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Lightning Process Practitioners: Giving New Hope For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome The Lightning Process is a therapy that has been very carefully created using cognitive behavioral (CBT) techniques. It has been targeted at those with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) or myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME). This is a long-term illness that has been notorious for poor recovery rates. The Lightning Process is a three-day training program. During the initial part of the training, participants are taken through a discovery process. The intention is to discover unconscious patterns that are driving the stress response. These include thought processes, behaviors, beliefs and expectations. Are these patterns unique to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? These patterns are common traits amongst most humans and are not unique to this condition. They become problematical when they are out of balance. This appears to be common in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. During the course, we also consider the physiological consequences of the stress response when maintained over the long term. The Fight or Flight process, which evolved to protect our species, when consistently activated, can adversely affect most physical systems. How can we use the Lightning Process to help change these patterns? After discovering the powerful link between mind and body, participants are then taught how to use this connection to influence health positively. Through using specific body movements and a set of targeted questions, participants learn to change these destructive patterns from moment-to-moment. When used consistently it becomes possible to collapse the cycle of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. How does the Lightning Process utilize neural plasticity? The ability of the brain to adapt and change according to experience is termed "neural plasticity." The Lightning Process appears to be a useful tool for utilizing this function of the brain. Through consistency and with the right training it becomes possible to re-map ones neural architecture. By making conscious and then changing damaging responses from moment-to-moment, it can have a profound influence on health and well-being. Is the Lightning Process something everyone can use? The Lightning Process is not necessarily suitable for everyone. It is a training

program and not a treatment or therapy. It is vital that the participant is ready to take part and make the necessary changes. The work involved can at times be challenging, and so, there is a need for commitment. For those people who are ready and committed, they should visit to learn more about how The Lighting Process can be of assistance to them. You will also find Lightning Process practitioners who can guide you there. Thousands of people every year turn their health and lives around as a result of taking part in the Lightning Process training, be one of them.

Lightning process practitioners  
Lightning process practitioners  

The Lightning Process is a therapy that has been very carefully created using cognitive behavioral (CBT) techniques. It has been targeted at...