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FLEDLIGHT module BL500 The modules are supplied in chains of 20 units in plastic housing with


cable lengths of 100 or 200 mm between modules. Operating voltage

BL500 LED modules were developed spe-

12 Volt, lifetime approx. 30,000 to 50,000 hours. We provide a warranty

cifically for outdoor applications. An even

period of two years.

grid installation provides perfect, two-dimensional illumination with no distracting

Module BL500

35 x 35 x 6 mm

0.96 W

IP 65

bright stripes.

The light output in white is approx. 550 cd/m2 given a light box depth of

The luminance is close to the maximum

120 mm and spacing of 120 mm. The spacing between LED modules can

permitted by law. BL500 modules achieve

be increased during installation for depths greater than 120 mm. Lumi-

around 50% of the BL1000 values. Further-

nance will, of course, decrease due to the lower number of LEDs per m2.

more, a dimmer function ensures that luminance can be reduced at any time to suit the mood.


flexible cables


Gray cable = +12 V White cable = -12 V

BL500 LED modules are also an inexpensive alternative for indoor use when the full luminance of the BL1000 is not required.

Operating voltage:

12 V DC

Operating current:

74 mA/DC typical @ 12 V/DC

Whether indoors or outdoors: these mo-

Rated input:

0.96 watts @ 12 V

dules give every campaign a resplendent

Number of LEDs:

4 units; design 5050 (PLCC6)



4 current limiting resistors

Colour temperature:

approx. 5400 K

Colour rendition index:


Total flux:

approx. 70 lumen

Beam angle:


Combinable with the following Frame, Light and Print product: SL 120

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Fledlight de en lightandframe issuu