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Municipal Analytics in Action Dr. Corey Wentzell & Joy Beveridge UAFE April 2012

Early Stage Analytics • Analytics in any form is intended to be as close to just-in-time information that dramatically helps to inform decision makers. • To make better, faster and more consistently outstanding decisions for the benefit of municipalities and their residents. • Example – high performance Dashboards


Large Scale Municipal Analytics • One of the most comprehensive models of large scale municipal analytic installations is in the City of Baltimore • The Baltimore model is called CitiStat. Recognized as one of the most innovative models in the world.

• Other cities (NYC) are beginning to replicate the model. • It is highly adaptable for customization based on local preferences and needs.

Municipal Analytics in Action Harvard Kennedy School Municipal Innovation Award Winner 2007 CleanStat

Parks and Recreation

General Services








Economic Development

Municipal Analytics – Innovation that Drives Strategy to be Best in Class • An example of how municipal analytics can be applied in conjunction with Innovation to achieve “Best in Class” outcomes is the Mercer Quality of Life Survey. • This is one of the most influential, world-wide, measure of municipalities on the basis of best cities in the world in which to live. • Next is an example of how the criteria used in the Mercer study can become a major project to elevate world class rankings.

2011 Data

2011 Data

Mercer Municipal Quality of Life Survey Criteria – Theoretical Example Criteria

• • • • • • • • • •

Political and Social Environment Medical and Health Considerations Public Services and Transport Consumer Goods Economic Environment Schools and Education Recreation Housing Socio-Cultural Environment Natural Environment

Actual/Goal (2016)

70%/85% 85%/85% 75%/85% 60%/80% 65%/85% 80%/85% 50%/70% 45%/70% 75%/85% 80%/85%

Strategies to Achieve

Putting the Pieces Together Example – Municipal Analytics (all levels) 1. Review current statistics around priority municipal services 2. Prioritize areas for key service improvements 3. Determine methods of measurement and reporting on outcomes 4. Use a product design style innovation process to determine important points of stakeholder value

6. Implement strategies using a comprehensive project management framework 7. Measure progress on the basis of outcomes related to inputs (productivity) 8. Report to steering committee on results

9. Adjust strategy and tactics as required

5. Determine highest value strategies

10. Apply the successful analytics model for broader application

Municipal Analytics in Action  

by: Corey Wentzell & Joy Beveridge

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