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We are Digital Marketing Engineers Lightspeed Digital Media is a digital execution ďŹ rm that focuses on content, strategies, marketing and building communities. We work with clients across the globe and employ digital and social engineers to help small to large companies deďŹ ne their digital communication strategy and realise revenue through their online presence.

Content Science

Our team creates relevant and interesting content applicable to multiple platforms and ensures audience growth and engagement.

With a keen understanding of the value that great content has to play in the digital space, Lightspeed Digital Media is focused on both the realisation of short-term revenues and securing long-term growth opportunities. Our solutions are workable and yield results.

Supreme Quality

By using high-end technology and working with social media algorithms, we develop and execute content and strategies that meet international standards.

Audience Engagement

Content solutions, network effects and parallel universes are but a few of the techniques we incorporate to ensure the enhancement of audiences within communities.

Innovative Solutions

We specialise in creating innovative solutions and techniques to address the marketing challenges clients face in a new world.

Marketing Strategies

We develop and execute world-class marketing strategies to reinvent business processes across industries in a digital economy.

We are passionate about













Artificial intelligence is the new creator of music and art.

More personal and native influencer marketing. Customers become brand ambassadors.

Digital experiences and experiential commerce.

Video killed the radio star. Again and again.

Omnichannel marketing as strategy foundation.

Speedy implementation of social media trends.

Sequence and funnel marketing strategies.

Voice interaction and voice search as well as smart speakers are getting louder.

Understand how your customers communicate.

Thought-leadership is a go-to for brand persuasion.

Ethical personalisation.

Content is everything.

Visual search will change the search landscape as we know it.

Live video is a fun, engaging way to connect.

Be your fan’s biggest fan.

Micro moments with Google - the new way to convey messages.

Digital customer experience management.

InstagramTV and Facebook Watch redefine linear television.

Swiping soon passé. Mobile payments the pin-less, cashless way to go.

Our core services 01 Social Media Strategy, Management and Analytics.

06 Detailed research and insights development with market mapping and data analytics.

11 Business Consulting, Brokering and Process Training for optimal business growth.

16 Marketing and Management of sponsorships and advertising sales.

02 Development of Mobile Responsive Websites, as well as iOS and Android Apps.

07 Public Relations, including media release management to online, television, radio and print media.

12 Digital Media Training Academy.

17 Newsletters and message platform conceptualisation, production and distribution.

03 Management of Google Business, AdWords and Analytics.

08 Event Management and Marketing, including live media coverage.

13 Reputation Management for Brands and Businesses.

18 Project Management, as well as campaign development and execution.

04 Setup and Management of Search Engine Optimisation and Brand Keywords.

09 Video production, editing, live streaming and digital video asset and broadcast management.

14 Graphic Design for digital, print, video and outdoor.

19 Content marketing with relevant and conversational narratives which provokes engagement.

05 Brand Development from conceptualisation phase to corporate identity design and marketing plan development.

10 Photography, editing and retouching.

15 Inuencer Management and Marketing.

20 On the forefront of digital thinking, we ensure innovative solutions for our clients.

We are social engineers

Some of the techniques we employ Photo Image with caption post

Polls and Lists to engage users

Photo with text on image

Live Video broadcasts

Carousel of photos

Facebook Events calendar posts


Facebook Product placement

Infographic design Short Videos Links to specific website content


Using Offer, Discount, Deal or Lead Generation functionalities on Facebook


When digital share of The growth of digital entertainment and media revenue per year until will exceed 50%. 2022. Non-digital will grow “Digital-first”will at only 1,8% per year. become lived-reality. (CAGR)

Blind posting to defined audiences Instagram and Facebook Stories Question & Answer posts Enable Callback Enable Whatsapp feedback Paid advertising to drive specific outcomes

R467M The amount South African advertisers will spend on video content on phones in 2022.

Lightspeed Digital Media Disrupts Business Consulting Lean Canvas analyze any new or existing business or business idea.

Develop futuristic short form business plans to engage with potential investors.

Our team ensure optimum positioning for your business in a competitive environment to lead to maximum profit generation.


WHY INFLUENCERS? With the decline in print media and linear television, all international research shows that the new way brands can communicate with clients, is via influencers R129 billion spend on advertising in South Africa in 2017 Advertising spend grows with 6,5% per year The biggest growth is digital advertising, which grows at 11% The money spend on igniter videos will grow with 17% per year Influencers becomes the media of the future We secure influencers to market your brand. We are also managing several African influencers, including some of the top celebrities on the continent.

Why Lightspeed?

Rapid Execution

Ensuring Relevance


We do extensive research and use our know-how to develop strategies and microservices to launch and employ solutions instantly that suit every client and their needs.

Our team consists of passionate, creative individuals who live and breathe digital and understand how to create content that is relatable and remains consistent to the audience.

We aim to provide only the very best results, always on time. We are motivated by excellence and strive to provide strategies and services to ensure outcomes according to client needs.

Lightspeed Digital Media teams in:

Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Vredendal, Clanwilliam and Mossel Bay

+27 (0)21 422 1494

3rd Floor, 21 Pepper Street Cape Town 8000 South Africa

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#BeTheTrend2019 by Lightspeed Digital Media  

#BeTheTrend2019 is an overview of 19 digital marketing trends identified by Lightspeed Digital Media for 2019.

#BeTheTrend2019 by Lightspeed Digital Media  

#BeTheTrend2019 is an overview of 19 digital marketing trends identified by Lightspeed Digital Media for 2019.