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Life to Life Magazine - August 2009

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Hello, This month will be the last issue until further notice. I am very sorry to announce this. Please forward any questions to me, John Flieg. Thank you John Flieg Owner of Life To Life

Business Manager, Angelica Nakajima Editor, Jasmine Lerner Advertising Manager, Haych Goldshark


Life to Life Magazine - August 2009

MWC By Lucy Eberhart

In Second Life there are a lot of bigbusiness industries. Sitting at the very top is fashion. You've got to have clothes, right? Fashion is a tough and competitive business, so you will need something extra to survive, a competitive edge. You have to get your name seen by the masses, but how?

the fashion industry is by having a runway show. To use any of those methods you will need models to show off your merchandise in its best light. For those without a friends list a mile long packed with beauties, you would be better off contacting a modeling agency.

Advertising! Whether you choose to market your business through the use of

There are many modeling agencies to choose from in SL. If your designs are mostly Grunge or Neko, you will look for an agency with models that fit that image. The competition is also fierce among the various agencies. They are all competing for your hard earned linden dollars. I heard about one that is

commercials, magazines, or ad boards, you need to let the public know you exist. Another great way to advertise in

relatively new but accruing a strong following. She has set herself apart from the competition by straying from


Life to Life Magazine - August 2009 the typical image of what a model should be. Most people hear runway model and envision a pin thin Kate Moss sashaying down the aisle. Whatever happened to the more curvy models such as Cindy Crawford? By today's current standards she would be considered a plus size model even though there isn't an inch of pinchable fat on her entire body.

MWC, or Models with Curves, was founded to do away with the stereotypical model and replace her with a curvy, well proportioned but still beautiful version. MWC is catching on 4|Page

with many designers and they are staying pretty busy with shows. I recently went to a show and was impressed by the level of organization and professionalism shown by the management and models, so I decided to sit down with the owner of MWC, Jennifer Warden, for an interview. LUCY: What was your inspiration for starting your own modeling agency?

JENNIFER: I started modeling here for Hollywood Classic, but was told I had to change my shape. I did that until I didn't like who I was anymore. I go to clubs

Life to Life Magazine - August 2009 and see so many curvy ladies here in SL and so many designers creating clothes for curvy women. I decided to open my own agency.

perfection is hard to achieve and women lose themselves to these ideals of perfect. I think that's why my agency has had such a good response and has been taken seriously.

LUCY: How has the response been? JENNIFER: So far very good. I have had five shows so far including Audacious Bade. LUCY: Can you name a few of the designers you have shown for? JENNIFER: Rene Saphir (Hot Lips Couture), Audacious Bade (Audacious designs), Eras Aeon (Fashions by Eras), Samahi Alecto (Samahi Couture), and [ID]entity Fashion by Lucy Eberhart LUCY: I see that you are fighting to promote healthier looking models, not the typical tall, skinny type that we see so often. How do you feel you are accomplishing that? JENNIFER: I am doing this by letting them know it's ok to have curves; that you can model. I am all about proportions. Curves are good but you can have too much of a good thing. I want to relay this to the models. I want to be taken seriously, so curves have to look proportioned. LUCY: How do you think the fashion industry as a whole affects how women see themselves? JENNIFER: Lots of influence there, Lucy. The industry shows you the perfect woman. As we all know, 5|Page

LUCY: Is there a certain quality you look for in your models? JENNIFER: I look for uniqueness, a lady that likes quality. I have been known to tell a model her AO is inappropriate. I'm all about class and sexiness, but not lewdness. I pick models with these qualities.

Life to Life Magazine - August 2009


Life to Life Magazine - August 2009

Sailing in Second Life By Kitania Writer

True sailing has been in Second Life since 2005 when resident Kanker Greenacre designed a sailboat that reacted to a wind script he created and decided to share it with all. Today a version of his sailboat, the Tako, and the wind script are available to sailors and builders for free.

According to the Wiki, the largest of these areas is the United Sailing Sims – sixty-seven sims connected and sailable. Sailing can be done for pleasure or for sport, and there are many yacht and sailing clubs, regular competitions and races, and a vast array of sailing vessels to choose from. There are kits and instructions for you to be able to create and build your own sailboat, sailboats designed specifically to accommodate tiny avatars, and even toy remote controlled

sailboats that react to the wind. There are also several places in the Grid where water sims are connected together, providing endless hours of exploration at sea, through canals and waterways, with only your skill to guide you and (hopefully) the wind at your back.


Many of the sailboats are authentic recreations of various types of sailboats and sailing ships and some are more fantasy-based. While I was out sailing on a Frisian SkĂťtsje, we passed everything from catboats to catamarans, tiny sailing dinghies to huge and majestic tall ships. There are pirate sailing ships complete with cannons that

Life to Life Magazine - August 2009 fire and planks to make your friends walk down, and combat sailing ships with HUDs and weapons that can really sink another ship.

Learning to sail can be quite simple on one of the free sailboats, and there are free learn-how-to-sail classes offered by various locations in Second Life. Many of the sailboats that are for sale offer free demos, so you can try before you buy. And if you’re ready for more of a challenge, you can upgrade from a sailboat where you only have to learn to steer (using the wind properly), to ones where you have to trim and set the sails, where shifting your weight the wrong way can result in better speed or a sudden capsize. Or you can hire a sailboat with a captain for tours, excursions, events, or just to spend time out sailing around for fun. Some of the sailboats are intended to be sailed with a crew, some a single avatar can sail, and there are races and 8|Page

competitions for just about every type of boat in Second Life – and sailing skill definitely plays a very big part in who comes up the winner. Luckily, there are

many places that offer help for new and even more advanced sailors. One of those is the SL Sailing Coach Network, a group in Second Life composed of experienced sailors who are there to answer your questions – and yes, it’s free! The details on some of the sailboats are amazing, and many ships allow you to customize so you can really make your sailboat fit your personality. There are working compasses, maps and log books, lights, horns, GPS, and complete living cabins. And for avatars like me, there is a wide range of sailing fashions and footwear that go perfectly with the various types of sailboats and sailing ships. Since I don’t have a swim

Life to Life Magazine - August 2009 animation, while sailing I opted for a working life jacket that can be inflated when needed.

I visited a few sailing museums and shipyards, and stopped by several sailing clubs in Second Life. You’ll find most of the sailors you meet here are passionate about sailing - many also sail in real life - and many are willing to help out the less experienced or those new to sailing altogether. Because the sailing sims offer so much space to travel through, you’ll meet others who have motor boats and ships, air ships and balloons, and run across the occasional submarine or sea monster. The one drawback I found is that even with the latest Second Life viewer version - sailing is still very much


affected by lag – particularly when crossing sim borders. If you are pleasure sailing, this isn’t much of an

issue. For racing, however, this can be quite a problem and cause frequent crashes. There are viewing areas where one can watch the races, but if you’re planning to start racing yourself, one should be using the Avatar Rendering Cost meter and figuring out what your lowest lag-causing outfit is. Trust me, I learned a very wet lesson that even when one is wearing prims, it does contribute to sim lag. So out of respect for my new sailing mates, I am now a low-lag girl in a high-prim world.

Life to Life Magazine - August 2009

Sailing in Second Life Photo courtesy of Balduin Aabye

There are a lot of rules, tips and tricks as well as skills to learn about sailing in Second Life. Look up one of the sailing clubs, drop by a sailing class, or just get one of the free sailboats and give it a go. You’ll meet sailors from around the world, make new friends and quite possibly find a new favorite pastime as you explore and discover more of what Second Life has to offer. Fair winds!

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Life to Life Magazine - August 2009

Virtually Speaking on Fashion Design By Bethany Baguier

I first met Kismat Magic on a beach in Second Life. It didn’t take more than a short conversation to reveal Kismat’s sweet demeanor and generous nature. I met with her recently at her new store, Tikisma, where her elegant ball gowns fill the shop with a rainbow of color and Brazilian flair. Inspired by music, flowers, children and animals, Kismat spoke with me on what it takes to bring her designs to Second Life.

BB: How long have you been designing clothes in Second Life?

11 | P a g e

KM: I am just beginning. I have been designing clothes in Second Life for four months now. BB: How did you get interested in fashion design? KM: I was always interested in fashion, but I’ve never followed the trends. I’ve always created my own fashion style and follow that. Sometimes I think I have crazy taste! BB: I think your designs are graceful and unique, Kismat. Why did you choose to design ball gowns?

KM: I’ve always loved prom dresses. I am romantic, and in real life I have no opportunities to wear this type of clothing. On my first day in SL, I saw a woman in a gown, and I fell in love with it. Here in SL, it is like a factory of

Life to Life Magazine - August 2009 dreams, so I decided to design ball gowns. I really love the chance I have to be creative.

dissolved, but I wanted to keep the name. Tikisma was a combination of our names—Ticia and Kismat.

BB: Do you sew your own clothes in real life?

BB: What kind of advertising do you plan to do?

KM: I do millions of things, one is sewing women’s clothes, but I’ve never sold any of my clothes in real life. I am a musician and teacher of music theory.

KM: I believe that word-of-mouth is the best way to sell my gowns. Every night, I wear my gowns and visit a different ball room. If someone asks about my

BB: Your store, Tikisma, is located on the Suwon Korea sim. How did you choose this location for your store? What does Tikisma mean?

dress, then I tell them about my shop. Usually it’s the men who ask since they like to buy my gowns for their girlfriends. For that reason all my clothes are transferable. I also have a blog: http://tikismaaloja.

KM: At first I thought it would be best to rent a shop on sims with a ballroom dance focus. But that didn’t work because there were too many stores selling gowns, and I was just one in a million. I think it’s better to be the only one selling ball gowns. My first store was a partnership that has since 12 | P a g e

BB: How did you learn to design clothes in Second Life? I’ll admit it took me ages to make one T-shirt. How long did it take you to design your first ball gown?

Life to Life Magazine - August 2009 KM: I started with an online tutorial and learned by trial and error and self correction. My kids are very smart; they helped me a lot. It felt like it took an eternity to design my first gown, but if I remember right, it was something like a week. BB: What skills do you need to be a designer in Second Life? KM: If you can, watch the tutorials and learn to draw very well. I believe that to be a fashion designer in Second Life you should ask yourself if you would wear this outfit. I think that is the most important thing. I love my clothes and I wear them. Believe in what you are doing.

way and has all the tools necessary to start your clothes in SL. Download for free at: Find it under imaging: Paint.NET 3.36. 2. Next, you will need to download the templates (clothing patterns that mold to the body of the avatar) available at: plates.php You’ll find a tutorial here to help.

BB: What advice would you give people who want to design clothes?

3. When your creation is finished, you should save your design in. TGA format to upload to the game and try on in the appearance mode where you can see how it looks and rework it if necessary.

KM: Do it. If this is your desire then you must be persistent. There will always be critics. I listen and try to get some benefit, but in the end you have to believe in yourself. People are always asking me how to make their own clothes, so I’d like to share the following:

4. Two more useful links: 2008/08/15/how-clothing-ismade-in-second-life-summary/ And: eclothingtutorials

1. First you need an appropriate program to draw with like Photoshop. A free download of Photoshop CS4 is offered for 30 days at: oshopcs4/c/? sdid=ETVDW

The key is to have good will because the sky is the limit in SL. Good luck and hands to work. . . Kismat Magic!

Or you can use a similar and free program, Paint.Net3.36, available for download. It works the same 13 | P a g e

Kismat made it all sound easy, so I thought I’d whip up a ball gown of my own. That thought lasted about thirty minutes. Having never used Photo Shop before, it soon became painfully evident that I’d set my sights a bit too

Life to Life Magazine - August 2009 high. I needed something at the preschool level, perhaps a simple T-shirt. After some searching, I found this site with easy to follow instructions: ectionstshirt. pdf To get the template for the T-shirt, visit this website and look under Making a gift bag and T-shirt: oundRunning Hours later (I’d rather not specify how many) I managed to transfer a picture of my dog to a T-shirt and fit it on my avatar. I think I’ll leave ball gowns to the computer adept. I want to thank Kismat for her time and inspiration. Every avatar should have at least one ball gown in their inventory. Kismat’s one of a kind gowns are very reasonably priced, so hurry and visit Tikisma at Suwon Korea (96,232,21). You too, men!

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Life to Life Magazine - August 2009

Focus on Fiction: The Damsel and the Dragon By Parker Janick

On the heels of the Queen’s death and the conjoinment of Prince CuChulainn, Princess Emer and Duchess Ryanne now ruled the kingdom. Then came an influx of new faces. These were people migrating to the Islands that are called Lost, and blending into the fabric of the kingdom, deeply enriching the Flanagan Clan. One of these fresh faces belonged to a comely damsel. She walked into Flanagan’s Pub one cold winter evening to attend a festive gathering and to satisfy her curiosity about the Clan and other people in the kingdom. Putting on a name tag that simply read “Parker” she returned greetings with all the confidence and stability of a newborn kitten. Parker was careful not to make eye contact with any one, but remained on the sidelines watching in wonder and awe. The crowd was dense and she knew no one in the room. Slowly she meandered around the perimeter of the amazing ornately plain room. She studied with care the textures and moldings that would make this ballroom come alive even if no one was present. Stepping through a side door the damsel had her breath taken away. She 15 | P a g e

was in the original part of the pub and found herself reaching out and touching the smallest details with tender fingertips. Studying the richness of every crease and crevice, Parker lost all track of time. She allowed the music wafting in from the outer ballroom to lull her further into a mesmerizing trance, which propelled her into the speculation of the history of the fine craftsmanship enveloping her. While her fingers ran along the ivory keys of the piano, she did not realize her solitude had ended. As she caressed the handiwork all around her, Parker became aware of eyes studying her. She jumped at the greeting bestowed from behind. Turning toward the door, Parker was face-toface with Prince CuChulainn. She returned his greeting apologizing, as if she had entered a room not open to the public. The prince assured her that all rooms were open for exploration. He went on to apologize for interrupting her reverie but explained that he was not given to crowds and much preferred smaller gatherings. The pair chatted for a while, then the prince went into a detailed history of the pub. Lovingly, he explained how the queen had desired such a place for the Clan and all those in the kingdom to come together. Parker drank in every historical notation accounting the construction and dedication of the pub, its ballrooms and gardens. Not wanting to miss one iota. The more the prince talked, the deeper the damsel drifted into the manifestations that are the Flanagan Clan. In the same reality, the

Life to Life Magazine - August 2009 deeper the prince took Parker’s thoughts into his recitations, the further she went from the nightmare in her own world. One cold winter night in the warmth of a cozy pub, a friendship was formed between two unlikely souls. Parker and the prince would spend hours together talking and sharing their thoughts and their joys. Enthusiastically, the pair explored various parts of the kingdom and enjoyed the richness and beauty therein. But, always close in the damsel’s conscience was the battle looming that she fought every day. Wanting to enjoy every blissful moment, the damsel knew she could not reveal to anyone in the kingdom (least of all the prince) that a dragon had come to claim her and threw her into a vicious battle that she fought alone in her own world.

Years before, without warning, Galar1 entered the damsel’s life. At first she did not think the dragon powerful and venomous. Time proved her wrong. However, knowing his strength would not have given Parker even a foothold to banish him from her life for good. In the beginning Parker did not know what she was fighting, and knew even less about how to fight dragons. Instead of fighting, the fair damsel gave up and ran away looking to find replacements for all that Galar had stolen from her. Her apparent flight from the reality she found herself in, lead her to the Islands that are called Lost and the companionship of a prince. Day after day the sweet damsel entered what she called her fairytale life. It was there that she could be herself again, be whole. In her fairytale life she could run and dance and even spread her arms


16 | P a g e

Galar is Gaelic for disease.

Life to Life Magazine - August 2009 and fly. There, Parker could control her own life and not be concerned with Galar loomed behind rocks or lurked in caves waiting for a chance to spring, talons extended, and deliver more crippling blows to her already fragile body.

the moment that the intended victims would feel confident that he was finally gone and would plague them no more. Then at just the perfect moment, Galar would extend his talons and use the full force of his mighty arm to knock the victim off their feet and leave the poor soul laying there writhing in pain.

In the fairytale land of the Islands that are called Lost, Galar dared not enter the Islands called Lost. But the moment Parker would step out of the fantasy, away from the beauty of the land and the companionship of her princely friend, Galar was waiting. His hot breath steaming through flared nostrils

One day, in the early spring of friendship’s blossom, a messenger arrived while Parker and CuChulainn were exploring gardens on the far side of the kingdom. Parker watched helplessly as news delivered to the prince that a knight who was closer to

would cause her head to spin. Galar was a sneaky dragon and never fought fair. He had a way of leaving his prey alone and just watching, waiting for just

him than a brother had been murdered by a dragon. It was speculated that this dragon was of the same nest as the one which claimed the queen and another

17 | P a g e

Life to Life Magazine - August 2009 knight who was a boyhood friend of the prince. In his grief the prince ran off for the palace leaving the damsel to stand shivering with worry. Parker returned to her home and watched, the day the prince rode off on his steed to hunt down the dragon, which dared to enter the kingdom and take the life of one so loyal as Sir Jeff. Parker waved as CuChulainn rode by, but still buried in his grief, the prince did not see his friend. In her heart of hearts, Parker knew she would never again spend time with the one who had given her many hours of relief from

Galar. Demurely patting away the tears rolling down her cheeks with her lace 18 | P a g e

handkerchief, she slowly turned and walked back into her home… her reality… her own personal battleground. Parker’s deep concern for the prince allowed Galar another entrance into Parker’s world. She was already weakened from previous battles with her fierce enemy. Now, her heart broken, Galar wasted no time hurling his fiery darts in just the right places to send Parker crumbling to the ground. There was no one there to catch Parker as she fell and no one to help her fight this dragon that she did not understand. Now, she no longer had any want to

Life to Life Magazine - August 2009 help her escape his relentless torment even for the briefest of time. One brisk autumn day, lying in a sea of her own tears, Parker found herself curled up like a kitten shivering in pain and fear. Slowly, she pulled herself up. For the moment, Galar did not appear to be around. Tattered and scarred, the once fair damsel knew in fractured clarity that she needed to fight back. After bathing, Parker put on fresh clothes and went in search of a friend. Stepping back into her fairytale world, she reacquainted herself with others she had enjoyed the company of, from a time long since committed to memory. Spending time in her fairytale land with acquaintances, she felt a comfort that she hadn’t felt since her time with the prince. Once again, Parker had found them an escape for brief interludes from Galar’s ferocious attacks.

19 | P a g e

Slowly, the damsel regained the resilience she knew before Galar entered her life and wrecked havoc. As she felt surer of her footing she also found herself trusting. She began to share information of her battles with those who had taken her in as family and friend. Neither the Flanagan Clan nor the royals had fully accepted her, save the prince alone. She was a commoner and not a clansman. They could never have fully accepted her. However, in a quaint little village known as the Bee Hive Township, there were those who offered hands to hold and arms to lean on whenever Parker was weary from her battle’s rage.

Seven souls welcomed Parker into their world and in return she began to trust their strength and learned to use it

Life to Life Magazine - August 2009 during the ensuing skirmishes with Galar. Even the times that Galar would have the upper hand, Parker knew she was not alone. There were seven angels who were each in their own way, there to catch her or to help her tend her wounds. Over time, in the fortitude of a few, Parker found herself winning the battles more and more. Galar turned his attention from the damsel with the help of another who truly knew how to fend him off. Parker would return to the Islands that are called Lost from time to time and continued to be concern for the prince. But CuChulainn faced his own dragon, the sweet damsel held vigil against hers. The seasons changed as they always do, but Parker could now stand in both her fairytale world and her real world with trust in her heart and the weapons of friendship and love to wield whenever Galar came to prey. In her heart of hearts the damsel knew this dragon would never go away. But then again, neither will friendships found so true. June 19, 2009 Š DL Bach

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Life to Life Magazine - August 2009

Mikael Andretti SL Builder and Composer By Sandi Radek

Mikael Andretti….

Here is a talented

young man! He is a Victorian home builder on second life and a teacher/composer in real life.

If you like Victorian homes, then you should Instant Message Mikael to discuss the Second Life home of your dreams. He can build you one in about 2 hours, and they are truly amazing. Tell him what you want and he will build it. “Building has come easy to me and it is inspiring which helps with my composing” says Mikael. Mikael spends his real life weekends at recording studio sessions, where he is 21 | P a g e

in the process of composing and recording his collection of tunes for two CDs. He remarks “I’m compiling an encyclopedia of musical moods for movie soundtracks. I just finished an Italian tour with two theatrical operas which had a very successful following.” Mikael, otherwise known as Rosario Punzo in real life, is consistently hired to play other musicians’ music for CDs. He notes “I currently reside in Paris until the end of June and will return home to

Italy where I’ll be meeting up with other musicians to work on the musical moods CDs. I may consider playing my music on Second Life in the near future.” If you would like to hear some of Rosario Punzo’s inspiring musical pieces, check out these internet sites: and

Life to Life Magazine - August 2009

Built by Mikael Andretti

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Life to Life Magazine - August 2009

Zeroth Life By Sean Eret (TT Zenfold)

everything an illusion of the ego fits well into a metaverse.

feeling. I look over my shoulder. Is someone following me? Did I see that mountain from the distance? Was that tree there yesterday?

Then I delve a little deeper. You can buy or rent property. Those Linden Dollars can be bought and sold, just like a real economy. You can even have a Second Life job! I wonder if you can hate your Second Life job the way you can hate your first life job.

I became a Second Lifer. I’m still a newbie, spending way too much time making my avatar look like me (well, at least kind of like me). I’ve also spent way too much time creating creatures totally unlike me. I’m getting the feel for the place: Linden Dollars, writing groups, sex shops—my God the sex shops! —like a virtual red-light district. Buddhist groups seem very numerous— I’m into that kind of thing. I guess a philosophy/religion that considers

Back in my real first life, it seems to be unraveling. Bills piling up, I dread going to work, and I feel so lonely. Not to mention I think I might be going insane. I see a beautiful woman walking down the street and I imagine her morphing into a Second Life dragonlet, a man floating in midair. . . I can’t really call them hallucinations, but they are very active imaginings. What’s that Buddhist saying? “Consider all phenomena as dreams.”

Lately I’ve been having an unsettling

23 | P a g e

Life to Life Magazine - August 2009 Yet, in Second Life, I’m getting some of the crap done I always tell people I do. I can meditate several times a day with a group in this virtual world. It’s like meditating with a group, but not. And

away. But I have to get rid of the Watcher.

writing: I can put my avatar in a caravan and have him write as I am writing these very words. How curious: this may actually work to get me motivated. then again...

eyes. It’s gone; just walls. I go to Second Life and I’ve been logged out due to inactivity. “But I am active! I’m eating chips! ” I laugh at the absurdity of confusing real life and Second Life. The store’s sounding like a good idea. The fresh air will do me good. The large something looms, though I cannot see it, and not just because it’s night. In the bright store it follows me. I only get ice cream (for God’s sake, why ice cream?!). I almost ask the clerk if she can feel it looming. Outside the clouds are gone and the full moon’s out. My body starts tingling, as if my real life avatar was about to turn into something different.

What’s that? There’s that feeling I’m being watched again, yet I’m all alone. No, not watched exactly. . . Like this story I have where the protagonist finds out he’s a character in my story. I think of weird shit like that. I’ve got to stop doing that. I should get off the keyboard (and out of the writing wagon in Second Life). Maybe I should eat something. But potato chips and microwave dinners sound so unappealing. And the store is so far 24 | P a g e

In the kitchen, the walls melt away. Something large looms near. I close my

Life to Life Magazine - August 2009

I get into the car and speed home. This time the landscape is morphing; rendering the street ahead, the buildings, and the very air. I close my eyes. No, don’t you idiot! You’re driving! I get into the apartment, throwing the ice cream on the floor, and start typing—it’s important I get what’s happening down. Then I see Second Life open and my avatar is writing away. “I was logged out. I know. ” And he appears as if I am the unreal one. I look at myself, blocky and cartoon-like. “Consider all phenomena as dreams,” I whisper, and write. I say this a few more times. It has become a mantra. But the mantra isn’t working. More than ever I feel the Watcher. More than ever I am feeling fake. Maybe sleep is what I need. Maybe I won’t feel so discombobulated. Then again, maybe insanity will get the better 25 | P a g e

of me. I look up and there it is: the something large looming. Did I dream that? How could I? I typed it last night. This time, I am logged out of Second Life. At least I survived the nightmare. The ice cream has melted. It’s an amorphous blob of Neapolitan. Can it even be called ice cream anymore? It has changed. It has dissolved. Just like the walls and the apartment and Second Life and real life. And my mind. And my mind. And! My! Mind! For the briefest moment, I see it. I see it! Beyond Second Life and first life, beyond the ego, beyond the Watcher, there is a… I smile. I cannot see the Watcher, but I am no longer afraid.

Life to Life Magazine - August 2009

Bio VV By Sandi Radek

Meet Vistta Vita!

A man of few words

who has a phenomenal talent for creating realistic pose balls for romance animated dances and love poses. “I love kissing women and dancing so I searched Google for a pose ball program… then I started out with a simple program and I have since created over 50 dances and love animations. I found Sandi and she helped inspire my creations. My shop is busy all the time, where visitors can enjoy my pose gardens stocked with all of my creations.” says Vistta. Vistta began his pose ball shop called Bio VV about 18 months ago. Before purchasing the land, he worked creating pose balls in a sand box area.

26 | P a g e

Vistta notes “I like to create true romantic movements that are not robotic to the eye. I just created a pose ball animation that tugs at the heart of every man wanting his woman to be with him forever. It has 14 synchronized animations beginning with his hand in hers asking her for her love, to the woman leaning in with a powerful kiss. My pose ball dances are just as romantic with synchronous twirls ending up with the woman in the man’s arms.” Vistta now has INTAN couple dance balls which include all of his couples’ dances! 2/24

Life To Life August Edition  

This edition will be the last edition until further notice.