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April 2012

News Line Transformation ...the real deal!

With great anticipation, cameras ready, my wife and I couldn’t contain ourselves when in December our 2 year old daughter appeared for her first Christmas school play. It was chaos, kids crying because they didn’t want their costumes on, some just walking off stage, while others tried to find their parents in the audience. Even with the chaos, I still thought that it was the greatest play in the world and was the proudest dad ever, not knowing that a few minutes after the curtain was lowered, I would experience yet another incredibly proud moment… The team that worked with the children the whole year, was called onto the stage to receive certificates for incredible work done and a little thank you gift. And there, in and among the “professionals” on stage, stood my other daughter… “adopted” daughter...LifeXchange daughter, wearing a very fancy dress which I know was borrowed since her wardrobe consists only of a few worn t-shirts and a pair of jeans. Testimony of a life truly transformed, here’s her story: Age 15, Andrea fell pregnant by a gang member and drug addict within Ocean View. Not knowing who her dad was, she lived with her mom, whom had fallen pregnant with Andrea when she herself was only 16. Being pregnant meant dropping out of school and becoming another youth-at-risk statistic. We decided to make Andrea part of LifeXchange and soon found that this energetic adventurous young lady had one great concern; the health and future of her baby. With help from Kingsbury Hospital we organized that Andrea and her boyfriend be treated like celebrities and received sonar and 3D scans from the best. Cape Dentures, also came on board and provided Andrea with all the dental care and support she needed to transform her appearance. A very healthy baby boy, Carlo, was born in January 2009 and soon Andrea’s love for her child turned into a dream to one day run her own crèche for mothers like her. St. Andrew’s Anglican Perish in Newlands, heard about Andrea’s dream and gave her a bursary to further her education which she did and graduated with a NQF4 qualification in Early Childhood Development in 2011. Today she is one of the very capable staff members at the crèche which my own daughter attends. Andrea continues to better herself by allowing others at work to mentor and teach her and has just completed her first aid course last week! She is saving to buy a “bungalow” so she can move out of her current living conditions and offer a good stable life for herself and her son. The cost of this is R18 000. But it is amazing to see how in her mind she has already moved out. With NO additional support she fully and independently provides for herself and Carlo, buying their clothes, paying for his crèche fees, even buying and cooking their own food separately to provide a good healthy meal every day. The one thing however, that makes me more proud than anything, is that on New Year’s Eve, while the world was throwing wild parties, celebrating, and dancing themselves into 2012, Andrea, once being the wild party animal of Ocean View, decided to enter her new year surrounded with four little children, having her own little New Years Eve Crèche in someone’s garage.

Our cool events School of Cookery Fundraiser On the 2 February Pick ‘n Pay allowed us the opportunity to have a free of charge cooking demonstration on behalf of LifeXchange to which we were able to raise some money by selling tickets as well as LifeXchange labelled wine! A sought after limited edition! It was great fun learning to prepare a 3 course Asian style meal. It was such a success that LifeXchange plans to host such a fundraising event again, making it even bigger and better! So watch this space for more to come.. People’s Trail Thanks to SANPARKS a group of LifeXchange members, mentors and volunteers spent two days with back packs on our backs trekking the secret trails of Table Mountain spending the night in a cabin with a stunning view of the escarpment and enjoying some great quality time together, relaxing and chatting. Look forward to our return in October. Fish Hoek Squash Club raffle It is always special and encouraging when local business, individuals etc support LifeXchange in the best way they know how. Fish Hoek Squash Club has been amazing to us by giving us fully sponsored membership as well as some beginners training classes. But they really seek to back our cause as much as possible and at the Summer League finals we were able to run a small raffle which was well supported by everyone at the club and first prize; a squash racquet valued at R1150, Rodney Durbach’s book Playing with the pro’s and 4 bottles of wine went to Rohan Fraser... Congratulations!

The Power of the individual The power of the individual is never underestimated. Our individual support base brings in 50% of LifeXchange’s income. This said, from a support perspective it is the individuals that really make LifeXchange possible by offering not only financial support but sharing their expertise, skills and profession and a platform for LifeXchange to tap into. For example, their marketing companies, medical, law, painting, Frisbee, squash, handyman, often become our marketing, medical and painting companies. We are blessed to have lawyers, accountants, designers, teachers, brain specialists and medical doctors on our team. We are truly a specialized functioning organization because of the individual involvement and support we receive. A BIG thanks to all!

Welcome to the team! We are privileged to have three new faces join the LifeXchange “brain” for 2012: Alyce Solomon, expert in strategic planning, has joined LifeXchange to help us better our systems, processes and just 1. make life easier for everyone! Thanks Alyce, looking forward to working with you. Claire, an energetic and vibrant Scottish lady with her creative genius Ben, will be 2. assisting LifeXchange on branding & marketing. Together they have loads of expertise in the NPO sector and we believe that they will really help to place us on the map! Berni Neveling, owner of Spotted Zebra, a commercial merchandise agency, has

3. signed ‘allegiance’ with us yesterday assuring her support in making the LifeXchange brand a professional and potent brand - thank you Berni & team

Please pray with us for: • •

We are in desperate need of a vehicle

Endurance, persistence and great wisdom

We desperately need mentors. Pray that God will raise up

Camping this weekend—pray for breakthroughs!

people that will commit to journeying with one person.

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April 2012 Newsletter  

Testimony of a life truly transformed, here’s her story: Age 15, Andrea fell pregnant by a gang member and drug addict within Ocean View. No...