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From pumps to masks – fighting Covid-19

funds to non-profit organisations as well as water technology equipment in support of temporary hospital construction efforts. In a statement, the company said it was important to not just be focussed on their core task of ensuring no disruptions to water supply, but also to look at creative ways to re-purpose their technologies for healthcare applications. In this regard, it decided to repurpose one of its flow control pumps, normally used in the pharmaceutical market, for ventilators. From millions of dollars donated for research to the changing of production lines to deliver supplies and equipment to use on the frontlines of this global battle, it has been unprecedented. Pump and valve companies also took up this global call to arms. Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa finds out more. It took the Grundfos team only 36 hours to deliver a visor prototype after being called by a medicines agency in March asking for assistance. The global pump manufacturer was ready for full-scale production, to begin with, the ability to deliver 5000 face shields daily.


Companies around the world have stepped to the fore showcasing versatility and commitment in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

International pump manufacturer Sulzer realised its need for faces marks to keep its production sites around the world operational would add strain to already stressed medical equipment supply chains. According to Darius Pardivala, president of Rotating Equipment Services Americas for Sulzer, the health and safety of employees has become of critical importance due to the global Covid-19 pandemic.

“I am incredibly proud of our skilled colleagues, who have established this so quickly. It is imperative that everyone contributes to solutions in any way possible, so we can support our health and care staff in the fight against coronavirus. We are ready to do everything within our power,” said Morten Bach Jensen, Grundfos Group Vice President. A key factor in developing the visor was making it easy to manufacture and easy and convenient for staff to use. Consisting of a normal sheet of A4 foil attached to a plastic frame it was distributed around the world in countries where Grundfos have a presence. “It is very important for our company to take social responsibility. We can help produce something, which is a deficiency, and this is not something we have to make money from. It’s just an attempt to help,” said Jensen. As countries around the world continued to lockdown, anxiety over the pandemic rose. This saw Grundfos sponsor a book for children aged between 5 and 8 about the coronavirus. Titled Milton and the invisible coronavirus the purpose of the book is to teach and explain in a non-frightening way to children what corona is as well as why there is a need to be careful about hygiene and contact with others. Pump manufacturer Xylem also decided to produce face shields. “This is an extraordinary time, as communities around the world come together to face the challenge of Covid-19. Life is being disrupted in many ways for nearly everyone,” said CEO Patrick Decker, who led the company in donating

“Being an essential service with many clients in the energy sector we had to very quickly take drastic measures and put procedures in place to ensure our business continued uninterrupted,” he said. With demand at its peak for N95 masks used by medical staff and first respondents, Pardivala said they did not want to see Sulzer’s demand increase to facemask shortages. It, therefore, commissioned a 3D printing company to design and print a reusable facemask for use by Sulzer employees. It has since extended this brief and commissioned the company, Essentium, to also design and print re-usable masks for children that Sulzer has distributed at youth shelters. The reusable mask frame allows for easy cleaning and is used with a single-use, replaceable filtration media. Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa -May/Jun 2020


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Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa May/Jun 2020  

Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa May/Jun 2020

Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa May/Jun 2020  

Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa May/Jun 2020