10, 17 ;Feb 7, 14, 21 - 2:30PM

Jan 10 ;Feb 14 - 3:00PM

Jan 10 ;Feb 14 - 5:00PM

Jan 3 ;Feb 7 - 6:00PM

Jan 3 ;Feb 7 - 3:00PM

Jan 3 ;Feb 7 - 5:00PM

Jan 17 ;Feb 21 3:00PM

Jan 17 ;Feb 21 5:00PM

Jaipur PUC Landmark, S-16(A), Mahaveer Marg, CScheme Zip-302001

Jan 12 ;Feb 9 - 3:00PM

Jan 12 ;Feb 9 - 5:00PM

Jan 5 ;Feb 2 - 5:00PM

Jan 5 ;Feb 2 - 2:30PM

Jan 5 ;Feb 2 - 4:00PM

Jan 13 - 7:00PM Jan 20 - 7:00PM

Jan 13 - 5:00PM Jan 20 - 5:00PM

Jan 13 - 6:00PM Jan 20 - 6:00PM

Jan 19 ;Feb 16 3:00PM Feb 10 - 5:00PM Feb 17 - 5:00PM

Jan 19 ;Feb 16 5:00PM Feb 10 - 7:00PM Feb 17 - 7:00PM

Jan 6, 13, 20, 27 ;Feb 3, 10, 17, 24 - 4:00PM Jan 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 ;Feb 6, 13, 27 12:00PM Jan 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 ;Feb 6, 13, 20, 27 - 3:00PM

Jan 25 ;Feb 22 - 12:30PM Jan 11 ;Feb 8 - 1:30PM

Jan 11 ;Feb 8 - 10:30AM

Jan 11 ;Feb 8 - 12:30PM

Jan 18 ;Feb 15 10:30AM

Jan 10 ;Feb 21 - 2:00PM

Jan 9 ;Feb 20 - 11:30AM

Jan 9 ;Feb 20 - 2:00PM

Jan 11 ;Feb 22 11:30AM

Jan 18 ;Feb 15 12:30PM Jan 11 ;Feb 22 2:00PM

Jan 7 ;Feb 11 11:30AM Jan 4 ;Feb 8 11:30AM Jan 21 ;Feb 18 4:30PM

Jan 7 ;Feb 11 Jan 6, 13, 20, 27 ;Feb 3, 10, 2:00PM 17, 24 - 5:00PM Jan 4 ;Feb 8 - 2:00PM Jan 6, 13, 20, 27 ;Feb 3, 10, 17, 24 - 5:00PM Jan 21 ;Feb 18 Jan 5, 12, 19, 26 ;Feb 9, 16, 6:00PM 23 - 6:30PM

Amway India Ent. Pvt. Ltd. First Floor D 63/10 B-1, Mahmorganj Zip-221010


Amway India Enterprises Moon International Hotel Chota Shimla


Bhatinda PUC Imperial Marketing Services Tinkoni Chowk, Near Sepal Hot Jalandhar PUC 186,187, White Chambers Ranjit Nagar, Near Bustand Ludhiana PUC Scf-42 G Brs Nagar Opp Sarabha Ngr Police Stn Zip-141012


Jan 10 ;Feb 14 1:00PM


Jan 25 ;Feb 22 - 10:30AM


Jan 10 ;Feb 21 Jan 10 ;Feb 21 - 11:30AM 3:30PM Jan 7 ;Feb 11 - 3:30PM Jan 6 ;Feb 10 - 11:30AM


Jan 9 ;Feb 20 - 3:30PM

PUC Jodhpur 117/4 PWD Colony Venue- Contact Jaipur PUC For Details Contact Jaipur PUC

Jan 3, 10, 17, 24 ;Feb 7, 14, 21, 28 - 10:30AM Jan 5, 12, 19, 26 ;Feb 9, 16, 23 - 12:00PM

PUC Ghz J-3, J-4, Pushpanjali Complex Rakesh Marg, Nehru Nagar Gorakhpur PUC Kamla Niwas, Kasia Road Paidley Ganj

Jan 6 ;Feb 10 - 2:00PM

Jan 5 ;Feb 9 - 3:30PM

Jan 5 ;Feb 9 - 11:30AM

Jan 5 ;Feb 9 - 2:00PM

Jan 3 ;Feb 7 - 11:30AM

Jan 3 ;Feb 7 - 2:00PM

Jan 2 ;Feb 6 - 3:30PM

Jan 2 ;Feb 6 - 11:30AM

Jan 2 ;Feb 6 - 2:00PM

Jan 21 ;Feb 18 6:00PM

Jan 15 ;Feb 12 - 11:30AM

Jan 15 ;Feb 12 - 2:00PM

Jan 14 ;Feb 11 - 6:00PM

Jan 14 ;Feb 11 - 2:00PM

Jan 14 ;Feb 11 - 4:30PM

Jan 5 ;Feb 9 - 2:00PM

Jan 3 ;Feb 7 - 11:00AM

Jan 3 ;Feb 7 - 1:00PM

Jan 4 ;Feb 8 - 2:00PM

Jan 4 ;Feb 8 - 11:00AM

Jan 4 ;Feb 8 - 1:00PM

Jan 5 ;Feb 9 11:00AM

Jan 5 ;Feb 9 - 1:00PM Jan 3, 10, 17, 24 ;Feb 7, 14, 21 - 4:00PM

PUC Dehradun C-1/103,110 &111 Indira Nagar S Near Vaibhaw Sweets Zip-248006


Jan 28 ;Feb 18 - 10:00AM

Jan 28 ;Feb 18 - 12:00PM

Jan 7 ;Feb 4 - 11:30AM

Jan 7 ;Feb 4 - 10:00AM

Jan 7 ;Feb 4 - 12:30PM


Jan 5 - 3:00PM

Jan 21 ;Feb 11 10:00AM Feb 2 - 3:00PM

Jan 21 ;Feb 11 12:00PM Feb 2 - 5:00PM


Feb 18 - 10:00AM

Feb 18 - 12:00PM

Jan 7 ;Feb 4 - 11:30AM

Jan 7 ;Feb 4 - 10:00AM

Jan 7 ;Feb 4 - 12:30PM

Jan 21 - 10:00AM

Jan 21 - 12:00PM

Hyderabad PUC No 6-3-563/26/A Flat No :1&2 Somavarapu Heights, Erramanzil Zip-500008 Hotel S.V. Regency No : 40 - 581, S.V. Complex Railway Station Road Zip-518004 Hotel Plr Grand Near RTC Bus Station Zip-517502


Jan 2 - 4:00PM

Jan 2 - 6:00PM

Feb 6 - 5:30PM

Feb 6 - 4:00PM

Feb 6 - 6:30PM

Jan 9 - 5:30PM

Jan 9 - 4:00PM

Jan 9 - 6:30PM

Feb 13 - 4:00PM

Feb 13 - 6:00PM


Kanpur ULOC Amway India Enterprises G F117/N/96 A1 Market, Kakadeo Amway India Enterprises Raja Ram Kumar, Plaza, 75-Hazratganj








Vijayawada MPUC Office No: 27-33-1, Kamaraju Center, Governerpet, Zip-520002 Sri Vaishnavi Conference Hall 2nd Floor, Leela Plaza, Opp. Hirawath Store, Daba Gardens Zip-530020


Jan 9 ;Feb 6 - 3:00PM

Jan 9 ;Feb 6 - 5:00PM

Jan 30 ;Feb 27 - 3:00PM

Jan 16, 30 ;Feb 13, 27 3:00PM

Jan 16 ;Feb 13 - 3:00PM

Jan 23 ;Feb 20 3:00PM

Jan 23 ;Feb 20 3:00PM


Jan 10 ;Feb 7 - 10:30AM

Jan 10 ;Feb 7 - 12:00PM

Jan 17 ;Feb 14 - 12:30PM

Jan 17 ;Feb 14 - 10:30AM


Jan 9 ;Feb 6 - 10:30AM

Jan 9 ;Feb 6 - 12:00PM

Jan 16 ;Feb 13 - 12:30PM

Jan 16 ;Feb 13 - 10:30AM

Jan 24 ;Feb 21 12:00PM Jan 23 ;Feb 23 12:00PM

Jan 6, 10, 13, 17, 20, 24, 27 - 4:00PM Jan 6, 10, 13, 17, 20, 24, 27 - 4:00PM


Jan 11 ;Feb 8 - 10:30AM

Jan 11 ;Feb 8 - 12:00PM

Jan 18 ;Feb 15 - 12:30PM

Jan 18 ;Feb 15 - 10:30AM

Jan 17 ;Feb 14 - 11:30AM Jan 24 ;Feb 21 10:30AM Jan 16 ;Feb 13 - 11:30AM Jan 23 ;Feb 23 10:30AM Jan 18 ;Feb 15 - 11:30AM Jan 11 ;Feb 8 -

Jan 11 ;Feb 8 12:00PM

Jan 6, 10, 13, 17, 20, 24, 27 - 4:00PM


Amway India Enterprises ADC No.243, 80 Feet Road, Defence Colony, Indiranagar, Zip-560008 Cochin Amway India Enterprises Nh-47 Bye Pass ,Vyttila Thrissur Amway India Enterprises Guruvayoor Road Trivandrum Amway India Enterprises Sasthamangalam, Srkmh Road

Nutrilite Foundation explains the importance of nutrients, concept, feature benefits & usage of Nutrilite foundation products. Nutrilite Lifestyle & Speciality Products explains the concept, feature benefits & usage of Nutrilite Lifestyle products and Nutrilite Essentials explains the importance of Nutrilite Antioxidants & Nutrilite Essentials & their concepts. Call us for more details : 080-39416600

LIST OF VENUES FOR PRODUCT TRAINING SESSIONS for the month of January - February 2012


New Launches / APSA

Home Care

Personal Care


Jan 17 ;Feb 14 - 10:30AM

Jan 10 ;Feb 14 - 12:45PM


Jan 9 ;Feb 6 - 10:30AM

Jan 9 ;Feb 6 - 1:00PM


Jan 5 ;Feb 9 - 11:00AM

Jan 5 ;Feb 9 - 1:00PM


Jan 10 ;Feb 7 - 10:30AM

Jan 10 ;Feb 7 - 1:15PM


Jan 11 ;Feb 8 - 10:30AM

Jan 11 ;Feb 8 - 1:00PM

Feb 16 - 6:00PM Feb 15 - 12:00PM

Jan 19 - 7:00PM Jan 18 - 1:00PM




Nutrilite Life-Style

Nutrilite Essentials*

Jan 11 - 12:15PM

Jan 11 - 10:30AM

Jan 11 - 1:15PM

Jan 17 - 12:45PM

Jan 17 ;Feb 21 - 10:30AM

Feb 21 - 12:45PM

Jan 16 - 12:45PM Jan 12 - 1:00PM

Jan 16 ;Feb 13 - 10:30AM Jan 12 ;Feb 16 - 11:00AM

Feb 13 - 12:45PM Feb 16 - 1:00PM

Jan 17 - 12:45PM

Jan 17 ;Feb 14 - 10:30AM

Feb 14 - 12:45PM

Feb 15 - 12:45PM


Nutrilite Foundation

Jan 18 ;Feb 15 - 10:30AM





Pondicherry Reena Mahal Moolakulam Zip-605010 Jan 24 ;Feb 28 10:30AM

Jan 24 ;Feb 28 12:30PM

Jan 5, 10, 12, 17, 19, 24 ;Feb 7, 9, 14, 16, 21, 23, 28 - 5:00PM

Jan 23 ;Feb 20 10:30AM

Jan 23 ;Feb 20 12:45PM

Coimbatore Amway India Enterprises 1603 Trichy Road Zip-641018

Jan 19 ;Feb 23 11:00AM

Jan 19 ;Feb 23 1:00PM

Shristi Mahal 41,8Th Street, Tatabad, Zip-641012 Erode Amway India Enterprises Perundurai Road Zip-638001

Jan 24 ;Feb 21 10:30AM

Jan 24 ;Feb 21 12:15PM

Jan 25 ;Feb 22 10:30AM

Jan 25 ;Feb 22 12:45PM

Feb 16 - 7:00PM Feb 15 - 2:00PM

Jan 19 - 8:00PM Jan 18 - 2:00PM

Jan 4, 11, 18, 25 ;Feb 8, 15, 22 - 4:30PM

Jan 18 - 12:45PM

Chennai Amway India Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. 32&46, Sie, Guindy Zip-600032

Maditssia Auditorium 1A/4A,Ambedkarsalai, Near Madurai Corporation Madurai Amway India Enterprises, A 2 SIDCO Industrial Estate, Zip-625007 Hotel Shri Shaanth Opp To New Bus Stand, Zip-636004 Salem Amway India Enterprises 36/07 Seelanayankan Patti Zip-636201


CHHATTISGARH Jan 19 - 6:00PM Jan 18 - 12:00PM

Jan 19 - 5:00PM Jan 18 - 11:00AM


Jan 14 - 12:00PM

Jan 14 - 12:00PM


Feb 19 - 1:00PM

Jan 22 - 1:00PM

Feb 19 - 1:00PM

Ama Hall Ashram Road Bh Old Nataraj Cinema

Jan 29 - 3:00PM Feb 26 - 2:00PM

Feb 26 - 3:00PM

Jan 29 - 3:00PM


Jan 22 - 2:00PM

Feb 26 - 2:00PM


Feb 19 - 1:00PM

Jan 15 - 1:00PM

Feb 19 - 1:00PM

Rosary School Rosary School Rajkot Chambers Of Commerce Chambers Of Commerce Hall, Near Corporation Chock, Rajkot Jeevanbharti




Feb 26 - 3:00PM

Feb 5 - 10:30AM Feb 21 - 2:00PM

Jan 8 - 12:00PM Feb 14 - 9:00PM


Feb 12 - 10:30AM Feb 7 - 12:00PM Jan 19 - 12:00PM

Jan 19 - 12:00PM


Feb 4 - 2:00PM Jan 7 12:00PM Jan 15 - 10:30AM

Feb 7 - 12:00PM Feb 17 - 12:00PM Feb 5 - 11:00AM Feb 3 - 1:00PM

Jan 10 - 12:00PM Feb 17 - 12:00PM Jan 8 - 11:00AM Feb 3 - 11:00AM Jan 6 12:00PM

Jan 5 - 2:30PM

Jan 5 - 2:30PM

Feb 16 - 5:00PM Feb 15 - 1:00PM

Feb 11 - 12:00PM

Jan 8 - 10:30AM Jan 7 ;Feb 4 - 2:00PM

Jan 21 - 2:00PM

Feb 11 - 12:00PM

Jan 21 - 2:00PM

Feb 12 - 10:30AM

Feb 5 - 11:00AM Jan 6 - 11:00AM Jan 6 12:00PM

Feb 13 - 12:00PM

Feb 12 - 12:00PM

Jan 15 - 10:30AM

Feb 12 - 10:30AM

Goa Woodlands Hotel Behind City Bus Stand Minguel Loyala Furtado Road

Amway CBD Ana Enterprises Sector 15 Request Venue Kolhapur Cluster Andheri ADC Chakala, Landmark Building, Andheri Kurla Road, Zip-400069 Patrakar Bhawan Near Panchshil Talkies Dhantoli Hotel Ramkrishna Near Bus Stand Nr DRS Lane Rotary Hall Rotary Hall, Near Ganjmal Bus Meera Hospital Shankar Seth Road Shankar Seth Road

Jan 10 - 12:00PM

Feb 13 - 2:00PM

BMG Hall Near Sai Mandir Sector 6 Zip-490006 Amway India Enterprises 159, Mahalakshmi Cloth Market Pandari Zip-492001

Feb 2 - 2:30PM

Feb 2 - 2:30PM

Jan 16 - 12:00PM

Jan 16 - 2:00PM


Feb 5 - 11:00AM

Jan 8 - 1:00PM

Jan 8 - 12:00PM

Jan 9 - 12:00PM Jan 8 - 11:00AM

Jan 9 - 12:00PM Feb 5 - 12:00PM

Feb 7 - 12:00PM Feb 5 - 1:00PM

Feb 7 - 12:00PM Jan 8 - 2:00PM


Feb 27 - 4:00PM

Jan 29 - 1:00PM

Jan 29 - 12:00PM

Jan 29 - 11:00AM

Feb 27 - 3:00PM

Feb 27 - 4:00PM

Jan 29 - 2:00PM


Jan 8 - 12:00PM

Feb 5 - 1:00PM

Feb 5 - 12:00PM

Feb 5 - 11:00AM

Jan 8 - 11:00AM

Jan 8 - 1:00PM

Feb 5 - 2:00PM


Feb 17 - 1:00PM

Jan 20 - 3:00PM

Jan 20 - 2:00PM

Jan 20 - 1:00PM

Feb 17 - 2:00PM

Feb 17 - 3:00PM

Jan 20 - 4:00PM


Feb 10 - 4:00PM

Jan 13 - 6:00PM

Jan 13 - 5:00PM

Jan 13 - 4:00PM

Feb 10 - 5:00PM

Feb 10 - 6:00PM

Jan 13 - 7:00PM

Pimpri Pimpri Pimpri SKF Union Hall Opp Telco Gate, Chinchwad Near Acharya Atre Bhawan Request Venue Solapur Solapur Sushil Rasik Sabha Gruha Amway Thane Lake City Mall Kapurbawdi Junction Mahasul Prabhodini Aurangabad Aurangabad PUC Bhopal Amway India Enterprises, 1-A/B Pink Towers, Ashoka Garden Square, Raisen Road. Zip462023 Indore PUC 128, Juhi Plaza, Kanchan Baugh Opposite Hotel Crown Palace Zip-452001 Pritam Lal Dua Sabhagar Near High Court, Regal Square M.G Road, Indore Zip-452001 Caravs Guest House 15, Civil Lines, P.B. No 48 Near Main Rly Station Zip-482001 Hotel Surya Park Near Bus Stand, Rewa Road Zip485001

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