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Rose+Moser+Allyn finds it’s easiest to explain what they do, through why a client would choose them -- you want to win, need a bigger fan club, have a good idea, need to raise money, deserve publicity and you need the best in the public relations and event business. With such prestigious clients as Steak 44, Ocean 44, Larry Fitzgerald, Mountainside Fitness, and the Arizona Diamondbacks, Rose+Moser+Allyn has settled into a prominent niche in Arizona. Moser is proud she has been able to not only have nonprofit clients, but has had the opportunity to help others by volunteering her time with organizations, advising on boards and participating in or chairing well-known galas in town. She was Chairman of the Board of Directors for Make-A-Wish Arizona. She chaired their Wish Ball Gala for three years and is co-chairing again this year for the 40th Anniversary. “Being on the Board of Directors allowed me to get a more intimate look at what granting a wish does for the child as well as his/her family. Giving them that hope and excitement was often the highlight and happiness the family needed in the midst of very tough times. When wish children would come visit to talk about their wishes, you could really see what a difference it made in their lives.” Unfortunately, the March event has been postponed, but Moser is looking forward to celebrating the 40th anniversary this August 21, and continuing to grant wishes. The Phoenix Heart Ball, benefitting the American Heart Association, is a night of hope and festivities that the Scottsdale community embraces each year. Moser serves as the 2020 Chairman and her reasoning for involvement in this charitable organization is personal. “I lost my father when I was 27 to Heart Disease so this


cause is important to me. He and my family never met, and I

Moser shares her goal this year is to keep traditions alive, as one

wish they had had the chance. When I learned 80% of heart

of the most notable and respected charity galas in town, and to raise

disease is preventable with education, diet and exercise I

money to educate and save lives. Her theme, Remembering Hearts:

was shocked. Most people don’t know heart disease is the

Past, Present and Future is about remembering those lost, taking care

leading cause of death for men and women in the United

of oneself in the present and teaching children and others how to lead

States. Most forms of this disease are very treatable today,

healthy lives in the future.

and this is only part of what the American Heart Association

“The Phoenix Heart Ball is Saturday, November 21, 2020. We raise no

does. They are also helping with diabetes, obesity efforts,

money the evening of the ball, there is no auction or paddle raise, we do

tobacco/vaping initiatives and education for children. With

all of our fundraising now. We celebrate the generosity of the community

the recent news of the COVID-19 virus, the AHA and Heart

and the fabulous committee working tirelessly all year on the evening of

Ball has additionally turned its efforts to feeding the under-

the event. We look to have as much as possible underwritten.”

served, as one in four children in Arizona live in poverty. We

People can get involved by participating in the following areas: becoming

are also assisting seniors with food totes and supporting

a sponsor of the ball by purchasing a table or seats, underwriting, or spon-

doctors and nurses. The AHA just announced a 2.5-mil-

soring well needed heart health programs or research. All of the money

lion-dollar grant to assist in the research of COVID-19. We

raised stays in Arizona and programs can be customized to fit within any

hope to raise money now for these efforts as well.”

mission. Please reach out to

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