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2499-01: Every Bishnoi family donates wheat, millet or any other cereal to feed birds and deer. They are supposed to give 10% of their income to wildlife which is nowadays rare. In 2008, during Jamba festival,

2499-02: Rana Ram, a 67 year-old uneducated Bishnoi, follows strictly his guru's environmental principles. Known in his community as the "Tree friend", he is a simple farmer who uses most of his

2499-03: Lalu Ram Bishnoi brings a gazelle orphan near the herd to try to find a step mother. It happens sometimes but it's seldom.

2499-04: Every morning and evening, Bishnoi used to feed flocks of wild gazelles (chinkaras), peacocks, parrots, pigeons...some are even hand-fed. It is compulsory to feed wild animal for a bishnoi, and it's even

Bishnois : environmentalists by Creed  

Bishnois have made wildlife and environment protection their daily leitmotiv.