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COVID-19: Solutions that pump with value in the fight to flatten the curve

There is no denying that the global novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has introduced unprecedented challenges. However, as nations scrambled to come to grips with the changing context – particularly in the early stages of the lockdowns - efforts to combatting the impacts of the pandemic have also lead to some of the fastest innovations that markets have seen in decades. If we look at testing and pharmaceutical laboratories, for example, certainly these facilities across the globe have been under immense pressure to meet the duality of demands; to ramp up on people screening test requirements and keeping up with research and development in the race to find a vaccine, or at least the right mix of antibody-based COVID-19 drugs, that can be rolled out at speed and scale. Amidst the chaos of these pressures, these working environments demand extremely hygienic conditions. There is no room for error, as even the slightest contamination can render a screening test or drug sample batch inconclusive and/or unusable, which could set research back and this poses a knock-on risk to societies ability to recover. And having the right equipment in place in the labour for the production of pharmaceutical products is missioncritical. Taking this a step further, and at the heart of maintaining the highest levels of hygiene standards means having fit-for-purpose pumping solutions that have been designed and built to eliminate any risk of contaminants

during production. In laboratory and pharmaceutical environments, processes must be reliable, repeatable and error-free. To maintain this sustainably – and with the ability to adapt and quickly ramp up production when necessary – technicians need high-quality equipment and machinery that is reliable and meet the highest hygiene standards and accuracy rates 100% of the time, to ensure the quality of their product is always of the highest standard!


The Packo 3A certified pharmaceutical process pumps of the PHP2 series are used for the most demanding sterile applications in the pharmaceutical, biotech and semiconductor industry. These perfectly cleanable pumps have stainless steel 316L pump casings constructed in thick cold-rolled plate, 100% non-porous and extremely smooth.

As a global leader in advanced industrial and niche market pump solutions and laboratory equipment, we understand that navigating the technical obstacles of selecting the right pumping solutions for specific scientific and/or processing applications can be complex. Especially when the application requires a solution that offers the best fit and cleanability, as well as certified quality that is compliant with hygiene and safety standards. This is why we provide a one-stop offering of advanced, cost-effective, efficient and long-lasting solutions. Our hygienic pumps for the production of pharmaceutical products solve all challenges: from extremely high or low viscosity to shear sensitivity liquids and of course abrasive fluids. Our solutions are also comprehensively certified, available in different surface qualities and offer the best cleaning and self-draining capability. Verder Pumps, +27 (0) 11 704 7500, info@verder.co.za, www.verderliquids.com



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