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Spiritual Health Yoga poses ~ Curtis N


Why 2014 could be a significant year in Catholic history Jackson V


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Christian practice ~ Brady M


Resiliency ~ Alex G


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A Dog’s best friend ~Mackenzie D


How to live to 100 ~ Madison O


Family Time ~ Alia R


Being in a Band ~ McGregor G


Disappearing Languages ~ Sofie ML


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Spiritual Health

Yoga Poses by Curtis N Yoga is a very soothing workout and it is a really good exercise to do after a strength or cardio work out to keep your body relaxed and to keep your muscles moving.

A tree pose is when you stand on one foot and put your other foot on the leg you’re balancing on and raise your arms above your head. Once you can do these beginner poses, you can go into some harder poses:

A few beginner poses to get started are:

The crow pose is when you bend down and you put your elbows in your arms. Then you lift up one foot, then the other foot. Then you will balance on your hands. Tip: look ahead to help your balance.

"Sit and Twist" pose. In this pose, you pull your knees up to your chest when you're sitting, then twist your back slowly to one side and then to the other side.

Another hard pose is "Inversion". It is when you lay on the back of your head and bend your feet over your head and touch your toes on the ground. When I did the sit and twist it loosened up my

muscles and it made me feel stress free. It is a very easy pose to start with. The tree pose helped stretch out my muscles and had a bit of pull through the side. The crow is a bit harder. I found the pose is easy if you look far ahead so place something that you could look at in front of you to help your balance.

Why 2014 could be a significant year in Catholic History by Jackson V Double Canonization. For the first time in history two popes will be canonized on the same day. This April 27th Blessed Pope John Paul II, and Blessed Pope John XIII will become saints. The College of Cardinals are split into two main groups; The progressives (the ones who would like to develop the church) and the conservatives (the ones who like the way it is). This double canonization will connect these two groups. Pope John XIII was loved by the progressives and Pope John Paul II was adored by the conservatives. Two of the most beloved popes in history becoming saints on the same day. Emergency Meeting. For the third time in Catholic history, the Pope has called for an emergency meeting. This October 5-19 bishops from all over the world will meet in the Vatican to discuss pastoral changes, and families and evangelism. Fr. Fedrico Lombardi said, "It is very important that an

extraordinary synod has been convoked on the theme of the pastoral care of the family." Connection with the people. Whether it be taking the first papal selfie with youth or continuing the Papal Twitter account (@Pontifex). The Pope has connected with people in a way that other Popes couldn't. People write letters to him and he calls them back or writes back to them. Followers of him just can't wait to see his next move. People are staying connected with him.

Changing the Faces. Italians have always ruled the College of Cardinals. In the last Conclave of the 115 cardinal electors 28 were from Italy. With the upcoming Consistory (new cardinals being named) only 3 out of the 19 new cardinals are Italian. (There was a Canadian in the consistory, Gerald LaCroix, Archbishop of Quebec). He is appointing cardinals from all over the globe, and changing the face of the college. Traveling the World. After already visiting Brazil in July, Pope Francis

has decided he will visit Israel this Spring; Pope Francis has said that he will visit Netherlands, Belgium, and Italy. There is also a possibility that he may visit Africa or Asia later this year. Pope Francis plans to meet with US President Barack Obama. He has a very busy travel schedule for 2014 and who knows what's in store for 2015. When asked "With the new Pope, what could we expect to see change?" Youth Minister at Mary Immaculate Mike McPherson said, "Pope Francis has already done a lot" and "we could see a change in approach as to how the teachings are being taught. Pope Francis is big on social justice, so expect a lot of that put into action. He serves everybody. A priest is the Servant of God, and he is being the Servant’s Servant of God. Expect change in the Catholic Hierarchy. An inverted Catholic Hierarchy, where the parishioners are at

the top. Less of a typical hierarchy." Thank you to Mike for taking the time to let me ask this question.

“Devine” Yoga By: Renee R Top 5 Reasons Why Yoga Is Good For You 1. Lowers Stress And Puts You In Good Mood- Some yoga poses are based on meditation skills which can relax the mind and calm you down. 2. Boosts Confidence- Yoga can relax your mind and eliminate stress. This can open your mind, let you think about yourself better and boost your confidence up. 3. Lowers Injury Risks- Yoga is much like stretching, if you do yoga before and after a workout it releases muscle tension which in result lowers your risk of injuries. 4. Weight Loss- A major part of gaining weight is stress and by doing yoga you can release your stress level and not gain weight from stress. 5. Improves Muscle Tone And Strength Many experiments have proven that the downwards dog, upwards dog, and the plank helps your upper body strength. These yoga poses focus on the core of your body. Standing poses work your lower back and upper leg muscles. The effect of any pose will strengthen and stretch areas of the body like lower and upper back, legs, core, arms, thighs, hamstrings, and many more. Yoga also helps you tone your body. But be sure you do each pose correctly.

1. What is your favorite yoga pose? Mrs.Devine’s favorite pose is the warrior. The warrior pose strengthens and stretches your legs, ankles, feet, hips, groins and shoulders. It opens your chest and lungs. It stretches tired limbs. It helps to relieve backaches, develops balance and stability. It improves circulation and respiration. It’s good for flat fleet too. 2. How long have you been teaching yoga? Mrs.Devine has been teaching yoga for 11 years, since 2003. 3. Where do you teach yoga? Mrs. Devine teaches yoga at her home studio in Dorchester. 4. Where did you learn how to do yoga? Mrs.Divine learned how to do yoga in The Sivananda Ashram Yoga Training, in Quebec. The Sivananda Ashram Yoga Training is a non-profit organization. It has had over 50 years of the guidance of yoga and meditation. 5. What are the benefits of doing yoga? Mrs. Devine says that the benefits of doing yoga is that over time your whole body becomes flexible and stronger. Yoga will definitely relax your mind. Over time yoga will payoff! I would like to thank Mrs. Devine for her time to let me interview her. She was a great help for my article. If you are ever wanting to do some nice, relaxing yoga be sure to go to her studio. I'm sure you'll have a great time.

As well as learning how yoga is good for you I got the chance to interview Mrs. Laura Lee Devine. I asked her some interesting questions.


Resiliency is the ability to overcome all kinds of mental trauma, such as tragedy and personal crises. It is important to be resilient due to life's inevitable difficulties. In order to become resilient, one must understand when they are experiencing acute stress. Meditation will also help with this.

A Harasser makes us laugh at ourselves, and realize when we want something unrealistic. A Guide helps us uncover our guiding voices.

You must also surround yourself with a Prophet, Cheerleader, Harasser, and Guide. A Prophet is a friend who will point us towards freedom. A Cheerleader is a friend who offers unconditional acceptance.

In order to be truly resilient, one must learn their Signature Characteristics. These include Creativity, Curiosity, Open -Mindedness, Bravery, etc. One can learn their strengths at

by: Alex G

Christian Practice By: Brady M Statistics clearly show that religious practice in general is important to Canadians. 58% of Canadians claim that religion plays an important role in their life. 47% pray weekly, and 21% of Canadians attend church weekly, and read the bible weekly. Those numbers are pretty low in my opinion. Just reflect upon this for a moment, only 1 out of every 5 Canadians attend church and read the bible weekly. I think that these statistics should rise within the next five years, because with all these new churches being planted, there will most likely be a church right for you. We all know that most people just go to church on the main holidays, such as Christmas and Easter. So if everyone would stop trying to cram in going to church, and reading the bible during the holidays, and simply spread it out throughout the year, and do our Christian practices all year round instead of just in the holidays, then that would be better for your family and you because you know you are following God, and that you are on the right path to self-fulfillment. One aspect that our society we could improve on is being extra nice to one another and doing good deeds, “Paying It Forward.” But what does “Paying It Forward” really mean? According to numerous definitions it can be described as "an expression for describing the beneficiary of a good deed repaying it to others instead of to the original benefactor." So you never know, perhaps by doing a good deed for someone else they will pay it forward and do a good deed for another person, and so on and so forth. Until this huge chain of good deeds has happened and you warmed up the days of maybe hundreds of people just by starting it off with a simple deed. Not only are Christian practices good, and can help get your life going in the right direction, Christian practice also brings us together with one another. Not only with one another, but also with Jesus, and the communion of saints. We are all connected, all our thinking and living takes place in relation to God and to one another. Christian practices add up to a way in life. Those who give hospitality, come to know themselves, others, and God in a different way. They develop virtues that are crucial in religious practice. As for me, I try to have a regular spiritual practice by going to church weekly, praying before meals, and trying to read the bible as much as I can. By accomplishing these practices they have helped me over the years to become a responsible citizen, and a kind person overall. For those who have not found their way in religion, I recommend increasing your spiritual practice, and that will improve your relationship with God.

Social Health

owner I know the best choice is to run with your furry pal Fido.

A Dog’s Best Friend by Mackenzie D

To start us off we all know that running is good for maintaining a healthy weight, managing stress, sleeping better, and increasing your energy level. Well the best part is it does the same for your little pal. If you want a healthier and happier best friend this is the way to do it. Next, recent studies have shown a link between pet ownership and better health. It has been shown that a dog has become a stimulation for exercise. This also means that pet owners have a better cardiovascular fitness level than people without a pet. In one of the studies it shows that dog owners walk an average of 300 minutes per week and with that it also reduces emotions such as anxiety, loneliness, and depression. It has taught people to be more comforting.

We all know that exercise is good for you but running with another person can hold back your real potential. What else could you do? Well as a dog

One of our biggest fears as humans is death because we can’t control it. We think it’s all up to fate or our genes, but thanks to 101 year old Panchita for sharing her secret of youth, science is closer to helping us humans have a longer lifespan. She says she has developed nine habits throughout the years that have increased her lifespan.

You may be thinking, "Well that’s great but the most you can do with your dog is walk

with them or play around with him or her in the backyard. "Well you’re wrong. You can do much more with your pal than you think. You can go hiking, jogging, swimming, and roller blading . If you believe this can get dangerous for your life long buddy you can now go to many sporting stores and find safety things for your dogs such as life vest for your dogs in any size. Taking a walk with your energetic friend is not only good for your health but can also be good for socializing and making new friends. I, as pet owner, know this from experience. When I would take my pug for a walk around the block I would always see some of my neighbor's and this would give me a chance to get out of the house and talk . Not only can meeting people make you more social, it can also help you train your dog. Some dogs can get too aggressive, but by going out more often it will make your dog more comfortable being around other dogs and who knows maybe they will make a new friend along the way. Who knew that man’s best friend could also be man’s best motivator. I promise you by going out and being active it won’t just change your life but it will also change your best friend’s life.

How to Live to 100 by Madison O

For the eighth habit she says put loved ones first and make family time a priority. This does not mean working overtime to make more money for your family. To do this Panchita's family created family traditions like game night, family walks, Sunday dinner, etc.

The first habit she calls “Move Naturally”. To do this you can make activities that you enjoy a part of your everyday routine. You can bike instead of drive, shovel snow instead of using a snow-plow, rake the leaves instead of using a leaf-blower, and walk daily. The second habit she has developed is cutting the calories she intakes by 20%. You can do this by serving yourself and putting the leftover food away before eating to help you eat less. You could also purchase smaller plates, bowls and glasses to help keep your serving sizes small. Panchita also mentions that you should eat at a table not in a car or in front of the fridge or T.V. The third habit she calls “Plantbased diet”. She assures us that we don’t need to become vegetarians, but we should in-

crease our fruit and veggie intake. You could use beans, rice or tofu as a side to your meals. She says we should have 2ounce handfuls of nuts daily (this will prevent you from digging in the chip bag). For the fourth habit she says to drink red wine (in moderation) or eat anything high in antioxidants like dark chocolate. For the fifth habit she calls it “Determine your life purpose”. Set goals for yourself to achieve. She suggests that you take up a new challenge, like

pate in a spiritual community. To do this you must deepen your spiritual belief or religious tradition.

learning a new language, a new instrument or crocheting - like we are learning in school. The sixth habit she calls “Down shift”. To do this you need to slowly become stress free. Some of you may have to schedule it into your busy day, but relaxation is key. You can do this by not rushing, so plan to be around 15 minutes early. You could also cut out the noise by limiting your time spent with the T.V, computer or radio on. For the seventh habit she says you should belong or partici-

The last habit she calls "Pick the right tribe" by that she means surround yourself with people that make you the better you. It's important to surround yourself with the right people because they have a big effect on your health, so subtract all the negative people and those who bring you down from your life. Panchita recommends that you don't try to accomplish all these habits at once because they are easier to master if you start off with two or three from the nine and then add more as you go. Research shows that you can create a habit, if you can maintain it for six weeks straight. Thanks to Panchita for sharing her secret of youth with us so that we can live a long and healthy life.

Family Time by Alia R

4.Going to the park with your family. This is a good way to spend time with your family, you are connecting with nature at the same time.

5.Going to church with your family. This is a good way to spend time with your family because you are embracEvery single second, minute, and hour ing a spiritual practice as a family toyou spend with your family is worth gether and sharing a special moment spending. Over all the years of spending with God. time with your family you start to build a 6.Camping with your family is a strong connection and start to bond over good way to spend time with your family because everyone is laughing the special moments that you have around the camp fire, telling ghost shared together. Your family will always stories and making the family connecbe there to support you through good and tion even stronger. Did you know Mr. bad times. Slee runs a family camp called Lighthouse Landing Camp? 7.Movie nights. This is a good way to Some ways you could spend time with spend time with your family, you are your family are: usually laughing and in good spirits. 1.Board games. This is a good way to spend time with your family because everyone is communicating and having a fun 8.Playing sports with your family. This is a good way to spend time with time. 2.Family dinners. This is a good way to your family because you are having spend time with your family because eve- fun while being active, making your ryone shares about their day, telling fasci- family stronger every second you nating stories and enjoying a nice dinner play. These are all great ways to spend with each other. time with your family, but it’s up to you 3.A family get together. This is a good to decide. Each family is different in a way to spend time with your family because instead of interacting with immedi- special way. These are all great examples of making family connection ate family members you are able to socialize with extended family and catch up stronger. Memories are being made, funny jokes are being laughed at, and on each other’s lives and have a great everyone is making each other smile; time. something that all families can do.

Disappearing Languages by Sofie ML

Being in a Band

by: McGregor Geoffery It's great being in a band! After you learn one instrument it's easier to learn more instruments - it's proven Higher SAT scores and standardized test score from music students. Playing music makes the brain grow. Taking private lessons enlarges portions of the brain 25% more than those music students not taking private lessons. Improved Math, Science, and Language grades from band students are linked to band instruction because the brain is stimulated more when playing music in a band than in any other subject you can learn at school. People who are in a band have a greater sense of team work, individual responsibility and discipline. People who learn music develop social skills,

One language dies every 14 days. By the next century nearly half of the roughly 6,900 languages spoken on Earth will likely disappear.

intellectual skills, emotional skills and

It is impossible to estimate the total number of languages that have disappeared already. Europe and Asia have lost together 75 languages in the last 5 centuries. Some recent languages that went extinct are: Aasax (Tanzania 2008) Huron (1990’s). Approximately half of all languages currently alive on Earth will become extinct during this century. It is an estimate that half of world's languages may become extinct by year 2100! That’s only 86 years from now. One question people might ask is, "Why do we need languages?" I think that perhaps we need language because we are social beings and express ourselves through words. A wise person said "We can survive in our most basic forms without language; we can do so by simply following behavioral conditioning. However, with language, we can not-only survive, but we can explore whether survival is even worth its tribulations."

the world loves music so it doesn't

a sense of spirituality. Everybody in matter your language or background or amount of knowledge you have. Any person can enjoy music and play together. I have been in the optimist band for 5 months and it has taught me how to be more responsible, to work hard and to never give up. It has helped me make new friends and to be a leader.

Mental Health

The rise of prescription drug use by Nathan M Canadians spend close to 23 billion dollars on prescription drugs according to a recent report by UBC Centre for Health Services and Policy Research. Prescription drugs are used to treat ailments like heartburn and high blood pressure and are different than drugs like cocaine. Prescription drugs are used for things that you need to make you feel better, while drugs like cocaine are bad for you, don’t help you get better and are addictive. New prescription drugs can cost a lot of money. We wouldn't need to spend a lot of money on drugs if we don’t need them in the first place. If we are healthy and everything in our body and mind is good, we won't need the drugs. Canada is the second largest consumer of opioids -

A lot of people are not able to answer one simple question: "What is your top character strength?"

a prescription drug. This drug is addictive and has caused deaths from overdose. There was 27.2 deaths per million people in 2004 and by 2009, 19% of Canadians aged 15 and older used prescription drugs for the whole year. It is predicted that by 2015, "medication for diabetes will rise 24%”. As you can see there is a steady rise in prescription drug use. We can all prevent this if we choose a healthy lifestyle that includes eating well and regular exercise. How much of our dependency on drugs is because we are not as strong as we used to be. 100 years ago did we get sick less? Were we more resilient? Did we have stronger will power? What can we do today to live a good life drug free?

Top character strength by Marissa C

If you're one of these people, you need to know how important it is to know your top character strength. If you know what your top character strength is then you can find out what is the best in you. You will be able to increase your quality of work in school, your work and everyday life activities. It can help you by telling you what you're interested in and your best qualities. I have experienced taking the test myself and I have found out that the top character strength that I have is humor and playfulness. This means that I like to laugh and tease. Bringing smiles to people’s faces is important to me. I try to see the light side of all situations. There are many top character strengths that show up in all old wise books, here are all 24 of them.


Judgment, critical thinking  and open-mindedness

Social intelligence

Bravery and valor


Capacity to love and be loved

Love of learning


Industry, diligence and perseverance

Kindness and generosity

Citizenship, teamwork and loyalty

Forgiveness and mercy


Self-control and selfregulation

Hope, optimism and futuremindedness

Modesty and humility

Appreciation of beauty and  excellence

Caution, prudence and discretion

Creativity, ingenuity and originality

Honesty, authenticity and  genuineness

Curiosity and interest in the

Humor and playfulness

Spirituality, sense of purpose and faith

Which one of these do you think is your top character strength? Fairness, equality and jus- Create an account and take the test. Its fast, easy and free. tice Zest, enthusiasm and energy

Meditation by: Ceara H by Nicole B Your mind is capable of more than you would ever imagine! Over the years I have learned that your mindset has a large effect on your health and success in life, yet many people do not know what they are truly capable of. This is limiting them from reaching their full potential and depriving them from success and health. I am truthfully telling you to trust me and continue reading, for it will help you be the best you. It is up to you to believe in the power of your mind and believe in yourself. It is proven that people with a positive attitude have better health. If you believe you are healthy, you will get healthy and if you believe you are sick, you will get sick. “You are your most dominant thought”, so tell yourself every day that “every day in every way I am getting better and better”. This is important and it will definitely become reality, but you mustn’t just say it … you must believe it! Ever since I was little, my parents raised me to look on the bright side of things and have inspired me to be the best "ME" I can be. They have not only shown me how my thoughts can affect my health, but have raised me to believe that they will affect my success as well. They have helped me to believe in myself and never give up, and have guided me with life lessons and aphorisms. Just a few years ago my

dad wrote me a book full of life lessons and inspirational quotes to refer to on a daily basis.

Ever since the start of humanity, many questions have been asked; "What is the purpose of life?", or "Why do we have to die?" Some people still ask if meditation is good for you. Many studies have left people with different answers.

I think it is important for everyone to have a positive attitude and to have life lessons and morals to live by. You should always believe in yourself, as anything is possible. I believe some of the best quotes to remember are;

For example, “researchers from Harvard Medical School said they discovered that people that stick to relaxation methods such as Yoga or Meditation for a long time it becomes disease fighting”, meaning it helps protect from pain and high-blood pressure.

1. Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re RIGHT

Did you know that St. Francis of Assisi was a big-time meditator? He would sit silently and say his prayer over and over.

2. If you want success as badly as you want to breathe, you will have success 3. It is not the position you stand in, but the direction in which you look in 4. As you believe, so you achieve 5. MOST IMPORTANTLY … eliminate the word CAN’T from your vocabulary One great way to remember these amazing life lessons is to write them down. I would even recommend writing yourself your own book full of aphorisms. Every time you hear or see a quote you really like, write it down. This book will help you get through thick and thin and will motivate you to be the best "YOU" you can be. You can do anything you put your mind to. Just remember; dream big because the sky is the limit!

What is Meditation? Meditation is a state of deep peace that occurs when the mind is calm and silent. Meditation is also a form of prayer.

“Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love; Where there is injury, pardon; Where there is doubt, faith; Where there is despair, hope; Where there is darkness, light; Where there is sadness, joy. O divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek To be consoled as to console, To be understood as to understand, To be loved as to love; For it is in giving that we receive; It is in pardoning that we are pardoned; It is in dying to self that we are born to eternal life.” When is the best time to meditate? The best time to Meditate is right when you wake up and after any stressful experience like after work (perhaps it was a stressful day). Why might people meditate? People start Meditation for many different reasons but the main ones are to relieve stress and to have a spiritual practice. When you meditate you strengthen your brain so you are better able to cope with difficulties in life. It helps you train your senses so you have more willpower over things like food and watching TV. While researching this article I tried meditating for 15 minutes by reciting the prayer of St. Francis. After meditating I felt peaceful because I had prayed for so long it made me feel relaxed. I also realized I don’t have control over my thoughts since they were always wandering. How much control do you have over your thoughts? Try it and find out!

Intellectual Health

4– Don’t worry, be happy

Five ways to keep your brain sharp By Noah S 1- Have fish once a week People who eat fish once a week have a 60% less chance of getting Alzheimer's. The reason being DHA, a type of omega -3 fatty acid found in large amounts in the brain and species of fish such as salmon, tuna and cod. If you're not a fan of fish try other brain enhancing foods such as veggies, avocados, nuts or leafy greens. 2- Mentally challenge yourself Take time each day to mentally challenge yourself. We tend to participate in the same activities but really our brain

prefers the unexpected. Challenge yourself with brain games such as Sudoku or crossword puzzles. 3- Maximize your workouts One of the most essential ways to maintain a healthy brain is to exercise on a daily basis. Cardiovascular activity pushes more oxygen filled blood to the brain which is like putting gas in a car. Regular workouts have long term results as well. Cardio exercise strengthens blood vessels and helps reduce illnesses that weaken brain function such as stroke.

Results show that optimistic emotions are crucial to processing information and having good brain health over a long period of time. These positive people are 60% less likely to develop mild brain impairment. If you have a bad day, just think of a time in your life when you were happy or listen to some music to make you feel better. Reliving the good times including all the sights, smells, and feelings will lighten the mood. 5- Relax and take a nap Napping for just 6 minutes can improve your brain health and your memory. A recent study tested three groups of people. One of these groups stayed awake for an hour, another napped for 6 minutes, and the third for half an hour. Afterwards the three groups took a test and the results showed that those who napped for only 6 minutes did better on the test than the people who took a longer nap, or those who didn’t sleep at all. if you want to succeed on a test it is good to laugh before the test.

How to be creative

Alright, there might be some people out there who "aren't creative". Notice the quotation marks? Yeah, that’s called sarcasm. Everybody is creative, whether you like it or not, so if you are having some problems unlocking your inner creative- 3 – Sing about anything If ness, read some of these tips, you’re having a really blah they might help. feeling day, sing. And I really, mean about anything. If you’re 1 – Take a 20-minute walk in the car, sing about the stopeveryday Some of you don’t light or the old man walking like exercise, but 20 minutes, down the street, it doesn't or maybe just around the block, really isn't that much. If even have to rhyme. I know you do decide to walk, don’t go there are some of you (myself included) who have a particutrudging around just to get it done and over with. Walk slow, larly horrible singing voice. watch the birds, smell the flow- Sing anyways. ers say "Hey" to everybody 4 – Dance around the House who walks by you, really enjoy Put on old disco (Earth, Wind, it! Maybe you could even bring and Fire, baby!), or new Mayour I-pod and listen to music. donna, or swing. Put it on 2 – Write with pen & paper (or loud. Dance around your house while you make dinner, pencil and paper) You could or first thing in the morning write pages, paragraphs or even sentences from a song in when you’re getting ready for work. your head.

by Izzy O

8 – Be quiet Dim the lights in your house and light a few candles if you want to. Cuddle with your pet, read a book or just sit. Sit in silence. 9 – Take a nap

5– Walk in the rain. Rain is a very relaxing feeling, even if you don’t like getting wet. You could use an umbrella if you wanted to though. Rain against an umbrella makes a cool noise. 6 – Make a list of things you love. When you do this I think you find a sense of really knowing yourself. Personally I love the sound of rain on glass, the color of the sky when it’s in midsunrise or sunset (kind of a greyish hue, like there's a big ball of happy nothing floating in the sky) and different kinds of cheeses. 7 –Eat with your hands Be a kid again. Make a meal and put the silverware back into the drawers. Eat with your hands. Have some friends over for a silverware-less dinner.

10 – Take photos. Real photos. Not digital photos. 11 – Make an event out of watching the full moon come up. 12 – Read poetry aloud Poetry is meant to be read aloud or to someone else, not coveted in the deep recesses of your brain to be forgotten. 13 – Go see a play or live music or live anything 14 – Visit a gallery Go see something that wasn't made by you, for inspirational purposes. 15 – Write a letter. To anybody. If somebody asks you if you are crazy say, “No, I’m just trying to be creative.”

Motivation by Madison V

Sure you shouldn’t be given a whole year to finish a book report or write an essay, but there should be more flexibility on when projects are to be done. There should also be the option to choose who you work with and how you complete it. If you're put to finish a task with strict guide lines and no room to be creative and think outside the box, chances are you won’t be very motivated to complete it. 2. Mastery - to have expert skill or outstanding ability.

Most people think that in order to get people to do undesired, boring tasks you must reward the good behavior and discourage the bad. An example of this reward-punishment approach is the carrot and stick technique. This is a method that offers a reward if the task is complete, but there is also a punishment involved to control your behavior. However, scientists have discovered that this method is not having the best effect on people. Studies show that when workers are offered a reward for completing a task it narrows their mind to be focused only on the reward, instead of how to be creative and figure out the problem. Jobs now a days are more complex, they require employees to be creative and problem solve. In order for people to be successful, they have to be motivated to finish their work, and using this approach is simply not working. So what are the keys to motivate people?

Keys to motivation 1.Autonomy - to have freedom for your own actions. While completing tasks employees or students should be more focused on the finished product, instead of on the amount of time you have to finish it.

In order to be motivated to improve your skill, there must be clear, immediate feedback, freedom to be creative with the task, and they must complete tasks that allow students or employees to enhance their own skill. In order to be successful in improving their own skills, the tasks must not be too difficult, or too simple. Working on something too difficult could cause stress and working on something too simple could cause boredom. 3. Purpose – reason for existence or desired effect. It should be clear the purpose, goals, and how each individual can contribute to the finished product. People that understand what they are doing and why there are doing it are more likely to be more successful and have pride in their work. If you are completing a task that seems to have no purpose, you probably won’t be motivated to complete it since it may seem that there is no point. At school or in a workplace, we are usually lacking two of these ingredients. Sure we have opportunities to master skills we take an interest in, but there is almost no room to be creative (autonomy), and many people question what is the point of doing this (purpose). Schools and workplaces need to consider these three ingredients if they want to have motivated employees and students and individuals need to see where they are lacking to improve their own motivation.

Something New By Riley G Hello my name is Riley I'm here to encourage you the reader/readers to try new things. Try looking at your knowledge like a pool. When you learn or gain knowledge of something new this pool gets bigger. If you try to open yourself to the universe full of both fictional and non-fictional worlds, for example cooking (nonfictional) or a Medieval fantasy genre (fictional), that pool could become an ocean filled to the brim with knowledge and who knows, maybe you'll find something you'll really be interested in. But that’s not the only thing that trying new things will do for you. It also builds your confidence, it will give you courage because you're working out of your comfort zone. If you are bored of the same old -same old, trying something new can refresh your life. Trying new things will satisfy that urge to grow for a long while and it will strengthen your brain. When I was young I never thought about music or playing the piano, but when I signed up for piano classes I started to have fun. It also gives me something to do when I'm bored and with every song that I learn, I feel refreshed and feel confident when I play the piano. I know there are some people who are fine with what they know and do. But even they will feel that urge to grow eventually. Maybe you're a sports person and you feel like trying something new. You could try learning how to play a musical instrument or start reading more books. Maybe you like science and you feel like trying something new. You could try a cooking class, find out it’s fun, and it could really help you in the future. So when you feel that urge to try something new go beyond your comfort zone and add a new knowledge to you mind and body.

Physical health

Physical Activity Guidelines By Aidan R Did you know that only 15% of Canadian adults meet the minimum requirement for physical activity? Did you know that only 1 in 8 children are exercising enough and about 9 hours of their day is sedentary? Physical activity is an important role in a healthy life. Different ages need more or less active time but all ages need to be active to be healthy. Different ages can do different activities but they all have a similar thing to do. Children ages 5-11 should have at least one hour of physical activity daily. Try to do a high intensity activity three days a week. Go on a walk, go to the park, walk the dog, and limit their screen time so they can play outside more.

Before and after a workout you need energy from food to keep you going and reenergize. So here are the top 10 food to eat before and after a workout #10 Oatmeal With Fruit Before:

oatmeal is good because the fiber in the oats will gradually give out energy to your body during the work out making you nice and strong throughout the workout. Also if you pick a fruit like blueberries or raspberries (fruits with a high water content water) they will keep you hydrated while you do your work out. #9 Whole Grain Toast With Sliced Bananas And Cinnamon Before:

This meal contains both simple and complex carbs which like the oatmeal releases energy throughout the work out. The cinnamon and fruit just add in extra energy and helps brain functions. #8 Smoothies Before: Smoothies

Children ages 12-17 should have at least one hour of high intensity activity daily. Walk or ride your bike instead of getting a ride. Walk your dog, dance to your music. Instead of watching TV you can swim or ride your skate board in the summer. In the winter you can skate, ski, or go snowboarding. You can also join an active club or a sports team with friends.

Adults 65+ should have 2 and a half hours per day. To stay active in your everyday life walk wherever and whenever, carry your grocery’s home and use the stairs as much as possible. You can also cycle and go swimming. Doing these activities with friends will make being active more enjoyable for you.

Adults should have one and a half hours of activity per day. Try to break up high intensity Go for a walk, cycle or run instead of taking your car. Going to the gym or going swimming are also good options. Things you can do with other people is playing a sport or join an active club/team.

Workout food by Andrew N

ment and growth. Well on the other side, avocados are high in the good kind of fat to give you a lot of energy. #2 Greek Yogurt With Trail Mix

are great! You can make many different blends of smoothies, but some are not very good for you. For a great drink add sliced bananas and Greek yogurt.

#5 Grilled Chicken And Mixed Vegetables After: This meal is a

#7 Salmon With Sweet Potato

nutrient dense dish that will fill you up without making you feel overly stuffed. Plus the vegetables will keep your heart at its best.

After: Salmon contains lots of

#4 Tuna Sandwich With Hummus

protein which helps reduce bad muscle swelling or inflammation. If you were going to do a HIIT workout the next day your muscles could be very sore, to prevent that eat sweet potato.

And Spinach After: A tuna sand-

#6 Apples With Almond Butter Before: Apples are great for a

before workout snack because they are sweet like candy and they avoid a sugar crash. Also they are high in vitamins and minerals. Almonds are high in protein and healthy fats.

wich is a great source of protein and carbs, enough to make it to number 9 but when you add spinach and hummus it fly's all the way to number 4. Spinach lowers blood sugar and decreases inflammation of the body. #3 Veggie Omelet With Avocado After: Eggs are not considered a

super food but I think they should be. Eggs are high in protein and help muscle develop-

Before: Greek yogurt is one of

the best dairy products you can eat. Trail mix can only be good if it is mostly nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and no chocolate and other sugary treats like that. The nuts and fruit will give you energy while the seeds will make sure you do not crash mid workout. But if you eat too much mix, because nuts are high in fat, it can make you feel sluggish. #1 Chocolate Milk After: the lat-

est research has shown that chocolate milk is the best recovery drink, it includes almost every thing that you can ask for. Carbs and protein for muscle recovery. Water content to make up for all the lost fluids and includes other nutrients like calcium sugar and sodium.

How to train for a marathon by Samantha R Foods to avoid It's not as easy as you think to train for a marathon. It takes months to train for and a lot of motivation. Running a marathon is an appealing trend but what most people don’t realize is the amount of work involved in training. Marathons consist of 26.2 miles which takes approximately 4 hours and 26 minutes for top men and 4 hours and 52 minutes for top women. The very first marathon took place in Massachusetts in 1897 with 18 men participating. The better and more you train for a marathon the more fun you will have. When training for your marathon it is better to run by yourself. Training with another person will force you to run at their pace instead of your own. Following a running schedule will condition your body for race day and help motivate you. On cross training days you can try a different activity, instead of running try yoga, biking, swimming or weight training. If your body is hurting don’t ignore it! When training for a marathon the foods you eat are extremely important. On the day of the race raw eggs is a good choice, energy drinks and pasta with tomato or other low-fat sauces instead of cheese-based sauces. I like to do long distance running because I like to set high goals for myself and I like the competitiveness. I encourage more people to start running long distance, to set high goals for themselves and to enjoy the physical and mental benefits of cardio exercise. Whether you are just starting or an experienced runner, put down this magazine, lace up and run like the wind.

by Kyle P Soda One hundred percent of the calories in regular soda come from sugar. Sugar has no nutritional value. This means there is no vitamins, minerals, protein or fiber. You should never drink your calories. Stick to low fat milk, water or green tea. Margarine Margarine is very high in fat and cholesterol. These are bad for your heart and waistline. Stick to olive oil and canola oil. Bagels Bagels are made with refined wheat flour. This means there is very little fiber and other nutrients that are found in whole grain foods. Stick to whole grain bread. The denser the better. A bagel is equal to 4-6 slices of bread. Breakfast Toaster Pastries A.K.A. Pop Tarts This is one of the worst foods you could eat to start your day. Pop tarts are made with white flour and tons of added sugars. Pop tarts will send your blood sugars skyhigh and you will feel hungry soon after. Stick to oatmeal with apples and cinnamon just like Mr.Slee eats everyday! Hot Dogs 80% of the calories in regular hot dogs is from fat and it’s the worst type of fat; saturated fat. Eating processed meats like hot dogs on a regular basis has been linked to increased risk of heart disease and colon cancer. At your next birthday party serve up chicken tacos with lettuce and tomatoes if you are feeling adventurous. In the words of Hippocrates, the first doctor, "Let food be thy medicine."

Why HIIT by Brodie L High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is the best method of exercising. It combines short bursts of high intensity exercise (30-35 seconds) with short periods of rest (15-20 seconds). Why is it the best? Efficient - time is always an excuse for people not to workout but HIIT can be done in only 15 minutes per day. Burn More Fat - HIIT puts your body into hyper drive so you can burn fat and calories 24 hours after your workout. Healthier Heart - Most people don’t push themselves to the feeling of your heart wants to jump out of your chest. A study in 2006 showed that if you used a HIIT workout you can do more things longer. No Equipment is Needed - You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on equipment with HIIT because everything you do is using your own body. Lose Weight not Muscle - A HIIT workout is a win-win thing because you keep your hard earned muscle and burn fat faster. Do it Anywhere - You don’t have to go anywhere to workout you can do HIIT at home, school, the office and even on holidays. So come on. No more excuses. Don't let time, cost or location stop you from feeling your best. I did HIIT for 15 min and this is how I felt; tired, sore and great! I know that after doing a HIIT that you will burn fat 24 hours later!

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Why is sugar bad for you? by Sarah F Everyone knows sugar is bad for you but do you know why? There are some main reasons why sugar is harmful to you. Avoiding sugar in general is a good choice but avoiding added sugar seems almost necessary. Sugar is found naturally in foods like fruit but is artificially added to processed foods like soda and even ketchup. Added sugar has no essential nutrients and is bad for your teeth. Added sugars such as sucrose and high fructose have tons of calories but no nutrients, that’s why they're known as "empty calories." If you have too much added sugar it will overload your liver. Not all of the fat from added sugar gets out of your system which can eventually become stuck in your liver. Studies show that people who have a fatty liver consume twice as much added sugar as the average person and will develop liver disease. Sugar can cause insulin resistance and contribute towards type 2 diabetes. If you drink sugar-sweetened drinks you have an 83% higher risk of getting diabetes. Lots of added sugar also puts you at risk for many other diseases such as cancer. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world. Multiple studies show that people who have high insulin levels are at much higher risk of developing cancer. When you are hungry eating something with a lot of added sugar might sound good and you might become full for an hour. Although fatty foods with a lot of added sugar actually send a message to your brain increasing your hunger again so you end up eating more than you really need. Eating more than you need especially too much added sugar releases large amounts of dopamine to your brain. This causes sugar to become extremely addictive for most people. Just like drugs once you're addicted it's hard to quit so you will just keep eating and eating. S Studies have shown that obesity is linked to sugar intake. This study was strongly found true in children who had a 60% increased risk of obesity. If you are trying to lose weight cutting back on added sugar will help. When reading a food label make sure there is a good ratio of sugar and fiber. If there is too much sugar or no fiber, consider another option.

Benefits of Swimming by CloĂŠ S There are many benefits of swimming, do you know what they are? If you swim throughout your life you could live longer. There was research at the university of South Carolina proving that if you swim you have a 50% lower death rate than runners. If you swim you have lower stress, higher spirits and a better brain. Swimming is a meditative exercise which is very relaxing to you and your muscles. Another benefit is a lower risk of diabetes. Diabetes is getting very popular for young kids, one way to lower your risk of diabetes is aerobic exercise, such as swimming. Swimming also improves your cholesterol because of aerobics, every 1% increase in HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol), the risk of dying from a heart disease drops by 3.5%. If you have asthma a good way to improve asthma symptoms is swimming because swimming provides working out in moist air, which can reduce asthma attacks. Swimming is one of the best ways to keep your weight under control because swimming is one of the biggest calorie burning exercises. As an elderly person, one of the most important thing you want is a healthy heart. Because swimming is one of the best aerobic exercise, it makes your heart strong and more efficient in pumping which means better blood flow throughout your body. Another benefit of swimming is improved flexibility because when you are in the water you have the ability to stretch out your body more than when you are out of the water. You can also increase muscle and strength by swimming because it is a resistance exercise and resistance exercises are the best way to build muscle and strength. When you run you only have to carry your body throughout the air but when you swim you have to push through the water, pull it and push it away to get by. 519-672-3131

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