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Interactive lighting systems

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Lighting that responds to your every move. LightAct is the only lighting control system with motion tracking.

Gallery Galerizi Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2012

Simple and beautiful. Simplicity LightAct Control System was designed by lighting designers for lighting designers, which means that when you use LightAct you don’t have to write any code or design any new sensors or printed circuit boards. LightAct works with standard security cameras, motion detectors and other sensors. The hardware uses sturdy DIN rail compatible housing and standard Ethernet and video cables. It is programmed using easy-to-use Windows software that does all the complex things for you. Most projects use only two types of LightAct modules (a single controller and one type of interface) and one kind of sensor. Simple.

GoraĹžde Exhibition Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2013

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Create something special.


Unique advantages There are many environments in which light plays more than just a functional role. It builds a beautiful and magical ambience, which is both inviting and astonishing. Lighting that responds to people’s movements adds another dimension of beauty and magic to any space, and can greatly enhance many different environments. LightAct creates environments that respond to you – without you pressing a button, tapping on a touch screen or clicking with your mouse. You just appear and it responds. This adds a playful and captivating quality to any project.

Key markets • Retail (shop windows, luxury stores, light boxes) • Urban spaces and façades (passages, entrances to venues, public squares and pedestrian areas) • Hospitality environments (hotel lobbies, wellness centres and spas) • Entertainment venues (dance clubs, bars and various events) • Exhibitions and museums

Interactive LightBoxes Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2011

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Intuitive Software Suite.


Familiar graphical interface Represent the space

Design the interactivity

We took great care to ensure that our software is easy to use and very intuitive.

You import a drawing of the space (.jpg, .bmp or .png), define the point of origin and set the scale.

The software has only three main functional areas and, at most, a dozen neatly designed buttons.

You can place the lights, cameras and sensors within the space defined.

Define how each light will respond to your movement – be it a 1.3 or 4 DMX channel light. You determine how far you have to be from the light for it to start changing colour or intensity.

There are only five tabs in the software; these allow you to set up everything – from A to Z.

The software will help you decide how many cameras you need to cover the space.

You can also set up what each of the four reActor inputs will do. They can be used to change the colours of the lights or change the way the lights function when people are not around. You can switch them all to full power or switch them off completely. You can also change the speed at which the lights react when you step closer.

Easy pixel mapping

Eliminate false detections

Setup the SensorView

Whenever you track motion in a video, you have to tell the system which pixel in a video corresponds to which point in real space.

You can adjust the sensitivity of motion tracking; this takes care of most instances of false detection. If there is still a particular area in the video that persistently triggers false detection, you can use tracking cut-outs, which exclude a given area from detection.

Place the sensors in the drawing of the space and tell the Suite which light should react to it.

Set the colors and intensities

Quick tips

We’ve made this process as simple as possible. It’s only 6 mouse clicks away.

Set dynamic scenes We’ve created a couple of pre-set dynamic scenes, which are used to determine the behaviour of the lights when no sensor or camera is triggered. You can adjust several settings for each of these scenes.

Each light has two colours: default and active. The default colour is activated when you are at a distance from the light, and the active colour when you step closer. The transition is, of course, smooth and continuous.


We’ve written quite a lot of quick tips for you. They are always accessible in the bottom left hand corner of the Suite. Always available. Just as we are.

Reliable hardware.


Sensors and cameras


LightAct works with many different sensors. It can use almost any PALbased camera or motion detector.

Interfaces are the links between the sensors and the controller. They collect and organise the information from the sensors and cameras and send it to the controller.

We tested several types of cameras and sensors to provide maximum reliability, and we offer them in both indoor and outdoor variants. Our cameras use IR illumination, which allows them to see in pitch dark just as well as in broad daylight. We offer indoor, outdoor, plastic, metal and anti-vandal cameras. You name it. Other sensors such as clapping sensor are in development.

Computer visualisation

The SmartView interface receives the video feed from the camera and, using a very reliable algorithm, detects people within it. It then sends this information to the controller. The SensorView interface can be connected to several sensors of different types at the same time. It detects whenever any one of them is triggered and informs the controller. All LightAct interfaces are powered by the same Ethernet cable they use for data communication.

Controller Our main controller is called the reActor. It can be connected to four interfaces of any type at the same time. It uses DMX output protocol – a standard within the lighting control industry. We provide several Extensions, which translate DMX to other protocols, such as DALI and 0-10V. It is programmed via USB connection using a computer, and it runs autonomously, deploying the autorestart feature after a power outage. It can be manually controlled via four press buttons. Additional options, such as DMX and 0-10V-integration, are coming soon, as are WiFi and LAN options.

It’s easy to work with us. We are available

We love small steps

We are small and agile

We offer seven different types of support to our partners abroad. We are accessible via Skype, instant chat, telephone, e-mail – or any platform of your choosing.

We offer a special promotion called Borrow our Light, which allows you to borrow our hardware free of charge (you only pay for the shipping & handling).

We crave your feedback, because this is what guides our development. Once you tell us which feature you require, we can usually tell you in only a couple of days how long we will need to integrate it into LightAct.

We offer continuous training support either at your site or on our premises.

This allows you to test the system before you actually buy it.

We value our partners

We can help with everything light-related

We can provide custom solutions

Our founding company, Enlighter d.o.o., is a lighting design consultancy. Together we can offer you full lighting design services, from concept to finish, light art and lighting animations.

We have an extensive network of electronics engineers and sensor experts. If you want to create something that LightAct does not yet offer, please let us know.

We know that without trustworthy and reliable partnerships based on mutual trust and respect, we cannot be successful. That is why we take great care that our partners feel good when working with us.

There is a long journey ahead of us. And we’re loving every step of it.

We can help.

Computer visualisation

Jump in and get in touch. +386 1 320 44 72

Computer visualisation

Lightact brochure 2013  

A beautiuful brochure explaining what LightAct is all about.

Lightact brochure 2013  

A beautiuful brochure explaining what LightAct is all about.