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Volume 1, Issue 1 Editor-In Chief Sierra Elmore-Green Creative Director Sierra Elmore-Green Photographer/Advertising Director Michelle G Contributing Writers Valerie Green Vanessa Green Joshua Miranda Rayven Ballard Zeedah Moffitt Want more LCF? Check out: or e-mail us at

Hello! Welcome to the first issue of Lights, Camera, Fashion. LCF was a concept that I originally came up with when I was about eight or nine. I wanted to create a magazine where people could be themselves, be informed, and express their opinions, whether about cross-country fashion or politics. LCF is packed with articles, photos, and opinions from teenagers like you. We’ve covered hot fitness tips, the upcoming presidential elections and more. Inside the pages of LCF are also interviews with Justin Bieber-producer Dennis “Aganee” Jenkins, our staff photographer- local phenom Michelle G- and country-hopping teen Drew Goodwin. So what are you waiting for? All of these features and more are just a c lick away.

Sierra Elmore-Green Editor-In-Chief/Creative Director



“Do what you feel comfortable with and stick with it. Always keep in mind the harder you work NOW, the harder you can play LATER.”



Long Island


photographed by Michelle G

ALLANA S. WILLIAMS, 17, lives in Commack, New York and attends Hauppauge High School. She plans to attend college next fall after she graduates from her school with an advanced regents diploma. She wants to study general business, social work, and/or midwifery.


Try old things in new ways: throw an upside-down belt over a tunic.

“People like me don’t come

with a description.” -Allana



COLOR is key to capturing this style‌ check out these cute socks!


NAME: Paradisia HOBBIES: Drawing, writing, singing, reading, climbing, going on adventures FAVORITE COLOR: Green LIKES: Laughing, cheesecake, poetry and riddles THEATER EXPERIENCE: The Frogs (Cumberland Valley High) and Romeo and Juliet (Gamut Theater)



photographed by Michelle G






photographed by Michelle G



recycle your products

use a hair clip as a pin or clip it to your purse for a quick wardrobe refreshment


bundle up

feeling cold? bring some warmth into these chilly months by adding some accessories in warm tones to your ensemble



Photography by

Michelle G



by Sierra Elmore-Green

Most students can't say that they've traveled to France and Germany and can talk to themselves in five languages- but sixteen-year-old Drew Goodwin can. A junior at Central Dauphin East High School, Drew is a "global citizen"; he is learning Spanish, French, and German at school and studies Korean on his own. He took some time out from his muy busy schedule to chat with us about his activities, studies, and plans for the future.

How did you get involved with the World Affairs Council of Harrisburg, where you intern? Every year the World Affairs Council of Harrisburg does an academic competition called WorldQuest. In the spring of my freshman year in high school a teacher at SciTech asked me if I wanted to participate in this competition. I said sure and began to study for it. As I learned more and more about the subject material- which are [sic] world affairs- the more I became interested in world affairs. Now, there was already


focus another interning with WACH so I decided that I would become an intern as well. So I sat down with the president of WACH, Joyce Davis, and talked about my interest and such and she said that she would be happy to have me as an intern.

What is your personal opinion about WACH and the work that they do? The mission of WACH is to educate the people of our area in World Affairs. I very strongly agree with this mission and I think so far we have done an amazing job of accomplishing that mission. Actually just in the next couple of months we are hosting a delegation from the United Arab Emirates and another high level delegation from South Korea. Are there any colleges that you specifically have your eye on? My first choice is American University in Washington DC but it is a $60,000 + a year school so I am also looking at Elizabethtown College. I will most likely be majoring in International Relations. Will you continue your language studies in college? Most definitely. I enjoy learning new languages and the culture that surround them. I think that many Americans don’t realize how important learning at least one other language is. What do you think your future career will be? I would very much like to go into the United States Foreign Service because it


focus would give me the opportunity to live and work in many different countries and to learn about several different cultures. Do you feel that it is important to be a “global citizen”? It is very important to be a global citizen especially in America because there are so many different types of people who live in this country and I think that the more people learn about different cultures the more accepting of others people become. Any words of advice? Learning doesn’t have to end with the classroom. If there’s something you like or something you want to do go ahead and go for it, because at our age the sky really is the limit.


LCF Opinions


residential Elections by Zeedah Moffitt

I think Barack Obama’s term is going well based on the Obamacare health plan and his increase of education funding. Obama has created jobs over several years and he provided $350 billion for American jobs. He plans on saving $500 billion over 10 years for private health insurance and he eliminated tax cuts for the wealthy created during the “Bush-era”. The past couple of years President Obama has done the right things for our country; he did all he could in his power to help the lower and middle class so they could get more jobs and created Obamacare for people who aren’t fortunate and who are trying to do the best that they can for their families. When he captured Osama bin Laden it made things somewhat safer for the country and other countries as well. When he provided health care it gave a lot of people more opportunities and help. It seems as though Romney wants to see the rich get richer and the poor get poor by attempting to cut Food Stamps and WIC for people in need. President Obama alleviated the US debt and made it a little easier for less fortunate to have more opportunities. I want Barack Obama to win


focus so me and my family and others in this world can have the same opportunities that were given to everyone and not just the higher class. The campaign is very competitive and I think America should do what’s right and vote for what kind of good leader we need for a country and that can surround us with more and more opportunities and ways to better ourselves as Americans.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Zeedah Moffitt is a senior at Bishiop McDevott Senior High School.


Creativ ty Corne hope. What is hope? What should I hope for? Should I hope for the change that has yet to come or the future that's supposedly ahead? Is there any hope for change when the world keeps repeating the same mistakes over and over again, without fail, like the cycles of the seasons? Is there any hope to break free from a cage you've been tied down to all your life by the chains of your emotions? Is there any hope at all, to escape the imprisonment of the dark reality that you live in? The one you yearn so honestly and crave so hungrily to escape? Is there anyway to escape the depths of the well you’ve been drowning in all your life? Is there a way to finally see the sky? The beautiful sky that you can only faintly see through the murky depths of the well. Is there even a way to escape? If there is a way find one. I’ll find a way to escape this hellhole, This world of dirty nothingness with nothing, but an endless amount of useless weights tying me down. And finally I’ll be free of everything and I’ll be the person I want to be. I’ll be me. =D

-Brianna Smith, 15


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Christyann Long, 15 “Pon Zi”

Christyann Long, 15 “Gir”

Jennifer Gonzalez, 15 “A Day At Hersheypark”


Aganee by Sierra Elmore-Green

entertainment Where did the name Aganee come from? Honestly, I was searching for names and I got drawn to the Bible to look for a name. And I came across a section of the Bible where Jesus was getting ready to be persecuted, and he was about to get put to death. And it was called "Agony in the Garden", where he was just, you know, praying to God; and I looked at it like, you know, his dedication, his passion towards his people- you know what I mean? That same passion that Jesus had…for his people, he still has for his people. Same type of passion like I feel, like, as far as for my music…what better example to have than Christ himself? How old were you when you first realized that you love music? Honestly, as far back as I can remember. I remember being a small kid and my first house that I remember as a kid- we moved out of the house when I was about four or five. I used to have this little toy record player, and you would put the little plastic record plates on it, and it had the blues in it- I have a picture of it on Instagram. And I used to just listen to those records over and over again….I was always into music, and I used to watch as kid this show called Kids Incorporated, where the kids actually went and took over…the music studio and that was just something I've always wanted to work on. What was the first equipment you ever worked on as a producer? The [EMU] SP 1200- one of the first drum machines besides, like, the Roland. It was actually my older brother's- he actually used to make beats and stuff. And he ain't really want me fooling with it, 'cause he ain't want me to break his equipment, but when he would leave, I would take my cassette tapes and I would record what I did for the day. Do you play any instruments? .I was trained on the trumpet- I played that between fourth or fifth grade all the way up to, like, right before I started high school; because, when I started high school, I was more into rapping, trying to, you know, play instruments and stuff. Who are some of your favorite artists who you've worked with? Besides, like, my old group, Inner Row: I had a lot of fun working with those guys. Jim Beans, Cuban…. Besides them I would probably have to say that I enjoyed working with Beanie Segal, 'cause he's one of my idols, as far as rapping goes; I really enjoyed working with him. Locally, I loved working with Zack James, Easy Stack G's, my man GI out of Lancaster, he's like family. Gillie the Kid, Freeway- that's my homie- Rumy and Cadet from out of Chambersburg, my man Chack from Lancaster…there's a lot of cats.


entertainment Who have you worked with in the mainstream music industry? As far as not being hands-on, but I've worked with them and we've done music… Justin Bieber, TI, Christina Aguilara, Melanie Fiona, Ashanti, Freeway can, Meek Mill, Gillie P Crack. How did you break into the industry? What was your break, because there are so many people around here who are trying so hard…? To me, my break felt like it was supposed to happen, like it was destiny. It was just being in the right place at the right time, meeting the right people. My break actually happened years ago. It was kind of, like, a snowball effect that led to where I'm at now. The guys from Megahertz production company (they produced "Bad Boy for Life"- the Diddy song- and "Got Yourself a Gun" by Nas), they were in York- at the time; they used to have this thing called "Blow up TV". They had a big studio out in York at one time. And I was out there with a dude named Rensie Green. Rensie introduced me to X, who's part of Megahertz, and VA and Akon, they took me under their wing and I started going back and forth to New Jersey and working with them. And then, I got introduced to Lenita and Aaron Seawood and at that time they took me under their production company and they were playing beats for people and this one dude, Brian, he heard the beats, he liked them, and he played them for Rodney Jerkins. He loved the beat and he wanted it for a rap artist that he had at the time. So we did a ten-song deal between Darkchild and the company I was with… So years passed, and I was grinding and working with local artists and I was trying to get my feet wet and I was getting a little bit discouraged, but I never gave up because I got a natural love for the music, so I'm not gonna give up because I didn't make it. But you just get a little frustrated, like "man, I shouldn't be spending all my time doing this", it should be more like a hobby, but I never really made it like a hobby. So from there some time went by and I was working with Chak out of Lancaster and his homie Bob introduced me to his cousin, Buzz, who is, like, best friends with Rodney. And [Bob] said to Buzz, "yo, my man Aganee did some beats for Rodney before, you should link them back up." So he said alright. So a couple times I went to Jersey to go meet with Rodney and to play beats, but he was too busy. I went there to do that, but he got caught up doing some other things, people interviewing him and stuff like that. So it was a couple times of back and forth, sending beats, and nothing coming out of it, and then my man Buzz stayed on Rodney, saying that I'm ready to go. I got the call in December 2010, where Rodney asked how I would feel about coming to Darkchild and moving out to LA. So I went out there and just worked every day. We worked literally from noon 'till, most


Photo credit: Dennis “Aganee� Jenkins


of the time, like, 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning. And that was every day except Sunday. We ain't really had much of a life outside of the studio. You've got to have hard work and dedication. You work hard for what you want. You've got to have a lot of material, man, in order to even think about getting discovered and getting there. You've got to have enough material. But my suggestion for other people is that you have to find an artist that you truly believe in, that can really make something, make and grind just as hard as you, and make them shine, the same way that they're gonna make your beats shine. If you get lucky enough and you land a artist like Allstar working with Meek and Meek is the biggest young rapper in the game out there. He's out of here, so Steezy's out of here.


entertainment You're a songwriter and a drum programmer. Do you prefer producing or songwriting? And what is a drum program, for all the kids out there? Producing. A drum program is nothing more than programming actual drums, like the drum sounds and percussion that's on the song. Like, there's instances where Rodney has given me a song that's stripped down and it's nothing but the instruments, like maybe the pianos and your synths and your bass lines and everything like that and he'll give me the tempo and I'll take the tempo and I'll build drums around it. Like, I'll make the beat move. The drum programmer actually makes the beat move, because without the drums, it's just a melody. Have your sons caught the music bug yet? Actually, my youngest son [6], when I do beats sometimes, when I'm on my piano he likes to come over and mess with it, but my oldest son [8], not so much. He's so drawn in on video games. I'm trying to get him to play some sports or something. How much of your time do you devote to your music? I mean, it varies, I mean I used to spend damn near all day, forget to eat sometimes doing beats. But, like, now it's more of like fill-in and more of like an urge when it hits me. That's why I love going to the studio, I go downtown to ProSounds studio. Like, no matter what I do, I always have to have a home set-up because anytime I feel music in me I want to be able to, you know, lay it out. I remember the other nights, I was so mad that I couldn't. You ever been asleep and you have a dream or something and you want to wake yourself up but you can't to write down your ideas? I had a melody in my head and I was probably singing it in my sleep, like, I can hear the notes and I felt like I was waking up and I didn't and I went back to sleep in my dream and I kept doing it. I was like, "oh, I've got it, I got it." And when I woke up I didn't know what it was. But it varies, it varies. Sometimes I spend all day and all night on it, other times there's a day that goes by and I don't do anything. It's more of an organic feeling. Who have you learned from the most? Probably Rodney. Just because he's been in the game for so long, he's been, you know, doing [music]. I think his first record was when he was between 15 and 17. It was with a Bad Boy artist. I learned a lot from him because sometime we might not always see eye to eye, but, you know, the good and bad parts of business you learn a lot. How are you able to stay grounded? Just by knowing that the man above was the one to give me the talent. You know, big-


entertainment headed people don't understand where it comes from, so they think it's "me, me, me", scream self-made and all that. I don't believe in self-made. I feel like whatever you do, and if you're lucky enough to progress and do something out here in the world with it, I feel like it was your calling and that's something that was ordained to you, something that was given to you from the beginning of time, so you have to recognize the blessing. That's just my personality. I'm not a bighead type. How important is it to have that parental support when you're trying to start off in the industry, or even the support of the community? This city comes from a lot of disappointment, a lot of people that have made it and turn their back on the city or the look at the city like, "man, I can't wait to leave Harrisburg." It's true, a lot of people feel that way. I feel differently 'cause any city you go in, you're going to get the good with the bad. I was born here, raised here, so I'm comfortable with this city. People are like, "why are you back in Harrisburg? Why aren't you in LA?" Well, first of all, my kids live her, my family lives here, and it's too expensive out there [in LA], and I'm not at the point where I can just fly my whole family out there. I'm not built like that yet. Me, personally, I would rather live in Pennsylvania, anyway, maybe not in specifically the city of Harrisburg, but somewhere close by. The cost of living is cheap here. But it's important to have that support. It's really hard to get the support of the community, though. You can't just solely lean on that. You have to have more of a inner support system, your close, tight-knit circle of people who you consider family, and true friends, not just associates and stuff. Lots of times you come through associates, and they want to be where you are. That's the problem with a lot of people. In Harrisburg, they want to be where you want to be and in what you do. So they look at it like , "well, I'm not supporting him I'm not dealing with him, I'm trying to do what he does." Everybody hates on the next person. So you're not going to be getting support from Harrisburg like you should. You might as well throw that out. It's not going to happen.

FAVORITES Color: Black Shoes: Nikes and Jordans Designer: 8 and 9 Barber Shop: Joshua Bose Favorite cities: Harrisburg, then LA, then Dover, Delaware

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What’s on the mp4 player of Rayven Ballard

playlist. By Rayven Ballard 1. “Wide Awake” by Katy Perry This song is definitely my favorite: I the beat and the lyrics about moving on and leaving the past behind are amazing. 3. “Payphone” by Maroon 5 This is an awesome song about love and wanting that special person by your side.


2. “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood Best song EVER! I love it because it talks about exacting the perfect revenge for when somebody cheats on you- something any scorned person wants.

4. “Headphones” by Britt Nicole

5. “Say It Right by Nelly Furtado

This song is really inspirational.

The beat of this song is awesome and nearly draws you into the song completely.

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aequeus Coming Soon



sports and fitness

How to Succeed In Fitness Without Really Trying By Valerie Green Hey, guys! Who’s ready to get their fitness on?


Waking up one day and telling oneself, “I’m going to get in shape!” is not easy, and starting right away is not for everyone. Sometimes you have to push yourself and tell say that, no matter how hard it is or how tired you may be,” you can do this!” Having a “can do” attitude is going to be the most important step of your fitness. Next is motivation. What is your motivation? Is it fitness for the sake of fitness? Is it to get in shape for an upcoming sport? Do you just want to have an edge over the competition? If you’re not “self-motivated” is there someone who helps to motivate you? Really think about


sports and fitness these questions- they’re important to your fitness plan.


I can tell you from my current experience as a freshman running with the cross-country team that it helps to have wonderful teammates to help motivate you. Teammates can make your fitness or exercise much easier, as well as more fun. But if you don’t have sports teammates, get a friend or family member who has the same goals as you and push each other to your respective limits. Say “I can do it!” and go for it! Having someone there to push you can make working out ten times easier, and it can also serve to push you to work harder. Always think of it this way: There’s always someone in the world working harder than you! But that shouldn’t make you give up. It should make you that much more determined. If you compete, just remember you might not win every time, but never let someone beat you because they outworked you!


Motivation, focus, and diet are all a big part of getting in shape. Here are some simple ways to eat better: try to drink more water to get hydrated. Also, be sure to add some fruits and veggies to your diet for essential nutrients. Carbs


sports and fitness (noodles and pastas) are great to eat before a long workout and give you great energy. All these things, when eaten as part of a well-balanced diet, are good for you. The wrong foods can mess you and your body up in a pretty bad way. Trust me, I know- and I still struggle with it. For example, eating a Big Mac before you go run probably isn’t the best idea. Instead, have something light. Also, be sure to drink a lot of water the night before a long run so that you don’t get cramps from drinking too much during a run, or dehydrated from not drinking enough. Try to make the right choices for your body NOW so you don’t mess it up later.


So you see, working out, although scary, might not be as hard as you think it is. Maybe, just maybe, once you do it and get used to it, it can become part of your life. Even if you are not playing a sport right now, you can still be in shape and live a long, happy, and HEALTHY life!


Valerie participating at a gymnastics competition.

sports and fitness

EAST HIGH Fall Sports Preview by Joshua Miranda While everyone gets into the swing of the new school and adapts to new schedules, they are also excited because of what the new sports season has in store. From the band on Friday nights to the sweet smell of freshly cut grass at the field hockey and soccer games, fall is a thrilling season for high school sports. This year at East High we have some promising “must watch� teams. Our boys varsity football team lost a heartbreaker early in the season 21 to 20 against Shippensburg, Chase Edmonds (junior) highlighted the game running for a total of 271 yards rushing. The girls field hockey team has showed off some skill so far, as they have started the season with one win and one loss both being hard fought. The girls field hockey team is lead by Taylor Fackler (junior) and Alex Stambaugh (senior). The boys soccer and cross country both have underachieved so far; however there is still plenty of time left in the season! There is still a lot more that these student athletes have to prove and a lot more of competition left to go! Come out and support your Central Dauphin East High Panthers and represent the black and white spirit!


Lights, Camera, Fashion! Online Magazine Issue No. One  
Lights, Camera, Fashion! Online Magazine Issue No. One  

A new teen online magazine that focuses on fashion, hobbies/careers, sports and entertainment, and more! This issue includes an interview wi...