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TED WINSLOW The SOUND of Wholeness

Issue 10 August 2016

Editor & Designer Michelle Lightworker +61433831946

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! s r e k r o w t h g i L y a d y r e v Hey E I love that one of the 12 Principles of the Everyday Lightworker is Wholeness! I mean, imagine a world that only saw brokenness! In this issue, we aim to restore your sight to that which you already are – whole. I was privileged enough to interview the amazing Ted Winslow who inspired me to think about all the places he could apply his wonderful music that encourages our way back to wholeness. Must catch him up on my download! Ted has provided evidence and innovation to the concept of sound therapy and we welcome him as our very first male cover! It’s interesting because I put it ‘out there’ for more men for our magazine and then voila, Ted contacted me. Since then, I have had several men put their hands up to be involved with both the magazine and my radio show. I am very excited that the masculine energy is coming forward into our magazine. I am a huge advocate for equality and I believe that we are all evolving towards a gender-transformed position as we embrace both masculine and feminine energies into us. Another aspect of wholeness! We have a great variety of articles, none are ever boring and we have included some comedy in the mix to give you a laugh with Kirsten MacDonald! We have the delightful Global Award Music Artist Dawn Karima and new contributors: Che' Vyfhuis, Rachel Mason, Gretchen Schutte, Emily Herrick, Joan Derrick, Bec Campbell, and Robyn Lester. An amazing bunch giving us their take on wholeness. I also introduce you to a wonderful tool that I use in the Lightworker Practitioner Training called the ‘WOW’. It’s bee so successful that Psychologists have

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asked if they can use it! I have been off to Bali for my own rest and recreation at the end of July and so I produced 2 magazines in a short time. How did I do it you may ask? Well, each step of the way, I have been asking Spirit for help. And it never ceases to amaze me just how much this one-woman band can accomplish with the support of her wider community! I know this is a labour of love, a calling and as I tell everyone – I can’t NOT do it! So I embrace the call, turn up, do it and know that I am indeed continuing to evolve holistically. Anyone relate? You will notice that we have live links in place. So to receive discounts from our contributers, just click directly on their ads and you will be directed to their website. All articles for October's Edition on ‘Peace’ will be due by 15 August. Email articles to We welcome articles in advance for upcoming eidtions. Here’s an upcoming snapshot of the featured principle: 2016 September - Joy October - Peace November - Honesty Dec '16/Jan '17 - Open-mindedness 2017 Feb – Willingness March – Forgiveness April – Discipline May – Unity June – Faith July – Responsibility August - Love September - Wholeness

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COVER STORY 4-6 TED WINSLOW: The Sound of Wholeness by Michelle Lightworker

WHOLENESS WISDOM 8 Super Natural Healing Summit by Karen Kulenovic 10 On becoming A Spiritual Giant by Che’ Vyfhuis 12 A Recipe For Wholeness by Rachel Mason 14 Embrace The Journey by Gretchen Schutte


16 Whole Life Choices by Emily Herrick


17 The WOW (Wheel Of Wholeness) by Michelle Lightworker 18 Love Is My Super Power by Dr. Dawn Karima, PhD 20 The Wholeness of Potentiality by Lynn Merrin 22 The Whole Picture of Influential Energy by Joan Derrick 26 The Truth of Wholeness by Bec Campbell 28 Unity by Werner Szendi



29 Dance of Wholeness by Ann Sathiavaani Keightley 30-32 Anger – Wholey Moley! By Kirsten MacDonald 33 Wholeness & The Anxiety Diaries by Amy Young 34-35 The Whole Carer by Robyn Lester


THE PRINCIPLE PROJECT 26 Wholeness with Ivan Beazleigh

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The Sound Of

Wholeness with Michelle Lightworker Photos - c/- Big Country Publishing

You’ve got to love Ted. When I mentioned to him that Lightworker Advocate is all about demystifying the guru and how we present a very real person behind our cover story articles he said, “I wouldn’t know where to begin at being a guru. I play a couple of instruments, I can play a song” This cracked me up. He is so amazing and yet so humble as well. We know he’s not coming from ego. This is about the bigger picture folks. Revolutionising the way music is seen, recorded and its effects is no small feat. Yet Ted takes it in his stride. I didn't realise how little I knew about music until I spoke to Ted Winslow. I discovered that there is a frequency most music is recorded in. Yes, there is a frequency that music is tuned to that affects the actual music that is played. So how does this affect our wholeness? Well apart from the fact Ted is well versed in understanding hertz per second, he has also gone on to investigate how it affects our energy through Biophotonic imaging. There is now technology that can measure how music changes our energetic system – including our chakras. Our chakras can be in or out of alignment through a variety of factors including sleep, food,

4 | August 2016 | Lightworker Advocate Magazine

exercise, alcohol, stress and the way we think. Hence why this magazine on the 12 powerful Everyday Lightworker principles exists! Ted has not only recorded his music in such a way that it is helpful to lift our vibration, he has also used this advanced equipment to provide evidence of change and is taking this around the globe to educate us all on just how he does that! So where did this all begin for Ted? “I started playing music in the 6th grade probably, what every child does. My parents didn’t push me but I wanted to play different stuff. So I got into it and it probably didn’t really start for me until I was in college and I was getting my degree in technical engineering. What I really didn’t realise at that time was that my Higher Self was probably trying to get in touch with me and tell me about the frequencies and tell me a little bit about sound healing. I started studying a little bit about sound healing because it seemed so foreign with what the structure of the music and engineering programs really were about. And so it was through my engineering and my music courses that I started to see the frequencies and everything make sense.”

“One of the fastest ways to raise our vibration is to listen to my music, because the ego can never resist listening to it� Lightworker Advocate Magazine | August 2016 | 5

Ted started to ‘see’ the music’ he was hearing. “It was maths and numbers and intervals and I started seeing shapes in my head. And oddly enough during this time I was also a studio musician, so I was playing Bass Guitar. I was with an original rock band and we were touring around the midWest of United States. Everything was being tuned at 440. As we were done playing at midnight or 11pm or 1am in the morning I noticed that all of a sudden none of us could sleep.” Ted realised that the tuning was all wrong. He had an epiphany.

a lot of them used 432 or 444 hertz. I could play a C chord at 440 and then play a C Chord at 528 and people would say, “I like that 528” because they could hear it. Harmonically it comes together.” After Ted met his wife, he found his calling. “So I finished up at college and joined the corporate world. But while I was doing that I still stayed with music. In 2001, I met my wife who had just had one of her many spiritual journeys with raising consciousness. So here was this word coming into my vocabulary – consciousness. I’d notice that she had been listening to ‘so-called’ healing music that to me just kind of sounded like bad

"I'd noticed she had been listening to 'so-called' healing music that to me just kind of sounded like bad elevator music" “Nobody was calibrating the instruments and I wanted to calibrate them to get different tunings. And no one could really grasp that concept back at that time - that we can tune pianos, key-boards, the guitars and the vocalists can follow the melodies that we had.” There was quite a history around why music was being recorded in 440? “440 hertz is a tuning that you use for what you use A above middle C and basically vibrates at 440 hertz per second. What was interesting was that Joseph Gobels, a German Politician with the Third Reich minister for propaganda, is rumoured to have said that this frequency is of the utmost of importance. He spoke to the British Standard of Institute, which at that same time happened to be the greatest ears in music. So they agree to tune everything to 440. So now we’ve got concert pitch tuning for all the violins, all the pianos and the rest of the orchestra or band being tuned to 440, and it’s now tuning it…to this dissonant frequency. Looking at like Bach and Beethoven they were experimenting with different tunings,

6 | August 2016 | Lightworker Advocate Magazine

elevator music.” Ted was prompted by Spirit to head off on a journey to Alaska on his motorbike. “It was about 5000 miles in about 12 days and my guides just started coming in really strong and I could feel the changes that were happening to me.” Thus began his own journey of becoming more tuned into his guides. “A couple of months later we were attending a trade show and there was this guy playing a crystal ball. I had played so many instruments and I’d never heard a crystal ball in all my life. So I’m instantly drawn to this guy. I then knew how I’m going to record the chords. I can hear these frequencies. I’m now seeing and hearing these vibrations outside of what popular music had become. “ So Ted started recording and made Amazon bestseller chart with his music featuring SOUNDSYNCTECH™, a customized brainwave technology developed through binaural beats, c o m p o s i t i o n s , s a c r e d g e o m e t r y,

numerology, tunings, state-of-the art recording technologies, and frequencies to create Theta & Alpha brainwave states. But there’s more to this story…lights, camera, action… “I had gotten introduced to Biophotonic Imaging and I felt they were missing something. And one day I’m in my studio and somebody says that this Russian inventor (Dr Korotkov) is here in town, he’s up at Gaiam. Gaiam (now Gaia) is a big holistic company. They’ve got their own TV station and they’re not too far from where I’m at in Colorado. And we get this call to meet him. And I’m thinking this is great because here’s a device and that now I can test a human energy field and scientifically show what these frequencies are doing with my music. Dr Korotkov flew one of his

Amazon Top Charts Sound Therapy

Russian engineers out from Saint Petersburg, Russia and we spent the day playing with all these devices and recording them for these PHD’s that were using them.” So there we have it! Another story of how Spirit helps us to awaken to our wholeness – especially through the very powerful vibration of music. Listening to Ted’s music is more than just a sound bath. It is a complete immersion of higher frequencies – that are evidence tested and they are also bypassing our resistance. Like Ted says, “One of the fastest ways to raise our vibration is to listen to my music, because the ego can never resist listening to it”. - Michelle Lightworker


Lightworker Advocate Magazine | August 2016 | 7

Hi I’m   Karyn   Kulenovic!   I   want   to   show   you   how   you   can   use   natural   healing   methods   to   create   more   freedom   or   joy   in   your   life.   Now   maybe   you’re   dealing   with   stubborn   health   issues   or   emotional   blocks,   or   perhaps   you’re   taking   medication  but  you  still  don’t  feel  100%.   For  much  of  my  life,  I  believed  the  Doctors  had  all   the  answers  and  while  modern  medicine  is  useful   at   times,   it   is   not   the   ‘be   all,   end   all’   solution.   My   wake   up   call   came   11   years   ago   when   the   side   effects  of  medication  nearly  cost  me  my  life.  Since   then,  I  decided  to  get  smart  about  natural  ways  to   integrate  stress,  illness  and  even  past  trauma  and   today   I’ve   never   felt   better!   True   healing   is   not   ONE   SIZE   FITS   ALL!     So   why   not   get   to   the   root   cause  of  your  issues?  Then  you  can  move  forward   in  your  life  with  ease  and  conPidence.    That’s  why  I   have   gathered   over   21   leading   health   experts   to  

show you   there   are   many   paths   to   the   real   change   you   desire.   You’ll   discover   new   keys   to   health   that   can  spark  your  intrinsic  powers  of  mind,  body  and   spirit.  Imagine  if  only  one  of  these  interviews  gave   you   the   information   you   need   to   take   your   next   best  step?    The  Super  Natural  Healing  Summit  is   a   100%   FREE   online   event.   To   get   access   simply   click   on   the   ad   below   and   type   your   name   and   email  to  get  access.  Spend  some  time  with  people   who   can   support   your   vision   of   total   health   and   wellness.   We   will   deliver   daily   doses   of   inspiration,   wisdom   and   actionable   strategies   to   get   you   started.   Please   don’t   wait   for   a   wake   up   call   to   start   investing   in   yourself.   Healing   doesn’t   mean   that   you   are   broken,   it   simply   means   that   you  are  ready  for  something  better.  So   SAY   YES  to   making  this  year  your  healthiest  and  happiest  one   yet.  I  invite  you  to  join  us.  I  look  forward  to  seeing   you  there.  

with Che'  Vy@huis  

On Becoming a Spiritual Giant In order   to   move   from   ordinariness   to   extra-­‐ ordinariness,   where   we   move   from   innocence   in   childhood   to   spiritual   giants   in   adulthood,   we   must   break   the   steadiness   of   an   unimaginative   life,   overcome  fear  and  claim  our  greatness. I'm  not  talking  about  the  type  of   greatness   that   so   many   actively   seek,   where   everyone   knows   y o u r   n a m e .   I n   s p e a k i n g   of  Spiritual   Greatness,   I'm   also   not   talking   about   making   lots   and   lots   of   money.    I'm   talking   about   the   type   of   Spiritual   Greatness   where   you   have   the   con@idence   to   know   that   you   c a n   o v e r c o m e   a n y   situation...any   obstacle   course...   placed   in   your   life   and   in   your   way.   I'm   tal king   about   a   Spiritual   Greatness   that   allows   you  to  look  at  any  situation  you   encounter   on   any   given   day   with   the   eyes   of   an   elephant   to   an  ant.     Day   to   day,   so   many   things   can   come   against   us.   But   it's   our   ability   to   rise   above   these   s i t u a t i o n s . . . s o m e ,   m e r e   annoyances;  others,  major  challenges...that  makes  us   spiritual   giants,   or   little   grasshoppers   jumping   around  as  if  our  house  always  is  on  @ire. I'm  talking  about  Spiritual  Giant-­‐hood  that  allows  us   to   jump   over   and   climb   over   any   person,   place   or   thing   placed   in   our   way,   trying   to   stop   us   from  

moving forward   to   reaching   our   goals...however   little   or  big  those  goals  might  be. Spiritual  Greatness  does  not  come  from  cowardice. Spiritual  Giants  are  not  born  from  cowards,  or  those   seeking   to   protect   the   status   quo. For   us   to   achieve   Spiritual   Greatness   and   become   Spiritual   Giants: We   must   grow   strong   enough   spiritual   muscle   and   spiritual   b o l d n e s s   t o   w a l k   unencumbered   through   life,   seeing   problem   people   and   problem   "things"   the   way   a   lion   views   sheep,   or   the   way   a   giraffe   views   a   turtle.   We   must   be   able   to   walk   by   these   "obstacles"  with  the  con@idence   of   a   lion   and   stand   with   the   calmness  of  a  giraffe. When   we   begin   to   sense   that   there's   more   to   this   ordinary   life   than   responding   to   those   who   would   try   to   push   us   down,   or   those   intent   on   causing  strife  in  our  life  and  our  world,  then  we  are   moving   more   towards   a   peaceful   existence   and   the   discovery  of  the  reasons  why  we  are  here  on  Earth  at   this   time   doing   what   we're   called   to   do.   Once   we   begin   to   sense   that   life   has   a   deeper   purpose   for   us   than   just   being   here   "going   along   to   get   along,"   we   are  at  the  start  of  our  spiritual  journey.

Becoming A Spiritual Giant Requires Us to Walk Unencumbered Through Life With The Spirit, Joy and Freedom Of A Child And  when  we're  awakened  to  the  startling  truth  that   life   is   more   than   the   next   thing   to   do,   the   next   right   people   to   meet,   the   next   right   job   to   take,   the   next   high   salary   to   achieve...we   have   then   given   our   Soul’s   permission   to   launch   a   full-­‐scale   disruption   to   our   days   and   ways.   There's   really   no   turning   back   to   an   awakening   of   Truth,   seeking   a   way   to   emerge   through  us  and  within  us.    There's  no  being  born  half   way.  Truth  will  @ind  a  way  to  push  itself  out  of  us. And  just  like  a  baby  needs  nine  months  of  gestation,  

10 | August 2016 | Lightworker Advocate Magazine

Then, like   a   child   going   from   babyhood   to   full   maturity,   Truth   needs   time   to   slowly   develop   and   grow  a  new  way  of  being  and  seeing  into  the  world.

energy on  such  things.  You've  got  work  to  do! Knowing  where  you  are  called  and  where  you  should   focus  will  be  the  greatest  challenge  of  the  search.  But   you're   well   able.   You   will   @ind   unexpected   teachers   showing  up  at  times  when  you  doubt  your  ability  to   go  forward  or  grow  forward.  

What the   Truth   that's   emerging   from   you   ...and   time.   We   must   be   patient   with   ourselves   in   order   for   us   to   be   led   to   Spiritual   Greatness...   so   that   we   can   become   the   Spiritual   Giants  we're  intended  to  be.    

* Trust.   *  Go  within. *  Get  past  the  Fear. *  Decide  this  is  the  moment  and  time *  Pray *  Take  the  Leap  of  Faith

If there's  a  being  'born  again,'  this  is  it! It's  not  that  if  we  were  not  nice  we  suddenly  become   "a   nice   person."   It's   not   that   we   care,   even   to   be   considered  nice.  But  we're  taking  a  more  thoughtful   approach   to   peopleand   our   interactions   with   people.  We   may   even   begin   to   push   ourselves   away   from   people   who   no   longer   seem   to   @it.  We've   got   a   greater  mission  in  life.  We  may  not  know  where  it's  




p at i e nt


ourselves in order for us to be led to Spiritual Greatness... leading...but our   relationship   with   this   inner   self   is   getting  more  intimate  and  stronger. As   we   begin   to   change   in   ways   many   do   not   understand,   people   in   our   lives   may   walk   away.   Let   them.   This   means   they   were   only   there   for   part   of   your   journey.  The   people   who   are   in   your   life   to   support  you  will  remain.     As  we  grow  in  wisdom,  we   also   may   @ind   that   not   everyone   smiling   in   our   face   deserves  to  be  in  our  space. Remembering   what   the   Soul   knows   and   why   we   came   back   here   to   do   the   Soul's   work   is   critically   important  to  our  peace  and  state  of  well  being. Learning   our   way   back   to   the   Soul   takes   focus   and   our   full   Presence   to   each   moment   in   our   lives.   In   order   to   get   to   the   other   side   of   emptiness  in   our   lives,  we  must  rid  ourselves  of  behaviors  and  habits   that   may   have   lulled   us   into   the   ordinary   life.   It's   extremely   tough   to   give   up   the   daily   pleasures   that   others  do  so  freely  and  without  concern,  but  the  only   way   to   get   through   the   fog   that's   created   when   we're   separated   from   our   Soul   is   by   stepping   boldly   forward   and   literally   jumping   into   a   new   way   of   living...  when  we're  called  by  our  Soul  to  do  so. O u r   m i n d s   m u s t   re m a i n   u n c l u t te re d   a n d   unencumbered   with   the   daily   nonsense   others   would  have  us  engage  and  indulge.  Don't  waste  your  

To become  a  Spiritual  Giant: -­‐  Remove  all  doubt  from  your  mind  that  you  deserve   the   best   that   life   has   to   offer   in   terms   of   Peace,   Freedom,  Joy  and  Wisdom.  These  are  the  gifts  of  the   Spirit  that  money  can  never  buy. -­‐  Know  that  the  price  you  pay  to  get  there  will  not  be   an   easy   one.   People   you   once   loved   may   revile   you   and   hate   you.   But...if   you   don't   give   up   and   make   it   over   to   other   will   know   unequivocally   that   whatever  price  you  paid...was  worth  it.   Although  I  can't  tell  you  exactly  how  it  will  work  for   you,  I  can  tell  you  what  truly  will: 1.  Meditation 2.  Prayer 3.  The  Silence 4.  Staying  Present  to  your  life 5.   Releasing   those   who   keep   you  stuck   and/or   in   chains  to  them. 6.  Realizing...truly...that  while  life  may  be  eternal your  time  on  Earth  is  not.   7.  Doing  what  you  must  do  NOW,  i.e.  always  the  next   right  thing. 8.  Believing  there  is  a  God. 9.   Knowing,   beyond   doubt,   that   this   God   loves   you,   wants  the  best  for  you,  and  ALWAYS  goes  before  you   to   make   your   way   matter   how   trying   life   may  seem. 10.   Giving   Thanks.   Staying   Grateful,   no   matter   how   things  seem. Awaken  to  Truth. Grow  through  Truth. Become   the   Spiritual   Giant   you   were   intended   to   be...@illed   with   light,   laughter,   joy,   peace...and   yes...wisdom. Namaste', Che'  Vy@huis

Lightworker Advocate Magazine | August 2016 | 11


WHOLENESS I am 44 and have had a crazy life and it wasn't until just recently that I realised that the concept of wholeness comes from within. Throughout my whole life I've externalised the concept, assuming I can "get whole" by doing as many things as possible. Flitting from one subject or job to the next, waiting for that next "whatever "or "whoever ", it was to complete me. Then just recently, I've realised that a combination of self love, self respect, self acceptance and faith in who you are is the recipe for wholeness. Working from a place of love and light is wholeness... Finding that internal peace amongst the crazy head space chatter is wholeness.  I was constantly trying to fill"the void" with meaningless things, constantly asking myself,"why do I feel so dispersed all the time?" I then learnt (am learning) to love myself more and that involved/involves forgiving myself and others that had/have hurt me on my path. Believe me that is a work in progress but it is certainly allowing me to become free from the chains of the past. Accepting who I am and how I am makes me feel whole. Respecting who and how I am makes me whole. Releasing the need to control everything in my life makes me feel whole and of course maintaining the faith that I am who I am and that is more than enough. I still have no idea what I'd like to do when I grow up but I do believe I have found an amazing recipe for wholeness. Maybe it could work for you too?

12 | August 2016 | Lightworker Advocate Magazine

with Rachel Mason

August Card Read The current energies are guiding us all to initiate big changes in our lives... Maybe you have been internally and externally decluttering, releasing that which no longer serves you and allowing the new in. Some of you may be starting new projects based on those wonderful new ideas you are having, or even moving house, moving on from a partner or finding the love of your life . All of these changes, that lead to a new chapter in your life, can be a little scary and frightening but don't worry as August is the month to ask for help. Avoid feeling uncomfortable about asking for help, even Superman and Superwomen need help every now and again! You'll be surprised at how many people are actually waiting to help you. Maybe someone has popped into your mind that would be able to help you on your next step of your wonderful journey, maybe it's a group of people who can help you. Maybe it's actually you who could help lots of people, all you have to do is step forward and offer your helpful services. Please pay attention to any new people who are entering your life in August or a chance meeting with someone who could help you as this is all divinely orchestrated.. and please DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK.... Happy helpful August. Love, light and sparkles Rachel Mason

Embrace The Journey

with Gretchen  Schu?e

Like so   many   women,   I   used   to   move   through   my   days   feeling   stressed,   stretched   thin,   and   unclear   on   how   to   priori:ze   my   own   health   in   my   too-­‐busy   schedule.   Life   was   a   growing   series   of   obstacles,   and   instead   of   slowing   down   to   take   stock,   I   put   the   pedal   to   the   metal   and   paid   the   price.   I   was   over-­‐weight,  exhausted,  and  constantly  tense. Then,   on   a   whim,   I   ventured   into   a   yoga   studio   looking   for   some   stress   relief.   Immediately   following  my  first  session,  I  felt  a  beau:ful  sense  of   serenity   and   centeredness.   A   few   days   later,   I   found   myself   in   another   class,   and   then   another.   Yoga  became  a  retreat  for  me:  an  excuse  to  unplug,   unwind,  and  find  peace.   As  my  yoga  prac:ce  increased  in  frequency,  I  began   to   no:ce   wonderful   physical   transforma:ons.   On   the   mat,   I   was   encouraged   to   embrace   myself,   imperfec:ons  and  all.  Just  imagine!  A  space  that  is   free   of   cri:cism,   judgment,   and   worry.   I   began   cul:va:ng   pa:ence   and   compassion   towards   myself,  which  spread  outward  into  all  facets  of  my   life,  both  personally  and  professionally. 15   years   ago,   yoga   started   me   on   a   journey   that   I   never   could   have   imagined   and   I   have   learned  

14 | August 2016 | Lightworker Advocate Magazine

many lessons  along  the  way: 1)   There   is   always   .me   to   incorporate   wellness   into    your  life. • Start  your  day  with  a  posi:ve  inten:on.  Tape   your  favourite  posi:ve  thought  to  your  bathroom   mirror  and  read  it  while  brushing  your  teeth. • Take  :me  on  Sunday  aMernoon  to  plan  and  prep   healthy  meals  for  the  week.  My  breakfast   smoothie  is  quick  to  make  when  I  pre-­‐measure  and   bag  the  frozen  fruit. • When  all  else  fails  just  breath.  Pause,  take  3  big   breaths,  and  no:ce  how  you  feel. 2)  Focus  on  what  you  can  do,  not  what  you  can’t   do,  yet. • You  can’t  quite  get  the  bind  in  a  seated  twist  but   you  can  use  the  strap  to  take  the  bind  and  work   the  hands  closer  together,  breath  by  breath. • Perhaps  your  goal  is  to  run  a  5k  but  you  are  s:ll   working  on  your  first  mile.  You  can  cross  the  finish   line  by  alterna:ng  walking  and  running  intervals.

• You can’t  find  a  whole  hour  to  commit  to   exercise  but  you  can  get  up  from  your  desk  and   walk  around  the  office  several  :mes  a  day.  Or  do   some  seated  yoga  at  your  desk!  3)            Embrace  the  journey. • If  you  get  frustrated  with  not  being  at  your  goal   take   a   moment   to   reflect   on   how   far   you   have   come.   Use   that   as   mo:va:on   to   keep   moving   forward. • Your  path  may  have  its  ups  and  downs  but   remember  that  every  step  you  take  is  a  step   closer  to  your  goal. • Set  goals  and  work  towards  them  but   remember  that  today  is  a  giM  and  it  should  be   celebrated. My  wellness  prac:ce  con:nues  to  grow  by  taking   :me  to  pause  &  breathe,  focusing  on  what  I  can   do,   and   knowing   that   on   this   journey   it  doesn't  maXer   that   I   fell   down,   it   only   maXers   that  I  get  up  and  try  again.    

Gretchen Schu?e Yoga  &  Wellness  Advocate

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Lightworker Advocate Magazine | August 2016 | 15

Whole Life Choices with Emily Herrick

I’ve been teaching yoga for three years and practicing for 20. I’ve grown and learned tremendously through my personal practice and through teaching – I’m a firm believer that we never stop growing – but the past year and a half have presented some daunting new challenges that made me more aware than ever of the significance of ‘wholeness.’ First, some background. With one innocent question in March 2014, my husband, Michael, changed the course of our lives. We had been living in East Hampton, NY, happily married for almost six years. Life was very good – and yet, we both sensed it was time for a change. Our community and home were beautiful, but the area was beginning to feel less and less like home. Many small beach homes were being torn down and replaced with huge, impersonal mansions that were rarely used. We craved a sense of community – and we knew something was missing. That something was a feeling of wholeness. We bought a piece of property overlooking Puget Sound on Vashon Island, WA. Six months later, we arrived on the island and began the process of building our dream home while living in many rental homes. We have never looked back, never been happier and never had a regret. It’s been an amazing adventure, and, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world – but I’m very aware of how a lifestyle that emphasizes yoga and meditation are contributing greatly to my ability to remain whole and centered through this tumultuous process. (Not to mention that I’m getting three businesses off

16 | August 2016 | Lightworker Advocate Magazine

the ground at the same time!) As someone for whom the concept of a clear, strong, stable home space feels essential to wellbeing, this situation has definitely been challenging. I’m convinced that the ability to remain centered no matter what is going on around you is directly connected to more joy, harmony and happiness – and, most importantly, the ability to remain present – what we are all seeking. In addition to my yoga and meditation practices, I’ve learned about an auric clearing process that has made a huge difference for me. By clearing negative energy blockages, we raise our frequency so that we can feel more confident, certain, connected and have way more energy to do the things we really love doing – in other words, we are more whole. I’m so excited to incorporate this into the yoga work I’m doing! Everyone has challenging situations, and some, of course, are more challenging than others. If we can lean into the situation or circumstance from a place of a lack of resistance and an ability to remain open, whole and living from our highest self, many miracles, large and small, start to become apparent. Stay open – and see the magic that surrounds you everywhere if you are present and whole enough to be aware of it. Emily Herrick

Introducing the..... WOW Wheel Of Wholeness with Michelle Lightworker To not  FEEL  whole  leads  to  feeling  unhealed.  A   lot   of   people   refer   to   themselves   as   damaged,   broken   and   incomplete.   This   belief   around   their   lack   of   wholeness   actually   contributes   to   attracting   situations   to   them   that   conPirm   their   belief.   Wholeness  does  contain  the  word  ‘hole’  which   I  Pind  interesting.  Even  though  there  is  a  hole  in   it ,   wh o l e nes s   i s   st i l l   compl ete.   Ver y   paradoxical.   Sometimes   we   may   feel   empty.   However,   we   are   not.   If   only   love   exists,   then   love   is   all   that   is   and   ever   will   be.   We   are   an   expression   of   that   love.   So   therefore   we   are   complete.  Feeling  incomplete  doesn’t  mean  we   are  incomplete.  

Self-­‐Love –   We   love   and   value   ourselves   and   build  our  self-­‐esteem.  We  exercise  compassion   for  ourselves  and  our  imperfections. Self-­‐Protection   –   We   protect   ourselves   from   others   physically   &   energetically.   We,   stand   in   our   integrity   for   what   we   believe   in   and   we   open  up  to  others  for  connection  and  intimacy.   Self-­‐Awareness   –   We   own   and   express   our     Spiritual,   thinking,   feeling   and   behavioural   realities   Self-­‐Care  –  We  take  time  to  care  for  ourselves   physically,   emotionally,   mentally   and   Spiritually.

The Wheel   of   Wholeness   (WOW)   is   a   way   of   helping   us   to   see   and   reclaim   our   own   wholeness.   We   cover   this   in   my   second   Tra i n i n g   M a n u a l   o f   t h e   L i g h t wo r ke r   Practitioner   Training,   “The   LightPilled   Relationship”   in   greater   detail,   however   I   will   share  it  with  you  briePly  here.  

Self-­‐Moderation –   We   moderate   ourselves   so   that   we   are   not   too   chaotic   or   too   controlling   with  others  and  ourselves.  We  attain  balance  in   our  life.  We  are  no  longer  too  serious  or  out  of   control.

WOW shows   us   the   components   of   a   happy   relationship   with   ourselves   that   leads   to   us   feeling   whole.   In   the   Lightworker   Practitioner   Training   we   build   upon   the   following   areas   over   and   over   again.   You   can   dePinitely   say   that   the  training  is  a  WOWolistic  approach!

How does  one  reconcile  helping  if  the  client  is   already  complete?  Why  teach  anyone  anything   if   they   are   already   whole?   People   who   ask   for   our  help  are  usually  at  the  stage  where  they  are   ready   to   embrace   and   see   their   completeness.   If  we  are  guided  by  Spirit  to  turn  up  and  show   them  just  how  complete  they  are  in  some  way   or  another,  we  are  just  a  reminder  of  who  they   already  are  anyway.  

Suggestions for  Practitioners/Facilitators

There are  many  levels  of  illusion  along  the  path   back   to   love.   So   remember,   to   trust   and   open   up   to   where   you   are   guided   with   your   client.   Don’t   look   for   holes.   Look   for   wholeness.   The   solution   itself   exists   in   each   issue   they   have.     The  WOW  is  a  tool  that  can  help  direct  us  to  the   area   of   the   client’s   relationship   with   themselves  that  is  letting  them  down  in  feeling   whole.    Then  Spirit  will  open  the  door  to  assist   us   in   helping   restore   their   vision   back   to   the   wholeness.  that  they  already  are.

Lightworker Advocate Magazine | August 2016 | 17

LOVE IS MY Super Power Dr. Dawn  Karima,  PhD (for  Gil)

Drums thunder   in   the   powwow   arena,   while   tribal   dancers   swirl   in   the   circle,   making   a   mélange   of   beads   and   feathers.     My   moccasins   move   in   =me   with   the   singers’   low   vocables,   as   I   follow   the   footsteps   of   my   ancestors.    As  a  Global  Music  Award  Winner,   a   Na=ve   American   Music   Award   Winner   and   Host   of   my   award-­‐winning   radio   show,   “A   Conversa=on   With   Dawn   Karima”,   my   days   are  filled  with  exci=ng  twists  and  demanding   turns   that   require   spiritual,   social,   emo=onal   and  physical  wholeness.  I  desire  to  infuse  my   music   and   media   with   Love   and   posi=ve   energy.   Finding   wholeness   in   my   Indigenous   heritage  helps  me  to  use  my  giOs  and  talents   to  upliO  others. Four   is   a   sacred   number   to   many   tribes.    

18 | August 2016 | Lightworker Advocate Magazine

Dr. Dawn Karima is a Native American Music Award Winner for her CD, THE DESIRE OF NATIONS, a Global Music Award Winner and an Indigenous Artist Activist Award Winner! An Indigenous Music Award nominee for her CD, THE STARS OF HEAVEN and for her radio talk show, A CONVERSATION WITH DAWN KARIMA, she is also the author of a new poetry book, SINGING OF THE STARS and the Co-author of CHILDREN LEARN WHAT THEY READ, a book about spirituality in children’s literature. .Dr Karima is the author of two novels: THE WAY WE MAKE SENSE, a Finalist for the Native American First Book Award, and THE MARRIAGE OF SAINTS, a volume in University of Oklahoma's American Indian Studies Series and a Finalist for the New Mexico Book Award.This Mvskoke/ Echota Shellshaker, Women's Traditional Southern Cloth powwow dancer, Jingle Dress Dancer, Indigenous Theologian, Filmmaker and Journalist is a graduate of Harvard University, who holds an MFA in Creative Writing from The Ohio State University and a Ph.D. conducted at University of Kentucky/Trinity Seminary. Her home is the Qualla Boundary Reservation. A prominent Speaker, Educator, Artist and Consultant, she is available to hire for speaking engagements, presentations, media making, academic instruction, concerts, performances, storytelling and cultural education at http://

Prayer, Songs,   Dances   and   Community   are   four   energizing   elements   in   Na=ve   American   Powwows,   in   my   own   tribe’s   Stomp   Dances   a n d   i n   I n d i g e n o u s   C e r e m o n i e s .     Balancing   my   career   as   a   Broadcaster,   Ar=st,   Educator   and   Author   with   par=cipa=on   in   Indigenous   spiritual   paths   magnifies   my   Higher   Self   above   my   emo=onal   self.   Smudging   with   sage   and   cedar,   dancing   to   drumbeats,   shaking   turtle   shells   in   stomp   dance,   praying,   fas=ng   and   singing   with   my   tribal   community   helps   to   cleanse   my   soul   and   create   clarity   in   my   mind.   Such   clarity   and   peace   is   vital   to   my   crea=vity,   especially   since  my  heart’s  desire  is  to  make  music  and   media   that   educates,   enlightens   and   edifies   my  audience.  

In my   Kindle   book,   WHAT   TO   DO   IF   YOU   DON’T  KNOW  WHAT  TO  DO,  I  offer  guidance   about   finding   wholeness.     Imagine   that   I   decide   to   show   you   the   Na=ve   American   Reserva=on   that   is   my   home.   We’ll   hike   to   see  if  we  can  see  a  bear  cub  and  we’ll  stop  to   see   the   majes=c   mountain   views.   Maybe   we’ll   go   into   the   hills   and   hollers   and   find   a   li\le   church,   so   we   can   enjoy   some   good   country   singing.   Pretend   you’re   following   me.   I’m  leading  the  way  and  all  of  a  sudden,  you   think,  “Hey,  what  does  she  know?    Why  am  I   following  her?  My  car  is  just  as  good  as  hers.   I’m  just  as  good  a  driver  as  she  is,  so  why  am  I   following   her   around?”   So,   you   strike   out   on   your  own.How  long  will  it  be  before  you  find   yourself   lost?   Yet,   ge^ng   lost   is   completely   unnecessary,   since   if   you   just   followed   me   you   would   have   ended   up   at   a   deligh_ul   des=na=on.     Well,   guess   what?   It’s   that   way   spiritually,  too.    

mental help   and   help   from   other   people.     That’s   what   tribal   culture   is   meant   to   do,   to   provide  us  with  a  guide  to  bring  us  back  into   balance  and  restore  our  joy.    Our  ceremonial   songs,   dances   and   prayers   provide   valuable   vibra=ons   that   inspire   me   to   write   songs,   author   books,   speak   mo=va=onally   and   help   o t h e r s   w h o   a r e   e n d u r i n g   d i ffi c u l t   circumstances.  Each  =me  I  reconnect  with  my   tribal   tradi=ons,   I   remember   that   Love   is   my   first  language.  

Some=mes, when   we   take   off   on   our   own   and   decide   to   go   our   own   way,   we   end   up   needing   spiritual   help,   emo=onal   help,  



Lightworker Advocate Magazine | August 2016 | 19

The Wholeness of Potentiality with Lynn Merrin The definition of wholeness is the concept that we contain all potentials -potentials for any action, thought, or energy tone (e.g., emotion or feeling). While we might not express the potentials in any particular manner, we know that they are within us. These "potentials" are the archetypes, which are aspects of spirit (i.e., life). To me, all is whole, there is wholeness in all that is. The universes and all living things. We are not physical beings, we are a combination of the energy of mental, emotional and spiritual energy in a physical form. As a counsellor, I view my clients wholistically and encourage them to view themselves and their lives accordingly. I believe that it is important to be whole. It took me many years to accept the concept of the whole of the universe being reflected in every cell, in every grain of sand, but it finally made sense and answers a lot of unanswered questions. Microcosm macrocosm. I had a better understanding of energy, how it works and affects us, our planet and all life. Our body needs to be viewed with wholeness in our physicality. To stretch and move and to use quality nutrition to serve our body, positive thoughts and quality information to feed our mind, positive feelings to support our emotions and positive words to create our reality. We can replace negative habits with positive habits daily and serve our needs on every level to be whole and experience wholeness. The choice is

ours in personal responsibility. There will always be challenges to come back to that point of balance and take control of our wholeness and balance. It has taken me many years, many books, seminars and workshops to realise my need for wholeness in my life and to maintain that balance. It is a daily exercise and awareness to come back to that state of equilibrium. When I personally feel out of balance in any area of my life, I use a simple meditation to reconnect, ground myself, balance and clear my energy to feel centred and in control of my world. I choose wholeness in my food, choosing colours, textures, nutrients, vitamin, mineral, enzyme, amino acid balance and of course hydration to support the renewal of my cells. I stretch and use a vibration platform to stimulate my circulatory system and have a Chinese de-tox treatment monthly, to combat the environmental toxins we face in our modern world. Wholeness also is represented in my choice to balance my work as a counsellor, teacher and author with my leisure time and expressing my creativity in my writing and sketching. We are all units of the whole, all a part of the family of man, custodians of this beautiful planet and the only threat we have to our wholeness is the separateness that divides us from each other and the truth of who we are. hXp://

20 | August 2016 | Lightworker Advocate Magazine

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Hosted by Ryan Yokome Lightworker Advocate Magazine | August 2016 | 21

The Whole Picture of Influential Energy with Joan Derrick

Why do we feel there are forces controlling our lives, over which we have no control? Well there is good news and bad news. The good/bad news is that there are invisible forces shaping our lives, unknown to us. The really good news is that we can control and create the lives we desire, once we understand what the invisible forces are, and how to work with them.

What are these forces? • At conception a spark of energy goes out into the field of infinite possibilities; the ether that surrounds us which stretches to infinity, which we will name the Divine Matrix. At day 14 this spark of energy returns to the embryo and brings with it the ‘mind’; our higher consciousness; our subconscious and our consciousness. The mind is not the brain; it is an electromagnetic field, which is the software that runs our lives. • The higher consciousness is our connection to the Divine Matrix and brings us intuition, guidance and protection. It sees the big picture of your life and ensures that your goals are both safe and appropriate in the context of your life purpose. It is nonlinear with unlimited speed and capacity, processing an infinite number of things instantly. It is not time bound. •

The subconscious mind is timeless,

22 | August 2016 | Lightworker Advocate Magazine

operating only in the present moment. It thinks literally - all that enters is truth. It is habitual, monitoring the operation of the body such as respiration, circulation and digestion without us having to be aware of this happening. The bodily functions are pre-programmed at the time the spark returns at day 14, where it proceeds to create the baby and ensues the repair and maintenance of the body throughout its life. It has an expanded speed (Averages 40 million bits per sec), and capacity. It holds long term memory of past experiences, attitudes, values and beliefs. It process es thousands of events simultaneously, 24/7. The subconscious mind is also programmed by us and for us; sometimes we consciously do so, when we learn to walk, talk, feed ourselves, and play games. Others also program it unknowingly through words, actions body language and inference. Most of the programming is absorbed during the first 7 years of life. • The conscious mind is time bound to the past and future and is very limited in its speed (40 bits per sec) and processing capacity, with short-term memory of approx. 20 seconds. It is the centre of free will and can evaluate the past and plan for the future. It thinks abstractly, and can determine what is true and what is not, however it is not fully developed to do so until after the age of 7 years.

How does this influence our lives? • Because the conscious mind is limited in it’s speed and processing capacity and is mostly focused in the past or future, 95% of our lives are run automatically by our higher conscious and sub-conscious minds, without our knowledge or awareness. It does this in the following way, apart from automatically running the software of our body functions. • In the womb, and for the first 7 years we are like sponges, soaking up every experience we can into our sub-conscious mind, forming groundwork for running the rest of our life. We take in everything as truth, regardless of whether this is so or not. • We experience pleasant and unpleasant events that, if experienced often and with high emotion, create within our subconscious mind a perception of how life is; which in turn creates the belief that we hold regarding life. • These beliefs determine our thoughts and emotions regarding our life experiences.

• The thoughts and emotions create the vibration of the energy wave that emanates from our mind • The vibration determines the ‘channel’ on which we transmit, and in turn receive, from the Divine Matrix; and from everyone within the sphere of our energy field. • This feedback reinforce the perceptions and beliefs we hold regarding life; we may hold misperceptions which were unwittingly programmed in during the formative years that lead us to believe that life is tough, we are not worthy; we are dumb or unable to achieve what we know deep within, is possible. • These misperceptions may become limiting beliefs creating disharmony within ourselves, which radiates out into the field around us. • The limiting beliefs create all kinds of problems for us, including a lack of selfesteem, self worth and self-confidence, leading to a life that is not joyful, contented or fulfilling.

Example:   Johnny   is   4   years   old.   Mum   and   Dad   are   having   friends   over   for   a   Barbeque  in  the  evening.    Mum  is  busy  preparing  food  and  cleaning  house.    She  has   asked   Dad   to   mow   the   lawn   and   make   the   yard   tidy.     Dad   had   other   things   he   felt   were  more  important  and  is  not  in  a  good  frame  of  mind;  always  when  one  feels  this   way,     it   seems   everything   goes   wrong.   The   mower   refused   to   start   and   frustration   is   the  name  of  the  game.  Tools  are  set  out  to  work  on  the  problem.    Daddy  is  Johnny’s   hero  and  he  is  right  there  by  his  side. Dad’s   frustration   mounts   even   higher,   and   anger   seeps   into   the   scene.     He   asks   Johnny  to  hand  him  a  spanner,  and  Johnny  responds  with  a  screwdriver;    he  does  not   know   the   names   of   any   of   them   and   just   grabbed   the   Iirst   one   he   saw.   Anger   and   frustration   spill   over.     Dad   shouts   with   high   emotion,   “Get   out   of   my   way,   you   stupid   child.  Don’t  you  know  the  difference  between  a  spanner  and  a  screwdriver?” Johnny  is  shattered  by  the  words  and  emotion  of  his  Dad,  and  runs  sobbing  into  his   Mum.     Now  we  have  2  ways  this  scene  can  evolve.  (see  next  page)

Lightworker Advocate Magazine | August 2016 | 23

Scene 1:     Mum   is   very   perceptive   to   his   needs   and   emotions;   she   folds   him   in   her   arms,   comforts   and   reassures   him   that   Daddy   did   not   mean   to   upset   him.     Daddy  is  just  in  a  hurry  and  is  frustrated  that  things  are   not   running   smoothly.     She   will   include   him   in   her   activities  and  make  him  feel  wanted  and  loved. Scene  No  2:    Mum  is  preoccupied  with  her  agenda,  and  is   feeling   pressure   to   get   things   done   to   Iit   into   her   schedule.     When   Johnny   runs   in   sobbing   she   dismisses   him   and   shouts   to   him.   “Just   get   over   it,”   before   turning   her  back  on  him  to  go  on  with  her  chores.    This  reinforces   within   his   sub-­‐conscious   that   he   is   a   nuisance;   he   is   unwanted  and  unloved.    He  need  never  try  to  Iix  anything   because   he   is   stupid   and   does   not   know   the   difference   between   a   spanner   and   a   screwdriver.     His   conscious   mind  in  not  developed  enough  to  tell  him  that  this  is  not   true,   and   his   sub-­‐conscious   mind,   without   the   rebuttal   from  an  adult,  will  accept  those  words  as  true. Johnny’s   perception   may   create   limiting   beliefs   formed   by   this   experience   that   will   affect   his   way   of   seeing   life,   especially  if  these  limiting  beliefs  are  reinforced  over  and   over  again.    If  it  is  a  ‘one-­‐off’  experience  it  will  stay  in  the   memory,   but   its   effect   will   vary   depending   on   what   other   experiences  he  has  in  those  early  years.    

Now that you understand how beliefs, programmed unwittingly, determine the life you live, do you feel confident in creating the life you desire? As a therapist in the field of Energy Psychology, I am able to assure people that all misperceptions and limiting beliefs can be re-programmed to realign our lives to be what we want. This is as easy as installing an outdated program on your computer with and update, and clicking save. Joan Derrick, Author The Spiritual Heritage for Children Series Ph. 0427667251

24 | August 2016 | Lightworker Advocate Magazine

Lightworker Advocate Magazine | August 2016 | 25

with Bec Campbell

In Truth of Wholeness What does it mean to be whole?


This question crossed my desk this week and made me think... What does being whole truly mean?

Someone once asked me that if when my family was away from me (in the physical), did I love them any less. "NO", I had replied, "most certainly not". They are in my heart and I lovingly love them no matter how near or far they may be.

Whole, by definition is - All of; Complete. I know that for myself, for many years I searched for happiness and wholeness in some of the most unlikely and undesirable places. (Unhealthy relationships,crappy jobs etc). Whilst I have no regrets for the decisions in my past , I can say that the whole way through (until recent times) I was searching. Searching for something or someone to complete me. Whether it be happiness in work, in life or in love, we all have at times wished and searched for that something 'more'. That something 'extra' that would come into our life and make us feel better. That something fabulous and that something wonderful. Something magical to sweep us off our feet... From experience I know that MAGIC is an illusion. What you see and (as oppose to) what may actually be there are two entirely different things. What if I was to tell you that all you would ever need lays within you ? Happiness. Wealth. Love. All of it ... Right there within you and always has been ! Would you believe it ? Or would you question it like everything else in your life ? The key to being whole IS simply acceptance of one's self. I know this theory has been thrown about for centuries - before the beginning of time I suspect. It's nothing new really! Yet it is so

26 | August 2016 | Lightworker Advocate Magazine

So why then as a general entity do we hold expectations towards our loved ones ? To be home at a certain time? To do certain things or to act a certain way? Why do we behave like this ? Why do we fear that we love them more than they love us ? Isn't love just love ? On my journey I couldn't help but ask myself what is the driving force that underlines all else ? Where does desire want and need come from? A baby certainly isn't born with such things! Conditioning I believe to be the answer. What we learn from one another is what teaches us. If we fear, we can be controlled! What is fear then? Fear by definition is - unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm. There you have it! It's an emotion. The definition of emotion - A strong feeling deriving from one's circumstances, mood, or relationships with others. So essentially according to this, fear (in definition ) seems to be a emotion created from external relationships with others. Interesting! So based on this definition the hypothesis would perhaps be that social conditioning creates a false sense of fear? That it potentially creates a detachment from core self whilst creating an attachment/need to seek

externally for acceptance and well being.

had hoped it would be.

All we need, all we seek - the answers lay within each and every one of us! For me, I dug deep on this lesson and I learnt the hard way. The dark night of the soul is not a journey for the light hearted however it is a journey well worth taking. Why? Because I now know me. The real me. The me that is a pure reflection of divine love. The real me that is complete in self.

Expectation does this to us not love! If expectation is removed and we " detach" from the outcome, what we have left at the root at the core is unconditional love. Pure intent - not one bred from expectation and gain!

I have no need to search for it in another, to be in a relationship to find and feel complete. I found it all within me. Unconditional love Creator love - Divinity - all of it. This is, by my definition what it feels like to be whole. To know that each soul is born of pure intent. Each one of us bleeds the same. Feels the same pain. Grieves that pain just the same as the next person. None of us are better than the other. We are all just parts in a bigger picture. Wholeness is being your own reason for getting up every morning. Your own reason for that huge smile upon your face. Being whole is doing what you love so much that it isn't work at all! Being whole is accepting and loving yourself so much that you don't NEED another to make you feel loved wanted and complete. Being whole is being able to look in the mirror and be totally ok with what you see back in the reflection. Being whole is being in a relationship with another and loving them without condition. No expectations. Just love! I known the gut wrenching disappointment that like an arrow hits a hearts and shatters it when something doesn't work out the way we

When you are whole within self you are empowered. You are fluid and you are in control. All that you need, everything it truly does lay within YOU, within us! You are ok to be alone - the reality is we are all connected anyhow. "All hearts beat as one ". This lesson took me a long time to understand and an even longer to learn. Being truthful to self is the start. The rest, well that's different for everyone. I do know that abundance comes in many shapes and sizes. Next time you catch yourself wishing to be a millionaire ... Ask yourself how much you would take as a trade for those that you do love! Would you sell one of your children for a million dollars ? ( being serious ) the answer ( I am sure ) would be no. In fact, there are many types of millionaires around this world and money is simply a bunch of numbers on a computer screen that creates choice. So when all said and done my answer is simple. Whole is the completeness of self within self and the ability to love without condition or expectation. beccampbellpsychicmedium/

Lightworker Advocate Magazine | August 2016 | 27

Unity by Werner Szendi (2013, acrylic on canvas, 100 x 100 cm) We are all one. We are all connected. God Christians "Father" Muslims "Allah" Hindus "Vishnu" Buddhists "Buddha" Jews "Lord" By whatever name, God is in every mineral, every plant, every animal and every human being. Anything negative we do to others harms us

28 | August 2016 | Lightworker Advocate Magazine

all in reality. We must recognize this and choose to unite our diversities with positivism, tolerance, and love. It is only then that we can embrace with solidarity and unite by way of a mutual understanding of the need for peace, harmony, and unconditional love. Only then can we live, love, and laugh... together as one world.

Dance of Wholeness What someone sees as trash another sees it as a treasure. What someone sees as just a weed another sees it as a flower What someone sees as their disappointment another sees it as happiness What someone sees as hard rocky road another sees as a gentle road What someone see's all in the most negative of ways cannot see true beauty

A Lotus grows from muddy waters and soil of the earth and doesn’t ask for much for she is WHOLENES. The sun, air, water, earth all want to be with her to shine the light on as she forges up and up and she never gives up and dances patiently and shows her WHOLENESS.... for the footprints of her life shows she was always whole within herself……. Ann Sathiavaani Keightley

Lightworker Advocate Magazine | August 2016 | 29


Disclaimer: Intricate Article about Getting Cross, there’s the S word and the BS word in it. I’m not normally a potty mouth but…

wholey moley! with Kirsten MacDonald

Anger. It’s   an   interesting   bedmate.   It’s   an   intricate  bad  tempered  bastard  that  can  be   hard   to   handle.   Feeling   angry   for   me   is   like   catching   the   Ilu.   I   know   I   have   it,   I   don’t   want  it,  it  doesn’t  feel  very  nice  and  I  do  my   best   to   get   rid   of   it   as   quickly   as   possible.   Some  of  my  closer  friends  call  me  Positive   Polly,   it   started   as   loving   sarcasm,   but   it   generally   rings   true.   I   just   don’t   get   angry   very   often.   I’d   like   to   think   I’ve   a   logical   brain   that   is   able   to   compartmentalize   appropriately.  I  try  okay?

Then   there’s   the   calm   anger.   This   is   the   one   that   makes   my   family   particularly   nervous.  Apparently  my  eyebrow  develops   a   will   of   its   own,   shooting   upwards   in   a   northerly   fashion.   It’s   a   subconscious   action   that   signals   a   smidge   of   discontent   may  be  brewing.  I  inherited  it,  my  daughter   does   it,   my   sister   does   it,   as   does   my   mother.   So   if   you   ever   catch   an    O’Donnell   woman  with  a    raised  eyebrow  smashing  a   shitload   of   eggs   I   strongly   advise   you   call   the  FEDS  or  Chuck  Norris.  Its  Motley.

I do   a   great   job   of  pushing   anger   away.   At   least   I   thought   I   did.   Realistically   this   translates   into   brilliant   suppression   like   a   prison   in   lock   down   until   it   erupts   2   months   later   into   either   a   spectacular   verbal   spray   aimed   at   the   person   who  has   upset   the   apple   cart   (this   has   only   happened   a   couple   of   times   in   my   life)   or   a   bedazzling   Ilood   of   tears   that   make   me   look   like   a   deranged   clown   that’s   overdone   the  drag  queen  mascara,  or  then  of  course   there   is   the   Egg   Smashing   Technique,   or   what  we  call  Doing  the  Egg.

As a   child   I   unfortunately   witnessed   how   d e s t r u c t ive   a n g e r   c o u l d   b e   wh e n   misdirected  and  inIlicted  upon  others.  So  I   was   conditioned   to   think   that   anger   was   bad,   a   negative   emotion   that   wrecked   havoc  on  everyone  it  touched.

“Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.” ― Ambrose Bierce Top Tough Titties Tip   and   for   Girls   That   Wear  Their  Big  Knickers:  if  you  are  feeling   very   cross;   smashing   eggs   at   a   brick   wall   whilst  yelling  in  a  somewhat  primal  way  is   incredibly   liberating   and   an   effective   safe   way   to   relieve   anger.   Swearing   obscenely   like  a  dirty  old  Pirate  with  a  mangy  parrot   on   his   shoulder   as   you   throw    feels   good   too.   It’s   a   thing.   I   think   I’ve   mentioned   it   before.  

30 | August 2016 | Lightworker Advocate Magazine

I now  know  that  anger  is  a  natural  human   emotion,   it   needs   to   be   directed   in   a   healthy   manner,   channeled   and   harnessed   with   a   mighty   Iinesse,   transmuting   it   into   a   force   that   would   make   Yoda   blush   with   pleasure…you   get   the   drift.   I   am   learning.   We  all  are.  But  it  happens. I   actually   wish   I   could   swear   in   a   cool   language,   like   German   or   Dutch,   it   just   sounds   more   intense   and   real.   Seriously;   here’s   an   exercise:   close   your   eyes,   screw   up  your  nose  and  in  your  deepest  spittiest   voice  yell  this  out: "Fahren  Sie  den  schmutzigen  Mund" That   just   means   shut   your   dirty   mouth   in   German  but  it  sounds  Iilth  doesn’t  it? So   other   than   wishing   for   European   language   lessons   and   practicing   Zen   all   was   well   in   my   world   this   past   month   or   so.   I   was   in   some   sweet   denial   about   the   health   status,   I   had   a   holiday   break   with   my   childhood  girlfriends   on   a   tropical   island…it   was   all   going   surprisingly   superIluous.  Until  I  got  a  bit  peeved.

Recently we   were   ripped   off   quite   a   bit   of   money.   A   real   dodgy.   My   philanthropic   inner   being   knew   that   this   money   which   went   into   the   many   thousands   could   have   bought  enough  food  for  the  local  homeless   shelter   to   last   them   6   months.   It   also   affected   another   family   member,   a    family   member   that   has   been   doing   it   tough   and   this  money   would   have   really   helped   them,   so   you   can   imagine   losing   so   much   was   a   hard   path   to   walk.   This   money   could   have   been   utilised   in   positive   ways.    I   also   wanted   to   send   my   child   to   an   amazing   super   camp,   did   I   mention   there   are   villages   that   need   schools?   There   are   communities   that   need   nurses…you   catch   my   drift.   But   it   did   not.   It   went   into   someone’s  pocket  it  shouldn’t  have. So   then   I   did   what   all   good   placid   people   do.  I  swallowed  the  anger.  The  anger  went   so   deep   I   couldn’t   even   feel   a   tickle.   I   practiced   loving   kindness,   released   the   anger   in   a   positive   way,   sent   the   person   who   had   done   me   wrong   love.   But   really,   what  I  did  was  swallow  it  thick  and  chunky.   Gone.   Like   Gappetto   in   the   Whale’s   belly.   Deep.  Until  I  went  to  the  Post  OfIice  a  few   days  later.   We  shall  call  this  the  Cardigan  Incident.   A   simple   cardigan.   A   nice   white   cable   number,  knee  length.  Nice  mother  of  pearl   oversized   buttons.   That’s   what   I   was   wearing   this   day.   On   this   day,   my   house   was   in   disarray.   I   had   a   migraine   the   day   before  that  left  me  with  a  residue  look  of  a   hound   and   I   was   getting   a   bit   of   attitude   from   the   shorter   contingents   of   the   household.   The   dog   had   also   managed   to   pee   on   the   rug   under   my   writing   desk.   Forget   the   whole   Possibly   Dying   THING;   have   you   ever   smelled   day   old   Schnoodle   pee?  AND  I  had  an  ingrown  toenail.  Now  I   am   the   last   person   to   get   all   FIRST   WORLD   MARGERY  on  you,  but  let  us  just  say  I  was   on  edge.

Now I’ve  got  a  heap  of  parcels  to  get  to  the   Post   OfIice   before   4.00pm.   Its   3.55.   I   pull   into   a   park,   dodging   all   the   people   that   CLEARLY  don’t  have  their  license  and  I  am   standing   in   line,   pufIing,   trying   to   sort   of   stand   on   my   left   foot   because   of   the   toenail.   Then   I   realize   I   am   pufIing   and   practice  my  mindfulness.  Deep  breathes  in.   I  am  holding  4  heavy  box/satchel-­‐  thingys,   eyes   closed,   doing   some   inner   mantra   mumbling.   Then   I   get   this   vibe.   You   know   the   vibe   when   you   know   someone   is   looking   at   you?    I   open   an   eye;   the   lady   in   front  of  me  has  side  turned  and  is  looking   at  me  strangely.  We  are  standing  very  close   to   each   other.   This   makes   me   feel   uncomfortable,   I   have   personal   space   issues   unless   its   someone   I   love.    She   has   the   look   of   a   person   who   knows   what   her   neighbor’s   gas   bill   is   and   has   a   theory   about   dogs   sleeping   inside.   Judgey.   It’s   a   judgey   busy   body   Esme   Watson   look.   I’m   not   being   unkind,   I   am   just   trying   to   be   honest  on  my  vibe  at  that  moment. She  Ilicks  her  hand  in  an  odd  gesture  in  the   direction  of  my  Cardigan,  smirks  and  says,   “Your  jacket’s  on  inside  out”.  PAUSE Do   I   smile   and   say,   "OH   THANKS   FOR   THAT?"    Nope. No.  I  say  in  my  most  polite  tight  lipped  nice   voice,  (like  Poppins  on  the  edge  people) “No,   it’s   an   exposed   seam   cardigan,   but   thanks.”   She   creases   her   eyebrows.   I   internally  can’t  believe  it.  She’s  going  to  do   it.  She’s  calls  Bullshit.  She  calls  it  big  time.   She  couldn’t  just  leave  me  alone. She   looked   at   me   with   a   bigger   sardonic   smirk   and   says,   “Really?   Then   what’s   that   then?”   She   points   aggressively   in   a   downward   pointing   action,   towards   my   person.  I  look  down.  There.  Right  there. Hanging  out  like  a  sail  in  the  wind. A   metre   long   Wash   tag   saying   :    EXTRA   LARGE,   COLD    HANDWASH   ONLY,    MADE   IN  INDIA.

Lightworker Advocate Magazine | August 2016 | 31

When in   the   heck    did   clothing   companies   stop   making   NORMAL   SIZE   TAGS?   Stretching   nearly   a   meter   long   was   this   stupid   bloody   wash   advice   tag.   WTH?   You   know   the   ones.   The   big   mega   long   humiliating  ones  that  call  your  bullshit. Do  I  go  into  automatic  arrogant  kamikatze   shit-­‐storm  mode?  Did  Polly  crack  em? I  went  bright  red,  my  teeth  grinded  so  hard   I   thought   I   would   chip   a   tooth.   You   could   hear  the  Spaghetti  Western  GunIight  theme   song.  I  said  “Yup,  that’s  my  tag”. Lets   make   this   clear:   The   referential   integrity   between   two   people   is   complex.   Really   complex.   Like   a   mathematical   algorithm   complex.   You   think   that   the   feelings   you   have   will   match   the   feelings   of   another   person   and   the   value   to   which   you   apply   it   will   not   be   in   error   and   will   be   mirrored   fantastically   back   towards   you.   The   logical   implication   between   the   dependencies   is   undecidable   by   reduction   from  the  problem.  YUP.  This  is  how  tricksy   I  Iind  Humans  and  I  Iind  anger. Abort   Mission,   Abandon   ship.   Get   the   Iiretruck  outta  here. I  went  home.  I  threw  some  eggs. All  was  well  again. The  moral  to  the  story?

1. Sometimes its   better   to   have   Iirst   wo rl d   p ro b l e m s   t h a n   dy i n g   o n e s .   Sometimes   they   just   feel   worse.   This   is   a   fact. 2. Don’t  call  a  frazzled  person’s  BS.  Its   dangerous.  It  can  go  either  way. 3. ALWAYS  check  your  clothing  before   venturing. 4. If   its   cold   outside,   get   the   dog   a   jumper.   Otherwise   he   will   pee   on   the   rug.   Some  people  will  judge  this.  It’s  a  fact. 5. Learn   how   to   deal   with   your   anger   and   release   it   in   a   healthy   effective   way,   sending  it  down  the  river  of  love  wrapped   in   silken   butterIly   wings   and   rainbow   blessings  ain’t  gonna  cut  it. 6. When   something   in   your   gut   tells   you   a   person   should   be   avoided   and   don’t   give   them   your   money,   unless   you   are   paying  for  their  food  you’ve  already  eaten,   don’t   do   it.   Always   trust   your   instincts,   especially  when  it  comes  to  real  estate! 7. Don’t  start  throwing  eggs  when  the   man  has  come  to  Iix  the  neighbours  fence.   He   will   not   know   what   you   are   doing,   especially  the  loud  swearing  part.  He  might   call  the  police.  Just  saying. 8. There’s  no  such  thing  as  an  exposed   seam  cardigan.  Its  not  a  thing.  Its  just  not.   9. ELSA   :   Fahren   Sie   den   schmutzigen   Mund 10.

#TYTP-­‐  Trim  your  tags  People

Peace, love   and   always   good   vibes   to   you   beautiful  peeps.  Xx  Kirsten

32 | August 2016 | Lightworker Advocate Magazine

WHOLENESS & THE ANXIETY DIARIES The Principle of Wholeness is one of my favourite principles so I am very excited to write about this for the Anxiety Diaries. My understanding of wholeness is to accept all parts of myself knowing that the good parts, and the not so good parts, are all parts that make up - me. When I choose to acknowledge all these parts, I am practicing wholeness. Seeing myself as one whole being that is connected to everything within and outside my physical self is realizing that I am complete. I am whole. So how do we feel whole when we are feeling anxious? Choose to see anxiety as one of those parts. Just like happiness, sadness, anger, envy, masculine, feminine and the many other important parts of ourselves. All parts whether physical or nonphysical are all important and anxiety is one of them. Last month I wrote about how I gave my anxiety a voice so that I could talk to it as I would a person. I was able to understand that anxiety was in my life for a reason. It told me it was a reminder. A reminder to look after myself energetically, physically, mentally and more importantly – lovingly. All the things I had stopped doing so that I could please others whilst following some very old belief patterns. Anxiety was the wake up call. It was the part of me jumping up and down, waving its hands in the air trying to get my

With Amy Young

attention. The more I ignored it, the louder it became. So loud to the point it made me feel too scared to even leave the house. Definitely not the experience I wanted to have at the time, but now I understand why it was so important that it did. I could finally change my belief patterns to those I choose and move forward with love. If you are feeling anxious try this wholeness exercise that helped me. Feel your anxiety and where it is in your physical body. Maybe it's your chest, throat, stomach or head. Just feel where it is. Once you have worked this out put your hands on this part and acknowledge it as being there. Then start to think about the other parts of your body and where other feelings may live, sadness, anger, happiness, love, joy, peace. Acknowledge that these are all parts of you just like anxiety is. All your feelings, emotions, memories, thoughts are all parts that make up YOU! I like to start with anxiety, anger, sadness but move up to and end with all the good parts so that you are left feeling more at peace. You can even embrace the physical parts of your body that you love like your eyes, lips, skin, heart, hands, fingers etc. These are also parts of you and deserve acknowledgement too. Finish with thanking all parts of yourself and how they all make up your being. How they all make you whole! This exercise is a great way to practice wholeness and incorporate it daily if you feel you need a gentle reminder when anxiety pops up. By acknowledging that anxiety is just one of the many parts of our being I begin to feel at ease knowing that it is exactly just that, another amazing part of my myself! For more information and tips for managing anxiety visit or join us on Facebook and share your tips with us!

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The Whole Carer with Robyn Lester Many of us have or are carers for someone. And those that are not, this article is also for you - the carer of Self. The carer role can take place in many ways and in many contexts. You may be the carer or have cared for a relative, children, or professionally in the helping and education sectors. In my experience I often heard people say don’t forget to say, “take care of yourself” which makes me wonder - is that comment truly caring, or a throwaway line for those who don’t really know what to say? Or perhaps don’t have time to listen? If unsure how to respond to a carer’s situation, it is most helpful to simply listen without judgement. I felt that whenever this was said - it often felt invalidating or even condescending at times especially when that was the only thing said. And the overriding feeling for an exhausted carer, is often a lack of time to actually do these wonderful self caring activities that others suggest. And then practical issues can arise of leaving the person in the care of others when a care role is complex, makes “take care of yourself” very challenging indeed! We all know how it feels when having to explain a job to be done to a new person. It can take more time and energy, than actually getting it done yourself! We’re told to ‘delegate’, but even that process can take up a lot of time! Even actually choosing the right person to take over a carer’s role can take up a lot of time. Then often comes the anxiety of ‘have I left my loved one with the right person?’ and so on. So carers will often stop talking about their situation or feelings with anyone - which is really not for anyone’s benefit, including society. And results in further isolation and mental and spiritual well-being problems. As a nurse for decades and my life experience as a psychic medium, I’ve contemplated these questions often. I perceive caring in all it’s dimensions - practically and spiritually. I’ve been and still am a parent and carer of a terminal person and also facing - as many in our society how to best care for elderly parents. When I received well-meaning comments such as “take care of yourself” - these words made me really ponder about what taking care of ourselves really means for us as an individual, as well as when in a ‘caring’ role. I wanted to share with other carers

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some important insights I’ve learnt from both my personal experience and from the countless stories of others, in the hope that you or someone you know who is a carer, will look after their health and well being - which is without a doubt our most precious gift! Carers often feel a myriad of emotions such as guilt, resentment and anger, often caused by relentless exhaustion. Mental and physical health problems can easily take hold and become ‘burnout’ if the stress goes on long enough without self-care. Our immunity can become compromised and relationships can be hurt or lost. Most importantly, we cannot afford to hurt the relationship we have with ourself! When we make a commitment to put ourselves first or equal with those we care for, true harmony between souls can more easily occur and we feel lighter and more able to respond to all aspects of our lives with a fresher perspective. We benefit and energetically - almost magically - and so do those around us! What are simple ways we can do this, when one feels so ‘time-poor’ and there seems never enough time for ourselves? One way can be to make one simple decision every day to honour yourself and decide to feel you are growing in your own life and moving towards a more content state of being. One step at a time. One decision at a time. Mindfully recognising the need to honour your own journey every step of the way and it will then become a pattern in your daily life. You may decide to simply take a walk as one of your daily decisions - and with that, decide to really notice and smell the foliage and flowers much more than you usually do. You may decide to smile every day as much as you can, or laugh everyday and seek out the comical or become one yourself! I’m sure we have all experienced the change in atmosphere with a simple lighthearted response, smile or joke in an otherwise tense environment! Setting small achievable and enjoyable goals, is a great way to start this way of reclaiming your mind, body and soul. And keeping those goals consistent. We can do so much without it costing us a cent! On a social level, you may decide you will call at least one friend once a week or organise an

achievable outing. Or you may decide to change a habit or pattern that is draining your ‘me’ time such as allowing others to take up your time with their problems, gossip or dramas. You may decide to attract really positive friendships and people around you who support your goals and you. Another way can be to limit internet, social media and phone usage - and balance it with other activities. Learning to say ‘no’ assertively without guilt, is a really important skill for anyone to learn too! I have found that asking myself “what is right for me in this situation?” is always helpful, when I feel ‘put on the spot’ I may choose to say “can I call you back in 10 mins?” before committing as another example, thus prioritising what is best for me in the situation. You may decide to get paid housework or respite and help with your carer role or start a course in a topic of interest. There are so many low cost online short courses on offer these days. And being really mindful of the quality of your thinking and either seeing a therapist who understands the needs of carers, or reading positive self-help literature. Just wandering through favourite bookstore can be be really uplifting. If you are having trouble coping or you or others feel you are depressed, then seeing relevant professionals is crucial towards your goals of self-care. It is also important to address the loneliness and isolation that carers can experience, and looking at support groups for carers is also a great way to begin addressing issues of isolation. Learn to reach out to those who will understand! To acknowledge that we aren't ‘indispensable’ to anyone can be very empowering - that by taking time out for ourselves in a balanced way, we also allow the other person permission to explore their inner or outer worlds as well with fresh perspectives learnt from meeting other people or

discovering and rediscovering themselves in a new way. I have witnessed on many occasions when some people being cared for are nowhere near as dependent when their carer isn't around! I’m sure many a parent would agree with this too! It isn't noble or caring to neglect yourself or allow your health to suffer to the point of carer burnout. Learn to ask for help or even call a help-line you’d be surprised how helpful just gaining other insights can be. We all need that sense of life purpose to shine, and by enriching ourselves wherever possible we become happier and more fulfilled. We also become role models for our children and the people we care for who also miraculously seem to be happier too when you are! Why? because contentment is contagious. Thought is energy, and when we are feeling good about ourselves, there is a natural flow on effect to others. So ironically, our caring ability and energy actually increases without effort! We can acknowledge and experience the joys of caring more meaningfully - actually receiving self healing by the change in our thinking and feeling and flow on reciprocal responses from those we care for. Dependency is not love. Love is allowing ourselves and others to grow interdependently. Still needing each other, but also needing 'You' time. There are no winners in sacrificing ones health and wellbeing for the sake of another. Building our sense of purpose and satisfaction by caring in a balanced way is rewarding. It is not, as many mistakenly believe, selfish to put your needs first. It is important to practice balanced decisions with a mindful approach of when and how to do so. So my hope is you will start a journal for goal setting and keep a daily record. You know, from the purity of your soul and deepest needs, you can do it! We can make excuse after excuse, but at the end of the day, only you can decide to honour yourself. With love for yourself, the entire world benefits. Waking up each day with the positive intention of ‘what decision and action today will make me feel alive and happy?’ and following through on this, will change your world and that of others. By striving to self-actualise, we connect and honour our higher selves. To honour and nurture ourselves to be the best we can be, is to be truly whole, and that is truly Divine. Robyn Lester is a Melbourne Australia based Psychic Medium with a career background in general and mental health nursing, education,

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The Principle Project:

4. If this principle was a colour, what colour would it be? Blue popped straight into my mind.


5. If this principle was a taste, what would it be? Besides Yummy, I would say sweet. 6. If this principle was a smell, what would it be? I feel it would be like a frangipani, the smell gives me feeling of completeness.

with Psychic Healer, Ivan Beazleigh

7. If you could sing this principle, what would it sound like? A song or tone? To me like a deep tone a monk chants

1. Why is this principle important in your life? Without Wholeness you can easily go around feeling like everyone is against you and feel empty. 2. What’s your best experience with this principle changing your life? Feeling like I am so connected with others that the time flew by while we spent around 5 hours just being us and not expecting anything from anyone or seeing that we were separate. Opened me up so much not even sure if it affected anyone else in the same way. 3. How is this principle a feeling to you? How do you know you or others are practicing this principle? I feel so full of energy and everything feels so alive around me, The more I feel into it the more I feel connected to absolutely everything.

8. If this principle was a shape, what shape would it be? Cube 9. If this principle was an animal what would animal would it be? Tiger, powerful and yet soft looking. 10. What spiritual guides help you with or symbolise the energy of this principle? For me it is Makia, he shows oneness with a casual feeling of a pure knowing. 11. How does this principle change you and your vibration? It makes me feel lighter and so grounded while making the vibration hum. 12. Do you feel this principle will change or influence the world? When people begin to see it in a way that is natural from. A feeling.

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Everyday Lightworker Oracle Cards ZERO in on the Chakra needing assistance FOCUS in on the high vibrational REMEDY of the 12 principles

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Issue 10: August 2016 Lightworker Advocate Magazine  

Issue 10: August 2016 Lightworker Advocate Magazine is on the Everyday Lightworker Principle of Wholeness.

Issue 10: August 2016 Lightworker Advocate Magazine  

Issue 10: August 2016 Lightworker Advocate Magazine is on the Everyday Lightworker Principle of Wholeness.