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It may be February already, but it’s never too late to say Happy New Year Ipswich! Does it feel a little different already? Of course! Are we beyond excited for all 2020 is going to bring? Absolutely. However, it’s impossible to focus on new beginnings without acknowledging the deep rifts and damage caused by the devastating bushfires, which have been raging since September 2019. The impacts have been felt all around the country, yet so too have the extraordinary efforts displayed in communities working together to fight, support and rebuild. Because of this, we made a special effort to focus on how the RAAF communities at Amberley have been pitching in to help, including transporting a desalination plant to Kangaroo Island, preparing kitchen units for Orbost, and having a chat with Logistics Officer David Weekley about Operation Bushfire Assist. As the heat continues to grow, the lure of air-con and pools grows greater. So we have made sure to include some perfect places to go to cool off, and what to wear while you’re there, as well as some fantastic prizes that will have you escaping to the movies, playhouse and library. Don’t forget to check out the Big Book Sale, enter the competitions and put your name in the running for one of the upcoming blockbusters. Welcome to 2020, it’s all happening here in the Swich’!


DrugArm book sale and family fun fair

The DrugArm Book Sale is returning to Ipswich on March 5 and is promising to be a huge event, with something for everyone. The sale will take place in the organisation’s book barn in Bundamba, where they store the books all year round, and boasts over 10,000 books in over 25 categories, as well as magazines, DVDs and CDs. This year also brings the addition of a Family Fun Day which will run on March 7 from eleven o’clock to four and includes free face painting, entertainment, book scavenger hunt, fair games, community stalls and a country afternoon tea. In the lead up to and during the sale, locals also have the opportunity to win $10 vouchers to be used in the barn. 2

LifeStyle | February 2020

To win a voucher before the event, competitors must take a photo of a book themed costume and post it to Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #DAPhotoComp and #BBB2020. There are separate categories available for adults, children and even pets. To win a voucher during the event, use purchased books to craft a creative construction and

post the photo with the same hashtags. DrugArm will continue to collect book donations throughout February and organisers say they are grateful for any support available. Drop offs can be made through the Annerley or Ipswich offices or throughout the book sale itself. All money raised from the Big Book Barn Sale will

go to community projects and DrugArm, an essential community support service for those negatively affected by drug and alcohol use. DrugArm has been making a positive difference to people’s lives for over 170 years. Formerly the Healthy Options Australia group, Drug ARM is committed to providing programs and services in the areas of alcohol and other drugs, and mental health. DrugArm is a non-for profit, volunteer run service and it’s participants and leaders work tirelessly to achieve positive transformations through rehabilitation and treatment, outreach, family support, awareness and prevention, information, education, advocacy and policy. All are welcome at the Book Sale and Fair and it’s simply a gold coin donation for parking and entry.

RAAF SUPPORTS BUSHFIRE RESCUES Australian Defence Force assets and personnel are often called upon to support mitigation efforts during emergencies and disastrous situations, so providing support for operations to minimise the effects of the bushfires is out of the ordinary but something these men and women are trained to do. This week’s Star Chat examines the support provided by the ADF with Squadron Leader David Weekley, Executive Officer at No 382 Squadron at RAAF Amberley. His specialisation is Logistics Officer. LQ: What has been your role in assisting bushfire relief? DW: I provide executive support and expeditionary advice to the Commanding Officer of No 30 Squadron at RAAF Base East Sale. LQ: What is the difference between operations at home and while deployed on operations? DW: 382SQN is a contingency response squadron, so the roles are the same as I would perform on the majority of deployments. The main difference is that when we are working at Amberley, i.e. not deployed, our focus is on ‘raise, train and sustain’ to ensure all 382SQN members are prepared, poised and postured as both individuals and teams ready to provide for lean, light, rapid, responsive and effective expeditionary airbase operational support. I have deployed on numerous occasions to the Middle East Area of operations, and both internationally, such as Australian Defence Force support to the Pacific Island Forum, and within Australia on activities and training exercises, such as Exercise Talisman Sabre. While the air base operational support we provide is similar, the situation and mission can be vastly different.

I had a much smaller role at Amberley in providing airbase operational support during the humanitarian and security crisis that took place in East Timor from 1999-2000, and Operation Yasi Assist in Queensland, but have never deployed on a Defence Aid to the Civil Community (DACC) tasking on this scale. LQ:   How do you prepare, mentally and from a logistics standpoint? DW: As members of a contingency response squadron, we are postured to deploy and provide this type of support at short or very short notice. In times such as this we use experience and lessons gained from previous activities and build our plan and actions from there. At the tactical level, lots of reading on the road or in the air helps understand the mission on the way to your next location. The logistics staff work

incredibly hard all year round to ensure the equipment is postured to deploy, just like our personnel. LQ: Have you learned anything that surprised you this time? DW: I have learnt that no matter how short the planning time may be and no matter how many Defence and civilian agencies from all over the world are involved, when in a crisis we can all work together and make it happen in a safe environment. LQ: What’s important about the support offered to those in danger? DW: I am confident they are comforted that there are thousands of people working together to ensure support is made available. This includes firefighters saving houses and property, to evacuations from dangerous situations. Specific to our mission is to ensure the air base can support the fixed wing

and rotary wing aircraft flying into the areas of operation. The aircraft have several tasks including evacuation of civilians and animals; the transportation of civilian agencies and their assets; the return of evacuees once areas are deemed safe; and the supply of critical stores. It is important to note that the ADF does these tasks in support of the Emergency Services and other civilian agencies. LQ: Is there a rewarding element? DW: The entire operation is rewarding! It’s the look of gratitude from tired, stressed evacuees and volunteers, the ability to plan then execute Defence support, working closely with other governments, nations and Defence personnel, and reading the kind words on social media. LQ: How would you reflect on your time involved in the effort? DW: It will be a positive reflection once my part is complete. It’s difficult to walk out the front door and wave goodbye to the family, but as the cliché goes, ‘it’s what we’re trained for.’ I know the people of Australia, and my family, are proud of the way in which the Australian Defence Force can provide support to the state and territory governments in this time of need. Above: C-27J ‘Spartan’ pilots fly in poor visibility conditions as they assist evacuees during the bushfires. Left: Squadron Leader David Weekley. (Defence Photos)

LifeStyle | February 2020 1


Caring for wildlife now under stress Queensland is experiencing unprecedented levels of heat and drought, and as a result our wildlife are suffering. Under normal conditions people should stay away from wildlife and refrain from feeding them, however these extreme conditions mean that our furry friends may require some help from us to survive.

Here are seven things you can do, from a safe distance of course, that could possibly save an animal’s life.

Provide water.

Koalas can’t tilt their necks to drink so use shallow dishes and bowls. Include twigs to help smaller animals get out if they need. If you have a larger property, troughs partly covered with wire and ramps can assist larger animals like echidnas as well as smaller bush birds.

Leave food.

Leave food under bushes and away from the house, to encourage animals to eat where they feel safe. Include food like sweet potato, fruit and any collected leaves, grass and shoots.

Cover your pool.

The last thing anyone wants is for an animal to drown in a deep pool they may see as a sanctuary.

- 20+ fitness classes - Suitable for all fitness levels - No need to book - Pay as you go, or - Sign up for unlimited classes

IHF Membership $21 per fortnight

Animal watch.

Keep an eye out for animals suffering heat stress. Heat stress presents differently in different animals. Watch out for nocturnal animals out during the day, and animals near the road at night. Watch closely for predators that may be preying on the food and water spots.

Wildlife rescue kit.

Have an emergency wildlife rescue kit ready in your car and local wildlife rescue numbers on hand. An emergency kit may include: a fluro vest, gloves, torch, towel, pillow case, first aid kit, pliers and a large box. These are essential for handling wild animals and doing the least damage until you can reach a rescue centre.

Who to call.

There are a number of agencies such as Wildlife Rescue on 1300 094 737 that are on call to provide essential rescue and treatment of wildlife. Get to know who to call so that you are prepared.

www.ihfoundation.org.au/get-active 2

LifeStyle | February 2020

Stay Safe.

Always be careful when approaching a native animal, particularly if injured. Keep well away from any animal that may be venomous or dangerous, particularly snakes, goannas, flying foxes or other kinds of bats. Main Photo: vetvoice.com.au


BEAT THE SUMMER HEAT v with Luciana The Trottie Becke store has long been an established hot spot for beautiful fabrics and designs in Ipswich, and now that the weather is determined to stay steamy, we’re confident that Trottie Becke is going to be nailing the lewks in a big way. Chatting with owner Alexis, we got the low down on what to look out for, how to wear it and a reminder of the most golden rule of all: wear what you love. Here are five pieces from Trottie Becke that can be mixed, matched and worn to your heart’s content.


This lil sweetie is performing the miraculous and giving tie-dye a more elegant, fun edge. And did we mention it has POCKETS? If you’re not taking this one to the beach, let it take you there as you skip the sweat and bring colour back to your wardrobe.


If longer skirts aren’t your thing and your legs are aching for some sun, take this bubbly blue shortie for a spin. Paired with strappy sandals and large floppy hat, it’s made for hitting the streets all summer.

with cheeky plunge, thigh slit and peasant skirting. For a BBQ, brunch date or even summer night party, this dress is your friend.


It’s all about the easy oversized look this year. The Aira Dress by Australia’s bohemian designer Jaase is made from a beautiful soft pure cotton with a gorgeous floral pattern embedding into the fabric.


You can find all these looks and so much more at Trottie Becke in the Nicholas Street mall as well as through their killer insta @trottiebecke


The two-piece set had a big time revival, and we can see why. It’s vibrant, flirty and oh-socomfortable as well as giving you a sizeable amount of options to pair it with pieces you already own. While together, it serves up a more dressy look, or you can set the top with skirt and boots for a festival, or bikini top and skirt for easy beaching.


This gorgeous piece is an ode to the enduring enchantment of soft and pretty florals. The gentle waist cinch and loose drape creates a flattering shape, complete

LifeStyle | February 2020 3


OPEN DAY SATURDAY 14 MARCH - 10AM TO 1PM Visit Ipswich Girls’ and Junior Grammar School’s 2020 Open Day and take a student-guided tour to see the School in action. The Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School (girls only, Years 7 to 12), Ipswich Junior Grammar School (co-educational, Prep to Year 6) and the Ipswich Junior Grammar Early Education Centre (Kindy and Pre-Prep) 2020 Open Day offers a full program of events, giving visitors the opportunity to spend time with the School’s expert staff, tour the


LifeStyle | February 2020

heritage-listed campus and stateof-the-art facilities, enjoy student performances and learn about the School’s high quality academic and co-curricular opportunities. The School’s annual Open Day is a highlight on the School calendar, with staff and students alike keen to showcase their school and all it has to offer.

“We are very proud of our School and look forward to Open Day each year as it allows visitors to explore the many opportunities we offer and gives them the opportunity to experience our friendly and inclusive School community first-hand,” said the School’s Principal and CEO, Dr Peter Britton. A key focus of Ipswich Girls’ and Junior Grammar School is personalised learning, with each student from Prep to Year 6 having an Individual Academic Learning Plan, crafted from a range of standardised tests and classroom observations that identify areas of strength and areas for improvement. Bright Sparks, a Junior Grammar signature program, offers students rich E-STEAM (Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) opportunities and allows them to explore and develop skills in digital learning, starting from Pre-Prep. Chinese Mandarin lessons are embedded within the academic curriculum from Prep while Japanese

and German are offered in higher Year levels. Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School aims to provide a personalised, holistic education by expert staff in engaging learning environments to its students, and to ensure that every student is known and feels important. “Every student is important to

us and is known by name as well as their individual strengths and challenges as we inspire them to become confident, well-educated young women,” said Dr Britton. At IGGS, each student’s academic program is tracked and addressed in her Personalised Academic Action Plan. Each girl takes an active role in her learning adventure, reviewing her progress, setting goals and deciding how they will meet their challenges. The School is also deeply committed to providing the highest quality pastoral care and is committed to supporting girls to grow into confident, well-educated young women.

The School also offers flexible boarding options, with Cribb House, the onsite boarding facility also open for tours throughout Open Day. During the 2020 Open Day, families will be able to take advantage of a special Open Day incentive. For more information about the Open Day and to register, visit girlsgrammar.com.au or juniorgrammar.com.au and click on the Open Day link, or call (07) 3454 4447. This is a special event that could lead to an excellent future in education for your child.

Where is IGGS & IJGS? The Heritage-listed Ipswich Girls’ and Junior Grammar School campus is located in the heart of Ipswich, Cnr Queen Victoria Parade and Chermside Road East Ipswich, overlooking the beautiful Bremer River. For the Open Day, visitor parking will be available via Torch Street off Chermside Road.

OPEN DAY 14 March 2020 10am to 1pm

2021 Scholarships now open for Years 7 to 12 Apply at www.girlsgrammar.com.au

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8:58 am 5 LifeStyle |30/1/20 February 2020


v with Jess Blair, Nutritionist and Naturopath @wellnessbyblair Weight loss can be both confusing and overwhelming. Here are my favourite tips and tricks to get back to basics and make this year your best yet!

Healthy Snacks

are best, so you know exactly what’s in them. If you get sugar cravings, try and curb it with some nuts or even some dark chocolate.

Gut Health

I always recommend something high in protein and fats for snacks. This keeps cravings at bay! Something like mixed nuts, avocado or boiled eggs are great for snacks!

Gut health is paramount when it comes to immunity, mood and even weight. Making sure we are eating less processed foods, drinking more water, eating more real foods and adding foods high in pre- and pro-biotics.

During the warmer months we need to increase our water intake. Drinking water throughout the day can help with keeping our bowels regular and our skin glowing! It doesn’t have to be boring either, get creative and add fresh fruit or lemon and lime to find the flavour you like best.

Exercise is not only a great tool for weight loss it also helps with stress management. We should all be aiming to move every single day. Try to make it a goal. If you are sitting at your desk, get up every few hours and take a stretch and walk around, get outside at lunch or try to reach a 10,000-step goal every day.


Cut back on Sugar

We all should be watching what extra sugar is in our foods! Home-made meals and snacks


LifeStyle | February 2020


There you have it! A few small and simple steps repeated consistently will have you on your way to your best health!

WIN A COPY OF JESS BLAIR’S BOOK ‘Wellness’ is a practical, easy-to-follow guide for people wishing to live a more energised and healthy life, packed with simple tips that make a big impact on health. The book will guide you through five key areas of focus: food choices, the joy of movement, when to supplement, creating a healthy home and a positive approach to living. All this, with an emphasis on kindness and self-compassion. It also includes a 7-day kick start plan to help readers begin their journey to healthy living.  To win a copy of ‘Wellness by Blair’ go to our website at www. lifestyleqld.com.au, click on the enter competition button on the front page and fill in the form with the codeword ‘Wellness’. Entries close 29 February 2020.



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Work it... It’s already February and if you’re anything like us, those New Years fitness resolutions are starting to wane. Luckily, nothing gives you a sense of motivation quite like new activewear! The latest fashion trends are flirty and fun with lots of bright colours and amazing floral prints. Whether you’re getting down and sweaty or just need something to take you from A to B, these fits have something for everyone. We here at LifeStyle Queensland Magazine have given you a head start and chosen our favourite pieces so you can take your pick of the very best.


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LifeStyle | February 2020 7






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LifeStyle | February 2020 9


ADF MOUNTS OPERATION BUSHFIRE ASSIST Operation Bushfire Assist 2019-2020 is the Australian Defence Force’s (ADF) support to the national bushfire emergency. The ADF established three Joint Task Forces under Operation Bushfire Assist to facilitate ADF support to emergency services in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. flew from Amberley to Adelaide to bring the desalination system (WPDS).

The ADF is working alongside government agencies to coordinate and ensure Defence assets are deployed to communities where they are needed. The ADF is providing air and ground transport, route clearance, logistics, engineering, aviation support and accommodation support to the fire fighting and recovery effort. International partners have also contributed to the response effort with personnel from Papua New Guinea, Fiji, New Zealand, Singapore and Japan operating alongside their Australian counterparts to assist during this emergency.

The WPDS is capable of producing enough essential purified water for the community, which will continue to be required as the aftermath from the fires continues to unfold. The delivery was made by nine soldiers from 6th Engineer Support Regiment, based at RAAF Base Amberley, and two health support staff from 2nd General Health Battalion, based at Gallipoli Barracks.

C-17A ‘Globemaster’ pilot, Flying Officer Joshua Wright, fconducts checks on board a C-17A Globemaster III during a flight to the RNZAF airbase at Ohakea.

Air movements personnel palletise water purification equipment at RAAF Base Amberley, Queensland for transport by C-17A Globemasters to Adelaide to support the fire affected community of Kangaroo Island.

ADF personnel are also working with emergency services staff in the State Disaster Coordination Centre (SDCC) of the NSW Rural Fire Service Headquarters and alongside the Country Fire Authority for Victoria and Metropolitan Fire Brigades to provide the best effect from ADF assets. 10

LifeStyle | February 2020

In the air, the Royal Australian Air Force is dedicating five aircraft including C-27J Spartan, C-130J Hercules and C-17A Globemaster to directly support civilian agencies in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia as well as logistics, ground support, health, specialist capabilities and accommodation from a number of bases. The Amberley RAAF Base has been a key part of the preparation and distribution of much needed supplies for those areas affected. Most notable was the delivery of a desalination plant to Kangaroo Island in January. An Air Force C-17A Globemaster

No. 23 Squadron air movements personnel palletise water purification equipment at RAAF Base Amberley, Queensland.

The quality of the water will be continually tested by the team from 2nd General Health Battalion. Lieutenant Mark Loneragan, of 6th Engineer Support Regiment, said the WPDS was capable of producing up to 100,000 litres of purified water a day from the sea.


Royal Australian Air Force and Royal New Zealand Air Force air movements personnel work together to palletise equipment at RAAF Base Amberley, Queensland.

“Once established and initial supply is achieved, the system can continue to produce water under supervision, with regular maintenance undertaken by a small support team” Lieutenant Loneragan said. “We’ll be staying on Kangaroo Island with the system to pump water from the ocean, remove the salt and purify it for consumption.”

Independent Load Inspector, Corporal Corey O’Shannessy from No 13 Squadron, marshals a loaded pallet onto an aircraft loader.

The RAAF at Amberley were also responsible for the loading and preparation of kitchen units onto trucks for transportation to Orbost. ADF personnel have been operating out of Orbost, dropping supplies, undertaking evacuations, contacting remote communities, road clearing, refuelling emergency vehicles and supporting firefighting aircraft while stationed there. The kitchen units supplied food for over 300 ADF and Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) during the course of their participation in the Victoria arm of Operation Bushfire Assist. About 6500 ADF personnel are deployed on Operation Bushfire Assist with approximately 3000 personnel being ADF Reserves. However, on advice from the Government, the Governor-General has revoked the compulsory call out of the ADF Reserves with effect February 7, 2020. With many towns having been cut off by fires and with supplies running low, there is currently no end date to Operation Bushfire Assist. Personnel will remain stationed until no longer needed.

Aircrew from the C-27J Spartan inspects one of the seventeen endangered Southern Brush-tail Rock Wallabies from the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, ACT. The Wallabies are being evacuated from their home in the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, ACT to the Mt Rothwell Biodiversity Centre, VIC. It is estimated there are less than 40 Southern Brush-tailed Rock-wallabies left in the wild in Australia and Tidbinbilla has approximately 70 per cent of the captive breeding population in Australia.

An aerial view of a Royal Australian Air Force Deployable Catering Capability (DCC) deployed to Orbost, Victoria to feed over 300 Australian Defence Force (ADF) and Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) personnel during Op Bushfire Assist 19-20. Defence personnel have been dropping supplies, undertaking evacuations, contacting remote communities, road clearing, refuelling emergency vehicles and supporting firefighting aircraft while stationed there.

(Defence Photos)

Not Feeling the Love this Summer? Our Qualified Technicians can cool you down FAST!

Call: 5464 3413 37 Southern Amberley Road, Amberley | www.eadiesmechanical.com.au

Pallets of fire retardant are driven across the RAAF Base Richmond flightline after being delivered by a Royal Canadian Air Force CC-117A Globemaster for Operation Bushfire Assist. The fire retardant was collected from Nellis Air Force Base in the United States and follows similar trans-Pacific airlifts by RAAF aircraft to rebuild Australian stocks during the 2019-2020 bushfire season. The airlift forms part of the Canadian Armed Forces ‘Operation Renaissance’ to provide disaster relief assistance to foreign government and will be coordinated as part of the Australian Defence Force’s own Operation Bushfire Assist 19-20. (Defence Photos) LifeStyle | February 2020 11

Land from an affordable



14 new home sites available in the heights of Ripley, sized from 371m2 to 633m2 Discover a place where you can

Live a life with MORE miramor.com.au 1800 514 882


Corner Aulds Road & Tuckeroo Street, Ripley, QLD 4306

Defence Housing Australia (DHA) and Oliver Hume do not guarantee, warrant or represent that the information contained in this advertising and marketing material is free from errors or omissions. Any interested parties should make their own enquiries, seek expert advice and review the contract terms. *Price subject to availability.


LifeStyle | February 2020

10 NEW LOTS JUST RELEASED Sized from 445m2 to 630m2 Priced from

$200,200* Be quick to secure your dream home site

1800 880 603


Rawlings Road Deebing Heights, QLD 4306

Defence Housing Australia (DHA) and Oliver Hume do not guarantee, warrant or represent that the information contained in this advertising and marketing material is free from errors or omissions. Any interested parties should make their own enquiries, seek expert advice and review the contract terms. *Prices are subject to change without notice.

LifeStyle | February 2020 13


Tapescape a hit at Ipswich Art Gallery PACKING TAPE CREATES A TWO-STOREY PLAYGROUND INSIDE IPSWICH ART GALLERY American artist Eric Lennartson has again brought something special to the Art Gallery with his latest exhibition, TapeScape. The artwork features 115,000 metres of packing tape constructed into a multi-sensory experience, where children can climb inside the structure and understand how it works, from the inside out. Lennartson began the project at the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota in 2011, which at the time was an emerging museum that didn’t even have a building to be housed in. He and his team purchased an empty retail space near a shopping centre and, after seeing photos from Architectural Record Magazine of a similar installation in Europe by Numen For Use, decided to fill the space with an interactive, hands on exhibit designed for children. Lennartson and the museum had no budget and no team, but thanks to the power of community generosity and effort, amassed a totally donated foundation of materials and manpower. The 3M company donated the tape, Jones Metal donated the steel pipes and over the next few months each member of the community pitched in, hand to tape, to personally construct the awe inspiring installation. Lennartson attributes the birth of TapeScape to the efforts of those around him, stating that it couldn’t have come to life by him alone. “I had family, friends, co-workers, fellow board members and students from Minnesota State University Mankato’s engineering and construction management programs. “They would later tell all their friends and would bring them to the museum to show them what they helped build. That became the model of building almost all of the future TapeScape projects- community connections and engagement.” 14

LifeStyle | February 2020

This is Lennartson’s second exhibition at the Ipswich Art Gallery. The first time in 2011 was the largest installation he had created to date so his return to IAG was marked by a desire to drive the collaboration deeper and build bigger and better. “For this TapeScape we had a team of about 12 to 15 each day for around three weeks consisting of IAG staff along with a team from All City Arts. Maintenance for the installation requires cutting out some of the tape that might get dirty and sometimes adding more tape to areas that get a lot of traffic or might stretch out over months of play. People of all ages and professions come to see Lennartson’s work. What began as an exercise

in community building, artistic expression and engineering has transpired into a tangible message of the importance of valuing the arts in conjunction with STEM learning and how they can compliment and strengthen one another. This is exemplified in the reception to the piece, which Lennartson remarked upon for it’s unique perception and creativity. “I’ve heard people say that the spiralling construction reminded them of a surgical fibre optic scope camera or a scene in a Magic School Bus book, where they were travelling though the vascular or nervous system. Engineers see the bridges and forces at play to how the tunnel systems can support thousands of pounds or kilograms of weight. Some think it looks like a crazy and gigantic spider web system or from Tolkien’s Hobbit. It also can look like a galactic wormhole, Dr Who’s space time vortex, or from Norse Mythology Bifrost when we add the LED Lighting to the tunnels.” The most important aspect of the work is the delightfully intense focus on childs play and the way it opens a door for everyone to experience and interact with something bigger than themselves, built on community. While TapeScape has left the IAG for now, Lennartson says he is already working on some new pieces that intersect with science and art, and he hopes to bring them back to the space in the next few years.

Images: Ipswich Art Gallery


Noel Coward’s ‘Blithe Spirit’ on show at Ipswich Little Theatre

Discover your Ipswich Ipswich has some great places to spend some time away from the February heat and humidity. Here are four places to cool off.

Orion Lagoon in Springfield

The Orion Lagoon in Springfield is a free, glorious water playground that caters for all age groups and abilities. The network is made up of interconnected pools of varying depth, that hug the grassy shore, giving off a beach like feel and making it easy for everyone from toddlers to adults to splash around. There is an interactive water feature section with squirting spouts, stepping stones and sunbathing platforms. Shade is provided by colourful sails that sit over grassy areas and there are free barbeques and picnic tables for you to kick back and enjoy lunch. If you can’t be bothered cooking after all that swimming, head on over to the nearby cafes and bars. Best of all? Orion Lagoon offers night time swims until nine!

This magical play, directed by Kate Mallory, with assistant director Chris Greenhill is a joyful experience as part of the Ipswich Little Theatre’s 2020 season. Public performances are nights on 29 February, 6,7,13 and 14 March at 8pm and Sunday matinees are 1 and 8 March at 2pm Writer Charles Condomine invites local eccentric medium, Madame Arcati, to hold a séance at his house and asks along his friends, Dr and Mrs Bradman. His intention is to gather character inspiration from Madame Arcati for his latest book. Despite initially thinking the séance has been a failure, it soon becomes clear that Madame Arcati has unwittingly brought back Charles’ first wife, Elvira. Once in the house, Elvira is unable to leave, and, as she cannot be seen or heard by Condamine’s second wife, Ruth, she begins to create all kinds of mischief and trouble between the married couple. When Elvira unwittingly causes Ruth’s death in her attempts to bring Charles over to be with her, Charles becomes haunted by both of his now-deceased wives.

Frustrated by their odd situation, the threesome call on Madame Arcati once more to send Elvira and Ruth back to the other side. Legendary British playwright, Noel Coward’s comic plays continue to delight audiences all over the world. Look into the crystal ball and enjoy the wit, fun and farcical situations as this twentieth century classic sparkles on the Incinerator stage. It is rated PG with mild adult themes. This classic comedy is the first season for Ipswich Little Theatre Society for 2020. We are giving away 2 adult tickets worth $44 for Friday night 13 March. Head to @lifestyleqld on Facebook to enter. This play will be performed at the historic Incinerator Theatre, Burley Griffin Drive, Queens Park Ipswich. Gates open at 7.15 pm and 1.15 pm with the licensed bar serving hot and cold beverages and light snacks. Bookings online www.ilt.org.au or at the Ipswich Visitor Information Centre, Queens Park phone 3281 0555 or in person.

The Cottage Restaurant

There’s a new place to be in town, The Cottage Restaurant in the Ipswich CBD. The menu features modern dining with a French and Mediterranean twist that sees it offering up dishes like ‘Rolled rabbit with wood mushrooms , braised fennel, cauliflower puree, heirloom baby carrots and red currants’ and ‘Smoked duck breast, faro and rocket risotto, parfait cromesquis and toasted walnut and creamed corn’ while desserts include ‘Hazelnut and white chocolate mousse with mandarin ice, vanilla bean cake and spiced cherry sauce’ and a ‘Lavender crème brulée’. Nab a seat on the verandah to enjoy the breeze and escape the heat of a balmy evening.

Ipswich Antique Centre

If you’ve got some shopping in mind but can’t bear to face the shopping centre, the Ipswich Antique Centre is the place for you. The heritage-listed Uniting Church Central Memorial Hall, built in 1895 (and now thankfully air conditioned), boasts a beautiful range of vintage jewellery and clothing, movie memorabilia, kitsch 1950s and ‘60s items, as well as larger items such as Australian Colonial and Victorian English furniture. You’re sure to stay sweat free while you find your treasures.

The Soul Cauldron

Tucked away in the depths below the Old Flour Mill, there lays a bookshop called the Soul Cauldron. It’s another world down those wooden steps, and if you’re looking for something a little different, you’ll be delighted to feast your eyes on books relating to the mind, body and the metaphysical. You’ll find tomes on the faerie world, buddhism, positive affirmations and wikka, and everything in between. Adding to mystical, magical ambience is the scent of incense in the air (and for sale) as well as candles, crystals, jewellery and even little steel cauldrons. Built on the remnants of the old mill, you’ll stay cool below ground while you soak up the loveliness of the old beams and bare bricks. For more ideas on what to see and do in Ipswich, go to discoveripswich.com.au. LifeStyle | February 2020 15

Win seeds for your herb garden Have you been dreaming of a herb garden of your own? It’s much easier than you think! Mr Fothergills in partnership with LifeStyleQ Magazine are giving away two seed packs containing basil, parsley and coriander, to two lucky winners! Enter through the competitions page at www.lifestyleqld.com.au using the codeword ‘HERBS’ or, mail to LifeStyleQ Magazine, PO Box 555, Ipswich 4305. Entries close February 29. All the seeds require for planting are moist or warm, well drained soil in a small pot. Pots work best as each herb has different requirements for sun exposure, so make sure you can move them around with ease. The seedlings will begin to emerge after 7-20 days after which you can transplant them to a herb garden or larger pot. To speed up growing and support healthy growth, use a liquid fertiliser and make sure to remember to water regularly.

Consuming herbs may help to prevent and manage heart disease, cancer and diabetes. It may also help to reduce blood clots and provide anti-inflammatory and anti-tumour properties. Research is ongoing but studies have shown that: garlic, linseed, fenugreek and lemongrass may help lower cholesterol. Fresh herbs often contain higher antioxidant levels compared to processed or dried herbs but if you are using herbs in order to harness their health-promoting aspects first and foremost, aim to add your fresh herbs at the end of cooking or as you serve to preserve these properties. It’s worth checking out the health giving properties of herbs.

cool down


Wit h Aus tral ia’s larg est ran ge of fan s


Beacon Lighting Ipswich Riverlink Shopping Centre Ph 3812 2714 beaconlighting.com.au


LifeStyle | February 2020

Hydrophobic soil and how to fix it - with Mr Fothergill’s The hot Australian climate and unreliable rainfall can cause havoc with our soil, including Hydrophobic soil. This condition occurs when a waxy residue builds up on the soil particles, resulting in it repelling water rather than absorbing it. The problem is most common in sandy soils and dried out potting mix and soils containing unrotted organic matter. You can easily identify hydrophobic soil simply by watering it. If water runs off or pools on the surface leaving the soil underneath dry, you’ve got Hydrophobic soil. Luckily, it is not too hard to fix, here’s a few common ways you can make your soil water loving, or ‘hydrophilic’. Wetting Agents Soil wetting agents are a great quick fix, although not a long term solution. They work by breaking down waxy residues and breaking the surface tension in the water, making it easier to penetrate the soil. Commercial wetting agents are available at garden centres, or you can make one at home using agar (see the Mr Fothergill’s website for details). You can also use diluted dishwashing detergent as a soil wetter, but be sure to use environmentally friendly options and check their suitability for your plants. Improving the Soil A long-term way to improve your soil is to add well-rotted organic matter, then mulching

over the top. This will help prevent the soil from drying out, introduce microorganisms to your soil which will break down the waxy residues and also improve your soil biology. When using mulches, be wary of continuously using pine bark or eucalypt woodchip mulches. Varying the mulch type at each application is best. Note that more is not always better – a three to five centimetre layer is ideal. Potted plants Plants in pots need special treatment. You can hydrate pot plant soil by soaking the pot in a tub of water for at least 10 to 20 minutes. Adding half-strength liquid fertiliser to the water will also help replenish nutrients in the soil. When repotting plants, add fresh potting mix to boost moisture levels and provide fresh nutrients. Water crystals can also boost the soil water retention capacity. Prevention is always better than cure with pot plants as they can fail quickly in hot weather, so it’s a good idea when buying potting mix to choose one containing granular fertiliser and a wetting agent. This may be more costly at the outset but may save your expensive plant while you aren’t watching.

David Laidley Exhibition West Art Gallery February 4 to March 29 Featured artist David Laidley’s exhibition is on display at the West Art gallery from February 4 through to March 29. Laidley specialises in emotive landscape work and has conducted his painting in the USA, England, New Zealand and Australia. He is also a former President of Royal Queensland Art Society Gold Coast and has held numerous solo exhibitions with many paintings now in private collections. If you have a favourite landscape then David can paint it for you. Visit www.davidlaidleyart. com.au for more information. DrugArm Book Sale and Family Fun Day 52 Andrew St Bundamba 5-8 March Bibliophiles rejoice! The DrugArm Ipswich Book Sale is back- this time in the Big Book Barn in Bundamba. This year promises to be bigger and better than ever with the addition of a family fun day that will include face painting, fair games, entertainment, scavenger hunts, community stalls and a country afternoon tea. There will also be a photo competition in the lead up to the book fest, giving local photographers the opportunity to win $10 vouchers for the sale. Gold coin donation for parking and entry. Busby Marou Friday March 6 8:00pm Ipswich Civic Centre Busby Marou are back on stage with their Great Divide 2020 tour. The duo have been playing together for over a decade and are fast becoming firm Australian favourites with their powerful onstage chemistry and spellbinding story telling. Tickets are available through the Ipswich Civic Centre website at www.ipswichciviccentre.com.au Column sponsored by: Proudly supporting our Ipswich community

“For all your picture framing needs” We are a proud Ipswich business committed to the finest quality work...

v with Luciana

Here’s what’s been happening on the Ipswich business scene.

Australia Post moves to Nicholas Street

Ipswich residents will soon have to travel a little further for their post office needs. After a change of heart late last year, and a last minute pledge to stay on, the time has come for the Australia Post Office to move from it’s home next to Tower Central down the street, and into the Ipswich City Mall Newsagency. The post office services will be combined with those of the newsagent, so customers will be able to continue to use the services of the post office through the newsagent. For those businesses and individuals with PO boxes, spots are limited and there will be a few available at the newsagent. To apply, applicants must respond to a letter they will receive from Australia Post and return the form to the post office. The procedure will favour the first in best dressed. For those customers who aren’t able to secure a PO box, the nearest available options are in the Booval or Riverlink shopping centres. The move has drawn frustration from customers and businesses as it was felt to have been done quietly, with little time to prepare and a lack of regard for business needs.

Norman Street Bridge Update

Council is in the process of presenting the final business case for the Norman Street Bridge, a construction project which has been in the making for almost a decade. This latest proposal stage is still under consideration, funding hasn’t been approved and it isn’t a clear marker of when the bridge will be built. The report presented to the council a run down

of the costings and benefits of the project. It estimated that currently, without a bridge, tax payers are paying $34 million a year in costs related to road congestion and traffic safety. In contrast, they have estimated that the building of the bridge would come to $372 million. In 2013, the estimates came to $320 million with stage 1 suggested at $190 million. It is unclear as to where the changed figures lay. If the bridge does secure funding and funding assistance, it could work to stimulate the economy through increased access to jobs and the CBD as well as increasing community involvement and an active city centre. The following reduced traffic congestion and greater road safety could also make room for increased amounts of cycling, pedestrian space and public transport routes in the existing spaces. While the project has been maintained during the interim administrative government, the plans for it aren’t clear in candidate mandates for the election.

RACQ Building Rises from Ashes

Ipswich social housing is keeping pace with population growth as work starts on the multilevel social housing complex in the Ipswich CBD. The units will be located on the site of the former RACQ heritage building that was destroyed by fire last year. The multi-level social housing building will have 20 apartments constructed on the East Street site next to Centrelink in Ipswich Central. The development will provide 15 onebedroom and five two-bedroom units, to help Ipswich families and individuals in need. The $8 million project will provide jobs for about 270 construction workers.


Nolans Plaza, Downtown Ipswich

Call Steve or Adrian

PH: 07 3496 1110

facebook.com/ArticulateFraming LifeStyle | February 2020 17



What we are reading:



New year, and new Queensland beers New year means new beers at Tap’d. This year our major focus at Tap’d is bringing you more tasty beers from here in Queensland, we want to support the craft beer producers of this great state. We’ve had a good look around and found plenty of new breweries from Queensland to showcase and the following beers are just the start of our new focus at Tap’d. One of the latest additions to our taps comes all the way from Cairns and our new friends at Hemingway’s Brewery. Mr Wong’s Hefeweizen is a traditionally styled Hefeweizen with prominent clove and banana aroma, medium body, low bitterness and tart, spritzy character from increased carbonation. This a refreshing summer beer that’s not overpowering and one that keeps you coming back for more. Another new addition to our extensive tap list comes from Revel Brewing in Bulimba. An Engineered Haze Strong Hazy Pale Ale. Named after the locale of the Northbridge Brewing Co, our New

by Juliet Reiden England inspired pale ale returns. This pale ale pours a thick golden haze with pineapple, passionfruit, orange and mango on the nose. A silky mouthfeel leads to a surprisingly dry finish, with just enough bitterness to let you know you’re still drinking beer. And my favourite beer so far for this year is from our pals at Currumbin Valley Brewing with their Strawberry Bubblegum Sour. Inspired by their 2019 Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular (GABS) People’s Choice Grape Bubblegum sour, Currumbin Valley decided to release a strawberry take on this sour ale. This is a puckering sour beer inspired by Strawberry flavoured Hubba Bubba bubblegum. The brewers have absolutely nailed the strawberry bubblegum flavour with just enough tartness to refresh the palate and make the strawberry shine. This is a not-tomiss beer! Try all these Queensland beers and more right now at Tap’d bar at the Prince Alfred Hotel at Booval!

Cheers, Tim

v with Luciana

‘The Writing on the Wall’ is the story of Australian author and journalist Juliet Reiden’s eighteen-month exploration of her estranged family and how they were lost in the Holocaust. Before beginning the book, Reiden had no idea how far her family tree reached, and it was only after her beloved father’s death that she made the decision to pursue her curiosity about who he was and where he came from. What followed was a long, arduous road through the hallways of time and history that eventually led her to some devastating realisations, belated grief and a renewed empathy for those who lived through World War II. Reiden’s novel is a warm and feeling read, made more so by her ability to translate her meticulous research into a vivid story. It serves as a beautiful guidebook for those who may also be searching for answers as well as those looking to learn more.

Furthermore, it raises to the surface the reality of the Jewish communities in the Czech Republic and the Romani, whose shadowed existence echoes the endless effects of the genocide. The Holocaust has been written about thousands of times. It’s been explored from every angle, through fiction and non-fiction: reparation, memoir, cataloguing, art installations, plays, movies, songs and even denial and debate. As this year marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, one of the most notorious elements of the Nazis and Adolf Eichmann’s Final Solution, it’s books like The Writing on the Wall that remind us that there can never be too many writings on atrocity and that vigilance and knowledge are what will keep it on the history pages and out of the world. Pan Macmillan


In Cinemas February 27 Lifestyle in partnership with Universal Pictures International are giving away 10 double passes to the Invisible Man! What you can’t see can hurt you. Elisabeth Moss stars in a terrifying modern tale of obsession inspired by Universal’s classic monster character . Trapped in a violent, controlling relationship with a wealthy and brilliant scientist, Cecilia Kass escapes in the dead of night and disappears into hiding. But when Cecilia’s abusive


LifeStyle | February 2020

ex commits suicide and leaves her a generous portion of his vast fortune, she suspects his death was a hoax. As a series of eerie coincidences turns lethal, Cecilia’s sanity begins to unravel as she desperately tries to prove that she is being hunted by someone nobody can see. To enter, go to lifestyleqld.com.au and click the ‘COMPETITIONS’ tab. Codeword: ‘INVISIBLE’. Entries close February 29. Prize winners may collect their tickets from the FriendlyCare Phamacy Booval complex.


In Cinemas March 12 The film centres on a group of women in England whose partners are away serving in Afghanistan. Faced with the men’s absences, they form a choir and quickly find themselves at the centre of a media sensation and global movement. Inspired by global phenomenon of military wives choirs, the story celebrates a band of misfit women who form a choir on a military base. Military Wives is a 2019 British drama film, directed by Peter

Cattaneo, from a screenplay by Rosanne Flynn and Rachel Tunnard. It stars Kristin Scott Thomas, Sharon Horgan and Jason Flemyng. The film had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2019. To enter, go to lifestyleqld.com. au and click the ‘COMPETITIONS’ tab. Codeword: ‘WIVES’. Entries close February 29. Prize winners may collect their tickets from the FriendlyCare Phamacy Booval complex.

New Year Real Estate Tips Colours of the year trends in 2020 Are you one to follow the pack or do you just like having your interiors up to date? If so, here is your guide to picking a colour to plaster all over your walls this year. Pantone Colour of the Year: Classic Blue  Think blue jeans, blueberries and the sky at dusk. This colour will truly make an impact in your home but it also brings about calm and reassurance to the space. Because it is such a classic colour, we do not have to worry about it going out of style any time soon.  Dulux Predictions : Grounded This colour palette is uncomplicated and simplistic; a 2020 take on neutrals. Try warm tones and texture to create a welcoming and happy space. Think raw materials, vintage items, timeworn textiles, and natural fibres. This is the safest colour choice to make as it is timeless and can suit most spaces. However, try not to make the space look too flat by

overdoing it on neutral colours! Remember tone and texture can play a big role in transforming a space also. Comeback The comeback colour palette takes vintages styles and combines them with contemporary pieces for an eclectic look. Use tonal shades of blue as a backdrop to create a calming and peaceful vibe. The bold blues alongside warm muted tones take us back to the ’80s, so have fun with your styling pieces. Cultivate  We are starting to see green and

nature-inspired tones more and more in interior design. This colour palette uses these zen tones to crush the city living and create a soothing calmness. Taking inspiration from Japanese styling cues, this trend combines black timber, handmade ceramics, and origami-like prints to connect colour, texture, and pattern. Indulge  If you are looking for something more comforting, this is the colour trend for you! Combining rich and warm tones of red and brown, ‘Indulge’ creates a warm and vivid sunset palette that sparks emotion in spaces designed for lingering. 

v with Taylah Antoniolli iThink Property

Using Classic Blue Introduce classic blue into your living room with a statement couch. This will provide a great centerpiece and will provide styling cues for the rest of the room. If you are looking to keep it simple, try incorporating classic blue in smaller accent pieces. Try cushions, table runners, books, styling pieces or even artwork. Even just a pop of blue can help transform the room and liven up an open space.  If you don’t mind committing to the colour, you might opt for an accent wall or even go all out and paint a larger space. This will provide a rich but versatile look. If you are looking to take this colour to the next level some great out-of-the-box ideas are: coloured vanities, coloured kitchen cabinet and coloured wallpaper. Happy colour hunting for your home! We hope some of these ideas have helped you plan out your interior vision for 2020.

ENTER TO WIN! To win one of our giveaways go to our website at www.lifestyleqld.com.au , click on the Enter Competition button on the front page and fill in the form with the codeword or mail to LifeStyle Queensland Magazine, PO Box 555, Ipswich 4305. Entries close 29 February 2020. Only one entry per household per contest.

Prizes to be picked up from our office in the FriendlyCare Pharmacy Booval Complex.

TWO DARK REIGNS: THREE DARK CROWNS BOOK THREE CODE WORD: DARK By Kendare Blake The battle has been fought, blood has been spilt and a queen has been crowned, but not all are happy with the outcome. Katharine, the poisoner queen, has been crowned and is trying to ignore the whispers that call her illegitimate, undead, cursed. Mirabella and Arsinoe have escaped the island of Fennbirn, but how long before the island calls them back? Jules is returning to Fennbirn and has become the unlikely figurehead of a revolution threatening to topple Katharine’s already unsteady rule. But what good is a revolution if something is wrong with the island itself? (Pan Macmillan)



By Carlie Sorosiak Linny has been living life in black and white since her sister Grace ran away, and she’s scared that Grace might never come back. When Linny witnesses the return to Miami of a cult movie star long presumed dead, she is certain it’s a sign. Surely Álvaro Herrera, of all people, can tell her why people come back - and how to bring her sister home? Sebastian has come to Miami seeking his father, a man whose name he’s only just learned. He can tell Linny how many galaxies there are and the weight of plutonium but he can’t answer his own questions about why his father abandoned him, and why it left his life in a shattered mess.

By Billy Hedderman In 2014, Billy Hedderman suffered a catastrophic injury to his spinal cord while body-boarding on the Sunshine Coast, paralysing him almost completely from the neck down.  When asked if he would walk again, his doctor simply said, ‘I dunno … maybe.’  Yet, incredibly, within just seven months of his injury, he was able to beat the odds and run a 10km race in under an hour. This is the powerful story of Billy’s recovery and a fascinating account of his service as an Officer in the elite Special Forces unit, the Army Ranger Wing of the Irish Army.  It is a story of personal resilience and mental toughness, which will amaze and inspire.

(Harper Collins)

(Big Sky)


By David Gillepsie Manufactured seed oils – canola, sunflower and rice bran oil, among others – have systematically replaced saturated fats in our diet. Despite nutrition guidelines stating this is a good thing, our rates of obesity, diabetes and heart diseases are soaring! In fact, recent findings suggest that animal fats are not the villains we once thought them to be. As most processed foods- from breads and crackers to mayonnaise and pesto-contain seed oils, David shows us how to identify these toxic products and make healthier choices at the supermarket. He tells us which brands to avoid and which to enjoy- and how to create seedoil free versions of our favourite foods at home. (Pan Macmillan) LifeStyle | February 2020 19




Nachos with a difference v with Nutritionist Jess Blair


½ small red onion, chopped 1 cup canned brown lentils, drained 1 packet corn chips (no salt) 2 tbsp finely chopped olives 100g feta, crumbled 1 cup avocado, mashed juice of 1 lemon 10-12 cherry tomatoes, for serving hummus, for serving 3 cups spinach, for serving


Preheat oven to 180 C. In a non-stick pan over a low heat, brown the onion. Add the lentils and cook until soft.


LifeStyle | February 2020

Add water if necessary to achieve a thick, sauce like consistency. Place corn chips in the oven, then cover with the lentil mixture. Add chopped olives and crumbled feta. Bake in oven until corn chips are heated through, approximately 20 minutes. Mash avocado with lemon juice and set aside. To serve, add a dollop of avocado mixture, fresh cherry tomatoes, hummus and some spinach. You could also add more vegetables as a side dish.

Starring Matthew McConaughey as an American marijuana kingpin looking to sell off his empire in the hopes of riding off into the sunset of bliss retirement, The Gentlemen is the latest and greatest actioncomedy from acclaimed filmmaker Guy Ritchie. Featuring an ensemble cast of Charlie Hunnam, Henry Golding, Michelle Dockery, Jeremy Strong, Colin Farrell and a hilarious turn from 90’s rom-com king Hugh Grant playing against type, fans of Ritchie’s early classics Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch are in for a treat, with this brilliant and unconventional British gangster flick proving his signature style is far from lost. Mickey Pearson (McConaughey) is a well-educated American expatriate who became rich by building a marijuana empire in London, which he operates with his wife, Rosalind (Dockery). When news travels fast the two are looking to call it a day and sell for a fair price, it isn’t long before an array of schemers and slimy con-artists plot against him for a slice of his fortune. From a newspaper editor-in-chief with a personal beef, a flamboyant private investigator with a desire for making a Hollywood film, Mickey’s trusted bodyguard, a gang of teenage boxers and persistent rival Chinese mobsters, no one is safe from being played as the ruthless Mickey begins to learn who can be trusted when it comes to the game of trying to get out. Never ceasing to keep you entertained with an exciting narrative flowing from brutal action, witty dialogue and humorous characters all intertwined in a suspenseful blast of English cinema, Ritchie’s killer return to form not only features McConaughey at full movie-star tilt back as the best he’s been in a couple years, but it’s got more twists than your favourite brand of cheese flavoured snack-food, that’ll leave you fully engrossed from start to finish. With Grant standing out as the film’s best character and Farrell terrific in a rare film where he utilises his native accent, the Gentleman is pure class, pour yourself a glass.

Bad Boys for Life 2.5/5 STARS Because Hollywood currently loves nothing more than the nostalgic cash grab also known as bringing back long-dead franchises for the modern era, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are back as police detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett seventeen years after we last saw them for the third (and somehow) not final entry of the Bad Boys series. Sans Michael Bay this time around despite directing both the 1995 original and 2003 sequel, new directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah bring us Bad Boys For Life, the sequel we didn’t really need. Enlisting the talent of recognisable co-stars Vanessa Hudgens, Alexander Ludwig and Charles Melton surely in the hope of appealing to a younger viewership, Joe Pantoliano also returns as police Captain Howard for a semi-decent action adventure that despite a predictably lazy plot, relies on the chemistry of its two leads to entertain the OG fans of the most popular buddy-cop comedies in cinema history. Once the hot new detectives out on the street busting gang bangers by day and drug cartels by night, Mike and Marcus’ lives are now much different. Juggling career changes and midlife crises while maintaining their “Bad Boys” reputation, their mantra of “ride together, die together” becomes more a reality than a saying when someone starts murdering people involved in an old case. Teaming up with an elite police unit to put an end to the chaos, the boys must go on one last ride to get the job done. More Fast & Furious than Bad Boys ever was and lacking that unique so-bad-it’s-good Michael Bay style that this franchise built a legacy on, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s one of a kind chemistry with one another and certain comedic beats throughout aren’t enough to warrant a recommendation you see this on the big screen. In a world where the likes of 21 Jump Street and The Nice Guys have put their stamp on revitalising the buddy-cop genre over the last few years, Bad Boys for Life just feels like a stale re-hash of something done better. 2.5 - 5 STARS


STAR Here’s the latest celebrity gossip and entertainment news from the world of stage, screen and television. v with Luciana

Most memorable TV moments In a poll by media outlet The Guardian, Australian viewers were asked to name their number one vote for most unforgettable moment on TV. The votes rolled in for over a thousand different memorable moments, including some of the best like Cathy Freeman’s win, former Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s speech on misogyny, Bob Hawke’s advice to bosses after the 1983 America’s Cup, Lui & Tapsell trashing the set of Krackn’, Whitlam’s dismissal speech, to some of the worst like Scomo’s coal lump, Abbott’s silent interview, Next Top Model false winner announcement and many beloved soapie deaths through the years. The collection highlights the changing tastes and attitudes towards television through the years and shows how much we value what it brings us; the ability to laugh, cry, be surprised, get furious and even how much we love to embarrass ourselves. You can take the full trip down memory lane by checking out the list through the website.

Billie Eilish made history by not only being the first female artist to take out a Triple J Hottest 100 win, but also cleaning up massively at the Grammy’s by taking home Song of the Year, Album of the Year, Record of the Year and Artist of the Year, all thanks largely to her mega hit ‘Bad Guy.’ The crazy thing? Eilish revealed that the addictive drop beat that made her song such a banger was inspired by none other than the ‘beep’ rhythm that comes from the crosswalk signal on Australian crosswalks.

She and brother Finneas O’Connell were hanging out in Sydney and became obsessed with the jangly little beat and knew they needed to throw it together into a winner. So why did Billie Eilish cross the road? To get to number one! Up Schitt’s Creek. Some crazy news has come out about Annie Rose from beloved American TV series Schitt’s Creek. Apparently the actress was totally broke before she landed the show and only had $3 to her name! Not only this but her house had burned down, she hadn’t managed to gain work in two years and she had just failed a screen test dismally. She revealed to Kelly Clarkson on her show that she “found herself having “a very snotty cry” in the Pacific Ocean.”The universe was like, ‘Don’t do this anymore. This is not for you,’ she recalled. Luckily for us, two days later she landed an audition for Schitt’s Creek, and the rest is history.

STASSI SCHROEDER Stassi Schroeder has come a long way since her days on Vanderpump Rules (and even further since Queen Bees) and has worked to establish herself as a gal with more than just a flair for the dramatic. Being a reality TV star from a young age, Schroeder has gone through a very public style evolution, from Spice Girls, to preppy, to grunge, to goth and finally to having settled on a personal style that she loves. These transitions are key to how she stays style relevant, and indicative of her commitment to cultivate and perfect her ensembles. In an interview with Bravo, the Outfit Of The Day queen shared her secret to style contentment, revealing that where she was once stressed out with having to put an outfit together, she now approaches it with seasonal staples to truly nail the look. Schroeder is outspoken on all that she loves and hates in fashion. She loves fashion risks, and hates predictability which seems at odds given her Next Level Basic roots, but Schroeder manages to walk this line by throwing her absolute self into every outfit she crafts. She is a self confessed Megan Markle addict and adores and emulates the former Royal’s, glow, highlighter and polished style. Schroeder has said that she strives to achieve an elegant, well put together outfit with every look, and frequently laments her choices from younger days. But she’s no snob when it comes to wardrobe and she willingly embraces mixing high

end pieces with cheaper ones if it creates the appearance she is after. Of course, no Stassi work of art would be complete without the OOTD selfie, a crowning Stassi achievement which she admits is achieved by always posing with her best side forward, mirror gleaming. It’s unclear as to whether Stassi is still working towards a career in fashion- Style Diaries by Stassie is now defunct, as is the blog the Divine Addiction where she wrote for Pandora Vanderpump and her own website seems to only have merch. Ever the hard worker, Stassi has embraced her Basic B*tch persona, and along with the release of her New York Times best seller, is successfully filling her Youtube channel with likeminded basics, and so far her style doesn’t seem to be suffering too much.

LifeStyle | February 2020 21



PRINCE ALFRED HOTEL 150m walk from Booval Fair Bus Stop Route 500 & 514 22

LifeStyle | February 2020

600m walk from Booval Train Station Ipswich Train Line

170 Brisbane Road, Booval QLD 4304 Phone: (07) 3282 1577 pahotel.com.au

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