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Advent: A season of attentive waiting

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Christmas Events

The Sounds of Christmas returns to Cloverdale Baptist Church by Alan Philips What is better than the joy of being enveloped in a blanket of lush sounds of the holiday season with songs to warm your heart in perfect sync with the spirit of Christmas? This is what producer Jim Thirsk from Singing’ Gospel Music brings each year and the list of performers you can see on Saturday, November 23 is stellar.

Award for “Best Country/Gospel Album of the Year”. Her beautiful version of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” along with pianist Roy Tan has gone viral with over 20 million views on YouTube. She has performed four times at Carnegie Hall and has toured the world with artists like The Canadian Tenors, Marie Osmond and the Rankin Family. She will be joined by her husband, Rosemary Siemens Eli Bennett, who is an award-winning jazz saxophonist Rosemary is a world-class improv violinist and vocal- and film score composer. ist. She has mesmerized audiences around the world since the age of three. In addition to being the first vio- Father’s Daughter linist to ever perform at the Sistine Chapel at the VatiThis trio of sisters started singing at a very young age. can since its inception in 1483, Rosemary has performed Rooted in the rich musical legacy of their German Menfor two U.S. Presidents and Canadian Prime Ministers nonite heritage, their childhood years were spent perand was awarded the 2018 Canadian Gospel Music forming and touring in Canada, and around the world.

Winner of the 2010 Covenant Award for Southern Gospel Album of the Year, Father’s Daughter has the new sound of Southern Gospel music in Canada. Highlights include regular appearances at the Canadian Gospel Music Celebration in Red Deer, Alberta, performing at the GMA (Canada) 2010 Covenant Awards Show, and singing at the National Quartet Convention in Kentucky. The Alumni Project The MEI Alumni Project is a beautifully blended choral group that is passionate about music and inspired by the art of song. Most members sang together in previous decades while attending Mennonite Educational Institute. The Alumni Project performs music from all genres including choral, jazz, pop and gospel. They are directed by Sonja Hindmarsh and Carmen Hollett and based in Abbotsford. Class Brass Gospel Band Vic Schofield is the founder and lead trumpet for Class Brass Gospel Band. Vic started playing trumpet at an early age and played his first trumpet solo at age seven. Since then, he has played at the Seattle World’s Fair, New York World’s Fair, Disneyland, Carnegie Hall, and a command performance for President Lyndon B. Johnson. At age sixteen, Vic began playing with the Royal Heirs and played with them for many years. In 2007 Vic formed Class Brass Gospel Band and over the years has shaped it into its present form. This event is on Saturday, November 23, 2019, at 6 pm. (Doors open at 5) at Cloverdale Baptist Church, 18685 64 Ave (at 187 Street) in Surrey. Tickets are $22 and can be purchased in Abbotsford at the House of James, in Langley at Tom Lee Music, in Surrey at InHouse Christian Books and Gifts, and in Vancouver at Pilgrim Book and Bible. For more information and online tickets go to www. and search “Sounds of Christmas”. Bring your friends, family and neighbours to enjoy this great evening and celebrate the true meaning of the Christmas season together. See you there!

Blue Sky

by Reverend Dr. Ed & Janice Hird Sandy Brown and her family have just moved to Spokane, WA, where her husband is pastoring a new church. Within weeks she finds out her children are not safe, which brings memories of trauma from her past. Then there is an attack. She is on the brink of losing everything; her faith in God, and the family she cherishes. Is healing possible with so many loved ones hurt. Blue Sky reveals how a mothers’ most basic instinct isn’t for survival... but for family.

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Advent: A season of

Immersed in Kingdom work

attentive waiting

by Jack Taylor

by Steve bell

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Family Matters Adoption awareness month by Amanda Preston & Kistjen Hull

by Marika Siewert

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A Brian Doerksen Christmas album

Remembrance In a small Austrian village, one man opposed Hitler Coming in December is A Hidden Life, a movie about an Austrian farmer who defied his family, his community, and the full force of the Nazi totalitarian state – to the death. The celebrated director and push behind the ambitious, nearly three-hour-long film is Terry Malick. Hanz Jagerstatter was a conscientious objector in Nazi Germany, beheaded in 1943 by the German Army for refusing to serve and fight. Jagerstatter was always a standout: the illegitimate son of a farm labourer, who was too poor to marry. As a young man, he fathered an illegitimate daughter of his own. All this in the tiny mountain village of Saint Radegund, in Austria close to its border with Germany. Though a Sunday mass goer, he liked to drink, and led a small gang of village youths into fights in area taverns. He went off to make some money in the mines, returning for good on the community’s first motorcycle. He met and married the love of his life, Franziska Schwaninger, and under her tutelage became a daily communicant and sacristan at the local church, a little too devout for a real man, in the eyes of other male villagers. His mother had by now married a successful local farmer who died, leaving him the farm. The village could not have been oblivious to Nazism’s rise. In 1933, the local bishop issued a frank letter read aloud in every church in the diocese calling Nazism “spiritually sick with materialistic racial delusions, un-Christian nationalism, a nationalistic view of religion, with what is quite simply sham Christianity.” Hitler’s obsession with Aryan racial purity, the bishop described as “backsliding into an abhorrent heathenism.” However, other church leaders approved as did many, if not most, Austrians when Hitler’s German army swiftly occupied their country in 1938. When Hitler ordered

a plebiscite to ratify it, everyone in St. Radegund voted for it except Jagerstatter. But either to protect him or themselves, the village contrived to lose his negative ballot. By now the father of three daughters, Jagerstatter thought a lot about Nazism. He had a powerful dream of a glittering train carrying countless multitudes of happy people to hell. Making no secret of his opposition, if anyone greeted him with a “Heil Hitler” he would respond with “Phooey Hitler.” His village protected the dissident at first. When the local public health nurse was asked by the Nazi organizer based in a nearby town to make a list of anti-Nazis, Jagerstatter’s name was on it. Happily for him, the mail lady opened the nurse’s outgoing letter and took it to the mayor, who promptly destroyed it. When Jagerstatter was ordered to report for military training, and he grudgingly departed, the mayor declared his farm work an essential service and he was exempted. But this could only last so long. Other men, at first the bachelors, but then the married, the village’s fathers, brothers and sons, were being conscripted. Why not Jagerstatter? He, meanwhile, was hardening in his resolve, bolstered by reading between the lines of news reports and letters from friends and cousins on the Eastern Front. His mother and his new parish priest advised him to join the army, which he might survive, rather than refuse service, bringing certain death. His bishop told him it was not his job to decide on the sinfulness of lawfully-given orders. If the orders forced him to commit a mortal sin, it would condemn the officers issuing the order, not him. This Jagerstatter simply could not accept. He suspected the cleric was hiding his real opinion for fear Jagerstatter was a Nazi provocateur. (The Nazis did indeed use agents to extract incriminating statements

from clergymen). Franziska, almost alone, supported him. She too, she later admitted, would have preferred he join up, but believed she owed him her complete support, knowing how seriously he had considered the issue. Inevitably, the stubborn farmer was called up again. After a tearful farewell to his wife and family, he reported for duty, but only to state his refusal to serve. A lengthy imprisonment followed and more attempts to dissuade him. Ultimately, he was guillotined. Jagerstatter’s story remained something of a secret until American sociologist, Gordon Zahn wrote a biography, In Solitary Witness. Zahn found that Jagerstatter’s experience was typical. Many clergy themselves were imprisoned in concentration camps for vocal dissent. More power, more praise to Hanz Jager-

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statter and his supportive wife, and to other dissenters like Sophie and Hans Scholl, who worked out their moral duty with God’s help only, knowing the fatal consequences.

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Inspiring Faith

Dr. E. Stanley Jones: Global Firestarter by Rev. Dr. Ed & Janice Hird What if we told you that in his lifetime, Dr. E. Stanley Jones was the most widely-read spiritual author in the entire world, with 28 books, some selling millions of copies? Time Magazine called him the world’s greatest missionary. In 1964, Time stated that Jones’ “fame overseas as an evangelist is matched only by Billy Graham.” Many see him as the Billy Graham of India. Graham spent ten minutes in his 1963 Los Angeles Crusade, commending Jones' missionary work, calling him his “good friend and trusted advisor.” Graham wrote in his final book that Jones “made a profound impact on all those around him because of his extraordinary faith and service to others…His is a worthy testimony of living a meaningful life during the journey to eternal life.” Jones initiated “round table conferences” at which Christians and non-Christians sat down as equals to share how their spiritual experiences enabled them to live better. Serving in India for over 50 years, Jones was personal friends with Mahatma Gandhi. When Jones received the Gandhi Peace Prize, a top spokesman for the Indian government called him “the greatest interpreter of Indian affairs in our time.” Who could have imagined that God would use Jones’ book on Gandhi to inspire Martin Luther King Jr. to launch the non-violent civil rights movement? King told Jones: “It was your book on Gandhi that gave me my first inkling of non-violent non-cooperation.” While in England, Gandhi for the first time read the Bible, finding the New Testament compelling, especially the Sermon on the Mount. As Gandhi commented, it ‘went straight to my heart’. Because Gandhi daily read the Sermon on the Mount, Jones said to Gandhi, “You know the principles. Do you know the person yet?” Gandhi confessed that he didn’t, but was searching. Early in his missionary service in India, Jones suffered a physical and emotional collapse. Telling the Lord that he was done, he surrendered his ministry to Jesus, and the Lord miraculously restored him. Self-surrender became his theme and song.

The first United Christian Ashram retreat was started in India by Dr. E. Stanley Jones, in 1930, after spending time at Rabindranath Tagore’s and Mahatma Gandhi’s ashrams. Today, there are many United Christian Ashram retreats across Canada and around the world. Many members of our own family have been powerfully impacted by the BC Christian Ashram during the past 47 years. Jones said that only Jesus was good enough to be the leader, the guru of a Christian Ashram. He was very Christ-centered, teaching that the highest thing we can say about God the Father is that he is Christ-like. Inscriptions on the original Christian Ashram walls in Sat Tal, India, said, “Here everybody loves everybody”, “East and West are alternate beats of the same heart,” and “Leave behind all race and class distinctions, all ye that enter here.” Jones commented that in the Christian Ashram, barriers of class and cash disappear completely. A black man shared, “This has been the first week of my life in an unsegregated world. I have lost my resentment against white people.” Jones was exiled by the British government during World War II because of his stand for racial equality and independence for India. He told a critic: “If I should be kept back from India permanently, God forbid, then I should consider seriously giving the balance of my working days to help the Afro-Americans of America to an equal status in our democracy and to their fullest development as a people. For the colour question has become a world question.” This time of exile also enabled him to transplant the Christian Ashram movement to Canada and the United States. For many years, Stanley Jones spent six months of the year in North America conducting city-wide missions and Christian Ashrams, and the other six months overseas.

Regent College

- Theology that expands the soul An interviewer once asked J.I. Packer why so many people today find theology boring. Some theologians wait their whole life for this kind of juicy opportunity. All Dr. Packer had to do was draw and take aim at some easy targets. He could denounce the secularization of our churches, our culture of instant gratification, or many other (legitimate) scapegoats. Instead, he did the opposite. He shifted the weight onto people who teach theology—people like himself. “Too often theology has been taught in a rigidly defensive way: ‘This stuff you are to believe and share; these are the errors you are to recognize and reject.’ … Such an approach shrinks the soul. “ “Focusing on the greatness of God,


November 2019

though, enlarges the soul. Paradoxically, it makes you a greater person by making you a smaller person. It makes you humble. It lowers you in your own estimate.” Correct doctrine is vital: few believe that more passionately than Dr. Packer. But teaching theology is about more than just filling students’ heads with the right ideas. It’s about bringing them into God’s presence and giving them the opportunity to be awed and inspired by their creator. Our great desire for our students at Regent College is not just that they will learn about God, but that they will encounter God with their whole beings. That kind of theology is the most exciting thing we could teach––because it’s the most exciting thing we will ever do.

Jones saw everything through the eyes of the Kingdom, seeing inequality and racism as violations of Kingdom principles. He called the caste system “India’s curse,” similarly rejecting the curse of racism in his own American homeland. In a 1947 article, India's Caste System and Ours, Jones commented, “The caste systems of India and America are fundamentally alike – they are both founded on blood.” For Jones, the sin of racism had set back the cause of missions and democracy. He was one of the first in the States to have desegregated meetings, causing some people to gossip about Jones as a communist agitator. Because of his connection with Gandhi, Edgar Hoover had a 117-page FBI file on Jones. Since he led so many communists to Christ, the communist leaders were not very happy about him either. Jones replied, “You say, ‘He tends dangerous towards social equality between the races.’ If this be a crime, then so be it. It is a treason against democracy and against the Christian faith to advocate inequality of treatment between the races.” If the local laws required that blacks sit in the balcony, Jones instructed groups of whites on the main floor to move to the balcony themselves when the service began. Dr. Bob Tuttle commented, “Stanley Jones had the pulse of the world. Who was more global at the time! He was the true renaissance man.” E. Stanley Jones was truly a global firestarter for Jesus’ Kingdom. Rev. Dr. Ed and Janice Hird, Co-authors of the new Blue Sky novel .

Inspiring Faith

Fruit of the Spirit: steady ripening by Marion Van Driel Heavenly Father, I pray that this day I may live in your presence and please you more and more. Lord Jesus, I pray that this day I may take up my cross and follow you. Holy Spirit, I pray that this day you will fill me with yourself and cause your fruit to ripen in my life: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. (Prayer that John Stott prayed every morning on rising)

have crucified the sinful nature with its passions and desires. Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit” (Gal 5:22-25). In his book, Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit, Christopher J. H. Wright adds that Paul’s view is that no law is able to make people act in this way. This kind of generous living must come from within. Wright explains, “… such behavior flows from the Person who dwells within you, (remember Gal 4:19) as Christ is formed in you and the Spirit of Christ bears his fruit in your life.” For this reason, he reveals, it is not a list to be checked off – as if we might have some but not the others. No, this is a package deal, unlike the gifts of the Spirit that are bestowed specifically and individually. Every characteristic of the Spirit’s fruit joins with the others to make the fruit lovely, desirable and whole.

Theologian John Stott was convinced that in addition to the Spirit’s fruit, God’s word must take deep root within us if we are to mature into Christlikeness. Without a steady diet of the word, we are no more able to cultivate the Spirit’s fruit within us than a runner can complete a marathon without adequate hydration. If we make John Stott’s prayer our own, we will naturally be drawn to scripture as our desire to be like Christ becomes Saying “no” more and more urgent. The opposing directive Paul gives is that we have crucified our old nature Untouchable by law and therefore no longer captive to our The heart of Christ, characterized by passions and desires. Wright admits the Spirit’s fruit, is above the law. It is a that this is very strong language; simply kind of “high road” that the law does not because we are maturing in the Spirit, – indeed cannot – touch. Immediately does not mean we won’t sin. We are chilafter describing the Spirit’s fruit, “…love, dren of a merciful God, saved by grace, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, even as we are growing by grace. Still, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control,” we are called to be intentional about our Paul says, “… against such things there is choices each day as we continue to cruno law. Those who belong to Christ Jesus cify our old habits that do us and others

Wright asserts, “I have to make it clear to myself that: There are places I should not go. There are things I should not look at. There are relationships I should not play with. There are words I should not allow to pass my lips. There are conversations I should not join in or pass on. There are feelings I ought to rebuke and suppress. There are desires I should not give in to. There are attitudes toward others I should not hold … and so on. … For we are in a spiritual battle, and when our sinful human nature sits up and wants to take the steering wheel of our lives, we need to slap it down pretty sharply. Crucify it, says Paul.” harm. “It has nothing to do with legalism or earning God’s favour by good behavior,” Wright says. Instead, Paul teaches us that it is all about grace – “the grace that saves us is also the grace that teaches us.” The same grace that offers salvation also teaches us to oppose ungodly desires and passions (Titus 2). Just as good parents and teachers instruct children to say “no” to harmful behaviours, we do the same as adults. Making it personal, he gives a list of things that, as a Christian saved by grace and taught by grace, I have to say “no” to, making it very clear to myself what they are (see sidebar above). In this way, rather than adopting a legalistic attitude, I accept Christ’s call to a liberating selfdiscipline that brings deep joy and abundant life.

we live by the Spirit, by the Spirit let us march.” The Spirit directs us into a wholesome and adventurous journey – God living within us through Christ. This life includes risk, trust and obedience. Anyone who has been in a marching band or the military corps knows the importance of paying attention. When the leader says “turn right”, the marchers don’t veer off to the left, or stop, they don’t keep marching. Soldiers are trained to keep in step. Christ’s followers are trained, by the word, to listen to the music and beat of the Spirit, following His cadence. The apostle James instructs us to place our feet in Jesus’ footsteps, being doers of the word. Our thinking, our doing, our love of mercy, justice and humble walk with the Father, Son and Spirit depend on the Spirit’s fruit ripening within. We say “yes” to the character of Christ as we Saying “yes” cultivate the love, joy, peace, patience, Paul’s words, “Since we live by the Spir- kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleit, let us keep in step with the Spirit” are ness and self-control that makes His hartranslated in Greek, says Wright, as “Since vest bountiful and beautiful.





Three festive cantatas from Bach’s Christmas Oratorio (I, III and VI) with the Pacific Baroque Orchestra on period instruments – what could be a better way to open the festive season? With soloists predominantly from within the choir and the softer tone of the period instruments, this aims to be a leaner and lighter reading of this great classic.

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November 2019


Inspiring Faith

The Christian calendar year:

Advent: A season of attentive waiting by Steve Bell He came with love to Bethlehem; He comes with grace into our souls; He will come with justice at the end of the world. Father Gabriel of Saint Mary Magdalene Advent simply means “to come” (Latin: advenire, from ad-’to’ venire-’come’). Christians have traditionally set aside this liturgical season to anticipate the coming of Christ. Advent is a season of attentive waiting. Of course, as with all waiting comes the inevitable agony of anticipation – so much so that we are inclined to want to do something to make the waiting itself bearable and meaningful. In this regard, Advent is an active season of mindful preparation as well. When a young couple discovers they are expecting a child, it is not enough for them to simply wait out the nine months and hope for the best. On the contrary, there is necessary preparation. Perhaps they clear out a spare room to create a nursery. Tough decisions are made about what stays and what has to go. They collect and purchase appropriate furnishings. They seek advice. They endlessly brood over a name; about the kind of birth-experience they hope for; about the joy, fears, and future of this new reality. Such preparation is not meaningless. It’s about getting ready to fully receive the gift of the child who is coming. In Advent, what is the content of our waiting? How are we to prepare? What makes this time more than just a season to endure before the fun starts? How do we ready our lives to receive the gift of Christ fully, and do so with meaning – with the deepest joy and reverential awe that we suspect ought to accompany such an astonishing event? When I started to attend to the Advent season, I was surprised at the themes present in the ancient writings. Traditionally, Advent was not the giddy season of festive parties and garish décor we have come to


know. The more rooted Advent tradition was a preparation for the return of Christ, not a mere preparation for Christmas celebrations. Indeed, there was an element of festive joy, but it was also a sober season (almost Lent-ish) that began with sustained attention to our deepest longings and the assumptions, valid or vain, which those longings might indicate. It was a time of penitent reflection about the many inordinate attachments and affections we have given ourselves to – those ill-discerned commitments that prevent us from fully attaching to Christ. Advent was a season to reflect on the rich spiritual metaphor of motherhood, or spousal maternity, which reveals the deepest truth about the mystery of the human person: that we were created to receive and house heaven in our womb, and bear it forth for the sake of the world. The Christ child doesn’t merely come to us but through us. Advent was also a time to reflect on the ancient names of Christ – Emmanuel! Wisdom! Dayspring! Majestic Lord! Root! Key! Desire of the Nations! – as memorialized in the tradition of the O Antiphons. Finally, it was a time to reflect on the upside-down nature of this astonishing kingdom of God that is breaking in on our desperate history, as suggested by the ancient oracles of Isaiah. Upon reflection, one realizes that Advent is a robust and demanding spiritual season. Easy, triumphant declarations like “Jesus is the reason for the season!” or campaigns to “Keep Christ In Christmas” will not do. We are invited to much more than that. We are encouraged to attend deeply to the pulse of this season, to enter into it quietly, penitently, patiently and expectantly, allowing it to penetrate and resound in the fecund depths of our souls. May it be done as you have said! Plant your seed in me O God.

November 2019

Not the seed of human life, but your everlasting Word. For we are all just like the grass, and our glory’s like the flower. But the grasses wither, and flowers fade. READY MY HEART Yet your Word, O Lord... it music and lyrics by Lois Farley Shuford stands forever! Here are a few suggestions to Ready my heart for the birth of Emmanuel help you prepare for the Advent Ready my soul for the Prince of Peace season: Heap the straw of my life for His body to lie on • Commit to memory and reLight the candle of hope flect often on the quote at the Let the child come in top of this article: “He came with love to Bethlehem; He comes Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! with grace into our souls; He will Christ the Saviour is born come with justice at the end of the world.” Mine is the home that is poor and is barren • Listen to the song in the Mine is the stable of cold and stone sidebar and let it penetrate your Break the light to each corner spirit. Of doubt and of darkness • Consider carefully the variNow the Word is made flesh ous emotional, material or ideoFor the birth of me logical attachments and commitments you have made which Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! either help or hinder your ability Christ the Saviour is born to welcome Christ. • Consider clearing the clutter Listen to the above song at www.pilgrimyear. (lesser things) to make room for com/songs: Advent Chapter One greater things. Ready yourself! Christ has come. He homeland of the Métis Nation. Bell’s Pilgrim comes now. He will come again. Alleluia! Year series (Novalis Press) is a 7-volume colSteve Bell is a storyteller through and lection of reflections based on the Christian through. For 30 years, he has offered encour- calendar year. It is available for purchase at agement to audiences throughout North America through concerts, song-writing and teaching. With a vocational calling to “refresh Christian faith and spiritual tradition for the weary and the wary,” Steve is known as much for his award-winning musical career as he is for his social commentary and theological insights. He has written numerous articles for online and print publications and has penned books on Scripture and the Liturgical Year. He lives with his wife Nanci in Winnipeg, Treaty 1 Territory and


Sex trafficking – part 3 What can we do about it? by Jack Taylor Cathy Peters, a former high school teacher and now advocate against sex trafficking, says “I have been shocked that Canadians do not believe human sex-trafficking happens here and that Canadians do not believe it could ever happen in their families. I am surprised that Church folk are so bubble-wrapped and have no idea about this issue at all.” It might surprise western Canadians how far behind they are in recognizing and addressing this issue of sex trafficking. Peters says, “the more I speak, attend workshops, research and read, I am learning that BC is at least a couple of decades behind ‘best practices globally’ in Ontario.” The Trafficking in Persons report from the USA state department cites Ontario as best practices. MP, Joy Smith, in Manitoba, has alerted her province effectively. Nova Scotia – with their infamous North Preston Finest Gang – has become very pro-active in addressing the crime. Law enforcement seems inconsistent in enforcing the law on this issue across the country. Progressive laws, modeled after the Nordic Model of Law in Sweden, recognize that the root cause of the problem is demand. “Sex buyers, facilitators and traffickers (pimps) are criminalized. The seller of sex is considered a victim and is not criminalized and there is supposed to be robust and well-funded exit strategies to help victims get out of the sex trade.” Canada’s Federal Law (The Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act) has not been publicized in any kind of National Public Awareness Campaign and there seems to be little government support for the law. In fact, there is some clear hint that left-leaning parties would like to fully decriminalize prostitution. This green lighting of the sex industry would see brothels become a standard part of every community. Peters fears that Canada could become like Germany where 80 percent of men are said to buy sex compared to the current 6-7 percent in Canada. Sex tourism would become the norm. “Our indigenous women and children would be the first casualties, human and child sex trafficking would explode, international crime syndicates would move into Canada.” The recently-released Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women’s Inquiry cited the overwhelming problem of human sex trafficking among indigenous females as a problem which political correctness has hindered from being addressed. Some of the indicators of human trafficking given by Peters, include the reality that might be seen in an individual’s working or living conditions where she, or he, as a young person with limited freedom to move and is involved in the commercial sex industry, working long and unusual hours. They may have a large debt

they can’t seem to pay off; the working premises have high security measures with opaque windows, bars on the windows, security cameras and perhaps even barbed wire; they may be fearful, anxious, depressed, submissive, tense, nervous, avoiding eye contact; is not in control of their own documentation and may not speak for themselves in public settings like a doctor’s or lawyer’s office. What should followers of Jesus do? Peters says, “the number one way to show care and love to those victims is to believe them, get them to share, tell their stories and to get help. For example, when I speak to high school students I give a three point plan: 1. Say no to anything that has to be done secretly, no matter how tempting. If you cannot let your parents or trusted adults in your life know what you are doing, it could be putting you in danger. And never send nudes on cam. You can never retrieve them. They are considered child porn, which is illegal. 2. Get help to deal with what is happening in your life right now. Recruiters look for victims who are struggling. By getting help, you are reducing your risk. 3. Always tell. They are the criminals, not you. The only way to defeat recruiters, pimps and sex-offenders is to bring what they do in the dark out into the light. Find someone you can trust to tell.” Some of the questions an observer should ask themselves if they are concerned about whether a person they see is being trafficked: Is the person free to leave the work site? Is the person physically, sexually or psychologically abused? Does the person have a passport or valid I.D. card and is he/she in possession of such documents? What is the pay and conditions of employment? Does the person live at home or at/near the work site? How did the individual arrive to this destination if the suspected victim is a foreign national? Has the person or a family member of this person been threatened? Does the person fear that something bad will happen to him or her, or to a family member, if he/she leaves the job? Peters says, “I would like to see good men and good

women step-up to address this issue. The sex industry is powerful, well-financed and growing while aggressively targeting our youth, children and the vulnerable to be the supply for an undeterred demand. We need this to change. Evil triumphs because good men (and women) do nothing.” We need to give the next generation hope/resiliency to live in a world that is trying to normalize the sex industry that degrades men and women. We need to show our young people that there is a better way to live and to show them the beauty of healthy wholesome relationships.

Marvin Hunt, MLA

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Immersed in Kingdom work by Jack Taylor Like the men of Issachar, the leaders of Northwest Baptist College and Seminary (now located on the Langley Campus of Trinity Western University) have been men who understood their times. Since its 1934 founding in Westbourne Baptist Church, Calgary by Rev. Morley Hall the school has continued to change. Rev. George Dawe was the first principal until the war intervened in 1939. Doors opened again in 1945 with a new location in Port Coquitlam, BC. Dr. Don Carson served as the first seminary dean in 1976 when “the graduate division became a distinctive seminary unit.” Honouring leaders On September 28, the school took time at the Northview Golf and Country Club to honour many of its prominent leaders through 85 years. Featured honourees included Morley Hall, George Dawe, Vern Middleton, Doug Harris and a faithful team of skilled servants who escalated the academic and spiritual culture of the institution. The theme of the event, ‘Honouring the Past, Imagining the Future’ drew attention to the

visionary expansion of the current Fosmark Immerse Dr. Kent Anderson, president since Building into a 7,000 square foot ministry 2010, is the current dynamic force becenter serving the world. hind ‘Immerse’, the first fully-accredited, Master’s level program to employ TWU lease A new lease agreement with TWU means the Competency-Based Theological the enlarged center will cost only $1.6 million Education (CBTE) philosophy. In partto build – most of which has already been nership with the Fellowship of Evangeliraised through gifts, pledges and a match- cal Baptist Churches of British Columing grant from key stakeholders. Board chair bia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, the Yukon Dennis Wasyliw states that, “A key for us is and the Territories. Anderson took the our new technology space that will allow us concept of ‘Mastery Learning’ from to have state of the art streaming capacity to the public sphere and worked through push forward on our focus for competency- several iterations to create a program for the church ministry leaders of the future. based learning around the globe.” The school’s website states that “Great Henry and Richard Blackaby, in Spiritual Leadership, write: Modern history is once leaders are essential, but they can be hard to again calling upon men and women to rise find. If the church is going to be able to fulfill up and fulfill their God-given destiny to im- its mission, it is going to have to accept its pact their world. True spiritual leaders do responsibility to identify and develop those not wring their hands and wistfully recount people who will lead them in the future. Typthe better times of days gone by. Genuine ically, churches have contracted this funcleaders understand they have but one life to tion out to the seminary, which they have live and so they expend it with purpose and seen as a kind of factory outlet for pastoral passion. God placed you on earth at this par- leaders. The results have been predictable. Immerse offers a better way.” ticular crossroad in history. (2011, p. 28) Anderson states, “Currently, we directly serve ten organizations across Canada, the US, and Latin America under the Immerse brand. More broadly, we have consulted with more than 70 organizations around the world and have helped incubate many new programs in what has come to be known as Competency-Based Theological Education. We have formed a new partnership called Symporus that offers technology, services, and academic credit for CBTE in other Seminaries, agencies, churches, and more. All of this has been birthed through Immerse. The Association of Theological Schools has affirmed CBTE (and Immerse) as one of the most promising and forward-thinking movements in theological education today. Every agency I know, that serves the world of theological education, is talking with us.” Pastoral training Wes Parker, one of the first Immerse graduates, now serves as lead pastor at Dunbar Heights Baptist Church. He says “The success of Immerse is, in my view, a return to an age-old philosophy of pastoral training (think pastoral ‘residency’ program) where future pastors/leaders are trained ‘in-house’ and ‘real-time’ by mentor/trainers who invest in the development of leaders in a wholistic sense, i.e., not theological training alone but also character as well as competency training. For too long, training for pastors has essentially removed them from the very environment in which they intend to minister; Immerse addresses this issue while offering a guided/careful mentorship so students learn by example as well as hands-on experience.” Parker himself is now mentoring another immerse student named May Anne Then. Not everyone agrees with


November 2019

Kent Anderson, Ph.D CBTE as an effective means for pastoral training. Some claim it isn’t “academically rigorous enough” – believing that students need a traditional classroom setting to be best-prepared. Some feel that this style of programming is “not spiritually formative enough.” Disproving naysayers Northwest is attempting to disprove any naysayers. Currently, “Northwest partners with eleven different networks to run customized iterations of Immerse for the ministry leaders they are training.” This includes all five regions of the Fellowship across Canada for pastoral training; Fellowship International for cross-cultural missions training; a Spanish iteration for El Redil churches in Columbia; Northview Community Church (Abbotsford); C2C Church Planting Network; 17:6 Network in Texas and California; and the ACTS seminaries. Kingdom benefits Parker says, “Immerse is a program with Kingdom benefits to both students as well as the churches in which they serve. I’ve seen the benefit personally in my own preparation and am now serving as the senior pastor in a growing Vancouver church near UBC. I’ve also seen the benefit, at a corporate level, to our church. Considering Immerse in your own local church gathering could mean the building up of tomorrow’s leaders and can also inject fresh life as passionate young leaders learn what it means to follow God’s call into ministry in a local church context. Pray for the Spirit’s work among students and mentors and ask the Lord of the harvest to raise up more labourers.” Immerse involves “contextually demonstrated mastery; integrated outcome assessment; static outcomes and tailored pathways; team-based mentoring; studentpaced development; and collaborative missional partnerships.” It is an 87 credit Masters of Divinity degree program. Anderson concludes that CBTE is the “most effective way to develop ministry leaders because it locates every aspect of the process (academic and applied) in the context of the ministry for which the student is being trained under the guidance of experienced and trusted mentors. If the goal is mastery,


Confusion or scandal? MAID & Delta Hospice Society by Danielle Martell In most societies, AGMs are uneventful, poorly attended, boring meanderings of the dutifully dedicated. It’s not every day that boards, like the one at Delta Hospice, warrant the privilege of sudden surges in attendees. Last year’s AGM gathered 33 people, but this year? A soaring 190! Why the mass influx? Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) lies at the heart of the influx. MAID is a barbaric practice whereby a doctor provides the lethal means to terminate a patient’s life. Though formerly considered murder, MAID was decriminalized under Justin Trudeau in June, 2016. Speculation abounds that many board members want to bring MAID into hospice, even though it’s against the constitution which protects life. The board has even gone so far as to fire Executive Director, Nancy Macey (Sep. 3, 2019), who over 25 years, built Delta Hospice into a state-of-the-art facility in providing end of life care. The board’s decision deeply disturbed many people. Also notable is Janice Strukoff ’s firing, Delta Hospice Accountant (Aug. 21, 2019). Strukoff, who faithfully served hospice for over eight years, was fired without cause by Sharon Farrish, who, at the time, was the Acting Executive Director. Other important staff have also mysteriously disappeared from key roles. The threads stringing these now terminated employees together? Their prolife stand. Though other suggestions may be implied as to why Macey and Strukoff were fired, many members find such suggestions an insult to their intelligence. As for the meeting itself, there were people present on both sides of the MAID debate, yet the prolife members far outnumbered the others. MAID was never directly addressed. However, it was the underlying tension driving the meeting. Instead of the board being forthright about the challenging issues at hand,

the meeting was saturated with confusion. Or was it scandal? Members are bound to have strong opinions. Starting off, the board denied voting rights to several people who paid membership dues earlier that month, a move breaking with precedence. Other unique things occurred. A Fraser Health employee, who was never introduced, sat with the board. Why was she present? When the board doesn’t openly tell the members, members are left to speculate. Was she perhaps present to suss out the people’s appetite for MAID at hospice? Whatever happened, some are optimistic that she will speak to Fraser Health on the members’ behalf, understand how upset the majority is, and defend hospice’s current constitution to the Health district. Honestly though, if the board wouldn’t explain her presence, why would they bother to explain anything? They conveniently need not say hardly ten words to their membership. First, a Parliamentarian was chairing the meeting, and then when controversy arose, the board’s lawyer, Christine Elliott, spoke regularly on the board’s behalf. Wait! The board’s lawyer? Why does the board need a lawyer at an AGM? Last I checked, lawyers didn’t frequent AGMs. Who’s paying for this lawyer? Is this coming out of charitable donations? Charitable donations bring up another important point: the financial statements, which the membership didn’t get. They did receive a financial summary upon arrival, but this afforded them no time to give reasonable thought to the sensitive area of money. Why the lack of clarity and transparency? Interestingly, the date of the AGM (Oct. 22, 2019) was delayed seven months after year end. Perhaps the board ran out of time. Electing new directors: There were 190 voters but 201 ballots cast. One woman

Eternity Club Ministries

stuck up her hand stating that she had two ballot cards in her manila packet, though she only voted with one. Who else got two or more ballots? Did they vote twice? Obviously. How do you get the privilege of voting twice? Do you have to be pro-MAID? Did the extra voting happen behind closed doors when ballots were being counted? Or was this staged? Were there really 190 people present? By the way, Chris Pettypiece has exceeded his 8-year maximum term on the board even though he’s openly confessing he’s unwilling to step down. Wait. Why is no body doing anything about this? Is this why the board has a lawyer here? Are you serious? Members need to pay lawyers to have him step down? Are members being bullied by their board? And last, but not least, the special resolution. And ‘special’ it was. Simple process: repeal current bylaws, replace with new model bylaws. not so fast slippery slope! The membership postponed this motion to a future meeting. Why? Again, lack of clarity and transparency. Members had received one copy of the new model bylaws and then another copy of these model bylaws with amendments on it. This was tricky. If you weren’t paying close attention, you could easily

mistake the amended model bylaws for the current bylaws, thinking only minor amendments were being made. In reality, the amendments were not minor in the least. The membership was never given the current bylaws to see what they were rejecting in its entirety. Was this an intentional deception by the board, by their lawyer, or both? When challenged on this serious issue, their lawyer admitted, “This evening with the bylaws…. I thought it would be cleaner not to have a black line of the old bylaws to the new model bylaws and clearly I was in error on that...” Despite the evening’s shenanigans, several members came well prepared, waded through the confusion, and were ready to say no to a board that had pushed them too far. The crowd was game and it was a night of Canadians in action! Sadly though, many are left questioning what it will take to keep MAID out of Hospice. In the meantime, there is work to do sorting through the confusion. Or was it scandal? Either way, may God be our defence in defeating this culture of death. Danielle Martell is an Anglican Priest, a regular contributor to Light Magazine, and a paid-up member of the Delta Hospice Society.

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Deeper Learning at Surrey Christian School by Darryl deBoer, Director of Learning At Surrey Christian School, we are grappling with the question: “What does it mean to invite students into deeper learning experiences?” In other words, what does ‘deeper learning’ mean within the context of Surrey Christian School? And while this question represents a journey for us as a staff, we are being guided by the following working definition of ‘deeper learning’: People of God’s story engaged in real work that forms self and shapes the world. So, what does it mean to approach learning as participation in “God’s Story?” Learning in God’s story is not primarily about content, but about experience. Our


November 2019

participation is not only about what we think, but also about our deepest hopes for ourselves and the world in light of God’s story. Our role in God’s story is discovered by looking inward, realizing who we are as image bearers, and looking outward, as we explore our world and see where God is at work within it. Deeper learning in Christian education provides a way to learn content and skills, and to develop the character of Christ through aligning the unique gifts of the learner with the deep needs of the world. For students and educators at Surrey Christian School, ‘Deeper Learning’ invites us to become engaged in God’s story, equips us to play our unique role,

and empowers us to apply our knowledge and skills to produce real work that meets real needs for real people. So, what does this look like? This looks like our grade 2 students spending time with seniors every two weeks to build relationships and to write their life stories. It looks like our grade 11 computer class building websites for non-profit organizations. It looks like our grade 5 students partnering with new moms weekly in our learning commons. It looks like our Secondary Campus biology classes teaching our grade 3 students about ecosystems in Tynehead Park. Our students participating in work that matters – here and now – that forms self, and shapes the world.

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Cranberries: health benefits by Agnes Chung

Bioactive compounds Small and tart-tasting, fresh cranberry is low in calories and sugar, rich in vitamins (A, C, B1, B2, B6 and E) and fibre. The superfood contains a complex and rich source of phenolic phytonutrients including phenolic acids; flavonoids: anthocyanins, flavonols and flavan-3-ol (proanthocyanidins or PACs); and terpenes. Anthocyanins, the water-soluble pigments give cranberry its red colour. The berry seeds contain omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids, vitamin E, plant sterols, phospholipids and flavonoids. Researchers found that PACs the most abundant flavonoids in red cranberry fruits possess

anti-microbial, anti-adhesion, antioxidant, and antiinflammatory properties. Flavonoids, a class of polyphenols are plant-based micronutrients loaded with powerful antioxidants that promote wellness, prevent and/or lower risk of infections, cancer, digestive issues and cardiovascular diseases. Cranberry health benefits Immune system, skin and brain: Cranberries are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants that help boost immunity and improve skin and brain health. Glycemic control: Impact starch digestion in the digestive tract, and delay glucose release into the bloodstream. This may help reduce blood sugar spikes and lower the side effects of diabetes. Cancer: Antioxidants neutralize harmful free radicals which have potential effects on cancer prevention and progression. A 2016 study on animal models supported the effectiveness of cranberries as inhibitors of seven different cancers: bladder, colon, esophageal, brain, lymphoma, prostate and stomach. Conclusive results are yet to be proven in human studies. Nonetheless, the potential of cranberries as cancer inhibitors look promising. Cardiovascular health: Studies suggests that bioactive compounds in cranberries can help optimize blood cholesterol levels by reducing oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol, increasing HDL (good) cholesterol, improving the flexibility of arteries, and lower inflammation. Digestive health: Inhibit the colonization of Helcobacter pylori bacteria in the stomach, and lower risks of intes-

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Some people may argue that you can’t have turkey without cranberry sauce. I am not a cranberry sauce fan, but I like the holiday berry for its year-round health benefits. It’s a superfood packed with preventative properties. North America’s indigenous people had long known about the cranberry’s culinary and curative attributes. They mixed crushed cranberries with dried deer meat and melted fat to make pemmican – a primeval protein bar. Cranberry juice was used as a medical ingredient in poultices to extract poison from arrow wounds. Early settlers ate them to ward off scurvy. They named it “craneberry”- after its’ small, pink blossoms which resembles a Sandhill crane’s head. The plant is a low-growing evergreen shrub of the Vaccinium genus. The two main cultivated species are the European cranberry (Vaccinium oxycoccos) and the American cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) whose size doubles that of the European fruit. The native North American perennial vine thrives in sandy bogs and marshes.

tinal inflammation which can cause stomach ulcers. Gum diseases: The flavonoid PACs in cranberry fruits may be potential therapeutic agents for the prevention and management of periodontitis, according to a 2012 study. Urinary tract infections Cranberry juice cannot treat urinary tract infections (UTIs). Research only suggests that cranberry consumption may protect UTI development or lower re-occurrence. Pure, unsweetened cranberry juice, cranberry extract, or cranberry supplements may help prevent repeated UTIs in women, but the benefit is small cited HealthLinkBC. Side effects and precautions • Drinking too much juice can cause mild stomach upset and diarrhea

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Compassion and community infuse BC Christian Academy’s teachings A few weeks ago, a student at the B.C. Christian Academy was driving with his parents when they passed a homeless man who had no shoes. “Can we do something to help this gentleman,” the student asked. They stopped the car, turned around and made sure the man got the help he needed. When Ian Jarvie, the school’s head principal, heard the story, he was not only proud of the student; he was gratified that one of the school’s 3Cs was spontaneously being put in action: Compassion. “We want students to look out and care for others on a day-to-day basis. It doesn’t matter what profession they go into; are they watching out for others and making their communities a better place?” Academy staff endeavour to model the teachings of compassion. “We believe that if you’re intentional and reach out, to think about things and to do them, then it will become important to the students, too,” says Jarvie. The first of the 3Cs is Christ. The staff represent about 30 churches but “we can agree upon the core values and the core scriptural teachings of Christ.” When it comes to the third C, Community, Jarvie had his own lesson in its im-

portance during his second year at the school 26 years ago. “One of the mothers called me in tears and said, ‘Can you pray for my husband? He was in a terrible accident and is in intensive care.’ I had three of their beautiful children in my class. I knew how to teach but how do I care for them when their father is taken away from them? “I saw the school rally behind the family and knew I wanted to be part of this community. We want to integrate with the families. We want to be there and laugh with them when the good times happen but cry alongside and support them when these tough times happen,” he says. Jarvie stresses that while the school is Christian based, it takes a holistic view of the child. “What kind of citizens do we want once they graduate? No matter where they live or the work they’re doing, are they going to make a difference for the better for that community? If they are, and we’ve had a part of that, praise God.” You can find out more about the JK-12 Port Coquitlam-based Academy on our website or come to their Open House starting November. The BC Christian Academy also recognizes that many families face financial challenges and has funds available to help with costs.

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How to porn-proof your family by Dr. Dave Currie I hope that what you read here scares you into action – seriously, I do. It’s a battle! When I wrote this, I was in the Denver airport on my way home from a 2-day Leadership Summit focusing on helping the church to better face the porn epidemic within its walls. Over 50 leaders, authors and experts from all the major sexual-recovery ministries across North America, under the direction of Dr. Doug Weiss, joined together sharing concerns, perspective and ideas on how to assist local churches in better ways to face the growing impact pornography is having on its people. Powerful! But why the concern for the church – and thus your family? These experts commonly used the 70-80 percent range as to the numbers of Christian men who are regularly involved with porn. They referred to and agreed in discussion that around 50 percent of pastors are also struggling with porn. And the female leaders at the summit reminded us all that women are battling with porn at higher numbers than ever before. Can you feel it? If this understanding isn’t cause for concern, I don’t know what is! Now hear this: over 90 percent of the men that I am working with in sexual addiction recovery counselling started looking at porn in their early teen years – 11-14 years old.


November 2019

They got into porn as kids! The roots of their sexual addiction started really young. Parents – are you reading this? Some parents think that because they are a Christian family that they have this covered. They assume that their kids are going to be fine. Let me bring another perspective. May it alter your reality. First off, of the over 40 men that I am working with in sexual addiction recovery in the last 2 years, I can only think of three that didn’t come from a home with Christian values. Further, two of the men that I have recently started working with come from very solid Christian homes. One man’s dad is head of the men’s ministry at his church and the other’s father is in full-time Christian ministry. You’d think these kids would be safe. Why not? Because parents assume too often that their strong Christian values are being passed down effectively – naively believing porn would never impact their home. Trust me. If these families could do it over – or if they only knew then what they know now – they would gladly do whatever it would take to prevent their son (or daughter) from having grown up on porn. The destruction on their adult child’s family – the spouse and the children – is massive as the long-standing addiction is being played out in devastating ways today. Please stay with me even if you have daughters. Don’t forget that the porn draw is growing within the female population too. We are running into a rising number of young women – still teens – who are coming forward asking for help. Literally today, the day that I was writing this, a request for support came in from the family of a 17-year-old girl who had acknowledged to her mother that she’d been addicted for a

long time. Girls need coaching and protection too. Parents, can you feel the urgency? We have to do all we can to prevent the Next Generation – that’s your kids and my grandkids – from getting hooked by the porn phenomenon. Problem. It is not going to be easy. Why? Porn is everywhere. Keep in mind that the average age that little boys are running into porn is 9.5 years old. Be careful on saying, “Never my kid”. You see, the accessibility has never been higher. Any device that has an internet connection is a gateway to porn. Cell phones, computers, iPads, notebooks, X-boxes, PlayStations and more, can all be entryways to viewing porn. And it can be done so easily in secret. Their porn viewing can almost be anonymous. Further, to the young impressionable mind, the vivid sexual images and videos are so enticing to their new journey of going through puberty. Then their peers are saying porn is cool and harmless while the general culture implies that watching porn is the norm – even healthy and everybody’s doing it, right? And pre-teens and young teens are so vulnerable physiologically as the addiction factor is even greater because their brain is still developing and is so easily shaped. If they get hooked as young teens, it’s a very long battle to rewire the brain functioning and untangle their habits toward a healthy and God-honouring sexuality. Finally, the erosion of morality and modesty is so great within our culture that requesting and sending naked selfies to the one you are dating is pretty much part of the teen relational culture. I have helped 3 families in the last 18 months, where police were involved, because their teens – all aged 14 or 15 – were caught exchanging nude images of themselves and then passing them on to others. Soliciting, possessing and distributing child porn – boom! Three felonies that could be punishable by law. Parents and grandparents…do I have your attention? Helping people beyond porn’s influence is my advanced training, my growing counselling focus and in my world ev-

Family Matters ery week. Here are my best suggestions to begin to safeguard your family from the impact of pornography. We’d all be wise to go overboard on protecting our children until they are mature enough and wise enough to respect the shaping of their minds, the developing of their sexuality and the clear danger of porn’s draw. Five best ways to start porn-proofing your family: Protect all devices. Install safeguarding and accountability software on all devices owned by any member of your family. Any electronic device that has internet access, through any means, needs to have protection software installed like Covenant Eyes (Simply the best out there) with limiting further by Kid’s WiFi. Be intentional as parents to protect your family through today’s sexual tsunami and through this turbulent season of their young lives. Limit the hours. Be the parent. Make the hard choice even though the pre-teens and teens in your home may buck your system. Remember, parenting isn’t a popularity contest and you can’t get voted out. Do what’s right for them whether they like it (or you) or not. Try to steer them toward balancing face time (real person interaction, not iPhone’s video conversations) with screen time on some device. Socialization is so important. Electronics make you go private. Shut down the WiFi in the home say at 9 pm every night. When the mid-teen gets their own data plan, all phones must be charged each night at a centralized charging station – on top of Dad’s dresser. No

phones or devices in their rooms at night. Set boundaries early. Stop using electronics as a babysitter. Kids as young as age three and four are becoming addicted to the images on the screens. And no, it’s not all bad but be really careful on setting up a dependency on electronics – that’s an addiction. This sense of norm and entitlement will come back to bite you when they are Tweeners (10-14 years olds) Remember, the younger they are – the easier it is to get addicted to all things electronic. Start boundaries on devices when they are little – before they even have more access to one of yours or one of their own. Set priorities like, “be ready for school before you get your device or get your homework done first”. Keep boundaries like no devices at meal time, while driving or during church. Talk as parents and then implement your plan to protect your kids from pornography.

ing. Don’t make excuses and don’t delay. Lead the way. Clean up your act. Lead by example. Face your personal purity challenges here and now as a gift to your family. Break the silence if you are secretly struggling with porn. Talk to someone in the next 24 hours. Tell your spouse as well. Get help. Recovery is a team sport. Begin to walk with integrity as a parent to create a foundation for strength in guiding your children. And pray. Pray for their protection, for their innocence, for their choices and for courage to face the temptations that will come publicly with peers and privately online. Protect your home by getting on track yourself. I’d love to hear from you on what is the most helpful thing you are doing to Porn-Proof your family. There are a ton of resources available on the DFR website on porn and sexual addiction recovery for better facing your own struggle and helping your family and others in your world. Reach out to Talk about pornography. Have good and thorough sex our Care Centre if you need professional support. May God talks – dads with the boys before age ten and mothers with be your anchor as you guide your family through the online the girls before age ten (see podcasts and articles on giving battle with pornography. a sex talk on our website). Read and share the contents of the article Pornified: 5 Facts You Must Tell the Next Generation (see DFR website). For younger children, have a clear discussion on what to do when they come across ‘naked pictures’ (see DFR website). Teach teens “What porn is doing to your future sex life in marriage” by listening to my talk on the same (DFR website). Tell them specifically how to face porn. Share your journey. Learn what to do if you find your child Scan this code or visit your App store to download the DFR App. looking at porn (see podcast on DFR website). Parents, get We’ll help you maximize your most important relationships – educated (read Indecent Exposure on website) and get talk- with God, your spouse and your children. It’s like having a pocket family coach!

Adopting an orphan in 2019 Current adoption policy requires that a child in an orphanage only be adopted internationally if all parenting options have been explored in the child’s home country. The adoption process is governed by the Hague Adoption Convention, which most countries in the world have agreed to. Before deciding to adopt a child, there are many things to learn and consider. These include the process, time frames, the inherent risks in an adoption, and most importantly, what are the characteristics and challenges of a child which your family is open to parenting. The landscape of adoption is very different from a decade ago, and also different from most people’s expectation of adoption.

To provide an orphan with a safe and loving family through adoption can be a life-changing event for a child A good first step is to set up an appointment with one of our adoption specialists who can guide you through the process and the many decisions you will have to make. International adoption rates are declining all over the world, however there are still children in need of loving families through adoption. A child growing up in an orphanage can lead to tragic outcomes. Children need attachment and that happens when they are part of a loving family; it does not happen in an orphanage. An attached child has the best opportunity to reach their full potential in life. To provide an orphan with a safe and loving family through adoption can be a life-changing event for a child, and needless to say for the adoptive parents also. All adoptions are different from each other, and they all involve challenges. At the end of the day, adoption is a leap of faith! If adoption is something you would like to explore, please contact us at 1-888-984-2488 or visit

November 2019


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November - Adoption awareness month

Everyone can play a role by Amanda Preston, RSW - Home for Every Child More than 1,000 children in BC are waiting for adoption; awareness is key in finding forever-families for these waiting children. Each year, more than 600 children age out of the foster care system, having never found their forever family. The future for children who age out of care can be wrought with many challenges including: suicide, mental health challenges, addiction, homelessness, and their own children entering the system in a vicious cycle. Even despite these staggering outcomes, we know that 34 percent of Christians have considered adoption, yet only one percent have followed through. Myths continue to play a role in the low adoption rates, and a lack of knowledge leaves many fearful of the unknown. By attending an info session, many parents can discover that adopting out of foster-care is free, that single or married applicants can apply, you do not have to own your own home, you can be 19 or older, and there are children of all ages waiting. Training for special needs further supports potential adoptive parents and many local organizations offer pre and post-adoption assistance in various forms. At Home for Every Child, we seek to provide awareness, advocacy, education and support for all things, adoption and foster care related. From awareness campaigns to recruitment, conferences, consultations and support groups, we aim to support families. Our post-adoption financial assistance offers grants for children’s needs once adopted, and our newest Respite Program will offer reprieve to the

weary parent. Supporting adoptive families can make a huge impact in the life of a child and their family. Many children who are placed for adoption struggle with past trauma, special needs, and attachment challenges. Parenting requires a different approach and many times adoptive parents are left isolated and walking in the trenches alone. While not everyone can adopt, everyone can play a role! Support can look different for everyone but may include making meals, house cleaning, yard work, prayer, driving, renovations, donations, volunteering and the simple gesture of a listening ear. Adoptive parents are also desperate for respite support, and our newest program aims to offer just that! This winter, we are excited to unveil two new initiatives as part of our Respite Program. The first, The Hangout, will offer a weekly/monthly outing with mentors for adoptive and foster youth aged 10-18. This group will provide a short respite break for parents while providing the opportunity for youth to build lasting peer relationships with others on the same journey. Events will include fun outings, cultural events and more! Our second initiative will include the recruitment and development of a respite provider database, coupled with specialized training for providers.

This respite program will provide a much-needed break for adoptive families through a whole wellness approach for the entire family. We believe that, in order to pour into others, you must fill your own cup. I encourage you to consider opening your home to a child through adoption. If adoption isn’t possible, then consider supporting a family instead. If you are interested in volunteering with our Hangout Program, or would like to sign up as a respite provider, please contact us at For further information on adoption, contact Home for Every Child or visit your local government website at adoptions/how-to-adopt-a-child/adopt-from-foster-care. If we each play a small role, we can move mountains together and find 1,000 families to care for these 1,000 waiting children. We can support adoptive parents who are stuck in the trenches alone, and we can provide supports for children who require them. –

Every child needs a forever-family by Kristjen Hull, Abba Canada Foundation When my wife and I were first married in 2010, God began stirring our hearts towards children without families. He began to give us a strong burden to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, and to walk out our mandate given to us in James 1:27 “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” – something that even if we tried to, we could not ignore. We had been praying that God would “break our hearts for what breaks His.” and He did. We were no longer content to just feel bad when we saw a picture of an orphaned child. We realized that we have been given much, and therefore, much is required of us. Our dream became for every believer to become engaged with helping vulnerable children. As a result, this led us to become a couple of the initial founders of ABBA Canada Foundation in 2011, before we had even started our family. Sometimes we felt funny, speaking at conferences, running a ministry to help families in the process of adoption, sharing at churches about the value of adoption/fostering

or just giving any kind of advice, when we hadn’t even experienced it for ourselves. But during this season, we were constantly brought back to our vision and dream for Canadian churches and Christians, when it comes to fostering and adopting. “Not everyone is called to, or will, adopt or foster, but every Christian is called to care for the widow and the orphan.” When we looked at it this way, it almost spoke our message louder, that we hadn’t been through the process itself, but were still able to play a part. It was a tangible way to show people, that you don’t need to be a foster or adoptive parent, to care for children in need of a family. In fact, you can be young, old, middleaged, single, in a relationship, out of a relationship, married, not married, etc., etc. You get the picture! There is a role that every Christian can play to help an un-parented child, find their forever-family. The call is clear in scripture, if we are a follower of Jesus, we are to care for the orphan. Jesus didn’t lay this out as one of many different ministries we could choose to be a part of, He said it would be something we would be known for, as followers of Him. The exciting part is, there

are many ways to get involved and either support an adoptive or foster family, or support a ministry that supports these families. The need is also clear. There are approximately 30,000 children in Canada waiting for families and around 18 million adoptable children worldwide. The bottom line is, children need permanent families and the world is a better place, when children are in families. Every child deserves a loving, permanent family. Most people would agree with this statement, but we believe, that as the Church, we are called to put this to action and demonstrate the love of Christ to the world around us, by our care for the most vulnerable. ABBA Canada Foundation provides adoption grants up to $5,000 to help with the high costs of International or domestic adoptions. International adoptions can exceed $50,000, with domestic adoptions averaging around $15,000. An adoption grant for a family can be a huge financial help, but even more than that, it is the knowledge that the grant represents many Christians, whom they will never meet, that are standing with them and supporting them on their journey. –

Cranberries.....Continued from page 11 • Aspirin allergy: Cranberry fruit contains high salicylic acid, a key ingredient in aspirin. Minimize consumption if you are allergic to aspirin. • Diabetes: Stick to non-sweetened or artificially sweetened juices to avoid sugar spikes. • Stomach lining inflammation: Cranberry juice may increase how much vitamin B12 the body can absorb for people with atrophic gastritis and low stomach acid. • Kidney stones: Cranberry juice concentrate and extracts contain large amounts of oxalate. Minimize consumption if you have a history of kidney stones.


November 2019

• Medications: Check with your doctor to make sure water, said executive director Mike Wallis of BC Cranberry cranberry consumption does not interact with your pre- Growers’ Association. Wallis added that flooding the fields scribed medications. is a quicker harvesting method than dry picking. Fresh cranberry consists of almost 90 percent water. Hence, froMaximizing cranberry benefits zen berries should not be thawed as it causes the fruit to Select products that are not diluted from concentrate and break down turning into soft berries. contain no added sugar. Fresh cranberries provide the most Wallis noted that Quebec, British Columbia, New Brunsphytonutrients. To make berries more palatable, add them wick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island are Canada’s to your smoothie with other naturally sweetened fruits. main cranberry producing provinces. A good quality, ripe cranberry bounces. The small air The United States, together with Canada and Chile, prochambers inside the berry cause it to bounce and float in duced over 98 percent of the world’s cranberries in 2016.

A Spotlight on Christian mission and ministry November 2019 – A supplement in the light magazine

page 17

A Bible wrapped in wallpaper Insight for Living This is your invitation to become involved in the work the Lord is doing through Insight for Living Canada, building His church in this country. Isn’t it exciting to be invited by the Lord to participate in His work together? Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 3:6-7 are a great reminder of what we’re working for, “I planted the seed in your hearts, and Apollos watered it, but it was God who made it grow. It’s not important who does the planting,

or who does the watering. What’s important is that God makes the seed grow.” We sow the seed of God’s Word and we can’t do that without you standing with us. It is God who mysteriously and miraculously causes it to grow and bear the fruit of changed lives. You can RSVP your acceptance of Jesus’ invitation to work with Him through Insight for Living Canada by visiting

November 2019


A Spotlight on Christian mission and ministry

You can help turn the tide on textile waste, here’s how Our throwaway culture and consumption for fast fashion has led to a growing textile waste crisis. “North Americans send 9.5 million tonnes of clothing to landfill every year, 95 per cent of which could be reused or recycled,” according to Waste Reduction Week in Canada. The average Canadian adult throws away 81 pounds of textile annually. Encorp Pacific (Canada) website cited that in Metro Vancouver, 40,000 tonnes of textiles go to the landfill every year. You can support waste reduction in several ways. Swap and share, re-fashion, re-sell, re-purpose or donate your clothing for a good cause. Donating is one way to reduce landfill waste, lift the burden off your shoulders and re-organize your home, while giving back to the community. Clothes2U can help you help the community and the environment. Declutter before the New Year. On November 23, Clothes2U is hosting an “Almost Christmas” event at the Word of Life Church in Surrey from 10 am to 12:30 pm. Donate your gently-used items to Clothes2U, a ministry outreach that provides for those in need in the community. Clothes2U is an Aldergrove-based non-profit society, an offshoot from a single parents group started by founder and president, Ernie Jantzen. The society held its first event at Langley’s Nicomekl Elementary School in 2002. “The society is a great resource, and has helped so

many people,” says Ana Lidia Chris, a benefactor who ended up having to get care for her drug addict sister’s baby.“ Jantzen went beyond his call of duty to make sure I had the provisions to care for the baby,” adds Chris who said the ministry was a lifesaver. In 2016 and 2018, Clothes2U’s charitable work earned nominations in two Business in Excellence awards. Asked what prompted him to start the society, Jantzen wrote in his email: “I am convinced I am following God’s will. Everyone has various talents and gifts. We are to make efficient use of them. The parable of the talents speaks to that.” “Matthew 25:36 and Matthew 25:40 speak to how we are to treat the forgotten elements of society. Thus when Clothes2U gives clothes and other necessities of life to those in need, we are doing it as to Him.” “The most rewarding part of Clothes2U is seeing the fruit of my labours, the happy faces of children as they head home with their new treasures - the expressed appreciation from the adults for having lightened their financial burden.” “I take comfort in the fact that I am setting an example for my children and grandchildren. What we do is much more significant to them than what we say.”

Photo Credit: Nikao Media

by Agnes Chung

Donated items are given away free at organized events held in schools and churches across Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. A $2 event admission charge helps offset operating expenses. Children 11 and under are free. “There is no limit to how much attendees can take home, but need as opposed to greed is emphasized,” added Jantzen. Donated items must be in good condition, stain and damage free. Sizes ranging from baby to adult, both male and female are acceptable. Items include clothing, footwear, children and adult diapers, toys, linen and personal items. Small household items such as home decor, kitchenware, small appliances, books, DVDs and CDs would also be accepted. Clothes2U does not have a store front. You can arrange for a donation pick up. Items must fit a minivan. Alternatively, drop them off at their headquarters in downtown Aldergrove. For details: or contact

Christian Service Brigade The CSB club in Waldheim, Saskatchewan is starting their fifth year of Brigade. They are a community of about 3,000 people. The staff of CSB attended their Stockade Kick-Off Barbecue. They had 55 of their 57 registered boys in attendance. At the church, 29 Battalion teenage guys were having their second meeting. That’s a huge buy-in from the community, but it is a two-church effort. They inspired a pastor in Fairview, AB to try the same thing. He’s working with five churches in his commu-

nity. God established CSB to build men of today... and tomorrow. But it’s the man in the local church who God engages to make it happen. Every community needs CSB for their boys. CSB builds Godly men of today and tomorrow through resources, training and certification. Check out how you can partner with CSB at and start a Christ-centred midweek club in your community.

Middle East Christian Outreach Love is mostly an unknown word to the people of the Middle East. They are much more comfortable with the word, mercy, and most often attach those attributes to the word love. So how can they understand the love of God unless we show them what it looks like? In Gary Chapman’s assessment of the five love languages, which one do you believe is the one most likely to reach into their heart? We believe that it is “time.”

Before deciding to reach those from the Middle East, may I suggest that we consider the cost first – can we give the time to make the difference? If so, we will have been able to show what it means to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and that becomes our expression when we love our neighbour. Let’s walk together – visit us at

Stillwood Camp & Conference Centre Many know Stillwood for its excellent summer camp programs, but our programs and ministry are far more extensive than our July and August camps. At Stillwood, we host up to 50,000 guests each year. As thousands of guests come though our gates, we have the opportunity to develop relationships and share our love of Christ. As a camp and conference centre, we work hard to not just serve our guests, but show them the love of Christ. In this way, our ministry extends throughout the entire


November 2019

year. As a Christian ministry aligned with the British Columbia Mennonite Brethren church, Stillwood’s goal is to engage everyone that comes though our gates to mature spiritually, mentally & physically. We hope that you will join us as our guest and in ministry. For more information on how we can serve you, contact our office at More info:

A Spotlight on Christian mission and ministry

A Bible wrapped in wallpaper by Rev. David Hearn, President, The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada

On a park bench at Dalhousie University sits an international student reading a book wrapped in beautifully-coloured paper. It has become a treasure that she carries everywhere. For the first time, she can read the Bible in her heart language. What she doesn’t realize is a man named Cal Cheng dreamt this a few months earlier. Cal, together with his wife Sharon, were unpacking boxes in their new home in Halifax when they noticed many international students. Moved to pray for them, Cal had a dream these students would own their own Bibles wrapped in colourful wallpaper. Today, this dream has become a new venture of faith. Cal and Sharon are leading a new community ministering to the unreached international students of Halifax through The Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada. We live in an era of unique opportunity as the church in Canada. Throughout the world, we are noticing a global awakening. God is creating new openness within people to receive the gospel. Like this international student, unaware that a free book was about to become her greatest treasure, people are asking new questions and

Abundance Canada Simple Gifts By: Darren Pries-Klassen, CEO Some years ago, my wife’s great uncle and aunt were visiting from Germany and my family travelled to my inlaw’s home to visit. One morning, as I headed upstairs, I heard my great uncle offering a prayer. Hmm, I thought, breakfast is being served. I’ll just wait at the top of the steps where they can’t see me until they’re finished so I don’t interrupt them. I soon realized this was no ordinary, memorized table grace spoken out of obligation. This was a prayer from the heart.

exploring faith in new ways. In this time of amazing opportunity, the heart cries for Christians across our country to arise and respond! Part of our unique response to the wealth of new opportunities around the globe is the Jaffray Project. Introduced in 2016, the project brings awareness and raises funds to send and support workers to least-reached people groups both in Canada and internationally. Through the support of our Christian community, we have raised up approximately 250 International Workers (IWs), with more than 40 percent established in countries that closed their doors to traditional missionaries long ago. Like the international students in Halifax, people across the globe have little or no opportunity to respond to Jesus. Now through this project, hundreds of people are responding to the gospel in their heart language. God is faithful to build His Church! Through the Jaffray Project, Yazidis in northern Iraq are responding to the good news of Jesus. God is healing deep wounds and bringing hope to families in need. Young Rohingya men who have fled out of desperate circumstances are finding a safe space of learning and

belonging in English classes. Waves of Syrian people are coming to Christ in cities where war has left death and devastation. Hope is rising! In our own Canadian context, many other initiatives remind us that God is delivering to those who believe. Envision Canada is working to identify and develop future missional leaders who innovate, establish, and strengthen communities of faith in key urban environments. Defend Dignity is doing critical work to end sexual exploitation in Canada through awareness, advocacy, and aid. New Ventures is changing the Canadian landscape through seed ministries that eventually become church plants. In Quebec, seven New Ventures are being launched in 2020 among Francophones, Chinese, and Arabic peoples. We believe it is time for Christians across Canada to rise to their feet and embrace the gift of ministry from the margins. Join us in supporting God’s kingdom through a movement of Christ-centred, Spirit-empowered, Mission-focused people. The early days of the Christian movement can be repeated in our time among people groups where few or none have heard the word of God.

It was deep with gratitude – gratitude for the gift of family, food, and a chance to live in peace. As I listened, I heard my great uncle’s voice falter as he offered heartfelt thanks to his Creator through tears. I was stunned. Until that day, I had never heard someone cry during a prayer offered before a meal and I have never heard it since. When he finished praying, a simple meal of porridge, juice and toast was served. All four adults at the table that morning had lived through the evils of the second world war. And although too young to understand the hardship that shaped their relatives’ gratitude for the simple things, it made a lasting

impression on my daughters. It made a lasting impression on me too. Gratitude breeds generosity, and that deep appreciation for what we have frees us to give with open hearts and hands. One of the lessons we learned from sharing that time with my relatives is that, even if the gifts we give are of modest size, they can mean everything to the person who receives them. Abundance Canada is a faith-based public foundation, registered with the Canada Revenue Agency. We help people realize their philanthropy and giving potential in their lifetime and beyond. Visit to learn more.

Your generosity matters You care about others. You want to impact lives. You want to leave a legacy. A Generosity Plan™ can help! Discover our simple and effective solution to maximize your support for the causes you care about. Learn more at or call 1.800.772.3257. Generosity changes everything

Abundance Canada is a faith-based public foundation, registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). We help people realize their philanthropy and giving potential in their lifetime and beyond. Charity Registration No: 12925-3308-RR0001. November 2019


A Spotlight on Christian mission and ministry

A unique dining experience by Agnes Chung November is upon us. Before you know it, the holiday season will be here. Dining choices are plentiful in Metro Vancouver, but not this epicurean experience that captivates your palate - explores connection between food, faith and the story of humanity. Theo’s Feast is the first of its kind in Canada. On December 1, Theo’s Feast founder and chef, Gary Stevenson and his team will take diners on

Give the Word One Bible transformed our family. My name is Shawn. It’s because of Give the Word that my family now knows Jesus. I had received a Bible from them for free at a time in my life when I was searching. Our family was never religious but I had questions. This Bibles answered those questions and after reading that Bible, It was undeniable, I needed Jesus. My wife noticed that my life was changing and asked if she could borrow my Bible. I didn’t want to give it, I was underlining and reading every chance I had. So, we contacted Give the Word and they sent my wife another copy. About 3 months later, my wife also accepted Christ. She contacted Give the Word again to thank them for their ministry and how their willingness to make the Bible free and available had changed their family. They also sent two more Bibles for both our teenage children and they too accepted Jesus. Huge thank you to Give the Word. I encourage anyone out their to either continue to start supporting them. Visit our website at To read more stories like this, follow our Facebook page @givetheword Call us at 204-803-5773

Equipping Canada for outreach, with Bibles designed for outreach.



November 2019

a culinary journey through the story of Christmas at the Cariboo Road Christian Fellowship in Burnaby. The fundraising dinner is organized by Mission Central and Missions Fest Vancouver. For Stevenson, creating palate-pleasing cuisine is as much his passion as sharing the truth. Hence the birth of Theo’s Feast - a unique dining experience where gourmet dishes developed with an edible metaphor would convey the gospel truth from a visual and taste perspective. No ordinary Christmas dishes One thing that is striking about the five-course Christmas Chef’s Tasting Menu is an intriguing fusion of the old, with its biblical connections, blended with innovative modern recipes with surprising flavours. Parson Brown, roasted chestnut and fennel soup. Fennel is a rich antioxidant herb used in biblical times. Mr. Grinch with its east and west mix will tickle your taste buds with sweet peas cooked in green curry and mint, garnished with

Greater Europe Mission

wasabi peas and pork crackling. Tasting the Shepherd’s Ragout will awaken one’s imagination of shepherds’ cooking in the open fields while tending their flocks on the night Christ was born. The rich and flavourful lamb and fig ragout is served over a bed of potato kugel with goat cheese topping. From ancient to modern, Clark Griswold’s Christmas Feast features Turkey Wellington with sweet potato and silky French-style mashed potatoes. The meal ends with a delectable O Tannenbaum dessert, a Christmas tree crafted with white and dark chocolate and winter wassail (hot, spiced mulled cider often associated with Yuletide) with lemon on the side. Before nibbling on the tree, you get to savour a miracle berry experience, where your taste buds detect the sour lemon is actually sweet. “The miracle berry,” says Stevenson, “is used to illustrate a taste of grace. People have a perception that the Christian faith is just a moralistic religion. Upon discovering the truth, their perceptions change. Grace is a transformation of the heart when you encounter Jesus,” explains Stevenson. “The feast is designed to enliven your senses and inspire Gospel-centred conversations around the dinner table with your friends,” adds Stevenson. It’s an inspirational evening of hope, flavourful delights, music, movies and stories created for the adult palate.

Spend a summer living out the gospel across Europe with the Ten2 Project! Our name comes from Luke 10:2, where Jesus says that “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into his harvest.” Ten2 is a unique, 11-week summer program that gives college students an insider opportunity to see God at work in Europe with European and Greater Europe Mission (GEM) Christian workers. If you want to impact your world for Christ, keep your eyes on Europe because of the incredible opportunity it represents in global ministry. Europe is unreached, influential, and connected in a way that no other field is! Find out how you can make a difference and participate in this incredible, Delicious and fun feast life-changing summer at, and see what On Theo’s Feast website, a diner is quoted others have to say on Instagram @ten2project and saying “I really enjoyed the connection of food, #ten2project. science, and theology - very fun, thoughtful and delicious.” Special dietary needs may be accommodated if sufficient notice is given. Theo’s Feast has hosted over 2,000 dinner guests in Canada and the United States since its inception in 2014. Ticket price is $60 per person. Invite your friends. To help support Mission Central and Missions Fest Vancouver, whose passion is to help believers in Christ to be more missional, diners are encouraged to consider donating $50 or more per person above the ticket cost. Donations are eligible for a tax receipt, but not the ticket cost. Reservations at www.missioncenSpend a summer living out the gospel Theo’s Feast (, a ministry of Power to Change, is looking for community groups ACROSS EUROPE. to host small feasts - potluck style in their own homes - as a way to build community and reach out to their neighbours. They are also looking for volunteers for December 1 and other upcoming events.

A Spotlight on Christian mission and ministry

The birth of a revolution by John Hall

We want a revolution in the church. We have been discerning that God is stirring up people’s hearts to follow him more passionately, but before that can happen, there needs to be surrender to Him. As mentioned in last month’s article, we need to know God and His holiness, hear God, and obey God. If you have an interest in mission, then consecration is something you need to invest in, because mission isn’t about what we do, it’s about Christ living through us. Consecration can often be misunderstood. Joshua says to the Israelites in Joshua 3:5, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.” Another meaning of consecration would be

complete dedication. When we think of complete dedication, it’s easy to think about what we have to give up. If I’m going to be completely dedicated to training for a marathon (so I’m told), I have to examine the food I eat, my relationships, use of free time, sleep – the list goes on. If I’m going to be completely dedicated to God, I’ll also have to look at all aspects of my life, and consider what adjustments have to be made to put God first. Julian of Norwich was a 14th century anchoress, that’s someone who lived a solitary life in a small cell attached to a church. Hidden away, she devoted herself to a spiritual life. What emerged from her experience was a book entitled, Showings. In it, Julian recounts sixteen revelations

she received from God. Together, these revelations paint — with incredible depth and beauty — the love of God for Julian and for us. Her consecration, or devotion and dedication to pursuing God, opened the door for her experience of God. While we may not be ready to live in a cell attached to a church, consecration is as much for us as it was for Julian. At the end of Chapter IV in the shorter version of Showings, Julian writes: “God wishes to be known, and it pleases him that we should rest in him; for all things which are beneath him are not sufficient for us. And this is the reason why no soul has rest until it has despised as nothing all which is created. When the soul has become nothing for love, so as to have him who is all that is good, then it is able to receive spiritual rest.” Consecration is much more about the “goal”, than the giving up. For Julian, giving up everything of earthly value was worth it because she gained everything she truly needed and desired – Jesus! Another way the “goal” has been described is with the analogy of the “pearl of great price”. In Matthew 13: 45 it says, “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it.” The thing we’re looking for is our deepest desire; attaining it isn’t a sacrifice, it’s a joy. Consecration is the groundwork needed to receive a fuller revelation of Jesus. In the process, we’ll discover what needs to be surrendered. Undoubtedly, people will read this article and ask, “Is consecration really necessary? I’ve already given my life to Christ. I already go to church and small group. What more is there?” In return, I’d say that we should be discontent with where we’re at until our lives resemble the biblical narrative a lot more. Colossians 2:9,10 says, “For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form, and you have been given fullness in Christ, who is the head over every power and authority.” So, where are the salvations, the healings, the freedom, the sacrificial living, reconciliation and social transformation? At a personal level, where is the fruit of the Spirit? Where is the

love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, self-control, purity, holiness? The fullness of Christ should be self-evident in his people. If it’s not, then we need to ask whether Jesus is our greatest desire. Do we want him? If the answer is “yes”, then take the time to consecrate yourself. The promise to us is simple: God will meet us because he has “blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ.” (Eph 1:3) Wayne Grudem, in his Systematic Theology, talks about how all our actions should be done in Christ. He says, “To become a Christian is to enter the newness of the age to come, and to experience to some degree the new powers of the kingdom of God affecting every part of our lives. To be ‘in Christ’ is to be in that new realm that Christ controls.” (p 843) Are you hungry for a revolution? In the lead-up to Missions Fest Vancouver, we are inviting followers of Jesus in the region to enter a season of consecration. Starting on November 25, Mission Central will be posting weekly devotionals written by local pastors to help us reflect on what it means to live the surrendered life and its connection to mission. Our view is that there is no mission without the surrendered life. Since we’re all called to participate in Christ’s mission, that means that the surrendered life is essential for all of us. If we’ve entered “the newness of the age to come”, we should anticipate both the power and presence of Christ in our day-today lives. Upcoming Events Consecrated – On November 14 we’ll be hosting a ministry time for pastors with Darrell Johnson. Tickets required. Tuesday Prayer Time – Join us on Zoom at 12 pm to pray for God to transform our churches. Link is at Mission Central. Devotionals – Visit Mission Central starting November 25 for weekly devotionals. Mission Central and Missions Fest Vancouver exist to foster collaboration and networking of people who are passionate about serving Christ in his mission. For more information, visit www.

November 2019


EVENTS Hear and meet Russ Stendal November 10 at 6:30 pm at Surrey Pentecostal Assembly (16870 – 80th Avenue) Author of The 7th Trumpet. Russ was captured by the drug Cartel in Columbia, SA and was tied to a tree for 5 months but then won many of them to Jesus! Come hear this amazing story. ICR CANADA

Office: 5788 - 203 Street, Langley, BC V3A 1W3 • 604.836.4546 Mel Wiebe, Canadian Director, ICR Canada •


‘We sell everything, including the kitchen sink’

Monthly sale that happens on the LAST DAY and FIRST DAY of every month…50% off EVERYTHING storewide.

NTE E R U L O V • P SHO • N AT E2019 D 14 20ONovember

Plus we offer daily 50% off sales everyday… there is always something 50% off. ICR Thrift Store, 5785 200th Street Langley 604-539-9636

Safe Spaces Conference

A Spotlight on Christian mission and ministry

– helping kids and teens in a high-risk digital age by Marion Van Driel We all love our technology, and spend copious amounts of time online – so much so, that authors are writing books like, How to Break up with Your Phone (Catherine Price) and Why Social Media is Ruining your Life (Katherine Ormerod). Helpful subjects, to be sure, but the digital age is here to stay. And it holds incredible potential for our benefit or our injury. Like anything else, it can be used or abused. As Christians, we want to think that our kids won’t become involved in watching and sharing online pornography, or that they won’t be targeted by a predatory adult. As Christians, we need to pull our heads out of the sand. Our kids’ and teens’ involvement with sexual content is occurring with increasing regularity, regardless of our deepest desire for their innocuous online behavior. On Saturday, November 16, SAFE SPACES Conference at Abbotsford New Life Church will address the prevalent challenge and struggle within the church surrounding the use of pornography, unwanted sexual behaviours by adults, and the risks and behaviors relevant to our kids because of easy access to online porn. Named the “public health crisis of the digital age” by psychologists, professors and health care professionals, there is a developing generation of men and women unable to create respectful, healthy intimate relationships. “… We are raising a generation of boys to become sex offenders”… The reality is, porn has become the major form of sex education for millions of kids. Kids are learning that degradation, humiliation, and violence are central to relationships and sex.” (Dr. Gail Dines, director of Culture Reframed). Breaking the silence As distasteful as this subject may be to Chris-

tians, avoiding it reveals our apathy towards our kids’ (or other family members’) emotional, sexual and spiritual health and safety. How costly will our silence be? SAFE SPACES aims to break the silence around this issue, while providing practical tools, information, hope, healing and freedom for churches, leaders and families. It will look at the underlying narratives for these behaviours and how parents and church leaders can support teens and kids to healing and recovery. Becoming informed about how to support kids to use technology in a healthy way, participants will come away with a list of helpful steps that can be immediately implemented.

sexual abuse and counselors, Monique Hoving Smeets and Brent Unrau, inform participants on the topic of healthy and unhealthy attachment and their bearing on our sexual behaviours and healing from brokenness. They will discuss what therapy looks like for those dealing with such issues as affairs, pornography and sex addiction. For registration and additional info, www.

Keynote and session speakers Pastor, therapist, author and speaker, Jay Stringer will bring the keynote address. His book, Unwanted, reveals how our sexual brokenness provides the path to healing and freedom from unwanted sexual behavior and use of pornography. He will also lead the session “Road Map for Your Church” helping leaders prepare and equip their churches to address sexuality and sexual brokenness. Technology educator Carol Glanville (Protect Young Eyes) will bring light to what’s going on for kids in the digital world, and provide a list of practical tools that can be used now to help them use the internet wisely. Marvin Bravo is a personal Christian school counselor who will help parents learn how to support their kids in a hypersexual culture, learning about the underlying story behind behaviours that may puzzle us. He will provide tools to support healthy recovery in teens and kids. Safe Church Director, Bonnie Nicholas, will lead a session to help Christians walk alongside those in the church who have been wounded by

Lighthouse Harbour Ministries Satil is a bosun (deck foreman on a cargo ship) from India. From Bihar state, he appeared to be about thirty five years of age. A Lighthouse chaplain met him while visiting his ship in North Vancouver. Satil asked the chaplain for a Hindi language Bible after recognizing that the ship visitor was sharing God’s Word on his ship. Not having the requested item, the pleasantly surprised chaplain offered the seafarer a


Sharing our abilities and experiencing life together Bethesda supports people with diverse abilities and their families through services such as staffed homes, shared living, community inclusion, assisting people who live independently, summer camps, employment services and services for families. As an organization committed to Jesus’ call for unity and diversity in the body, we esteem everyone’s value and contribution. It’s why we prefer to think of people having diverse abilities, rather than disabilities.

Hindi Gospel of John which he accepted. But, Satil really wanted a Bible and, by God’s grace, received one the day after his initial request. At that time he told the chaplain that he was not a Christian but liked the words of Jesus very much. Satil showed a great openness to Jesus’ words; God is drawing seafarers to the Lord. Might you consider volunteering your time to point seafarers, such as Satil, to Jesus?

Staff talk about growth they receive from the relationships they build with the people they support. As Svetlana, a support worker in Abbotsford put it, ‘our work helps us discover part of what it means to be a human made in the image of God. He designed the world so that our work benefits others.’ Bethesda is nonprofit, Christian organization supporting about 300 people and their families in the lower mainland and Okanagan. We welcome people with a serving heart to apply at

November 2019


A Spotlight on Christian mission and ministry

The Persecuted Church Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is becoming a hotbed of extremist activity and violence, as Islamic extremists continue to move in from Mali. The Africa Center for Strategic Studies has reported that the total number of deaths as of the end of September 2019 by Islamic extremism is almost 400. This is more than double the number for the whole of 2018. This vast increase in murder and violence is a terrible sign of the growing power and capability of extremist groups in the area. These groups include the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara, the Macina Liberation Front, and Ansarul al Islam. Their activities have led to mass displacement and need for aid. Over 289,000 people have had to flee their homes to other host communities since the beginning of the year. Another 1.5 million people are in need. Finally, over 330,000 children have been forced out of school because of the closure or destruction of over 2,000 schools.

Inner Hope This past week I spent a part of each day at the ICU in St. Paul’s hospital. My adopted sister, a mother of three, is on life support. After a very difficult childhood, caused by trauma inflicted by residential schools in her family, drugs had become her pain medication. As we pray for God to heal and restore her family, the Inner Hope community is walking alongside them, providing a community of support and a place of stability. Even as we experience this pain and brokenness, we celebrate how God’s power and healing touch restores lives. We remember that this fall has been truly remarkable. After many years of mentorship, discipleship and support, several of our young adults have entered postsecondary to develop their God-given talents! They are beating the odds. Only 9.8% of Indigenous adults in Canada hold a University degree. Learn more at: www. Jenny Shantz, Executive Director, Inner Hope Youth Ministries


November 2019

edited by Al Coats

The rise of extremism and jihad in the Sahel has caused mass migration and displacement of people from other countries as well, including Mali, Niger and Nigeria. The world must help end this fighting, protect these children, and ensure that West Africa does not have a bloody and terror-filled future. Please pray for all those living in Northern Burkina Faso, not only Christians. Though Christians have been threatened and executed, the country as a whole is suffering. Pray for safety and provision for these people in their time of need.

Discipleship International There is an unhealthy trend in discipleship today that keeps Christians from maturing in their Christian growth. “Doing everything for them.” There is an old saying, “Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.” The desire to make Christian growth easily available and easy to digest has contributed to a lack of Christian discernment and growth. The writer of Hebrews wrote, “In fact though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you the elementary truths of God’s word all over again. You need milk, not solid food!” There was the same lack of true growth at the time that Hebrews was written as there is today. So what can be done? The purpose of Discipleship International’s ministry is to see Christians move from infancy, to adolescence and onto adulthood in spiritual maturity. We accomplish this by focusing on real transformation that can only come from a relationship with Jesus Christ, and equipping those being discipled with tools and disciplines to grow and learn from Christ on their own, followed by teaching and modeling for others to do the same. If you are at a place in your spiritual maturity where you desire to grow, then contact us and get started! “Equip To Serve” classes start every January and September!

Pray for the people of West Africa who are suffering in great numbers at the hands of those who hate Christ. Source: (ICC)

Creation Science Long before “beyond meat” became popular, people and animals had a vegetarian diet! Genesis 1:29-30 “And God said, Behold, I have given you every plant....You shall have them for food. And to every beast of the earth... I have given every green plant for food.” Adam and Eve (and the animals) enjoyed this abundance from God. But then Adam’s sin resulted in a cursed world, making food much more difficult to grow. Worse yet, sin brought both physical and spiritual death into the world. Sin’s curse also introduced death to the animal world. Our planet was radically changed again when God judged the world with a globe-covering flood. After that judgement, He gave permission to expand our diet to also include meat: Genesis 9:3 “Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.” We don’t know precisely when animals transitioned to carnivory, perhaps shortly after the curse, or perhaps after the great flood when God gave the animals “fear and dread” of people. We have seen such carnivorous changes in modern times; farmers have witnessed sheep that began to eat chickens, and cows that started to eat sheep! But just as in the pre-cursed creation, God will restore peace to animals. Isaiah twice described our harmonious future when the wolf and the lamb will live side-by-side (without eating each other) and the lion will graze like an ox. There even exists modern examples of reverted carnivores: a lion and a shark that both refuse to eat meat! (Google it!) Thanks be to God, we can look forward to a future with restored access to the tree of life with its 12 crops of fruit (Revelation 22). And the last enemy “death” will be destroyed!

Income-generating Animals Rescuing Families From Poverty You can help provide animals like these for needy families! Go to or call 1-888-946-2742. Cows Cows, like the one Tavish received, produce calves, which can be sold for a good price, and nutrient-rich milk, which can also be sold or kept to feed the family. They can also use their cows to help cultivate and fertilize their fields.

Pigs These portly critters bring powerful financial breakthroughs to needy families. Piglets fetch a good price in market, which enables families to purchase essentials. Adult pigs provide ample meat for selling or eating.


The simple gift of an incomegenerating animal can be the turning point in a family—one their family has likely been desiring for generations. With the additional income their animal provides, families can afford education, nourishing food, health care and a host of other essentials that will help them escape poverty and flourish. Additionally, each gift serves as a reminder of God’s unending love for the recipient.

These simple birds make a big difference to families that are living hand-to-mouth. Chickens and eggs give a destitute family an additional income and provide essential nutrients for malnourished children.

Goats Goats provide milk to sell or drink. One goat typically produces several goat kids each year, which can expand a family’s herd or be sold to provide essential things for the household.


Your donation toward livestock will enable us to match needy families with the best animal for their specific situation. Your gift will be a stepping stone to a new way of life for a family, both financially and in their relationship with their Creator. Impact a family today—and for years to come!

A sheep’s rich milk is an excellent source of calcium, an essential nutrient for children. Offspring, wool and milk can be sold to provide education, food, medical care or a multitude of other valuable needs for families.

“When the cow came to us … I felt so happy. And seeing the cow, I felt in my heart that my future is going to improve, and definitely my life is going to be changed from now onwards.” —Tavish, a father who can now care for his family after receiving a cow

245 King Street East 2019L8G 231L9 StoneyNovember Creek, ON

Christmas Events

Handel’s Messiah with the Pacific Spirit Choir “Messiah” by George Fredric Handel will be presented at Gateway Church in Abbotsford on Saturday, December 7 at 2 pm featuring two choirs, soloists, and members of the Canada West Chamber Orchestra and the Abbotsford Youth Orchestra, led by Calvin Dyck and Gerry VanWyck. At age 52, Handel suffered a stroke which incapacitated him, making it impossible for him to perform or conduct. He also complained of blurred vision. The truth was as well, because he was not a wise businessman, he had lost a fortune in the opera business and, depressed and in debt, gave it up in 1740. It was only shortly after these calamities in Handel’s life that he came across a libretto composed by Charles Jennens. Composed entirely of Scripture portions, Handel was so inspired that he wrote the whole 2 ½ hour oratorio in only 24 days. When he got to the Hal-


lelujah chorus, his assistant found him in tears saying “I did think I saw heaven open, and saw the very face of God”. Fortunately for Handel, King George decided to attend a performance. When the Hallelujah chorus began to play, the King abruptly stood up, apparently as a way of indicating he recognized that Christ was the King of Kings. It was normal protocol that if the King stood at any time, no one in his presence sat, and so the entire audience stood for the performance of the Hallelujah Chorus. The tradition has been maintained to this day. This performance will combine a local choral ensemble under the direction of Joel Tranquilla with the Pacific Spirit Choir from West Vancouver, to form a chorus of 120 singers. Tickets are available at King’s Music or House of James or online at Eventbrite. For more information see

November 2019

Good Noise Vancouver Gospel Choir performs at historic Christ Church Cathedral Featuring Canadian Soul/R&B/Jazz artist Katherine Penfold. Good Noise Vancouver Gospel Choir (Good Noise) is back for the Christmas season with their hit concert series “Good Tidings! A Good Noise Gospel Christmas.” The iconic Christ Church Cathedral sets the stage for these muchloved holiday concerts, Dec. 13 at 8 pm and Dec 14 at 3 pm and 8 pm. Joining Good Noise this year is the soulful and singularly talented West Coast favourite, Katherine Penfold, in a program of inspired gospel, soul and jazz arrangements of Christmas classics. Known for a concert energy that transports the listener into a jubilant and festive musical experience, director Gail Suderman has once again put together a collection of high-energy gospel songs combined with the smooth sounds of soul and jazz stylings. New arrangements of “Joy To The World” and “Go Tell It On the Mountain” – both with a Motown-gospel blend, Stevie Wonder’s “Someday at Christmas” and Sara Bareilles’ “Love Is

Christmas” will be featured along with Christmas songs by gospel greats, Kirk Franklin and Richard Smallwood. Described as possessing “breathtaking musicianship….and a soaring lead voice that floats beautifully” (Evan Crandell, Earmilk), guest artist Katherine Penfold appears for the first time with Good Noise, bringing her powerful yet soulful vocal artistry along with her standout arrangements of Christmas classics from her 2017 release “Keep Christmas With You.” A concert series that brings the best spirit of the Christmas season to Metro Vancouver audiences, this Good Noise concert experience has the audience up on their feet in response to the joyfulness of the message and music. Add to that, the mighty sound of the 90 voices in Good Noise and the stellar Good Noise Gospel Band – this is a Christmas tradition not to be missed.

Christmas Events

The Heart of Christmas - Brian Doerksen by Marika Siewert “Magical Lights”, “Just Before the Silent Night”, “Saddest Season”, and “Stille Nacht” are just a few of the titles you’re going to find on the brand-new, highly-anticipated Christmas album from Abbotsford native, and multiaward winning singer/songwriter, Brian Doerksen. The Heart of Christmas is Brian’s first-ever Christmas album, crowd-funded by his community of fans, friends and family, and it encompasses every emotion that Christmas can bring, in the 15 tracks featured. Rewind a little, and it’s Spring 2019. “Bri Chai” is on the stove. It’s what I personally like to call the best chai tea I’ve ever tasted, and it’s Brian’s special recipe that he makes daily for his afternoon chai time with Joyce – his wife of 35 years, and also for guests and friends including my family and I, when we come over for a catch-up evening. After a wonderful family dinner, prepared by Joyce, I casually persuade Brian to play me some of the initial demo tracks that he is working on. It’s been Christmas

Elim Village craft fair Elim Village is excited to open its doors and welcome the public to enjoy the 11th Annual Artisan Christmas Craft Fair in the Oasis on Saturday, November 23, 2019 from 10 am – 3 pm. A beautiful venue; this market attracts a unique variety of artists and handcrafters bringing them together under one roof. Join others in the community and find the perfect gift for someone on your Christmas list or, something for yourself. With dozens of local artisans and vendors featuring holiday crafts and gifts including copper and silver wired trees, baked goods, preserves, knitted & crocheted items, jewelry, printed materials, Honeybee Centre goods, cosmetics, soaps, and more, there is truly something for everyone! Complimentary hot beverage along with Bistro lunch selections and live music adds a special flavour to this much-anticipated event. Charities benefiting from proceeds earned include ‘Doctors Without Borders’, ‘Bethesda’, ‘Word & Deed’ and ‘Children of Hope’. For more information, visit surrey or call 604-583-3546.

at the Doerksen house all year long. Brian plays “Magical Lights” - just the vocal and guitar - and I immediately know this album is going to be life-changing and inspiring to so many. I had no words as I was impacted by the beauty of the lyrics, the Christmas melodies woven throughout, and the inkling that this was the beginning of a special album that was going to be a staple in my record collection for years to come. Fast forward to October/November/December, and the album is pressed and ready to go online, on CD and also on vinyl. Brian says, “What is the heart of Christmas? These songs are my reply. It’s not complete nor conclusive, but for now, I’m content with my response. In the mess and magic of our ordinary lives, God is with all of us. I grew up in a house of faith hearing the story every year, the same physical home where Joyce and I still live, the home where members of our family have celebrated Christmas for 50 years. Here we raised our six children and retold the Christmas story every year, the story that is all at once impractical, implausible, even impossible yet incredibly and astonishingly true. This story, and the love it reveals, keeps moving hearts and changing lives. God has come. Light shines in the darkness. Love is real.” Among the celebratory songs of the season, Brian has

included “Saddest Season”, written and purposefully included for all those that have experienced loss and are dealing with grief and sadness at a time where often the overall expectation of the season is to be joyful. Brian says, “The yearly traditions that help us ‘remember the Christ’ and make Christmas meaningful, at the The inspiration of this special event comes from two same time can make the season difficult for all of us who main sources - the heritage of wonderful advent hymns have lost parents, partners and loved ones who helped and songs that shaped the church and its believers for many years, and the need to reach out to missions, esContinued on page 26 pecially in the Christmas season. The concert will feature some very gifted talents, including vocal solos and duets, a piano trio (yes, six hands on one piano - playing some familiar pieces from the Messiah and more), a solo on a mouth organ, indeed wonderful to hear, and Christmas songs sung by the audience. The evening will also have a reception as well as a fund-raising auction. All proceeds go to the missions of Immanuel Experience a Contemplative Christmas where you Baptist Church, to help those in need and those serving will be warmly welcomed into a historic mansion filled them. Immanuel warmly invites everyone who wants with the sounds of traditional Christmas carols – in an to enjoy a special musical Christmas treat, and at the unhurried atmosphere. same time, support missions, to come out and be part Browse through a forest of Pine Trees, with each tree of our evening. Immanuel has hosted a number of satastefully adorned with contemplations symbolic to evcred concerts and celebrations of Hymns in the past, all ery tree’s theme, telling the story of God and us’, from to the spiritual and musical delight of he audience. This Genesis to Revelation. is another in that series. May God bless as we celebrate At the end of the tour you are invited to come around His coming, both the first time and the next. tables and page through the symbols of celebrations of our traditional Christmas, and enjoy seasonal cookies You are invited and hot chocolate. to our musical salute to the Christmas Season. There is no charge for the event. ‘all gifting will benefit a child’s hope ( in Saturday, Dec 7, 2019 at 7 pm. Spokane Washington’

Advent Vespers - a musical salute to the Christmas Season

A Contemplative Christmas through trees

Advent Vespers

A program of music and song to welcome the joyful Christmas month.

Join us for a cup of hot apple cider and live piano music! The Palms Bistro will be open for lunch. Questions? Contact 604.583.3546 or

Admission by donation, silent auction, all proceeds go to those in need.

Immanuel Church 109 East 40th Avenue, Vancouver


A Contemplative Christmas through Trees Dec 11 to Dec 15: 4:30 to 8:30 pm Corbin Mansion Event Centre 815 West 7th Avenue, Spokane, WA November 2019


Arts: Music Continued from page 25

a Christmas album by Brian Doerksen bring the holidays to life in our lives. How do we carry on the celebrations in their absence? We do carry on, but with every step, we are aware that grief is the price we pay for love. This is part of Christmas too. That’s why I included ‘Saddest Season’ in this album. Even though laments are not popular, as human beings we need to be emotionally honest. At the same time, and in time, we also need hope and a return of joy. But we know that joy, real joy comes not from a present wrapped in shiny paper, but from a person. Thank goodness Jesus came. Thank goodness He accepts us all, even if all we can offer him right now is our tears. “I want to dedicate this album to all who love Christmas and Christmas music but, most of all, I made this album for all who struggle with Christmas. May this album be like a softly burning candle. May it be an hour’s respite from the relentless rush of the season. May it be

the gentle presence of Jesus, a whisper of grace on your longest night.” This album is truly a piece of great art in itself, and all throughout has moments and melodies that will move our hearts. It is a great album to have, and an even greater album to share with someone you love. The Heart of Christmas album releases November 15. Check out for Christmas tour dates. For years, Brian has travelled the world leading worship in churches, teaching songwriters and singers, and he continues to impact people through his music and speaking events. He is well known globally for songs like “Come, Now is the time to worship”, “Faithful One”, “I Lift My Eyes Up” and he continues to both create and teach the next generation of songwriters and singers. He is the best chai tea maker in the land, and his heart for empowering young

artists, giving female artists a voice, and understanding the importance of diversity, faith, grief and hope, make way for him to be one of the wisest and truest songwriters and artists in Christian music today – and beyond.

Brian Doerksen and Marika Siewart

A change of name for Missions Fest This past September, members of the Missions Festival (Missions Fest) Society - commonly called Missions Fest Vancouver - met together to vote to change the name to Mission Central Christian Society. The special resolution was passed. There will be a period of transition in communications and banking. Cheques can be made out to Missions Fest or Mission Central. Missions Fest Vancouver started as a conference with an emphasis on global mission. Over its 36-year history, it has grown to be one of the largest annual mission conferences in North America. However, as the Canadian social fabric has changed, the conference has changed, with seminars, speakers and exhibitors oriented to help all Christians take their place in Christ’s mission, globally and locally. Historically, Missions Fest has offered year-round activities as well, so that isn’t new. However, Mission Central goes further by deepening the work started at Missions Fest by bringing in more voices to speak to the theology, culture and community of mission as it relates to all believers. It is also broadening; particularly as there is a need for a permanent hub, a focal point, that reflects the cultural shift to on-demand information and connection. Mission Central has three main elements: resources, events, and networks; with the goal of helping us all grow as missional disciples. Wherever possible Mission Central models unity and collaboration. This has led to great events like the “Understanding Mental Health and Trauma” course co-presented with Outreach Canada, “Minding the Gaps” with More Network, and most recently, the “Jesus at Work” potluck with SIM. Executive Director, John Hall says, “While Missions Fest has changed and continues to be a dynamic event, it was felt that a ministry with the emphasis of mission all the time, anywhere, is better represented under the banner, Mission Central.” In 2020 ,the annual discipleship and mission conference will still be called Missions Fest Vancouver. However, there will be a new conference name for 2021. In the future, the conference and other events will be prefaced by “Mission Central presents”. -


November 2019 for more events.

Christmas Events

Dec 17, 18, Bethlehem Walk – Live presentation of the Nov 22 - 23, 604 Conference 2019: Into the Awakening – Nov 9, Remembrance Day Concert – 7:30 pm at Kerrisdale Christmas story with live animals and musical performances. First Baptist Church, Vancouver. Hosted by the 604 Network. Presbyterian Church, Vancouver. The St. John’s Vancouver Hope Lutheran Church and Christian School, Port Coquitlam. Choir with David Poon on the organ and conducted by Terence Special Events Fullerton. A freewill offering will be taken. Nov 2, White Rock Community Church 75th Anniversary – Nov 16, Christmas With You – with award-winning duo, The Music 5:30 pm, Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club, 1284 184 St., Surrey. Wiebes. 7 pm at Sardis Community Church, Chilliwack. Info: Nov/Dec at Bez Arts Hub – Nov 8, Christina Martin, 8 pm; RSVP: 604-531-2131,, Nov 9, Danny Michel, 8 pm. Nov 16, SongStage, Dec 17-19, Nov 9, Eternity Club Ministries 40th Anniversary Music FesNov 20 & 21, Songs Strings & Steps: All is Well - Christmas Christmas Tales at Bez Arts Hub, 102 20230 64 Ave., Langley. tival – 1 pm, Firefighters Hall, 6515 Bonsor Ave., Burnaby. 2019 – Nov 20, 7 pm; Nov 21, 2 & 7 pm. Central Heights TX: Buffet banquet, performances by Royal Heirs, Denis Mayer Jr. Church, 1661 McCallum Rd., Abbotsford. Info: Oct 27, Northwood Jazz Vespers – 4-5 pm, Northwood Unit- and more. Info:, 604-437-5500. Nov 23, Annual Elim Village Christmas Craft Fair – 10 am at ed Church, 8855 156 St., Surrey. Performing: Nick Apivor & Nov 14, Banquet featuring Abby Johnson (inspiration beThe Oasis Auditorium. Enter at 90 Ave. and 160 St., Surrey. Artie Devlin Quintet. Donation. Info: 604-599-5990, north- hind Unplanned movie) – 7 pm, Mirage Banquet Hall, 17767 Info: 604-583-3546 or 64 Ave., Surrey. Info: Nov 23, Sounds of Christmas – Featuring Rosemary Siemens Nov 3, An extraordinary evening of praise and worship – at Nov 22, Community Event to Kick off Red Kettle Campaign and Father’s Daughter. 6 pm, Cloverdale Baptist Church, Sur- Chandos Pattison Auditorium, 10238 168 St., Surrey, at 6 pm. – 7 pm at MSA Arena, Abbotsford., rey. Info: 604-574-8799. 604-852-9305, Nov 23, Gloria Dei Chorale Handel’s Messiah – 7:30 pm at Nov 7, Michael W Smith: 35 Years of Friends Tour – 7 - 9 pm, Nov 23, Youth Unlimited Presents Westcoast Formal – 7 pm St. Joseph’s Parish, Langley. 604-588-6377 or 604-582-9249. Mount Baker Theatre, 4408 104 N. Commercial St., Belling- at The Pipe Shop, North Vancouver. Dance, eat, socialize, and ham, WA. Tx: be inspired, all while helping transform the lives of youth! Nov 24, Oasis Carol Night – 6:30 pm. Led by Songs of Praise Nov 8, Classical Concert – Montreal Symphony Orchestra Or- Orchestra. Chilliwack Alliance Church. ganist in Residence Jean-Willy Kunz in Concert at Holy Rosary Nov 29, Handel’s Messiah: Pacific Baroque Orchestra – 7:30 Cathedral, Vancouver. Info: Nov 28 - 30, Everyone is Worth Saving – Adult & Teen Challenge presents the Annual Charity Tour. Various locations. Tx pm at Kay Meek Theatre, West Vancouver. Nov 15, Elim Village Community Hymn Sing-along – 7 pm, & Info: Nov 30, Gloria Dei Chorale Handel’s Messiah – 7:30 pm at The Oasis Auditorium, Elim Village, 9025 160 St., Surrey. Dec 3, Mission Possible Gala – 6 pm at the Fairmont WaNew Westminster Christian Reformed Church, 8255 – 13th Nov 24, Interdenominational Hymn Sing – 6 pm at Legacy terfront Hotel, Vancouver. Ave, Burnaby. 604-588-6377 or 604-582-9249. Nazarene Church, 90th and 160th St., Surrey. For informa- events/11th-annual-mission-possible-gala. Nov 30, Christmas Fair – 11 am at St. Phillips Anglican Church, tion call 604-594-0209. Organ and Piano featured, plus some Vancouver. A Dunbar community event for all ages. amazing trumpeters!!! Women Nov 30, The Heart of Christmas with Brian Doerksen – 7 pm, Nov 30, Elim Village Concert: Salvation Army Band – 7 pm Nov 14 , South Surrey Christian Women’s Connection – 9:30 Central Heights Church, 1661 McCallum Rd., Abbotsford. TX: at The Oasis Auditorium. Enter at 90 Ave. and 160 St., Surrey. am, Hazelmere Golf and Tennis Club, 18150 8 Ave., Surrey. Info: call 236-330-6961. Free Will Offering Taken. Full breakfast buffet. RSVP before Nov 11 to Glenora, or 778-245-4445. Dec 6 - 9, Five Corners Christmas: White Out – Chilliwack Alliance Church. Tx: free at the church office or 604-792-0051. Theatre

Men Dec 6 - 15, The 52nd annual Vancouver Singing Christmas Nov 29 - Dec 21, A Christmas Carol – Adapted by Ron Reed. Tree – at Broadway Church, Vancouver. www.singingchrist- Pacific Theatre, 1440 West 12th Ave., Van. Info: pacificthe- Nov 22 - 24, Qwanoes Men’s Retreat – Camp Qwanoes, 1148 Smith Rd., Crofton. With Mark Buchanan. Info/Register: or 1-888-997-9266. Dec 7, Christmas with the Pilkey Sisters – A Souther Gos- Nov 8 - 16, Madeleine L’Engle’s: A Wrinkle in Time – Gallery pel Conert & Sing Along, 6:30 pm at Rose of Sharon Baptist 7 Theatre, Abbotsford Arts Centre, 2329 Crescent Way, Ab- Nov 23, Impact: National Men’s Conference, Promise KeepChurch, Aldergrove. Tx at House of James and botsford. Info: ers Canada – 8:45 am - 5 pm, Cedar Grove Baptist, 10330 144 St., Surrey. Info/register: Dec 7, Lighthouse Advent Breakfast – 8:30 am, Bethany BapConferences & Workshops tist Church, Richmond. 604-593-7129 or to book your place. Nov 2, Writers Conference: Bringing the Past to Life – 8:30 Singles am - 3:30 pm at South Delta Baptist Church, Delta. Info: jim- Nov 16, Singles at the Grove (40+) – 5:45 pm, Cedar Grove Dec 7, Handel’s Messiah – 2 pm, Gateway Christian Reformed Featuring Allen Desnoyers, David Church, 10330 144 St., Surrey. Singing and a great DVD mesChurch, 2884 Gladys Ave., Abbotsford. Presented by Songs Kitz, Jim Martens, Ron Reed, and Rose Seiler Scott. sage about healthy relationships, Safe People. Potluck. Bring Strings & Steps, with Calvin Dyck. Info: Nov 9, Sent Conference – What is the Biblical framework for a friend. Info: Elaine 604-951-3850. Dec 7, Advent Vespers – 7 pm at Immanuel Church, Vanbeing missional? Hope Community Church, Surrey. Eventcouver. A program of music and song to welcome Christmas. Prayer Info: Nov 10, International Christian Response: Russ Stendal, Pray Ridge Meadows – every Tuesday 3 pm, Maple Towers, Dec 8, Vancouver Oratorio Society Christmas Concert 2019: author of The 7th Trumpet – 6:30 pm, Surrey Pentecostal 11841 222 St., Maple Ridge; every Wednesday 7 pm, Maple “My Soul Magnifies the Lord” – 7:30 pm at Fraserview MB Assembly, 16870 80 Ave., Surrey. Info: or 604- Ridge Baptist Church, Lougheed & 222 St. Info: prayridgeChurch, Richmond. 604-200-0867 or or 836-4549. Nov 11, Dr. Gary Chapman: Fun & Faith – Calvary Worship Mission City Prayer Society – 7 pm, every Tuesday in Van City Dec 11 - 15, Experience A Contemplative Christmas – 4:30 Credit Union Community Room, The Junction Mall, 32555 Centre, 11125 124 St., Surrey. Info/TX: - 8:30 pm at Corbin Mansion Event Center, Spokane, WA. London Avenue, #150, Mission. Jack, 604-751-2041., Nov 16, Ending Poverty Together Bootcamp – at South AbtiveChristmas. botsford Church, Facilitator: Shelaine Strom, Manager of Etc. Education for Food for the Hungry Canada. www.fhcanada. Dec 12 - 15, Messiah in the Valley – Chilliwack Symphony org/Education. Nov 30, Immanuel, God With Us – an Advent Day Retreat at Orchestra and Chorus. Various locations. Info: chilliwacksymMarineview Chapel, Vancouver. Day retreat offering gathered Nov 16, Safe Spaces – Creating a safe space for your children times of simple worship and guided reflection. away from pornography. 8:30 am at New Life CRC, AbbotsDec 13, 14, Good Tidings! A Good Noise Gospel Christmas ford. BC Christian Business Meetup – 7 am, various locations. Info: – Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver. Tx & Info: /Burnaby-Christian-Business-Meetup. Post your event free of charge on our website and in The Light Magazine! Email us at Include the following information: Event name and type (concert, special event, conference) • Date(s) • Time(s) • Location • Contact info (phone, website, email) • Info/Speakers/Performers

November 2019


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Then Rachel and Leah replied, “Do we still have any good idea to put the house in joint name with her oldest share in the inheritance of our father’s estate?” Genesis son (Keith) just so that they can avoid probate. She tells 31:14 (NIV) Keith that it’s for convenience only and that the proceeds of the house are to be distributed equally among all five Avoiding probate is a topic that regularly comes up children. The rest of Shirley’s assets (RRSPs, TFSAs) and in conversations here in my office. Unfortunately, all some life insurance all list Reuben as the beneficiary in too often the tail (probate fees) is wagging the dog (es- trust for each of the five children equally. tate planning). Proper estate planning takes the cost of It’s important to understand that assets in joint probate into consideration and, where it makes sense, name… proper estate planning will take steps to avoid those Are considered 100 percent owned by each holder, so costs, but cost savings shouldn’t be the main consider- Keith could sell the house or arrange a mortgage without ation. The most important thing is how you want your Shirley’s consent or knowledge even before her death. estate distributed. Are deemed “family property”, so if Keith got married Probate is the act of establishing the validity of a will. and then divorced, half the house could go to Keith’s exThis is done by the courts and it comes at a cost. Pro- spouse. bate fees on estates greater than $50,000 in BC are $350 Are subject to each owner’s creditors and so could be plus 1.4 percent of the amount of the estate over $50,000. seized by a creditor of Keith’s, and may trigger tax conThat can add up, so it’s understandable that we might sequences. want to take steps to avoid them. Risk implications aside, Keith (not Reuben) will have Probate only applies to the estate. One can avoid the control over what happens to the house. Even if he some or all of the probate costs by naming beneficia- does what he believes to be “the right thing”, if any of ries or holding assets in joint name accounts, so that at the other kids don’t agree, it could easily lead to major death those assets go directly to the beneficiary and/or contention even to the point of law suits. In a case such joint account holder and therefore bypass the estate and as this one where the decedent’s wishes are not 100 perassociated probate fees. cent clear and in writing, court cases can be exceedingly Periodically, I get asked by a senior (or sometimes expensive and, more importantly, divisive to the point of their child) if someone should put all of their assets into no recovery, in terms of familial relationships. a joint account with their child in order to simplify an I’m all for keeping estate costs to a minimum, but estate and to avoid probate; to do so out of convenience. before going down the route of joint ownership (other And while every situation is unique and needs to be re- than with a true joint owner such as a spouse), carefully viewed on its own merits, my advice is usually the same: consider all of the implications and risks. As mentioned while there can be some value in having accounts in earlier… joint name with an heir out of convenience, in most casIf you only have one heir, and, if you trust them es the risks are too great, and it should be avoided. This 1,000%, and if that heir fully understands the responsiis especially true if there is more than one heir. bilities and the potential effects of their own actions on A quick side-note regarding joint ownership. In this your estate, and if after careful consideration and disarticle, I am mainly dealing with situations where the cussion with several advisers playing devil’s advocate, joint owner is only one of convenience. Of course, in and if after all of that you still think you want to go down situations where ownership is truly joint, such as an ac- the route of joint ownership, then maybe it makes sense count held with one’s spouse, joint ownership is usually for you. the way to go. Probate fees can add up, but so can legal fees in the Where there is only one heir and there is a great deal event that things don’t go as smoothly as you hoped. Be of trust (such as a parent with only one adult child), very wary of putting your assets in joint name just for maybe it might make sense. Even then though, the par- the sake of saving a bit on probate fees. ent is putting themselves at greater risk and so needs to give it a great deal of thought before taking that step. In Arnold Machel, CFP® lives, works and worships in the fact, I’d suggest talking to at least a few advisers such as White Rock/South Surrey area where he attends Graa financial adviser, a lawyer and an accountant to see it cepoint Community Church. He is a Certified Financial from a number of vantages. Planner with IPC Investment Corporation and VisionLet’s just take a look at the Partridge family. After vest Financial Planning & Services. Questions and comtalking to their manager (Reuben), Shirley decides it’s a ments can be directed to him at or through his website at Please note that all comments are of a general nature and should not be relied upon as individual advice. The views and opinions Expect More with a expressed in this commentary are those of Arnold Machel Personalized Wealth Management Solution and may not necessarily reflect those of IPC Investment Corporation. While every attempt is made to ensure acFor more information, contact: curacy, facts and figures are not guaranteed. Arnold Machel, CFP®

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Music Notes

by Kevin Pollard

50th Dove Awards

The milestone anniversary of the Gospel Music Association’s Dove Awards showcased the diverse genres within current Christian music, while giving props to the veterans who paved the way for these newcomers. The awards were televised on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) on October 20. Highlights from the performances included Southern Gospel’s iconic Bill Gaither Vocal Band bringing back Russ Taff, Michael English, David Phelps and Mark Lowry to join the current line up to sing “Because He Lives” and CCM icons Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, Amy Grant and CeCe Winans joined together on stage for the first time to sing some of their beloved songs. The big winners of the night were songwriter Jason Ingram with four Dove Awards and the belle of the ball, Lauren Daigle, who took home three awards. Daigle won awards for Song of the Year – “You Say”, Artist of the Year and Pop/ Contemporary Album of the Year.

First-time winners of the night included Aaron Cole, New Artist of the Year, and Phil Wickham, Worship Recorded Song of the Year, for “Living Hope”. Other awards presented included: Newsboys: United, Fair Trade, 2019 Worship Song of the Year: “Who You Say I Am” (writers) Ben Fielding, Reuben Morgan, (publisher) Hillsong When the United Music Publishing. tour from the Newsboys was announced nearly two years ago that would see longtime veterans Peter Furler and Phil Joel return to the group, this fan was excited to hear the results. This pairing of dueling lead singers with Jason Ingram Michael Tait and Peter Furler was an instant hit and the band has toured with this line up ever since. Contemporary Christian Artist of the Year: TobyMac Now the band releases their first album, United as this Gospel Artist of the Year: Kirk Franklin reimagined sextet. The result is a nostalgic pairing of Pop / Contemporary Recorded Song of voices and sound that will interest fans of both the clasthe Year: “God Only Knows” – for KING & sic Newsboys and reimagined band on this album. COUNTRY. Highlights here include the first single, “Greatness Of Gospel Worship Recorded Song of the Our God” and “Symphony” where both Michael and PeYear: “This Is A Move (Live)” – Tasha Cobbs ter sing “so let my life be/let my life be a symphony/a Leonard. symphony/every breath that I breathe/Lord I want to Rock / Contemporary Album of the Year: bring you glory/all for your name/all for your grace/all Native Tongue – Switchfoot. that I am ringing out like a melody.” Worship Album of the Year: PEOPLE – If you were hoping for the return of their 90’s quirky Hillsong UNITED. pop sound and witty lyrics, you will be disappointed but Rap / Hip Hop Album of the Year: Let the this album does a great job of bringing together these Lauren Daigle Trap Say Amen – Lecrae & Zaytoven. two iconic singers to offer a collection of energetic songs Gospels singer Kirk Franklin, Tasha Cobbs Leonard Pop / Contemporary Album of the Year: Look Up of worship, many of which will enjoy significant radio and Hip Hop Artist Lecrae took two. Child -- Lauren Daigle. success.

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Senior Life

Building your support team for aging (for age 55 and older) Part 2 by Sharon Simpson In Part 1 of this series, we talked about the importance of The equipment you need building a support team around you for your physical health. to grow old – Yes, the equipment of aging is part of Staying in your home your support team. Fitted A popular phrase today for seniors is ‘aging in place’. equipment can make all This phrase is identifying the ideal way that seniors want the difference to you as you to manage their home environment as they age. It identi- age. You’ll need a good pofies the priority that most seniors have to live in their own diatrist, optometrist, denhome without multiple transitions. Planning ahead to stay tist, denturist, sleep expert, in your own home is difficult because you may not know hearing specialist, medical what you need or when you need it. equipment specialist and In terms of your physical home, there are some consider- more. Orthotics, dentures, ations for you as you build a support team around you. Do eyeglasses, hearing aids, a you need a handyman to do repairs? Will you hire a house walker, grab bars, a CPAP cleaner to ensure that your home is clean? Do you need a machine, pacemaker, new knee, fitted wheelchair, inconticontractor to do some senior-friendly renovations? What nence products and other equipment will keep you going, equipment do you need in your home to enable you to age keep you engaged in social activities and will keep your life in place? For those who are planning to stay in their own full of opportunities. home, explore the HAFI grant. This grant provides finanWhere do you start? The starting point is where others cial assistance to eligible low-income households to com- are noticing a need. Are those closest to you getting anplete home adaptations for independent living. noyed that you can’t hear them? Is your TV unbearably The support team that helps you stay in your home may loud? Does your spouse complain about you snoring? Are surprise you. It might be your grandchild that sets up the you struggling to walk as far as you’d like to walk? Are you technology that allows you, and others, to feel safe. saying no to opportunities because you don’t have conThis can include web-based hardware such as small fidence you can be that far from a bathroom? Be honest video cameras that are not only motion-activated and about your life and decide that you will do whatever you voice-activated, but are high resolution in the dark. It may need to do (no matter how humbling) in order to be a full also include web-based pill dispensers or web-based fall- participant in your own life. response software. Smart-homes can be configured to turn lights off and on, to ensure that appliances are not left on Transportation and to turn off taps or sense flooding. A lifeline is no lonAs you build your support team for aging, consider how ger a button you press when you need help. Instead, it’s a you will get from place to place. For many seniors, there is fall-detector, a GPS locator and an automatic emergency no pre-considered plan for transportation when they no response, if you are unconscious. longer have a vehicle of their own. Many communities offer Who will you need on your home renovation support a program like HandyDART that enables a senior to phone team? A traditional carpenter and an IT genius (likely a city-operated company to come directly to their home someone under 30 who finds it all very easy to set up and to pick them up and drop them off. For some, a child or maintain). more than one child or grandchild may be available to do the driving for errands and medical appointments. Friends Is your property too much to from church may often be willing to pick up a senior and look after? Feeling forced drive them to and from church events. to sell and move because For those who are living with multiple treatments as a you cannot keep up result of a diagnosis or chronic medical condition, there with everything? Do are often volunteers who will drive you to and from apyou need help with pointments. Check out your local community services to the cooking, laundry, see if this program exists near you. There is also the taxi. BC housework, cutting grass, Transit has a 50 percent subsidy program for permanently caring for plants registered HandyDART users to use the taxi in their comand yard? munity. The program is called the Taxi Saver program and Call Len or Margaret Ph: 778-554-8072 provides these users with vouchers.

Family Building your support team for aging will necessarily involve those who are closest to you – either in family relationships or your closest friends. Who is that person you can call at 3 am to come and help you? Who can you call who will be able to drop what they are doing and get you if you need them? Who will manage your finances, if you are no longer able? According to Statistics Canada, there is a 66 percent chance that the family member who helps you when you need it will be a woman. She will give you up to 20 hours per week of help with a median number of caregiving hours between 3-4 hours/week. She is between the ages of 55-64 and is likely still in the workforce. So – who is she? Is she your daughter, your daughterin-law, your spouse, your grand-daughter? When you think about it statistically, you may be able to figure it out. When you do figure it out, ask yourself how you can build that relationship in such a way that there is a shared trust between you when need her assistance. The day-to-day support that a senior requires is minimized when they live in a community specifically designed to support the needs of the elderly. A seniors’ Independent Living community will provide key services which then reduces the need for support from the family. For example, meals are provided so grocery shopping isn’t necessary. Exercise classes are provided so transportation to the recreation center isn’t required. Chapel may be provided, so driving to and from church is not as needed. Housekeeping and laundry may be provided which decreases the work. With Home Health support or in Assisted Living, medications are managed and administered as well. The decision to move to an Independent or Assisted Living community is, by definition, a decision to add their staff to your support team for aging well. DATE ARTIST please check carefully Sharon Simpson is the Director, 08/25andEA JOB # Communications 1312FCN302558 and mark any changes! Stakeholder Engagement at Menno Place.


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