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“The portuguese football has grown a lot”

“The Portuguese League is one of the biggest in Europe”

“The Portuguese League is highly competitive”

Artur Moraes BENFICA




The 3rd best league in Europe. But not only that / That is not only that. Chile


Portugal has the 3rd Best Football League in Europe, the 4th Best in the World and was considered the 7th best European League of the XXI Century, according to the International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS) ranking. The ranking was made considering the points earned by the five best clubs in each country, since 2001, however LIGA PORTUGAL is today much more than the result achieved by their clubs at a sportive level.

Argentina Italy Germany France Portugal Brasil England Spain 0









The Competition 3 Competitions that are a Show.

LIGA PORTUGAL organizes and promotes, since the late 80’s, the 2 Portuguese Football Professional National Championships, under the sportive aegis of the Portuguese Football Federation: the Main League, called LIGA ZON SAGRES; and the second League, called LIGA ORANGINA. Since 2007/08 it also organizes the League Cup, which is played between the Clubs that compete for the LIGA ZON SAGRES and LIGA ORANGINA. The first Football National Championship, known as Championship of Portugal, was organized by the Portuguese Football Federation, in 1921. In 1978 it was founded the Portuguese League for Professional Football Clubs, today known as LIGA PORTUGAL, aimed at organizing professional competitions and offer world-renowned quality football performances, under the designs of Ethics, Commitment, Innovation, Show and Performance.

competitions. Liga ZON Sagres

During many years the competition that is now designated as Liga Zon Sagres was known as First Division Football National Championship. With the the change of the best-known competition to the field of the Portuguese Professional Football League, their names were changed. The first division was dubbed by the Primeira Liga. The arrival of the official sponsorships to the competitions, led to further changes of name for the Primeira Liga. The ZON and Sagres beer has joined to the sponsorship of the First Football League, passing the competition, from the 2010/11 season, renamed as Liga ZON Sagres. Liga ZON Sagres that is disputed by 16 Clubs and the champion is found on a sum of points bases, it’s without doubt, the most competitive and the most present in the life of the Portuguese throughout the year and often theme or pretext of conversation between strangers.

competitions. Liga Orangina

As in the queen competition, the competitions organization change from the Portuguese Football Federation to the Liga Portugal cause, a change in the competition name. The second division was then renamed Liga de Honra. The arrival of the official sponsorships to the proof, led to new changes in its name becoming known as "Liga Vitalis". Currently, the name of this professional football competition is Liga Orangina.

Competitions. League cup

Since the 2007/08 season begins to be played in Portugal a new competition, the League Cup, the third competition organized by the Liga Portugal. This competition involves the 32 clubs of League Zon Sagres and Liga Orangina, and it runs through a mix of qualifying phases and groups, ending with the Final match, already considered the biggest football event organized in Portugal and one of the most spectacular in Europe.


More than Portuguese: ‘made in Portugal’.





⏏ 40M€





Every month, the League submits to the public vote, at the global level, the better player of the month. That player “Made by Liga” becomes more exposed to the international Football World

The Portuguese League concentrates the best professionals able to find the best raw material in the world, in terms of players, coming mainly from Latin America, Africa and Europe; making them great players in multi-disciplinary terms; and put them in other markets, with rates of appreciation that sometimes surpass the 1,000%. Therefore, more than the Portuguese player, player formed and awarded by the Portuguese League is now a guaranteed of a recognized asset and valued anywhere in the World.


A deep study made by Deloitte and Catholic University, about the Portuguese Football, revealed a fact which is self-evident today in the world of football: if it is true that the Portuguese players have a high value all around the world, it is no less true that Portugal and, especially, the League is now the largest players “factory” in the world regardless of their nationality.


The factory.





Events. With or without a ball, always a show.

The League is not only the sponsor of the 3 major football competitions in Portugal, but also a company with credits obtained at international level, for the excellence of the events that organizes. They may happen on a pitch or on a stage, the League never forgets the importance of Spectacle, Punctuality, Teamwork, the Public and the Media

events. Final of the League Cup

It is, without a doubt, the big football final in Portugal. Any similarity between the stadium where they dispute the Final of the League Cup and the same stadium in any other match is a pure coincidence. The Portuguese League knows well the words “Football Party” and in the League Cup Final, detail is one of the more important word, because nothing is left to chance. And also it is no coincidence that, clubs and companies do not want to lose presence in this match. Is a quite new competition, but it has already won the title of “classic”, between the major European finals, in sporting terms and also while an event. and also while an event.

Events. Football Talks

It is an international event with an innovative format. During 3 days, football speaks of itself and gives that talk. Learn from other disciplines, and also puts at the disposal of other professions teachings, stories and analogies that are used every day in business or in the society in General.

If the similarity between a business manager and a football coach is evident, it is even more clear that this is a conversation to explore in Football Talks. Cascais hosted, in 2011, the first edition of Football Talks, with great success. From that day, any big city in the world could host the Second Edition.

Events. Kick-Off

The Kick-Off is one of the most emblematic events produced by the Portuguese League with 6 television hours. The event that marks the beginning of each season, brings together 3 events: the Council of Presidents; the draw of the competitions, which dictates the calendars of the sportive season; and, to close, the League's Official Awards Gala, where the best of the previous season are recognized and come to the history of football, and where the sponsors and partners of the League always want to attend.


Brand Apps. Magazine Liga Directa

It is the League magazine. A premium publication to a premium audience. Fully edited and produced by the communication Department of the League, the magazine Liga Directa has a selective distribution of 2.000 copies to a database of highly targeted recipients. In addition to being an excellent channel of communication for our sponsors and partners near a decision-maker audience, is a is a magazine that deepens innovatively matters of interest to the world of football, not only in sports, but also in the economic, legal, marketing, etc.

Brand Apps. Digital League



MENSAL LIGA VIRTUAL ZON SAGRES ANALYTICS 298061 20274 8499,5 7577 7151 6569,5 4992 3828 2653




MENSAL 315956 2422 1873 1594 1196 1161 902 878 464


Brand Apps.

The figures speak for themselves. But it is worth remembering that it is here, on the official website of the LIGA PORTUGAL (Portuguese League), which every day, when Portugal falls asleep or when the Australia wakes up, that thousands of fans follow the news, the calendar, or the official results of the LIGA PORTUGAL. Be in the League Digital space is being where the fans look for information about emotion, and have time and willingness to absorb the information.

Brand Apps. Liga Virtual ZON Sagres

Is the latest Fantasy League launched in football world, but in 5 months became leader in Portugal and one of the world's favorite, reaching impressive numbers, as more than 70,000 registered teams; more than 1.5 million visits and over 15 million page views. The fact that it is online, not be subject to human arbitrariness judgment and powered by one of the most advanced game statistics systems in the world (exactly the same as using the best coaches on the planet), helped the League to be considered Virtual and nobody wants to miss. Much less the brands who seek awareness of the brand and product.

ÂŤI confess that I'm a fan of your League and for years I play the Fantasy Premier League. At this time, the League Zon Sagres surpasses the Virtual English.Âť Miguel Maia Aires

Brand Apps. Portuguese League Mobile

Definitively, wherever you are, the LIGA PORTUGAL (Portuguese League) will be there, just a tap away, in an Apple or Android environment. All the information’s that interest to the most ardent fan or more curious, are there, in the Palm of your hand.

Brand Apps. Liga Virtual ZON Sagres Mobile

Soon, players of Fantasy League of LIGA PORTUGAL (Portuguese League) no longer will have to be near a computer to choose your team. Wherever they are, they can have the Virtual League ZON Sagres in their Pocket, waiting for bouncy balls and winning strategies.

Brand Apps. We Transfer Channel

Every day, thousands of people around the world use the channel We Transfer of the League, to send their heavier files, publicizing the competitions and the clubs of Our football.



Return on Investment. Media Report

Be sponsor or partner of the Portuguese League and of its competitions, is a guarantee to be associated with a powerful media return machine.

€ 70.351.070,-

According to a recent study by an economic daily, Diário Económico, each League ZON Sagres game is seen on average by 1.3 million viewers. According to the multinational media evaluation, Cision, Liga ZON Sagres is the favorite of the Portuguese competition. In a ranking conducted by the newspaper O Jogo, 3 matches of the Portuguese League competitions entered in the top ten of the season 2011-2012 audiences, alongside Portugal qualification matches for Euro 2012, as well as Champions League matches played by Portuguese teams. Any of those League matches exceed 1.7 million viewers. For all these reasons, the return indices of the main sponsors of the LIGA PORTUGAL (Portuguese League) exchanging 70 million euros; and the LIGA appears as the platform for the promotion of the mark in football, not only by the guaranteed return, but because it is a way immune to fans clubs preferences.


28.299.261,Source: CISION, 2011

Return on Investment. Public Relations

The sponsors of Portuguese League have privileged access to areas of participating clubs ' stadiums. Only one sponsorship gives access to all stadiums and opens doors to an invaluable public relations tool and creating or strengthening emotional ties with their clients. Sponsors of Portuguese League have at their disposal various levels of access to VIP areas and benches or cabins in all stadiums of professional clubs.

«the Sagres regained the market in October 2008, already having started the relationship with the League. Since 20 years ago we were not a market leader. The sponsorship of the League was decisive for this.» Alberto da Ponte CEO

«. be associated with an institution with the credibility of the League, allowed the bwin brand notoriety consolidate along the Portuguese and the continuity of this relationship, which began in 2005, leaves no doubt as to the excellent results of this strategic option» Paulino Moraleda Country Manager «…This bet on Liga Orangina has allowed us to gain distribution, to achieve clients in a sustained and gradual way. We have reached the end of 2010 with a presence of over 15 thousand Orangina in points of sale. (...) sales nearly tripled» Carlos Santos Country Manager «I have no doubt that the League helped us leverage the brand ZON» Lígia Silva Directora de Comunicação e Marketing da ZON

«the League has been, in recent years, give solid evidence of the course of professionalization which is, for us, the correct path. This professionalization gives us solid guarantees on the bet that we decided to do.. João Machado dos Santos Administrador


Brand Activation. Commercial return To be sponsorship or partner of LIGA PORTUGAL (Portuguese League) it is the best way to reach all audiences, through a effective communication platform and of great notoriety. The football of LIGA has the unique ability to generate spontaneous notoriety to the marks that need recognition to rapidly penetrate the market. But it is also a unique way to activate mars positioning and generate selling increase, through the marketing intelligence planning..

Brand Activation.

Targeting Although football is a transversal content to the society, it is easily segmental, due to the quantity of qualified/skilled information the League has available. So proper/special target, like Infantile, Feminine, age or regional segmentation, can be easily mobilized to meet the emotional involvement with the marks, through the League contents, already existing or created for the purpose, easily enriched by these targets. Example of this is LIGA ZON KIDS, a competition drawn by ZON, with the LIGA PORTUGAL (Portuguese League) quality seal, which is already a case-study, with the participation of 10.000 children all over the country.

Brand Activation. Positioning Activation Football is one of the best activators in the world. Rare are the communication platforms/axis where there is no winning analogy through Football. Banif - Liga Portugal Official Banc – has had the knowledge (how) to activate its positioning through the various examples that Football offers.

Brand Activation.

Traffic LIGA PORTUGAL (Portuguese League) and its competitions collect several items and situations which are not usually available to the great audience. One of them are the competition trophies. The supporters dream, week after week, with its team lifting these trophies at the end of the season. But in the end they eventually see these precious pieces at distance or in newspapers pages. To show them in public places, such as our sponsorships points of sale, it is an unequivocally guarantee of points of sales traffic generation and communication buzz. .


Social Responsibility.

Against Leukemia A great mark/brand has a huge social responsibility. Not only because Football is transverse to the society and, thus, is also responsible for the fostering of good values and social practices at a large scale, but also because of its strength among the masses , LIGA PORTUGAL (Portuguese League) is aware that every message it is relayed, is a message which will reach million of people, in every corner of the World.

For this reason, League is always ready to help big causes and make them real masses phenomenon.

Liga Portugal_Sponsorship Case Book  
Liga Portugal_Sponsorship Case Book  

Liga Portugal_Sponsorship Case Book