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Brief Update: Protandim Science Based Medicine Could the orange colored pills in a little blue container reverse the hands of time? Manufacturers of a natural supplement called Protandim say it is a cutting edge, scientific breakthrough in anti-aging. Basically, Protandim is a type of antioxidant supplement and work by helping the body increase its own natural antioxidant enzymes. The good thing about Protandim is that there are published peer reviewed research studies on this product.

What is Protandim Used For The makers of protandim do not directly promote it for the treatment or prevention of any disease. The proposal benefit of protandim is the reduction of oxidative stress.

How Protandim Works Protandim is a nutraceutical made from five potent botanicals that when combined produce a synergistic effect 18% greater than the ingredients individually.

Ingredients of Protandim 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Milk Thistle Extract(Seed) Bacopa Extract Ashwagandha(Root) Green Tea Extract(Leaf) Turmeric Extract

Benefits Of Protandim Unique Innovation Best Anti Aging Supplement Reduced Inflammation Reduced Heart Diseases Increased Immune System Chronic Pain Alleviation Protandim as Cancer Preventive Protandim for Athletes Cost Effective

Is Protandim Effective? Several small studies in lab animals or test tubes have suggested that Protandim exerts anti-oxidant activity. Only two studies have actually tested this in living humans. One study performed in 29 healthy adults showed an average 40% decrease in a marker of oxidative stress after 30 days of supplementation.2 The same study showed an increase in two anti-oxidant substances, and no change in a third. Also, the study examined the effect of Protandim on a marker of inflammation called Creactive protein and on cholesterol levels, but there was no difference noted in either. The other study was performed in 30 adults with alcohol use disorder who were healthy otherwise.

Is Protandim Safe? The prior mentioned study of 29 healthy patients stated that no side effects were noted in any patients after 120 days of supplementation. The FAQ on the Protandim website states the following: We do not expect there to be any side effects for the typical Protandim consumer.

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