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2499-33: Priest Vishudha Nand performs Havan (holy fire) daily at dawn and dusk while blackbucks, gazelles and peacocks stroll around fearlessly. They trust Bishnois who protect and take care of them

2499-50: Just before the storm a woman is pouring ghee to offer it to the holy fire during Jamba festival. It's their medium to communicate with their God (Vishnu) and Guru...

2499-35: Rajender Bishnoi (28 years), wildlife office employee, saved 2 days ago a little gazelle fawn from dogs. He took it home in Kherpur village (Punjab) and is now feeding and taking care of its broken leg. His

2499-51: Havan (holy fire) are performed throughout the 2 days of Jamba pilgrimage but not at night because mosquitoes would be attracted by the fire and therefore be burnt. Not acceptable for those animal

Bishnois : environmentalists by Creed  

Bishnois have made wildlife and environment protection their daily leitmotiv.