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SMD Led Strip Lights: About the 300 SMD Led Strip 5m IP68 Do you know what LED light strips are all about? If not, then this article will introduce you to this amazing LED lighting device and will also inform you about the features of one of the most celebrated LED light strip model, the 300 SMD LED Strip 5m IP68. Let us begin by explaining to you what a LED light strip actually its. These lighting units are manufactured to meet a wide range of needed. For instance, the exterior and interior strips will allow you to add custom-colored lights on walls, doors, windows, trucks and cars. Depending on the type of LED strips you are using, the power will either come from internal batteries or 9 V external batteries; this feature make these lighting units lot like the modern-day digital watches. The majority of the LED strips you will find on the market currently can be cut according to your required sizes and lengths. Now, we’ll be discussing about the features of the 300 SMD LED Strip 5m IP68. These SMD LED strip lights have several features that will impress you. A characteristic of these lighting units that will significantly fascinate you is their working input voltage, which is as high as 12 VDC. The output power of these devices is 72 Watt/ 5m. The working current it gets for every meter is 0.6 Ampere. These three points are enough to prove the high efficiency the IP68s created by SMD. When picking a LED strip light, never forget to check its viewing angle. This is because the viewing angle of these lighting devices has a huge impact on their performance. Like all other top LED strip light models available on the market, this SMD creation also has a viewing angle of 120°.

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