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Lifupa Conservation Lodge Kasungu National Park

‘The most beautiful things in the world must be felt with the heart.’

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‘Would you like to immerse yourself in the pristine beauty of Kasungu National Park or simply lounge around a swimming pool with the possibility to simultaneously protect Kasungu National Park and the region around it? This is possible. is your starting point to Act, Share or Invest, without harming Nature, People or Climate. Get active and together we guard this region.

Lifupa Conservation Lodge offers you a confortable stay. The lodge is recently reopened for visitors and stands for tranquillity, purity, relaxation and involvement. Anyone who chooses Lifupa Conservation Lodge has actually chosen to Act. Enjoy More‌. Protect more.


Sublime lodge experience in Kasungu National Park Lifupa Conservation Lodge is a peaceful and beautiful retreat adjacent to a small lake and located in Kasungu National Park within Malawi. The 12 round rooms are covered by a thatched roof, suspended under the thatched roof is a spacious and comfortable place to sleep equipped with en-suite bathrooms, including hot and cold running water, showers, and flush toilet.

Kasungu National Park, established in 1970, is the second largest in Malawi at 2,316 km² and lying at approximately 1,000m above sea level. It is located in the Central Region approximately 165km north of Lilongwe.

Each luxury room is nestled around the central dining area, enabling guests to enjoy the environment in private but yet close to the place of dining. The rooms are placed in varied settings, most rooms are situated direct in front of the lake, but all have a lake view. The main dining area is a large thatched structure built using weathered olive wood trees found on the land. Next to the dining area is a swimming pool. From the dining and pool area, guests can enjoy the view of the lake and its stunning sun rising.


Kasungu National Park

With the unimaginable potential for something ‘just a little different’ We offer fascinating guided tours within the park, for example to Black Rock or ancient wall paintings. You can also simply enjoy the stunning view of the lake in front of the lodge where you can see elephants, hippos and a whole variety of other wildlife. Through Act to Protect ( we are constantly developing new volunteer programmes. You can also share your money with new businesses around Kasungu National Park.


And the difference lies in idealism Although commercial considerations are indispensable in this respect, Lifupa Conservation Lodge is utterly convinced that the principles underlying its operations must be idealism and innovation. Our philosophy behind the phrase Enjoy More, Protect More is that with your stay, you enable us to share profits. All profits are used for conservation and development of the region.



And you control the costs involved


Lifupa Conservation lodge offers both basic and luxurious facilities. Our main lodge is luxurious, but in our large campsite with a couple of bandas, you can still enjoy the park but with the lower costs associated. This will ensure that your stay in a lodge will provide an excellent place to enjoy a weekend or midweek off, start or end a holiday – or rest during it – which is favoured by travellers with a large variety of preferences:

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An active holiday – climb Black Rock or go for a safari within the park; More action - stay for a longer period of time and join us in our search for the illusive painted dog that occur in the park. For more information visit A relaxing holiday (in luxury or otherwise) – surrender to the care of the friendly, helpful staff, swim, sun, dine sumptuously and relax; or enjoy a combination of both – everything is possible.


For more information about Lifupa Conservation Lodge, bookings and costs we would like to refer you to our website, There you will find all required information. For the purposes of clarification we would like you to know that we do not offer you any tickets, insurance or organised travel. You can book online through our website, however if you have special travel needs, we prefer that you book at a travel agency of your choice or through one of our preferred partners for travel. Should you wish to make a reservation online, please visit

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Head for Kasungu National Park Malawi And visit Lifupa Conservation Lodge

‘The most beautiful things in the world must be felt with the heart.’ | 11 |

Enjoy a different lodge experience Lifupa Conservation Lodge Private Bag 151 Lilongwe MALAWI Tel. E-mail Website

+ 256 (0) 999 768 658

This brochure is published by Act to Protect Ltd in Malawi. Š January 2012 Although the greatest care has been taken to prepare this brochure, no rights may be derived from its contents or this publication.

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