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Current trends in the pipes, pumps & valves market from Vac-Cent

Reliable, heavy duty extraction pumps

As times of uncertainty prevail amidst a global health pandemic, Vac-Cent shares their opinion and trends of the pipes, pumps and valves market. Tell us a little about yourself and your professional background – In the vacuum business since 2001. Started as valve salesman and moved on to GD Nash Liquid ring vacuum pumps. All vacuum pump training and knowledge was acquired in house and practical experience on customer sites. Gained much of the experience through the paper mills, sugar mills and general industry. Appointed sales manager and in 2011 became General Manager. Appointed MD of Vac-Cent 2014

short and long term.Obviously there is a notable reduction in local mining and production projects and this is having a knock-on the downstream companies who are in South iqEvac effect filtrateonpumps are manufactured 100% reliant on new developments and projects to ensure a Africa as heavy duty process extraction pumps for presustainable separators future. and filtrate receivers.


How has your business been impacted by the current crisis and how are you navigating it to remain competitive in the market? As all businesses have had to make sacrifices in regard to turnover, we are in a good position with regards order intake due to the importance of our equipment and or client base which includes chemical, food and beverage, mining, and general manufacturing industries. Significant reduction on order intake over the lock-down period will have a knock on effect for the foreseeable future but sound financial planning and control will insure that no short time or job loss will be on the cards, this being based on the current situation. What are the biggest challenges facing the pipes, pumps and valves sector today? Importation of pirate pumps and parts from China and India and fly-by-night repairers. So many companies are turning to repairs of specialized equipment and are running into difficulties with the final “repaired” or “refurbished” item.

What is your outlook for pipes, LiqEvac filtrate pumps arepumps and valves in TWO SIZES South Africa? proudly South African and are

What are the trends in the sector that you are seeing? What do you attribute it to?

compatible with all company current in this outlook? There What is the role of your • The 2x9, models in the will always be afield. market as long as there is anLiqEvac industry. We maximum flow of hope the government’s plans include the development of 3 60 m /hr or 1 000 the manufacturing BUILT TO industry LAST the country so we can export litres/ min, ranging from 100 to more. 300kPaG pressure These heavy process Vac-Cent Servicesduty (Pty) Ltd has been around for 38 years extraction pumps are trust designed and has built a special with customers also 4x9, • The and LiqEvac for pre-separators and filtrate outside project houses who are involved our borders. maximum flowWe of receivers. The LiqEvac pumps 3 have completed new projects in Mozambique and the DRC 225 m /hr or 3 750 litres/ are available all SGbusiness iron, allout of these regions. recently more in possible min, ranging from 75 to 316 stainless steel wetted ends 310kPaG pressure Do have any keyof lessons learned during these trying andyou combinations SG iron times that yousteel. can share with our readers? and stainless

Importation of pirate pumps are on the increase and will eventually effect users production and repair costs in the

Spend your money wisely and save for the bumps in the road.

The units are being fitted with substandard components and actual expected operational lifetime is being compromised. Clients are using these repairers because they are trying to save money, which is understandable, but the compromise to longevity and quality is not worth the investment.

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Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa - May/Jun 2020

Profile for Lifting Africa

Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa May/Jun 2020  

Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa May/Jun 2020

Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa May/Jun 2020  

Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa May/Jun 2020