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The Bonfire Patio & Deck Gas Heater with Torch Flame The Bonfire Patio & Deck Gas Heater amazes with design features that outsmart traditional patio heaters in two ways: Design: Present an upscale design & look and the romance of a bonfire with your outdoor entertaining setting. The Bonfire in action: showing off the stainless steel panels version.

Functionality of Heating: While standard patio gas heaters reflect the heat only from the top, the Bonfire Patio & Deck Gas Heater heats already where the glass tube starts at a height of approximately 36"(91.5cm). So when standing or seated next to the Bonfire, you will enjoy light effects and cozy warm air at the same time. Collection by INFINITA, Release Season 2010

Product Features:  The Bonfire Patio & Deck Gas Heater, certified CSA 2,37A-2008 ANSI Z83.26A 2008 (CE standard ID NO.845BS-0016).  Wind-proof Design  Made of stainless steel type 201, additionally protected against surface corrosion with steel varnish coating.  BTU rating is 31200/31500 depending on type of gas. Heat Output: 9.3kw, consumption up to 28.2 ounces / 800 gram per hour. A 20Lbs propane tank lasts 8-20 hours depending on low or high flame.  Tilt off and flame off protection  Electronic ignition  Gas burner made of top quality nickel-stainless steel  Includes gas pipe/hose and pressure regulator. Regulator allows to adjust the size of flame  Heat resistant glass tube made in Japan (best quality for lenses/glass products in the world)  Wheels option and black storage zipper bag included  Reflector is made of 1.2mm strong Aluminum Dimensions & Delivery:  Overall size - L: 25 1/2"(65cm) W:25 1/2"(65cm) H: 86 5/8"(220cm)  Weight: 57.3lbs / 26kg (without gas tank / gas tank is not included in delivery)  Box Size: L: 55"(140cm) W: 31"(79cm) H: 8"(20cm) / 7 UNITS on a standard 40x48 pallet.  Tank compartment size (inside platform to burner): Bottom Width: 17 1/8"(43.5cm) Top Width: 13 3/8"(34cm) / H: 29 1/8"(74cm) Panel size: W(bottom): 18 1/2"(47cm) W(top): 13 5/8"(34.5cm)  Overall maximum Width with Wheels installed: 24 3/8"(62cm)  Box/Shipping Weight: 68lbs / 30.5kg  Delivered knock-down, requires assembly  Burner for Natural Gas – available for surcharge (natural gas requires a different burner). Collection by INFINITA, Release Season 2010

Models Overview  UPC number Stainless Steel Panels: 814495011300  UPC number Coated Aluminum Panels: 814495011331 Color Options Panels: Black / Blue / Green / Red (more upon request)


1300 Stainless Steel

1331 Coated Aluminum Color Options upon Request

Collection by INFINITA, Release Season 2010