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Sunny strolls

An early morning or late afternoon stroll is the ultimate way to enjoy a warm, sunny day! To make the most of it, a light and maneuverable pram is essential. This will allow you to stride out without any of the frustrating resistance posed by some of the heavier pram models. For easy, breezy spring-time strolling, we suggest the following two prams, perfect for if you have one or two children.

THE THULE URBAN GLIDE 2 is an all-terrain stroller with a sleek, lightweight design, making it perfect for urban exploration or strolling on your favorite path.


push and manoeuvre with one hand thanks to the front swivel wheels and tight turn radius. No terrain is too rough for these big foamfilled tires, even when the pushchair’s fully loaded or converted to a double pushchair. The expandable side luggage basket keeps essentials at hand with room to pick up more along the way. The Bugaboo Donkey² has a side luggage basket cover matching the sun canopy.





***REVIEW*** Expecting a second baby is inevitably extremely exciting, but equally somewhat daunting when all the necessary adaptations for an extra child come into consideration. Switching from a single to a double pram was the first on a long list of ‘to dos’ before our then two year old’s little sister arrived, and this process involved no end of research into the best product for the job. One of my main concerns when browsing through the multitude of designs and brands was width, since I had nightmares of the potential fluster of getting wedged in a shop doorway with an excessively wide load. However, I am pleased to say that the reality of going about everyday chores with the Bugaboo Donkey was just as easy as whizzing around with any single pram. Though sufficiently wide  to accomodate two children, it is still narrow enough to be practical, with

a light-weight feel that makes it nice and nippy around corners... perfect if you’re in a hurry (which if you have two children, you probably are!) For me, a side-by-side style such as that boasted by the Donkey was the only feasible option, since I knew there was no way my toddler (who is very tall for his age) would sit willingly or comfortably in the back seat position of the more common tandem designs. Plus, I wanted to be able to see and converse with both children, something which the front facing option of this pram allows for.  On particularly scenic trips out, where the toddler might enjoy being able to see the sights, the seat can be turned around for a better view of the world.  Another  pre-purchase concern when it came to double prams was their weight, judging by how challenging I had always found lifting just a standard pushchair in and out of a boot. Luckily, going from one to two seats didn’t demand the extra muscle power I thought it would. After taking off both carry cot and seat with two simple click/ lift actions (see video demonstration), the base unit compresses and folds down relatively simply and smoothly. In all, the Bugaboo Donkey certainly helped smooth the transition from one to two children, and made running errands and days out a breeze with its easy handing and spacious design. Mums Magazine Sprinng 2018


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