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LIGHTHOUSE SUPPORTS EXCEPTIONAL TALENT DEVELOPMENT While there is much to thank Arts Council England for in continuing to recognise Lighthouse as a National Portfolio Organisation and granting £342,000 for each of the next five years, in no way should we think all our money worries are over. That award represents barely 11 per cent of our overall income and although we are thankful for it and for the NPO recognition the fundraising must continue as we continue to demonstrate our value and benefit to the communities we serve in Poole and further afield. We will continue to negotiate with Arts Council England and other major funders including our friends at Poole Borough Council as we seek to fulfil our role in offering the community new opportunities to see and hear different voices, issues and views. Some of this work is already underway and is being seen by more and more people. Since 2015 the partnership with Black Theatre Live has been extremely successful in bringing new work from BME artists to Poole and has found a strong audience. Our aspiration is to cultivate and develop similarly strong partnerships by offering companies the kind of facilities and support they cannot find elsewhere in the region. Last year 22 per cent of our artistic programme was work made or curated by Lighthouse. By initiating and creating new work, we can support the development of new talent, ensure diversity within casting, target audience demographic and can directly influence content. Lighthouse is the largest arts centre of its kind outside of London and, by definition, quite unlike any other venue in the region. But although it is a nationally important venue that provides a unique cultural centre for a wide range of art forms of varying scales.

Elspeth McBain, Chief Executive, Lighthouse


‘Lighthouse is first and foremost a dynamic, world -class cultural facility for the community of Poole’

A LEADER IN ITS FIELD Securing its status as a National Portfolio Organisation at least until 2022 means Lighthouse will continue to deliver artistic excellence, cultural exchange, risk taking and experimentation. “And for that we are truly thankful,” says Chief Executive Elspeth McBain. “This funding will enable Lighthouse to bring the national and international artists and projects to the region that we believe are an essential part of developing a strong cultural offer and creative profile for Poole and Dorset.” It will also allow Lighthouse to carry on supporting the development of the artists it champions, nurtures and helps, to ultimately ensure Dorset audiences see their work, Elspeth adds. The award of £342,000 a year for 2018 to 2022 represents 10.8 per cent of the arts centre’s overall income and confirms Lighthouse as one of 831 organisations that are considered leaders in their field and the standard bearers for arts in this country.

orchestras, school concerts, music and drama societies and dance schools,” explains Elspeth. “Funding ensures that the use of our stages is affordable – a provision that is a vital asset to the development of cultural value within the town and region. “Our mission for artistic excellence and a diverse programme relies on our ability to present high quality received work including opera, contemporary dance, mid- and small-scale drama, classical music, contemporary circus and jazz, world and experimental music. The support from Arts Council England will ensure Lighthouse is able to continue to deliver this for the next four years.” Completed last year and supported by Arts Council England, Lighthouse has undergone an exciting transformation with a new studio theatre, main entrance, an updated foyer, the creation of a new education and rehearsal space, a new stage door entrance and Green Room, updated dressing rooms, new digital systems and equipment and improved security. The next major milestone in its history is the building’s 40th birthday in 2018.

As a result it will continue to play an important role in delivering arts and culture to the community of Poole, Dorset and the wider region by offering a broad programme aimed at a wide and diverse audience. Lighthouse presents some 330-350 live performances of between 170 and 190 live shows a year, as well as a year-round programme of film and visual art. It works with many local schools and supports local organisations to make and present great art. “As the only large-scale concert hall and mid-scale theatre in the region Lighthouse is of vital importance to local community performers and approximately 18 per cent of our annual programme showcases the work of local choirs, youth


TAKE YOUR SEATS, PLEASE… Preparations are already underway to celebrate 40 years of Lighthouse in 2018 and include a number of exciting ways audiences and supporters can get involved. Name A Seat is a simple but very personal way in which our audiences and supporters can help Lighthouse. Whether in an individual name, a family name, an organisation, school or workplace; or in memory of a loved one, Name A Seat enables those who love what we do to get closer to the action and make a contribution that goes straight to the heart of we do.

HOW IT WORKS We are delighted to offer you the opportunity to name a seat in one of our auditoria as follows: : A gift of £500 will secure a named seat in the Concert Hall. : A gift of £100 will secure a named seat in the Concert Hall Choir Stalls. : A gift of £200 will secure a named seat in the Theatre. : A gift of £100 will secure a named seat in the Cinema. In recognition of your support, you will receive:

For 40 years Lighthouse has been the home of great theatre and live performances in Poole and we’re determined it will be for the next 40 years… and beyond.

: A personalised plaque attached to the back of the seat bearing your chosen name and message of up to 40 characters for the next 10 years.

Not only is a personalised seat an obvious and generous sign of support, but it also celebrates the community we serve by helping us create new work and expand the opportunities afforded to young people through our education programme.

: Acknowledgement of your support on our website.

All of our seats are available for personalization on a firstcome-first-served basis. You can order adjacent seats in rows or blocks, or specify individual seats if you prefer. With permission all of our seat sponsors will be included on a roll of honour on our website and be credited in the programme for any Lighthouse in-house production for the duration of the sponsorship.

: Your name (or other credit) included in our Seat Sponsors’ list in the programme for any Lighthouse in-house productions for the duration of your seat sponsorship. : A photo opportunity in your seat at a quiet time. To find out more email or write to Fundraising, Lighthouse, Poole’s Centre for the Arts, 21 Kingland Road, Poole, BH15 1UG. If you have a specific seat in mind, please contact the Fundraising team on 01202 280000. *Naming a seat does not entitle the sponsor to sit in a specific seat or attend performances free of charge. Nor does it qualify the sponsor for future discounts on tickets or events.




provides 300 affordable tickets to young people to experience live theatre.


will support a young person to undertake an accredited apprenticeship.


enables 20 young people to train as technicians and producers in our innovative Young Programmers project.


supports the creation of a new Lighthouse theatre production that will tour the country.


funds a new pre-loved piano for the Concert Hall.


helps deliver a major three-to five-year education programme working closely with schools to ensure that our children have access to live arts.


WHY I LOVE LIGHTHOUSE Esther McAuley Mac’s Arcadian

Great Odds is my first full scale production and the aim of this project is to engage audiences throughout the UK, especially children and families who may face barriers accessing the language used in mainstream theatre productions touring locally to them. The company Mac’s Arcadian is less than a year old. I’ve dived in head first and it has been an extraordinary and wonderful journey so far, but to have this scale of holistic support from a theatre with such awesome resources and staff has been invaluable. As well as a lot of practical support Lighthouse has been a great source of nurture and encouragement. Not once have I been made to feel unable to ask a question or that I should know something I don’t. We’ll have a week’s rehearsal at Lighthouse with the whole company before we open, as well as the technical and marketing support, it’s the kind of help I could never have dreamed of in our first production. It is an extraordinary hub for creativity, working on all scales with a huge range of artists and companies, so it’s incredibly exciting for me to be working in partnership with Lighthouse on Great Odds. Its programme and reputation attracts really diverse audiences local to Dorset and further beyond and its ethos and accessibility as a venue chimes perfectly with this project. I’m incredibly proud and lucky to begin our Great Odds touring journey there. Great Odds plays The Sherling Studio on Wednesday 18 October at 11am and 5pm


NUMBERS UP From the first cave paintings to the dizzying possibilities afforded by 360-degree filming, the creative arts have always been early adopters of technological advances. And so it is with today’s arts industries. Digital technology is inspiring and amplifying the arts as never before, helping audiences appreciate live, communal cultural experiences with an urgency that was unimaginable even five years ago. Lighthouse has actively embraced this and with 40 per cent of tickets now bought through its website the organisation is making far more effective use of digital technology, digital arts, new media and web-based communication and marketing tools to reach new users and participants. The website’s improved capability and a linked ticketing system have created a digital platform from which to present the programme and additional curated content from cast interviews and how-to guides, to trailers for shows and new learning opportunities. In future more content will be commissioned to build bespoke learning resources and cross-refer to existing resources. Recent research with Black Theatre Live demonstrated that word of mouth remains a significant communication tool with social media (principally Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) also making important digital contributions. Lighthouse is

continuing to develop engaging content on Facebook and Twitter and build its Instagram profile while also sharpening skills around boosting and advertising content on social media to reach more targeted audiences. Digital screens have replaced poster sites and their inventive use will further animate the building; while the programme of live screenings continues to grow as the success of Met Opera and NT Live develops audiences and work from the RSC and major exhibitions and events is also screened. More than 250,000 people come to Lighthouse every year as ticket-holders, performers, participants, delegates or attendees across a range of arts and other events. The aim is to provide a positive experience of all aspects of attending Lighthouse through regular communications, high quality marketing and information, easy and clear ticket purchasing, the physical experience of the venue and event and artist, exemplary friendly customer service and valuing feedback. The latest audience data and development tools help the organisation understand its audiences better than ever. It reveals a broad range of people who attend Lighthouse for culture, entertainment, supporting performers, socialising, companionship and self-development. Audiences can be mapped against the programme and analysis also identifies groups that are not being reached as effectively as they might.


WE NEED YOUR HELP As a charity Lighthouse invests all surplus income back into the organisation. Although it gratefully receives public funding as an Arts Council supported National Portfolio Organisation and from the Borough of Poole, this funding has reduced substantially. We need to raise an additional £200,000 every year through direct fundraising to support our work and continue to present a diverse and broad range of arts and entertainments, an exciting education programme and opportunities for participation. Our mission at Lighthouse is to entertain, stimulate and inspire the people in our community, but we can’t do it without you. As a registered charity, we depend heavily upon your support and your generosity enables us to provide lifeenhancing opportunities for people to enjoy and participate in the arts. Your support is more vital now than ever and your contribution- large or small- is vital to our work. Thank you for playing your part.

01202 280000

HOW CAN I HELP? Your donation – large or small – can be earmarked for a particular area of work (for instance, it can help us create opportunities for local children to learn, rehearse and perform in a state-of-the-art professional venue), or it can be made available to use where the need is greatest. However you choose to do it, by making a donation you can play an important part in ensuring that Lighthouse remains a worldclass arts venue right here in Poole. To find out more please email or pop into the Ticket Office.

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Lighthouse Newsletter: Edition 17  

All the latest news from the UK's largest regional arts centre - Lighthouse, Poole's Centre for the Arts

Lighthouse Newsletter: Edition 17  

All the latest news from the UK's largest regional arts centre - Lighthouse, Poole's Centre for the Arts