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cover story resist licking the spoon clean? Then, one day, my Counsellor, Kate Smith, said, ‘Why do you have to be a slave to that behaviour?’ She had a very good point, and next time I baked I felt empowered and thought: ‘I have a choice here – I don’t have to lick the spoon any more.’ It felt great. GROUP SUPPORT

To my mind, what makes LighterLife unique is the support and group activities, which helped me look at the emotional reasons why I used to overeat. In the past, I’d been on other weight-loss plans, some of which held weekly meetings, but none were a patch on the LighterLife groups, which went much deeper because the groups were much smaller and more focused, and the work we did was so much more life-changing. I realised that I’d historically been a classic ‘people pleaser’. I’d always wanted everyone around me to be happy, and hated conflict. When I failed to achieve that, the stress would lead me to eat. If I hurt someone’s feelings I’d also feel really guilty and reach for a snack to numb the emotions. I was aware of myself going into Rebellious Child sometimes, too. For instance, I often got the urge to overeat when I was feeling irritable and fed up.


Thanks to what I’ve achieved with LighterLife, I feel young, fit and healthy. I’ve completely lost my fear of dancing in public. Life has just opened up to me in so many ways. The children are still very young but they’ve noticed the change in me, too. The other day, Jade was looking at an old photo of me on the fridge wearing baggy clothes. She said, ‘Is that you, Mummy?’ I said, ‘Yes, of course, darling.’ She frowned and said, ‘You’ve got a big tummy! And why are you wearing Daddy’s clothes?’ I had to laugh at that. I want them to grow up with a happy, healthy mummy, so I fully intend to stay in shape. ■

Diane’s Counsellor is Kate Smith of Cambridge

Having my wavy hair ironed into smooth tresses. So nice being pampered Setting up Hair and make-up artist Laurence Close tends to Diane’s hair, while photographic assisant Yohanna takes a light reading



My number one tip for long-term success is to keep going to LighterLife Management groups after you reach your desired weight. I’ve long since reached a healthy BMI but I still go to group every week for support and advice – and it’s fun. I spent years battling my weight problems and I’m realistic about the fact that I’m not going to be ‘cured’ overnight. I don’t want to return to unhealthy eating or thinking. EXERCISE

My husband loves my fitter, slimmer body. I can see by the look in his eyes that he’s really proud of what I’ve achieved. He’s a keen bodybuilder and enjoys giving me advice on using weights at the gym and body sculpting any problem areas. Since losing weight I’ve truly discovered a passion for working out. I go to Body Combat and Body Balance classes at the gym, and I run, too. I recently did a ten kilometre Race for Life for Breast Cancer Care and now I’m planning other big runs.

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Getting ready for my close-up Make-up Being a busy mum and running her own business means Diane normally sticks to light make-up, so she loved the chance to get a professional makeover

I could easiliy get used to this VIP treatment!

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LighterLife winter 2011  

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LighterLife winter 2011  

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