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LEEASA NEWS To all good standing and unpaid members On the 11th of February 2021 we received a request from ECSA as per the below. “The Engineering Council of South Africa is requesting a current list of all members who are registered with your Institution, and a list of members whose memberships were cancelled in the past year, to enable the Council to update its database accordingly for the purposes of granting annual fee discounts to active members who are registered with your Voluntary Association (VA).” Please ensure you have your membership certificate if already paid and submitted the compulsory information for record keeping purposes, if not please ensure you submit any outstanding documentation as soon as possible to ensure the certificates are issued timeously. We are also preparing our first run of the new ID Cards and this will enable us to be more efficient when printing the new cards and ensuring the issuing of the

new cards in an acceptable timeframe. Thank you to all the members who have paid already, you can be assured that your names will be on the list submitted to ECSA. We understand some of you are experiencing difficult times and encourage you to approach us to discuss payment arrangements if required. If you have not received your invoice, please do not hesitate to contact admin@leeasa.co.za and ensure it is paid timeously to ensure you are included on the list to ECSA. We will be sending the list of good standing members to ECSA on the 1 March 2021. Be on the lookout for the special “LEEASA Version” of Lifting Africa coming soon as well as our New Website! Should you require any further information or assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. Yours in Safe Lifting Ashley Davis ________________ LEEASA Chairman


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