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7 Methods to Fix iPhone won't play videos You may get frustrated that iPhone not playing videos in any kind. There are various reasons for videos not playing on iphone. If you're facing this problem, don't complain "why wont my videos play on my iphone" or "my iphone wont play videos" with a curse. Try to fix the issue with the following 7 solutions:

1. Video Format is not Compatible with iPhone Generally, iPhone plays videos encoded by H.264 and MPEG4 in .m4v, .mov, .mp4 file formats. You can use some video conversion software or service to solve videos wont play on iPhone error.

2. Perform a Reboot There are various indescribable iPhone won't play videos problems that can be solved with a simple reboot.

3. Repair Corrupted/Damaged Video You are able to fall back on some video repairing tools or video editors to repair or cut off the corrupted part of a video.

4. Free up iPhone Memory Insufficient memory also results in iPhone videos not playing. Just clear your unnecessary data to free up the memory.

5. Clear App Caches/Cookies/History/Data Don't forget to periodically clear them to speed up your iPhone.

6. Update or Reinstall Apps Sometimes, videos not working on iPhone is caused by outdated apps. It's likely to be resolved by updating or reinstalling apps.

7. Restore to Factory Settings The final method is to backup your files and restore to factory settings.


7 methods to fix iphone won't play videos  

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