Light and leadership 2016 Annual Report

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OUR MISSION Educate. Empower. Bring change to Huaycรกn. The Light and Leadership Initiative's mission is to respond to the needs of the women in the Ate-Vitarte district of Lima, Peru in their struggle out of poverty by improving the availability and quality of education offered to women and children. Through workshops and classes, women are empowered to better care for themselves and their families by improving both their physical and emotional well being, as well as advancing their skills in the workforce. Children are offered similar opportunities and learn the value of education and respect for one's community. We believe the women and children of the Ate-Vitarte district will become positive leaders for change through love, support, and education.


2016 Annual Report

Letter from the Executive Director Dear Friends,

That went fast—2016 has already come and gone! It was truly an amazing year, filled with organizational growth, new programs and lots of successes.

We are grateful to have celebrated seven years of programming in Huaycán. In 2016, LLI accomplished a lot of firsts: 1) we introduced science and technology courses into our regularly scheduled programs, 2) we launched a leadership program within our teen center, 3) we were able to provide salary and benefits to five full time staff members, all locals from Huaycán, and finally 4) we showed the world, our online fair trade store, bringing social and economic justice to six artisans. This, in addition to our day-to-day advances, made 2016 an exceptional year.

2016 was a year for lots of self-reflection on LLI’s behalf, ensuring that LLI is still focused on its primary mission of education and most importantly, is listening to community members. We held more frequent and more structured parent meetings to improve communication and even introduced a Community Forum as a new avenue for feedback. We’re taking what we learned in 2016 and are looking forward to applying it in the following year.

We thank you for the support provided throughout 2016. Your dedication to quality education has touched hundreds of lives in 2016 alone. We look forward to the continued progress we can accomplish together in the coming year!


Lara DeVries

Founder & Executive Director

The Light and Leadership Initiative


2016 Annual Report

Children’s Program Highlights

Kids ages 7-12 walked through our doors for 48 weeks, 5 days a week in our Kids’ Center and Zone S, and participated in a total of 2,266 classes! ENGLISH: 714 CLASSES 80 KIDS SERVED ART: 244 CLASSES 197 KIDS SERVED READING: 544 SESSIONS 559 SPANISH BOOKS READ 205 KIDS SERVED MATH & HOMEWORK HELP: 234 SESSIONS 97 KIDS SERVED

5 Parent Meetings in 2016 92% of parents thought LLI educational services are unique and can’t be found anywhere else in the area

95% of parents stated their child’s grades have improved thanks to LLI

100% of parents stated their child’s math grades have improved thanks to LLI’s math program.


2016 Annual Report

Photos By Skyler Stevenson and Lara DeVires

Teens’ Program Highlights Teens stopped by our drop-in Teen Center five days a week to take English classes, participate in our Leadership Program, do homework and read from the library, play guitar, check out special events and more. In 2016, we saw our highest average daily attendance ever: an average of 20 teens stopped by each day!


100% of parents of teens surveyed stated LLI’s teen center helps their son/daughter in school

100% of parents of teens surveyed responded that English classes help their son/daughter with English in school

Congrats to our five Teen English Program graduates, Kelly, Pedro, Nilver, Kevin and Jhonny! They passed all four English levels, from beginner to advanced!

Meet Teen Program Graduate, Jhonny Jhonny began taking English classes with LLI in 2011 and then joined the teen center once it opened in 2014. He also won Teen Student of the Year in 2015. The response below was written by Jhonny in English and was not altered: “The time spent in the teen center was fruitful, it helped me to improve my English, to be a good student and a good son. I am very grateful to the Light and Leadership Initiative for giving me the opportunity to belong to their programs and to the “Teen Center” program. My time at the teen center was an excellent experience in which I learned to share culture, beautiful experiences and spend time with volunteers. My plans for the future are to study at university, to be an English teacher and to be a volunteer in Light and Leadership Initiative.” 5

2016 Annual Report

Photos By Lara DeVires

Science and Technology Courses Implemented In 2016, Light and Leadership moved forward with a plan that had been in development since 2014: We officially implemented Science and Technology courses into our regular schedule for both kids and teens. The result: SUCCESS!

Science 171 Science classes offered in 2016 90 students served 1 Part Time Local Teacher Employed

January 2016 started our year off right, hiring local primary school teacher Andrea to teach and lead our Science program after school and on weekends. Kids focused on lessons ranging from astronomy and space to the human body to the El Niño phenomenon. LLI offered five opportunities a week to students eager to learn more about the world around them!

“...the excitement of the kids seeing what their code does on a real phone was infectious, even though i’ve been doing coding for years and years”

Technology 56 Coding Classes offered to Kids and Teens Collaboration between local, international and staff members Starting in August, kids ages 7-12 years old could participate in coding courses, utilizing the Scratch learning platform, once a week for twelve weeks. Students, based on their previous experience with the program, were either placed into an Intro to Scratch or AppInventor course, learning the building blocks of how to code. Just a few minutes away at the Teen Center, teens were introduced to the AppInventor software, which was carried out between the support of local and international volunteers. 6

2016 Annual Report

John Zorko, a returning volunteer several times over, had a heavy hand in the program’s success, providing needed funding and volunteering 4 weeks in Huaycán.

Women’s Program Highlights Between educational workshops, computer literacy courses, and weekly English classes--LLI’s women’s program was busy! In 2016, We continued with a schedule that was set back in 2015, offering educational workshops and events every Saturday and Sunday at 5 PM. Workshops and events are open to any woman in the Huaycán area aged 18 years or older and as always, are free of cost.

47 Computer Classes offered 12 Women graduated from the Computer Course 35 English classes offered

20 Career and Financial Development Workshops Offered 24 Art and Expression Workshops Offered 25 Health Related Workshops Offered 16 Misc. workshops and events offered

85 Total Workshops in 2016 112 Total Women Impacted by our Women’s Program


2016 Annual Report

Women’s Program Spotlight Interview Spotlight: Viky Viky has been attending women’s programs at LLI since 2015, but in 2016, her commitment to education was truly impressive. Viky attended 49 educational workshops, which is 57% of all of the workshops! She cites past workshops regarding violence against women to be the most interesting to her. Viky also completed the computer literacy course this year, joining 11 other graduates! Viky was born in Huancayo, Peru and has one son, who participates in LLI’s children’s program. Way to go, Viky, on an amazing year with LLI!

“I learn so much here that it makes me want to come frequently to keep learning.”

A SUSTAINABLE APPROACH TO DEVELOPMENT In the last several years, LLI has worked hard on developing a strong and sustainable artisan program, which in 2015, turned into the fair trade brand Huaywasi: Handmade in Peru. In 2016, we took a big leap onto an e-commerce platform and enjoyed a successful launch of Throughout the year, Huaywasi supported 6 artisans by providing financial support and stability, in addition to free workshops and courses at LLI.

All profits from Huaywasi products sold online or at markets are invested back into the women’s empowerment program, impacting over a hundred women each year.


2016 Annual Report

International Volunteers Rachel Rach Sofia Perhomaa Ennisofia Salmela Keeley Madison Christine White* Sarah Mack Anne-Mari Ikonen Sheniqua Young Jeremiah Grant Roda Zigetta Anna Charney Emmi Rautkyla Johanna Kellock Skyler Stevenson Jacqueline Thompson Zachary Cooperstein* Michelle Golden Carrie Cummiskey Pamela Yeshewas Dania Bolineau Olivia Dougherty Amelia Elverson Jen Kerwood Silja Seppala


2016 Annual Report

Ryan Accomazzo Angie Arriaza Scott Rombach Thais De Stéfani Villa Nova Kai Waluszewski Darrell Burris Patrícia Imada Zoe Cormier Rosa Mejía Linda Bonagura Isobel Leigh Elijah Rogan kelly Mia Masucci Onetress Robinson* Pallav Kumar Lindsay Palmer Nate Palmer Caroline Markowitz Alexia Buas Amanda Harrison Issa Wilson Mason Rogers Janae Kinn

By Patricia Imada

Sarah Divizio Abby Markowitz Jess Ibri* John Zorko* Heidi Wist* Jessica Sandlund Abbey Bradley Dennis Elwell Stephanie Simpson Alejandro Saborit Celine De Breuker

7 Countries: USA, Finland, Brazil, Canada, Belgium, Poland & England

*Denotes returning volunteer

Local Volunteers

By Patricia Imada

Volunteer Hours by Local Volunteers: 533 hours! Alberto Eduardo Carpio Alex Tarqui Quispe Andrea Mancilla Santana Bayron Saavedra Gonzales Bismarck Rojas Plasencia G. Bladi Carlos Motin Cristofer Chauga Elizabeth Solis Acostepa Ennisofia Salmela Erick Campos Aucapina Gabriel Hunanan Pisco Italo Flores Silva Jacinta Rivera Jackie Flores Job Jose Saenz Jose Luis Condori Hilario Juditth Ccoñas Karen


2016 Annual Report

Kevin Salazar Katia Quispe Kelly Salazar Llashag Loli Apaéstegui Lucero Ganella Luigi Rafael Luis Tolentino Marco Santos Wall Maria Huallpa Maria Jose Noeliz Ascarza Blanco Orson Laurente Pamela Patricia Rosana Paulo Cesar Valverde Arias Rina Melan Saul Munoz Vanhaner Ramírez Chávez Cinthya Veronica Yesenia Casas Yanajaca Ernesto Jímenez

Adrial Q* Arianna G* Adriam G* Bryan R* Brayan F* Christian M* Diego G* Diego V* Eduardo A* Eduardo T* Fiorella M* Frank D* Geraldine P* Giuliana C* Grecia S* Heidy J D* Jasmin M* Jheremi R* Jhim B* Jhonny M* Jhustin P*

Joseph G* Judith L* Katerine A* Kennedy M* Kevin Z* Miguel A* Nahomy G* Naydu J* Nicole G* Nicol M* Patrick Y* Rildo C* Pedro F* Stephany G*

*Denotes Teen Volunteers

It’s extremely important to us that volunteering at LLI is positively impacting the community and not harming it. We are proud to host our volunteer program within the Huaycan community, investing not only in education, but its economic future. We are careful not to remove jobs from the local community, but instead add jobs for locals through both our volunteer and education programs. Above all else, we recognize our role is to listen to the Huaycån community, thus we always remember: we are an education non-profit first, a volunteer program second.


2016 Annual Report

2016 Financial Report In 2016, thanks to our dedicated supporters and donors, were able to exceed our fundraising goal and expectations. Many donors came out with year-end donations, making our 2016 donations earned total $133,275.12. We are very grateful for a surplus this year, which allows us to accurately budget for the following year! Please see our expense breakdown below.

2016 Overview: Expenses Total Expenses: $103,974.40 Fundraising Fundraising (10%) Administration (18%) Programs and Services (72%)


Fundraising Salaries






Programs & Services

$ 74,960.85


$ 19,047.54

Project Management Salaries

$ 25,138.31

Administrative Salaries



Volunteer Program Expenses

$ 29,546.89

Banking Fee and Dues



Children & Teen Program Expenses

$ 14,523.40

Marketing & Postage



Women’s Program Expenses






Miscellaneous Program Expenses



Office Supplies



Professional Fees/Legal Fees



Volunteer Program Fee Expense Breakdown Total Expenses: $34,509.43* Salaries & Benefits (52%) Food (24%) Utilities (15%) Transportation and Operations (9%)

*Note: $4,962.54 of Project Management Salaries are allocated to the Volunteer Program

Transparency within our volunteer program is extremely important to us, as it directly relates to our philosophy on ethical volunteering. This year, our volunteer program was able to provide salaries and bene:its for four local Peruvian employees. Here’s a further breakdown of where volunteer program fees were spent.


2016 Annual Report


Alpaca Club! A special thanks to the “Alpaca Club” members, who generously give each month and/or who donate over $1,000 annually. You are the bedrock of our programs, making budgeting and growth possible.

A sincere thank you to each and every one! Aaron Howe

Gerardo Ruiz

Amy Ravenhorst

Glenda Lawrence

Angie A Ortega

Gurpreet Singh Helen Rollberg


James Chronister James Dougherty Javier Sagi-Vela Jeffery Finnegan Jeffrey Bauer Joan Wolfe John Zorko Jolanta Bafia Jonathan DeVries Keith Ekman Kyle Smith Latoya Washington Margot Solberg Matthew Lowczyk Matthew Wheeler Matthew White Michael & Louella DeVries

Antonio Prado Arkadiusz Mastalerz Arlo & Rena Compaan Arsenio Fulton Arth Raengpradub Brenda Kye Bruce and Mary Leep Carmen Carrero Christopher Estrada Doni Yamamoto Ed Tomasik Edward & Monica Newmann Elizabeth Phelps


2016 Annual Report

Michael Massimino Olive Branch Counseling Olivia Dougherty Palmer Corson Patrice Andre Phillip Drozd Richard & Karen Solle Ronald & Marylynn Colosimo Sally Creevy Singh Gurpreet The Allen & Mary DeLange Charitable Fund The Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago The Jeneane & Don Blom Charitable Fund Timothy Caldwell Victoria Hampton Vincent Stewart

Thank You to Our Donors! We’re grateful to the hundreds of people who contributed to LLI’s success in 2016. Each contribution helped make 2016 an amazing year, even better than planned or expected. Adela Bucio Adrianna Carlesimo Albert & Betty Vanderlaan Alyssa Zavislak Amanda Hafeman Andrea Colasanto Andrew & Jane Voss Andrew Mone Anita Abbott Anna DeVries Anthony Vanzanten Arlene Schubert Arsenio Fulton Arth Raengpradub Ashley Patel Benevity Community Impact Fund Brenda Kye Brian & Annie Kern Brian Torbik Bridget T Gamble Bruce E Leep Burton & Phyllis Rozema Caitlin Burns Carrie Cummiskey Casandra Santos Casey Stelletello Chad Kust Charles & Camille Ostergren Chris Martindale

Christine Dobies Christopher & Theresa Endres Christopher Estrada Cindy Dougherty Craig & Lisa Summer Dale & Nina Klooster Daniel & Patricia Piers Danielle Glasgow David Spaulding Denise Owen Diana Colosimo Dolores Juris Donald & Cynthia Groenewold Donald & Elizabeth Retsema Douglas Ehrlich Ed Tomasik Edward & Barbara Bara Edward & Monica Newmann Eileen Gallagher Elizabeth Allen Elizabeth Grant Emilia Rautkyl Erik Hedlund Eugene & Beth Decker France Champagne Fred & Ellen Johnson Gail Rice Gary & Beverly Meyer Gary & Jean Sinclair Gary & Mary Kozak

Glenda Lawrence Hajime Komamiya Harry & Marlene Jabaay Heidi Chakos Heidi Wistrand Helen Breems ImagineDo Isabella Resources, Inc Jaakko Malmi Jackson Junge Jacqueline Thompson James & Kathryn Wolff James Sweet Jean Hughes Jean Voss Jeffrey DeVries Jennifer Kerwood Jenny Harris Jessica Sweet Jill Carley Jill Olson Joan Austgen Johanna Kellock Johen & J. Lynne Findlay John & Carol Busacker John & Peg Daily John Dougherty John Lenihan Joseph & Kristin Hayes Judith Jongsma Judith Turk Kathleen Daily

Thank You to Our Donors! Kathryn Weissman Katie Ehrlich Keeley Madison Keith Ekman Ken Saddler Kenneth Hayashi Kristin Bolan Lara DeVries Laura Patzer Lenore Tracy Leslie Kee Linda Sweet Louis Sytsma Madeline Hooker Marilda De St Villa Mark & Annalee Ward Mark Addicks Martha Swain Marvin VanWyck Meghin Gabehart Michael & Kathryn Pisco Michael Hund Michael Peters Michelle Cormier Michelle Golden


2016 Annual Report

Minna Kulmala Monica Joy Natalie Kinsey Nina Tolja Noriko Wilson Oak Lawn Toyota Onetress Robinson Patrick & Susan Dever Paul & Joan Sendra Pete Maggio Philip & Jean Brouwer Pete Maggio Philip & Jean Brouwer Rachel Mann Raymond & Sharon Aardema Richard Cormier Robert & Abbey Bradley Robert & Irmard Owen Robert Knickerbocker Ronald & Marylynn Colosimo Rosa Mejia Ryan Accomazzo Sara Medema Satyendra & Sadhna Kumar

Scott Rombach Singh Gurpreet Skyler Stevenson Stephanie Meikle Stephanie Simpson Stephen & Julane Bellin Suzanne Zilber Tamera & James Harris Terrill Stumpf Terry Ehrlich Tetsushi Yada The C-K Group Thelma Hoogland Thomas & Laurie Pohlad Thomas & Theresa Dow Tom & Jan Chakos Unearth The World LLC William & Kristen Herman William & Sandra Vree Wines for Humanity Zachary Cooperstein Zachry Perry Anonymous

Board of Directors President: Karolyn Krol Secretary: Amy Ravenhorst Treasurer: Louella DeVries Angie Ortega Allyson Murphy Jessie Sweet Jeneane Blom

Karolyn Krol

Karolyn joined our board in 2015 after returning from serving as LLI’s English Program Manager. A native of Palos Hills, IL (U.S.A.) Karolyn assumed the role as President in 2016 and currently teaches Spanish at Marist High School.

Staff Executive Director: Lara DeVries Education Program Director: Katie Ehrlich Huaywasi Program Director: Shelby O’brien Volunteer Program Security: Oscar Mallqui, Herbir Tito Volunteer Program Cooking: Dina Collahuacho Volunteer Program Cleaning: Queta Taipe Huaywasi Logistics & Bookkeeper: Keir Hayden Science Teacher: Andrea Ramos Max


2016 Annual Report

By Christine White

Connect with us! We value your dedication and contributions of time, funds, and support. Here’s ways you can stay connected with LLI:

Join the Alpaca Club Monthly contributions are vital to LLI’s success and ability to budget accordingly. Join the ranks of some amazing people and donate monthly to us or make a one-time donation of $1,000 or more. These contributions are essential to our ability to offer thousands of classes each year.

Greet us at Events We’re present at several events throughout the year in the Chicagoland area, like our annual Alpaca Party (returning December 2017) and at fair trade markets, or similar events in the city.

Volunteer: Locally or Internationally Come out to Peru and see LLI’s impact first-hand: teach English, Yoga, intern as a program manager, and more. More information: volunteer.html Not able to make it to Peru? We have plenty of opportunities support us in Chicago at Huaywasi events, volunteer for a committee via the Board of Directors, or join us as a remote volunteer in Graphic Design, Curriculum Development and more. Interested? Shoot us an email at today!

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2016 Annual Report