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Tyler’s Wind Chimes “If

you look deep enough you will see music; the heart of nature being everywhere music. ~ Thomas Carlyle

Lighthouse Landing was given a wind chime from a precious little boy Tyler and his remarkable family. We were later to discover Tyler’s delight in wind chimes and where this love took him. How can simple words describe the beauty of this delicately fashioned art? It is a soothing “sound” design but needs even the gentlest breeze to awaken. I was pondering the relation of the wind chime to our relationship with children. Children are a beautiful creation yet need our loving hand, our care and our words of encouragement to awaken to their uniqueness. We see this so much as we observe Dads and Moms, Grandparents, as well as Aunts and Uncles while at camp. The big smile when something new is tried, holding hands during a forest hike, joining the child in a swim to the raft, splashing on the floater mat, paddling together to the lighthouse, wiping off smeared marshmallow after a nightly camp-fire, or patting on sunscreen and fly protection. All these little acts build on one another to allow the child to dance, play, strive and thrive through all life’s winds.

The Kala Project Tyler will be part of a Kala Project. The Kala Project’s “strongest desire is to make videos that highlight the beauty and passion that’s so prevalent in our world. We hope that the videos we create will change the way you see the world and your place in it.” ~ Excerpt taken from Check out their website and see all the things they are honouring. The following is from their interview with Tyler and his family (taken from the writers of “Kala Project”): “Tyler is a joyful and gifted 8-year-old boy. At the age of 3, Tyler was diagnosed with high functioning Autism. His condition has made some aspects of his life more difficult than most kids his age, but it has also led him to develop into a very passionate young boy. One of his greatest passions came out of a love for hearing soothing sounds produced by wind chimes. More specifically, he has grown to love the sounds made by Woodstock Chimes. Among other talents, Tyler has the incredible gift of being able to identify different wind chimes simply by hearing their unique tones. Tyler has inspired the employees at Woodstock Chimes to create a new “Autism Chime.” 100% of the proceeds from this new chime will go directly to benefit Autism research and awareness. This video will be used to increase awareness and support for individuals with Autism! It was such a pleasure getting to know Tyler and his parents and we could not have felt more welcomed by the staff at Woodstock Chimes! We are looking forward to publishing Tyler’s story in January!”

February 2014

Little Light


A Father Chimes In Tyler’s Dad, Sean, shares his story; “Children on the Autism Spectrum tend to have an intense interest in things which are not considered to be of typical interest to other children their age. Tyler is a prime example of this. His interests have ranged from hot-air balloons to piñatas to bird feeders. One day he went for a drive with his grandparents looking for bird feeders. He came back home in love with wind chimes. This was over five years ago and Tyler still loves wind chimes. In addition to having a collection of close to 100 chimes, Tyler spends lots of time on the internet reading and learning about different kinds of wind chimes, so much so, that he developed the uncanny ability to quickly identify the name of a wind chime made by his favourite wind chime company, Woodstock Chimes, just by briefly hearing it. We told the people at Woodstock Chimes about Tyler and they were immediately impressed. When we took Tyler down to Woodstock Chimes' semi-annual warehouse sale they welcomed us with open arms, took us on a tour of their facility, and gave Tyler a HUGE chime which he had always wanted. Woodstock Chimes also asked for our involvement in the marketing of their newest chime, "Woodstock Chimes for Autism". Inspired by Tyler, this special chime was developed so that the proceeds from its sales will go towards autism research

and treatment. Our family spent several days last December filming a special short feature with Woodstock Chimes and "Kala Project" to tell our son's special story to market this special chime. We are extremely honoured that such an internationally renowned company like Woodstock Chimes would develop a chime inspired by our Tyler, and have him as a focal point of the marketing of the chime. To us, he's just our special little boy, our eldest son, and big brother to Zachary and Nathan. But who knows the impact he will have on autism research and the future generations of people impacted by autism because of this chime. And we are also forever blessed with the new and hopefully lifelong friendships we made with the wonderful people at Woodstock Chimes and Kala Project.” We have tucked away Tyler’s wind chime for the winter. In 10 weeks it will be taken out, dusted off and again delight all the friends who visit Lighthouse Landing.

Share your favourite Lighthouse Landing memory on our facebook page and you will be entered to win a dozen of Fran’s famous homemade butter tarts. They will be waiting for you on your cabin table when you arrive!

Little Light Feb 2014  

Tyler's Wind Chimes - the Doi family share their experiences with the Kala Project and life at camp.

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