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AT-HOME HAVEN (CONTINUED) COMFORT & LUXURY In Southern California, there’s simply no better place to socialize than outside in your very own backyard haven. “Whether it’s alfresco dining, lounging around a fire table, or having that long-awaited get-together with friends and family, the right furniture pieces can make all the difference,” says Bryan Gold, marketing manager at Aldik Home, which is proud to only carry Summer Classics outdoor furniture. “It is impeccably made, durable and most importantly, as comfortable—or even more comfortable—than indoor furniture,” Gold emphasizes. “Summer Classics is the only luxury patio furniture that hits all the right notes.” Aldik Home is unlike any retail store you have ever visited, he says. “Filled to the brim with the most lifelike silk flowers and plants, Aldik Home

handmade artificial trees made with real trunks, and silk floral arrangements, this 24,000-square-foot store is a feast for the senses.” Aldik Home has been the “go-to secret weapon” for interior designers, set decorators and savvy homeowners looking to add the

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finishing touches to their indoor spaces with some lasting natural beauty. “And for those looking to transform their outdoor space, interspersed amongst the artificial plants and flowers is the most jaw-dropping line of patio furniture on the marketplace: Summer Classics,” Gold says. For those looking to add natural beauty to their outdoor space, teak is a trendy patio furniture option this year. “It is important to be discerning about the types of teak furniture you see on the marketplace, however, as not all teak is created equal,” Gold advises. Summer Classics uses the finest teak in the world: marine-grade, sustainably harvested teak from Indonesia, which outperforms all other teak. “Not only do they choose the best material, they also adhere to the best building methods, like hand-carving curved pieces rather than cutting corners and steam-bending like other manufacturers,” Gold says. “They also employ the mortise and tenon construction method, which while more laborious, makes for much more durable furniture.” Summer Classics’ teak furniture is available in the natural

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honey-golden color or in a pre-weathered finish called Oyster teak, a favorite amongst interior designers. “This Oyster teak is a maintenance-free, set-it-and-forget-it teak that gives you peace of mind and stunning sophistication,” Gold says. When creating your backyard paradise, keep comfort at the top of your mind, he further recommends. “If you purchase furniture that looks nice, but isn’t very comfortable to sit in, then you won’t be spending as much time outdoors as you had hoped,” Gold warns. “If, on the other hand, you choose furniture that is luxuriously comfortable, you will find any excuse to sit outside or invite friends and family over.” Comfort is key, which is another reason Summer Classics stands out. “All of Summer Classics’ collections, be they Teak, Aluminum or Resin Wicker, are amazingly comfortable,” Gold adds. “Aldik Home showcases more than 20 different collections of Summer Classics


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