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Twist of FAITH


Issue 7 MAY 2016

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kers! r o w t h g i L ay Hey Everyd Faith is without a doubt the most difficult principle that I find my students, clients and the general public struggle with. Ironically it is one of the most rewarding to master. And I am not just talking about believing in something greater than ourselves here. We are taking it a step further. You could say that we have a faith muscle of sorts and it needs to be exercised! In this edition we are inspired to find out the various ways our wonderful contributors have done their own exercising! Our Cover Story (pg 5-8) is an interesting take on how much faith one needs to have as a Psychic Medium and the adventures that Mary Saint Louis experiences in many unorthodox settings and events. Learn how she is changing the face of being a Psychic Medium. One of my favourite articles (pg 31-33) was submitted by A J Millions who shares how her faith was impacted when her mother went missing several years ago. Expect tingles and tears as you read her story and how this contributed to her creating ‘Leading the Way International’ in working with horses to assist people to evolve. We have Anne Aleckson, Soul Speaker from ‘Mind Your Own Vibration’ sharing her journey (pg 10-11) of how a simple quiz tested her faith and may assist you in yours! We have so many regular and new contributors sharing their very personal experiences with their faith being both tested and confirmed. I feel so privileged to have been the first to set eyes on them. Thank you all so much! I share with you my snapshot on how faith can assist us to raise our frequency and restore our faith in the human race! This is often tested isn’t it? But enlightenment is inevitable! (pg 26-27)

2 | May 2016 | Lightworker Advocate

Next month we are onto the principle of Responsibility. We are stepping out of blame, out of our past, into our future and ensuring that we take good care not to carry or enable others along the way. I am hoping that we hear from empaths as to how you manage and take responsibility for your energy – yes you! If you have a story or article you would like to share, please submit it by 15 May. Email articles to Here’s an upcoming snapshot of the 12 principles and the month that they will feature. We do accept articles in advance if you have a favorite principle that you are inspired to share on. We find that our contributors benefit greatly from the submission process. Often the principle that they are working on in their life is the very one they need to write about! See, this magazine is raising vibrations of everyone, contributors, readers and of course those who just haven’t discovered it in its physical form – yet. Please share it around! June - Responsibility July - Love August - Wholeness September - Joy October - Peace November - Honesty Dec '16/Jan '17 - Open-mindedness Feb – Willingness March – Forgiveness April – Discipline May – Unity June - Faith Blessings of abundance to you all!


Contents Cover Story 5-7 Marie Sant Louis - Twist of Faith by Michelle Lightworker Faith wisdom 8-9 Soul Vibrations & Faith with Anne Aleckson 12 Divine Faith Heals with Jessika VidalJohnson 13 Evidence & Faith with Fiona Brown 14 Is There A Wrong Way To Practise Faith? with Katrina Hunter 15 Anxiety Diaries - Managing Anxiety with Faith with Amy Young 17 Keeping the Faith with Stacy Bridge Reeve 18 The Importance of Faith with Megan Freeland

21 Feyth with Lynn Merrin 22 Higher Ordered Faith with Tammy L Majchrzak 24-25 Faith Is My Calling Card with Diane Goodchild 26-27 Let Faith Magic Your Life with Michelle Lighworker 28-29 Soul Surrender with Jade Banks 30 It's the Little Steps That Amount To The Biggest Faith with Candy Bowden 31-33 A Story of Faith with AJ Millions 34-35 Patience & Faith! Mars, Pluto & Mercury in Retro! with Chirone Shakti The Principle Project 36-37 Faith with Amy Young

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Twist of Faith with Michelle Lightworker Gracing our   cover   this   month   is   the   beautiful   inside   and   out   Marie   Saint   Louis.   I   was  blessed  to  be  able  to  connect  with  this   lovely   lady   and   hear   all   about   how   she   has   strengthened   her   faith   over   the   years   through   her   work   as   a   Psychic   Medium   in   the   most   unusual   places   and   events!   We   love   open-­‐mindedness   (it   is   one   of   the   12   Everyday   Lightworker   principles   after   all)   and   this   is   no   ordinary   Psychic   Medium.   W i t h   s w i n g e r s   p a r t i e s ,   H o l ly wo o d   Halloween   parties   and   Biker   events   in   her   repertoire,   we   are   here   to   celebrate   her   wonderful   work   with   everyday   people.   We   love  demystifying  the  Lightworker!  So  here   she   is   speaking   about   all   things   faith   and   her  new  book  RSVP  from  Heaven... How  did  you  become  a  Psychic  Medium? Even   though   I   enjoy   reading   various   topics   related   to   spirituality,   I   have   never   taken   a   class   or   studied   to   become   a   Psychic   Medium.    

awareness fundraiser,   several   Hollywood   Halloween   parties,   and   even   an   upscale   swinger’s   New   Years   Eve   party   held   at   an   exclusive   resort.   I   Mind   every   social   gathering   an   optimal   time   to   bring   my   spiritual  gifts  to  others. How  has  your  faith  been  tested  in  doing   the  work  you  do? Absolutely.   I   wasn’t   led   by   spirit   down   an   easy   road   and   am   convinced   it   would   be   safer  and  less  challenging  if  I  just  conducted   readings   in   a   quaint   book   store.   I’ve   had   a   tremendous  amount  of  rejection  from  event   coordinators   (and   the   general   public)   who   were  not  thrilled  for  me  to  take  part  in  their   events.   I   believe   mainly,   many   people   still   believe   the  dreaded  negative  stereotypes  of

My Mirst   experience,   was   at   Mive   years   old   when  I  began  communicating  with  spirits  of   the   deceased.   I   began   to   see   dark   shadowy   Migures  in  our  home  and  making  predictions   about  my  family,  friends,  and  neighbors  that   soon  came  to  fruition. What  kinds  of  events  do  you  do? I   love   the   thrill   of   meeting   new   people   at   the   most   amazing   social   gatherings   that   range  from  festivals,  charity  events,  private   parties,  and  a  host  of  others.   Each  year,  I  do  take  part  in  psychic  fairs,  but   I’ve   also   have   enjoyed   sharing   guidance   at   a   medical   marijuana   festival,   breast   cancer  

Lightworker Advocate | May 2016 | 5

It’s common   for   me   to   have   people   smirk,   roll   their   eyes,   and   sometimes   just   blatantly   tell   me   they   don’t   believe   in   psychics,   or   that   it   is   sinful   and   the   work   of   the   devil.   You   have   to   have   a   thick   skin   to   share   spiritual  readings  during  public  events. A   few   months   ago,   I   was   actually   followed   out  to  my  car  by  two  men  after  an  all  night   celebration.   One   man   kept   yelling   at   me   “Hey,   are   you   the   psychic   lady?”   until   I   turned  around  to  see  what  he  wanted  from   me.   He   was   visually   agitated   ridged   body,   hands   balled   up   into   a   Mist,   and   his   eyes   were  bloodshot.  I  stepped  back  because  he   was   only   inches   away   from   me   and   I   thought  he  was  going  to  hit  me.  

psychics (being   fake,   con   artists,   putting   curses   on   people   etc.)   and   I   have   to   dispel   this   every   day.   Faith   makes   it   possible   for   me   to   continue   on   my   path   and   minimize   any   fear   that   may   hinder   my   progress   on   reaching  my  goals. At  my  Mirst  event  which  was  a  radio  station   sponsored  swap  meet,  I  was  told  that  “I  was   going   to   Hell   because   God   doesn’t   like   psychics”   by   a   woman   identifying   herself   as   a   born   again   Christian.   Not   an   easy   situation  for  any  person  to  be  in  but  it  was   an  incredible  learning  experience  because  it   assisted  me  in  handling  many  more  people   over  the  years. On  the  other  hand,  I’ve  met  some  wonderful   people   who   have   embraced   that   I   am   unique  in  my  approach.  In  the  long  run,  my   faith   teaches   me   that   I’ve   touched   so   many   people’s   lives   in   a   positive   way   and   will   continue  on  with  my  journey.     How   do   you   bounce   back   from   skeptics   at  your  events?

66 | May 2016 2016||Lightworker LightworkerAdvocate Advocate

When I   asked   him   what   he   wanted   he   replied   “My   friend   told   me   were   a   real   psychic   and   I   want   you   to   prove   it   to   me   NOW!”   The   other   man   stepped   in   and   attempted  to  calm  him  down.  I  handed  him   my   business   card   and   told   him   to   schedule   an  appointment  and  walked  away.   The   way   I   handle   skeptics   now   is   completely   different   then   when   I   began   over   ten   years   ago.   I   used   to   say   nothing   and   just   let   the   person   vent   and   walk   way.   Now,   when   people   say   or   do   anything  

derogative, I   tell   them   they   don’t   have   to   believe   and   thank   them   for   letting   me   know   how   they   feel.   What   I   found   out   about  skeptics  is  they  are  often  too  scared   to   believe   but   once   they   sit   down   for   a   reading  they  call  me  back  for  a  follow  up   session.   What   do   you   do   daily   to   increase   your   faith? Every   night,   I   light   my   spiritual   candles   and  recite  a  series  of  prayers,  novenas  to   various  saints,  and  recite  the  rosary.    It’s  a   routine  I’ve  committed  myself  to  for  many   years.   During   this   time,   I   listen   to   guidance   from   my   angels   and   spirit   guides.   I   also   listen   to   reiki   and   guided   meditation  cd’s  to  clear  and  unwind  from   my  day. Faith   is   much   more   than   reciting   prayers   or  just  talking  about  what  goals  you  want   to   achieve.   It   develops   by   being   in   situations   where   you   feel   like   giving   up.   A   person   must   listen   to   their   inner   voice,   secondly   have   patience,   and   thirdly,   take   action   by   working   towards   that   goal   in   order  to  increase  your  faith. What's   your   book   RSVP   from   Heaven   about?

a psychic   medium   that   has   spent   years   sharing   guidance   and   communicating   with  the  deceased  for  people  at  the  most   amazing   parties   and   unique   events   around.   Some   of   these   events   may   be   controversial   in   the   eyes   of   others.   Of   course,   it   wasn’t   easy   because   I   battled   social   anxiety,   rejection,   and   skeptics   along  the  way. Readers  will  sit  tableside  with  me  during   readings  at  an  Arizona  casino  swap  meet   and   have   front   row   seats   with   costumed   guests   during   three   nights   of   dazzling   Hollywood   Halloween   parties.   You   never   will  know  where  I  will  show  up  next! Told  in  a  down  to  earth  and  often  intimate   style,   I   share   true   tales   of   the   compelling   people   I   meet   who   are   searching   for   direction  in  love,  career,  family,  relocation,   and  other  topics.  In  the  midst  of  busy  fairs   and   festivals,   I   pass   messages   on   from   deceased   loved   ones   to   the   individuals   seated  at  my  vendor  table. RSVP   from   Heaven   is   a   fresh   new   approach   in   spiritual   books   that   will   entertain   and   captivate   readers   around   the  world.  It  is  a  remarkable  timeless  tale   about   the   shared   emotions   we   experience   as   people   and   our   quest   to   Mind   answers   while  living  our  personal  journeys.

RSVP from   Heaven   is   about   my   life   as  

Lightworker Advocate | May 2016 | 7

What's next? I  am  currently  writing  book  #2  in  the  RSVP  from   Heaven   series   and   other   creative   projects.   The   second  book,  will  take  readers  on  more  exciting   journeys.   One   chapter   will   be   about   my   experiences   sharing   readings   with   guests   at   a   Tattoo   and   Motorcycle   event   with   over   1,000   bikers   in   attendance.   Everyone   was   wearing   headbands   and  leather!  I  gave  psychic  readings  and  shared   messages  from  deceased  loved  ones  while  tattoo  

8 | May 2016 | Lightworker Advocate

artists (who   were   set   up   next   to   me)   imbedded  colorful  ink  into   the   skin   of   attendees.   Well Marie, there is so much to look forward to in the future. As you can see from all the pictures here of the places you have applied your faith, we can understand it would always be interesting. You are certainly paving the way for creative ways unfolding for the Psychic industry. We look forward to seeing and reading your adventures! - Michelle Lightworker

Soul Vibrations &


with Soul Speaker Anne Aleckson

Early last year I set out to start living a truly soul led life, a life of faith and of following the whisperings and the wanderings of my inner guide – my soul self. Little did I know the journey it would take me on. It wasn't easy by any stretch of the imagination. Following a soul led life goes against everything that has been driving the human form since the beginning of our existence, therefore it also goes against societal norms and alienating friends and family alike who don’t understand what you are doing. They ask you "Why don't you just get a job?" or "Why can't you just be like a normal person?" and you’re often left slipping in confidence and faith. You may even go through a crisis of faith where your trust in your soul and your self waivers in the presence of another strong connected friend who wants you to follow the path they see before you, but which you know is not your true path, just as I did. There did come a time when I started to find myself obsessed with a new thought around wrapping up the teachings and the work I had been doing for the past 9 years and it started to make sense. For these past 9 years I have been working with a group of non-physical beings around healing emotional trauma and have been channelling the guides, providing spoken guidance to help our friends and clients improve their lives by lifting their vibration and stepping into their rightful position as creator of their own reality. It took a lot of faith on my part to hear them say that it was time to wrap up our work as it had been and to do so through creating something that would carry on the work for 10| May 2016 | Lightworker Advocate

those who required it and yet allow myself and the guides to move into the next level of work we were to now step into. I took the leap of faith required and followed my soul guidance, creating the What Is Your Soul Vibration Quiz which comprises all the various elements of the work I’ve been doing for the past 9 years. It took me 5 months of sleepless nights, new realisations, a little madness and obsession as well as complete faith to create the quiz consisting of 6 questions which give you your Soul Vibration Persona, then leading you to a 10 page beautifully designed Persona book which details the vibration of your soul, the challenges you will encounter in this lifetime in the areas of money flow, purpose and self-care and the solution for each of them. It goes into details about the spiritual gifts or innate abilities that you are able to most easily awaken within you. You will find out which ArchAngel and which Master Guide is waiting for your call and suggests the best place for you to travel to on your spiritual quest. Letting my soul lead me through faith to the creation of the quiz allowed it to pour through me during the creation phase, often leaving me shaking my head in wonder and what was being created through me, for me and for you. I'm opening to my next adventure and to new guides coming into my non-physical team and I can't wait to share it with you to add to what you have learned about yourself and your soul vibration through the quiz. Anne Aleckson Take the quiz at www.Mind

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Divine Faith Heals Enlightened Journeys presents Jessika. A talented Psychic Medium, Holy Fire Reiki Master, Paranormal Investigator, Angel Therapist and Psychic Detective.

- Jessika Vidal-Johnson A channeled   message   from   Jesus   on   Faith   By   Psychic  Medium  Jessika  Vidal-­‐Johnson   "We   experience   degrees   of   suffering   at   different   times   in   our   lives.   Know   beloved   children   that   all   suffering   is   truly   only   experienced   in   the   present   moment   and   remember  that  all  present  moments  do  pass.   When  we  suffer  we  render  ourselves  hopeless   to  suffering  and  to  all  the  experiences  that  we   ourselves  have  manifested  in  our  lives.  We  are   actively  choosing  in  that  very  moment  to  live   in  a  state  of  hopelessness  and  despair.  Yet  it  is   from  this  state  of  emotional  sterility,  it  is  from   this   state   of   hopelessness   and   despair   that   inner  strength  and  the  purist  form  of  Faith  is   reborn.   For  as  I  said  dearest  ones  that  these  emotions   and   all   suffering   are   only   temporary   no   matter   the   severity.   In   life   we   do   fall   down   and  each  time  that  we  fall  we  rise  again  as  a   more   evolved   stronger   and   wiser   version   of   us.   So   you   see   that   in   a   sense   the   challenges   and   suffering   that   we   endure   here   in   the   physical   plain   are   necessary   and   part   of   the   process   for   our   soul   development.   It   is   through   this   process   that   we   develop   and   shape  our  character.   I   ask   you   now   to   have   faith   in   this   very   necessary   process,   and   know   that   your   degree   of   suffering   is   entirely   your   choice.   You   get   to   choose   your   experience   here.   You   can   create   a   heaven   or   a   hell   upon   Earth   for   you  are  the  only  one  that  holds  the  power  to  

shape your   own   reality.   You   can   choose   to   suffer   through   life,   or   you   can   choose   to   gently  Vlow  through  the  turbulence  of  life.  You   can  choose  to  actively  live  in  Faith.   When   we   are   living   in   faith   we   are   untouchable.   We   are   always   safe,   we   are   always   taken   care   of   and   we   are   consciously   opening   ourselves   up   to   miracles.   How   I   manifested   miracles   here   on   the   physical   plain   was   through   divine   faith.   If   I   had   not   believed   that   I   could   create   a   miracle,   if   did   not   have   undoubted   faith   in   myself   and   the   Divine,   a   miracle   would   not   have   been   possible.   So   I   say   to   you   healers   and   Lightworkers   of   the   world   if   you   want   to   heal   others   of   their   ailments   you   must   believe   that   you   can.   You   must   have   faith   that   the   healing   will   take   place   and   to   do   this   you   must   forget   everything   that   you   have   ever   heard   about   the   disease   or   ailment   that   you   are   trying   to   heal.  Know  that  all  healing  must  take  place  in   spirit   Virst.   Once   the   spirit   is   healed   the   physical   manifestation   which   is   the   ailment   or  disease  will  disappear.   Also  know  Dear  Ones,  that  the  person  you  are   trying   to   heal   must   also   have   faith   that   they   can   be   healed   but   they   must   want   to   be   healed   and   their   burden   lifted   more   importantly.   Faith   must   be   experienced   on   both  ends  through  the  healer  and  the  healee.  I   am   the   Ascended   Master   Jesus   Christ   and   I   have   undoubted   faith   in   each   and   every   one   of  you.  Namaste."

You may contact Jessika on Facebook at this link for a personal reading.

12 | May 2016 | Lightworker Advocate

Evidence of Faith with Fiona Brown

Faith has   come   to   me   in   so   many   different   total   trust   of   the   Universe’s   design,   the   ways   over   the   last   several   weeks.   First   it   has   opening   of   the   third   eye   energy,   the   been  shown  in  the  origina8on  of  an  idea  that   blossoming   of   a   full   loving   heart   and   the   has   arisen   in   someone’s   mind   and   they   have   anchoring   of   all   their   individual   crea8ve   shared   this   with   me.   As   we   verbally   process   energy   in   their   base   chakra.   I   am   struck   by   emo8ons   and   ideas   -­‐   I   have   been   witness   to   and  in  awe  of  their  unwavering  FAITH.  And  as   the   transforma8on   of   ideas   into   the   hear?elt   each   day   unfolds,   magic   moment   aJer   magic   desire  –  and  the  birth  of  a  soul  purpose.  Today   moment  occurs.  Then  a  miracle  and  a  blessing   I   share   with   you   how   and  a  fortuitous  event   such  transforma8ons,   a n d   t h e n   s o m e   FAITH is a trust in ourselves journeys   and   desire   sy n c h ro n i c i t y   a n d   have   been   evidence   and our guidance to fully be synergy   and   then   of  FAITH  for  me. vo i l a !   C l o s e r   a n d   on purpose, in our purpose c l o s e r   t o   t h e i r   I  feel  and  see  Faith  as   purpose.   You   can   feel   and fully being our purpose an   awakening   to   the   it,  taste  it  and  smell  it   truth   of   who   we   are   w h e n   i t   i s   s o   and  then  the  evolving   close……..then   it   washes   over   them   and   of  seFng  into  mo8on  the  ac8ons  to  achieve  a   through   them   –   filling   them   up   so   they   feel   goal,   purpose   or   ideal.   I   have   recently   been   overwhelmed  and  almost  bought  to  a  climax.   mentoring   some   female   students   and   friends   Then  it  pours  out  of  them  from  their  hearts,  in   in   their   quest   for   their   Soul   purpose.   The   their   language,   through   their   body   in   one   women   on   their   journey   have   shown   me   so   form  of  love  aJer  another  like  a  giJ  to  every   much  and  I  have  been  struck  by  their  faith  in   soul  they  come  into  contact  with  ……..  and  so   themselves   and   their   drive   and   their   ideas.   it   is   that   those   Souls   embrace   the   love   and   They  have  fully  trusted  the  feelings  they  have   shine  it  back  to  the  giver  tenfold. in   their   body   and   the   pictures   they   receive   from   the   Universe.   They   can   see   ahead   for   And   so   it   is   that   FAITH   is   a   trust   in   ourselves   themselves,   they   can   feel   the   strength   and   and   our   guidance   to   fully   be   on   purpose,   in   pull   of   their   project,   idea,   future   coming   to   our   purpose   and   fully   being   our   purpose   in   frui8on.   They   all   take   step   aJer   step   toward   each  and  every  moment  from  the  heart  of  self   their   future   –   then   they   pause   –   then   they   to  the  heart  of  others.   listen  –  then  they  have  more  feelings  and  then   Fiona M Brown, Master Lightworker the   mo8on   begins   again   with   love   and   Practitioner, Soul to Earth Therapies devo8on  from  the  heart. +61438 563 883 As   I   witness   their   journeys,   I   observe   their  

Lightworker Advocate | May 2016 | 13

Is there a


way to practice faith? with Katrina Hunter

When I  was  a  liRle  girl  I  always  had  faith.  I  was   op8mis8c   and   always   looked   at   the   good   and   wonder   in   things   and   people.   I   remember   having   Religious   educa8on   in   school   which   required  a  real  life  nun  complete  with  her  habit   and   all,   that   came   to   teach   us   all   about   being   a   Catholic   and   what   that   means.   This   was   my   introduc8on   to   Faith.   She   was   so   nice   that   it   made   me   go   home   at   night   and   pray   on   my   knees  by  the  side  of  my  bed.  This  Faith  stuff  is   simple,  I  thought.  If  you  do  this  every  day  only   good   things   will   happen.   Well,   so   I   was   programmed  to  believe. I  grew  up  in  a  what  I  later  learned  in  life  was  an   extremely   dysfunc8onal   household   riddled   with  abuse  and  I’m  not  talking  of  the  once  in  a   blue  moon  abuse.  I’m  talking  of  the  consistent   day   to   day   abuse   that   seemed   like   that   was   my   eternal  hell  never  to  be  released  from  because   I   had   clearly   done   so   many   bad   things   in   this   life   (even   though   I   was   so   young)   and   any   previous  lives.  Yes,  this  is  what  I  believed. AJer  many  years  I  had  made  up  my  mind,  I  will   no  longer  have  faith  in  God  or  anything  else  for   that   maRer.   Evil   is   evil   and   there’s   no   geFng   around   it.   No   more   praying   because   that   was   for  dreamers. I  began  to  lead  a  life  of  bitchy  biRerness,  secret   jealousy’s,  sarcasm  and  the  use  of  alcohol  and   experimental   drugs   just   added   to   my   already   destruc8ve  behaviour  and  thinking  paRerns.   I   found   myself   in   less   than   posi8ve   situa8ons   that  snowballed  into  a  series  of  terrible  events   from   more   abusive   treatment   from   those   I   14 | May 2016 | Lightworker Advocate

believed loved   me,   to   having   severe   self-­‐ loathing,  low  self-­‐esteem/respect  etc. Thankfully,  aJer  several  years  and  five  children   later,   somewhere   in   the   darkness   of   what   I   thought   was   my   reality,   there   it   was,   Faith.   Faith  came  to  me  in  every  form.  It  started  with   me   being   pulled   to   aRend   Spiritual   Church.   From   this   stemmed   medita8on   classes   then   I   found   that   people   and   books   were   placed   before   me   as   vessels   for   the   true   meaning   of   Faith.   That   is   when   I   realised,   BOOM….I’ve   been  “Faithing”  wrong  all  these  years.   Faith   isn’t   an   outside   source.   It   is   within   you.   Faith   is   all   about   “LeFng   Go”.   LeFng   go   of   controlling  situa8ons.  I  always  tell  people  this.   “The  more  you  try  to  control  things  or  people,   the   more   out   of   control   the   situa8on   becomes”.   When   we   set   out   to   control   any   person   or   situa8on  then  that  is  our  human  ego  geFng  in   the   way   of   the   divine   essence   of   Faith.   Since   feeling   confident   that   I’ve   been   “Faithing”   the   correct   way   I   have   experienced   so   many   amazing   changes   in   myself   and   my   reality   for   the  beRer.  Faith  is  a  feeling  of,  not  a  doing  of.  I   finally   know   the   true   meaningful   essence   and   value  of  Faith.  -­‐  Katrina  Hunter.  

I will  have  ongoing  Women's  Groups  on   Monday  and  Thursday  mornings  on   Sunshine  Coast  soon.  For  further  details   contact  me  either  by  my  mobile  0407  665   654  or  email

anxiety diaries

with Amy Young

Managing Anxiety with Faith How does  one  keep  faith  when  feeling  anxious?   Not  the  easiest  of  tasks  when  your  mind  is  racing   with   thoughts   and   your   physical   body   is   responding  in  ways  of  different  discomforts.  It's   scary  and  the  last  thing  on  your  mind  is  thoughts   of  geFng  through  it  with  faith. I   remember   when   I   first   started   experiencing   anxiety   and   panic   aRacks   and   I   had   learnt   that   these  were  just  that.  I  was  told  it  was  ok  and  it   was   simply   anxiety.   Just   change   your   thoughts!   Yeah,  right!  Easier  said  then  done! But  faith  for  me  has  been  the  light  at  the  end  of   the  tunnel.  When  I  really  started  to  prac8ce  faith   I   worked   on   it   when   I   was   not   anxious.   It   started   to   give   me   hope.   I   used   to   write   myself   liRle   notes  to  remind  myself  “Have  faith,  it  will  all  be   ok”  and  used  this  as  a  reminder  to  focus  on  the   present  moment  when  I  was  feeling  good.

In this  moment  I  am  safe. In  this  moment  I  can  breathe. In  this  moment  my  world  is  perfect. By   bringing   faith   into   my   daily   rou8ne,   when   I   was   not   anxious,   I   could   then   start   to   use   it   during   feelings   of   panic.   Its   like   learning   a   new   skill   and   prac8sing   it   un8l   it   becomes   second   nature.   I   began   to   believe   that   anxiety   was   teaching   me   to   stop   and   be   in   the   now,   not   focusing   on   every   possible   scenario   that   could   play   out   in   the   future.   By   prac8sing   awareness   when   feeling   good,   I   was   actually   crea8ng   less   8me  and  space  for  anxious  thoughts.

So when   going   about   my   day,   taking   a   shower,   walking   the   dog,   washing   the   dishes,   I   would   concentrate   on   what   I   was   doing   at   that   exact   moment   and   nothing   else.   I   would   feel   the   ground   beneath   me   as   I   walked,   felt   each   drop   of  water  on  my  skin,  no8ced  each  dish  and  how   beau8fully   it   was   created.   It   is   prac8sing   mindfulness   without   having   to   be   in   a   sit   down   quiet   medita8on   pose   and   this   helped   with   gaining   control   of   my   thoughts.   By   doing   this   simple   exercise   daily   it   became   normal   and   I   could   start   to   bring   more   faith   and   mindfulness   into  my  thoughts  when  I  felt  anxious. At  first  I  would  just  sit  with  my  anxiety  and  feel  it   rather  then  think  it.  Feel  where  it  played  out  in   my  body  and  just  concentrate  on  breathing  long,   slowly   and   deliberately.   I   would   imagine   myself   breathing   in   to   those   areas   that   felt   anxious.   I   would   then   with   great   detail   l ook   at   my   surroundings,   the   ground   beneath   my   feet,   things   on   the   walls,   trees   out   the   windows,   clouds   in   the   sky,   un8l   I   became   present   again   and  could  tell  myself  that  in  this  very  moment  I   am   safe.   In   this   very   moment   I   can   breathe.   In   this  very  moment  my  world  is  perfect. You   can   have   faith   in   anything   you   choose,   a   divine  source,  yourself,  or  even  that  you  will  be   rid  of  your  anxiety!  An  anxious  mind  likes  to  live   in   the   past   or   future   and   help   you   feel   out   of   control.   You   can   change   these   thoughts   but   it   helps   to   replace   them   with   something   you   choose  and  means  more  to  you.  Take  steps  and   ac8on   towards   having   faith   by   becoming   more   present.   Have   faith   in   the   now   and   have   faith   you   can   get   through   your   journey   of   anxiety   by   doing  so.

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KEEPING THE FAITH with Stacy Bridge Reeve

Having faith is one thing, keeping your faith is an entirely different thing. I’ve had many moments of losing faith and restoring it over the years. Putting your faith and trust in the universe can be quite a difficult thing to do. You need to believe with EVERYTHING you have. You have to trust that the universe has your back. You have to let go and throw yourself off a cliff (so to speak) and believe they will catch you. I have struggled with this over the years. On one hand I know that I am always protected and looked after by the divine source. On the other hand, I know that my life plan was written by me before I came down to my body and I have no idea what is yet to come. I’ve had times where my faith was unwavering. I quit a good, secure job of eight years and relocated to the Sunshine Coast with no job and no savings. Within a week I had a job and a place to live and have never looked back. Best decision ever. I completely trusted the universe and did not feel nervous or concerned. On the other hand, I have lost my faith when I’ve put my heart and soul into manifesting something I desperately wanted, and did not receive it. My angels have copped some abuse over the years when I haven't received something I believed I was manifesting like crazy! Although I know that it’s not a part of my life plan, it’s still frustrating and annoying. How do you then have faith for the next time you are manifesting? What’s the point of bothering to manifest something if it’s not in the plan and you don’t know the plan! "What’s in the bloody plan angels so I don't waste my precious time manifesting it!! "

When I’m feeling like this, I look to my husband. His faith in God is unwavering. No matter what is thrown at him, no matter how hard he attempted to manifest something (I’m talking fasts that included just drinking water for a week at a time and still not getting what he prayed for!), he does not lose his faith. His faith does not diminish. He never abuses or swears at God for not delivering. He accepts, he moves forward and his faith continues. If God asked him to do something that I opposed or that was frightening for him, he wouldn't question it, he would do it. I asked my husband how he maintains that level of faith. He said that "Patience is a virtue that God has given you. Sometimes there’s lessons to be learnt. And, you have to look at the bigger picture. The expensive car you were trying to manifest is nothing in comparison to what God has in store for you." I’m yet to get to that level of faith. I do have faith in the Universe. Sometimes my ego gets the better of me, like a spoilt child having a tantrum because I didn’t get what I wanted. My Higher Self knows that it’s not a part of the plan and the Universe knows what’s best for me right now. You just gotta keep the faith.

Lightworker LightworkerAdvocate Advocate| |April Feb 2016 | 15 17

The Importance of Faith As I walk life’s journey, there are times that I feel so very connected to the Universe. I am overjoyed by the miracle that is my life and my existence. Like everyone, though, I have a story. I have a heartbreaking story about childhood abuse, and how it shaped me into this being that I am today. A lot of that shaping comes in the form on anxiety and depression, lack of self esteem and enormous self doubt. The truth for me, though, is that I have experienced some miraculous things, too. There are moments in my life when I KNOW that the universe speaks to me or through me. These moments are amazing and fill me with awe and wonder. It is because of those moments, those glimpses of things, which has given me a deep faith. My faith was ignited by the synchronicities of life and because of the sense of the profound that I have experienced. In my early twenties, I was blessed to have a spontaneous out of body experience that connected me to the Universe. It was a moment of remembrance. My soul left my body and I entered into a place of light and of timelessness. I instantly experienced myself as a spiritual being and was gifted with a depth of understanding about the Universe. The moment was brief, intense and ultimately changed my life. It was a blessing that sparked my spiritual journey. Faith is hard though sometimes. It implies that we must give away our power to a great mystery that we do not understand; to have confidence, trust and belief in something without proof. It suggests that something will protect us, love us and guide us. And that can be incredibly difficult. Because of that miraculous moment, along with other experiences of synchronicity and encounters with energy, I am able to hold onto my deep faith. Life, though, is not

18 | May 2016 | Lightworker Advocate

Asoka Jinadasa, PhD

always miraculous or profound and one thing I have learned is that life is also about suffering. But it is how we respond to our challenges and sufferings that become the mark of how much we can change. To heal and transform often take a big leap of faith; but those leaps are so very often met with such rewards. They will in turn become strength and resilience which then provide greater peace and joy. We are then inspired to grow into the depth of our humanity. It is within these depths we may discover a sense of meaning and purpose. So faith is necessary, faith is profound and faith leads us ultimately to the experience of divine spirituality we seek. In the Magic and The Mire I lead you through my life journey and share my spiritual insights; From abuse to awakening. Out of the dark mire and into the magical light. Learn about the book, get the introduction for free, read my blog at

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with Lynn Merrin

Faith, or Feyth, is defined as confidence or trust in a person or thing, or a belief that is not based on proof.

I also have Faith that I am guided and connected to my soul group and protected as I navigate and chart my course through life.

To me, Faith is the opposite of Fear and at all times we have a choice as to which we subscribe, the positive, or the negative. Focusing on what we fear, actually manifests that very thing, where focusing on what we wish to create with Faith, will achieve the positive result as, "Energy flows where attention goes", An ancient Huna code to consider.

Without Faith, I personally would have given up long ago. Following the still birth of my baby, subsequent divorce and then discovering that the person I most trusted had run my home and another property into mortgagee possession, as a single parent, I felt very much in a dark place.

When we have a clear picture in our mind as to what we want in our life and take the steps to achieve it, we need to then believe we deserve it and have Faith in our ability to to focus on our desired outcome with Faith. Faith can be determined as using physics of the mind to focus our thoughts, feelings and intention on that which we need to manifest in our life to fulfil our purpose, passion and happiness. Creative visualisation enables us to see the picture of what we want in our career, love life, health, family and all aspects of our life. Affirmation in confirming that we have what we want with gratitude, indicates to the universe that we have Faith. Sometimes we are led by our ego self and find ourselves stripped of all we thought important and treasured in life and when we feel at our lowest ebb and there is nothing else, Faith can be the only resort, the way to move forward in a positive way. I have Faith each day that no matter what I am experiencing, everything is happening for my highest good and for my personal growth in experience, so I have Faith in the process.

I read a little story along the lines of a donkey that had fallen down a well and the farmer, who after failing all manner of ways to extricate him, saw no solution other than to bury him. Sadly, the farmer shovelled dirt into the well and the donkey eventually stopped braying. To the farmers amazement, the donkey ultimately stepped out of that well. This as an analogy of the well of life we sometimes find ourselves in, with the "dirt" dumped from a great height and we have a choice to allow it to bury us, or use it as leverage to move up and out of our situation, taking every step with Faith. Faith in knowing that there is a greater force that us and all is happening for a reason and in its right time and space for our highest good. I always guide my clients to know that they manifest their destiny daily and must have Faith in themselves, their skills and experiences in the tapestry of life that  they have woven, their support groups and ability to be and to create whatever they choose. Without Faith, there is Fear. The choice is ours.

Faith in my ability to manifest, to be personally responsible for creating my reality each day. Faith that I am being guided to fulfil my destiny and Faith that I perhaps wrote my script and chose my lessons and experiences in life.

My books self-help, motivational guides for teenagers have been created with all metaphysical tools to inspire young people to have Faith in themselves and dream their dreams.

Lightworker Advocate | May 2016 | 21

Higher Ordered


All my life I have felt this wonderful energy around me. Faith means undoubtable feeling, sensing, awareness and deep knowing of a higher order and presence that is around each and every one of us, 24/7 and stored within our very cells. Faith has always been with me and guided me right up to this day, and it shall ever more be so! Faith brings a new dimension to the often rigid and dense world that we live in. Faith restores belief in the higher dimensions. We inevitably move ourselves into a whole new vibrational place not only within ourselves but within everyday life. I have no challenges faith has no name, it sensing of the higher every human being, below.

within my faith. My is the knowing and order that is part of as above and as

Faith is an integral part of who we are. Faith serves to alert us to the One. The divine Light from what all is created from. Without faith life would be colorless, void, dense, and limited. There exists within each and every divine soul, a light so bright. When we open up to this light we expand ourselves into the All. We are not limited to the carnal and linear structures. We are Beings of Divine light. This light is ever present and is there to serve you as a divine vessel. I am a receptor of the divine light. I am not separate but part of the divine plan and order. Faith opens a gateway and we can expand this faith if we allow the doorway to our heart to be ever open. Meditating, just sitting, light a candle, look at the flame then closing my eyes, just breathing and becoming aware of my physical body. Listening to my heartbeat, the breath and slowly taking my gaze behind closed eyelids up to the Pineal gland /center of the

22 | May 2016 | Lightworker Advocate

with Tammy L Majchrzak

head, just staying there, breathing, sensing and being. Soon being transported to higher vibrational realities that affirm the existence of the higher light order. The place of the Oneness, love and deep connection. In the simplicity, stillness and silence I am at one with the All. I have written a book “The Light Within”, a collection of divine guidance from Archangel Metatron, Jesus and Thoth (Trilogy Masters). This may assist in bringing inner calm, outer expansion into the higher order and how faith can be increased into that deep inner knowing that further opens us up to divine truth. From my faith and knowing is what the work of the Metatronia Foundation of Light is all based upon, including Metatronia Therapy. Divine guidance and trust in the higher order, connection and assurance from Source. Having faith in the higher order, that very much exists, moves and alters our life, into deep transformation often beyond anything we could imagine if we lived without faith, trust, belief. Trust, believe and be open to receive. For we are all divine conduits of the One light. Above all, have faith in you and the magnificent Being that you are, for you were designed and created in the image of Love and divinity. “I am that I am, limitless, beyond measure”. Tammy L Majchrzak

Tammy is a Metatron Channel & Scribe and serves as a link with the Divine Universal Light. She is a Spiritual Teacher, Alchemist, Quantum Healer and the Founder of Metatronia Foundation of Light (MTFOL). Her work at this current time is involved in assisting those who are on their Ascension Journey path of enlightenment and to know for themselves, the divine truth itself through the light of the One Source/ Universal Light Coding. One of Tammy's spiritual gifts is introducing and sharing the latest information of divine truth to all those who seek.  She works from a very humble space. Her work has been spreading throughout the Globe and greatly assisting others on their path of light.  Tammy works with Source vibration through   the Trilogy Masters Archangel Metatron, Jesus and Thoth. Her work, at this time, is to assist Humanity/mankind in the movement to the higher levels of ligh, assisting the Ascension (Light Evolutionary) process.

"My Journey and my discoveries, my passion and my truths are just that. To feel something so powerful and life changing, to know this and feel this is what this work is based on. Divine truth, guidance, experience and knowledge. My work is to assist people in how, they to can connect through this divine energy and can begin to change their lives so dramatically. My soul purpose in this life is as a spiritual teacher/Sacred Light Counselor, Quantum Light Healer, and humanitarian.  I work, as a direct link to Source assisting mankind at this time in his light evolutionary process".  

Lightworker Advocate | May 2016 | 23

is my calling card

with Diane Goodchild

F a i t h l i k e   l o v e   c a n   b e   r e c e i v e d   uncondi8onally,  and  like  love,  it  is  the  result   of   life   experience.   A   few   years   ago,   I   had   an   unusual   experience   with   faith   while   undergoing   Journey   therapy   with   a   healer   while  at  a  health  retreat.   Like   many   Catholic   kids   of   my   genera8on   in   the   late   60’s   I   was   raised   Catholic   in   the   school   system   but   within   a   non-­‐prac8sing   non-­‐spiritual   Catholic   home.   I   really   tried   to   embrace   it,   as   a   young   teen,   as   I   so   wanted   to  believe,  I  wanted  to  have  FAITH.    But  the   ego   self   gets   in   the   way   and   the   separa8on   from   the   self   takes   hold   and   by   the   8me   I   reached   early   adulthood   I   ambivalent.   I   told   myself   it   was   8me   to   stop   pretending   I   was   something   I   was   not.   It   turns   out   that   Catholic,   agnos8c   or   atheist   was   all   just   lip   service  –  it  all  lacked  authen8city  for  me. When  I  had  kids,  20  years  later,  I  experienced   uncondi8onal   love   of   a   kind   I   could   never   have   imagined,   and   its   sidekick,   faith   was   niggling   away   at   my   higher   self,   seeking   recogni8on.  And  although  my  spirituality  was   s8ll   ambiguous,   it   was   there   in   my   daily   life   with   gra8tude,   manifesta8on   and   a   core   belief  in  a  greater  meaning  in  life  beyond  my   physical  form.   Then   whilst   undergoing   the   Journey   medita8on   I   experienced   the   child   me,   wounded   and   alone,   seeking   trust   in   the  

24 | May 2016 | Lightworker Advocate

universe. When  the  healer  asked  what  words   appeared,  to  my  surprise  the  word  FAITH  (in   neon  light)  appeared  in  big  leRers  in  the  sky   above   the   spiritual   child   me.   I   would   have   put   money   on   the   fact   I   would’ve   called   on   TRUST   or   LOVE   in   such   a   moment   of   clarity.   This  word  FAITH  was  largely  alien  to  me  since   my  childhood.   It  was  then  that  I  realised  that  the  faith  from   my   child   self   was   calling   the   adult   self   who   had  weathered  so  many  storms,  to  stand  up   and  take  no8ce,  to  stand  in  my  power.  As  an   adult   I   had   denied   that   part   of   me,   never   reconciled   the   rigid   beginnings   of   religious   faith   to   the   new   heart-­‐centred   spirituality   I   now  tried  to  live  every  day.   Wow!  It  was  a  revela8on  to  me  and  was  the   catalyst   for   healing   the   large   brick   I   always   carried  around  of  being  alone  and  different.  I   had   abandoned   myself   by   forgeFng   who   I   was.  I  was  separated. Fast-­‐forward  a  couple  of  years.  Blissful  years   filled   with   healing   and   a   growing   awareness   of   my   TRUTH.   I   went   on   a   quest   to   living   wholeheartedly,   not   separate   from   MY   SELF,   and   have   a   plethora   of   books,   reading   and   courses   under   my   belt.   This   is   how   I   found   Michelle   Lightworker,   who   helped   me   integrate   my   shadow   self,   part   of   the   self-­‐ awareness   I   sought   out   in   order   to   live   my   life   purpose.   All   of   these   steps   were   helpful  

Finally I  understand  the  Herme8c  saying:  “As   above   as   below,   As   within   so   without.”   Paradoxically  this  hails  back  to  the  sign  of  the   cross,   which   I   performed   reverently   throughout   my   childhood.   The   Merkaba   in   par8cular   strengthens   my   connec8on   with   the   divine,   gives   me   balance   and   nourishes   my  crea8vity.  

in  big  ways  –  it’s  a  journey  I  would  do  again.   Then   earlier   this   year,   I   discover   sacred   geometry   with   Jean   Sheehan   at   Millennium   Educa8on  and  the  light  goes  on  and  will  not   be  denied.  I  sign  up  for  the  medical  intui8ve   course   to   learn   about   this   further.   It   absolutely  cracks  me  open  and  I  ascend.  I  see   the   sacred   shapes,   the   five   platonic   solids:   the  Merkaba,  the  Hexahedron  or  Metatron’s   cube   (Earth),   the   Octahedron   (Air),   the   Icosahedron   (Water)   and   the   Dodecahedron   (Universe),  and  I  cry.  Not  tears  of  grief,  tears   of   empowerment!   I   remember   who   I   am,   I   am  one  part  of  the  divine,  I  am  ONE  with  it.

This realisa8on   completes   a   cycle   and   I   now   know   why   the   words   FAITH   appeared   to   me   like  a  neon  light.  It  was  the  path  to  unity  with   the  universe  I  was  asked  to  take  and  I  feel  so   blessed   that   I   understood   enough   to   go   on   this  quest  for  consciousness.  It  was  a  journey   to   remember   DIVINE   LOVE,   a   path   to   ONENESS. It   is   by   no   means   over,   there   is   so   much   to   learn   and   so   much   to   experience.   FAITH   is   me  being  at  home  with  my  higher  self  in  joy   not  pain.  I’m  not  alone  I’m  in  the  warm  light   of  the  DIVINE.  -­‐  Diane  Goodchild

Lightworker Advocate | May 2016 | 25

Let Faith

- Michelle Lightworker

Magic your life Enlightenment is inevitable.

everyday! So here's the snapshot of how faith transforms us...

We can't fight evolution of the mind. That's what fuels my deepest faith in

Crown Chakra - We are mindful that all


is happening for our highest good. We trust the timing, we trust the slow reveal.


happens whether we

want it to or not. But how easy do we

Third Eye Chakra - Whe trust what we are

want to make it? That is the real question

seeing. We know when we are seeing

isn't it?

through distorted lens and this is our calling card back to our Higher Self and

Sometimes I look at my life and I think I

spritiual vision. We trust we will be

have just 'magiced' it. (Magiced is a real

shown what we need to see when we

word, I checked. Not that it matters!).

need to see it.

Like I got a magic wand and somehow turned mud into a crystal flowing river.

Ear Chakras - We have faith that we will

Just like my impossible tree pose in that

hear the deeper messages from Spirit


behind everything that is being said. We have faith Spirit will help us interpret the

I believe that holding faith in our minds

messages and guidance that we hear.

and bodies using our energetic system is like that magic wand. I am providing a

Throat Chakras - We have the faith to

snapshot here of how we can magic our

speak our truth. Faith encouraging our

life using this high vibrational principle

Sigher Self to speak up. We can say

of faith. Of course you can get a more in-

anything from Higher Self as it never

depth look into these principles through

lacks confidence.

'The Everyday Lightworker Bible' or the brand new 'Everyday

Lightworker 101'

Heart Chakra - We trust where our heart

course I have just put together. It

connects us. We follow our hearts and

comprises of 96 video lessons with yours

trust where it will lead us is for our

truly and a mini activity each day. I tried

highest good. We have faith in the

to keep them under 10 mins to make

human race and know that Spirit helps us

them achievable to incorporate into your

all evolve as we are ALL connected.

day. Sprinkle a bit of magic into each and 26 | May 2016 | Lightworker Advocate

Solar plexus - We have faith that we will not abuse or allow ourselves to be abused. We step up and into the next stage of our journey in growing our light. Sacral - We allow ourselves to call on this high vibrational quality of faith to feeds and transforms us. It dissolves our fear and satiates our cravings, emptiness and attachment to addictions, people, places and things. Base - We have faith and trust spirit 100%. We allow our fear of being in this human existence to indicate we need to to call in more faith.

Lightworker Advocate | May 2016 | 27

Soul Surrender

with Jade Renee Banks

28 | May 2016 | Lightworker Advocate

This article  has  been  the  most  difVicult  for  me   to  write.    My  trust  and  commitment  to  my  own   connection   was   challenged.     I   doubted   that   this   article   would   Vlow   from   me   and   I   questioned  if  I  was  even  meant  to  write  it! Each  time  I  sat  down  to  write  -­‐  Nothing. Each   time   I   asked,   “Am   I   even   meant   to   write   this?” My   own   fear   and   self-­‐doubt   was   blocking   my   connection.     Something   had   changed   within   me.     My   writing   wanted   to   be   born   from   a   different   place.     I   was   in   fear   of   what   really   wanted  to  come  through  in  this  article.

You must let go & fall into your Soul It was  a  true  test  of  my  Faith. Would  I  throw  the  towel  in?   Or,  would  I  dive  a  little  deeper? This  article  was  not  coming  from  my  “Spiritual   Scribes”  this  time.  It  was  the  depths  of  my  Soul   that  wanted  to  speak.    And  it  was  making  me   squirm!     I   could   feel   the   discomfort   every   time   I   sat   down   to   write.     I   had   been   unknowingly   pushing   for   my   writing   to   continue   in   a   particular  form.    But  my  Soul  had  other  ideas   of  how  it  was  to  Vlow. “But  I  can  control  this!”  I  exclaimed. “No  you  can’t!”  responded  my  Soul. You   cannot   control   what   is   birthed   from   your   Soul.   It   is   your   Soul   that   you   were   born   to   create   from.   Your   Soul   is   ancient   and   wise,   with  lifetimes  of  experience  that  you  can  never   contain,   control   or   manipulate   for   your   own   purposes. You  must  let  go  and  fall  into  your  Soul. You   must   allow   it’s   sweet,   pungent   and   dusty   essence  to  stir  and  rise  from  deep  within  you.     This  is  real  Faith,  my  friend.    For  you  know  not   what   your   Soul   has   to   deliver   and   be   in   this   world.    Yet  you  must  surrender  and  have  Faith.

But you  fear  that  you  will  be  judged,  ridiculed   and   persecuted.     You   fear   that   you   will   be   ostracized  and  shamed.    An  outcast  again,  after   working   so   diligently   to   “Vit   in”.     It   is   all   an   illusion,   my   friend…   this   reality   of   your   own   creating.     Though   you   have   done   a   commendable   job.     You   have   been   willing   to   uncover  your  “True  Self”.    Working  slowly  and   methodically  to  peel  back  the  layers,  each  time   shedding  another  skin. “How  deep  does  it  go?”  I  asked. “You  are  InVinite,”  my  Soul  replied. There  is  always  more  of  your  Soul  to  embrace.     There   is   always   more   Light   to   reclaim.     It   is   time   to   allow   the   Dragon   to   stir   from   deep   within.    To  burn  in  the  Vlames  of  resurrection   and   crack   through   it’s   egg   of   creation.     To   rebirth  the  Phoenix  and  awaken  the  essence  of   your   Soul   Vire.     To   feel   the   creative   forces   moving   through   all   levels   of   your   Self.     Transforming   you   this   time   from   the   inside   out.     This   you   have   allowed,   my   friend.     You   have   given   me   a   Voice,   a   pathway   of   expression.     You   have   trusted   and   had   Faith   in   your   own   Soul.     You   are   letting   go   of   limitations   that   have   bound   your   precious   self.     The   carefully   constructed  frameworks,  reference  points  and   labels  now  dissolving  into  the  ethers. This   embrace,   this   awakening,   this   soul   remembrance   cannot   be   described   through   mere  words  or  perceptions  of  the  mind.    This   is  a  felt  process,  a  Divine  Awakening.    It  is  the   pathway   of   Emotion   and   the   realm   of   the   Shaman,   the   Sorcerer,   the   Witch   and   the   Warrior.    You  have  walked  this  pathway  many   lifetimes  before.    There  is  familiarity  here,  yet   so   much   hesitation   to   unleash   the   Power   within.     The   Soul   is   a   language   that   is   inherent   to   us   all,   yet   only   Vluent   to   some.     Have   Faith,   my  friend.    You  are  exactly  where  you  need  to   Be.

Jade Renee  Banks CertiVied  Master  Lightworker  Practitioner CertiVied  Lightworker  Practitioner  Facilitator Liquid  Crystals  Advanced  Practitioner Starchild  Directives  Practitioner Yoga  Teacher-­‐in-­‐training Ph:  0450  582  586 Lightworker Advocate | May 2016 | 29

It's the little steps that amount to the BIGGEST Faith

with Candy Bowden

What a difference 10 years makes đ&#x;˜Š If you had told me back then I'd be leaner, fitter, stronger and more emotionally balanced in my latish forties than in my latish thirties, even in my latish teens, I would have probably laughed. But what I have learned is that small steps no matter how long it takes, will get you there in

30 | May 2016 | Lightworker Advocate

the end, provided you never give up. So if you are struggling it's ok, you are exactly where you are meant to be at this exact moment in time. Just remember, where you are now does not have to be where your story ends. Love yourself, forgive yourself and keep stepping no matter how small those steps seem to beđ&#x;˜˜

A story of

with AJ Millions

Faith Leading the Way International is an experiential, educational organization where people are supported to expand the quality of their lives by learning about themselves through the horse's non-predatory, authentic ways. Lightworker Advocate | May 2016 | 31

April 19 is a hard day for me, it has been 20 years since my mum, Mary, left this earthly plane. Her story is my story of finding faith, joy and evolving as a person. I was 30 when my mum and her little white dog Pookie went missing, she was travelling home late one night from visiting her mother, a two hour drive on dark dirt country roads. She didn’t arrive back home and once the obvious options were cancelled out, panic set in. It was springtime on the prairies, the grass had not started to green and the nights were still very cold. The cows had started calving and being a ranch owner, Mary never stayed away from home for very long. Trying to explain this to city police was useless, they had their protocol, she had to be missing 48 hours before any search could be started. So I did the only thing I could, got my friends together and started looking. To no avail, nothing, it was like she had vanished. Driving the two hours to the city, retracing her tracks to the best of my ability, revealed nothing. Stopping in at service stations where she might have refueled produced no insights. I felt like my world was spinning out of control and I couldn’t stop it. I would travel that road, the four hour round trip everyday, and everyday I would say to my friends, “I feel like I am driving past her but I can’t find her.” I have never felt so helpless and hopeless. The small community was amazing, organizing searches via horse back, quad bike and vehicles. Everyone was looking. The local RCMP and support people searched every conceivable road, abandoned building in that 200 kilometers. Still nothing. After the first few days, the reality of the situation had set in. It was becoming very clear that she was not coming home. A small part of me wanted to believe the city police’s theory that she went to visit a friend for a few days and she would make contact or just come home. I knew this was not the truth, however, in a small part of my heart, I hoped. Even though I felt so strongly I was driving past her everyday, I was unable to find her. The days started to blur together, we all continued to do what we could. The air searches were commencing and the media was involved, her disappearance was getting wide spread publicity. People now had a face to go with the name and a photo of the vehicle, surely this would yield some results. Alas, still nothing. By the tenth day, spirits were wavering. It was taking its toll on everyone and a dark cloud had taken hold of the usually happy community. The police were now looking closely at the possibility of foul play, interviewing those closest to her, yes, that included me. The idea of being a person

32 | May 2016 | Lightworker Advocate

of interest crushed any optimism I had left, I felt defeated and raw. Day after day we all went through the same routine and no one had any useful information. It all seemed so futile, where on God’s green earth was she??? Had she fallen prey to unsavory people? Is it possible she just left? If someone took her, why were there no traces of anything, no bits of the puzzle to put together? The dark pit of despair was getting deeper by the day. On the thirteenth day of the search the police announced that they had done everything that they could and they would be calling off the search and taking it to the next level. They never really explained what the next level meant but it felt like they were putting it in the too hard basket and moving on. I was gutted, if they couldn’t find her, now what? Feeling the lowest I have ever in my life, questioning everything I had ever said to my mum, remembering I had not hugged her when we last said goodbye, not remembering the last time I told her I loved her and realizing that I may never get to tell her that ever again was soul destroying. This was the longest night of my life. When the sun rose, warming up the frozen hills everything felt the same. Usually one stretches your face up to the sun to feel the warm glow saying good morning, there was no good in that morning. I went into town with a friend, he was going to check in with the search headquarters to see if there had been any developments over night. I couldn’t face people that day, so I stayed at the school playground and sat on the swings waiting. The moment I saw him come around the corner of the school I knew. As I collapsed into his arms, he told me that I needed to go to the police station and the local RCMP would explain. The evening before, the constable had received a fax from a women who lived another two hours east. She had heard about Mary on the television and immediately felt a connection to her. They were the same age and so she listened intently to the story. That night, she “had a dream” about mum, information came to her in a cryptic nature and she wrote everything down. In the morning she got out a map of the area. Not being familiar with that part of the province she copied the map and took her pen circling an area where she felt the police should go look. That map and the “cryptic” information, led the RCMP officer to mum’s exact location. The information that made no sense to her made perfect sense to the locals who knew the area well. Somehow, mum had missed her turn and the road she was travelling on ended with no warning. The vehicle flew off the end of the road, landing upside down in a ravine, she was killed instantly. Being that it was early spring, and no new grass was growing, the bottom of the vehicle was camouflaged. It could not be detected by air and the locals could not see it at the bottom of the

ravine. There was however a distinguishing path, the width of a vehicle, broken through the willow trees. This road had been searched by the police and locals drove it daily and yet no one saw anything out of the ordinary. When I asked about the wide path of destruction and why no one had noticed it, I was told that yes they saw the broken branches however they assumed that it was a porcupine that had done all the damage. My response to this comment with a little bite of sarcasm was, “that is a fucking big porcupine!” Pookie, mum’s faithful companion, was still alive, and had not left her side. My world had just ended as I knew it, and yet there was a certain taint of relief that she had not fallen prey to unsavoury people and that there were answers to all the questions. Over the next few months as I grieved and got on with life, raising two young boys and taking over the responsibility of the ranch, I questioned the way that mum was found. Why had the obvious signs of tree damage not been noticed? Why had the local ranchers living on both sides of the ravine not noticed the tracks? Why had their dogs not heard Pookie and gone to explore? Why did the grader operator who turned around at the very spot not look down and see the vehicle there? Well, it is my belief that despite the public

attention mum received which she would have hated, it was her way of waking me up, showing me through experience, that there is so much more to this world than we perceive and to open up my eyes and my heart. I was lucky enough to chat to the lady who had the dream. She told me she had dreams like this before, and if she did not follow up on them the dream would return. She had this ability for as long as she could remember and she trusted it explicitly. I had read of things like this happening but perceived it to be a con. When it came to believing in a Higher Power, I wasn’t a good believer. I never saw where a Higher Power was ever there for me and never felt connected to such a thing. Well now I had to really reassess my faith and beliefs in divination, I had no choice, I had first hand experience that told me in no uncertain terms, a Higher Power exists. That you must have faith, especially when times are tough and to keep an open mind to anything people have the courage to share with you. 20 years on, my life has led me on an unbelievable journey of joy, faith and magic and I use my experience and passion for horses that I got from my mum, to support others to expand the quality of their lives. I am grateful for every morning that I wake up in paradise, look out my window to the paddock of horses and know that my mum supported me from another realm to discover all this.

Lightworker Advocate | May 2016 | 33

Patience & Faith!!! Mars, Pluto & Mercury with Chirone Shakti retro There’s a lot happening this month as we move into the Mars retro period. Many of you have probably been feeling the effects of Mars slowing down, ready to turn retro in April - if so, you’ll already be familiar with those feelings of frustration as the simplest things seem to require more effort! Truly a time to practice the principle of faith & virtue of Patience :) Last month the New Moon in Aries on Thurs 7 April brought the opportunity for a bold new start. Aries’ natural approach to life is to take action, breaking new ground in a pioneering or even crusading venture, or taking up a cause that’s worth fighting for. Mars went retrograde on Sun 17 April for about two and a half months.   The Mars retrograde period can be a time of considerable frustration when projects and actions need to be reviewed and revised.   Certain aspects of your life may seem to be ‘on hold’ during this period (check where this Mars falls in your chart), and you’re likely to feel that you’re getting nowhere fast (or even slowly), giving rise to anger and frustration at the apparent lack of progress.  This time can be used wisely to review and improve on your plans - things won’t be moving ahead until the beginning of July at the earliest, so there’s no point trying to force things to happen.  Trust that there is a reason and purpose for the delay, which you can then turn to your advantage.   Any new ventures that Mars may have prompted may not forge ahead exactly as hoped.  You’ll need to exercise patience (not easy for Aries!) and be prepared to revise 34 | May 2016 | Lightworker Advocate

your original plans. This doesn’t mean you can’t start new ventures now, just that you’ll need to take your time, revising your plans and fine-tuning the details over the next few months.  Mars turned retrograde at 8 degrees Sagittarius (almost at 9 degrees). Be careful to channel any anger positively and don’t take risks driving.  For everyone, the whole retrograde period is a challenging time where patience will definitely be a virtue.  Mars will retrograde back to 23 degrees Scorpio before turning direct again on 30 June 2016 (the previous day in Europe and the Americas). Pluto slowed to a halt the very next day Mon 18 April, to begin his retrograde journey.   If anything in your life has been going through symbolic death throes in the last six months, this is a time when you are likely to revisit the whole process, perhaps at an even deeper level as you search for the hidden truths and the soul essence of who you are, the alchemist’s gold that can eventually emerge from the blackness. Pluto is stationary at 17 degrees of Capricorn.  If your birthday falls around 8 Jan you are likely to be experiencing a very intense time while personal transformation goes on at a deep core level – the eventual outcome is empowerment, the ability to stand comfortably in your own power, but it’s a long drawn-out process which won’t be complete until the end of 2017.   This will also be true for anyone with personal planets at this degree, or at 17 degrees of the other cardinal signs: Aries, Libra and Cancer.   Pluto will retrograde back to 14 degrees Capricorn before turning direct again on 27 Sept 2016.

As if Mars retrograde wasn’t enough, Mercury went retrograde on Fri 29 April (the previous day in Europe & the Americas). Mercury retrograde is a period when communications can get problematic, and a time to be wary of making major purchases or signing contracts.  Try to avoid signing contracts in this period if you can, but if you really can’t avoid it, then doublecheck everything and read the fine print very carefully.   As always with Mercury retrograde, be prepared to revise anything you agree to during this time.   Double-check dates, times, addresses, phone numbers … and also that any messages you leave actually get through OK.   The positive side of this

retrograde period is that it is a great time to go through correspondence and sort out your paperwork. Mercury is retrograde for 3 weeks until Sun 22 May. Looking ahead to this lunar month The next New Moon falls in Taurus, exact on Sat 7 May 2016 at 5.29am AEST (the previous day in Europe & the Americas) at 16 degrees Taurus. For more updates go to

Sat 14 May 2016, 10am – 4pm Atlantean Earth Centre, Yandina, Sunshine Coast Come on a journey of exploration into the deepest and most hidden part of your psyche.  Your 12th House reveals the innermost workings of your psyche, your “secret self”.   Come and discover what you keep hidden, below the surface – maybe even unknown to yourself …   Discover your hidden weakness, your inner conflicts, your patterns of sabotage; and then also discover the hidden strength of your 12th House, your precious, amazing – and probably untapped – hidden wisdom. Come and transform these old subconscious patterns, and be empowered by a new understanding of yourself. Suitable for Foundation level upwards. Energy exchange: $135 includes notes and a copy of your birth chart. REGISTER http://

Lightworker Advocate | May 2016 | 35

The Principle Project:

Faith with Amy Young from Anxiety Diaries

Thanks Amy for your extra contribution with this month on this amazing topic of Faith. We know of the good work that you do helping others with anxiety and it's nice to get a look in to how Faith works for you!

1. Why is this principle important in your life? I always struggled with FAITH as I was so scared to just let go and hand over control - so I have been working on it for a long time! 2. What’s your best experience with this principle changing your life? When we follow our guidance and just have complete FAITH that we will be looked after and supported amazing things happen! Everything flows and the rewards are so exciting! I have made very big life changing decisions, scared of not knowing what the outcome will be, but having FAITH that I was guided to do so and that I will be supported no matter what I am now living a happier lifestyle with so much freedom to be me. Take a Leap of Faith! 

36 | May 2016 | Lightworker Advocate

3. How is this principle a feeling to you? How do you know you or others are practicing this principle? I feel complete support from the universe and it is like my whole heart centre opens and jumps for joy! I see others using the principle when they are taking risks and living in the present without a worry of tomorrow. Not trying to live in the future and worrying about what is coming or trying to be in control of it. 4. If this principle was a colour, what colour would it be? I feel yellow. Sunshine was my first thought - even though I feel heart centred  (green) I also feel it works with our Solar Plexus and feeling supported. But Faith makes me feel so energised and excited like I do on a warm sunny day! So yellow makes me happy!

5.If this principle was a taste, what would it be? Vanilla makes me always think happy thoughts (this was my first thought)but I also feel that citrus tastes are FAITH - like orange, mandarin, pineapple yum!! 6. If this principle was a smell, what would it be?  Mmmmmm the smell of oranges freshly peeled! 7. If you could sing this principle, what would it sound like? A song or tone? Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'Ole 8. If this principle was a shape, what shape would it be? I got pentagon - the one with 5 sides that looks like a house Safe and supported! 9. If this principle was an animal what would animal would it be? Dolphin carefree 10. What spiritual guides help you with or symbolise the energy of this principle? Archangel Michael, Archangel Ariel 11. How does this principle change you and your vibration? Very lifting very quickly now that I have complete trust in faith! 12. Do you feel this principle will change or influence the world? Absolutely! If more tuned into Faith that everything will happen for our highest good the levels of stress, anxiety and the need for control will be lowered. More JOY and LOVE and living in the present would begin to occur! What a beautiful thing that would be! Lightworker Advocate | May 2016 | 37

Profile for Lightworker Foundation Ltd

Issue 7: May 2016 Lightworker Advocate Magazine  

Issue 7: May 2016 Lightworker Advocate Magazine

Issue 7: May 2016 Lightworker Advocate Magazine  

Issue 7: May 2016 Lightworker Advocate Magazine


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