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islands of the World fashion Week..NOV 11TH - 13TH 2010, NASSAU BAHAMAS

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I dare you to listen to this next artist’s masterpieces and not be automatically endowed with rhythmic muscular articulation......go on....I dare you. yeah, I thought it was impossible. Usher raymond IV is an American recording artist and actor that cannot be denied of his share of the pie. he rose to fame in 1997 with his hit album “My Way” that has been declared Platinum six times, and which contained his first Billboard hot 100 number one charter “Nice and Slow”. This entertainer extraordinaire, many times likened to Michael Jackson for his lyrical beauties, exotic voice and wicked dance moves, has melted the hearts of many with his socially correct swagger and totally cools style. Born in Texas, Usher has given the world the album confessions in 2004, which went Diamond and boasted the highest 1st week sales for an r&B artist in history. It has been named the best selling r&B album of the 2000 decade; it has spawned four Billboard hits and won numerous awards and accolades deserving of such a masterpiece.

LIFESTYLES MAgAZINE Profile from Saint-Martin Model: MILA


But it ends not there. Usher has tried his hand in the acting world and turned out to have quiet a green thumb for it, starting with appearances in the TV series Moesha to his first film The Faculty in 1998 and his first starring role in the movie light It Up. More recently, Usher has released his hit album raymond vs. raymond and Versus, producing collaborations with Beyonce, Jay Z and lil’ Wayne, just to name a few. over the years Usher has graced our senses with hit singles like “Burn”, “lovers and Friends”, “caught Up” and “There Goes My Baby”, a short list from one of many. To be infected with this artist’s contagious brilliance, catch him in his next appearance on Good Morning America in central Park coming this August.

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ALICIA KEYS Embedded in the soil of New York, this “daughter” emerges, nourished with the soulful influence of her musical peers and mastery of the black and white keys. Just the thought of her puts you in a poetic mood. Alicia Augello Cook, better known as Alicia Keys, is an American R&B singer, but she is also a songwriter, pianist, author, philanthropist, producer, news correspondent and actress. This maven in her own right, possessing exquisite beauty and grace, has won the hearts of the world and wooed them into a hypnotic trance with her deep, soulful rhythms, tantalizing lyrics and undeniable style. Born in New York where she learned classical music on piano at the age of 7, her debut album “Songs In A Minor” has sold 12 million copies worldwide and earned her the titles “Best Selling New Artist” and “Best Selling R&B Artist” for 2001. This self acclaimed diva released an album in 2003, “The Diary of Alicia Keys”, which has been certified 7 times Platinum and led to her first live album “Unplugged” debuted in 2005. Subsequent albums released; “As I Am” in 2007, earned her 3 grammy Awards and led to the “As I Am Tour” which had sold out shows in Europe and America. More recently, “The Element of Freedom”, released in 2009, has given us hit singles such as “Un-Thinkable” and “Doesn’t Mean Anything”. Though Alicia has earned several accolades, she is a multifarious individual, completing her first marathon in 2006 in greece, being a best selling author in 2005 for her masterpiece “Tears for Water”, a songbook of poems and lyrics. She is a New York Daily News travel correspondent and plays an active role in charitable organisations for the youth such as “Keep A Child Alive” foundation raising funds to provide anti-retroviral medication to AIDS infected kids in Africa. Alicia Keys, musician extraordinaire, can next be experienced at the Black Ball charity event in September.

LIFESTYLES MAgAZINE Profile from Trinidad Model: Jamie-Lee Phillips photo by Haydn gonzalez

lifestyles magazine ...eye candy

lifestyles magazine ...eye candy

No doubt a star born out of mixtapes, Aubrey “Drake” graham has proven to be more than just a rapper. This 23 year old, rapper and singer, born and bred Canadian launched his music career on the popular social website MySpace and has never looked back. He was no stranger to the camera, though. In 2001, he was an actor, playing the role of “Jimmy Brooks” on the TV show “Degrassi: The Next generation”; a role which

Aubrey “Drake” graham

he enjoyed for 138 episodes, finally ending in 2009.

His first mixtape was released in February 2006- “Room for Improvement” on MySpace, succeeded by another- “Comeback Season” released in 2007. In this same year, his music video “Replacement girl” was featured on BET’s “New Joint of the Day”, making him the first unsigned Canadian rapper to achieve such a feat. Lil’ Wayne was given some of Drake’s music in 2008, who immediately invited Drake to do some songs together with him, producing pieces such as “Ransom”, “I Want This Forever” and the remix to Drake’s “Brand New”. Though Drake was just rolling with the crew, he was officially signed with Young Money Entertainment on June 29th, 2009. Soon after this, his promotional single “Best I Ever Had” from the EP “So Far gone” scored 2nd on the BillBoard’s Hot R&B/ Hip Hop Songs Chart. “Thank Me Later”, his most anticipated full album, released in June 2010 and features collaborations with greats such as Jay Z, Lil’ Wayne and Kanye West.

LIFESTYLES MAgAZINE Profile from Trinidad Model: Sasha Brooks photo by Haydn gonzalez


LIFESTYLES MAgAZINE DREAM CAR Italdesign Bmw Hydrogen7, V12 Concept Car..Only $385,000us Known for his smooth golden voice, Jah Cure, real name Siccature Alcock, was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica and introduced to the world of reggae music as a teenager. His rise to fame initiated with the release of his single “King in this Jungle”, a duet with Sizzla who subsequently placed Jah Cure on the map as a member of the Bobo Dread- a group of Rastafarians known for their resistance to conforming to Western Traditions. But this rise would soon be cur-


tailed, as in November 1998, Jah Cure was pulled over while driving in Montego Bay and questioned by police as a

suspect in the case of rape. He was subsequently arrested and prosecuted in April, 1999, and sentenced to 15 years in prison. Jah Cure has always maintained his innocence, claiming the arresting officer was courting the accuser’s mother and that his legal representative was useless and unprofessional. Yet his sentencing only helped catapult his name to stardom; through support from fellow reggae artists and fans alike. His prison stay was not wasted either; with access to recording equipment, he released three albums behind his prison walls- “Free Jah’s Cure- The Album, The Truth” released in 2000, “ghetto Life” in 2003 and “Freedom Blues” in 2005. After serving 8 years of his 15 year sentence, he was released on parole on 28th July, 2007. Prison life had not conquered this brilliant artist’s creativity, producing hits such as “Hot Long Time” featuring Junior Reid in 2008 and the album “The Universal Cure” in 2009.

LIFESTYLES MAgAZINE Profile from NASSAU BAHAMAS Model: Anastajia Pierre

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past decade or so, this artiste needs no introduction. Full name Beyonce giselle Knowles, an American R&B and Pop recording artist/ actress/ fashion model, Beyonce has raised the bar of singing to a level few can stretch to grasp. Combining a gorgeous persona with a hypnotic voice and an outrageous stage performance, Beyonce is no longer in a league of her own; she has changed the whole game! Discovered when her dance instructor would begin humming a song and she would finish it, acing the high pitched notes. Her father later on quit his day job to manage the girl group they had formed and Beyonce was the lead singer. This move saw the family income to decreasing by half, but Beyonce’s father saw that dream in his lit-


tle girl’s eyes and was determined to let it shine for the world to view. And shine it did. With her southern slur and southern hips, being born in Houston, Texas, Beyonce led the girl group Destiny’s Child to fame, getting signed with Columbia Records in 1996, enjoying many hit singles such as “Say My Name”, “ No, No No” and “Survivor”, winning many grammy awards and even being honoured with a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. In 2001 the group announced a hiatus to pursue solo projects and Beyonce embarked on an epic discovery. From acting to getting married, her true discovery came when she discovered her “alter ego” Sasha Fierce. Describing this persona as an adoption when performing on stage, an out of body experience, Sasha Fierce is a bold, energetic, sensual side of Beyonce, and her last tour was based on this character....the ‘I AM....SASHA FIERCE” tour, which brought Beyonce tremendous success. Beyonce also has her own clothes line- Dereon and a fragrance line called “Heat”.


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Soca Monarch Carnival 2k10 crown as well as Road March title for 2k10, making them the first radio personalities in Trinidad and Tobago’s history to ever achieve such a feat. Capitalizing on their love for soca music along with youthful mannerism, JW and Blaze dominated the Carnival season for 2k10, the song wooing the hearts of many and evoking ease of the tongue to chant this catchy phrase well known to Trinbagonians Carnival is all about energy, rhythm, freeness and excitement. the s

dynamic o





meanings for many, but the main definition carried throughout the sea-


duo, emulates such characteristics. Born as Jason Williams and Ancil Isaac Jr respectively, these young men are no strangers to the world of entertainment. JW was the former host of Party Time a TV series highlighting local talent and Blaze was a member of a sound system called Sel Construction.

son of the phrase was to let inhibitions go and let the power of the music

reign supreme. A dance was also created by the boys, a rhythmic swaying of the body, alternating the act of bouncing on each leg while chanting the chorus of this hypnotic phraseone that was seen as a challenge to master by many for the Carnival season.

Currently radio announcers on the “Red Hot

JW and Blaze had done performances earlier

Morning Show” on the popular radio station Red

this year in Canada after Carnival. The country

96.7 fm, this combined powerhouse gave the

eagerly awaits their delivery for 2k11; can they

whole of Trinidad an awakening with their hit sin-

maintain the standard set by Palance? Only

gle “Palancing”, written by songwriter Kernal

time alone will tell.

Roberts. “Palancing” won them the International


JW and Blaze,

as local jargon. Palancing may have different

“Our country is such a cosmopolitan country,” said griffith. “We mix so many different colors and fabrics and that is why the theme of my last piece was Carnival,” said griffith. “That’s the only way I could show how our country has such a diverse amount of different people and everyone comes and celebrates as one.” Bahamian native, Tesha Fritz, has been designing jewelry for seven years and expressed that nature itself has been her inspiration in designing her collection. “I wanted to exemplify being natural and appreciate nature,” she said. “I think nature is one of the things we have walked away from and I think it’s about time we returned.” Jamaican designer, Desreen Waller’s collection was amazing blend of bright satin fabrics with eco-friendly materials such as Spanish moss and Hemp. The Jamaican designer said she took her cues from her mentor, London designer, John galliano. “I wanted to use bright colors in my collection because they are our island colors,” Waller explained. “It’s a part of my culture and I wanted to share a bit of that with the Islands of the World Fashion Week.”

lowing fabrics, funky jewelry and shimmering satin were the order of the day at Islands of the World Fashion Week’s evening runway session. The event hosted at the British Colonial Hilton displayed collections by designers Desreen Waller, Tesha Fritz (Elements) and Shaun griffith of Perez Designs. Designer collections are inspired by anything that excites the human palate. Their themes can portray a period in history, a range of colors, types of fabric - anything which has a strong visual impact. This is what fashion designer Shaun griffith of Perez Designs showcased in his stunning collection. With more than 16 years in the field of fashion design and construction, griffith said that his country, Trinidad, was the driving force behind his inspiration to exude a theme of comfort and simplicity with just a touch of sophistication. Attributes portrayed in the intricate beadwork and embroidery complimenting his designs.

Kendal Major, Senior Manager of Communications and Public Relations at the Ministry of Tourism explained that events like IWFW are good for the economy. “We are trying to showcase our own heritage and give the visitors here tonight the Bahamian experience through our presentation with an array of entertainers that’s the real essence of it,” Mr. Major explained.



Heather Jones Design

Claudia Pegus Design

of the Islands k on Wee i h s a F World

Following the extravagant fashion show, guests, designers, locals, models and judges were treated to a Bahamian cultural night of mind blowing entertainment. Included in the entertainment line-up were, Fire dancer Action Johnny, local entertainer, Matellus Chipman and The Bahamas National Youth Choir. The cultural evening was complimented by a succulent buffet complete with a mindboggling spread of Bahamian dishes, including local favorites such as conch salad, peas soup and dumplings and coconut water. The event was hosted by the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation in the beautiful Bahamas National Trust gardens.

if you’re thinking of a band with charisma, style, energy,

guitar. the third member is riad boochoon, kees’s best

and all round trend setters, then you must be pondering

friend. together they are a force to be reckoned with, and

about kes the band. mainly consisting of three brothers by

have released albums such as “three bald heads and a

blood and a brother by another mother, as they fondly define, kes the band has been

a band with charisma,

style, energy, and all round trend setters


dread” and “on in





minds of music lovers since 2005. music lovers, and not

five”. they have dominated the carnival circuit for many years and have be-

come a household name.

only soca lovers, because kes the band has developed a

kes the band has set standards hard to beat, working with

style of music the world has come to love. labelled

multiple grammy award winner desmond child and cut-

“caribbean pop”, these

ting tracks with the likes of maxi priest and bishop lam-

innovative wonders have fused calypso inspired melodies

ont. hit singles such as “stay with me”, “lion”, “come a

with rock rifts and a soulful vocal blend from the lead singer

little closer” and more recently “stalker” has placed them

to create a unique musical direction that is appreciated by

on the map, and their consistency and raw talent has kept

non- soca followers as well.

them there.

kees dienffenthaller is the lead singer, commanding the

currently preparing for their first ever performance in the

stage with mind boggling energy, a heart melting voice and

Uk with appearances carded for august 2010 in holland

ravishing good looks, devotedly supported by his brothers

and london, kes the band is once again showing to the

hans dieffenthaller on drums and Jon dieffenthaller on

world their versatility and die hard demeanour.

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They say the acorn does not fall far from the tree.Tarrus Riley is a living example of this. Son to the reggae singer Jimmy Riley, Tarrus has been building a name of his own. And what a wonderful architect he has proven to be in such a marvellous construct. Tarrus Riley, a Jamaican born reggae artist, released his debut album Challenges in 2004, introducing a signature melodious sound come to be loved the world over. A man of sound morals and values, Tarrus


defines himself as focused on creating thought provoking music about Black consciousness and experiences. Attesting his inability to change the world one of his few limitations, he takes on his duty as exemplar and role model by evoking change with his delivered music. He reaches out to the inner conscious with his soul searching renditions, delivering music with a message; soul food. He is also affiliated with a group of friends in a movement called BLAKSOIL, an acronym representing Bredren Living According King Selassie I Overstanding and Iritical Livity, a group devoted to a worthy mission. This Rastafarian is not only focused on Black Rights but promoting the rights of all mankind through his weapon of expertise- reggae music. Tarrus Riley has produced two other albums for music lovers; Parables and most recently Contagious, with hit singles such as “Stay With You” “Beware”, “She’s Royal” and “good girl gone Bad”, just a pinch in the wealth of jewels he has produced. His wonderful pieces have been done many times in collaboration with producer Dean Fraser and he is currently signed with the Canon Production Label. To catch a heart stopping performance from this reggae extraordinaire, his next carded performance will be in August 2010 for Reggae Fest in St.Croix and in September he goes to


Kingston for Reggae by the Lake.


style, charisma, seductive voice, huh! not enough space to contain the barrage of characteristics owned by this entertainer extraordinaire. shaffer chimere smith, better known as neyo, has brought to the music industry personal style and flavour as only a signature chef knows how for his most prized dish. known for his keen fashion sense, favouring the romantic threads of the 1930’s, this american




singer/ songwriter/ record producer/ actor/ occasional rapper is no doubt an idol in the hearts of many fans.neyo, so nicknamed as he is likened to see-


ing music as the character neo sees the matrix in the popular trilogy, is doing some serious damage in the music arena. his hot new singles “beautiful monster” and “champagne life” are burning up the airways in traditional neyo style. the video for “beautiful monster” is a wonderful construct, opening with a fight scene, neyo displaying “supernatural” powers. it then moves to a club scene where some fantastic choreography sets the pace for the next scene. then neyo is con-

fronted by the “beautiful monster” in a sexually laced dance off. the video for “champagne life”, on the other hand, is masterfully set in an elegant night club, no doubt for the crème de la crème, combined with glimpses of neyo destroying the crime syndicate as a detective. the melodious tune itself gives aide to the back drop of a lifestyle for the elite with a readily available supply of champagne. neyo has recently been featured in the new ebony magazine, looking delectably edible, alongside ciara, coined the “sexiest face-off”. the pair, both highly talented in voice and in dance, is a force to be reckoned with. check out neyo’s official website-



see or

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Never judge a book by its cover. This was the critical mistake made by this young star’s rivals, and boy, did they get a rude awakening! Born Marshall Bruce Mathers III, this rapper/ producer/actor has hushed the lips of so many who doubted his extraordinary gift, and is on a seemingly relentless quest to stun the masses in awe with his awesome deliveries. growing up in a poverty


stricken single parent family unit was quiet a challenge for Eminem, but as the proverb goes, what




makes you stronger. And strong he is, lyrically that is, with a tongue that breaks the speed limit barriers at a ticket giving pace. His




coated, reflecting the many inner battles this young man had to endure on his journey called life. Eminem started rapping at 14 but really shone at freestyle battles in High School, earning much deserving recognition in the world of underground hip hop. He struggled to maintain his grades, though, and dropped out of high school at the tender age of 17. His debut album- The Slim Shady LP won a grammy Award for “Best Rap Album” and his subsequently released albums The Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show each won grammy Awards, making him an icon in American history. He is the proud owner of eleven grammy Awards, and has mesmerized rap fans all over with his highly anticipated new album Released, featuring the hit single “Love the Way You Lie” featuring R&B sensation Rihanna. His newest single “Not Afraid” debuted at number one on the charts, making it the first rap song


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ily Sprint's best smartphone and one of today's top Android devices. It also shows the promise of 4g, which will grow as Sprint's WiMax network expands, but until there's broader 4g coverage, it's hard to agree with the mandatory premium data add-on fee. Being the first 4g phone isn't the only reason to get an HTC Evo; it can also be used as a hot spot for up to eight devices. When phone carriers get competitive, we all benefit. advertising

in the 13 years to do so. This controversial artist, who so many misunderstand at times, can be seen ripping up the stage in September with performances in Detroit, Bronx and Fontana.

Heather Jones Design

Heather Jones Design

We have yet another no-contract, discount wireless service provider in Canada today, called Chatr, borne of Rogers. The new carrier is meeting younger players, like Wind, Mobilicity, and Public by offering cheap, metropolitan, no-contract, unlimited texting and calling. Sure, Rogers already has Fido, but it’s just prepaid carrier, nothing else. Roger’s Chatr takes the discount wireless service model and kicks it up a notch with unlimited this and that and affordable rate plans. Chatr’s starting lineup includes the Nokia 1661 candybar for $60, Lg gB125R

Another cell phone company launches in Toronto Canada.

flip for $75, Nokia 2680 portrait slider for $95, and Samsung gravity landscape

slider for $130. As far as plans go, unlimited talk (including anywhere in the province) goes for $35/month, and unlimited talk and text across Canada is $45. Of course, all of that unlimited goodness only counts when you’re within defined zones, which currently include Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, and Ottawa. advertising

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Rogers Launches Chatr Wireless to Compete with Wind and Other Discount Wireless Carriers

There is no denying; this young man, bursting with talent at the seams, was destined forgreatness. Born and bred in Jamaica, real name Windel Beneto Edwards, he was always a shy child, initially resisting his obvious destiny of becoming a superstar. In the end, destiny prevailed and under the guidance of Mr. Wong and Earl Chinna Smith this reggae star with a captivating voice hypnotized fans with his unique style and sensational renditions. Receiving national acclaim with his debut single “Serious Times” by being declared



“Most Important Song” of 2005 in Jamaica, gyptian has broken barriers with his unmatchable trademark style. Nicknamed gyptian due to his habit of tying a shirt around his head and twisting his beard similar to a Pharaoh’s, this velvet smooth

voiced artist with his distinctive flavour captivated the masses and rocketed to stardom. He was cited as “Best New Artist” in 2005 by Jamaica Observer newspapers and has continually lived up to his standards initially set. Describing himself as “everything in balance, humble and calm as the wind, although at times the wind turn hurricane and haffi blow off house top” gyptian has created albums such as “My Name is

BlackBerry newness is making its debut on the Torch 9800, which A whole bunch of

for the moment really sets it apart from other

gyptian” and “I Can Feel your Pain”, with inspiration, he claims from his surroundings and musical greats

BlackBerry devices on the market. It's the first

such as Peter Tosh.

and only slider BlackBerry. It's the first Black-

Music lovers have been blessed with singles such as “Is There a Place”, “Love Against the Wall” “Beautiful Lady”, Mama Don’t Cry” and more recently “Hold You”, which has rewarded him a remix with the internationally acclaimed superstar rapper Nicki Minaj, blessing him with international recognition and golden opportunities for growth.

Berry to feature a 'proper' touchscreen (no SurePress clicking on the screen required). It's the first BlackBerry to get the bump up to a 5 megapixel camera. It's also the first BlackBerry device model to have BlackBerry 6, which ush-

gyptian can next be seen in 2010 performing his wonderful renditions at carded shows in St.Croix for Reg-

ers in a bunch of new features, including the new

gae Fest and also performances in Florida, New Jersey, New York and Washington DC.

WebKit rendering engine.



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