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Manners Matter

• To tell someone they did a good job. Everyone likes to get personal mail, like thank-you notes and invitations. What kinds of letters or invitations have you gotten in the mail? About note cards and personal with Truman and Mrs. F letter stationery: A well-mannered person, male A Note about Notes or female, should have a set of note cards and This is National Letter Writing Month, and I matching envelopes to be used for writing wanted to talk a little about a funny word: thank-you and other kinds of personal notes. stationery. This is pronounced stey-shuh-ner-ee While it is true that you should buy the best and means letter or note paper used quality that you can afford, and paper with a for writing or typing either business high cotton content is the most desired, the only or personal correspondence; usually thing that you absolutely must remember is accompanied with matching that you should thank people in writing for envelopes. gifts, favors, dinner parties, etc., given. Do you know what What kind of paper and design the correspondence is? All it means is notes are matter not nearly as much as letters that are written! the actual effort and content of the One kind of “personal correspondence” is written thank you. It is nice if you can splurge called a “note.” Most often, we write “notes” to (spend a lot) on engraved note cards, but when thank someone, but there are other reasons we that is not an option, the person who gets your may want to write to them, too. These may be: thoughtful note will greatly appreciate any off• To express thanks to someone for giving the-shelf (plain) note that you took the time to you any kind of gift — Christmas, birthday or send! Personal note stationery is about the size other. of a post card and can either be a single card or • To say thanks for inviting you to a party or fold over. a dinner or other get together (commonly called Check the office supply store for an affordthe bread and butter note). able option: they have blank note cards, and it is • To say thanks for any special treatment or simple enough to print your own on your home favor you received. computer with little technical expertise and little

expense. Note cards can have your initials or some other design at the top. Again, the goal is to make the effort to let someone who has done something nice for you know how much you appreciate it. Some people prefer to write letters instead of cards — these personal writing sheets should be 7-1/4 to 7-1/2 wide X 10-1/2 inches long and have envelopes to match. These are used for letter writing, as well as thank-you letter writing, and are generally not used in business. Most any color is acceptable nowadays, but white, ecru, light blue and perhaps pale pink are most traditional and are always appropriate. These can have your monogram (the letters of your first, last and middle names combined in a pretty design) or your name at the top, and the envelopes can have your address printed on the back flap. Again, plain letters are perfectly fine — it is always the thought behind the letter that counts. Truman and Mrs. Susan Fleming will be glad to answer your questions on manners and etiquette. Mrs. F is a home economist, editor and lifestyle writer specializing in entertaining and children’s etiquette. E-mail your question to manners@ If we use your question in the paper, you will receive a Kidsville News! t-shirt!

Are You Ready for Camp?

Visit for the answer! Series by Mary Jane McKittrick Illustrations by Bob Ostrom

Paws for a lesson in TEAMWORK.

A community project takes on new meaning when Boomer and Halley get involved and try to help. “I’ll stir the paint with my paw,” says Halley, “That should work.” “Have you ever done this before?” asks Boomer. “Get ready with the brush,” says Halley. Boomer shakes his head. “I sure hope this works!” “Oh Boomer,” says Halley, “What could go wrong?”


Boomer and Halley are working as a team because: a) They don't like each other. b) Halley's in charge. c) They're in trouble. d) They have a goal.

For the answer and a chance to win a prize, go to the FUN STUFF page at!

APRIL 2009

Spring has sprung, and that means the weather is warmer and you are spending more time outside. It also means that your parents are starting to think about what kinds of activities you will be doing during the summer. Have you ever been to a summer camp? There are all kinds of camps to consider. Sports, music and arts camps let you focus on one type of activity, and there are summer camps where you get to try lots of activities, like crafts, canoeing and swimming. Camp can be a great way to discover new things and make new friends. At day camp you go for just the day (or part of a day), and at overnight camp you actually spend the night! If you are not quite sure if you are ready for sleepover camp, take the following quiz. Just answer True or False and share the answers with your parents. F F F F F F F F F F F F

I have never slept over at anyone’s house before. I have slept over at a friend’s house a couple of times, but I didn’t like it. I’ve gone on more sleepovers than I can count! I like to spend lots of time by myself at home. I like to spend some time with friends, but I need time alone, too. I love spending time with my friends — the more time the better! If I had to choose between reading or swimming, I’d choose reading. I love to play games and sports with other kids. I have never slept outside before. I think it would be scary. I’ve never slept outside, but it sounds fun! I’ve slept outside and hated it. I’ve slept outside, and it was great!

(Parent’s note: Use the answers to help you decide if your child is ready for sleepover camp.)



Kidsville News - April 2009  
Kidsville News - April 2009