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“This has become a family affair,” says Matthew Sargent. “Our children help at events such as Stems: A Garden Soirée; Moonshine Soirée on the Farm (Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead); and Brew at the Zoo & Wine Too.” To recreate the authentic taste of her original brew, Nelson took a taste sample to The Roasterie, resulting in a perfect blend of KC deliciousness. “We partner with The Roasterie for our highest blend of coffee and then manufacture our product in Olathe utilizing a local vodka company,” Sargent says. “It’s a blessing to say, ‘Made locally with all-natural ingredients, gluten free and made in the USA.’” Sargent says that their close-knit blended family which includes six children, two grandchildren with one on the way, all live locally and all care about the business. “Our daughter, Julea, was recently highlighted on Better Kansas City (KCTV), and all our kids are involved because they love to see the smile on their grandmother’s face when they share her creation with others,” Sargent says. “Nowadays, Mom gets to sit back and enjoy being the company’s retired emeritus.” Sargent says the company went through many “marketing tastings” with family and friends to create recipes. But after Angela’s friends were up all night doing laundry and going to the gym at 3 a.m., the need for a decaf version became apparent. “We made sure our decaf wasn’t diluted,” Sargent says. “In 2013, we entered the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition. We competed against coffee liqueurs from all over the world and won a Silver (Decaf) and Bronze (Regular). As far as I know, we’re the only coffee liqueur company in the U.S. that makes a regular and decaffeinated coffee liqueur. This provides options for everybody.” After 25 years in the medical business, Sargent is going full strength in serving his mother-in-law’s recipe to new audiences, whom they describe as the “friendliest, most outstanding people.” Angela handles the finances of the business, and Matt handles operations, including meeting with restaurants about ME’s specialty drinks created with a local mixologist, such as Midnight Espresso Martini, Midnight Manhattan (Angela’s favorite), Black As Midnight (Matt’s favorite) and others listed on the website. “People love this product,” he says. “The initial reaction is, ‘Wow this is so good and smooth.’ They’re even more surprised how good the decaf is. Whenever we do tastings, inevitably the women want to taste it first, and the men stay behind thinking, I don’t drink liqueurs, then they end up tasting it and telling us what they’d like to mix it with.” Midnight Espresso Coffee Liqueurs can be enjoyed straight, over ice, mixed with other drinks, poured over ice cream, cakes and brownies or as an ingredient in baked goods such as Bundt cakes, scones or coffee cakes. The use of vodka is unusual because the best-selling coffee liqueur on the planet is rum-

based but also contains artificial flavors and sweeteners.

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“Its name is not allowed in our house,” Sargent jokes, “Our

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product costs a little more to manufacture because it’s all natural,

but one taste makes all the difference.”

JABrew, LLC dba Midnight Espresso Coffee Liqueurs

May 2019 | Johnson County Lifestyle


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Johnson County, KS May 2019  

May 2019 Issue of Johnson County Lifestyle

Johnson County, KS May 2019  

May 2019 Issue of Johnson County Lifestyle