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ARTICLE NANCY RENNEKE 1. Research websites and friends’ wed-

all day with him. You’ll love your wedding

you see your images? How many will be

dings, define your style, then interview a

photos if you’re feeling beautiful, having fun

edited? What’s the back-up plan if the

photographer whose work resonates with

and he doesn't irritate your mom.

photographer falls ill?

it. Many photographers are adept at mul-

4. Editing skills can be as important

7. If you have specific priority shots,

tiple approaches, such as portraiture and

as capturing great shots. Be clear about

don’t assume your photographer will

photojournalism. If you want film photog-

your expectations and look for evidence of

automatically shoot a “first look,” a dra-

raphy or natural light, your list of qualified

over-editing. Hair shouldn’t be too smooth;

matic balcony view, or a laughter-filled

artisans will be narrower.

laugh lines belong on happy faces; noses

family photograph. If you want a shot

shouldn’t blend into cheekbones.

in your grandmother’s vintage convert-





their best shots from a cross-section of

5. You need to understand the pho-

ible, tell your photographer in advance.

weddings. Shooting a wedding is like a

tographer’s “menu,” then make sure your

Provide a heads up if your flower girl

running a marathon. Ask to see examples

budget is compatible with it. Do you also

will leave right after the first dance.

of full weddings, looking for consistently

want engagement photos or pre-wedding

Make a list, then let yourself relax and

beautiful shots in a variety of settings.

day portraits? They may be part of a bun-

be directed. Part of a great working

Consider framing, image quality, lighting

dle or priced a la carte.

relationship is respecting your pho-

and the photographer’s “eye” for capturing spontaneous moments.

6. Read the contract. Ask about watermarks, social media sharing restrictions

tographer’s artistry and trusting him to capture unpredictable moments.

3. Great photographers are engaging and

and print rights. Will she charge more

8. Smile, cry, relax your shoulders, wink

your personalities should click. You’ll spend

for multiple venues? How quickly will

at your dad. The camera’s gonna love you!


Eden Prairie Lifestyle | March 2018

Eden Prairie, MN March 2018  

March 2018 Issue of Eden Prairie Lifestyle

Eden Prairie, MN March 2018  

March 2018 Issue of Eden Prairie Lifestyle