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19 When One Stops

The world won’t stop turning even when one stops turning with it.

Blue Petal

An emotional and inspiring interpretation of the beautiful soundtrack provided by Trilemma. A mirage of poetic imagery travel through a timeline in a beach landscape..

Bing “You Won’t Believe This”

Featuring Hermey sharing a video he finds on Bing’s video search of Santa and Mrs. Claus playing with copious amounts of bubble wrap. Yukon, Rudolph and Hermey stare speechless as Santa’s bubble wrap trousers pop for all the Internet to see.

Portiandia “Zero Rats”

Fred Rat, Carrie Rat and a third rat friend, John, plot their pillaging strategy of a zero packaging grocery store in this hilarious skit from Portlandia.

Brave New Old

Brave New Old is about trying to be creative and the implications that has in the modern world.

The Bill Bailey Animation

From Dusk 2 Dawn magazine presents an interview with Bill Bailey. A phone conversation between Bill Bailey and Dan Lamoon was recorded and obsessively listened to by a team of creatives in the midlands.


A vampire father and son encounter a lively surprise while hunting in the woods.

Democracy is to Choose

Democracy is to choose is an animated short film directed by Vid Rajin of Media Education Centre. It tells the story of a political, social and philosophical system gone wrong.


I always thought I had a perfect memory. I wanted to show these drawings to you.


Telling dreams and nightmares through a metaphor of vision by showing the shapes of the world unrealistically.

Lucky Day

Do not call it destiny. A meeting between two unusual characters. A man lost in the desert, a loneliness reaper with backache. An unlucky day, a stupid gesture, will kill a good person.

Tired of Swimming

An old man is torn between the memory of his dead wife, a fish in a jar and the reality of his lonely existence.

The Stranger Everybody Knew

The stranger everybody knew is a documentary into the sad life of Fred the Tramp, where “Facts” taken from the local people of Wolverhampton via interviews are touchingly analysed.

Animator & Director: Jenni Rahkonen Finland, 6m30s

Animator & Director: Jon Aldersea UK, 3m30s

Animator & Director: Jerold Howard, Joe Mello, Ken Lidster USA, 0m28s

Animator: Jen Prokopowicz Director: Rob Shaw USA, 3m00s

Animator & Director: Adam Wells UK, 9m30s

Animators: Dan Lamoon, Mair Perkins, Richie Phillips Directors: Dan Lamoon, Mair Perkins UK, 7m09s

Animators: Jacqui Davis, Lauren Dorling, Matt Garbutt / Director: Jacqui Davis UK, 1m30s

Animator & Director: Vid Rajin Serbia, 02m58s

Animator & Director: Karolina Glusiec UK, 6m00s

Animator & Director: Alessia Travaglini Italy, 5m06s

Animator & Director: Beatrice Ciampi Italy, 2m10s

Animator & Director: Anna Eijsbouts UK, 5m50s

Animator & Director: Thomas Massey UK, 1m57s

FLIP Festival 2012  

FLIP Festival 2012

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