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Welcome to the LIGHT-POINT magazine. What a year it has been, and whilst everyone is still talking about Covid-19 we have been busy behind the scenes creating light. After all, that’s what we do best. Oscar Wilde once said that “The very essence of romance is uncertainty.” And I think we can ­resonate with that through the journey we have taken to create our newest product collection in these times. In this magazine we introduce you to a number of our iconic products and some newest collections in our rose gold colour. We also share knowledge of what can be achieved with a well-thought-out lighting design to create the right atmosphere in the garden, o ­ ffice space or your home. We also share some selected images to be used as ­inspiration for your lighting project. Enjoy. Ronni Gol Founder of LIGHT-POINT

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LIGHT-POINT ­Headquarter at Grønnegade, ­Copenhagen.

The Story Since 1995, LIGHT-POINT has produced innovative lighting based on a long tradition of exceptional quality and fine craftsmanship. As an independent design house in the Nordic Living Group, the company has brought an ultra-modern and characteristic collection of Danish design to the market. The innovative design process is fundamental to the company's development, and today LIGHT-POINT designs produces and distributes its entire range globally. After 25 years of development, LIGHT-POINT's design has progressed to a high international level – an achievement recognised by four Red Dot Awards since 2019. Ronni Gol is the man behind LIGHT-POINT, whereas a ­designer and CEO of the company, his passion for design is clear. This is reflected, for example, in a great deal of ­consideration for the entire design process, of which he is a very important part.

Therefore, we originally chose to work with materials such as solid aluminium. It has weight, it’s lasting, and it gives genuine character to the finished product,” says Ronni Gol, when asked about things that he has taken into account when creating the company's design direction and profile. As CEO, Ronni Gol has also established a rewarding ­collaboration with a number of other designers, and among other things, Nital Patel was appointed Head of Design in 2018 – a move that has greatly strengthened the ­development of the company and its design process. LIGHT-POINT’s designs are aimed at both home interiors and business environments. In addition, throughout its history, the company has collaborated with numerous architects and designers to create lighting that is functional and aesthetically pleasing and developed based on customer needs.

“I want a design that is razor sharp. I would like for users to experience great satisfaction throughout their own process – from purchasing, unpacking, and installing the product to enjoying the end result, when the lamp is in operation in its new environment. In terms of quality, we need to have the best.











Danish design with an international scope







The Story // 7

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No ve l t i e s


Design: Ronni Gol The vertical lines and rounded shapes give this TULIP pendant an elegant ­expression that stands out. The lamp is telescopic, which means it can be ­extended or shortened as you please. In can also be rotated in different ­directions as much as up to 25º from the centreline. The combination of the newest Titanium colour and the soft, slightly matte and brushed surface treatment of the metal provides both a vibrant and unique expression.

Novelties // 9


Design: Ronni Gol The surface mounting of the SIRIUS lamps gives the collection a ­three-dimensional expression, which is suitable for many types of rooms ­including both living areas and connecting spaces. The curved lines of the design also make it possible to direct the light upwards or downwards depending on the desired effect for the room. It also possible to connect SIRIUS to a dimmer. SIRIUS is available in black, white, and rose gold, and in three sizes. The dark metal of SIRIUS BLACK provides a refined and understated contrast to the light source itself. Any room can be illuminated with the pleasing aesthetics of our SIRIUS collection. Both white and black are classic, elegant solutions that will enhance any interior.

10 // LIGHT-POINT Magazine


Design: Jesper Juhl Pedersen RØRHAT WALL is a simple and functional outdoor lamp produced in Denmark and made from quality materials. The lamp has a classic, timeless design that will add a beautiful touch to any home. RØRHAT is available in a wide range of colours and materials: Classic black or white, raw copper, modern, galvanized metal, glossy copper, brass, or chrome, as well as an elegant option of stainless steel and rust. The RØRHAT WALL series is also available with different sockets, to provide more options for choosing a light source. In addition, this model features a ­selection of mounting plates and nameplates, to give the RØRHAT lamp a ­personalised touch.

Novelties // 11


Design: Ronni Gol The entire SPIRIT collection is created in a combination of rose gold and black. The series includes floor, table and pendant lamps. The SPIRIT F1 floor lamp and the SPIRIT T1 table lamp feature ‘touch-less switch and dimming’, for turning on and off or changing the brightness of each ­individual light source just by ­moving your hand behind it. Both light sources are attached to the pole ­magnetically, making it possible to move them as needed.

12 // LIGHT-POINT Magazine

SHADOW Design: Ronni Gol.

The curved shape provides SHADOW with an additional visual ­dimension. SHADOW can light up any room and add its unique ­aesthetics to any decor. The design has two light sources that direct light up and down. SHADOW is available in two different sizes and three colours: black, white, and rose gold. The black and white versions are also suitable as outdoor lamps. The rose gold variant is for indoor use only.

Novelties // 13











Outdoor lighting,

all year round The outdoor season is on its way and it is time to think about how you can maximize the hours spent on your terrace or balcony or in the garden. ­F urthermore, it is important to know which lighting solution works best for your home depending on location, season and mood. 16 // LIGHT-POINT Magazine

At the front door, you should choose lighting that makes it easy to find your way, ­locate your keys or make your guests feel at home. Create a warm welcome with wall lamps on each side of the door or spots above it. FACET is the winner of the ­prestigious Red Dot Award and is a beautiful, sculptural lamp.

Front door

Everyday objects should be beautiful as well as functional. Which is why COMPACT gives even the humblest item an elegance and quiet beauty that make it a pleasure to have on any wall surface. SOLO ROUND is a small, elegant ceiling lamp made of aluminium, which is perfect for installing above the door.

RØRHAT is a simple and functional wall lamp for outdoor use. The lamp is produced in Denmark using quality materials and has a classic, timeless design. Outdoor Lighting // 17

Lighting along the garden path, by the garden gate and on footpaths is important for finding your way around the property. It is a good idea to install your light low so you can easily see steps, flowerbeds or tripping hazards. Use multiple dimmed light sources instead of one strong one – that way you can also use the lamps as a sort of guide.

Garden path ORBIT GARDEN is an outdoor lamp that works optically, spreading light further and ­softer. The minimalistic design suits most gardens.

The COMPACT STAND allows you to use the COMPACT DOWN wall lamp in the garden. Together, the two products ensure a strictly ­uniform expression.

The more uneven your garden is, the more lighting you need. 18 // LIGHT-POINT Magazine

Mount the beautiful RØRHAT lamp on a stand to get the ­perfect lamp for lighting up the garden path.

With TIP, you can discreetly hide your lighting in the ceiling, while at the same time create focus on important areas of the terrace or balcony – the outside dining table or your lounge furniture so you can keep on reading that great book after darkness falls.

CUBE is an elegant and stylish wall lamp with light cones shining up and down. CUBE’s light source has three different settings so you can choose whether you want a narrow or a wide cone, or whether you want a wide light cone in both directions.

Te r r a c e s a n d balconies

COVER is a light fixture that has an aesthetic look and a solid, weather-resistant construction. The diffused light creates the perfect atmosphere and works well as backlight for a dinner on the terrace or balcony.

In the coming warmer months, we will be spending a lot more time outside. And for many, the terrace or balcony is a space for peace and relaxation. This also requires lighting, which must be both decorative but also functional when you dine outside and want to cosy up on your terrace or balcony even when it gets dark. Mounted on the wall, DELI gives your terrace or balcony an a ­ tmospheric feel. Outdoor Lighting // 19

The COMPACT wall lamp is ideal for lighting up ­driveways or garages when. Use several wall lamps side by side for a striking impact.

If you want to create a ­statement in your driveway, why not use the beautiful NOHO lamp. This lamp casts its light onto the wall.


SIRIUS’s simple design gives you ideal ground-level lighting in your driveway, so you can easily find your way when getting in and out of your car. Its simple design blends in with the wall.

Lighting is important in your ­dr­ iveway when it comes to guiding you. If you have a wall or a fence alongside your driveway, a good trick is to light these up using wall lamps. Floor lamps can also be placed along the driveway or in flowerbeds to complete the setting. ORBIT can be used both as a wall lamp and a floor lamp. This will create a beautiful symmetry in your driveway. 20 // LIGHT-POINT Magazine

Together with the existing outdoor lighting, lamps on your facade can act as an additional aesthetic element. Facade lighting comes in many shapes and sizes and can be both practical and decorative. A good idea is to think in terms of repetition to get a coherent look. The ORBIT wall lamp shines its light both up and down, making it possible to create a breath-taking look on the front facade of your home.

Facade ANGLE is a ceiling spot with flexibility and mobility. Use the lamp on the eaves of your roof and turn it to face the facade of your house for intense lighting.

SOHO is a system based on round discs that can be ­positioned creatively on your wall. Here, the black ­version has been used to create a sculptural pattern on a facade – a statement piece ­guaranteed to turn heads.

ZERO is a stylish, minimalistic and elegant wall lamp, where the light is cast both upwards and downwards. The cylindrical lamp does not steal focus even though its light has a big impact.

Outdoor Lighting // 21

Terraces and balconies act as a extended space to a home. You can easily create a cosy atmosphere on the terrace or balcony for the coming spring and summer season. We have put together a number of tips and products that can extend time spent outside even as the light fades. LANTERN is a contemporary interpretation of the classic lamp shape with a Red Dot Award-­winning design. This portable lamp is rechargeable and can be brought anywhere and suits terraces and balconies perfectly.

Lighting for that ­s u m m e r e v e n i n g v i b e CUBE creates a conical shaped light that adds an exciting effect on the wall, ideal for mood lighting around your terrace or balcony. Use several lamps of the same model to achieve a ­beautiful symmetry that ties.

LOUNGE TABLE is a beautifully made aluminium table with an i­ntegrated light underneath the t­ abletop. This r­ ainproof ­table is ideal as terrace lounge f­urniture and creates cosy lighting when ­darkness falls. 22 // LIGHT-POINT Magazine

Tips for cosy summer evenings •U se throws and pillows to create ‘hygge’ in your outdoor space. Use them to cosy up when ­darkness falls and the ­temperature drops. • I f you are looking to create ­ambiance, why not combine your electric light sources with candles. This will give you a feeling of warmth and ‘hygge’. • If you need a little extra warmth for those chilly summer evenings, you can extend your evening on the ­terrace or balcony by using a terrace heater. You can easily find many beautiful options.

The right light for your outdoors When choosing lighting for your outdoor spaces, it is important to think about the energy consumption and ­durability of the lamps. There are a lot of different types of light sources such as energy-saving lights, ­halogen lights and LED lights. And the choice is ­simple: use LED lights. All LIGHT-POINT lamps are created with LED lights, which ensures durable lamps and maximum energy efficiency. LED lights have a lifespan of 25,000-50,000 hours, which guarantees you light outside for a long time. There are many benefits to using LED lights for your outdoor spaces. They are the most energy-efficient types of light and long-lasting at the same time. LED lights are especially suitable for outdoor use and will turn on even when it is cold outside.

Convert Watt to Lumen The power of LED lights is ­indicated in Lumen. Here is how you convert: 25 watts 250 lumen 40 watts 470 lumen 60 watts 800 lumen

Outdoor Lighting // 23

Red Dot Awards

The Vantage spotlights i­mpress with their high l­ighting comfort and blend in discreetly with different interiors. Statement by the Jury

4 designs from LIGHT-POINT received the prestigeous Red Dot Award. 24 // LIGHT-POINT Magazine


Red Dot Winner 2020 · Design: Ronni Gol SOHO is a wall-mounted LED lighting system, based on recessed round tiles that can be placed creatively on the wall in every imaginable pattern. The collection is a perfect mood setter. Originally designed in 2015, the newest collection in brushed anodised rose gold finish are the newest relaunch of the decorative lamp collection. SOHO is ideal for multipurpose rooms in ­residential homes as well as in shops, offices and hotel lobbies. SOHO consists of 5 different sizes, each recessed slightly further away from the wall, allowing for overlapping patterns. Based on individual design, SOHO enables for unlimited number of tiles in one set-up. Available in black, white, gold and rose gold.

With aesthetically backlit ­s urfaces, the Soho ­lighting ­s ystem achieves a ­f ascinating overall ­a ppearance and offers a high degree of ­f lexibility. Statement by the Jury


Red Dot Winner 2020 · Design: Nital Patel VANTAGE is a state-of-the-art LED spot lamp that works optically, spreading light further, wider and softer. ­R­eplacing traditional reflectors with an optic glass provides glare free light, eliminating annoyance to the eyes. The collection is made up of two sizes and three colours; two models in a structured powder ­coated black and white models and in a brushed anodised rose gold. Each lamp is made from CNC machined high quality Aluminium which has been the best choice of material for a ­ bsorbing heat created by the LED. The spot can be pivoted at 90 degrees to the mounting point and ­rotated almost 360 degrees, providing maximum light versatility to a typical fixed spot lamp. Red Dot Awards // 25

The FACET Collection ­c onvinces with its asymmetric lines of ­s culptural appeal. Furthermore, the light distribution helps to create characteristic room ­a tmosphere. Statement by the Jury


Red Dot Winner 2019 · Design: Lars Vejen The idea behind the FACET wall lamp, was to create a simple, functional and durable design, that would become a future classic in terms of lighting. The design is based on an asymmetric extruded aluminium profile with a square-shaped back. Two different angles are cut in to shape the profile, one at the top and one at the bottom, so the dimmable LED light source spreads through the design upwards and downwards. Available in both Up/Down and Down only models and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and available in two sizes. The design is created in either powder coated black or white versions.

26 // LIGHT-POINT Magazine

Featuring geometric lines, this timeless outdoor lamp series projects an emotionally appealing overall i­mage. Statement by the Jury


Red Dot Winner 2019 · Design: Marie Holsting The design of the LANTERN collection is based on the contemporary interpretation of a classic lantern. The indirect LED light source creates an interplay of geometric areas of light and shades, lending the collection an architectural appeal. The LANTERN GARDEN version is an elegant option for outdoors. It’s available in 3 sizes. The garden versions work well as decorative individual pieces or grouped together as an installation. They are also effective as secondary lighting in larger spaces such as illuminating a passageway. LANTERN TABLE, the portable version, exists in two sizes and black and white. The wall version comes in two sizes and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use with a degree of IP54.

Red Dot Awards // 27


Lighting plays an important part in our e ­ veryday lives. It acts as both a replacement for and ­complement to natural light and comes in a variety of forms such as pendants, ceilings and spots. 1. Focusing light on a specific area of a room is great for highlighting specific details. STRIPE’s ­characteristic linear aesthetics can be used to create sculptural installations on both ceilings and walls. Combine different lengths and create your own, unique expression. 2. Ceiling spots can illuminate an entire room. GHOST is a stylish, slim spot that provides you with a soft, scattered light. Integrated into the ceiling, this lamp will be a subtle but powerful light source.



3. SURFACE is named from the large, matte light surface forming the design of the lamp. The light is dispersed around the room, thus illuminating a larger area.

LIGHTING GUIDE Getting the right lighting set-up can be tricky – but if you know the basic rules, you can easily achieve good lighting conditions in your home. We have put ­together the best tips for creating good indoor lighting.

28 // LIGHT-POINT Magazine





Use work lighting in the home wherever you do ­hands-on tasks or where concentration and creativity come to life. Practical light is especially important in your home office, in the kitchen, in the bathroom and when you want to read in bed or in an armchair. 1. It is important to have good lighting around the bathroom mirror. You can use the COVER on both sides of your mirror to create an aesthetic light fixture at the same time achieving a sculptural e ­ xpression. 2. The right work light can increase productivity by 23%. Decorate your home office with the SPIRIT T1 ­table lamp which, in addition to its elegant look, comes with a touch-sensitive dimmer with three ­different volumes. 3. The light in your kitchen is more important than you think. Prioritize sufficient light above the stove, sink and kitchen table. A good option is the F ­ OCUS LINE track light, which has a minimalist and f­unctional elegance. 4. The living room often needs to be able to ­accommodate various functions, and this require ­adjustable lighting. Use several lamps with various light sources that allow for dimming. The SPIRIT F1 floor lamp is a good example of a beautiful floor lamp with a t­ ­ouchless dimmer.

Lighting Guide // 29



ACCENT LIGHTING Accent lighting means dim, focused light for ­illuminating beautiful objects in a room. A very common form of accent lighting is spotlights that illuminate a work of art, a sculpture or an architectural detail in a home.


1. DELI is a built-in lamp with a stylish design. Place several DELI lamps along a staircase or wall panel to create effective yet cosy lighting. 2. Uplight wall lamps are great for indoor lighting. In addition to being well suited to illuminating ­different rooms in the home, they are also good for accent lighting. The AURA wall lamp is an eye-catcher with a design that combines sharp lines with technical precision. 3. CITY is a spot that is particularly well suited to illuminate works of art or a beautiful sculpture. I ts design is neat and tidy with no unnecessary frills. 4. Accent lighting is often used to highlight all sorts of things from a fine vase to an architectural detail. TIP is an elegant, smaller spot that can be angled in any direction.

30 // LIGHT-POINT Magazine


WHEN LIGHT BECOMES ART Decorative lighting usually does not have a specific function but is often used to help create atmosphere or catch people’s gaze. The light source emits just enough light to draw attention to itself without stealing focus or blind people.


1. DROP creates a beautiful atmosphere, whether it is hanging by itself or in a cluster. The lamp also comes in lengths of 60 and 90cm, which can be ­combined for an exciting effect. 2. Add dimension, plenty of character and extra space to your room with SOHO. This wall-mounted LED ­system is based on round shapes that can be placed on the wall freely in whatever pattern you can imagine.


3. The cluster of ZERO rose gold pendants creates an eye-catching sculptural centerpiece in your home. Combine any cluster of your choice using LIGHT-POINT's selection of ceiling bases.

Why LED? • LED lighting is a sustainable alternative for many different reasons. It is energy-saving, ­energy-efficient and recyclable. With LED lights, you and your household can save up to 90% compared to other types of light sources. • LED is short for Light Emitting Diode. The ­benefit of an LED light is that it emits almost no heat, meaning it uses less power than an energy saving bulb or a halogen spot. These light sources use 10% of their power for ­providing light, while 90% of their power ends up being emitted as heat.

Lighting Guide // 31

Create your own

N O H O &

S O H O 32 // LIGHT-POINT Magazine

NOHO & SOHO // 33

34 // LIGHT-POINT Magazine


Create dynamic movements or calm ­uniformity by combining different sizes and colours of the SOHO collection.

There are no ­creative ­limits with the ­award-winning SOHO lamp. The ­collection is available in four colours: black, white, gold and the new rose gold, and in five different sizes. NOHO & SOHO // 35

SOHO: S c u l p t y o u r l i g h t  . . .

36 // LIGHT-POINT Magazine

Create your own wall statement – Light for almost every interior SOHO and NOHO are wall-mounted LED lighting s­ ystems, based on recessed round or square tiles that can be placed creatively on the wall in every imaginable pattern. The collections are perfect mood setters, ­allowing you to freely create visual presence in the design of a room. SOHO and NOHO are ideal for multipurpose rooms in our homes as well as in shops, studios, showrooms, offices and hotel lobbies*.

*Please note that cables require in-built wall installation.

Unlimited set-up SOHO and NOHO consists of 4-5 different sizes, each recessed slightly further away from the wall, allowing for overlapping patterns. Based on your individual design SOHO or NOHO enables for unlimited number of tiles in one set-up. Not only is the layout of SOHO and NOHO completely customizable – the collection is available in a range of ­colours to choose from. For NOHO the pallet includes black and white. For SOHO it includes black, white and gold in a structured powder coated finish and a newly ­released rose gold in brushed finish. Each lamp is made from machined high quality Aluminium which has been the best choice of material for absorbing heat created by the LED’s.

NOHO & SOHO // 37


Create serenity or a dynamic atmosphere with your own combinations of NOHO.

38 // LIGHT-POINT Magazine

The black and white versions of the NOHO collection can also be installed outside.

NOHO & SOHO // 39

Wall size H: 175 cm w: 110 cm SOHO models 2 X SOHO W1 2 X SOHO W2 2 X SOHO W3 2 X SOHO W4

Wall size H: 250 cm w: 480 cm SOHO models 6 x SOHO W1 6 x SOHO W2 3 x SOHO W3 1 x SOHO W4 1 x SOHO W5

40 // LIGHT-POINT Magazine

For more design ideas, go to At the product pages for SOHO you can find our decoration examples. Wall size H: 550 cm w: 235 cm SOHO models 4 x SOHO W1 3 x SOHO W2 4 x SOHO W3 2 x SOHO W4 2 X SOHO W5

Because of the ­d ifferent spacing from the wall, the SOHO variants can be placed p ­ erfectly over each other. NOHO & SOHO // 41

Wall size H: 220 cm w: 120 cm NOHO models 2 x NOHO W1 2 x NOHO W2 2 x NOHO W3 1 x NOHO W4

Wall size H: 200 cm W: 200 cm NOHO models 2 x NOHO W1 1 x NOHO W2 1 x NOHO W3 1 x NOHO W4 1 x NOHO W5

Never ending combinations with NOHO. NOHO is available in four sizes and the colours black and white. 42 // LIGHT-POINT Magazine

For more design ideas, go to At the product pages for NOHO you can find our decoration examples.

Wall size H: 170 cm W: 100 cm NOHO models 2 x NOHO W1 3 X NOHO W2 1 X NOHO W3 1 X NOHO W4 NOHO & SOHO // 43












Choosing the right form of lighting is essential to creating a cosy ­a tmosphere in your home. But you need to consider more than just t­h e actual lamp. The placement of the light, which type of light source and what function the room has must be taken into account when lighting up your home. We have gathered a number of lighting options for your inspiration. Home // 45

Hallway The hallway is the first thing that greets you when you enter a home. That is why it is i­mportant to have lamps that ­provide a ­pleasant light and a good first ­impression. What lighting you choose for your hallway depends on the size of the room, the natural light and how high the ceiling is. We are experts in functional and ­atmospheric hallway lighting, which is suitable for short, long, large and L-shaped hallways alike.

L-shaped hallways The FACET wall lamp has a simple, functional and durable design that illuminates smaller nooks effectively. Use the wall lamp to ­complement a larger lamp centred in the room or spotlights, since wall lamps on their own may have a hard time lighting the entire room.

Small hallways In a small hallway, you can often get away with just using a single lamp. This could be a ceiling lamp like SHADOW, which adds an extra visual dimension to the room with a design that cast light both up and down. Spots, such as ANGLE, are also ideal for small ­hallways ­because the light can be turned in different directions ensuring a perfectly lit room. 46 // LIGHT-POINT Magazine

Large hallways In large hallways you have room to use larger lamps making sure you get enough light. Use FOCUS LINE, a track light with an aesthetic expression, to provide ideal lighting around several areas of your hallway. Depending on the size of your room, you may need to add wall lamps or pendants in nooks and corners.

Create your own personal decor If you are not into the classic single suspension lamp above the dining table or two lamps side by side, you can experiment with the beautiful DROP pendant lamp with a design that is both ­evocative but also designed with a hidden light source to prevent it from blinding you. Suspend a cluster of DROP’s at different heights above the table to create a beautiful light installation.

Dining room The dining room is the room in your home where everyone come together. It is important to choose a lamp that brings people together and creates a cosy vibe. A dining table lamp is essential because it brings t­ ogether the decor and has a practical function. With one or more lamps suspended above the dining table, you can create your very own unique and personal expression.

Long hallways In a long hallway, a single lamp is ­typically not enough because you risk the far ends of your hallway not getting enough light. A good idea is to hang several lamps of the same model, such as SURFACE with a space-saving design, which is perfect for ­smaller rooms.

Contemporary lighting If you want an ultra-modern look in your dining room, try using the beautiful SPIRIT pendant lamp. The balance between t­ ubular ­structures gives the ­SPIRIT ­collection a ­distinctive ­three-dimensional expression and provides plenty of light across the dining table. Home // 47

Kitchen Lighting is very important for both the aesthetic feeling, the atmosphere and for cooking in the kitchen. We have gathered a few examples of lamps that are suitable for the kitchen – both in terms of style, the best light sources and which types of kitchen lighting you can choose from. A kitchen should have ­general lighting but also bright light for working as well as cosy mood lighting.

48 // LIGHT-POINT Magazine

General lighting The most common form of general lighting is a ceiling lamp or pendant lamp. This is what provides the central light source and illuminates the room. SLIM is an elegant, discreet and efficient light source, which ­illuminates the room effectively with a soft, warm and diffused light.

The correct work lighting Lighting is essential when cooking in the kitchen. It needs to be bright and have the right tone in order for you to see every detail. Choose a pendant lamp like ZERO S, which offers a concentrated light on the tabletop while at the same time fitting discreetly into the decor.

Remember the cosy atmosphere Mood lighting brings character and atmosphere to your ­kitchen and can often be combined with general l­ighting ­using a ­dimmer. Give your kitchen a contemporary ­atmosphere with STICK and its simple, sculpted shape that can be used both for ceilings and walls. The direction of the light can be adjusted, and the lamp creates a beautiful, diffuse light. Choose the right colour temperature When it comes to choosing your kitchen lighting, it is important you know what ­colour temperature you want – this is ­crucial for both mood and function. Practical lighting in the kitchen If you need light for hands-on work, the best idea is to use a neutral white colour to get ideal work lighting. Mood lighting in the kitchen If you need light for more cosy ­moments, you are best off using a warm, white colour that feels homely and is easy on the eye. Home // 49

A lamp for every situation Your living room is the heart of the home and it needs to be able to work for v­ arious ­situations. That is why it is important for you to ­create the right atmosphere with living room lamps. The SPIRIT T1 table lamp has a ‘touchless switch & dimming’ function, which means it can be switched on and off or dimmed simply by waving your hand behind it. That way, you can adjust the light depending on the situation.

Create art with wall lamps Wall lamps can be practical, functional and decorative, and depending on the expression you are looking for you can use one or several wall lamps as a sort of art installation. Wall lamps are e ­ specially good for living rooms that lack floor space or for use as wall decorations. Use the NOHO collection with lamps of varying sizes and colours that can be installed as a beautiful light sculpture.

Living room The lighting in your living room has a huge impact on how you perceive the space, and you can easily change the atmosphere in your living room with ­appropriate ­lighting. A good idea is to use multiple lamps that can be turned on and off as needed and has the option of dimming. Combine functional reading lights and pleasant ambient lighting.

Find your perfect floor lamp Give your living room a pleasant light, which is both cosy and practical with a beautiful floor lamp. The SPIRIT F1 floor lamp is the perfect living room lamp placed next to sofas or armchairs. SPIRIT F1 is designed in a characteristic, three-dimensional expression that will create a timeless look in any home. 50 // LIGHT-POINT Magazine

Place bedside lamps on each side of the bed Reading requires a relatively bright and concentrated light. The light should allow you to see well, but at the same time not light up the whole room. TULIP is ideal as an alternative bedside lamp that also gives your b ­ edroom an exciting look. Extend and angle the lamp ­however you want to get the best possible lighting.

Bedroom The bedroom can be one of the biggest challenges in terms of lighting for your home. The light needs to be simultaneously atmospheric and relaxing, while at the same time ­giving you the opportunity to use it for reading or getting dressed. We recommend a good, general light source that is not blinding. For the wardrobe, you will need to find a lamp that has a brighter light, and for the bedside you will need a clear and concentrated light.

Use spots by the wardrobe For wardrobes and mirrors, it is a good idea to choose a light source that gives you a clear light with good colour reproduction. Here, you can choose to use ­integrated furniture lighting or spotlights. The ­VANTAGE spotlight can be angled 90º from its mount and can rotate almost 360º giving you maximum ­lighting flexibility compared to a traditional, fixed spotlight.

Decorative lighting SOHO is an untraditional interpretation of the classic, round wall lamp. SOHO has five different sizes each i­nstalled with a small distance from the wall allowing you to make overlapping patterns. With reflective lighting and countless configurations, you can create a beautiful light installation that also illuminates the room ­appropriately. Home // 51

Creative, indirect light Since we typically start and end the day in front of the bathroom mirror, good ­lighting around the mirror is just as important as the general lighting. STICK is a sculptural lamp that can be installed above the mirror or next to it in a vertical ­position. The LED light source is mounted to the back of the aluminium rail, which is installed at a slight distance from the wall. This creates a sculptural, indirect light that is perfect for your bathroom.

Bathroom A bathroom can be at least as cosy or well-lit as all the other rooms in your house. In the bathroom you need time for relaxation and the right bathroom lighting plays an important role here. It is a good idea to have several light sources that provide an even light throughout the room.

Look sharp with spots Installing spotlights in the ceiling will give you a ­uniform light that ­illuminates the entire room. OPTIC OUT comes in two different sizes that can be easily ­combined. The spot provides a soft light, which works well as general lighting. 52 // LIGHT-POINT Magazine

Before you start Remember to look for the IP certification When deciding where to install light sources in your bathroom, it is i­mportant that you stick to the rules for installing lamps in a wet room. Often you cannot use any type of lighting for all places in the ­bathroom. The usage depends on the IP certification, which tells you how well a device can withstand things like dust or water.





















Welcome to our

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World-class design deserves a unique framework. In the autumn of 2019, LIGHT-POINT opened the doors to a newly renovated showroom in Copenhagen, located on Gothersgade close to Kongens Nytorv. Flagship Store // 55

In order to present our design in the best possible way, we have chosen a variety of background materials. D ­ ifferent designs create their own expressions on a ­specific background, above STRIPE and right SOHO and at the bottom VANTAGE.

LIGHT-POINT has been creating light for 25 years, and we are constantly looking for new ideas and new ways of thinking about lighting. This is the creativity that we would like to share as inspiration in our new, beautiful showroom on the corner of Gothersgade and Borgergade. Here, our 800-square-metre flagship store complete with two floors of design inspiration welcomes you with expert advice and guidance, whether you are looking for a single lamp or complete lighting for all parts of your home. We created the showroom based on the idea that it should form the best possible framework for our design – in the

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characteristic mix of Nordic aesthetics and the industrial functionalism of our design. Take a seat in our lounge, where you can enjoy the atmosphere and take the time to look at our different designs. The displays allow you to fully experience the lighting functions and compositions as it would work in your own home. If you are in Copenhagen, visit our showroom to ­experience our designs and get advice from our lighting consultants. If Copenhagen is not on your way, you can always visit our knowledgeable dealers around the world.

This 800-square-metre space perfectly demonstrates what the great design can do – from sculptural light falls to superb minimalism.

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800 m2 of inspiration.

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An anniversary collection Since the mid-1990s, LIGHT-POINT has created ­innovative lighting design for both the Danish and i­nternational markets. The Rose Gold collection was developed to cele­ brate LIGHT-POINT’s 25th ­anniver­sary, and although the result may seem very simple, its j­ourney was a challenge. “We wanted to launch a collection in a completely new colour, thus adding an unprecedented hue and new dimension to our universe. We wanted a colour that would both provide a welcome alternative to the many white and black lamps available but also add something extra to the décor,” explains Ronni Gol. Rose Gold – like no other After much deliberation, the choice fell on the shade Rose Gold. It is a colour that can be difficult to put into words; instead, it should be experienced. “Rose Gold contains warm, soft shades that fit perfectly into our design language. It is not copper, not pink, and not brown, but somewhere in between these colours. However, we chose to make our Rose Gold a ­little d ­ arker and deeper in expression, so that it b ­ ecomes its very own,” describes Nital Patel, Head of Design at LIGHT-POINT. The collection consists of pendant, wall, floor, table, and ceiling lamps. All are made with a lightly brushed ­surface that not only reflects the new colour, but also adds a touch of exclusivity and luxury. Design Portrait // 61

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Q&A with Ronni Gol

Danish design. Innovation. International aesthetics. These are some of the words used to describe the Danish ­design company LIGHT-POINT. Since 1995, they have been creating designer lamps of the highest quality with a strong design language. With 25 years of in the ­industry much has happened, and we have asked Ronni Gol, the Founder and CEO of LIGHT-POINT, about the history of his company and what the future holds. How did the transition from distributor of design to designing your own product come about? Innovation and the creative process was actually the starting point for the development we have gone through. To begin with, we were distributing lamp designs that came from Italy amongst others. But after several years with unsatisfying quality and products, that did not live up to our high standards, we decided to start developing our own products. This was both in order to secure a better quality but also for us to take control of the design process. Why do you think you have such a strong position in the market? I always look at each product from the perspective of a consumer. The material, our design and the ­function has been at the heart of every product brought to market. It has always been our ambition to position the products at a medium to high price point whilst r­ etaining the premium quality. We have also received the prestigious Red Dot Award four times, which is a huge recognition of our work and thoughts.

How did your flagship store become a destination for international design? Our flagship store has been a part of the ­Copenhagen design scene for many years, and a lot of people know of our showroom. In 2019, we did an extensive remodeling introducing a new, international expression as well as expanding to 800m2. We have successfully combined Danish design with international innovation, and our exhibition changes continuously in order to keep inspiring visitors. What does the design process typically look like? Today, we design and produce almost all of our ­products and in 2018 we hired the British designer Nital Patel to lead of design department ­ensuring a ­c­o ntinuous international strategy. For us, ­lighting design is more than just form and function. It is ­concerned with how products can enhance the ­environment they are in, whether that is indoors or o ­ utdoors. We design, produce and distribute ­innovative lighting products in an ultra-modern, distinctly Danish design style focusing on the unique emotive experience. What does the future hold for LIGHT-POINT? The distinctive design style of LIGHT-POINT is ­constantly unfolding and after Nital joined us the design language of our products has been greatly strengthened. Our design collection is embarking on the next journey, so is our position and visibility in the market. We already have various agents all over Europe and the number is constantly growing. We are now aiming to enter the US and Canada, which is both a challenging and exciting new chapter for ­LIGHT-POINT.

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