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Dragonball Evolution (In Theaters: April 8) Goku (Justin Chatwin - War of the Worlds) seeks to fulfill his adoptive grandfather’s dying request to track down Master Roshi (Chow Yun-Fat) and assemble all of the seven Dragon Balls that together can be used to control the universe. Goku must assemble the Dragon Balls before the evil Lord Piccolo (James Marsters) does in order to stop the warlord from using them to take control of the Earth. This science fiction martial arts action/adventure movie was adapted from the manga graphic novels created by Akira Toriyama. Look for plenty of fiery spectacle, high kicks and video-game imagery. Emmy Rossum (The Phantom of the Opera) and Jamie Chung (Samurai Girl) star. Rated PG for intense sequences of action/violence and brief mild language. (20th Century Fox) Hannah Montana: The Movie (In Theaters: April 10) Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus), AKA Hannah Montana, finds her busy life as a pop star isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when all of the fame and adulation become too much for a young girl to bear. With the help of her dad (Billy Ray Cyrus), Miley takes a trip back to her hometown of Crowley Corners, Tennessee, to look at her life from a more down-home way of thinking. Miley discovers that there are plenty of local adventures to be had enjoying small-town life in a rural community where she can be free of the pop culture demands that threaten to confine her. Rated G (Walt Disney Pictures) Earth (In Theaters: April 22) The voice of Darth Vader, James Earl Jones, narrates this lively and majestic nature documentary that traces a year in the life of our planet by way of some its most enchanting species. Fledgling birds take their first flight, monkeys contort their little bodies while crossing a river and a polar bear floats on a lone iceberg looking for his next meal. Beautiful lush photogra-


phy from the team of highly skilled filmmakers behind the Emmy Award®winning Planet Earth, take the audience on an unforgettable global adventure. It’s no coincidence that the movie opens on “Earth Day.” Rated G (Disneynature) Movies on DVD

Bob the Builder: On Site Skyscrapers (DVD Release: March 17) The ever-smiling construction worker Bob the Builder shows how the high-rise foundations of urban life are built with plenty of real-life support from workers and machines shown doing the actual work of building skyscrapers. Even parents can learn a thing or two about how skyscrapers are put together. This particular DVD hasn’t been shown on television, and includes playtime encouragement for kids to build their own living room skyscrapers. The DVD includes English, French and Spanish language choices, a bonus episode, a “Build It with Bob Puzzle” and a trivia game. Not Rated (All Ages) (Hit Entertainment/Lionsgate) The Tale of Despereaux (DVD Release: April 7) Although it’s rated G, The Tale of Despereaux is probably a little too dark and violent for very young kids. Matthew Broderick is the voice of Despereaux, a little mouse with big ears who likes to think “outside the box.” This is one brave little guy who isn’t scared of much, not even of facing pure evil in order to rescue a damsel in distress. Despereaux believes in courage, honor and decency to guide his life, even if it means being banished from Mouseworld to fend for himself in the big, bad Ratworld outside. Dustin Hoffman provides the voice of the rat Roscuro, whose surprising appearance in the Queen’s soup bowl causes troubles from which only Despereaux can deliver the old gray city of Dor. The movie is based on Kate DiCamillo’s 2004 Newbery Medal-winning novel. Rated G (Universal Pictures) Cole Smithey, also known as “the smartest film critic in the world,” has been a film critic for 11 years and writes for over 50 publications, in print and on-line. Truman loves to watch movies and has the highest appreciation for great popcorn.


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